Why Bad Things Happen to “Good” People – Especially in the Philippines


Tragedy strikes again! Another gruesome ASG-sponsored beheading just took the life on an “innocent” Canadian visitor guilty of the crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and buying into the “it’s more fun” advertising peddled around by the creative national tourism promoters of the land of gullible’s troubles.

Well, as much as I wouldn’t want to glorify the worthless ragtag scumbags projecting themselves to be freedom fighters in Basilan when they are nothing but common criminals with an insatiable desire for blood in their never-ending pursuit of money and attention, there are actually some very good lessons to ponder on with this (yet another) sad chapter of the national drama.

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There are no good people – we all deserve to be punished

First and foremost, there really are no good (sinless) people in the world, let alone our country. By the laws of karma at work in the universe, sowing what we reap is as universal as failing an exam for not studying well. We can all argue that there are kind and loving people who have not murdered anyone (mother Theresa), but still by the standards of moral perfection (hitting the bulls eye), we are all guilty of breaking laws (big or small). We all have missed the mark. And it’s not even about frequency: remember it only takes one kill to be branded a murderer for life.

We have all lied, cheated, hated, failed to forgive, and stepped on others as we succumb to selfish pursuits and desires. That Canadian who just died may be as guilty as the ASG when measured up against the yardstick known as the 10 commandments. In effect, we all deserve to be punished. Some may argue that a punishment may not fit the crime (like how Ananias and Sapphira were divinely executed on the spot in the early church for the seemingly harmless white lie of mis-declaring their “SALN”).

So if you lie by asking your little sister to say to the annoying suitor on the phone that you are not at home, then you are guilty and deserve to be beheaded? Technically yes. Because lying in a small thing is no different than lying about witnessing a person murder another which eventually leads to the falsely accused person’s unfair execution.

We cry foul and call out government officials for corruption when we ourselves don’t even have second thoughts about stealing a ball pen from the office supplies in our work place, and we have the gall to ask why our society is in a state of dismal appalling dysfunction?

People around us suffer needlessly when we fail to understand the value of  proper maintenance

One major cause of unnecessary suffering is the fact that many don’t understand that the second law of thermodynamics (movement from order to disorder; acting with dust, heat, friction, evaporation, etc.) takes place like another unstoppable natural force of the universe. And they wonder why their car stalled in the middle of rush-hour traffic causing inconvenience and loss of time (gold) for thousands of motorists behind them.

Why some wise people prefer public transportation to get around rather than driving their own tin can with wheels is that it can actually be one risky high-maintenance bitch to own something that requires you to check the tire pressure, change oil, vacuum and wash on a regular basis. Actually, having a car is like having one extra child in your family. So unless you keep things and even your body in tip-top shape, expect them to break down along the way.

I recall riding the MRT some time ago. When the doors opened there stood a passenger holding up a falling section of the ceiling to keep from hitting people’s heads. Doesn’t the MRT undergo maintenance checks? And on one local trip to an exotic island, I saw a rat pass by near the cockpit of the plane prior to takeoff. Now what if those wires that connect to the actuators on the plane’s wings get chewed up during the flight?

Things break down and fall apart. There are whole industries built just addressing this. If you happen to have a large billboard fall on your head while walking down the street, you probably are just unlucky; but many bad things that happen to nice friendly people are actually preventable. Like there wouldn’t have been that many deaths during super-typhoon Yolanda if we only fielded less Mar-functioning and more competent and preparedness-aware officials to handle disaster situations.

Evil spirits cause millions of deaths

Yes, like Chaplain Grimwald, I do believe in evil spirits, especially the ones that deceive people into thinking they can fly and convince them to jump off the top of a 10 story building. Evil spirits are behind the most gruesome inhumane massacres and brutal murders fueled by hate or some twisted religion/ideology.

What is an evil spirit but a depraved debased mind that is convoluted into thinking abnormally? These spirits can possess you. Read too much of a strange book or delve into the wrong ideology and you can turn yourself into a monster without you being aware of it.

Wandering evil spirits exist looking for victims to possess and control because they are minds that wish to attach to a physical body. Yes, minds can exist outside a physical brain (like how NDE survivors recount watching their death scene in detail while hovering above their lifeless body), because they actually work like software, in contrast to hardware (CPU). Load software into a new laptop, and the machine doesn’t get an ounce heavier. That’s because software and information are not really physical entities, but more of “spiritual” in nature – of the realm of the mind and abstraphysics.

Philippine dysfunction really is just a case of bad programming of its citizens, leading to the high-jacking of their minds by demons. So just a warning to all: be careful of what you read and watch what you watch. The spirit behind Hitler or Pol Pot may be exactly what might enter unsuspecting clueless you if you are less than virtually vigilant.

Similar points were identified by Walter Hallam, who struggled with the same question when he lost his promising daughter in a senseless plane crash. You too may feel you are a victim of an undeserved bad event, situation or punishment in your life. The answer really is quite simple: repent and mend your ways or something worse than becoming a captive of ASG may befall you. How about NOT stealing items in office, cheating in a pop quiz, or uttering white lies for a start?

103 Replies to “Why Bad Things Happen to “Good” People – Especially in the Philippines”

  1. Wow.
    Seriously just wow.
    Firstly within your insane rant you state that all people deserve to be punished because of sin.
    Then you just to continue ti rant and rave about things completly unrelated to build up your straw man enemy.
    Its about time you consider your need for proffesional help.
    Telling People evil spirits exist?
    Just so you are aware and more in line with the scientific reality whom live in reality not some fantasy land of faith and belief that are trotted off as facts instead of delusional indoctrinated opinions, evil spirts are not real.
    No more real then good spirits.

    Religion is at the core responability for the actions of the lil bits of shit that kidnap then ransom off people in southern mindinao.
    Little gutless deluded lazy worthless scum.
    They are to lazy and to dumb to learn how to work a real job and like much of the philippine people and their declining culture lack empathy.
    Just as you lack empathy ZAXX.
    No matter or repenting or praying to an imginary magical being in the sky is going to make you a better person.
    Or anyone else.
    You must want to change, but with zero empathy and filipinos holier than thou attitude where they put themselves on a pedestal and look down at others, well that will never happen.

    Im beyond a used of your rant ZAXX.
    You are obviously thinking you are intelligent, enlightened and that you are important with your ponderings and rantings that you feel you are gifted with thoughts of clarity.

    Your rant is just an icoherent jumble of faith driven beliefs.
    How dare you.
    Honestly….who in their right mind says everyone deserves to be punished other than an indoctrinated religious zeal un-be knowingly similarly brainwashed into mindset like those kidnap for ransom muslims i was calling out earlier in my rant.
    You want to truly know what is wrong with this country and the world?
    People like you.
    Sin is a made up concept.
    You believe in a God who cursed you sick then ordered you well.
    Your belief is a belief in a fairy tale.
    We know this.
    This is the 21st century.
    You think you are smart.
    You assume you are intelligent.
    Then live in reality.
    Belief of Gods, evil spirits and fairy god mothers is best left where most intelligent people left them.
    In childhood.
    Your thought process and emotional intelligence is that of a child.
    Apologise to every single you have offended by saying because of thier sin they deserve to be punished.

    Honestly….this site sinks lower e ery day with content.
    The real reason this country is backward is because many people here think like you.
    Your culture is your problem. Nothing else.

    1. I disagree with your assessment of this site in general; but I do think this particular article and this particular writer are disjointed and do not bring much logic to the table.

      The commenter I am replying to probably should join the Facebook page that can be found by typing these 4 words into the Search bar of Facebook. League of Logical Atheists (or LOLA).

      1. I love this site but I’m lost for words in regards to this article. Terribly disjointed and random and completely unbecoming of this site.

    2. for a moment there, I thought I was reading a lampoon, lol. This guy is so friiggin’ clueless – a pseudo-intellect indeed. I will post my rebuttal later and provide hard solid facts why this article is a hodge podge of BS and ignorance

    3. “zaxx
      Zealous revolutionary advocate of bringing back common sense for the common good in a land of dysfunctional and delusional zombies.”

      I also do miss the common sense in this article.

      1. I’m sure hacking the head off little babies safely nestled in their mother’s womb is common and the most sensical thing to do right Robert?

        My brand of common sense is a hard sell here in PH, especially the last line of the article. So all your demolition jobs won’t really do this country much good.

        The point is stop lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering – what’s wrong with that?

        1. Zaxx,
          abortion is a solution to solve a problem (be it rape or an unwanted, unplanned, untimed pregnancy). You call it – eloquently killing a human being. We call it a solution to solve a problem. No ethics, no morality. Its practical and its legal.
          In the Republic of Ireland abortion is still illegal so what do Irish women do? They book a ferry to England. You see, we always are looking for a soultion, a practical solution.

          The bible (read: any religion) doesnt give me any solution. It only gives me one solution and if/when I dont follow it, I sin and go to hell. A very loving religion.

          Now because of all this your country is dealing with a lot of poverty and overpopulation. Thank you lord. Amen. God bless.

          “The point is stop lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering – what’s wrong with that?”
          Nothing wrong with all the above. But Yyour country has much deeper and much more serious problems than that. Killing all drug lords isnt gonna solve your country from being poor and not a solution for having a dysfunctional society. Its a cosmetic ‘solution’ (killing those involved in drugs without being brought to court). That is really how a banana republic looks like.

        2. Robert, The problem is that PH is overpopulated with criminals. So should we
          1. kill the innocent babies, or
          2. kill the guilty criminals ?

          You choose #1 over #2, and that’s common sense right?

          Look at Europe, you kill your own blond-haired blue-eyed babies before they get a “fair trial”, and now you are overtaken by incoming Muslims who multiply like rabbits.

          Just what do you think will become of your continent? You call that a solution? I call it the beginning of your end.

          Better start procreating with a Filipina maid before you turn extinct.

        3. Zaxx,
          – Criminals can be put to trial even many years after they committed their crime;
          – unwanted, unplanned babies cant be put back where they came from (the womb).

          In contrast with your country, we are not very ‘rich’ in soil (space, land area). Personally, I was never a victim of any crime in my entire life. But when and if my partner, wife/GF gets raped, I dont want to be the custodian/guardian/supporter of that child. It doesnt carry my genes.
          If our making love leads to an unwanted pregnancy and we are both poor as hell, then I want to have the right to get it removed.

          The police is responsible for the criminals and I (with my partner) will take the responsibility of our bodies (within the given laws). Now, our laws give us the opportunity to have an abortion (till the 20th week or so).

          Abortion can never be offensive to others. Its a private and personal matter.

          People who are against abortion will not use the option of abortion, for other people its a solution.

    4. Apologize? Ok

      I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for you. To deny the existence of the unseen world is to miss out on so much this life has to offer. Love is an unseen entity. Just because I can’t put it in a bottle doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

      Look up the dictionary and much of what you’ll find belong to the unseen world. Everything you see originated from the unseen world. They were first imagined by someone.The cup you are using, the chair you sit on and the Internet connection that makes it possible for you and me to communicate- they all existed in the spirit world of the mind before getting realized in the physical plane of existence.

      We live in parallel worlds. Close your eyes and imagine an apple – take a bite. Turn its color green. The spirit world is vast and real – even more real than the physical for some.

      Who knows – this physical life could be the dream; and when we wake up from it – we enter the real reality of our true existence. If you truly seek to know things rather than dismiss things without investigation, you just might get to see the truth – the truth that this life is just a journey, a journey to something far greater.

      The clue is your DNA – it contains information, and interpreted as a language. We all know information can only be generated by minds (not natural processes/forces). The bigger question is – whose mind was behind the DNA? Now that’s the real truth we should all be searching for.

      I’m sticking with my guns. A higher power put us on this earth. We have a purpose. We were meant to fulfill our grand destiny. And it all fits perfectly in the masterplan. Life has meaning. We are more than our physical bodies.

      You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

      1. Zaxx,
        you really have to do better than coming up with ‘unseen things’ and defend your belief in a god (higher power) who created us all. Its just baloney. You just cant accept it.

        “We were meant to fulfill our grand destiny”
        What is your great, grand destiny? To die and meet your creator? Then why dont you commit suicide, then you can meet him in 5 minutes from now? Why wait so long?

        You really sound like a marthyr to me. Are you expoecting 72 virgins in your heaven bec you were a good boy during your life on earth?

        1. Ren Car,
          No, I take zaxx as a ‘normal’ straight guy. I am afraid he really might commit suicide if and when he finds out he might have gay tendencies. And he will bring his mommy and daddy to shame and not to forget his god.
          So besides all those challenges he has to face, I dont think he is gay.

      2. Marius, one murder is too many in a civilized society? You really believe that shit? Well, unless you live in a utopian world, your statement is true but clear thinking person will not buy that crock if bull.

        If you follow that premise then I can therefore conclude that there is no country is civilized because all countries have crimes. Follow my logic so far? Good!

        Now, When I left the slums of Manila (not in a gated community) in 1983, and did not go back to visit until 2000, I heard so many bad things happening in the philippines. There were crimes and murderd committed every single day in the news. I did not want to visit manila because I was afraid – due to my wilfull ignorance.

        So I decided to ask my old friends who lived many parts of metro manila such as malate, Quiapo, Divisoria, caloocan Tondo, libertad in pasay and in rotonda, san andres, Zapanta, anakbayan, sta. ana. aurora blvd in quezon city, paco, etc (all gated communities, eh?). I told them that i wanted to visit Manila but I am concerned about the culture of violence, Know their initial reaction? They all laughed at me. They told me that although there are reports of crime daily, it is still the same when I still lived there in 1983, and I felt like a stupid tool.

        So I finally decided to visit in 2000, and I stayed with my friend’s house who lived a couple of blocks away from pasay rotonda (a gated community, lol). I even stayed up late at nite and hang out in the streets with the kanto boys and lasenggero. A fight would break once in a while but it was just a fight – just like any other ghetto areas in the U.S.

        I did not witness any lawlessness the whole time I was there but I heard stories where certain individuals were murdered – just like any inner cities in the US. my friemds also said it did not make the news.

        Is the PNP perfectt? Whoever gave you the idea that I would remotely suggest that? If the Philippines is a lawless country as you paint it to be, then explain to me why there are news reports of murderers getting caught or are wanted by the police?

        Every country has its share of crime and violence but to sat that especially in the Philippines is a misnomer. There are crimes not reported in the Philippines? No shit, sherlock!

        Do you think all the crimes are reported in colombia, venezuela, mexico, afghanistan, uganda, mozambique, somalia, etc are being reported?

        Are you saying that in a non gated community in metro manila people just drop dead like flies because of its lawlessness?

        If you live in an area that is lawless then I imagine half of its population are dead because of violence?!?

        Someone here pointed out that he heard someone saying that for 15k pesos you can put a contract on someone. It very well could be true but urban legends are also widespread in the philippines. When I was living there, I heard so many urban legends like this and that killed many people but it turned out to be gross exxageration. Although I have seen two dead bodies who were salvaged by the Philippine Constabulary during martial law – they were college political activists from UP – Not NPA’s.

        If you want to speak of lawlessness, you should visit those countries that are trult lawless in every sesnse of the word. The Philippines has a crime problem but not especially in the philippines where good things happen to people.

        Do you have any friend who is an international correspondent who have been to the worst cities in the world? Well, I do. And you know what? I asked him what are the worst cities he’d been to (he has been in the Philippines). He said that there are many crimes in the Philippines but compared to juarez, Mexico; kabul, Afghanistan; mogadishu, somalia: bogota, columbia where the drug cartels are kings and the cops are in their pockets, and people literally drop dead like flies every single day; and many ither cities in the world – he considered the Manila as the safest of them all because he was able to go to the inner cities without fearing for his life unlike in the cities he’s been to.

        Why don’t you go to any of those countries that I mentioned then tell me that the Philippines is a lawless country – if you make it out there alive.

        I will repeat this again, You have to venture out of your comfort zone or your envionment before you proclaim that bad things happen to good people ESPECIALLY in the Philippines.

        I really like your statement though m: Civilized countty: one murder is too many, lol.

        Oh, are you saying I do not criciticize my own country? How did you friggin come up with such idiotic conclusion? I criticize our inept officials, the undisciplined filipinos, the criminals all the time but unlike you, I have faith in the Filipino people that one day our society will be better, I am not the doom and gloom type who does nothing but rant about the ills of our society.

        I am sure sone folks here point out the ills of others but they also have the same ills that they condemn.

        1. >> If you follow that premise then I can therefore conclude that there is no country is civilized because all countries have crimes. Follow my logic so far?

          No. Typical Pinoy black-and-white thinking. Frankly, your schoolteachers should all be fired and replaced by teachers from Finland.

          I’ll spell it out slowly for the hard-of-thinking:

          If country X has 1000 murders per million and country Y has 10, then we can safely conclude that country Y is more civilized than country X.

          The challenge for country X is to be more like country Y. The solution is not to search for a country Z with 2000 murders per million and say: ah, there, we’re not so bad after all! Everything is fine!

          Why are you still blathering about the worst countries in the world? I’ll ask you again, since your logic is all over the place:

          Is that what Filipinos aspire to be? Is that the best you can hope for in the Philippines? To be slightly better than the worst scum on the planet?

          Low standards, ren car. Very, very low standards. There’s no point “having faith in the Filipino people” if they want nothing more than to be slightly-better-than-third-world for the rest of eternity.

      3. Ha. Zaxx, honestly?
        I have met children with a firmer grasp of logic and reality then you.

        The truth has set many people free buddy.
        Its why we no longer think the world is flat.
        Or that the sun revolves around the earth.
        Or disease is caused by demons.
        Or try to cast out demons on mentally ill people.
        The science is out on your unseen world.
        There never has been a supernatural event.
        Your belief in the imaginary is just that.
        I can not stop you from believing in goblins and fairies but what i can pull you up on is lies.
        Your opinions on this subject is simply that.
        A deluded opinion solely based around your narcissistic religious beliefs.
        None of it is grounded in reality.
        Lol what proof do u have for any f the crap you just spewed?
        Oh right none.
        I would suggest for you o start picking books from the non-fiction section of your local book shop.
        That way instead of opinions you could also have some actual knowledge to base it around.

        Oh snap

        1. Robert – I think Zaxx think that the left behind book series are science non-fiction literary works, hahaha! What a dumb sob!

        2. Wrong again. 86% of the world still believe in a spiritual dimension:


          That means “religious nuts” like me are actually running the show that keeps airplanes flying, developing advanced technologies, and governing countries.

          Just imagine if all of us who hold some kind of faith were not grounded in reality. Would you even dare take a plane ride with a Muslim in the cockpit?

          You Europeans and Americans brought Christianity to our shores and now you’re taking it back. Get real. Anyway why am I even helping you guys get enlightened. GRP is for helping Pinoys. You guys can think whatever way you want.

          You’re right Robert – I’m far from gay. I should probably stop here before I offend anyone else.

    1. Karma is already holding them down with one hand and beating their faces to a pulp with the other. The Filipino is grinning and saying “more please!”.

    1. You’re right. It’s not about “evil spirit”; but it’s not about “sin” either. It’s about ego and selfishness why we do what we do. Everything we do in this world, we eventually do for ourselves.

  2. Okay, now it’s time for me to point out the sheer absurdity of this article. When I first glimpsed on the title of this Article, I literally laughed out loud. I started to wonder if Zaxx had been to any Third World Countries such as Brazil or Mexico.

    What struck me most about this title is “especially in the Philippines.” It sounded like Zaxx have travelled to many countries around the globe to BOLDLY conclude that the Philippines is ESPECIALLY BAD – talk about grandiose display of sheer ignorance, lol.

    First, it is a fact that the Philippines did not even make it to the Top 10, or 25, most homicidal crime rate in the world. The Philippines is 28th on the list, lol. Here is the complete list:

    As a matter of fact, The United States (which is a first world country) beat the Philippines at number 21.


    I wonder if Zaxx ever visited Brazil, particularly the slums at Rio De Janeiro. Yes, Zaxx, I have been to Rio and the slums of Tondo is a much safer place then the Slums of Rio. In fact, my Brazilian friend refused to take me to the slums of Rio when I asked him to take me there out of curiosity to witness first hand how violent it is there.. and my friend grew up in the slums of Rio.

    The Filipino people deserve the bad things happen to them because they sin? LOL! You babbling fool! How can you say with conviction and certainty that an average Pinoy who had not scammed others, murdered someone, raped someone, or did not commit any crime deserve bad things happen to him/her?

    Just because someone cheated on their test or lied to someone is deserving of something bad? You gotta be pulling my brown Filipino balls!

    Evil Spirits? Bwahahaha! I think you read too much Komiks
    Have you been to Acapulco, Mexico? I have, and that place is a warzone – drug gangs everywhere and their crime rate is up the charts.

    It just boggles my mind when someone who is as clueless as you would boldly state that the Philippines is especially bad. Compare to what country? If you compare Norway or Sweden to the Philippines, then I would agree with you that the Philippines is ESPECIALLY BAD, lol.

    I think you watch too many horror movies like Panday, shake, rattle, and roll, etc., hahaha!

    Wandering evil spirits? Bwahahahaha! I am sorry but you are such an babbling fool. You are insinuating that people who do bad things, or murder, are being possessed by an evil spirit, LOL! What a crock of bull!

    Good things happen to bad people because there are simply bad people with no conscience. Many serial killers are fked in the head hence, they are referred to as psychotics. Some of them claim that they hear voices telling them to kill but they are just simply insane.

    I agree with theVoiceofreason. You need professional help. He is also correct when he said that what is wrong with our country is PEOPLE LIKE YOU. Ignorance and pseudo-intellects like you are a pretty bad combination, lol

    Next time you post, please provide facts and avoid logical fallacies, please? LOL

    1. So the Philippines doesn’t have a murder rate as high as Mexico or Brazil. Wow. Well done! Give yourselves a big pat on the back and shout Pinoy Pride!

      In my part of town, murders aren’t even investigated. There’s a guy down the road from me who has killed two people. Nobody cares, least of all the police. You think those murders have made it into the national statistics?

      In any case, murder isn’t a yardstick of social failure. You only have to look around you to see how badly the Philippines has failed. If Norway and Sweden can sort themselves out, why can’t Filipinos?

      In a sense I agree with zaxx – the answer is sin, but what happens to Filipinos is not “punishment”. It’s the natural and inevitable outcome of the stupid shit they do. If you rip people off, cheat, and lie, nobody will trust you. If you waste your money on parties and cellphones, you can’t complain that you’re poor and expect sympathy. If you argue with your neighbours and cause trouble, nobody will want to co-operate with you or offer you a job. If you throw trash everywhere and build illegal settlements, you’re going to get floods and disease. Any idiot could predict such things, but Filipinos have trouble looking beyond the ends of their noses. As benign0 likes to say: it’s simple, really.

      1. If Norway and sweden can sort themselves out, why can’t filipinos? Well, why can’t columbians, brazilians, Venezuelans, and even the Americans can’t sort themselves out?

        You missed my point – it just went swoosh over your head. Zaxx wrote that why bad things happen to good people, especially in the Philippines. Do you even know what he is insinuating?? It is as has a monopoly on bad things happening to good people. Had he said that bad things happen to good people – period – that woul be a logical and factual statement but especially in the Philippines? Really?

        I am not denying that our crime rate is high but not as high as 27 other countries. He just pulled his facts outta his ass – it is called wilfull ignorance.

        Have you been to The slums of Rio? even cops are afraid to venture to the slums.

        In your part of town people got killed and no one cared? Really? And I am supposed to beieve you because you said so? Do you live in the old west? Are you sure people did not care or they are simply afraid of cooperating with the cops because their lives would be in danger?

        The problem is people like you and zaxx is you come into a conclusion based on what you hear and see in your surroundings and you have never sat foot in other third world countries where life is much much worse than the philippines.

        “It’s simple, really?” If it is simple really, tell me then why there have been conflicts since the dawn of civilization? If it is simple really, tell me the why the Israeli-palestinian conflict have been going on since 1957? If it is simple really, then tell me why we can end world hunger?

        There is a simple resolution to everything but human beings have different perspectives and ideology which make things complicated – not simple. Simple is for simpletons 🙂

        You are akin to an armchair quarterback.

        You are a

        1. >> You missed my point – it just went swoosh over your head. Zaxx wrote that why bad things happen to good people, especially in the Philippines. Do you even know what he is insinuating??

          You had two points. On this point, we are in agreement, as I commented below. I think zaxx is way off the mark here.

          Your second point was “the Philippines isn’t as bad as the worst 27 countries on the planet”, to which my response was: whoop-de-doo. That means you’re worse than the top 160-odd. Not much to be proud of there, I’m afraid, and a very good chance of slipping into the bottom 27.

          >> In your part of town people got killed and no one cared? Really? And I am supposed to beieve you because you said so? Do you live in the old west? Are you sure people did not care or they are simply afraid of cooperating with the cops because their lives would be in danger?

          If you’re accusing me of lying, feel free to say so directly, but I don’t think that adds much to the conversation. I might also mention a friend of mine whose husband was executed because he upset the wrong people. Cops not interested.

          Anyway, my point went swoosh over your head. It doesn’t matter WHY killings are not being reported or investigated. Simply because murders ARE being ignored, they don’t make it into the national stats, thereby making the stats look prettier than they really are.

          >> In your part of town people got killed and no one cared? Really? And I am supposed to beieve you because you said so? Do you live in the old west? Are you sure people did not care or they are simply afraid of cooperating with the cops because their lives would be in danger?

          I live in a very average town, which is probably no better or worse than anywhere else in the Philippines. Everyone I know here has had some family member, friend or relative die under suspicious circumstances. Everyone I know in my home country has had NOBODY die under such circumstances. Of course, I could just be lying about that just to make Filipinos look bad, right?

          >> The problem is people like you and zaxx is you come into a conclusion based on what you hear and see in your surroundings

          Are you honestly saying that the evidence of one’s own eyes is not valid? What, pray, do you think IS valid evidence? Massaged government numbers?

          >> and you have never sat foot in other third world countries where life is much much worse than the philippines.

          So what does that prove exactly? That human nature has sordid depths of depravity as-yet unplumbed by Filipinos? So what? Don’t you think the whole country might look a bit better if, instead of looking for excuses for why the country is a shithole, the average Filipino would think: “What can I do better today? What can I aspire to?”.

        2. And incidentally, I’d say the reason Columbians, brazilians, Venezuelans, etc can’t sort themselves out is because they’re all Catholics. That poisonous ideology has polluted every culture it touched.

        3. rent-a-car gets owned! Nice power move there Marius – I really have to hand it to you.

          “Especially” stays. I have written what I have written – Pilate.

          Btw, about my “we are all guilty” rhetoric, it’s not an original – check out Roman’s Road if you guys want.

        4. Hahaha! On top of that Mr/Ms got-owned rent-a-car, the lord of the demons likely owns your soul already.

          Repent before it’s too late. You can forget everything you disagree about in the article – but just remember the last sentence. It will save you and many in this country from a whole lot of trouble, pain and suffering.

  3. Guys, I am sure that Zaxx will come out soon and will tell us that we all miss(ed) the point(s). And because of that we all are yellowtards. Even foreigners are yellowtards.

  4. Yup, zaxx, I think you’re way off the mark here by suggesting that that Canadian guy somehow deserved to be punished.

    For one thing it’s not for Abu Sayaf to mete out such punishment: “Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”.

    Secondly, you don’t know who Hall is; you don’t know his faith or what he did with his life. Purely on balance of probabilities, it’s a safe bet he is neither a Satan-worshipper or a murderer like the ASF.

    Bad things happen because God gave us the free will to decide to be bad. His solution to that was to offer us forgiveness, and he took the punishment for us. All he asked from us was to recognize that he had done so, and by way of a “thank you” to at least to make half an effort not to be bad.

    Filipinos, of course, think they can have their cake and eat it too: “Woohoo! Let’s carry on being bad people and then go to confession at the weekend to ask the priest for forgiveness.” (news flash, guys: humans do not have the authority to forgive sins). Trust Pinoys to turn an elegant idea into a complete disaster, every single time.

    OTOH I think the commentators who believe there’s no such thing as demons and spirits are also way off the mark. It doesn’t matter whether they are “real” in a physical sense or not. People believe in them. Pinoys believe in and worship them. That colors their worldview and their actions. And FWIW, I once met someone who genuinely believed she was possessed by Satan (she had invited him in because she thought it would be cool). She was in the worst mental torment you could imagine. This shit is real whether you believe in it or not.

    1. “I once met someone who genuinely believed she was possessed by Satan (she had invited him in because she thought it would be cool). She was in the worst mental torment you could imagine. This shit is real whether you believe in it or not.”

      I really hope you dont believe that shit ^^^.

      Atheistic Satanism, most commonly referred to as LaVeyan Satanism, holds that Satan does not exist as a literal anthropomorphic entity, but rather as a symbol of a cosmos which Satanists perceive to be permeated and motivated by a force that has been given many names by humans over the course of time. In this religion, “Satan” is not viewed or depicted as a hubristic, irrational, and fraudulent creature, but is rather seen as being Prometheus-like in terms of attributes, symbolizing liberty and the like. To adherents, he also serves as a conceptual framework and an external metaphorical projection of [the Satanists] highest personal potential. In his essay “Satanism: The Feared Religion”, the current High Priest of the Church of Satan, Peter H. Gilmore, further expounds that “…Satan is a symbol of Man living as his prideful, carnal nature dictates. The reality behind Satan is simply the dark evolutionary force of entropy that permeates all of nature and provides the drive for survival and propagation inherent in all living things. Satan is not a conscious entity to be worshiped, rather a reservoir of power inside each human to be tapped at will”.

      LaVeyan Satanists embrace the original etymological meaning of the word “Satan” (Hebrew: שָּׂטָן satan, meaning “adversary”). According to Peter H. Gilmore, “The church of Satan has chosen Satan as its primary symbol because in Hebrew it means adversary, opposer, one to accuse or question. We see ourselves as being these Satans; the adversaries, opposers and accusers of all spiritual belief systems that would try to hamper enjoyment of our life as a human being”.

      1. >> I really hope you dont believe that shit.

        Whether I believe it is not the point. What matters is that she believed it, and was suffering as a result.

        You could say the same about idol-worshippers and demon-worshippers here in the Philippines. It’s the worshippers mindset that matters. It’s clear as day that an idol has no supernatural powers. Demons may or may not exist. Yet people who indulge in such things will arrange their behavior around such belief, and that has huge repercussions.

        All that metaphysical waffle you quoted about Satan basically says the same thing.

        Take the concrete example that I mentioned. Filipino Catholics believe that they can sin as much as they like as long as they go to confession afterwards (you can see the exact same phenomenon in every country where Catholicism has taken root). So they indulge themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you think that God, forgiveness, or other Catholic beliefs are hogwash. Your beliefs do not affect their actions in the slightest.

        1. Your “friend” suffered from a mental condition.
          Just because something is real to someone does not make it real.
          Regardless of what spin one puts on it.
          For centuries people believed the world was flat.
          Does that make the world flat because they believed?

          Ofcourse not.
          with the state of mental health in this country i doubt she got the help she needed.

      2. Robert,

        Many of our kababayans (even in other cultures) think that the church of satan or satanism worship satan, lol. Heck, some still believe in mangkukukalams, dwendes, tiktik, and goblins alike. Some believe in lucky charms and astrology yet they proclaim to be religious. I do not know if they are aware that religion, or the catholic church, forbids their followers to believe in such B.S.

        There have been murderes in the U.S. who claimed that the devil made them kill people but psychiatrists said they are psychotic fks. A logical person would not buy such crap. These are disturbed people who are clinically insane.

        There are gullible people in every culture. I have been to New Orleans and many people there still believe in voodoo.

        Heck, I am inclined to say that I have been possessed by caligula and that is the reason why I have an infinite appetite for sex and debauchery. If anybody believes me then they are more fked up than I am, lol.

        It’s simple, really? Hahsha!

    1. Yeah i did not even want to go into the lies about her.
      People in pain are closer to God?
      That was her belief.
      One of the biggest lies of the current age.
      Now one has to wonder why anyone would believe in Jesus when they can see with facts how easy it is to make soneone into a saint and a martyr, now consider 350 years of lies and tall stories about jesus lol.

  5. Either much satire, or just emphasizing the simple fact that, when bad things happen to good people…. a lot of these bad things are caused by people, not by any “magical” forces.

    1. Yes “by people” – especially those under the influence of unseen forces like greed, laziness, twisted ideologies, biased/crap media and hallucinations induced by drugs. Go get em Du30!

      1. Lol yet u worship a god that was first seen when your prophets were hallucinating on drugs.
        Did u know that the evolution of conscious thought can be linked to our ancestors use of mind altering drugs?
        Bet you did not know that because you have avery limited and biased religious zeal colored view of the world.
        Unseen forces…ha u r a joke.
        Your God of the gaps and unseen forces bola bola might have hold sway to Neanderthals 100 years ago but in this current age anyone with half a brain and a quater of an education knows you are talkng out your ass.

        Ha you rhen say go get them DU30? Dude i hope for there is a ” god” and i would laugh it is the christisn one.
        Clapping on a guy thats all about murdering criminals to teach peopke a lesson….you do not even realize u r one of the jews that would have been demanding your messiahs death.

        Hilarious how twisted your thought process is.
        You do not even see how contradictory your words are here to your rants…..
        Wow zaxx. No use explaining it to u though.
        Reality and rational thinking obviously goes right over your head.

        1. Whatever you say dude. Looks like you got it all figured out.

          Btw, TheVoice contestant Christina Grimmie was recently murdered by a demonized guy.

          It’s not very safe having a user name like yours these days.

          I can’t help you man. You’ve deluded yourself beyond repair. If you really want proof spirits exist – the easiest way is to jump off the top a building and you’ll find out in 3…2…1..,.

        2. Very typical pinoy comeback.
          The semi famous chick from a tv show was murdered not by a demonized guy at all.
          But a guy with mental health issues.
          You realize that right?
          Well im safe from people like you zaxx…to busy living in fantasy land then living in reality.
          How very christian of you to suggest i kill myself.
          As i said a very typical filipino response.
          In real life thoughyouwould never say a word.
          Unless it was behind my back…its cool bro. I got u pegged for what u r.

        3. TheVoiceOfTreason, better be careful debating with me. Looks like the last guy got depressed and would hardly come back. And if you can’t tell the difference between a poke4fun joke and subtle satire/sarcasm, you’re better off NOT challenging me in a showdown.

          That last line was supposed to make you lol; it looks like you’re taking me way too seriously. Stay cool bro.

        4. Ha ” Ballzaccs” I seriously doubt you have the ammo in your little pee shooter to bother me much.
          I do not need to challenge you in a show down.
          I just find your religious brliefs laughable when you try to link sin to people deserving crime or murder towards them.
          This sort of thinking was the hate that drove the spanish inquistion or the jews to murder your messiah.
          Its the 21st century and as a realist and a humanist i will fight tooth and nail that sort of bullshit where ever and when ever i see it.

          I think i need to take you out to see the real world ballzaxx….u might benefit from it instead of playing computer games, watching movies and burying your head in a 2000 year old collection of fictional short stories that even an 8 year old can see a fables not factuals.

          stop saying sin is the reason bad things happen.
          Its the biggest crock of shit.
          Sin is a made up concept to controll the poor masses.
          Knowledge will set you free.
          I do not blame you….im sure you were brainwashed from an early age into your religious ideals.
          Just you are a thinking breathing adult.
          Time to use critical thinking.
          You know deep inside your brain your beliegs make no sense.
          Thats because they are nonsense.
          Early theories on whole the world was formed.
          Now we have real knowledge.
          Learn to use it please.

        5. TheVoiceOfRaisin, you’re drying up and running out of juice. You bring nothing to the table with you arguments but rehashed ad hominems – sorry but they don’t work on me. I’m impervious to the heat and cold.

          You see it’s you who are deluded coz you believe in fairy tales – that a fish can turn into a prince, given the magic kiss of time. It takes more faith to believe in your religion than mine.

          I believe only minds can generate information and design machines. I can give you concrete evidence: this iPhone I’m using.

          So where’s your evidence? Show me molecules coming together to form DNA strands without human intervention. Zero! Nil!

          As empty as the echo chamber on Filipino zombie shoulders.

          I have done enough Monte Carlo simulations to convince myself no amount of time will ever come close to the DNA strand that provides the blueprint for making my eye.

          So cut the bullshit crap your trying to sell me and get real.

        6. Ahhh The God of the Gaps argument.
          U r right zaxx-e-ladocious.
          How silly of me.
          Man was created by magic, by an invisible guy that needs money and really cares where u put your penis, that coincendently he needs u to cut a little to prove your love for him.
          Cool story bro.
          Obviously you thought out thst argument.
          You have faith” pretending to know what you do not know”.
          I do not need to prove god is not real or spirits just like i do not need to prove smurfs or hogwarts academy is not real.
          I do not claim to have knowledge of the intangible or invisible.

          The onus of proof is on the believef. I do not need to carry that burden.
          Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups bro.
          Just because u think the majority beliebe something does not make it any more real than the flat earth belief or that demons caused diseases.
          Amazingly the bible claims the earth is flat, that witches exist and that stars from heaven can float down into your hand.
          Whats more probable….that men 2000 years ago told a tall story or that the laws of physics were suspended and a man walked on water, cured blindness( not all just some and none in his own town that knew that he was just a man”.
          Whats more believable…a child was born of a virgin or a 13 year old jewish girl lied?

          Its ok zealots are incapable of logic so i do not expect anything from you other than more straw man attempts to build up your faith like it sits on some mound of irrefutable knowledge.
          Wake up child.
          You live in a fantasy land.

        7. TheVoice off in the Horizon, you’re so far disconnected from scientific reasoning and reality. I think you’re starting to implode and have a heart attack with your senseless rant there. I told you challenging me will likely not be good for your psychological health.

          I asked you proof of DNA formation in a test tube and you didn’t even give me No Nothing!!! Hahaha whose not grounded in reality now? In science, if you can’t replicate it in the lab, it’s baloney. I grew up breathing science and experimentation.

          We all know that a frog can never turn into a prince, and that such an idea is just the subject of children’s fantasy stories. But recent scientists have led millions to believe that it is now a reality by replacing the fairy’s wand in the story with the new magic element called time.

          Do you really think time is that powerful and intelligent?

          Imagine if the entire universe long ago was contained in a giant pot, as concentrated mass in the center. We then put the cover on the pot so we wouldn’t see what’s going on inside. However, at some point we heard a big loud bang from inside the pot, but still we kept the cover closed.

          We waited for a million years, then hundreds of millions of years, then billions of years, and finally we had enough of waiting – so we decided to open the cover. I put my hand inside the pot, and reaching deep within I pull out an object: a Boing 787 Dreamliner jet plane! Then I pull out another object and find an iPad tablet PC with a movie playing on the screen! Finally I pull out one more object and find a 24-volume encyclopedia!

          With no mind stepping in and manipulating the contents of the closed pot, how could such objects of intelligence get formed? Just by waiting for a long period of time? is it really possible? Think about it.

          But this is the type of magical story some scientists are asking us to believe. It takes more faith to believe in such a fairy tale than to postulate that a mind stepped into the system to bring about order, design, and information.

          Ok I’ll give you a second chance. Show me Scientific proof of DNA formation by dumb natural forces, and I’ll concede you win this debate. Without DNA you don’t even have fossils to start talking about. Life doesn’t come out of non-living things – face reality dude. It’s you who needs waking up, not me.

        8. No saccs
          A man that claims he knows science then proceeds to show he kniws nothing of science.
          Lol im not challenging you zaxx.
          Problem is with idiots is the do not know they are idiots.
          As i said.
          You are right.
          Life, the universe was created by magic.
          That ofcourse makes so much sense.
          As of yet we do not know how the universe was created.
          But we know it was not createc by magic.
          Unless u r an idiot of course who claims to know things then rambles on like a two year old.
          Frogs do not turn into princes, lol. But they have relatives that share comon ancestory.
          We have proof of micro evolution.
          Macro takes thousands of years to happen.
          Your god of the gaps argument has been dusted by two year olds. As i said im not challenging you.
          Im laughing at you.

      2. TheVoice Of Ignorance–> you’re right by saying you don’t know the answer. Finally, the truth came out. I asked you for proof of spontaneous DNA formation and you still gave No Nothing! Strike 3 man.

        The illustration I gave you about the giant pot – well tell it to a 5 year old and he would say “wow magic!”. Yes, my friend – your theory of the origin of life is simply magic. Yet you accuse me of believing in magic just because I postulate a mind would be needed to get into the system to bring about objects of intelligence, complexity, order and design.

        Any intellectually honest scientist will agree with my position. In fact “intelligent design” is now emerging as the more viable worldview in the scientific community today. Due to the tools we now posses to analyze nature – we are now baffled by enormous complexity. Google “irreducible complexity” if you want to dig deeper.

        There is enough digital information in the DNA of your body to be stretched from here to the sun 6x. DNA is the most densely compact storage medium for information ever. To think it just happened with just dumb forces and time is complete absurdity.

        Chemical/molecular evolution to spontaneously form cells from non living material is an assumption you make. It has never occurred even in controlled labs, or computer simulations.

        The theory of chemical/cellular evolution runs head on with a LAW in physics… The second law of thermodynamics- which can never be broken (unlike Comelec rules). Note: micro evolution I can accept because it’s normal and occurs within a species. Like your son can have facial features superior to yours. No qualms about that.

        About the second law of thermodynamics: I’ll try to explain but you have to bear with me. A decrease in entropy (measure of chaos/disorder) in a component of a closed system can only be achieved by a machine or mechanism that was designed by a mind.

        An example of such a machine would be a refrigerator, which can segregate cold air from hot (movement away from the natural tendency of hot air to move to cold regions); it is a product of a mind which conceptualized the cycle for pumping heat out using freon alternating between liquid and gaseous states.

        Thus the mechanism of photosynthesis, which brings about a reduction in entropy in plants, can only be the product of an intelligent mind.

        The only reason why cities are improved through the years is because of minds and mind-created machines directing the movement towards more and more order. Without the mind, the flow against the natural “river” of matter and energy moving towards degradation and greater disorder cannot be achieved.

        No amount of adding heat and light energy into a subsystem will bring about order. Wind, rain, and sunlight will peel of the paint on your car, make the plastic brittle and crumble, and cause the metal to rust. A mind has to introduce a machine into the system (like a car washer/waxing machine) to prevent decay.

        The existence of the machine can only be attributed to a mind, which serves as the creative source. Science will show that no machine has ever been formed by simple natural processes apart from a mind.

        Ok, I’m an “idiot” if it gives you any comfort/consolation. I know how difficult it is to be trapped in a corner. It looks like you’re begging to back out of this debate. But since you need lectures on basic science and logical reasoning from an idiot, what does that make you?

        1. Still not an idiot.
          Your ramtwhile long still does not make the ” god dunnit” belief viable.
          There is very very very very very very very few people scientists that use the ” intelligent design” cop out except ofcourse if the are creationists.
          Which it appears u have gotten all your information from on the origins of life.
          From psuedo science religious idiots.
          Backing out of a zealots rant? No zaxx
          You are just an a typical fool that knows nothing about anything yet pretends to be knowledgeable on everything.
          Ill say it again.
          We are as of yet still unsure of the origins of life.
          But we are positive it not made by a magical being that sometimes turns up on burnt toast.
          Not backing out. Just not arguing the same point over and over again with someone who uses ” faith” ( pretending to know things he dies not know) and trotting it out as facts.

          Magic did not create the world in 7 days.
          Pretty sure god did not create the earth, the trees, the land the ocean, saw it was good then decidedto make light…..lol. How fould he see his making was good?
          Honestly zaxx. U know alittle about thermodynamics( apoarently as every chance you get you drop it into your rants) but u know fuck all about anything else lol
          Have fun…ill be ignoring your squiblles for the sake of yawning to much throught out the entiriety of them

        2. I do have to add. We do have proof of macro evolution in thousands of fossils.

          What w do not have proof of is the a magical being created a man out of dust and then a woman out of his rib.
          Anyone that claims they live and breathe science but thinks this is a plausible explanation for the origin of life is a person i can not take seriously.
          While science lives in facts and evidence. You obviously do not hold a single degree in any field of science u claim to hold knowledge of.
          So instead of coming across all intelligent trting to explain how much knowledge u think u have u instead show u have this rudimentary entry level grasp of year 12 text books.
          You r trying to explain to me how a refrigerator works or the laws of thermodynamics

          The second law of thermodynamics is very simply an isolated system will eventually increase itself into a disorted state.
          Not sure why u would quote me one of the 4 laws of thermodynamics then explain to me that u believe that the laws of pyhsics are always constant( this is my guess from your ramblings) yet you believe in the begginings of the universe that was created and has had the laws of physics suspended on numerous occasions by a magic being u call god.
          U seem to know a lot of really big words.
          Do u know what contradiction means?
          Because u r walking breathing manifestation of it.

        3. TheVoice of Intellectual Dishonesty:

          Just listen to yourself: “I don’t know” where the origin of life came from but “I am sure” it’s not blah blah blah…. How can you even rule out something without looking into it first?

          You are either a totally closed minded dimwit, someone too lazy to delve into details on scientific arguments, an intellectually dishonest fraud and liar, or all of the above.

          Your rebuttal is just “name calling” – that’s all your ammo is made of. And I’ll repeat – I’m impervious to these kinds of attack (stop wasting your keystrokes). The only thing it does is make you appear as a sore loser before all our readers here.

          I’ll make it easier for you pal. In all intellectual honesty, which equation do you think stands to be more logical, realistic and viable?

          1. dumb matter + dumb natural forces –> DNA (molecular digital information) + cellular machinery

          2. dumb matter + dumb natural forces + intelligent designer (external mind) –> DNA (molecular digital information) + cellular machinery

          Again, you don’t even have fossils to back up evolution without first settling the fundamental question of DNA/cell formation from non-living matter. If you choose #1, please identify which dumb natural force you think is the MOST likely candidate of causing the output (it’s ok, even if you’re not sure).

          But before you answer, here’s an appetizer just to get you thinking:

          Rational Response – Kirk Cameron

          Go to 2:16 (correction to my previous post: DNA in our body stretches form earth to sun 66x). This short video clip is one of my biggest torpedoes.

          And please don’t come back with “I don’t know” but “I am sure”. It just reeks of outright stupidity/laziness in argumentation. You can do better than that, can’t you?

        4. Just to add, I mentioned “cellular machinery”. In case you don’t have any in-depth knowledge of genetics/cell biology, here’s a video to give you an appreciation of the level of complexity we are talking about here:

          Protein synthesis from DNA

          When Darwin postulated evolution, he did not have the level of knowledge we now have on this subject. Our current tools only point to the obvious.

          So is it equation #1 or #2? Are your eyes starting to open up now to the real reality?

        1. TheVoice, Aww too bad. You’re giving up already? I was just getting warmed up. We’ve only scratched the surface.

          Why didn’t you pick #1???
          Why didn’t you say light from the sun was responsible for DNA info???
          Is it too insulting to choose the obvious (#2) after all the defense & attacks you’ve rabidly dished out???

          Well, being an evolutionist is a very hard position to take these days. It means you need to be very dishonest to yourself. In your heart of hearts, you know fully well No Tree can let it’s leaves fall to form a message on the ground saying “Thank God it’s Winter!”

          Evolutionists believe that a rock suspended in empty space is far smarter than all the scientists and computers in the world combined, which can’t even produce a single DNA segment through natural processes in labs or simulations.

          Until now, this is the best that Evolutionists have to offer:

          Speaking of the origin of a hypothetical self-replicating molecule and its structure, Pross has recently admitted that “The simple answer is we do not know, and we may never know.”1 Later, concerning the question of the origin of such a molecule, Pross said, “. . . one might facetiously rephrase the question as follows: given an effectively unknown reaction mixture, under effectively unknown reaction conditions, reacting to give unknown products by unknown mechanisms, could a particular product with a specific characteristic . . . have been included amongst the reaction products?”2 That pretty well summarizes the extent of the progress evolutionists have made toward establishing a mechanistic, atheistic scenario for the origin of life after more than half a century of physical, chemical, and geological research.


          MINDS are the answer to your puzzle. If you don’t believe in God, then maybe it could be an Alien’s mind that designed the DNA on earth. So why not go look for extraterrestrials? Your next problem would be – who designed the Aliens? But certainly, it had to be a mind behind all this.

          So the better question is – whose mind was responsible for the DNA? This would be a more meaningful discussion to pursue. Trying to find the origin of life by test tube experiments subjected to electricity, light, gravity, heat, radiation, or what have you is a DEAD END street. Trust me.

          Find the MIND! It’s all about minds. The reason why PH is dysfunctional is because of minds. Minds are powerful agents. They exist outside the physical realm – heck I just had an out of body experience the night ago (passing through a glass window and to our veranda!!! – really fun). Yes, I can astrally project (seriously), which may make may a valuable asset to an interested intelligence agency.

          I’ve looked a lot into the topic of spirits. A good professor friend of mine can see spirits – his third eye is open (makes me jealous). I was even almost killed by a demon-possessed young man years back, who later saw the spirits returning for him on the ceiling. If you want empirical proof of spirits – check out levitation caused by demons. But my favorite approach to looking into this topic is NDE’s (extensive research done here already).

          I particularly like atheist’s NDEs. It’s wonderful to see the change in their attitude and viewpoint after they come back from temporary physical death. Check out Howard Storm – I love the guy (very funny, humble).

          Yes, I’ll apologize. Sorry for any psychological pain, suffering or stress our little debate may have had on you. By your last answer there – I can see you are already exhausted. But if you’re ready for round#2, you know where to find me.

          I have a lot more ammo stockpiled in my bunker – that’s if you want to go further down the rabbit hole. Free your MIND Neo. Free your MIND.

        2. Lol. As i said i love it keep it coming.
          Please continue to link” science from The institute of creation research proving that religious people do not understand the meaning of the word oxymoron.
          As i said i have not finished debating you.
          I can not write anything back regarding your incoherent rants with out pissing myself laughing at you.
          How many scientists in the world consider creation scientists and their research actual science?
          Answer is none.
          Thats zero there my dear fellow who likes to ramble on how smart he is yet fails to link one solid fact.

          My answer once again is to your question.
          We do not know how life started.
          Neither fo faith driven zealots.
          You do not get it do you.
          Im hardly taking a ” dishonest” position to the wuestion u posed.
          I told u weas of yet do not know.
          But We do know it was not fucking magic.
          Please keep posting what evolutionists believe, its enlightening.
          Your whole argumrnt is flawed.
          Of creation had to have a designer then itgoes without saying your designer had to have a designer and so on snd so forth.
          I tagged you for an creationist zealot for the get go.
          I do not argue with insane people.
          Funny thing is you beliebe in your religion but contradictory chant n for death squads from your new president elect.
          U r a walking talking contradiction and obviously un hinged.
          U seem to think you r winn g or we are at a competition.
          Congrats ballsacxs u won the internet.
          Pat on the back.
          You won by being the most inconsistent, contradictory ,delusional google copy and paste douche of the Grp.
          U have a professor that see’s spirits?
          Oh i forgot…lol u r currently going to what substitutes education in the philippines.
          Well im jealous.
          To see the world through the eyes of a child and to believe in fairy tales must be an interesting experience.

          As i said u seem to think me and u r i to somesort of competition.
          There really are no winners here if you are what is currently pumped out of the philippines as Graduates.
          Should change the name of the sote to get real saccs.
          You might believe every word that u say and u might think u r great at bullshit.
          Truth of the matter you need to start hanging out with more intelligent people if you think u can get away with this level of bullshit and expect people reading your rants to keep a straight face.
          u actually think you are coming off as an intellectual.
          Ha. Please keep it comming your rants and complete failure to describe simple scientific principals haskept me amused all week long.
          Been sharing this with some of my colleagues.
          We are all wondering what college you are currently attending.
          Would love to know so i can give my kids the best start in life.
          And send them anywhere else then this country.

        3. TheVoice of demons, glad to know you’re still in the game.
          I’ll take that to mean you choose #1 and you DON’T have a Pukin CLUE what natural force/mechanism/process creates DNA! You don’t even have a hypothesis- that’s worse than bad science.

          Holy cow. If any process/force did exist that generates DNAs, I should be able to go the next pond and find DNA midway into formation right? But ZERO evidence in this entire planet my friend. And you’re still hoping to find it?

          Empirical fact shows only MINDs can create information and complex machines. I have proof: the iPhone – it sure took plenty of minds. Actually, I’m pretty happy and content I contribute to bringing smartphones to reality.

          Now to place the fate of your eternal soul on an “I don’t know” is very dangerous. You need to consider the big “what if”. What if I’m right and you’re wrong. If I’m wrong I lose nothing; but if I’m right – then you have to face your Maker in judgment when you die.

          But you did raise a good point – who created God? Is that what bothers you? Let me attempt to answer.

          In almost any debate pitting atheists against those who adhere to the existence of the Almighty Creator God, the atheist draws out his final Ace card on the question of God’s origin bringing the theist to a brick wall and dead end to his arguments. The point of digging into this actually makes sense. If theists argue that “designed” creations can only be the outcome of an intelligent creator, then wouldn’t it be reasonable to extend the question to the next level? Who then created the creator, who is even more complex than the creations?

          Biblical apologist Ravi Zacharias however counters the inquisitive argument: if one were to reason that the creator of living things was created by a higher creator, then he can go on postulating that that higher creator was created by yet an even higher being, and the list would go on and on. Somehow the list has to end – and that ultimate end will be the supreme creator of all things. But rather than imagining a long line of creators ending with the greatest being, why can’t it just be one ultimate being to begin with?

          There are many questions there just aren’t any answers for. For example:

          Does outer space have an end? What is beyond its outer edge?
          How long is eternity?
          What happened before time began?
          Where is the start and end of a circle?
          Can a machine become conscious / self-aware of its own existence?

          When God answered Moses on who he was, he said “I am who I am”. The sentence in itself is cyclic in that the question “I am who?” is answered as “I am” – effectively, alluding to the nature of God as an infinite being with no beginning or end.

          As humans, we cannot grasp the concept of infinity. In fact our equations blow up to result in undefined singularities when anything gets divided by zero. So the definition of God as the “uncreated Creator of all things” is indeed hard to fathom.

          The reasoning that goes: “anything complex must have been designed” is the argument of the Creationist. But somehow (as if hypocritically), he will not apply it to God – who is the most complex entity in the universe. God is an exception to the rule, and that it just has to be taken on faith. Many atheists cannot settle for that – which is why they will rather go for an argument that can be even more ludicrous: that there was no creator to begin with, and that intelligence and information just came about with no designer.

          But we need to look into the nature of God more deeply. God revealed to man in his book that he is Spirit. So the laws we would naturally assume in the physical world do not necessarily apply to things and beings that are spiritual (of the mind/heart). For example, in Physics we learn that energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another. However, in the spirit realm, we can create things in the mind. Imagine an apple – red, shiny, sitting on a white table. We created something in our mind just now. So in the spirit realm of the mind things can be easily created or destroyed.

          Imagine God to be a huge mind that is non-physical. The next question is – do minds need a creator? If an apple in our mind could so easily exist and disappear at the command of our thoughts, cannot minds also come to existence with no “starting material”?

          We know for sure that God is conscious. But what are the building blocks of consciousness? It is not physical since in our case, cells or a collection of them are not conscious, but something that transcends the material physical aspect of us is somehow aware we exist.

          From some point after the stage of being a baby and a toddler, we slowly came to realize our existence – at some point we became fully conscious.

          In like manner, a non-physical entity (representing all that exists in the universe) that is self-aware may be our closest theory as to how God operates. But unlike humans who can remember a time they first began to be self-aware, God has always been aware of his existence.

          The laws of creation in the spirit realm (demonstrated earlier by the sudden appearing of an apple in our mind) operate very differently from our physical laws. Information can be created in our minds, but physical laws have no capacity to generate information. We just cannot impose our arguments of “physical creation” onto God or the spirit realm, since the latter reside in a totally different paradigm. The plane of the mind can influence things in the physical. More often than not, it is the spiritual plane bringing about its manifestations and creations on the physical.

          Somehow, we just have to give up on the argument of who created the ultimate infinite Being. It is like explaining to an ant the theory of quantum electrodynamics. We are just light-years lower in mental capacity than God and his mind. He himself told us that as much as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are his thoughts and ways higher than ours.

          To demonstrate the disparity, the following are 2 exercises you can try:

          1.Imagine squashing a fly to such a degree that every cell completely separates from the other. Then with the aid of a microscope, try to reassemble the fly to its original state – in a way that it can still reproduce and perpetuate life. Do you think you will succeed? How long do you think it will take for you to succeed? If you can understand how to do it, then you are an inch closer to understanding why and how God exists without having a creator.

          2. Get one cell in your body, and try to find which part of the DNA strand is responsible for forming the portion of brain matter that is located near your left ear. Then explain it to a toddler and ask if he understands why that specific DNA sequence is indeed the code for that portion of the body. If you succeed in making the youngster fully understand, then you are another inch closer to understanding God’s mind.

          This big question on God’s existence/origin is beyond human reasoning and understanding. It is as if God did it on purpose to show how far greater he is and that there is just no comparison with him. The fact is that there is DNA in our cells, and the God of the Bible is the only viable explanation for the information getting there.

          And he is just too smart beyond all that we can imagine – such that the only proper response is not questioning or demanding an explanation but awe and wonder. God meant it that we humans won’t fully grasp him – otherwise, he wouldn’t be God Almighty.

          Finally, the question of God’s origin itself is illegal. If we define a circle to be a curve that has no beginning or end; then, if we ask – what is the beginning point of a circle? We are actually violating the very definition of a circle by asking for a property that it does not hold in the first place.

          So if God is defined to be the Being who has no creator, but is the origin of all things, how can we ask – who created God? It is like asking, who created the Being who was not created? It is like asking a question: can the omnipotent God create a being more powerful than himself? It makes no sense.

          Sooner or later you’ll run out of ad hominems to hurl at me man. So I suggest you just stick to attacking the argument rather than the person delivering the argument. Or do you need a lecture on logical fallacies as well?

      3. Yawn.
        U lost me after the first pargraph.
        You do love your cut and paste.
        U know what woo is?
        Because u talk a lot of woo.
        You r trying to say because you can imagine something in your mind, thats the same process as a magical being creating the earth?
        Why does there have to be s creator?
        Why does there half to be starting point?
        Can not the universe always have been?
        U have no more of an idea about the origins of life or the beginnings of the universe than i do.

        I just do not claim that Camp fire stories by cave dwelling goat herders that were eventually translated into a series of scrolls have the answer.
        Creationism is not science and i refuse to debate anyone that lives in a world with such intellectual dishonesty that not only will they lie and twist the truth to project their very needs,

        They will also twist the words of non apologists in an attempt to belittle real knowledge and try to install their faith based knowledge as they only truth that exists in the world.
        You are a fundamentalist.
        You really should keep your opinions and insane ramblings to yourself.
        You r not even a creationist.
        You are one of this strange twisted people who have created their own religion from tidbits of others.
        Nothing scares me more in this world than fanatics like you.
        So sure of their own superiority and so narrassitic they believe they r chosen by a magical being to be its slave to worship it for all of time.
        Im done laughing at you zaxx.
        No i honestly just feel sorry for you.
        Ill enjoy my morning coffee.
        And suggest for you to read a book or two from a few well known mordern biologists that can explain to you evolution.
        You see.
        We do have proof of evolution.
        From dna strains.
        Fossil evidencd and lab testd.
        I think you did not get the memo.
        We r just currently unsure how or even if life was created or its always just been.
        We know we r older than 6000 years on earth as we have the fossil records to prove it.
        We aleo know the first man was not created from dust and will into existence n more than a woman was made from a mans rib and equally willed into existence.
        To believe so and claim to be of a scientific mind is a direct contradiction.
        As science is based on what we can prove. Not what we imagine is real.
        If you want to debate about any other subject then im game.
        But your belief on evolution and the creation of the universe is ridiculous and there is no point debating someone who is of the opinion that spirits, demons, amgels, smurfs and unicorns are all real.
        When there is NO evidence of them.
        But lots of evidence of mental health.
        Maybe its time to up your disage and revisit your therapist.
        Here is a hint.
        If he sees spirits with his third eye…get a different doctor as you would be taking advice off a quack.
        And a quack leading a quack is how you became so confused about knowledge and reality in the first place.
        As i said. If u feel that this is a competition as u keep stating then ill stop giving you the wttention you so desperately need to feel validated.
        After all your imiginary god ignores you so i imagine being the opinionated attention whore you are, any chance you can get on your soap box and cut and paste responses directly stolen from other websites in hopes of sounding intelligent would ne right up you ally.
        Im affraid dealing and discussing things with such a mentally unstable dishonest charlatan has zapped me of energy.
        Id say i would pray for you but that would be just an equal waste of my time then answering you any further on this thread.
        Your ramblings, while attempting to sound intelligent are anything but to the analytical mind.
        Or someone who has read a few of your writings begore and knows you never let the truth get in the way of your opinion.
        Professional help.
        U need it.

        1. TheVoice of a Lost Soul. Man, you clutter your rebuttals with so much ad hominems it’s getting harder to sort out the few useful nuggets from the filthy heap of garbage. You really think all your lame duck bee bee gun projectiles have any effect on me – doesn’t make a dent on my iron hide bro. You’re getting zapped of energy? – didn’t I warn you at the start you don’t start debating zaxx without risking your own psychological or even mental health. You just said a while back you have No Nothing to show for evidence of life arising from non-life. Now you are offering proof of evolution by saying you have “DNA strands” – well I’m all ears!!! Finally I get to see evidence of DNA lining up to form the helical ladder by some natural process to form digitally coded info. C’mon let’s see what you got!!!!!!!!! (but I’m quite sure it’s just another dud; there really is nothing evolutionists can prove – they just use their overactive imagination and artwork. Besides you’re too lazy to point me to any real peer-reviewed scientific articles. Asa pa!)

          You even say I “stole” what I wrote above from somebody else – wow! I’m actually flattered. You mean my writing style is that good? I should write a book then; maybe make some spare cash to buy me some virtual reality gear. FYI – They are ALL ORIGINAL bro – you think I’m like a peanut brain Pinoy who just hangs around half naked at a sari-sari store right? Well you are free to imagine whatever you want. There’s google – try searching for what I wrote back there and if I infringed somebody’s copyright – I will even pay to fund their lawsuit.

          The world is vast my friend. Consider basic set theory. There are 2 circles A & B. A is the physical material world & science. B is the spirit/mind realm. Then at some point they intersect. It’s fine because everything is basically energy – we are all just vibrations. E=mc^2 (energy mass equivalence) right? A& B can interact. The reason why you see me as an oxymoron is that your worldview is confined to set A only; mine is not. I have learned by researching various subjects to reconcile all this in one overarching paradigm. The reason you call it “magic” is simply because you don’t understand it. The EM spectrum is only visible for a band of frequencies. Why do you dismiss something you do not physically see as unreal? There are other instruments out there to check things out – not just physical lab instruments. So how do you explain a levitating demon-possessed person or Yoga guru? You think some superconductors are hidden under the floor to make them lift off? The spiritual world is real – you’re just too blind and lazy to investigate it.

          You are simply shutting your eyes to an awareness of the greater universal laws that are actually available to humans if they only free themselves from the mind trap of thinking “all there is to this world is physical reality.”

          Let me go back to DNA. When you watched the video of Protein synthesis from DNA, you will notice that communication is taking place. The sender (DNA) sends digitally coded information via a medium (RNA) to the receiver (ribosome), which interprets the instruction in the code and manufactures the corresponding protein. On top of that, both the sender and the receiver have to agree to the common language they must use for there to be meaningful communication.

          Now my question is this: when DNA was forming through your imaginary process in your hypothetical primordial soup, which came first in getting formed: the sender, the medium for message transmission, the receiver, or the language?

          Irreducible complexity man, irreducible complexity. If only one member/part of the functional system/machinery was absent, that’s the end of the story for your self-perpetuating procreating DNA/cell. They all have to be formed and fully functional simultaneously for the entire system to work and survive. O I got lots more ammo in this area I have for you on this but I think you’ll just have an info overload. Let’s just go to stats.

          You see, you are up against a lot of statistical improbability by holding on to a dead ideology/religion called evolution. Just imagine that the earth was covered (100% of its surface) with open laptops. Then let it rain for 1 million years, with each random drop striking a key on the keyboard. What would be the statistical probability of one computer to end up containing the text of the entire Bible typed into it by these random droplets?

          That’s like walking down the street and being lucky enough to stumble across the winning lottery ticket at the same spot on the sidewalk for 100 lottery seasons in a row.

          Then you have the Physics to contend with. All the constants of the universe like Coulomb’s constant (ke = 8.99×109 N m2 C−2) for electrostatic force of attraction and the gravitational constant (6.674×10−11 N⋅m2/kg2) need to be tuned just right for life on earth to be possible.

          Loads of other questions left unanswered: why are some planets rotating in the opposite direction in our solar system violating angular momentum principles if these did form by a simple big bang? Why do we NOT see stars forming – we only see them dying? Why is the Cambrian explosion consisting of all fully formed complex animals? Why don’t we see grotesquely malformed randomly structured creatures in the fossils if they were supposedly randomly evolving, but each animal is bilaterally symmetric? The list just goes on and on.

          This entire universe was wonderfully and fearfully made – and that includes you and your amazing machine called your body. We are even copying from creation – Neural networks and fuzzy logic used in AI were inspired by how the natural brain works. We have only begun to understand and unravel the meaning of the code embedded in our DNA. Our level of genetic engineering is mere manipulating what has already been created rather than creating DNA from scratch by dumb natural processes.

          We are light-years behind the technology of God – the designer of everything in the universe. Yet humans are so full of pride to deny his existence and live life trampling on his rules and message to us.

          Now let me tell you something I just came up with: it’s called the God Sensor.

          Why doesn’t God just show himself in the sky for all to see – and so we wouldn’t need to have these debates on his existence?

          Actually, long ago, he already did reveal himself in power and glory – to the Israelites in their exodus/liberation from Egypt, and what did the Israelites do? – they made a golden calf and made it to be their god (similar to what you see in the article picture).

          God knows that no amount of displaying wonders in the sky will really convince man he exists. If you did see God appear in the sky in this day and age – an atheist like you will likely explain it off to be some light-projection trick by some advanced holography technology working in the background.

          The best way to convince oneself of a creator is to use something inside us.

          When human souls were created, the Creator placed a built-in device in them to know and detect the invisible Creator. Here’s a simple test to see if it’s working properly.

          1. Look at the rock formations in Stonehenge or the massive head-shaped boulders lined up in Easter Island. Then ask yourself – are these products of intelligent beings or just formed by dumb natural processes like a volcanic eruption?

          2. If you went to Mars and found a mega-sized replica of the pyramids of Egypt there, would you conclude some kind of intelligent being existed there long before?

          3. Watch the video of Protein synthesis by DNA and observe the complexity of the molecular machinery at work. Then ask yourself – did these molecules just band themselves to work together like this as the product of a dumb natural force or process, or was there an intelligent being behind its formation?

          Again intellectual honesty bro.

          If you answer on the side of the affirmative on the existence of an intelligent designer for all three cases – then your God-sensor is still working and functioning correctly. Some people (like you TheVoice of Myopia) however have learned to destroy this sensor by taking in lies to deceive themselves and blind themselves of obvious truth and reality.

          Even without a Bible, man knows in his heart of hearts that a Creator exists. His God-sensor is at work when he sees the wonder of creation. “A God must exist” will and must be the conclusion. Man was made to long for and search for his creator. An experiment was done long ago where they placed a boy in an uninhabited island to grow as a savage. They later observed he was worshipping a creature on the island. It is instinct for man to find a creator and worship him.

          As Paul writes in one of his letters:
          For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

          When you face your Maker in judgment after your short stint on this planet, how will you answer him for not recognizing his existence? What is your excuse? Surely having debated zaxx on GRP will render you all the more – having NO excuse for not having your eyes opened to reality. There is a God – my equation #2 is the only viable explanation for DNA.

          Then there’s the topic of death… which makes the truth and reality of God’s existence and that of the spirit realm even more glaring. Hope you’re enjoying the ride so far.

          And yes, I just wrote most of that before having my morning coffee – shall we have a toast?
          It looks like you’re getting ready to boot out of this debate. Yes, go ahead and escape; you brought nothing to the table anyway to convince me even by an ounce evolution is real. Most of evolution science is voodoo science – carbon dating without even knowing the concentration of C millions of years ago. How many times have evolutionists changed the age of the earth? Art Drawing in Biology books as proof of common ancestry. Been there done that. Disgusting fake science – makes me puke. But I’ll give you a chance – choose #2 and I’ll make you winner of this debate.

          And by the way, you said you’ll pray for me – wow! Isn’t that a sign – you actually believe in a higher power now. Looks like you’re eyes are ready to open. I think you just need a real-live NDE to wake you up. Do you want me to pray that you have one? Or how about just watching atheist Howard Storm’s NDE testimony as a next step?
          It’s not me whose dangerous – it is the evolutionist who thinks we are just animals, with no real fundamental basis for morals (right/wrong). Darwin wrote a book. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot lapped it all up and what do you get? Millions upon millions massacred in their countries. The doctrine of demons hiding as “science” got the better of you – better flush it out before it’s too late.

          Why do we need a beginning? Remember we are only discussing here the start of life on earth – I can’t explain how spirits came to being (maybe when I graduate from this reality). The question of origins is so fundamental to how you will live your life on earth. If you know a higher power brought you here, then you will seek his will/purpose. If he owns this world and our souls, we need to abide by his rules.
          We need the true basis for moral codes and the afterlife. Fix your foundation – you’ll have a strong building.

          OK, time for your ad hominem rant (yawning time … hay buhay; sabi siguro nitong Kanong ito “ano ba tong napasukan ko” hahaha)

        2. U r the king of bullshit.
          As i said you are intellectually dishonest.
          You just twisted my writing to say somethng i didnt so u could make a straw man that would be easy to knock down.
          You are a typical creationist.
          No idea why u would think i would even consideryou in the same leauge as the standyby lads.
          They are atleast sane.
          You seriously have zero idea of my mindset or how my mind works.
          I do not need to attempt to be sesquipedalian like u do.
          I do not have an inferiority complex that i need to.
          U sap me of energy not because you are very informed, intelligent or enlightened but because you are a know it all no nothing who feel he has to prove he is really smart as deep down inside he knows he is a fraud.
          We have proof of evolution…ill say it one more time.
          I do not need to show u proof any more then i need to show you water is wet.
          U just did not get the memo or refuse to acknowledge the fact.
          So whats the use of discussing anything with anyone who can not admit they do not know how life started.
          That why im zapped of energy.
          U can not admit to the very thing i admitted to at the start.
          No idea how life started…neither do u.
          But we know it was not magic.
          Deal with the fact u have been owned.
          Deal with the fact that u r wrong.
          If u feel u need the last word then please do so.
          I know u can not help yourself as you must prove you are superior but u r inferior in every way.
          Not because u r pinoy.
          No its because u r a dumb ass.

          Nothing further to add. To bang ones head on the wall for hours to get through to u would just, eventually give me as much knowledge as you have.

        3. TheVoiceOf
          I don’t think you deserve your user name. You can’t give me ONE SOLID REASON to believe in your evolution religion of magically appearing DNA without any minds. The more I talk with you – the more I am convinced its total crap baloney. Let’s all burn those textbooks full of lies. Look at what’s happening to atheistic America – moral decline, school shootings, gay marriage, abortion,…

          Just as I thought. You can’t share your proof of naturally generated DNA because they DO NOT EXIST. And even if a lab somewhere is able to artificially synthesize DNA coded with the instructions to build a brain, eye, or hands – it will only prove that it requires an Intelligent Designer to make one.

          Sorry, DNA was designed by Somebody – it’s so obvious. You can ask any child with their unbiased non-brainwashed mind, and they will answer that complexity like that (far more complex than the lego blocks they build things with) will require an intelligent designer.

          I will be intellectually honest enough to say I don’t know the exact mechanism of how a spiritual being manipulates matter – the only thing that matters is that we know they can. Here look –> Yoga Levitation. Maybe demonic – but still proves the thing.

          The reason why you refuse to accept the obvious is because of its implications. You know that if you admit equation #2 (+ mind) is correct, you have to deal with the Creator, whose laws you are violating. And we wouldn’t want Someone imposing moral standards on our “it’s more fun” lives do we?

          I have systematically demolished and pulvurized to Smithereens your stupid theory of evolution. It’s so easy – just attack the DNA. There’s no way you can prove DNA just happened – ZERO.

          So try chewing on this…

          A Few Reasons an Evolutionary Origin of Life Is Impossible

          As you seem to be pretty pissed off with my very solid stance – Chiclets will be good for you. Sleep well – it could be your last before you meet your Maker. You’re surely in for a BIG Surprise! What would you be thinking in your last dying breath? ME? 3…2…1…

          I’ll see you in the afterlife.

  6. marius, The reason that people can’t sort themselves out are predominantly Catholics. All religions have their fair share of atrocities committed against each other as well as atheists. When two opposing radical ideologies collide – all hell would break lose.

    I never said nor implied that the Philippines is better than the other 27 countries on the highest crime rate. My point was bad things happen to good people especially in the Phlippines is factually false and misleading.

    How can someone possibly boldly claim that the Philiipines is ESPECIALLY a violent culture, or as zaxx put it, bad things happen to good people, especially in the Philippines when thix guy had “probably” never set foot in another third world country?

    Granted that you witnessed someone got killed in your neck of the woods and no one cared. My question to you is do you view our society as a violent and lawless culture? Is killing and murder the norm in our country? Is it acceptable in our country for its cituzen and law enforcement to not care?

    The fact is there is a lot more mass murders in the US than in the Philippines. There are also much more serial killers in the US.

    The problem with zaxx statement is – shit – all of it, lol! The guy rants like a babbling fool!

    1. Zaxx isn’t only claiming that violence is an especially profound thing in the Philippines. Perhaps you need too look around, not just news, and tune in to so many word-of-mouth stories and other things going around about people getting killed left and right. I remember meeting a friend somewhere near welcome rotonda. He pointed to a pedicab driver. “That guy is a contract killer. Give him P15,000, he’ll kill someone for you.” I could not substantiate that claim, but it’s not farfetched either.

        1. Chinoff, I heard so many stories like that when ilI was living in the slums of Manila and most, not all, of them are just talk.

          Here is my point. I would feel safer walking in the slums of tondo than in the slums of Rio de Janeiro or acapulco Mexico where murder is the norm. There are violent and senseless murders in the Philipines but not “Especially” in the Philippines.

          To say “especially in the Philippines gives the readers an idea that it is the worst in the world – which is factually false based on studies and statistics.

          It is also a fact that violence and crimes on tourists is relatively low in the Philippines compare to – let’s say Rio, San Salvador, cape town, Kabul, Congo, etc.

          I never dismiss the fact that there are violent crimes in the Philippines but it is not ESPECIALLy violent in the Philippines compare to those countries on the list. That is my point which which some folks here could not grasp

        2. The thing is, when you say “we’re not the worst in the world,” it could contain the between-the-lines message of, “leave it alone, there’s no problem, let’s not do anything….”

    2. >. My question to you is do you view our society as a violent and lawless culture? Is killing and murder the norm in our country? Is it acceptable in our country for its cituzen and law enforcement to not care?

      The answer is, absolutely, yes. Just to be quite clear: Philippine society is violent and lawless. Killing and murder is both accepted and normal. Human life has no value in this country. If you or your family haven’t experienced it, it could be because you live in a nice gated community and only mix with awfully nice people. For 80% of the population, random death is an “oh well” event.

      Have you never wondered WHY the price of a hit is only a few thousand pesos? It’s because the chance of going to jail for it is essentially zero.

      >> The fact is there is a lot more mass murders in the US than in the Philippines. There are also much more serial killers in the US.

      How do you know?

      I already pointed out that law enforcement is virtually non-existent in this country; in the US, all murders are investigated and a large-ish number result in a conviction. Every murder that happens in the US is declared in government statistics. In the Philippines, by contrast, I bet barely one in ten makes it into the official numbers. I don’t know that for sure, of course. But I have enough personal anecdotes of murders to know that the followup and conviction rate is nothing like what it is in the US.

      1. how do I know that there are miore serial killers in the US than in the Philippines? Well, for one thing, it is pretty much documented. Here is a partial list.


        Now, can you give me a list of serial killers in the Philippines, hmmm? what about mass murderers? Are you going to refute my claim that there are more mass murderers in the U.S. than in the Philippines?

        The Philippines is a lawless soceity? Really? Here is the problem with your argument. You have not set foot in other third world countries. If you get a chance to spend a week in kabul, Sudan. somalia, and other countries in africa or latin america – I can gurantee you that you will view the Philippines a paradise compare to these countries.

        However, I can not hold it against you for having such a myopic view because you do not know better as you have not set foot to
        any of these countries nor do you know anyone who lived in a country where violence is the norm everywhere you go.

        It is okay tho. I lived in my own myopic world when I was living in the Philippines. I thought then the philippines is the center of the universe, and it was the most violent and crime ridden country in the world because of the surroundings I lived in.

        I have lived in one of the worst slums of Manila and, from my personal experience and travels, I still feel safer in our country than many third world countries I have visited.

        Do you also know that some cities in the US like in Detroit, Chicago, compton, east oakland, cleveland, south central LA, east LA are equally or more dangerous than the slums in Manila? Did you know that cops in these cities turn a blind eye in crimes? Yes, there are dirty cops in manila but there are also dirty cops in some cities in the United States.

        Sorry to burst your bubble but the fact is the Phillipines is not that special.

        I think you ahould befriend people who lived in other third world countries where crime and violence is the norm. You will have a wake up call, and reality will start kicking in 🙂

        1. All you’ve proved here, ren car, is that Filipinos have appallingly low standards.

          >> The Philippines is a lawless soceity? Really? Here is the problem with your argument. You have not set foot in other third world countries.

          What does that have to do with anything? Aren’t we talking about the Philippines here? But since you want to compare, here is the difference between civilized countries and the Philippines:

          Civilized country: “One murder is one murder too many. We must do what we can to make sure such things don’t happen. Whatever we are doing today, we must do better tomorrow.”

          Philippines: “Well, this is the Philippines. There’s not much we can do. And the police won’t do anything. Anyway, he probably deserved it [cf. Duterte’s comments about journalists].”

          You know, I hear this same argument so often from Filipinos: “hey, don’t criticize us! Look at that shitty country over there; they’re much worse!”. Do you get taught this argument in school? I’m genuinely curious.

          So you’re better than Afganistan, Sudan, and Somalia. That’s lovely. These nations are war-torn shitholes without anything resembling a functioning government. Are you basically saying Filipinos are constitutionally incapable of rising above failed-state level? I hope not.

          >> Now, can you give me a list of serial killers in the Philippines, hmmm? what about mass murderers? Are you going to refute my claim that there are more mass murderers in the U.S. than in the Philippines?

          Do you really not comprehend that, if murders (or other crimes) are ignored by the authorities, they will not appear in national statistics? Or are you implying that, in fact, the PNP is as competent and well-funded as the US equivalent?

  7. If there is an implication that the girl died in a plane wreck because she/ her family sinned; well I believe that is sick. Many bad people do bad things and bad things don’t happen to them. Moreover, if there is an implication that the Canadian was beheaded because he sinned; well, he was beheaded for not being Muslim; nothing to do with Christian sin. Actually, everyone is ‘sinning’ according to the terrorists in Mindanao, so no repentance will stop that.

    1. I have to agree. Having faith has meaning to people; my Filipina wife is Catholic and her faith gives her support. The problem is the Vatican is sitting there with gazillions of dollars, while the street children I have seen in Manila and Cebu City starve and live in filth. The church has done nothing about corruption, poverty, disease, child abuse; however the poor in the Phils. continue to believe their faith will help them.

      1. Greg,

        “while the street children I have seen in Manila and Cebu City starve and live in filth”

        Pls blame the parents of those street children. They were the ones who procreated while at the same being those parents were as poor as shit.
        Sensitive parents wont procreate in such situations even if they are religious (or not religious).
        You cant blame the Vatican for something 2 mature adults (the parents) did and do. Nobody put a gun to their head and ordered them to fuck/procreate. No matter what, but we all have something called “free will”.

        1. Robert,

          Yes the irresponsible parents are to blame for their actions, and I have been saying birth control is absolutely necessary in the country. I was in the Philippines a week ago and, frankly, I don’t like visiting because of the many nasty things I see, such as pimped street kids ( saw one begging at SM in Cebu City).

          The article is about the major religious faith in the country, so the crux of my argument is that Filipinos praying for things to improve there is futile. However, the children are not to blame for being born into poverty; once their parents have brought them into the world, they exist and ought to be provided basic care. The Vatican ignores Christ’s fundamental teaching about avoiding extravagance and giving to the poor.

          The Pope has been lecturing us Americans about Trump wanting to build a wall along our southern border with Mexico, to keep out the illegal moochers, violent criminals and drugs. The Pope does this despite the Vatican having gigantic walls to keep out undesirables. If we don’t have a wall, we don’t have a country; thus no sovereignty. This is typical hypocritical BS from the Pope. America is being turned into a dump because millions of illegal Mexicans, Guatemalans, etc., are here.

        2. Greg,
          I enjoyed visiting your country (USA) always. Never felt scared or afraid. Great nature, interesting buildings and parks.

          Back to PH.
          Birth control is a sensitive topic in the Philippines. Either its not available despite the RH law, or it is expensive or they are against using it. Welcome to a religious poor 3rd world country.

          I only experienced one begging boy (maybe 8 or 10 years old) in Cebu City (while my GF and I were having lunch) and I told him something I probably cant repeat here on this website.

          I agree, Gregg, we cant blame those children. But at the same time that generation will be come a lost generation without a decent future (staying poor) and probably doing the exact same thing their parents did (procreating). That cycle has to be broken and Duterte can better focus his policy on that cycle instead of killing drug traffickers without due process.

          Sorry Greg, but I cant take the pope seriously. Although I do like this one (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) more/better than all his predecessors.

          USA has the problem of being the neighbour of poorer countries (Mexico c.s.). Within Europe (EU) we can travel and work without visa. We get a lot of people here from Poland. Not illegal but they come here for a better pay compared to what they get in their own country.

    2. Religion works in PH – as a tax-excempt MMM (money making machine). Just look at INC’s Philippine Arena. Who wouldn’t want to start his own religion here? Right Mr. Quibuloy?

  8. Whatever you believe, I respect it. As long as you respect my belief or unbelief, also…

    Maybe, there are really “evil spirits”…some “evil spirits” possessed: Aquino; Mar Roxas; Porky Drilon; the Liberal Party; COMELEC Bautista; SMARTMATIC; etc… these “evil spirits”, induced these evil people to cheat in the 2016 election.

    I am now beginning to believe that Aquino, is being possessed by “evil spirits”…who told him to steal thru:DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel; etc…who told him to hide, during the Luneta Chinese hostage massacre…

    I think we need an EXOCIST, who can exorcise most of our political leaders, and the Philippines, as a whole…

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Because, good things sometimes happen to bad people ! I don’t know to answer this question !

    1. Hyden,
      does that mean it is impossible to NOT respect one’s belief?
      How can you expect me to respect BS? (BS stands for bull shit).

      We were not raised that way and we were not educated (in school) that way. To respect BS. We will never respect BS and not respect stupidity. And believing in an imaginary thing is indeed BS.

      Even to ask to be respected is already BS.

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        We think differently. We see things differently. We taste things differently. We are all unique in this universe, and in this creation. So, we leave everything, as they are…

        I respect your belief…you respect mine. So, there is no conflict.

        There are many things in life, we cannot understand yet. To debate those things is nonsense. I just want to live in peace !

        1. Hyden,
          we are not that unique; we all are human beings with all the same drive and goals. We want to live in peace (no war zone), we want to live comfortably, we want to travel; we want to be happy. Unless of course your desire is for the exact opposite. Then you are indeed unique.

          I will never ask you (or anybody else) to respect me nor to respect my belief. And I will never respect somebody is believes in ´dog shit´. To only thing I believe in is myself. Not a stupid book (bible), not a stupid imaginary thing, not in disciples nor in commandments.

          “There are many things in life, we cannot understand yet”
          What do you not understand (yet)?

          But I will never kill that other person. Thats far too below my dignity.

        2. Hyden,
          In my neck of the Woods, the definition of respect goes as follow:

          You have to earn and deserve my respect based on your personal achievements in life.

          I have to earn and deserve your respect based on my personal achievements in life.

          If and when I achieve(d) nothing, nobody will respect me.
          Whatever my achievements are or may be, they are not achieved to get that respect but to make my own life more comfortable. I am not working nor living for others to get their respect.

  9. @Robert Haighton:

    The life in you…can you understand it? Why you were born, and why you die ? Why is your heart beating? Can you understand it ?

    Respect is what you view on people. If you don’t respect me , because of my belief. Then, I cannot help you…I will continue to follow my belief, even if you don’t respect me. It is your problem, not mine.

    Many things we cannot understand. We don’t know many planets yet in our galaxy. There are many galaxies…Many stars, novas, quarks, black holes, white holes, etc…existing. We do not know. if there are advanced civilizations in other planets… Many previous civilizations here on Earth…we do not know.Why are there homosexuals…we do not know…why there are smart people, dumb people , crazy people…we do not know…why there are good people, bad people…we do not know. Why my dog is black…and somebody’s dog is brown…we do not know…

    We think, we know all the answers to such things. In truth, we don’t…

    1. Hyden,
      me not respecting you is not my problem.

      I just wanted/want to share that the PH definition of respect is of a nediocre standard.
      Our definition lies much higher.
      Just because you are older or you are a parent doesnt earn you any respect. While in PH you are getiing more respect than someone who is younger and maybe achieved more in her/his life. That is something that I really dont get.
      I did the mano to my pinay GFs parents but it felt quite humiliating. So it was done with an empty heart and an empty head.

      Examples of the above are: Mano and the honorific titles such as ate and kuya.

      All the things you mentioned that you dont know and/or not understand can be answered by those who studied those matters/issues/topics at a university level. For them its a walk in a park; a piece of cake.

      You too can understand it when you start studying those matters at a high level.

  10. @Robert Haighton:

    It is the culture of the Philippines. Mano, Kuya, Ate, etc…like your Dutch culture, also…

    The things , I cited , we don’t understand yet. Even those who studied in the best universities, with the best degree.

    Many things in this world, life, reality…we cannot/don’t understand.

    Ask any of the best Doctor in Holland : “Why your heart is beating?”…”Why you were born and why you die?” Those other questions, I ask, ask them…see how they answer.

    1. “Why you were born and why you die?”
      I was born bec my parents made love deliberately because my mom wanted a son after having 2 daughters already.

      Why will I die?
      Because human cells do age. If we can stop (cell) ageing then we will live longer and eventually have eternal life on earth. And they are already busy with doing that research as we speak.

      So dont get surprised when we will be able to live forever within a few decades.

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        You did not understand my question…people making love, do no assure that they will produce a child. Why was not other people born, instead of you?

        Who created those cells in your body ,that age? Did they come out and made themselves?

        Where did these things began? Big Bang, and all the magic of life came out?

        If magic was there…who was responsible for the magic?

        1. Hyden,
          I understand where you wanna go. You want me to say that GOD is responsible for all that.
          Sure, I dont mind. He was the great inventor of everything. Okay, so can we leave that behind us now and move on?
          Do you know who was the first person who invented the cassette tape? Do I care?
          Thank god, another person invented the CD.
          Do I worship those guys that invented the cassette tape and CD? Hell, no. They got paid for it.

          So please, again, can we move on. And appreciate all inventions that came after your buddy?
          For crying out loud, be practical.
          Dont stay in the past, the cassette tape is also gone.

          Your buddy ‘wrote’ a book more than 2000 years ago. Those things dont apply anymore today. The cassette tape is obsolete/outdated.

          “people making love, do no assure that they will produce a child.”
          Here you are wrong, my friend. In case the male sperm cells are healthy; the female egg cells are healthy, I know exactly when to ‘strike’ in order to make my GF pregnant. And everybody knows that.

          The equation is as follow:
          sperm cell + egg cell + ovulation = pregnancy.

  11. Fliptards keep using religion as a prop to feel good about themselves and justify what they do; but, it hasn’t done a damn thing to end poverty and corruption in their country. if anything religion only magnifies the problems. The Fliptards don’t need religion; it needs to overhaul its corrupt culture.

  12. I believe that Duterte is unique for wanting to introduce family planning/ birth control into the country; without it there will be perpetual poverty/ desperation/ overpopulation / child pimping/ prostitution. Many corrupt politicians around the world want people to remain poor, so their votes can be bought. In America you see this with Obama/ Clinton/ Democrats promising free everything and making people ‘feel’ like victims. Socialists do this because they have little of value to offer, other than victimhood, free handouts, political correctness and death.

    On my mutiple trips to Phils over the years I have observed the culture. People expecting God to provide does not work – but the people don’t change. Religion sometimes replaces personal responsibility. If the Filipino people do not educate themselves, and realize that uncontrolled breeding is one of the major causes of poverty, things will never change.

    The culture of the Philippines is similar to that of Mexico. Mexicans come to America and breed like rabbits, regardless of whether they can afford to pay for their babies. They come to America because our stupid leftist government encourages this, which violates federal law. Stupid, irresponsible people never consider the consequences of their actions. I have noticed many Filipinos do not think of/ plan for the future. Many Filipino immigrants in America, however, are driven, law abiding and do well.

    1. Greg,
      I dont know that very much about immigrants coming to America. Do they work what Americans themselves dont wanna do or is it just keeping them (the immigrants) busy and ‘from the streets’?

      What I do know is that (North) America was build on immigrants in the first place; the Irish, the Italians, the other Europeans. For most of them it was ‘the promised land’.

      What you say about the Mexican immigrants I see today with those Syrian immigrants coming to Europe. I see footages on TV with a woman having a young child. Every time when I see that, I think what were you thinking when you were making that child? The country was already in a (civil) war 5 years ago and people just continue procreating. Its really unbelieveable and bizarre.

      I also saw it in my pinay GF. Going to church 5 days per work week twice and again on sundays. That is 11 times each 7 days of the week. Wow.
      I really wanted to have a conversation with her about what her religion means and meant to her. Her answer was a straight no. That is what I got for showing real deep interest in her. I only wanted to understand. To understand, we need to communicate. Well that was rejected.

      In the hay days of Christianity in my country, folks only went to church on sundays. Most shops, shopping centres were closed on sundays back then.

      I still am not sure why people in the Philippines do procreate. Is it a chosen, deliberate act, is it not knowing how to avoid a pregnancy, is it religion, is it culture or is it the need to have a kid so that the parents are taken care of by those kids?
      I mean, all my pinay GF wanted is to get married and a have a child. Those 2 things are very simplistic goals, if you would ask me. And mind you, she graduated from a university and – ‘thank god’ – she had a job (as teacher).

      1. Robert,

        Well some Mexicans do jobs that Americans don’t want to do, specifically because millions of Americans don’t work, and are on welfare. In past times Americans did those jobs. Numerous people here, for instance, tradesman, have lost their jobs because illegals work for half( or less than half) the pay; they also, as a result, drive down wages of citizens. Americans cannot compete if 3rd world wages are offered. The government does not enforce the laws.

        I cringe when I see Muslim migrants flooding into Europe. The situation in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands is being created by globalist politicians who are trying to change the culture of Europe. Sweden is the rape capital of the west, because of Muslim migrants. People in Germany are getting into legal trouble for criticizing the behavior of the ‘refugees’. It’s political correctness gone insane. These migrants’ values are not compatible with our more liberal western values. The Muslims do not believe in freedom of speech, tolerance and human rights; Sharia Law is not compatible with our legal systems. Europe is committing suicide, and the bloodshed and mayhem will worsen.

        I don’t know why poor people breed either. Bringing a baby into abject poverty is child abuse, in my opinion. I agree that people breed to have someone to take care of them when they’re old. I think it’s also a lack of maturity, education and personal responsibility. Either way, destitute people cannot afford babies. America gives welfare to migrants, which encourages them. It is well known that Mexican women get pregnant in Mexico, then illegally cross border to give birth here; their fantasy life of handouts, free medical care, etc. then begins at Americans taxpayers’ expense. Yes, America is plagued by sharing a border with a large cancerous parasite, also known as Mexico.

        1. Mexico itself is not the cancerous parasite, it is the change in US policy and attitude towards Mexican migrants. In the past Mexicans were only allowed in through work on temporary stays without promises of immigration through employment, a contract which could be renewed every year. This slowly got relaxed, culminating in the termination of the Bracero Program followed by the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 (aka the Hart-Celler Act), which literally opened up the flood gates to illegal immigration the US inherits today. The reason why the Western world suffers from illegal immigration of this magnitude today (along with all its associated problems) is because Europe, the US, Canada, etc. grew soft and liberal. Now they are paying the price.

        2. Greg,
          The (Dutch) political party I usually vote for has the same outlook on immigrants as I do. They are ‘conservative’ when it comes to the number of immigrants allowed to enter the Netherlands. Unfortuneely, we also have to deal with EU regulations.

          “These migrants’ values are not compatible with our more liberal western values.”
          I am sure they even hate us for that (liberal western laws).
          But both Zaxx and Grimwald probably hate my country too for having too liberal laws (same-sex marriage; abortion; divorce; euthanasia – to name just a few).

  13. What you say is mostly true; however, no, Mexico is a cancerous parasite. The Mexican government, including former and current president, come here and lecture Americans about how it would be bigoted to erect a border wall. Then, hypocritically, they arrest and imprison illegal Guatelamans, Hondurans, etc., who break into their country. Mexico likes the billions of dollars in remittances from Mexican workers in the U.S.; it’s one of their top GDP sources. Mexico is happy to rid itself of its trash, which the U.S. pays for via welfare, crime, etc. Poor people are not trash( class has nothing to do with income)- but illegal aliens who come to the U.S. to breed/ get free crap are. They have no legal jurisdiction in the U.S.

    It is a felony to come to the U.S. illegally; however, Bush, Obama and the other corrupt officials have been bribed by globalist corporations who want the cheap labor. The Democrats want the votes; Mexican immigrants generally vote Democrat because they promise people free welfare.

    Unfortunately this debate is useless because the U.S. no longer exists. It’s a lawless, quasi banana republic, welfare state. The name has to be changed.

    1. It makes no sense to call a foreign entity a parasite for things that the host knowingly and deliberately allowed them to do. Mexico started to behave this way because the US softened up like a marshmallow and gave them the means to do so. Big mistake. Neighboring countries in other parts of the world are deporting or punishing migrants who enter illegally and they have nowhere near the same kinds of immigration problems, so what’s the US’s excuse? If the West stopped being so liberal and started being more strict, conservative, and valued the principles and heritage their nations were originally founded upon they wouldn’t have these issues. Mexico punishes their illegals because they are not as liberal as the US. A conservative state with a conservative culture will always take advantage of a liberal state with liberal policies. Unless the West reverses its policies it will continue to be taken advantage of.

      1. The Mexican illegals and government would be parasitic regardless of the Quisling U.S. Government’s actions. If America’s non-existent government was against illegals they would still try to come for their handouts. Yes, the Quisling U.S. Government represents foreign interests over those of America; which is why I stated the U.S. no longer exists. The illegals themselves and Mexican gov knowingly parasitize millions of U.S. taxpayers without their consent. The people run the government with tax money.

        As far as conservative and liberal are concerned, those words have no meaning; they are misused. Bush was not a conservative( although the average Fox News, Republican moron would say so) and Obama is not a liberal. The U.S. just needs the law followed. I don’t think ‘conservatism’ will work because they spend money like leftists, just on different things. They want open borders to please the Chamber of Commerce. Plus they want to ban abortion and turn the country into old Nicaragua, have gangs everwhere, populated by unwanted orphans.

        1. All this US handout culture is the reason for their own demise. And forget about Mexicans for a minute. Where I live in the US there are boatloads of Koreans, Chinese, and Filipinos working illegally. Just imagine if these countries also shared a border with the US. They’d all be taking advantage of the country and its bizarre neurotic PC/handout culture like crazy. US citizens are too defeated to do anything about it and have been silenced in fear of being labeled bigoted. Other countries parasitize US taxpayers because they know they can without fear of being ousted. Like I said, it wasn’t like this before. Why don’t they just go back to how things were pre-1965 when illegal immigration was unheard of?

  14. Higgs Boson discovery of the God particle that suggest before big bang that everything is nothing became no thing, evolutionist suggest that the “thing” is the God particle. Even this discovery can’t disprove God existence, since God is impervious to reasoning. This idiot gene of man is for self preservation understanding corruption and righteousness.

  15. To Zaxx…
    First off, I would like to congratulate and applaud you for ‘baring your soul’ to a readership that you know are made up of agnostics, cynics, (real and put-on)… as well as like minded individuals. Given that the country is in a flux…with politicians of all stripes making nice to the new ‘sheriff-in-town’; to policemen going on a killing binge to prove their zeal in crime-fighting; and,the President-elect himself making the rounds to ensure that everyone is forewarned of the imminent ‘reckoning’…you might have written along these lines and, have been spared some grief.

    At the risk of ending up with the same fate, however, I feel compelled to say…(although from a different perspective)… that I share in most of what you’d said. ‘I believe in God; I believe Him to be our creator. I also believe in ‘life-after-death’ for those who follow the ‘golden rule’…why else do we have a conscience, a value order and an instinct for right and wrong’? There are other things I believe in, but they all proceed from these basic tenets and, in any case, would be too long and drab to discuss. Finally, I believe that one’s ‘faith’ is not a belief, nor is it a set of ‘isms’. It goes deeper than that; and, while inexplicable, it is solely his and is not up for debate.

    I’m not sure whether this point is where you were coming from, because you seem to have covered quite a bit of territory. I just believe in keeping it simple and direct. “No hay que buscarle tres pies al gato, sabiendo que tiene cuatro”. Don’t look for three feet in a cat, knowing that it’s got four; (that’s another Mexicanismo I couldn’t resist).

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