‘Silent Majority’ signals a return of the Yellow camp to ‘Opposition’ mode

The notion of the “Silent Majority”, which the camp of incumbent President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and his ill-fated would-be successors Mar Roxas and sidekick Leni Robredo have recently retreated to, is a sign. It is a sign that the Yellow camp has reverted back to its “Opposition” mode of operations reminiscent of the mid-2000s when the Establishment of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was the “enemy” and the “good guys” were those rallying in Makati’s streets in “unity walks” and “prayer vigils”.

Throwback activism: Vintage photo of mid-2000s street rallies under the Yellow 'opposition' banner

Throwback activism: Vintage photo of mid-2000s street rallies under the Yellow ‘opposition’ banner

It’s a classic example of the same lack of imagination that created the debacle that was the Second Aquino Administration to begin with.

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That the Yellow camp would go back to doing the same thing again is characteristic of their now evidently-consistent failure of thinking. Then again, perhaps I lie. There actually is some semblance of imagination at work in the new Yellow “Opposition”. The presumption in what the Yellow camp latch on to in these desperate times is that there is some kind of imagined “majority” that has so far remained “silent” in the course of the rise of Rodrigo Duterte to the top of the presidential race. Why does this majority remain “silent”? That’s anybody’s guess. My theory is quite simple:

Silence is the only sound argument applicable to advocates of a Mar Roxas presidency.

In a system of government where “majority rules” and the court of public opinion is the final arbiter of what is “right”, it is quite clear that the campaign of Mar Roxas failed and dragged Leni Robredo and the rest of the Liberal Party down the abyss with him. They’ve come full circle and their notions of how democracy “works” have come back to bite.

Back in 2012, the Yellow camp cheered while the “political exercise” that was the Senate Impeachment “Court” convicted the late Chief Justice Renato Corona using the same tactics that now utterly dooms Roxas’s and Robredo’s candidacies. Public perception after all is the barometer of righteousness in a democracy, the Yellowtards constantly reminded us. And so, here we are just weeks before the presidential election. To be fair, Roxas and his camp put forth admirable appeals to decency and level-headedness in thinking in the electorate. Unfortunately, accumulated perceptions of incompetency, lack of sincerity, and overall vacuousness have come to weigh heavily against Roxas and Robredo.

Chalk another one up for the triumph of public perception in Philippine “democracy”. Tough luck for the Liberal Party camp, though. The very same ocho-ocho public perception that catapulted a no-substance presidential candidate into Malacanang in 2010 now dooms his own party and the childhood hopes of Wharton’s Filipino sunshine boy.

Perhaps it is fitting. The Yellow Horde had originally distinguished itself as no more than an “Opposition” machine by introducing such world-renowned democratic innovations like street-party-style “people power” circuses and the use of victim menatlity narratives and “sacrifice” platforms in political discourse. It’ll likely find its role in the “Opposition” side of things quite familiar and comfy over the next six years.

16 Replies to “‘Silent Majority’ signals a return of the Yellow camp to ‘Opposition’ mode”

    1. That’s right. This will be a valid argument of his wins. The silent majority is far from truth. Cheating is much closer.

      1. Hahaha. There might be violence if Duterte loses. Legitimacy issues will hound the next administration.

  1. i was added to the “Silent Majority” fb group, and interestingly members are a mix of the prayerful, the elitist, the anti-authoritarianism and of course those people just plain scared of change. needless to say it gave my wall jaundice with delusions of grandeur, i had to leave it after a couple of days.

  2. YELLOW = color of pus, dead wyt blood cells, infectious bacteria..
    figures..same color as LP.. samahan ng mga impeksyon sa lipunan na namamalagi sa Pilipinas ng 30 taon.
    I pity this color, it could have been a pretty color but since in d Philippines its associated with the liberal Party, the only thing I can think of is PUS, Vomit and everything disgusting..

  3. The Aquino administration promised, and never delivered or fulfilled their election promises. This is the simplest way, I can explain of why voters, do not believe in them. And, Mar Roxas and his Liberal Party are resorting to the: “fiesta style” campaigning.

    There are many issues against Aquino, Mar Roxas and the Liberal Party, that they elude to answer, and cannot explain. From: DAP; PDAF; Pork Barrel Bribery,during the CJ Corona impeachment; Hacienda Luisita scam; Smuggling of Rice; Selective Justice by De Lima and her driver lover; massacres;Laglag/Tanim Bala; Bilibid Prison Shabu Mfg. Co…; Abuse of Power by using government resources in political campaigning; etc…etc…too many to enumerate.

    So, they are trying to deceive voters, that they are the “opposition” and the “silent majority”…

    I urge all voters, to be reminded of the failures of the Aquino era; their deceits ; their entrenching of the Feudal Oligarchs; and their plunder of the National Treasury. Don’t be taken for a ride again, of these scammers.

    Scammers will always be scammers, no matter what they pretend to be!

    1. Mr. Blonde
      Let see if Duterte was cheated and the angry Pilipino bring out their anger in the street start of people disobedient. I want to see they called yellow silent majority with armed forces with them fighting with the real people of the republic..I know that silent majority is the PCOS machine

  4. Whoever sits at Malacanang becomes a crook.
    Malacanang is a curse.
    The seat of presidential palace should be moved.
    It should be moved to Myanmar.

    1. The President ,before he sits at the Malacanang Palace; he/she is already a well seasoned crook.

      We should build a French Guillotine, on the Malacanang Palace grounds. If the President becomes a crook. We can easily cut his/her head…it will be a good deterrent.

  5. Hey, benign0. Have you seen the “lakas ng daang matuwid” meme. It’s fuckin’ hilarious.

    If there is a silent majority, it’ll be the majority of apathetic Filipinos.

  6. The silent majority really is a liberal majority, even though the word liberal has taken a real beating over the years by radical YellowTard SOBs, BS Aquino and his stupid moronic minions.

  7. Ang Silent Majority noong b4 ML ay ang middle class. Sila ang mga nanonood ng mga debate sa TV. Kaunti pa lang ang can afford to buy TV (B & W pa). Hindi sila nagsasabi kung sino ang iboboto nila. Sinasarili lang nila ang gusto nila. Noon kasi ang pinagpipilian ay mga Bar Topnotchers di tulad ngayon, popularidad at di dunong ang capital ng mga kandidato. Sa ngayon, pinakahuli sa pres. survey (MDS) ang pinaka qualified. Ang less qualified (Poe, DU30) ang nangunguna sa survey. Majority ngayon ay ang Masa at sila ang maingay. Alam na natin ang iboboto nila… Noisy Majority !!!

  8. A silent majority of freshly-made Facebook profiles spamming the Internet with regurgitated Liberal Party propaganda, maybe.

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