Duterte trolled, Roxas lost his cool during the presidential debate #PiliPinasDebates2016


The final Philippine Presidential debate was boring. Most of the candidates did not say anything new and significant. Half of the blame should go to the organizers. They should have known not to ask questions that were already asked during the previous debates. The only consolation is that there weren’t a lot of commercials and they did not play an annoying jingle in between breaks.

I’m sure most people who were tuned in were waiting for discussions to turn ugly. They were expecting Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s rivals to hit him hard over his controversial remarks a week ago about the deceased Australian rape victim. Only Senator Grace Poe brought the matter up and it was obvious that she was stumped by his unapologetic stance. What else can one say when the defense is “I’m just being myself”? Stop being himself too much, I suppose. But that would be too much to ask. It’s like asking someone to change. I don’t think that is possible with Duterte.

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The only time things started heating up was when Duterte questioned his rival former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas about the latter’s claim that the current government is already providing PhilHealth coverage to a lot of Filipinos. Duterte disputed Roxas’s claim and said that no one from Davao has received PhilHealth coverage. This was when Roxas lost his cool. Duterte was just trolling him but he didn’t even recognize that was he being trolled in front of national television. Goes to show that Roxas is not very Presidential on account of his inability to read people. Roxas has never been much of a people person.

Roxas’s problem is fantasy vesus reality. His claim that the BS Aquino government is already doing so much for the public’s health needs is not evident.

Roxas spoke with so much confidence that you could be forgiven for giving him a second look. The problem is, once you start considering why he is very unpopular, you will realize it is due mostly to him being a bad judge of character. He seems to have good ideas, and you wonder why these were never implemented in the first place in the last six years. Considering he is close to President Benigno Simeon Aquino and held powerful positions in his government, it is quite baffling that he failed to make a difference.

If we recall, Roxas made a terrible decision in allowing his party mates to push aside his own plans to run for the Presidency in 2010 in order to give way to a more popular candidate whose beloved mother just passed away. He “sacrificed” his own ambition then just so he could please them. I suppose Roxas could not have won over former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada anyway, who came in second during the election, so I guess it wouldn’t have mattered. But, it is the principle. Had he shown conviction then – sticking to his candidacy by running as an independent – the people would have given him more support now.

Another problem with Roxas is that, even after he was benched, betrayed, and kept in the dark on some occasions by BS Aquino himself, he is still sticking by Daang Matuwid. He can’t even recognize that the voters are tired of it. He doesn’t even know when to cut his losses. During the debate, Roxas kept giving the current government high marks despite its incompetence and neglect of duties to the public. That is enough reason for voters not to vote for him. While the other candidates are getting points for highlighting the government’s neglect, Roxas has no choice but to stick to praising it. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place because he was part of the government from the very beginning.

Duterte, on the other hand, proved once again that he can act civilized and diplomatic when he wants to or when the situation calls for it. One thing is for sure; Duterte knows how to troll people. He can push people’s buttons just like he pushed Roxas’s buttons. Roxas’s reaction says a lot about him. He cannot stay cool when provoked. That is not a good character trait for someone aspiring for the Presidency.

Duterte’s simple “How are you?” question was excellent. Without asking Senator Miriam Santiago directly, Duterte managed to get the “iron lady” to talk about her health. He should earn brownie points for that. He also praised Santiago unreservedly, which is also proof that he can be respectful to women and that he recognizes their brilliance.

Santiago appeared to be feisty at times but, just the same, appeared to struggle with her thoughts as evident in her long pauses. She says the new cancer pill she has been taking has eliminated the disease and that any talk of her being not healthy enough to survive the presidency is all rubbish. She looked visibly weak though and Vice President Binay highlighted it by coming to her aid every time she had to sit down and get up during the debate.

Binay was acting strange as usual. He kept walking around on stage like a game show host. He wanted to give his own Binay touch during the debate. He just looked desperate. He talked mostly about how he was going to give a lot of freebies if he gets elected. Binay even told the fisherman who lost his livelihood that he will be removing the income tax on his earnings so he can save his money. Perhaps later on he will realize how silly it is to remove income tax from someone who doesn’t have a job. One wonders where he is going to get the money for the dole outs after he removes that income tax. He wasn’t specific about how he plans to do it.

Binay just had to bring up the issue of Senator Grace Poe’s citizenship. It was lame the way he did it. He wanted to make it look like Poe turned her back on the Philippines when she renounced her citizenship. But considering there are a lot of Filipinos who are overseas who have dual citizenship, his rationale is weak. Besides, Poe’s citizenship issue doesn’t seem to bother the voters, only her rivals.

I don’t know about you but I seem to switch off when Grace Poe is the one speaking. Her voice is starting to sound robotic just like her running mate Chiz Escudero. She seemed so rehearsed and we’ve heard all her promises before. I don’t even know why she ran for President to begin with. Her supporters must have told her she should because her father is popular. But she should have been more honest with herself. She’s only new in the Senate and can’t even criticize BS Aquino directly. She’s also into patronage politics and would have to cater to the people who funded her campaign. One of them is king maker and businessman Danding Cojuangco.

Frankly, the last debate just gave the candidates an opportunity to grandstand. As usual, they didn’t give specific answers to the questions similar to what they did in the last debates. But even if they did, it’s not a guarantee they can implement their lofty promises. They still have to ask Congress to cooperate and help them achieve these. We all know that’s not going to be easy unless they use pork barrel funds to sweeten deals. This practice has since been deemed illegal due to BS Aquino’s excessive use of it during his term. They will then have to rely on their charms, which some of them don’t have.

It is imperative that voters use the election as an opportunity to teach those in power a lesson. The voters should not vote for Liberal Party again.

82 Replies to “Duterte trolled, Roxas lost his cool during the presidential debate #PiliPinasDebates2016”

  1. yes it’s boring. how could they change the living condition of pilipinos if no one at least mention to change the constitution? the life of pilipinos is the constitution.

  2. Though I was a bit disappointed sa sagot ni Digong regarding the China dispute issue but again he was trolling when he said he wanted to be a hero but the point there was that when worse comes to worst and the negotiation won’t work, he will be the one to die first by going to the Island alone, put a flag on say “it’s ours.” He jokingly put it but it made sense and that’s the Duterte branding. He said over and over again that he’s willing to die for this country and that answer was it.
    He’s got an explanation in one of his non-mainstream videos though regarding the China dispute.
    I really would want to read your opinion about it.

    Another brilliant part was the question for Sen. Santiago “How are you today?” where I shouted “GENIUS!” hahaha. And I saw Sen. Santiago was surprised to hear the questioned. No one expected that from Duterte. It was just brilliant. It was like a double edge sword. Everyone wants to know her condition but how to ask without offending her? Duterte did it.

    Roxas was able to put himself in a positive light right there. I thought that Pilipinas Debate was organized for him.
    The same questions.
    The same answer.
    But Roxas’ was different since he reduced the mentioning of that annoyinh “Daang matuwid” line and used his “Disenteng” pamamahala instead. It’s still lame but I guess it worked to other people since it’s his own brand. Finally, people are seeing him.
    He sounded so rehearsed though that when Duterte was asking threw some rebuttals, he lost his cool. I was expecting him to say “Ito po ang brand of justice ni Mayor Duterte”.
    His closing speech though was patama to Mayor Duterte’s jokes..(kababaihan, matatanda, LGBT, at differently abled persons).

    What irked me the most if Karen Davila’s line of questioning to other candidates.
    They were clearly biased to Binay and Duterte, was respectful to Sen. Santiago, allowed Roxas to shine, and kept Grace Poe in the corner (maybe to just stay pretty and quiet because she does not need marketing, top 2 sa surveys eh).

    Yun lang observations ko.

  3. Is it just me, or was the debate made to be that way so that Mayor Duterte’s ability to bring out the weaknesses of Sen Grace Poe, VP Binay and Sec Mar Roxas be put to a minimum?! I mean, if the stage and setting were more like the previous 2 debates, I can only imagine how much damage he could have caused to the ratings of the 3.

  4. we must not forget that the three guys for presidency is under the umbrella of the yellow dynasty.

    binay – adopted son of cory
    roxas – LP
    du30 – PDP-Laban, the political party of cory.

    we must scrap the present 87 constitution and create a new one for the people. it is a constitution, the 87, which droved the pilipinos to misery.

      1. Everyone knows Grace Poe’s benefactor. It was also said that she is the secret candidate of Aquino, just in case Mar Roxas loses the elections…

    1. pepe
      Baket di kasale si POE
      Di ba kung di dahel sa appointed SC ni Abnoy di matagal nang DQ yan..Tawag ke POE The hakot queen
      Kung hindi sa tuwid na daan ,sino si POE na maging head ng MTRCB..

  5. Mar Roxas is the Poster Boy of Incompetence…he has self destruct, in his terms as public official. From the LRT mess to the mismanagement of the Typhoon Yolanda Relief Efforts, to the cover up in the Mamapasano SAF massacre. This guy, Mar Roxas, just cannot do a good job, and is a liar.

    You can see on how they behaved and answered during these debates. Choose well and choose the Better Good! Do not choose the Lesser Evil!

    Our country deserves, a better President and Vice President! It is every voters’ duty, to make it happen this May 2016. We have been deceived for so long….by these wicked politicians.

  6. Parang hindi naman yung philhealth ang issue ni Duterte with Roxas, something with healthcare but definitely not Philhealth.

    1. Yes ang issue nya doon ay humingi sya ng pondo sa National Government para sa ospital sa Davao para sa mga mahihirap. Two years ago na wala pa din nabibigay.

    2. Yup. While listening to them nga, naconfuse ako. Kasi Duterte was talking about the reserve funds (PAGCOR funds) then Mar said yung reserve funds ay yun na raw yung Philhealth at sabi niya marami na natulungan yung project (reserve funds) so Duterte said No because wala raw natulungan yun (reserve funds, not Philhealth). In short..they were not talking about the same thing.
      LoL them.

      1. Nawala po si Roxas doon sa issue ng philhealth nila ni Mayor Duterte dahil hindi po nya napaghandaan yun! Obviously, he was not expecting for Duterte to tackle that subject kaya mali mali yung paliwanag nya po. Kaya sa palagay ko, tama yung sinasabi ng iba na nainform na c Roxas prior to the debate of the possible questions sa kanya ng abs-cbn kaya plantsadong plansado yung answers nya kina karen Davila and partner. Yun nga lang, nasira yung pinagpraktisan nya pagdating kay Duterte. Haha! Nakakatawa nga po talaga!

        1. Leonor
          Sabi nga ni Chinoy sa Lp.”Make Mar Roxas a winner at all cost” kasama na yung paggamit sa presidential helicopter na si kris lang ang sakay.Fund from laglag bakla, droga, at iba pang raket ng mga yellow..Dapat i boycott ang mga commercial ng ABS CBN at GMA7 dahil sobrang bias at panloloko sa mga listener

  7. I appreciate the candidates for participating in these three debates which never happened in the history of our country. We are able to find out more about the candidates. Based on the three debates, I have changed my vote for Poe to Mar Roxas who I think has the best experience and capacity to serve our country and represent us internationally.

  8. Exactly the point, very well said…good job and agreed on every point, but apparently not all people can see things this way, but the review gave them a better light on what’s really happening, I believe we’re all awake enough, all we have to do is to put someone in the seat who can love more our fellow Countrymen and build a better Philippines, hail to all Filipinos!!!

  9. Roxas was whitewashing the shit happening under this administration perfectly. I wouldn’t be surprised if his ratings go up.
    Honestly, I don’t care anymore if he wins by cheating or legitimately via a miracle as long as this pussy becomes his own man and chase after the LP crones who messed with us then I am fine. Probably won’t watch the news anymore if he wins, one cancerous president per 12 years is the limit for what my eyes and ears can handle.

    Duterte’s troll answer regarding the China dispute was kinda disappointing since it felt so unpresidential, don’t say something like giving your life up man you are our leader. Other than that, he sounded more mature and composed than would be expected. His ratings should go up.

    Binay put another nail on his coffin, he keeps dodging and giving idealistic answers. He is done for. Most certainly have no more chance of winning.

    Poe was just the same Poe. Nothing new, feels rehearse. She is going to lose ratings. But I would rather have her over Roxas if Duterte would lose, she is more pleasing to listen to and look at. Roxas gives cancer to my eyes, he looks so desperate and cocky.

    Defensor is weak and dying. I feel sorry for her but she has passed her prime, much like a passed-his-prime athlete having specks of brilliance but could never sustain again.

    1. If you’ve watched Duterte’s non-mainstream video re:China issue, you’ll know his stand. Yung sa debate na sagot niya, I thought it still made sense. Because he said, kapag wala talagang mangyari sa negotiation or lahat ng efforts pero hindi uubra. What if it comes to war or you give it to China? Ano gagawin ng Presidente?
      Because…really? Can we afford a war against China? Sabi nga niya. It would be a Massacre.

      Come to think of it.
      If the leader of the country stands on that island with the flag of the country, anong gagawin ng China? hahaha.
      It sounds funny but really. Anong gagawin nila?
      And if Mar, Poe, Miriam, or Binay becomes the President..what will they do kung sasabihin ng China na ayaw nilang mag negotiate dahil kanila nag parteng yun? It’s either ibigay sa kanila or war?

      Duterte showed the WORST case scenario. Yung sagot niya dun sa debate, yun na ang huling bala.
      He kinda just said, if the negotiation won’t work, I will be the first one to die and not any other Filipinos in this country.

  10. Talaga? So youre forcing me to NOT vote for LP. Yun talaga yung violation of hunan rights. The right to vote for who I think is right, and that is what I will do.

      1. Good writing, Ilda! The remark above didn’t even deserve a repartee from you, pero andyan na yan…

        Yan lang talaga kasi kaya nila, ang maghamon ng “hawakan-tenga”. They are reduced to childishness even if the matter at hand is as grave as the Presidency — so very like Mar, isip-bata! His slip (yeah, he might as well be wearing Korina’s half-slip!) blatantly showed: so keen on making Duterte resign over what? Over PhilHealth data that he can produce?? He’s even more desperate than I thought…

      2. Thanks , Ilda, you are one of my favorite writers at GRP…keep up the good work…our people needs good information.

    1. Talaga? So youre forcing me to NOT vote for LP. Yun talaga yung violation of hunan rights. The right to vote for who I think is right, and that is what I will do

      post your stupid comment on an electric pole you moron! nobody is forcing you to NOT vote for your shitty LP. you are as retarded as your nincompoop master!

    2. Unless Ilda points a gun at you on May 9 to force you not to vote for any LP candidates, then she’s not violating your humans rights. Frankly, you can ignore her and vote whom ever you wanted to and nobody would know.


  11. The presidential debates only show that the hijacked 1973 Constitution by Cory which she replaced with her own Consitution is the very problem of our country.

    Our political leaders are playing dama (Cory Constitution) not chess ( 1973 Constitution) and to expect them to be creative in solving the country’s problem is asking for the moon.

    The Cory Constitution was cooked to fail and it takes US and allied countries to help us in fighting or containing the agression of China.

    Sovereignty is useless in a disturbingly flawed Cory Constitution.

    Anyone here ever thought that Poe’s candidacy was initiated by some Americans ( not necessarily Poe’s husband who is an American spy) to protect American military and commercial interests in the Pacific region?

    If it is true that Danding was the mastermind in the Ninoy assassination with the help of some Americans that Imelda knew too because she would not have run like Danding in 1992 elections to split the Marcos votes. Logic lead us to an American hand in Danding’s support for Poe. Danding’s business interests in Australia, a country know for its anti-China agression in the WPS may also be a factor.

    I doubt DU30 will win considering his pro China stand despite the Ayalas wanting a Federal Government favorable to their business interests in Mindanao.

  12. Question which candidate is good for Americans? If you listen to the debate, you will know the answer is both Duterte and Poe. These are the only real candidates that understand that the USA help is needed in dealing with China and that the Philippines must also make a stand with whoever helps the Philippines. They are also the only two candidates that talk about issues that are starting to scare foreigners away from the Philippines like safety, the 60/40 business crap, and having a different approach to Mindanao. These are the only two that appear to want to work with other candidates to use each other ideals and strengths.

  13. I feel DU30’s gonna win in May, but if the recent survey in the VP indicates (which might be used for conditioning), LP is pushing Leni damn hard.

    It will be an Erap scenario all over again if Leni wins. They’ll let DU30 do his thing for 1-3 years then forcibly eject him and install Leni for president so LP’ happy time can restart again.

    1. phantommagnum
      For sure before the corrupt congress think of impeaching the president, the congress and supreme court doors are padlock for good.. Welcome the Federalism…To get rid of 1986 oligarch constitution required a revolutionary government to implement a change

  14. Thanks for summarizing your thoughts or opinion. I missed the last debate, and surely your observations tie up with what I’ve observed from the candidates, and further confirmed my belief that the best of them is none other than Mayor Duterte. My final comment: aside from the Mayor, the other candidates could not be a leader in the first place to inspire the majority of our population to effect change. It’ll be the vicious cycle of patronage, narcotic politics, leading to the eventual collapse of our society of weak and evil people (and behind them) leading an already weak society. Thanks God that we appears to have someone who would likely inspire most of the law-abiding and God-fearing citizen to effect the changes most of us aspire for.

  15. Duterte’s popularity: Clear failure of Daang Matuwad. Duterte would not even be mentioned anywhere had this moronic and downright criminal of an administration did its job. Now that SOB BS of a president is probably suffering from a nervous breakdown at the looming possibility of prison once he steps down and not one of his minions are appointed in key positions to help him out.

    I totally understand the yellows’ views of Duterte supporters who they like to call stupid.

    That’s exactly how I felt about them in 2010. Now you idiots know how that feels.

    Mirisi. =)

  16. Binay does not know that many self employed filipinos are not paying income taxes….drivers, household help, farmers, fishermen, laborers, construction workers….etc

  17. Pina=privatize ng Aquino Adm ang mga gov;t hospitals, eventually gagawing MALL. Paano mo pa magagamit ang Philhealth, max of 20% ang baqbabawas sa bills.

  18. Roxas can’t detect sarcasm, simple-minded people can’t do it that’s why Digong continued with his mockery on Marimar. Karen Davila on the other hand was schooled up to 6 feet under. Her dumb question “Where are you going to appoint female officials” made her look like a feminist and anti-equality. ABIAS CBN in it/ true form.

  19. I finally found a website where I could get ‘fair’ views of the presidential candidates. I am for Duterte but I am also open to knowing his weaknesses. Everyone has. Hindi lang dapat magkomento based sa mga comments. Kailangan din nating magbasa at hanapin ang katotohanan bilang mamayang Pilipino. Duterte might not have the ‘spot on’ answers but he’s the only one who is really offering change na matagal na nating gusto. Hindi lang para sa pagunlad ng ekonomiya na ang makikinabang ay ang mga mayayaman pero pati na rin yung mga nasa laylayan- and yes, maka Leni Robredo ako. Gusto ko yung simplicity nya.

  20. Duterte is not suited for debates for he is a man of action. it’s a bit silly listening to empty promises than researching what candidates did before they took on the race

  21. Filipinos want the kind of life that parliament countries have. Its ironic because they want a change but doesnt want to change constitution.

  22. Hi Ilda. Yours is one of the most brilliant analyses of the presidentiables I’ve come across in a long time. Simple, insightful, and accurate. I share your observations. Kudos!

  23. Sorry to MDS supporters, but I think Binay assisting her to stand/sit was just an outright clear as day message telling everyone she is physically unfit for the most stressful janitorial job in the country.

    Time to jump ship. Comelec should declare her a nuisance candidate at this point. Like in a boxing match, a referee should be able to judge when a fighter is no longer able to continue- for the sake of the downed fighter’s own health. At least – graceful exit diba (not quiting on one’s own accord).

    Had there been 1 less mouth talking, there could have been more time for the real contenders to go all out bakbakan, sapulan, sapakan – which would have made a more “entertaining” intellectual match. Sarap panooring mapikon si Mar – wish we had more of that.

    Next time Comelec, limit the candidates to just 3 – those who are topping the surveys. Everyone else is a nuisance. Learn from US: they just have 2 parties.

    1. Zaxx, I love your writings, but this time your reference to the USA is wrong. Our earlier presidential debates had up to 10 candidates in one democratic party and the republican debate had 6 candidates. It was a nightmare for us. To add to all that mess we have one party right now that is looking at the popular vote not mattering in choosing who will be the party’s final choice to run for president. Look at our election this year and you will be glad to be in the Philippines voting.

      1. Sorry to correct you Captain America.

        You had plenty of candidates debating in the “primary election”.

        This is the race to the actual Presidency, and your final race, like what we have here right now, will have two candidates only.

        But I agree that it was a nightmare, especially on the Republican side. After listening to their idiotic horse-shit, Philippine Politicians suddenly did not look so daft anymore.

      2. Good you brought that up William. But as Jim mentioned – you’re referring to the primary debates (debates within the party), which we don’t have an equivalent of in PH as of now.

        It looks like PH is slowly copying the US since we have the same 3 rounds of final inter-party presidential debates and 1 round vice presidential.

        Considering the amount of business primary debates create for the host city (hotel bookings, tv ads/sponsors, car rentals, tickets), I won’t be surprised if PH follows suit. We might have LP debates the next time around. Then it will be a total circus.

        1. We might have LP debates the next time around. Then it will be a total circus.

          This will be fun. Imagine ABS covering and doesn’t know which one to side on. Haha

      1. Nice! A vote for MDS will be the
        “I boycott the presidential elections” vote;
        or “Flush my vote down the toilet coz you’re all crap” vote

        As if anyone is gonna notice. A vote for MDS is a negligible raindrop falling into an ocean roaring with 6 foot waves (Du30 and Poe).

        Imagine we were in the US: only the top 2 contenders are the choices. Everyone else is a nuisance, the choice is clear: choose only between the top 2 in the race.

    2. MDS a nuisance candidate?

      Damn, you just sound like a typical Dutertard, zaxx.

      It should be Binay or Mar that be declared nuisance candidates.

  24. Setting aside for a moment the Liberal Party or any other political party that admittedly has their fair share of scumbags, over the course of the past couple of months, I have vetted the presidential candidates and in summary, the choice is still clear (at least for anyone who has an iota of gray matter): Mar and Leni.

    For starters, if the Philippines had a truly functioning judicial system, Binay would be in jail for plunder (perhaps even dead alongside his plundering BFF Erap, if GMA did’t dick around with Congress to abolish the death penalty), Duterte would be in jail for killing people and Poe would be disqualified to run for the presidency (at least for the May 2016 elections). But alas, our judiciary is terribly broken, thereby unnecessary imposing these shady characters on Filipino voters, who are not exactly the most discerning bunch of people.

    In a nutshell, Binay is a plunderer, Duterte is a killer (of small-time criminals only; not to mention, a global embarrassment to every decent Filipino), Poe is a puppet (of Danding Cojuangco, who is a bad man for all those clueless millennials out there) and Santiago is . . . well, she’s dying.

    That said, I am not sympathetic because Santiago has consistently defended corrupt public officials like ERAP and Corona during their respective impeachment trials at the Senate, GMA on the “Hello Garci” controversy and, the most recent one that takes the cake, Bong Bong—who refuses to come clean on the Marcos ill-gotten wealth, much less return the same to the Filipino people. Her thoroughly misplaced alliances ensure that Miriam Santiago will go down the annals of ignominy as a pretentious intellectual and political whore.

    I don’t see any other decent candidates standing except for Mar and Leni. Come on people . . . think!

    1. Mar Roxas is corrupt and the Poster Boy of Incompetence…he is the prominent Ass Licker and cahoot of Aquino. Leni Robredo is a newbie, without a substantial track record.
      Voting for these people is like voting for Aquino, who is the most corrupt President, we ever have in our country.

      1. Virtual Vigilante is the “vigilant” endorser of Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo.

        He thinks people here at GRP, are the same YellowTard people, he is dealing with, everytime…

        He is underestimating the IQs of most GRP bloggers and writers. He does not know, some of the bloggers, are accomplished professionals; and graduates in ivy league foreign universities. Some even have graduate school degrees, from foreign universities. Some even works, in exclusive Scientific and Technical Research in Fortune 500 companies…

    2. Yes I totally agree with VV’s last word there –
      the call for us all to THINK!

      1. Do you want 44 SAF troopers killed by bandits due to Roxas’ clueless incompetence + 400 “could-have-been-rescued” Yolanda victims eventually dying due to Roxas’ relief operations mismanagement?


      2. Do you want 444 criminals killed by Du30 in his mop-up operations?

      As Cayetano said – many are going to die either way. It’s just a choice of WHO are gonna be bleeding.


      1. If people are gonna die, make it sure it’s the oligarchy, not the intellgentsia.

        Please DU30, andami nang bobo sa Pinas, wag niyo nang patayin ang mga natitirang matatalino.

  25. Agree with most of it, except for that quip about Miriam. It could also mean that she’s recovering. When it comes down to it, when she herself knows she can’t run the country, she wouldn’t continue on with this endeavor. Despite her age and sickness, she was still able to perform her duties as a senator (more than others), and I believe she can outperform the other candidates as president. So I wouldn’t call it rubbish.

    1. Like Zaxx above, she’s a fighter with too much pride to give up. Her corner, us, have to throw in the towel for her.

  26. Nakakapagod pakinggan ang paggamit sa salitang disente. Pwedeng disente ang lumalabas sa bibig ng isang tao pero hindi sya disente mamuhay. Si Binay na marahil ang pinakamagandang example. Disente si Mar, si Poe at si Madam Miriam, pero lahat sila nanggaling sa mga nakaraang pamumuno pero bakit problema pa rin natin ang mga problema natin dati.

    1. May mga “disenteng” magnanakaw at mga “disenteng” sinungaling…Si Mar Roxas at Aquino, ay mga yun…

  27. Pinky, The 1987 Cory Constitution was made with Cory’s 50 appointed ConCon delegates which hijacked the 1973 Constitution drafted by duly elected delegates in 1971. It was a unicamer0al parliamentary form of government which did not provide an ARMM which is the precursor of the BBL.

    Marcos inteoduced the Shariah Laws as a compromise to the Islamic countries headed by Khaddaffi to separate Mindanao with even Imelda bedding Khadaffi in his tent just to neutralize Misuari who was funded by Malaysia because of Sabah.

    1. “…1973 Constitution drafted by duly elected delegates in 1971.”

      Duly elected? Don’t make me laugh. This is Marcos we’re talking about.

      Do you ecen know what you’re saying?

  28. To vote for DU30 who is fighting for a Federal Government is the best guarantee of an Islamic State in Mindanao !

  29. Pinky, The 1987 Cory Constitution was made with Cory’s 50 appointed ConCon delegates which hijacked the 1973 Constitution drafted by duly elected delegates in 1971. It was a unicamer0al parliamentary form of government which did not provide an ARMM which is the precursor of the BBL.

    Marcos introduced the Shariah Laws as a compromise to the Islamic countries headed by Khaddaffi to separate Mindanao with even Imelda bedding Khadaffi in his tent just to neutralize Misuari who was funded by Malaysia because of Sabah.

  30. What would prevent a federal state in Mindanao populated predominantly with Filipinos with Islam as a religionin joining the Federation of Malaysia when they secede for reason that the other federal states of the philippines are led by corrupt Christian congressmen and senators ?

  31. what if they succeed in pushing the BBL? will the Pilipinos in Sabah migrate to Mindanao? am just curious ‘cuz Malaysia don’t want them there Pilipinos in Sabah. Pilipinos should be there ‘cuz historically Sabah is Philippines. Now, is Sabah already been bought by Malaysia?

  32. There is wisdom to vote based on one’s belief and conviction because it is easier to remove an abusive minority president a president getting the majority of votes.

    I expect if ever DU30 becomes the president he will be assassinated by the Americans if indeed he will sell WPS to the Chinese.

  33. Did Duterte also trolled about the Jacqueline Hamill Incident? More than anything else, like everyone, I am just curious about The Truth than to smear a presidential candidate! I’m not endorsing anyone!

    “A soldier walks over Jacqueline Hamill’s body after the prison assault. This contradicts Duterte’s claim that he saw the body and was motivated by this to lead the charge. (The Age, August 16, 1989)”


    More interesting read on these sites:

    Did Duterte Lie About Jacqueline Hamill?

    Was Duterte really in the August 1989 Davao crisis?

  34. When Mar challanged DU30 to resign if he is right
    that makes Mar low temper is not the right President
    Du30 no need to challanged him because he is already the top choice. The 3rd debate is only for those below the ratings like POE,BINAY MAR..In my opinion,DU30may captured 75% and the survey is lying
    to make Grace Poe still in the race

  35. Didn’t BS Aquino have the better chance of trouncing Erap Estrada in the last election cycle.. than Mar Roxas did? As it turned out, Erap did lose, even if Jejomar won over Mar Roxas in the Vice-Presidential derby. To my mind, the ‘win-one-lose-one’ result was well worth the effort.. unless, of course, the convicted Erap Estrada is deemed to have been the better choice.
    Over the last six years, Mar Roxas, having lost, had to be content to soldier on in any capacity that the President had the fancy assigning him to… DOTC, DILG… whatever. He had to work with the ‘technocrats’ and ‘executives’ that the President himself had already appointed in these departments. In his decisions, he also had to be aware of the President’s desired results and, had to be consistent with the President’s ideas on how these results were achieved. In the best of situations, he was a doormat with a ‘tough row to hoe’, and in worst of cases, failure was imminent. Mar Roxas, however, pressed onward, without passing on any blame to his superior. He took all blows as they came. In his area of responsibility, the ‘buck stopped’ there.
    Mar Roxas is now judged by most as a dismal failure, and considered to be ‘not his own man’. To a few thinking individuals, however, Mar Roxas is an unselfish team player.. not so much concerned with credit as with results. To my mind, he is, as well, a loyal servant and ally, who is mostly attentive to the country’s well-being.
    He stands head and shoulders over his rivals.

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