Scholarly study reveals Ateneans are the real ‘bobotantes’ of the Philippine electorate


A study conducted by the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) on the bobotante (stupid voter) phenomenon that plagues Philippine politics sought to test a hypothesis commonly-held amongst the Philippines’ “thinking classes” — that it is primarily impoverished voters (the majority of Filipinos) that are inclined to vote stupid.

The results published in an Inquirer report are seemingly conclusive. ‘Bobotantes’ are thinking voters the ADMU asserts.

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“The poor vote is a thinking vote and you see it everywhere—you see it on how they consider candidates, you see it in vote processes such as vote buying. While we can easily say that is evil, the poor think about it in different ways; there might even be a sense of justice in the way they sell their votes,” Claudio said.

“It’s not a simple immoral act that they don’t think about. It is a well thought-out process. The process of selling one’s vote is a reasoned and logical process.”

So there you have it. The venerable ADMU has ruled that poor voters are actually thinking voters. So why then do idiotic and crooked politicians continue to be elected to critical Philippine Government positions?

The trouble with the Ateneo study is that the hypothesis they are testing is flawed to begin with. Anybody who’s spent time monitoring political chatter on Twitter and Facebook will find that some of the most educated and well-off Filipinos are the ones who do not apply sound thinking in the assertions and choices they make come election day.

The administration of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, is a good example. The Aquino administration was a product of the emo philosophies of the Philippines’ illustrado (“civil” and “educated”) classes. The Aquinos (the late Cory in 1986 and her son in 2010) were chosen not on the basis of their qualifications. They were chosen on the basis of the idea that the virtues of “sacrifice” and “prayerfulness” make a good Philippine president.

Indeed, current President BS Aquino triumphed in the 2010 elections over rival candidates who offered far more experience and qualifications suitable for the presidency. But Aquino seized the candidacy from then front-runner Senator Mar Roxas and went on to win the presidency on the back of a wave of sympathy following the death of his mother. The sectors of Philippine society that incited that mass sympathy wave was none other than the illustrado classes who should have known better.

We see, today, the way these otherwise well-heeled, Catholic university-educated bozos continue to prop up the old Yellow brand that has come to symbolise the no-results regime of emotionalism and voodoo politico-spirituality that has characterised the last 30 years of “democracy” that was supposedly “restored” by the Aquinos. The irony that flies above their pointed heads is that it is this very stubborn adherence to Yellow rhetoric that had doomed the candidacy of their hapless presidential bet Mar Roxas who, as of now, has virtually zero chance of winning in this year’s elections.

It is worth noting that the Ateneo (where this so-called study on ‘bobotantes’ was conceived) is a bastion of the same Yellow thinking that this sad sector of the Philippine electorate continues to foolishly latch on to as their philosophy of salvation. In mid April, a mock poll conducted by the Ateneo on its student body revealed that Roxas and Robredo top Ateneans’ preferences for the country’s next leaders…

Roxas topped the polls with 37.2% of the vote – or 875 of the 2,351 votes cast for president. Robredo received 74.86% of the vote for vice president, or 1,760 of the total votes.

This is interesting considering that the very study this esteemed university had conducted had concluded that the majority poor in the Philippine electorate are, in fact, thinking voters.

Note then that the preferences of Ateneans are wildly inconsistent with broader-based surveys showing Roxas and Robredo trailing former Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Bongbong Marcos. Suffice to say, there aren’t too many impoverished Filipinos who comprise the student rolls of the Ateneo de Manila. So by exhibiting a cult-like beholdenness to the Roxas-Robredo tandem inconsistent with the preferences of the majority of Filipinos (as revealed by bigger surveys), are Ateneans actually exhibiting a lack of an ability to properly think through their choices for President and Vice President of the Philippines respectively?

It is quite likely that Ateneans are, themselves guilty of practicing the very patronage politics that has long been seen to be the bane of modern governance in the Philippines. My colleague Ilda put forth this theory back in March following a statement issued by the Ateneo faculty collectively condemning Martial Law “historical revisionism” and going as far as accusing presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos of directly perpetrating alleged atrocities against Filipinos during the Martial Law regime of his father former President Ferdinand Marcos. Ilda was apparently spot on observing how…

[…] members of the Ateneo faculty are not using their critical analysis skills in dealing with the Marcoses. They are, instead, allowing their irrational bias towards the Aquinos to rule their thinking. A lot of people are baffled as to why they are not speaking out against the atrocities committed during the two Aquino regimes – Cory and BS Aquino’s term. It’s not like the extra-judicial killings had stopped after Martial Law. Military and police abuses still happened during Cory’s term and are still happening today during her son’s term.

The wholesale flawed thinking applied by the Ateneo faculty in the positions it takes in today’s politics has, unfortunately, rubbed off on the student body. That 37 and 74 percent of Ateneans would vote for Roxas and Robredo respectively says a lot about how very little thinking is actually going on in the halls of this hallowed citadel of Jesuit learning.

Credit this to a bad case of ivory towerism. The Ateneo has long encouraged that its graduates come “down from the hill” equipped with their expensive American education and get their hands dirty in the real world once they leave its tony campuses. Unfortunately, when the very leaders and educators of the Ateneo themselves remain trapped in The Matrix, the promise of true enlightenment will continue to elude the Philippine youth’s otherwise most promising cliques.

106 Replies to “Scholarly study reveals Ateneans are the real ‘bobotantes’ of the Philippine electorate”

  1. As a college freshman in Ateneo, I fully understand the support for Leni for her excellent diplomatic skills etc. However, I don’t understand the support for Mar; he’s way too passive and I think not much change will happen though I respect their votes. I was hoping for a MDS-Robredo tandem.

    I’ll have to disagree with your statement that ADMU is totally an ivory tower, though. A lot have immersed themselves in different sectors of society. We do things, though we don’t like to flaunt it. I do respect your perspective, though.

  2. Haha. A damning review. Good thing theres one Atenean (currently living abroad) who writes about their follies. I can understand qhy Robredo would top their mock elections, but Roxas? Come on.

    It seems that this is mock election is more of an endorsement than an actual poll. Wasn’t it Ateneo that bucked the trend in the 2010 Presidential campaign where Gilberto Teodoro would consistently top University polls?

    1. I think the Ateneo Task Force(poll masters) are not impartial with our candidates, they are bias with Mar. Before the poll was taken, there was an advertisement on the page for mar but no ad for other candidates. There was actually one other ad for duterte but it wasn’t a post but just together with an album as if they trying to hide it. After the poll result, they release other ads after the polls but most of the ads feature Mar as the choice of intellectual students or professors while Grace Poe and Duterte had laborers as their supporters. It is as if they are trying to present that Mar should be voted by intellectuals while other candidates are for dumb people. Supporters of Roxas specially professors are so vocal and call other supporters of Duterte as dutertards without them knowing that Duterte is the second choice in Ateneo. I want to SUPPORT DUTERTE BUT THERE IS JUST A HUGE DISAPPROVAL IN THE CAMPUS, LIKE A PREJUDICE.

      1. Just to clarify, the so-called ads by the Ateneo Task Force were not presented for the purpose of endorsing Mar. It is by your own personal bias–of your disapproval of Mar Roxas–that led you to conclude the message being portrayed by these ads. It just so happen that majority of the student interviewees are for Roxas + Robredo.

        You’re the only one who is trying to associate these votes with social class. You are the only one who is trying to associate the “intellectual” vote to the students and the “dumb” vote to the “laborers”.

        The purpose of these testimonies (NOT ADS) is not to campaign for Roxas-Robredo, but rather to get the pulse of the community and to find out the reason behind it. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe the ATF wanted to let the supporters of the other candidates have an equal opportunity to share their thoughts? And that it just so happen that these votes came from our Ates and Kuyas?

        1. If the Ateneo task force is really impartial with the candidates why did they release the ADS for the other candidates just after the POLLS.


        Don’t let anyone tell you what you should think or say. Stand up for your believes and don’t forget…. your real support is your vote!

        So vote Duterte and show them that they can stuff it!

      3. If you’ve noticed the ATF’s posts on their Facebook page, you’ll see a good number of popular Ateneo figures and students who endorse Duterte.

        Where’s the prejudice again?


        And you call yourself an atenean when you can’t even use your pathetic brain and always rely to your campus instead. What’s the matter atenean richfag? Your campus always dictate your decisions? You’re not a man, you’re a slave.

  3. Not an Atenean, but I suppose you’re the “everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot” type? Ganun po ang dating mo.

    1. No. This is about a class of supposedly educated people who in one moment will claim that the “masa” vote is a thinking vote, and in the next moment, will vote in such a decidedly different way from the rest of the Philippines.

  4. This write up holds true to the Ateneans on my FB wall. These elitist scumbags are completely out of touch and full of themselves. I say, to hell with them!

    1. Hahaha definitely a comment from someone who was probably far too moronic to pass the ateneo entrance exam. To hell with your idiocy, brother! May you take all two of your brain cells to your grave.

      1. And here we have a richfag who thinks that ateneo is the best university in the whole world that he wants to learn there to make him look smart when in fact he’s just being a social climber.

  5. That’s why Fidel Castro kicked them out of Cuba. Another thing…Acacia St. beside Ateneo de Davao campus. ‘Tis supposed to be a no parking zone. How come cars owned by these ateneo parents are parked on this short and narrow street the whole day. And lots of double parking to further aggravate the situation. Simple road courtesy they can’t, what about when no one is watching.

  6. They want Mar Roxas simply because he is a fellow Atenista (ateneo hs). It’s more of an image boosting, their claim to prestige. They dont care if Mar is incompetent. They were probably thinking it would be an advantage for them if a sitting president is an Atenista. Ang bababaw nila!

    1. Lakas naman po natin mag-generalize, ano po? Baka po ikaw ang mas mababaw para naisip mo na isasakripisyo namin ang kalidad ng gobyerno para lang masabi na Atenista ang pangulo? All for the sake of image? Really?

        1. ellac actually makes sense. 🙂 Di ka lang marunong mag-critical thinking, and you stick to making your walang kamodo-modong prejudiced statements. Hahaha.

          Oh, I’m neither Atenean nor pro-Yellow, btw. <3

          *awaiting idiotic reply*

  7. Kung totoo yang speculation mo, edi sana sa Alan Cayetano (na alumni ng Ateneo Professional Schools) ang nagtop sa VP nang Ateneo.

    Fyi, Im not an Atenean.

    1. UP si Cayetano. Mga Robredo identified sila sa Ateneo; Jessie and his children.
      They probably thought that if Mar gets elected, ADMU would get the same special treatment they get from PNoy.

  8. Well, it is now the time of Bedans to shine. DU30 will win in May. Bedan lawyers and graduates/professionals will help DU30 in running the government. Ateneo is overrated.

    1. And this happened! And i have come to appreciate and love PRRD (i was MDS/BBM). Meanwhile, LP, yellow journalism, Ateneo continue to undermine PRRD but the masa continues and will continue to defend PRRD.

      Recently Ateneo and LaSalle dictated their students to wear black. Tsk, tsk their hepatic disease had gone to their brains it’s irreversible. Woe to their freshmen year in and year out. The yellow cult will go on with their systematic brainwashing.

  9. I dunno, but election doesn’t always determine the performance of a president. Some candidates might have good track record but end up shit in the position. Some have very good flatforms but everything is stuck at planning. Some on the other hand are obviously predictable. Whenever we vote, regardless of who you vote, we always cross fingers. That is why never think that because other people vote binay, they are stupid. We are foremost just putting our faith in the candidate. “PS. I am not pro-binay” Try to learn other people and why they vote their candidate. Everyone has their own biases, media isn’t even reliable anymore, that makes it people even more uncertain. To those Pro-Roxas who call us Dutertards, there will always be fanatics to all candidates but stop the prejudices. I am a educated and I respect your opinion and try to look at my opinion too.

      1. You want me to reveal my name -_- You are a dumbass if you think I am not. Give me a dummy EMAIL and I will email you with my ATENEO EMAIL address.


        1. Can I challenge? Why look a dummy email so you can show your authenticity as an atenean, are you ashamed of your alma mater?

        2. Go ahead, give a DUMMY EMAIL right here or your real email. PS This is what exactly what I telling about. PEOPLE HAVE PREJUDICES against Duterte and the supporters STOP the stereotypes.

        3. Dumny email? Funny! If you ask for challenge show first your guts! Am beginning to think now that the article speaks for itself about Atenians like you! Give me a break Gringo!

        4. Oh look. This atenean went full retard because joeld shattered his atenean pride. Did your katoliban-run university taught you to be a drama queen?

    1. Wow ganito pala ang pag-iisip ng atenean? Gumagamit ng gasgas na spiel at nagtatagalog. Akala ko ba mga intellect kayo? Ay oo nga pala, tinuruan kayo maging drama queen.

  10. Sa UP mahirap ang math; sa Ateneo mahirap Bio; sa Lasalle mahirap ang parking. Whereas UP ppl are smart, Lasallites are rich, but Atenistas have the best of both worlds – I guess getting too puffed up got the better of them.

    Brainwashed beyond recognition. I hope they recover from their jaundice plague before its irreversibly too late.

    1. U.P. produces the most nincompoop corrupt people:
      Ferdinand Marcos
      Jejomar Binay
      Nancy Binay
      Elenita Binay
      Junjun Binay
      Bagwomen of Enrile

      Whenever you see a crook in the newspaper, google where they graduated from their common denominator is they are likely graduates from U.P.

      1. Aaand yet marcos built lots of infrastructures. So much for your corruption accusation if your source are always your beloved yellow journalism.

        1. It was the Japanese who were breathing down the neck of U.P. assemblers. Yeah! They were assemblers not building the satellite from conception to scratch to build-up.

      2. But a lot of people say “Maganda pa nung panahon ni Marcos”. Without the Human rights violations. Marcos Administration was the best administration. It had a lot of projects that we still use until today.

        But after People Power? what happened to the Philippines?

  11. This makes soooo much sense. A recent study (in THEEEE *note the mockery* Ateneo) concluded that the poor are thinking voters. Ateneans are not poor. They are the opposite of poor. ergo, they don’t think. like at all. Their hypothesis is flawed to begin with because as students of THEEE ateneo they ARE flawed. well who isn’t really? definitely not you cause you’re perfect and everything you write about makes perfect sense. Do you have an IQ of 160? I THINK SO!!

    1. The only thing that makes more sense is your lack of basic logic and rhetoric. Speaking of IQ, how’s your double digit one holding up?

  12. As you said only about 2000 people voted in the mock elections and I know there are at least 6000+ students in its entirety. Not refuting any of your points though they might still hold true even if everyone voted

  13. this coming elections is the final battle between democracy and communism.

    our hope: Grace-Bongbong for democracy.

  14. It is not surprising that Ateneo de Manila is biased . It supports the Aquinos, inspite of their corruption and incompetence.

    An educational institution is for learning. Not dealing in petty politics. The common Filipinos are better in their choices, than these supposedly “thinking” idiots.

    I cannot understand how they like Roxas and Robredo. Both are incompetents, with bad or no track record.

    I am glad I did not studied in Ateneo de Manila.

    1. Most of those people accepting bribes to sell their votes are people in the poverty or below the poverty line. Most lives in the Squatters areas in large cities.

      This is the reason the Squatters problem will never be solved. Squatters are the source of “captive votes” , from bribing politician.

      You can see this, when Erap Estrada was distributing: “tuyo”, rice, noodles, etc…in those areas, during elections.

      Binay is doing almost the same. Giving people cash or material gifts to voters to buy votes.

      Do you know where they got the money to give these freebees? From our taxes, “kinurakot”…

      1. Squatters are thieves. They grab lands that do not belong to them. Like minorities and illegal immigrants in America they are played by politicos every election.

        Enough of the squatters already. They should move back else face deportation back to their provinces.

        1. Its because this politician are depriving them of basic needs/support. If the government is doing a great job then people like “Squatters” will almost not exist. But they use them as a trump card to win elections.

          They vote this people because they can’t eat everyday, they scatter to get food and sometimes steal/kill because they don’t have anything to it. Its human nature to survive.

          Maybe you didn’t experienced things that the “Squatters” experience, to say things like that.

      1. Delusional implying that ateneo is the best university in the world. I bet you wanna study there to make you look “smart” social climber.

      2. It’s not about where you studied, its about what you do with your education. A lot of our politicians are from schools like Ateneo and other top universities, but look at the Philippines? Are you proud of what you see?

  15. I just thought of another theory: Could the thinking poor vote mean Erap? I mean, Erap is the most likely favorite of the poor, and he has a connection with Ateneo, right?

  16. the truth is: as long as hacienda luisita isn’t in the hands of the farmers, the Philippines will stay a miserable life. it is why the Pilipinos is suffering. and that’s created all this mess for 30 years under the yellow dynasty. and it’s not marcos who created martial law, it’s the yellows and the communist.

  17. Ateneo produces bobos
    U.P. produces crooks
    Ateneo and U.P. graduates found their way into the government.
    They also run the Philippine Press for its english snobbery.
    Philippines is screwed

  18. MAR ROXAS spent 4 years in America to study in Princeton.
    MAR ROXAS worked 7 years in reclusive investment banker as “Assistant Vice-President” – a glamorized clerical position.

    With “lucrative” pay as Ass Vice-President, he decided to run for public office in the Philippines because it is more lucrative than working as investment banker in New York.

    According to his political promoters, he returned because he wanted to serve the inhabitants of the Philippines.

    If he wanted to really serve and save the Philippines from the clutches of Duterte he should rally his supporters to vote someone else other than him because he is already a loser this elec tion.

    My advice to Mar Roxas, do a Kasich. Kasich is already an obvious loser in America’s primary. What Kasich does is throw his delegates behind Ted Cruz to defeat demagogue Trump.

    Kasich has America in mind than himself so should Mar Roxas.


    1. If Mar Roxas studied in Princeton University. Why is he stupid and incompetent? All government offices, he managed, were all mismanaged. He cannot even distinguish, between a massacre and misencounter, in the Mamapasano SAF massacre.

      In a U.S. Bank , there are many Vice Presidents. There is a runaway inflation in the Aquino administration.

      Why can’t Roxas do anything about it? The Product (Roxas) is defective. No way to sell him to voters…Roxas is the Poster Boy of Incompetence…

      1. If Mar Roxas quit…people who would vote for him, will vote for Duterte…they are just tired of these fools and liars:Mar Roxas and Aquino…

    2. @”Wise One!” YellowTard:

      Hey…”Wise One!” YellowTard…Trump has just won all the five states in the Republican Party Primary, yesterday. Kasich remained a poor second; and Cruz was in the very poor third. Their political alliance strategy worked against them…

      Trump got almost 60% of the votes, in all states.

      The “demagogue” Trump will eventually, become the Republican Party nominee. New York was the “turning point” of Trump’s campaign. Cruz got Zero (0) delegate in New York…I believe, there is no way to stop Trump now…Mar Roxas is no Donald Trump…if he drops out, he will sink to nowhere…and disappear into the “Philippine deep”….

      1. Mar Roxas should have saved his campaign money and run back to America along with his Hong-Kong citizen wife, Korina Sanchez to take care of Paolo.

        Mar Roxas cannot make a miracle in a very short time. It is already a week comes election. If he had hanged his wife to admit that she did a mean throw of slippers against her houseslave and Korina Sanchez crying in public apology Mar Roxas would have garnered votes from $2/day bobotantes.

        Guess it is too late for that. Maybe not because Aquino is concocting a beheading witches’ brew in Mindanao giving him a reason to declare Martial Law.

  19. Using “BS” Aquino made this whole article invalid. There’s too much bias against the Aquinos and generalizations against Ateneans. Please be more objective next time. You’re being too emotionally invested into hating everything against your beliefs, which doesn’t contribute to anything at all.

    Just because the poor aren’t “bobotantes” doesn’t make others who are voting for the minority (Roxas) the stupid ones. Just because people don’t agree with you doesn’t mean that they’re stupid. You just think DIFFERENTLY and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I’m not for Roxas nor the Aquinos, but this article’s just plain stupid. No wonder this is just under a blog section in a website which can’t even be used as a credible source.

    1. Did benign0 really even meant to call aquino biased? Or did your emo mindset get the best of you only because you only saw the capitals “BS”? And what makes you think aquinos great? So does their annual massacre makes them look great for you? And no, his so-called improving economy is not his great achievement when it was arroyo who should give credit for that.

      And what credible source? Oh you mean the yellow journalism like abias-cbn? The problem with failipinos like you is that you hate thinking outside of the box because you always rely too much on what the media tells you.

      1. I think you’re talking to your self here. I read the whole article and did understand his point, but discourse couldn’t be made if you’re not open to it. And stop using acronyms/terms which already exhibit prejudice like BS, abias-cbn, and failipinos. Also, it doesn’t mean that if I disapprove to this article that I already approve with every failures this government has made or how you already assume that I think that Aquinos are great. I did say I’m not for the Aquinos, I’m just saying that this article is stupid.

        This is also media and you’re buying to it.

        Please, think for once.

  20. “Thinking voter” or not, I would not, in any way vote by sympathy or of who’s popular. Vote by principle, and stand by it. I just hope the next P and VP (local to national leaders) will deliver what the country really needs.

    1. Ateneans Alma Mater of Erap during highschool days are the real bobotantes, for they where also removed from the late Cory Hacienda luisita self interest deception of a thirty two years MADpnoy kulangkulang99 third world status Creator of the Philippines, in cooperation of Japan and Malaysia.

  21. Answer this question. What should I have told my wife? Let me show you a different side of vote buying. i live in a small town. People came here to hand out money for votes. I asked my wife if she thought it was okay. She gave me a answer that the American in me had to agree with. She said “At least this person cares enough to come to our town to buy our votes. Where are the other people who are running. Can the other people not send anyone here? It is because they do not care about us, to try and win our votes”. I did not know what to say to her?

    1. These are blood money being used by politicians, tax payers money being used for their own political agenda, greed for power and money. Philippines has long been spiralling never ending quagmire of corruption and incompetence.

  22. I’m an Ateneo graduate myself (a long long time ago). Believe me we are not as smart as we seem. Most of our reputation is thanks to Ateneo’s brilliant PR and marketing.

  23. You’re making this an issue, benign0?

    It’s been an open secret for years that Ateneo is a breeding ground for Yellowtards, just as UP is known as a recruitment agency for NPA insurgents.

    But that “scholarly” study has some point. The masses are thinking voters. Thinking with their stomach instead of brains.

  24. In my opinion and not to bash people from Ateneo. But almost everyone who studies/graduated from Ateneo are rich and didn’t experienced the things that the common people have. They have cars, eat at least 3 times a day, have proper shelter, etc. They are the “educated” voters compared to the masses, but the masses are the ones who feel that there is no progress.

    A lot of my friends are from Ateneo, and they all vote for RoRo. But if you look at them, they didn’t experienced poverty. They want an economist as a president because they own some stocks, and if the economy grows so is their money. But they didn’t experienced riding the MRT, walking outside if they MRT broke down, Ride public buses on the rush hour, eating less because you have no money, etc. They feel the so called “Daang Matuwid” because they are the upper class. They think because it will benefit them, not the masses.

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