Overseas Election Results Prove that Bongbong Marcos was Cheated Massively



Who you see scheduled to take the throne of the second most powerful office of the land is more likely than not a Robber.

My sensors tell me that Overseas Absentee Votes cast by our heroic OFWs were mostly untouched (least manipulated) by the LP-COMELEC-Smartmatic triumvirate of electoral sabotage. Common sense dictates that the Liberal Party controlled by the incumbent Pres. Noynoy Aquino no longer bothered with this segment of the electorate considering the weight of OFW votes would be negligible enough to be ignored and not make a dent.

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In addition, ballot handling abroad is quite difficult to remotely fiddle with especially when our foreign diplomats and embassy workers consist of mostly world-class professionals who cannot be coerced into being accomplices to vote manipulation. Note that it is the sending end of the vote transmission that is easily manipulated by a simple change of SD cards in the Smartmatic vote counting machines.

OFW Votes – A Glorified Sample Survey of the Entire Philippines

Overseas voters constitute an ideal representation of the entire country as OFWs come from every possible region of the archipelago and give a balanced sampling of the demography ranging from highly skilled professionals to those of the lower class who take on menial jobs. In effect, OFW votes serve as a huge sample-size survey poll of the entire Philippine population. With this huge a sample size, the margin of error from the real overall results should be less than 1%.

Watch and see…

Bongbong Marcos – the True VP based on OAV results

2016 Election Results for Vice President – OAV

Ferdinand Marcos Jr 75,140 44.8%

Alan Peter Cayetano 53,403 31.8%

Maria Leonor Robredo 31,117 18.5%

Francis Joseph Escudero 6,025 3.6%

Antonio Trillanes IV 1,167 0.7%

Gregorio Honasan II 1,049 0.6%

Look at that – Leni’s vote count is not even half of Bongbong’s numbers. I believe something like the above results would have been the case if only a bullet-proof unbiased COMELEC ran the entire elections over the entire archipelago.

You can see how by the stark contrast from the overall (primarily local) results, it is just outright impossible for Leni to even come close to Bongbong’s mark. It would even be more credible if it was Alan Cayetano who was the one going neck and neck against Bongbong (just judging from the mammoth crowd that final day at Luneta).

Bongbong more than ever is clearly the rightful and duly elected Vice President of the country. It’s written in the sky.

Justice for Bongbong

Don’t let these LP cheats get away with this. You deserve nothing but the truth people; so anyone on the side of the truth (regardless of which party) should fully support and NOT question Bongbong’s cry for justice and investigation.

And if the people will not back Bongbong, we know someone who will. The two already met recently. It’s just a matter of time till the Punisher corrects this gruesome wrong. Will he or will he not? By his exclusion of Leni in the REAL Presidential inauguration rites and the cabinet – you can already see that actions speak louder than words.

This is a small but valuable nugget of data showing the true unadulterated voice of the Filipino people. OFWs, of all Filipinos, often feel the greatest love and longing for their country, wish the best for it, cry out the loudest for change so they can come back, and suffer even more than those left in the country due to all the corruption and incompetence the bozos in high places bring.  We should all take this snowball of truth and roll it down the hill for the unsuspecting LP camp down below.

Never Again to Electoral Fraud and Sabotage

When will all this cheating every election season stop? Ganito na lang ba lagi? We should cry “Never Again” to electoral sabotage.

Or are you guys just going to move on and accept this country is just a big joke? Well if that’s your choice, go ahead and rot in the land of dysfunctional zombies. Unless we change and fight for change, this country will continually suck. Are we content just watching Leni Robberedo smiling with her own version of the PNoy smirk of apathy and pride? Should we all just smile and laugh with her for the sake of national healing and unity? Hoy gising! Hindi lang si Bongbong ang dinaya – kayo din. Can’t you see, the joke’s on you?

Leni and COMELEC choose rather to blatantly ROB than REDO the count of votes for VP to dispel any doubts. Away with these cheats! COMELEC is a big fat stinking-fart joke. Fraud to be PNoy! There’s definitely more pun in the Philippines!

53 Replies to “Overseas Election Results Prove that Bongbong Marcos was Cheated Massively”

  1. Thing is, they will argue that Leni won the hearts of the provinces in Visayas and Mindanao that were canvassed later than the NCR / Luzon votes.



      1. there must be a way to interpret the anomalous trends that would count as evidence. there’s no reason to the contrary

  2. Are you that out of touch with reality? OFW votes cannot be a sampling of the entire filipino population since historically OFWs are people who are pissed off with the government. look i can’t stand the LP and i find this Leni Robredo pretentious, but for some miraculous reason near the end of the campaign period she got the votes from all social classes. You don’t even need to go roaming around the entire country to be aware of this. Of course she would go neck and neck with bongbong marcos. As for marcos, IMO he would have won if he simply said i’m sorry for martial law instead of taking that no remorse stand. He was campaigning, he had to reach out to all members of the population. No one would be turned off if he apologized, not even marcos loyalists. But surely it would make people on the fence take a second look at him.

    1. The last words in your paragraph is cringeworthy due to being a ‘crybaby syndrome’.

      I am not sure yet, but Bongbong seems to be the thankful kind, happy to be given a second chance. Everything is a bonus hereafter. Of course, he will not apologize. Beside the point that this is a high stake political power play, gosh, this is a culture that thinks apology is weakness of character, instead of strenght in character. But if he cannot apologize by words, he is already doing it by actions. Think about it, Ilocos, of which he was a governor and where his sister is now, is the province growing its middle class the fastest in the country. Tourism and agriculture are in boom. Province has the lowest energy cost. And note this, the only LGU that has ISO9000, and thus, systemized. The accounting audit by COA says the province is always clean as a whistle. You can check what he has done in Congress, as well as what he is doing in the Senate; these are in the web. Yet, media suppresses news about them. To me, that is an apology in the works, an apology in progress. It is an apology better than just words.

      1. Apology from the ears of the media and anti Marcos will be distorted. Anywhere you go. Any sites. Pro leni is always out numbered. Shame on them. Most of them are dummy accounts. And a day and a month old accounts.

        1. Same observation here. Ask them what’s their basis for saying that leni did not cheat and they will just throw words at yo and tell you to move on and stop being bitter. They cannot even enumerate their reasons or present a good argument why they say leni did not cheat. Whereas bbm can list down a number of irregularities in the election observed as well by those of us who watched the election. And what does leni’s camp says? Bbm is conditioning the minds of his supporters in thinking there’s cheating. As if people has no capacity to analyze and judge for themselves.

      2. If you are the president of your classroom, then you clasdmate just stab his fellow outside, did it mean that the President is the automatic sispect?or let us say your classmates did not attend the class for a drinking sesion and they brawled and killed some fellows, will you blame the president?will the president utter his apologies or the presidents brother or son will say sorry for the crime he did not do?.

        Common Sir educate us in a way of common sense.

      3. why he will say sorry of apoligize… declaring martial at that time was right because rebellion is rising due to Pnoy’s father who are having a support from malaysia… black propaganda is very much alive just to topple down the constitution.. why he is the only one to take the blame??? he ask permission from congress and senate.. it was approved so why?? why we cant blame the persons who are the main cause why he declare martial law right? i don’t really know why?

    2. If he did apologize, who would accept it?

      They’d probably just deride it as either pakitang-tao or crocodile tears, then request that all the Marcos wealth that’s just gonna get pillaged by our own trapos.

      1. You are correct. He must have thought it that way as well. What for is an apology if they would not take it the way it is? Worse they’d have an opportunity to take it against him. It’s wiser act for him that he did not fall into the trap, just for the sake of satisfying these arrogant and high headed people. Really, demanding for an apology? What a decent and humble these LPs are.

        1. Personally, I would lose my respect for him if he apologized because I would see it as a sign of weakness or of being an opportunist. By his recent actions, he indeed earned my respect.

          He has a lot of common sense and it’s starting to show.

    3. You are pretending to be a neutral analyst kuno, man. But your aura shows it all. Yellowtard ka man. Shallow reasoning to say that the apology or lack of it was a major issue.The major issue, if it still has not sunk in your thick skull, man, is the 3.2 million undervotes and the enye which the Comelec and Smartmatic would like us to accept as just a cosmetic change (well, maybe it is a cosmetic change to make the cheating believable and cosmetize the fraudulent win of Leni R. Pattern. Right Krup, Crap?

    4. what would bongbong sorry for?? had he declared martial law??isnt the martial law the reason why the country is still a democratic country and not communist?? shame on you to force marcos to appologize for the thing he had nothing to do!! bongbong was deceived and peoples votes for him was stolen in favor of robberedo. once again i would remind you that there is nothing that bongbong would be sorry for, for the voters judges from his accomplishments and not from that of his father, and robberedo, what for accomplishment can she be proud of?? maybe the selling of lugaw and ice cream to finanze het campaign which was already proven to be a lie, because her campaign was finanzed by the yolanda funds!!!!miranda.

      1. BBM is his own person. He is a statesman but people can’t get past his last name. Leni, Aquinos, and the LP consistently use ML against him, shame on them. They have forgiven the enforcers of ML yet continues to condemn BBM (and even his sons). Again, what a shame. The silver lining is that the people continue to change (gave me a smile to have just read that Grimwald used to be a yellow zombie). These young people educated in that exclusive catholic coed uni, there is hope for them….they will know the truthS later if not sooner.

        1. Yes just because his surname is a Marcos they’ve judged him by that not by what he’s capable of. Sadly that’s how shallow these people are who mostly came from the educated middle classes of our society. They enjoy pointing out to people how right the LPs are when it comes to the issues of the Martial Law, to those who have understood it as a constitutional act during that time, not knowing the LPs have used them to spread/continue the black propaganda which they’ve been instilling to us these past 30yrs and it’s shameful for us as a nation.

    5. My fellow citizen by the name Krupster, he has probably not heard the words “critical thinking” but if he had, most probably can not comprehend those 2 words when put together. Where in the world of logic can one compel to apologize for another’s doings when the doings were all done for the commonweal? I think Krupster ought to examine once again his or her thinking apparatus because it is out of sinc with the facts of the case which is the declaration of martial law which so declared in accordance with constitution of this republic. How can you ask BBM to apologize for its declaration when he was in no position to object being an ordinary citizen like me and you Krupster at that time. You really are just among the cry babies of the Yellowtards.

    6. OK OK… In behalf of BBM, I will say “Sorry”.

      Here goes (drum roll)…”SORRY”.

      Everybody happy now?

      Can we MOVE ON now with the investigation of Election FRAUD?

      For sure – BBM is Sorry and deeply saddened with the sorry state of this SAD SADISTIC country.

      Again (drum roll)…”SORRY”.

    7. Krupsters, you are a LIAR. The way you write your comment speaks more of you as a fan of LP and Leni. The 44.8% vote of BBM has families too back in Ph and try to multiply that w/ at least 4 members of the family. Face it Leni cheated bigtime.

  3. I am an OFW, I know what my fellow OFWs are feeling. We all want change in our country. We are tired of the hypocrisy of the Aquinos.

    Sure, there was cheating in the recent election. Leni Rob redo is just the running dog of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos; to save the Hacienda Luisita.

    SMARTMATIC; the COMELEC; the Aquinos; the Cojuangcos; the CHECKWAS; the Feudal Oligarchs; the Liberal Party; etc…all conspired to cheat in the 2016 election.

    A thorough investigation must be conducted. Let the chips fall, where it may. Prosecute and punish all those who are responsible for this Electoral Fraud.

    It is not for the sake of Bong Bong Marcos, Jr. It is for the sake of Filipinos, who want real change in their country.

    If these cheaters will not be punished; this vicious cycle of cheating will continue, from election to election !

  4. No matter the reason! Philippine politics shown its worst! How the evil and thief wants to cling on their mainstream of robbery! Im talking about the crocodiles and wolves in the govt. they are pulling the blinds on every citizens to just move on and unite!!just accept all of these cheating and massive plundering of every head of the dept. While they are still happily thnking they can get away with everything! Which they have been! Take for example your VP elect pcos machine? I thiught they shouldnt assume office until they have submitted their soce but yet again they are above the law! It sucks isnt it?

    1. It is up to us, the People of the Philippines, to say:”No” ! to these stupidities. If we allow them again and again. They will do it again and again. Punishment is a deterrent for all these stupidities in our country ! The Law must be enforced. If they will not enforce it…We all will !

  5. Here’s a good article I just found by Manila Times columnist Tiglao:


    A must read.

    Like the OFW subset, NCR is also a good representative sample set reflecting the entire population, NCR consisting of people from all walks of life and hailing from every province of the country.

    He has the same argument- why NCR differs so drastically from the entire country is highly suspicious. Marcos won overwhelmingly in NCR, maybe since the guardians of each party were all concentrated in that area- the Yellow force could not interfere.

    He questions why MILF dominated regions overwhelming voted for Leni – a virtual nobody to these people.

    I suspect the paper ballots themselves were preshaded in advance in favor of daang matuwid. In that case – no amount of recounting will do any good.

    People must check that their votes went into the database accurately. INC can lead this movement as many of its members wonder why Marcos registered zero votes in the pricinct they went to vote in.

  6. Meanwhile bigger media outlets like PDI are conditioning Filipinos to just sweep this massive injustice under the rug

    Now That Bongbong Has Cursed His Alleged Cheaters, Can We Just Move On?

    Instead they keep hammering us with irrelevant news like how Leni has chosen Boracay Mansion to be her office, How QC Hurbert feels honored, why there’s No invitation yet for Leni to attend Du30 inauguration, Etc.

    Wala na ba kayong maibalitang may kwenta tunkol sa bagong Yellow idol niyo?

  7. In my opinion, reviewing all peoples commemts, in the Philippines and abroad, i can feel their frustrations, and anger, regarding the May 2016 results, esp. Vice Pres. Post..it is very clear, in all margin , that Bongbong Marcos had been cheated.

    1. It’s about time to organize . This maybe our last chance to Correct our rotten election which was being manipulated in cahoots with the media and the survey companies.



  9. Leni Rob redo is not an idiot. She will block any investigation and recount. She knows, she won due to electoral fraud. She is in that position, as a running dog of : Aquino, the Cojuangcos, the Feudal Oligarchs, and other vermins of our society. She will fight with tooth and nails, to remain in her position. The only way to remove her is: to kick her out !

    1. Under DU30 admin. how the yellow can control the re investigation on former comelec officials bias toward RORO

  10. Leni Robredo’s style is a fraud. We always felt the Failippines Liberal Party were hiding behind their columns.

  11. My gulay! How long will it take for our incompetent judges to go through all this evidence? Plus a recount request on so many pricincts. It will take 6 years to conclude this case. But I really have to hand it to the guy. BBM surely knows how to do his homework…

    Marcos attached around 20,000 pages of annexes, certificates of candidacy, and other supporting documents to his 1,000-page electoral protest.


  12. I am one of the absentee voters. Funny thing is here in Thailand they did the voting the very old way.Think about the 70’s to 80’s kind of voting where it can easily be manipulated. I even took a photos of it. We were not surprised that we lost BB to Leni from the way they handled the ballot voting.I even offended I guessed the embassy official by saying that I hope the mind of voting we had wouldn’t be manipulated nor cheated.

  13. ROBredo is now using HUDCC funds for travel/paying foreign media as tool to attack Pres. Duterte’s war against drugs….

    Please remove her from this position if all she does is pretend to look cute infront of media and does nothing for the whole country, really is a waste of tax payers money!!!

    What has happened to her electoral fraud case? Why is media silent about it or did the Tribunal give her leeway to not respond to the calls?

    Damn this “Yellow Cults” even using foreign people interrupt war against drugs!!!!

  14. While Leni Robredo is “waiting for something to happen to the president”, she spends her time in numerous PR activities. Nothing new there, but today I saw a couple of pictures that bothered me.

    Here is Photo 1, taken Aug 24, 2016 at the Jesse Robredo exhibit that was mounted in Gateway mall, a property owned by the family of Mar Roxas.

    Here is Photo 2, taken Aug 29, 2016 at the launch of a Jesse Robredo book in Fully Booked BGC.

    (GRP, you might want to take screen grabs and re-post the photos in case the source takes them down.)

    What do you notice about these two photos?

    The design of the visuals is very reminiscent of the imagery associated with Philippine presidents.

    Photo 1 shows a classic “trooping of the guard” image. Photo 2 shows a book cover with a head bust that has a Philippine flag prominently displayed in the background.

    Does the late Jesse Robredo, as respected as he was, warrant this level of presidential imagery? Most of his political career was spent in Naga City. He occupied a national position for only about 3 years, as DILG secretary. But the way these visuals were selected and designed, you would think Jesse Robredo was a former president.

    What message is Leni Robredo subliminally sending with this imagery?

    It seems she really cannot wait for something to happen to the current president. If Duterte makes it past the first half of 2019, the yellows will be in an even weaker position than they are in today. A number of yellow senators up for re-election in 2019 will have a hard time winning if the present anti-yellow climate continues and they have no more access to Smartmagic. Time is of the essence.

    Robredo is capitalizing so much on the memory of her late husband, but there are also rumors that she is in a relationship with QC congressman Bolet Banal that is carefully kept out of the media spotlight. (There are photos of them floating around on Facebook.)

    Assuming the rumors are true, it would be understandable why Robredo would want to keep the relationship under wraps—how would it look if the rumored affair becomes full public knowledge, and Robredo still keeps talking about her late husband in her speeches and using his image in her brand-building activities?

    (A quick web search shows that Bolet Banal was the person identified by the PS Bank manager in the Corona impeachment trial as the one who approached her regarding Chief Justice Corona’s bank records. At that time, the prosecution team against Corona was claiming his bank records were left on a gate by an anonymous “little lady”. They had to attribute the documents to an anonymous source because obtaining bank records without client permission is a violation of the Bank Secrecy Law.)

    Whether or not the rumors about Banal and Robredo are true, Robredo’s non-stop self-promotion activities are the reason why it is impossible to believe there is no Plan B. Robredo’s camp would not be spending this much time building up her brand if they were not up to something.

    1. The only thing Leni Rebredo waits for these days is her next big payment from the Yellow Party for her job as an “insider” in the Duterte administration.

  15. Hmm, I also think that much of the votes that Robredo got came from Smartmatic stealing. From the point of view of us, as computer programming knowledgeable, the votes that transferred to the yellow camp was more or less 10 million.
    That is substantially dangerous if Duterte had smaller lead that he had over Mar Roxas. That automated votes transfer or rather automated votes theft affected the vice presidential candidates, affected Cayetano and Bongbong in particulars.
    Yes, it is greatly possible that our true vice president is Bongbong Marcos. And to verify this, the Duterte administration has to open the case for investigation and call back the Smartmatic whistle blower to blow the trumpets
    It is my feel that Bonggong won as VP.
    Now about the issue on who is the one who is true to the Filipino people, well, it’s true ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.
    So, in choosing leaders, such as during election, VOTERS should have a way of reading the past acts of candidates… their deeds. This is difficult for a nationalized election where 90% of the voters do not know you P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-L-Y but only MEDIALLY, that is, thru the Mass media where much editing and rehearsals before final filming was done.
    When I said “deeds,” these should be things done against all odds for the sake of the poor and the needy. Like that of Duterte who risked his life to defend the defenseless. That is an irrefutable proof that he loved the innocent victims and the would-be victims more than his own life.
    If Bongbong had accomplishments that bettered the lives of his constituents in Ilocos, then, that could also serve as proof.
    There is another factor that can make you a real leader in addition to deed or in connection to it. This factor is: VISION.
    Vision is the image and description of the future, both general and detail, you have in your mind and heart for your people.
    Example of vision: Drug-free nation. Every street and home is safe.
    This example will not make the total vision of progress and prosperity but serve as a very essential part of it.
    Another component of that great vision is this: land for the landless.
    Our country has a total area of 30 million hectares. Divide it into 5-hectare size which is enough to feed one’s family without need of a second employment or second source of income, it translates to 6 million 5-hectare lots. That will be suffice to 6 million families. Multiply 6 million to 7, the average member of the family, that would be 42 million Filipinos benefited. Short of the half of the present total population of 100 million. But surely very good enough. That is based on the vision that each lot feeds sufficiently the family. For the record, no chemical shall be used in cultivated and developing the lots. Pure organic and the system of Permaculture (Permanent Agriculture) or eco-agriculture, or regenerative agriculture and such other names. This permaculture has made a mark when it was used in China to convert old seemingly hopeless desert into lush food/fruit forest to the size bigger than New Zealand! You can type at YouTube the name John Liu and also his video series “What if we change” to see this phenomenon. After this China ‘miracle,’ the next deserts that were transformed with the help of John Liu and other permaculturists, was Jordan, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and who knows what’s next after them as the last info we’ve got was this: China for one, has fired the go signal for a full blast duplication of what has happened in the first portion of their desert which John Liu et al transformed into fertile productive food farms.
    I did not deduct the space for urban and other purposes, but surely turning the greater size of our country into 5-hectare permaculture lots would
    do magics. One magic would be the sudden halt of food dependency on imports.
    Other magic would be the sudden disappearance of OFWs and their transformation into home-based farmers.
    Another magic and this is to me the more important one, is the sudden disappearance of the river of tears that is presently flowing from the millions of eyes of our OFWs and their loved ones as the result of forced separation of mothers and children, of fathers and children, and couples after the world rulers have succeeded in their conspiracy to tear down the Filipino family thru economic means, as well as thru shabu.
    We had not thought of saving or counting the tears that flowed every day and every night from our suffering OFW families. Did we?
    Their cries did not miss the ear of the all-loving Father of all. And none of their tears miss the compassionate eye of Jesus Christ.
    The Father and Lord are only waiting for the right timing to assist us in this difficult condition that, ironically, we help create for ourselves!
    Yes, we, the victims, helped create our own difficulties. This is clear in many aspects. Take the cardiovascular diseases or heart attack as an example. It is the Illuminati group (global elite) who prepared the hook, line, sinker and the bait, but it was us who took the bait, right? So? So we got sick and suffered heart attack and stroke. So? So, we form with the Illuminati the team of self-destruction. We were their fellow conspirators of our own ruin. The same is true with diabetes. The same is true with cancers. All illnesses were invented/promoted by the Illuminati but were carried out to completion with our approval and cooperation. Strange but true.
    Now, I said this to prevent you from taking the road of revenge against the global and national elite. You can’t blame them totally because you are one of the destroyers of your own health, etc.
    My purpose is to lead us all to know the cause (they and ourselves) including the tools or products and systems that cause our degeneration — to know them so we can decide which to stop patronizing, which to stop doing, which to stop buying and using, and who are the ones to stop trusting… but without condemning. Our moving on is done by repenting (abandoning the causes) without mixing it with condemnation but humble acceptance of our own part of the guilt and forgiveness towards self and the Illuminati global-national elite (whom we up to now recognize as the leaders).
    The 5-hectare lot for every family does not stop doing magic.
    It will make food sufficiency and security a reality, stops rice and food importation, causes all goods: rice, corn, milk, eggs, meat, honey, fruits, vegetables, wines, and many many other byproducts to flow like tiny rivers, each home-farm serving as the mini-springs which form one huge river of food feeding the rest of the nations, feeding the remaining families who could not be given land to farm.
    For with a small land area, we could give no more than 6 million lots (minus the space allocated for urban and other purposes). That is 6 million families. Now 100 millions population means 14,285,714 families. Where shall we place the remaining landless 8.2 million families?
    Answer: They can stay as employees or non-agricultural workers, e.g., office workers, singers, artists, teachers, etc.
    Or, if they happen to open up to the glory of permaculture farming (see YouTube for inspiring videos), we have no choice but to look beyond our border, namely: to help our excess families gain citizenship in other more spacious countries and buy land for their house and farm there.
    To give you an idea, although I may have forgotten the exact figure but still this can help you see the discrepancy of this world’s land distribution which was based on might and war, not on love and equality. In spacious and very big countries like Russia and Canada and even Brazil and USA, their population is 7 to 70 persons per square kilometer. But in crowded nations (crowded because the land is small and the population is burgeoning) like Japan and Philippines, the ratio is like 700 to 1000 people per square kilometer. These are not the exact figures but good enough to picture the true reality: That the land distribution is not fair and loving.
    And that there is a need to remove the borders and names of countries that the “might is right” kind of leaders imposed upon humanity since from the beginning.
    We know that every son or daughter is not the true child of his or her parents. That human parents are mere foster parents, not the real father-mother of his/her son/daughter. This is new thought but old fact: just look at the sperm cell and the egg that created each of us. And ask: Who created the sperm cell and the egg cell? Did the husband create his sperm cell? And did the wife create her egg cell? Who of us, couples, would dare to claim that we created our sperm cell or egg cell? That sperm cell and egg cell that formed into new human beings we call children?
    You might think this is weird thinking but I tell you, this is more genius thinking than those of the churches who divided us into families and which division led to all sorts of competitions and wars and all acts of mutual destruction!
    That Catholic-Protestant concept or doctrine of family that is based on blood and marriage is false, wrong in the sense that it is not myopic and incomplete. The complete and more real family is based on the sperm cell and egg cell. This scientific proof is the only one that fits the biblical truth of only one family, not many family. We must strictly recognize many nuclear families, clans and tribes but strictly one family based on the similar sperm and egg for all and same Creator and Father of all — both scientific and biblical proofs agree.
    Only the teaching or ingrained concept of family imposed by Roman empire and then subsequent governments up to the present and also subtly promoted by the church — this concept of family is utterly wrong!
    The family taught by the Catholic (whore of Revelation 17) and Protestant churches (harlot daughters of Rev 17) is wrong in the very sense that it is only a minute part of the real big family that I am showing you now scientifically or sperm-atically and egg-ically… which is the one biblically supported. The Bible is clear that there is no such thing as family name.. that what you can find in the Bible is first names. What seems to be family names are suffixes to describe the person and not the family. For example: Mary Magdalene is not a member of the Magdalene family, there was no Magdelene family. Magdalene derived from the name of the town Mary came from, the town of Magdala. And sure, her parents and siblings did not carry the family name Magdalene. They were called only by their first names.
    Jesus Christ has no family name. Christ means Messiah, Savior. Jesus the Messiah.
    Simon Peter means Simon the Rock, or whose faith was solid like rock.
    And so on and so forth.
    The Bible is telling you at your noses that family names are inventions of the Roman empire and the adulterous church of Rome who betrayed Christ and became the wife of worldly kings and took the name Roman Catholic church — these are the two entities who invented and imposed the family name to facilitate their tax and offering collection as well as in their works of persecution and prosecution of those who did not align themselves to their evil system.
    So, I am in favor of the idea, in fact, spearheading the spread of the idea of removing all borders including name of nations and family names which are cause of divisions and unequal distribution of land, the basic tool of prosperous life here on earth.
    When names and borders of nations are removed, then, any family with no land can squat anywhere on this one earth to settle itself.
    I am telling you a truth that is still not part of religions and churches, or that is being suppressed by all big religions who are themselves inventions of the dark Illuminati and their ancestors.
    The truth shall set you free. Indeed! How free will every man and woman will be to love and bear children without limit and without worry because their children will have enough land to squat and settle!
    And how about this: Every 5-hectare lot would be cultivated and developed ahead of time. All lots would be developed SIMULTANEOUSLY AND AHEAD OF TIME, so that when the time comes when the children marry, there is already ready lots to be given as wedding gift, lot whose fruit trees are already bearing fruits!
    What better wedding gift can we, parents, give to our children? We who form the government?
    And what government is better and more compassionate than the one which prepares all lots for the next generation?
    If I were the president, I would divide the land into 5 hectares, and send all government employees
    and the army and the NPAs and the jobless and the beggars and the criminals and the prisoners to work together to convert the barren or empty lands into well landscaped farm full of fruit trees, beautifully arranged. For themselves and for the next generation.
    If and when president Duterte will grasp this grand vision, he will surely implement this. For this consists the strategy that can best fulfill what his heart desires and longs for for his people.
    More than jobs and even business, it is the land, wisely managed, that can better fulfill his dream for his people.

    Next to having a lot for each family, let the now-secured family, worry no more, but focus half of their day to develop their personality and talents… so that it will be the land and the talent that will work together in emancipating everyone from illness, poverty and sufferings.
    But of course, at the base is character of love serving as the solid foundation because without character, talent and farm will go to wrong direction. Love-character has to lead and serve as the foundation and basis for everything.
    I have said much but only two important words I am trying to expound: deeds and vision.
    That make a good leader.
    Magandang umaga mga kapatid, kapuso at kapamilya.

    Note: This is unedited. But you can easily correct any correct by looking at the context.

  16. The pro-BBM people are stricken with paranoia, that some vast conspiracy succeeded in stealing the VP election, but with no hard evidence to justify the notion. There’s no end to the possible ways that any election fraud could occur, but it doesn’t follow that because they exist, ergo, they must have been used because your guy lost and that fact is unacceptable. You might as well lobby for investigations in all the losses that your favorite sports team suffered this season

  17. Ramos and Enrile should apologize first before BBM will say it in behalf of his father. Martial law was the brainchild of Enrile and Ramos. They were the two key pwesonalities who implemented it. If the Filipino people had forgiven Ramos and Enrile why not forgive BBM who has nothing to do with martial law.

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