Do you want to leave the “Class Act” with the “Bad Guy?”

People were aflutter over Senator Bongbong Marcos’ “class act” performance in the vice-presidential debate a while back. Of course, we are aware that he remains a suspect in the pilfering of billions from our nation’s coffers during his father’s tenure. No need to be worried, despite some cases being dismissed against them, there are still hundreds more pending; perhaps one of them will “hit.” But bear in mind: as a commenter on one of our articles said, Marcos is mum about the suspected stolen wealth because it can get him cited in contempt in any of these cases (and yes, the Marcoses have been cited in the U.S., while a Makati court stopped the implementation of that in this country, although it is being challenged). Of course, he said “I will be biased,” that’s a given. And I would agree that others (such as my alma mater) would best be quiet and let courts do their work in “cracking the case” to restore more lost wealth. Some wealth has been recovered, but in the hands of the Yellows, you wonder if it will reach the true victims at all (and that unscrupulous parties like communist insurgent Joma Sison are trying to free ride on these cases to take a chunk of the recovered money). But I digress.


Back to the “class act” discussion. My view of Bongbong’s calm demeanor in the debate is what I also said about Leni Robredo’s photo-op showing her supposedly waiting for a bus: it’s something that should be normal and is nothing special. And that applies to everyone, not just them.

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Thus, when I see Marcos Jr. showing good breeding, I ponder: why only him? Why can’t other people show the same calm and composed demeanor? Is it evil to be calm and composed in demeanor? Are you going to let the “class act” stay with the “bad guy?”

Sadly, that seems to be it. Because of Philippine culture preferring the overly emotional to the calm rational manner, there is a glorification of rudeness. This is one tragedy of Philippine society: good breeding and behavior have been associated with being evil. Thus, when Filipinos act rude and inconsiderate, they might even believe they are doing good! It’s another twisting of bad into good and good into bad.

What’s the value of acting classy? Is it simply a sanctimonious show? Not necessarily. It’s often interpreted that acting classy and having manners shows that you have real confidence in yourself and you give off the vibe that you know what you are doing. But more than that, here’s the catch: good manners is based on showing respect towards others.

In one comment, I mentioned the school called John Robert Powers. I have not gone through it, but I heard that, in simplified terms, it is like a finishing school. It teaches things like good table manners, how to have proper posture and demeanor, how to avoid boorish and displeasing behavior, and other aspects of politeness. It is likely that Marcos Jr. had gone through something like this. But other Filipinos need it more.

For example, look at the picture below of president BS Aquino III. While we can give him points for visiting the troops wounded in Basilan, others have pointed out his posture. The common interpretation is that his crossed arms and awkward stance indicate that he doesn’t want to be there, and was just forced to be there. Of course, he only showed this for a moment, but even this moment when snapped sent out a strong message.

President Benigno S. Aquino III visit an injured soldier in Camp Navarro General Hospital on Wednesday April 14, 2016 who was among the wounded from an encounter with Abu Sayyaf militants last Saturday (April 9) in Tipo-Tipo, Basilan.(REY S. BANIQUET/News and Information Bureau)

Next we have presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte. His infamous rape joke became the recent trend in Philippine Internet circles. Some supporters defend it, some are disappointed with it, many are indignant about it. But what disturbs me about it is that even the middle class or supposedly educated people defend it – even if they admit that it is a crass joke. As I said, these Filipinos are sadly accepting crass over class.

Let’s look at how Filipinos behave both here and abroad. When we disregard having classy behavior, we disregard respect for others. For example, road courtesy. We’ve seen a lot of road rage incidents and mishaps due to careless that could have been avoided if people on the road valued courtesy (and as that case of that blue Maserati incident shows, money can’t buy class). Another is bothering others with noise; one of our own writers here noted how Filipinos have been inconsiderate when speaking loudly in public places. Same with videokes on full volume in the middle of the night. As well as Filipino sports fans insulting opposing players and their fans. And more.

Perhaps Filipinos need to be reintroduced to finishing school lessons in every day education. But not just in formal education. It’s a cultural thing, something that should have been learned at home, one’s social circles and in media. Learning politeness and manners comes hand-in-hand with learning respect for others. This is where we learn to let go of our me-first attitude and develop a respect for public space – including people we don’t know.

While money doesn’t always buy class, it’s something worth investing on – not only money, but time and effort to learn. In learning good manners and right conduct, we learn how to be cooperative and productive citizens, not just for ourselves, but for society. Because when we reject class and accept crass, we develop the potential to become the bad guys ourselves.

41 Replies to “Do you want to leave the “Class Act” with the “Bad Guy?””

  1. Leadership responsibility is multidimensional and cannot be described in one or two words. It is personal, interpersonal, environmental and societal.

  2. Where did people react negatively against BongBong’s “class act”? I wish you had some examples in this article.

    My sister, who can barely understand Filipino, watched the VP debate with me and the first thing she said about BBM was, “This guy’s sleazy.” He never went on the offense against Cayetano though and that’s probably where the “class act” description of his behavior comes from.

    PURELY based on how professional or classy they acted as people running for VP, the second highest position in the country.

    1.) Trillanes (the overachiever)
    2.) Chiz
    3.) Honasan
    4.) Robredo
    5.) BBM
    6.) Cayetano (lol Duterte’s desperate beta bitch)

    I never voted for Trillanes though. I voted for Chiz since he has a better chance of winning..among other things.

    JRP is a f’n ripoff. You can get a better education in manners by going to cocktail parties with classy people.

    1. If your concept of “class” is cocktail parties, what a cripplingly limited concept you have. And I’m not talking about VP candidates, it’s about every Filipino. They need to know real class behavior, the one you can’t find in cocktail parties.

    2. who cares about class if its going to f*ck up the country. id rather have a crass and brooding provincial who can get things done than a tea-sipping, nose-up-in-the-air miss munchen whose family’s lifelong career is kleptocracy.

      1. >Implying there is no kleptocracy after Marcos
        >Ignoring the fact that this country is already fucked up after 1986.

        Sorry, son. You just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

      2. And no wonder why we always call the likes of you a falipino: you hate being civilized because your “bahala na” mentality always get the best of you dumb loser.

  3. Bongbong Marcos is BongBong Marcos. Duterte is Duterte. Mar Roxas , the incompetent , is Mar Roxas , the incompetent.Robredo is Robredo… They all have different personalities, and upbringings. It is your choice; if you agree or disagree, with their behaviors.

    Running after the supposed “Marcos hidden wealth”, does us no good. We may be running, after the wind.

    Why not run after the plunder of Aquino on :DAP,PDAF, Pork Barrel thievery, etc…go after Abaya’s “Tanim/Laglag Bala” extortion scam. Investigate , Mar Roxas, regarding the missing Typhoon Yolanda Relief Funds; and the rotting relief goods in warehouses.

    These are more important matters; than the so called: “Marcos hidden wealth”.

    In the picture, Aquino’s body language shows: he does’nt care about the wounded soldier. Cross Arming his body is impolite. Aquino did not care of the 44 Mamapasano SAF Heroes. He is an uncaring individual.

    Most of the Filipinos are impolite. Just go outside, and blend with the crowd. See how the drivers behave on the roads and highways.
    It may be in our “Collective Unconsciousness”, that we have this impoliteness.

    1. What have he done on his senate term? Oh… claiming a graduate of a prestigious school hahaha.. just like claiming that their family didn’t steal anything from us.

      1. A lot. You just spending time watching telenovelas so you’re just anothing bumbling idiot who had an angry mob mindset.

      2. Lol, he did nothing?
        Lol. Hahahahahahahahhaahahaha.
        Idk man. You mustve confused this guy for our president when he was in the senate.

      3. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak. Then what do you call his wind energy in Ilocos Norte and passing a constutional bbl yellowturd? The problem with failipinos like you is that yellow journalism like crappler is your gospel truth.

      1. Or Duterte might be an apprentice of Bongbong to steal from us again? lol

        >>Implying that the Aquinos and their cronies NEVER steal anything

        Son, just stop. You need to seek mental help.

      2. News flash, faggot: thanks to the 1987 Constitution, the Aquino-Cojuangco clan have taken advantage of it to practically rob the public BLIND for over 30 YEARS!

        Never complain when you choke on your own tears. It’s evident that you’re a troll.

      3. Lol. Steal from us again? You’re sick man.
        Why’d you think we aren’t improving? We do not need a president or vice president to steal from us when our own mayors and barangay captains steal from us.
        I would much rather have a politician who has plans other than “stopping corruption”, it cannot be stopped.

      4. And your aquino and his merry mafias are gods then? Natatakot ka na makulong ang baliw mong panggulo ano idiot aquino follower?

  4. “It teaches things like good table manners, how to have proper posture and demeanor, how to avoid boorish and displeasing behavior, and other aspects of politeness.” =>
    These are all things that parents teach their kids (or at least should teach. As how and when to ue knife, fork and spoon).

    “It’s a cultural thing, something that should have been learned at home, one’s social circles and in media.”
    Only at home. My local, regional and national media teaches me nothing. My circle of friends will tell me – indeed – to stop being a stupid person. They say that bec they want me to prevent making – stupid – mistakes. Friends are not bothered by something stupid like hiya.

    1. It is. I don’t understand where this unconditional love for BBM and Du30 is coming from. They’re emotionally based decisons. I guess they just get more traffic by talking about them.

      1. Emotionally-based decisions? Everybody voting for Noynoy 6 years ago is a emotionally-based decision… and people were deceived when they realized how an incompetent nutjob he was. Go figure.

      2. Hey idiot. Did you even read the articles about being “against” duterte? And what about your praising of your mentally retarded pwesident? That is also being emo.

      1. The future Great Leader of People’s Republic of the Philippines –

        Dude, I’m not attacking you. I’m sorry whatever I said was too much for you to handle and you had to react like an oversensitive beta-bitch, proving my point so beautifully.

        I’m a woman and there are pretty awesome faggots in the world like Milo Y. I’m sorry the internet is inherently democratic and not everyone is going to agree with you. Go find your safe-space elsewhere. Cheers, man.

        1. Hate to break it to you, but I’m not actually voting for Duterte. Actually, people being EMO over a dead ex-president are actually oversensitive beta-bitches.

          And I’m sorry that the internet is too democratic that that it was infested by angry mobsters and fully EMO people who can’t even admit their hypocrisy whatsoever. Go find your troll-space elsewhere. Cheers, fan.

        2. Claiming that she’s not attacking while implying that DIO is a dutertard. And no, YOU should find your safes-space because this site is not for emo drama queens like you.

  5. The unconditional love for BBM and DU 30, came from the: incompetence, thievery, selfishness, deception,lies, self-hero worship, abuse of power, etc…of Aquino and Mar Roxas…

    It is their fault that they did not take their responsibilities seriously…they deceived people. They put themselves on pedestals as heroes and saints. The truth is: they are one of the biggest crooks in Philippine history. Marcos Sr., may be a crook, but the Aquinos are more crooked than Marcos, Sr. Just look at their Hacienda Luisita…Mar Roxas is the Poster Boy of Incompetence…

  6. by this time pilipinos are decided now for grace and bongbong no doubt about it whatever the yellows say about them. like the old saying goes ‘if you can’t beat your enemy, join them’ has failed!

    1. Um, no. I won’t be too quick to say that. Didn’t you just see the latest Pulse Asia survey? Duterte is up 12% over Grace Poe.

    2. Unfortunately, for those who want to vote grace poe, they’re just shooting their own foot for voting an aquino puppet.

      @mike o meal: And bobotantes like you are one of the reasons why we can’t have decent candidates thanks to your over reliance of surveys. Slap this to your face vote-wasting failipino:

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