A Duterte-Marcos Philippine government is in the horizon!


The standout theme of this year’s presidential elections is finally taking shape and crystallising before our eys. The vote is being shaped by a growing view that the status quo is no longer to be tolerated. The Yellow brand of the Aquino-Cojuangco-Roxas clans has long ago lost their “revolutionary” laban persona and have, over the last 30-years, come to be associated more with the new post-1986 status quo. Worse, it is a status quo that has been deemed utterly dysfunctional and an absolute failure.

In short, Filipinos have concluded that this status quo sucks and that it is time to vote for real change. This is a vote for innovation led by an intelligent electorate and pushed forward by tech-savvy and trendy “millenials”. This newly-gentrified and thoroughly-modernised Philippine electorate is what is now propelling two much-maligned (by traditional Yellow status quo stalwarts) politicians — former Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Bongbong Marcos to the top of the polls. The change they represent is not revolutionary in the same way that the Liberal Party (LP) camp of current President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and its candidate Mar Roxas had pitched itself over the last 30 years since the 1986 EDSA “revolution”. Rather, it is transformational within the framework of institutional democracy.

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In short, the transition from Yellow rule to the innovative rule of a Duterte-Marcos government that this election will see is Philippine democracy finally working as it was meant to work — a vote on the back of the strength of vision truly originated and supported from the bottom up.

ABS-CBN News columnist Inday Espina-Varona handily summed up what is underlying Duterte’s success in her recent article Poe in trouble; Duterte with the right moves

He’s not courting people; they’re choosing him as the candidate who, rightly or wrongly, represents their needs and demands.

This is the best and most stable sort of vote. Duterte is a candidate who is sought by voters rather than sold to them. As Espina-Varona rightly observes, Duterte is not regarded as “the lesser evil”. His supporters see him as a superior candidate in absolute terms. More importantly they are an evolving support base…

True believers are Duterte’s real weapons. They won’t stand back just because you disagree with their choice. They will engage you, they will argue – they’re better behaved these days – they will earnestly sell their candidate. They are also more creative in meme-making. They will record, post and share everything Duterte says, in the best possible light.

In much the same way that Duterte pulled in supporters to his cause (rather than pushed himself to them), Senator Marcos has endeared himself to his massive and still-rapidly-growing opt-in voter base by delivering performance. Marcos exhibited exemplary leadership and statesmanship over the course of various crises that rocked the Philippines over the last several years. Most noteworthy is his role in leading the country out of the abyss of demoralisation and denial following the massacre of 44 Special Action Force troops that was the tragic outcome of a botched covert operation engineered by the Aquino government.

Stepping back to regard the bigger implications of that crisis, Marcos had saved the Philippines from the clutches of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (in the current form President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and his minions railroaded through the House of Representatives). He has, in the process, demonstrated an ironic allegiance to the Philippine Constitution — a national charter that was crafted under the watch of no less than President BS Aquino’s mother, former President Corazon ‘Cory’ Aquino.

As chief Senate reviewer of the proposed BBL, the junior Marcos exhibited the sort of statesmanship and diplomacy that the original Malacanang negotiating team led by Secretary Teresita Quintos-Deles and Miriam Coronel-Ferrer utterly lacked. Over the course of the review, Senator Marcos tirelessly travelled all over the country to consult with everyone potentially affected by the proposed law that would have seen a vast chunk of Mindanao ceded unto the hands of the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

The ability of both Duterte and Marcos to unite Filipinos from the Babuyan Islands down to South Cotabato is unprecedented — or, at least, not something seen over the last three decades of post-1986 “freedom”. The confident terseness of Duterte’s presence in the last episode (Round 2) of the series of COMELEC-sanctioned televised debates contrasted sharply with the traditional all-talk-no-action (A.T.N.A.) noise contributed by his fellow candidates in that exercise. Round 2 of #PilipinasDebates2016 served him well by giving him the opportunity to exhibit his exceptional skill at conflict resolution (where the others were more a sad showcase of conflict creation).

Indeed, conflict resolution acumen (exhibited by the bucket loads in recent days and over the larger careers of these men) is what seems to be the common denominator that could make a Duterte-Marcos tandem really work. They have their work cut out for them. Conflict is more the rule than the exception in a country long desperate for the smallest measure of unity and coherence.

66 Replies to “A Duterte-Marcos Philippine government is in the horizon!”

  1. “…transformational within the framework of institutional democracy.”—I almost choked on that one.

    “…the transition from Yellow rule to the innovative rule of a Duterte-Marcos government that this election will see is Philippine democracy finally working as it was meant to work…”

    Yes, I believe this is the essence of the democracy we’ve inherited: the freedom & ability to bite whoever or even dismember the hand that fed us—something not many could do in the past years post-1986. If the transition happens, whether or not status quo remains, this democracy will then enter puberty.

    Conflict is more the rule than the exception in a country long desperate for the smallest measure of unity and coherence.”

    It also is the ingredient essential to the creation & shelf life of this unexpected (but not totally) tandem. Perceived chaos in the minds of the electorate creates a form of desperation, which eventually leads to an under-appreciation or complete disregard of strategy or careful planning, facilitation of incorporating radical ideas/methods for the want of drastic real change, or even a total abandon of logic.

    We may have an innovative government within reach. What happens thereafter, whether conflict creation or resolution prevails, is definitely worth a bucket of holy kettle popcorn & hanash browns.

  2. I will wait and see if your blog site, or any site for that matter, outlives a Duterte-Marcos. As self-declared authoritarians, they will be the first to shut you down. In the meantime, I will continue to defend, as in the past, everyone’s right to speak.

      1. Watch the video on youtube as its no longer in theatrical release. ‘Everything is a Rich Mans trick’, you will see how the last 105 years on this planet have been carefully scripted by a select number of people. AND THEY, not you and your Filipino buddies, are who brought you Ferdinand Marcos. They have been behind every single thing that has happened on the planet,from the Treatyy of Vrsailles to Hitler, to Mao Ze Dong,Ferdinand Marcos,JFK’ murder and so on. In the case of the Philippines, look at 1:04:30 to 1:05:45 of the video for an explanation on Ferdie Marcos.

        Believe it or not,I am doing you a favor. It may help you to understand the world you live in, and what needs to happen to change it.

      2. or continue on your idiotic way. U C it matters very little to me. If I were born in the R.P., I would leave it asap, or rob banks…as it is simply a country with no hope for anyone who is not a 1%-er, and itssa fact.You want change? Well, an armed,well planned rebellion is the only way anything will change in the hell-hole country.Until then? Your fucked and no election is going to change that.

        1. why don’t u just say straight that it’s the Illuminati? instead of insulting people here about being ignorant. who the hell are u anyways?

    1. You don’t believe in our constitution don’t you? Well, I don’t blame you, years of yellow rule destroying the gift of the President’s mother.

      I’ll probably vote for Marcos, at least he respects it and is committed to upholding it.

      1. the starter of yellow rule is the president’s mother who stopped and removed the programs and projects left by Marcos for the sake of every filipinos and brought philippines into poverty and shame

    2. LOLWHUT? Why do you have to “defend” people’s rights to speak from these two. You really think they’d go “dictator” on the county and things will end up like Martial Law. You do know it’s 2016 right?

      They’ve made their visions clear and have been backing up “most” of what they say. Unlike the others who are all talk and no substance. I genuinely want to be proven wrong here, other than Miriam pulling off one hell of an upset victory. Who else is going to be good and is doing good?

      Binay? The day he sucessfully answers all the charges against him and his family is the day I’ll believe
      anything he says.

      Poe? In a perfect world she would have run for Vice President, proven her sincerity, won and maybe would have been President after the term afterwards. But nope, she’s running, don’t know why. We can only assume.

      And please don’t tell me you’re seriously considering Mar Roxas for President. Please don’t. They guy has no voice of his own, the current administration has it’s ups and downs(mostly downs) and all they guy says is he’ll continue what the current administration is doing with no substance.

      These two are indeed the lesser of all evils. If they do “try” to seize power and whatnot. They won’t succeed not in this day and age. There are way too many things and events that will get in their way. If
      these two(or Meriam) does’nt win. I hope I can still remember how to say “Don’t shoot” in Mandarin.

      1. Totally agree. Morons with twisted ideas like that are better off chopped and used as fertilizers. Lol

        Why can’t just people think?

    3. If anything, Fidel Ramos—who was one of the many pillars of the “evil” Martial Law—would have been the perfect example of someone who would have done that moronic certainty (declaring Martial Law/dictatorship) most yellowtards attribute to anyone not using the Aquino surname by virtue of his association with Marcos when he became president but he didn’t. Get a grip, and stop drinking the yellow kool-aid for once. It’s good for you.

  3. Here’s why Duterte could win this.

    The People campaign for Duterte. Duterte stands for real reform. They campaign for real reform.


    Campaign poster: Yellowtards vs Duterte


  4. I can tell you that we could have seen this coming from a mile away!

    However, I disagree with the “Tandem Politics” being espoused here. The Constitution simply dies not mandate that the President and Vice President should work together. There is simply no value to considering them as a”Tandem”. As a rule of thumb, just vote for the VP whom you would have no problem acceding to the Presidency. That’s why the VP and the Pres share the same qualifications in the Constitution.

    Vote wisely guys! 🙂

  5. It takes assholes to run a country full of assholes. So maybe Marcos and Duterte are the right assholes to make it clear to Failipinos (who thinks their shits don’t stink and others do) who they are.

    1. BBM is not an asshole. And Duterte although rude can be reasonable. What about badassed? It takes a badassed to run a country full of assholes.

      1. Certainly. Abnoy and his minions are the real assholes here who are forever throwing their fat middle fingers right in our faces. We need a badass like Duterte to go cut these dirty fingers and shove them up these yellowtards’ behinds.. Right. Where. They. Belong.

      2. Sick_Amore,

        Assholes and Badasses: different times different titles, but the role stays the same in order to get the job done. In my generation, you had to be an asshole to get things done. In yours, you have to be a badass to get things done. Assholes and Badasses are just semantics meaning the same thing. Nothing new under the sun.


        1. @Aeta, there’s nothing good in being an asshole. And in our time, bad-ass means tough, with commanding strength, knowledge and skills. Let’s just say we have different understanding of those words.:P

        2. Sick_Amore,

          Assholes are assholes and Badasses are badasses when the situation calls for them. Most of the time, people are not these high strung. Again, Assholes get the job done during my time; Badasses get the job done during your time. It is simply different titles meaning the same thing to different people and generation.


  6. Let Duterte take out the trash, instill discipline and kick some corrupt bastards in the balls. I want safe, clean streets and a working infrastructure. Break up and destroy corporate monopolies that have been raping the people of this country for 30 years now.

    Meanwhile, BBM will take care of the economy and the environment.

    The two of them will work together and it is the first time since many, many years that I see a shimmer of hope for this country.

    I still fear though that there will be massive cheating by the administration during election. But, let us hope for the best and make sure to vote for those two.

    It’s the very LAST chance this country has!!!

    1. Last chance ? LOL, that is funny.

      the people have no courage to do what could be very easily accomplished, until then? There is no chance an election will do anyone any good outside of the 1%. Sad, but so very fuckin true.

  7. Been there done that…
    Poe will be a repeat of inexperienced newbie mother Cory.
    Binay will be a repeat of fishy-smelling trapo Erap.
    Roxas will be a repeat of directionless incompetent PNoy.

    We need a new experiment if we want different results. We need someone who will shake this country at its core. We need a glorified janitor who will clean it up. We need a super cop who is to be feared by all.

    What have we got to lose with the Iron Camp? Why even be afraid to venture into uncharted waters? This shithole country is already a sinking ship anyway. Who knows – just maybe after we sink, Du30/BBM can transform this country and make it emerge as a nuclear submarine?

    Guys if you don’t try out the very rare opportunity given to us now, you will always be wondering for many years in the future – asking the big WHAT IF. Du30 will be too old to run again next time – now is your chance. Look at what happened to MDS – too late for her now.

    Show some courage and install someone with a backbone to make tough decisions, and the balls to make drastic changes – esp fix our obsolete oligarchy-centric constitution. Someone who is unafraid, and can command obedience. And someone who even has the humility to say the hardest thing in the world which PNoy can’t even utter – “sorry” when he makes a mistake. We need a real person to lead – we are tired of all the “plastic” faces.

    It’s time for change. And again I warn everyone – don’t deprive me of the guaranteed “more fun in Pinas” show under a DU30 presidency. And if Trump wins in the US, we’ll have such lively entertainment on both ends of the Pacific. Now doesn’t that get you all fired up & excited?

    1. Look at what happened to MDS – too late for her now.

      Oh, c’mon. She’s recuperating, very much alive and vow to devote her remaining precious moments to serve the country. She’s a very dignified public servant, an iron lady. She still made it in time.

      1. Sick_Amore, Been there done that as well. I tried voting highly qualified but non-winnable (based on surveys) candidates, and just saw my vote go down the drain (as expected).

        MDS could have been viable decades ago when it was FVR vs. MDS, but her chances of winning the top post is over – her popularity is just way down. Well Grimwald and you can vote for her, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

        1. Hate to admit this, zaxx, but I already got that feeling that’s why we’re challenging the winnable to be highly-qualified as well. We still have round 3 though and a month to go *hope springs eternal…”. Also, at least Miriam will keep some of the precious votes away from Poe, Binay and Mar. No matter, I think the people are learning to be discerning. Here’s a proof that given the proper tools (in this case debates, forums, fair news reports and campaign platforms) Filipinos can keep their act together and upgrade their thinking.


  8. It remains to be seen, how these two fellows will perform.

    The BBL Law is a stupid law. Look at what had happened recently at Brussel, Belgium. The ISIS bombed the airport; 30 dead, 130 injured.

    Brussel was a beautiful city, before the ISIS took over. Now, it is a war zone. We want leaders who can defeat the enemies of the state like: ISIS/MILF/Al Queda; NPA; and other outlaws.

    Aquino and Mar Roxas, collaborate with the enemies of the Republic. They even bribe them, with our taxpayer’s funds.

  9. OK, just a second. Wanna know who hired ‘Ferdinand Marcos’ to run the Philippines? Do you really want to know? The way the people who write this blog persue todays agenda of B.B.Marcos are oblivious to the fact of who EXACTLY brought his Father to power.

    Do they somehow think they know? it is obvious they think they do, but they are actually clueless. So let the inheritance that belongs to their Grandparents,and by inheritance THEM, be stowed away from them because of their ignorance.into the hands of the Marcos progeny it will go. AND IT IS THE IRONY OF ALL IRONIES, that the writers here support BBM. LOL is what BBM is doing and right in your idiotic faces too !!!

    1. Wanna know who hired Marcos Sr.? We did. We elected him twice in an election. That’s the inheritance given to us by our grandfathers.


        1. Saying the elections were rigged is a very easy way to shrug off responsibility. The sooner we as a country lets go of that “victim” and it’s “not my fault” mentality, the better.

  10. HA, read this article as if the saviour waiting in the wings is some sort of breath of fresh air, BWAH HA HA !!!!

    Aquino is just as bad as what is coming in BBM and Dueterte, no doubt. BUT the comical way it is presented here as something that has not come along since 1986 is absolutely hysterical. BWAH HA HA!!!! Do the writers here believe the bullshit they write? are they paid as they no doubt should be? OR are they so stupid as to not know that the same people who hired Ferdie Marcos are the EXACT same people that are going to be behind the BBM ticket to Malacanang?

    The truth is out there if the people here want to know, say something, and you shall be shown.YES, yes you will. Will it be a surprise? the way the people here write? HA, most likely…

    1. Do the writers here believe the bullshit they write?

      Apparently in the same way you believe in the crap you just unloaded. =)

    2. Hi Jake, I do agree with almost all of what youre writing here…aside from the conspiracy theory. Although, there are many strange things happening everywhere in the world, that make me also sometimes think it could be true. Perhaps its just because I want to believe still, that I, we, can really change something in a positive way.
      I do fully understand your emotiional style of commenting here. I do feel very much the same. I actually love this country, but I get terrible pissed-off by whats going on here almost every day. I dont want to be pessimistic as you are, but I can hardly avoid it…after 33 years observing the things here…and I also know a lot about what happened before my time. To the pinoys here…we are used to talk straight and frank. Please dont feel offended or insulted. We only want to have a better Philippines, we want more social justice and equality in philippine society…we want less or better no poverty among the filipinos. We want a clean and healthy environment in the PH. We want no brown outs and no water cut offs in the PH. We want all this things for you also. At the same time many of us are supporting filipinos…even whole families here. Ok, forgive me if Im not 100 % on the topic here. I just had to say it.

  11. Dueterte versus Poe showdown could been seen coming from a long time. As a foreigner, I would like to see Poe win because she appears to handle logical reasoning with dealing with the international community. I however like Duerte stance on crime and corruption, but his lack of intelligence of things like using speedboat to attack and defend against warships is crazy since all warships and aircraft carriers have been bulletproof since the late 1970’s. Time will tell what is the best choice.

      1. Yo Jim, The Philippines is a quick read. Less than 6 weeks is all one needs to understand the country and its people. OR you needed more? LOL !!!

      2. FFS, 6 weeks????

        And you feel all knowing already about the country, FFS?

        Just because you do not agree with the articles and commentators here, does not give you the right to trash talk, er- comment them.

        You don’t even have a good insight shared since your first comment.

        So what is your agenda here, FFS?

        1. I have lived in the Philippines for 10 years, and it took about 6 weeks to realize what was going on in the country.
          Anyone who needs more to figure it out, well, they aren’t too bright, what can I say?

        2. Oh yes it does, LOOK Joel, if you do not get the fact that NOTHING has changed in the 50+ years since 1965 and you somehow think that another election is somehow going to change all that,there is no hope for you. SO, WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY!

          and STOP being a pussy too. Just because I have stated the facts in a way that is not too nice, doesn’t make it any less pertinent or true. The pacification of the masses is a powerful tool, ‘throw em a bone and they’ll roll over like dogs.’ is what these scumbag politicians say about you and your ilk. They need to be set straight and until they are? You and everyone like you are going to be fucked, like it or not…and Imma beginning to think you like it.How else could things be sooo fuckin bad in the country and yet no one is marching on the Palace to demand they get the fuck to steppin? 50 years is a long time to wait for an improvement in circumstances and any sane person would realize that the way things are run now? IT DOESN’T FUCKIN WORK MORON!!!! Or are you having a problem figuring that out ?

      3. I am starting my second year here. I also am attending a university in my retirement from America and served in the US army with many Filipinos. So what is your point?

    1. Duterte is being realistic.His priority is education. Speedboats and propeller driven aircraft we have is enough. “We only fight the internal strife. We cannot go to war… we cannot afford 2 state of the art surveillance jets… and if, at all, South China becomes crazy, that will be 2 jets vs 3000 jet fighters of China…”

  12. I’m not yet bought into the idea of DU30 as President and here’s why. If there are two things I learn from Martial Law and that Post-Edsa and Aquino governance it’s one, not to give your leaders the freehand in everything and two, not be beholden to your leader that you’ll approve whatever his means just to justify the ends. Though Duterte vow to fight corruption and criminality, we have yet to hear how he will give our law the power to act for the people’s good, the law as the protection of the common tao, the law as our way of justice, and the law as the enforcer of order in this country. He’s not the answer to change the system (as what his supporters believe that’s why they will vote for him). The people are still the answer. As the leader, he would only be guiding the people how they can be the answer to our problems but it must be done not out of fear (as democracy should free us from fear of harm and injustices) but out of understanding the role we must play to bring our country forward. To fight corruption and criminality in 3 – 6 months, I’m not saying that couldn’t be possible but does that involve the change in the use of law and in the services of our law makers and enforcers?

    1. Still, Duterte, at one time, spoke of resigning if he cannot deliver…. It says a lot about the guy. BS Aquino, Honrado and Abaya, etc, on the other hand…. manigas kayo if you expect them to leave their post despite the epic failures.

      That being said, I still say, any person who wins in the election is still subject to careful scrutiny and evaluation by filipinos and as such, avenues such as GRP should be given due attention by the said winning officials.

      1. @ JOELD, Wake up will you, FFS !!! These idiot politicians are told what to do, and they better fuck well do it too or they will get whacked but good.(Dumped on a Tarmac anyone?).

        IDK, maybe the wide-eyed optimism is what annoys me most about these clueless writers/Commenters here.
        One last time: WAKE UP,FFS !
        NOW HEAR THIS, SHITHEADS:Your future has been told long before you’ll ever realize it (and whose fault is that,eh?), and the fact that you do not understand that part is the IRONY in it as well.Have you any courage to do what needs to be done to change your future? By the way the comments/posts are going here? NO, no you don’t.

        1. yeah, man…this conspiracy theories…was and is there not one also about Jews ruling the world ? That whould be you in the crosshairs, right ? But we know where generalizing leads too, dont we ? I think its still worth for a nation, a tribe…to try everything to be united in the attempts to reach positive goals like social justice, etc. etc. Good Luck Philippines. Im 30 years connected with this country…didnt notice any real progress in politics, public affairs, etc. But as we say…hope dies last. 🙂

      2. jake, hijo,

        FFS, did I in any way offend you?

        FFS, something you disagree with what I commented?

        FFS, the comments section here in GRP is meant to share ideas and opinions.

        FFS, what I commented up there is MY opinion. You dont agree with me, well boo hoo, FFS

        1. @ Joel d, You are not capable of that, LOL !. and the posts I have put here are facts,for your own good too !!!
          The fact that you are even considering voting for either of these two bought and paid for politicians as any type of ‘IDEA’ is EXACTLY what makes you so fuckin stupid. IDC if you like hearing that, BUT YOU REALLY NEED TO HEAR IT !!!!

        2. I’m sorry, FACTS?

          Your comments contain nothing of substance, just trash talk and lots of bitching how you have it all figured out.

          Grow up, hijo!

        3. oh yeah, right, a video….

          from the internet nonetheless….

          very insightful, yeah….

          What a big effin idiot this jake is.’

          i guess if you have read on the internet that you are really a woman, youd believe it too, huh?

      3. Joeld, Truth is I like Duterte, too. He’s bad-assed. The thing is his kind of governance would seem robotic because people are actually choosing him not based on their strengths but their weaknesses. He will lead, they will follow. I’m supporting MDS-BBM because for them thinking is an act. Should Duterte win and things don’t work out in 3-6 months as he promised, there’s no need to resign that is if he have realistic plans. It took Davao years before it became an ideal state it is now and it’s just a small part of the country. Presidency is a 6-year term and within than scale a lot can be done. If he’s serious about resigning should he not met his vows, it seems in this 3-6 months depends what he’ll do after. I guess he need to be more open with his platforms.

        1. I like MDS too, but realistically speaking, the filipino people is not that matured yet to realize the kind of leader that she is. Hell, i campaigned for MDS few years back in her previous bid as president. But, hey, the pinoy would rather label her as baliw and may tililing. Look where that got the Philippines now.

          I guess, what I am saying is, how the candidates value winning the election… is it about the position/designation or is it about the job?

  13. You know, you would think that people would really start to ‘catch-on’ to what is going on.You know….. FIGURE IT OUT,FFS, BUT NO !!!! It is as if they are in a coma, perrmanently. And especially in a place as fucked as the Philippines is,u know? BUT The people just do not get it. It is actually pretty fuckin funny: ‘Yes,my Son’s, go do your civic duty and vote for your saviour.’, ya fuckin idiots.

    CLUE: Your being laughed at at.

  14. First of all Duterte’s party is PDP-Laban, a political party co-founded by yellow ninoy. Second, who appointed duterte back in 1986(after Edsa disaster)? The yellow Cory. Third, who supported and even campaigned in Davao city for Aquino/Roxas tandem? No less than Duterte.

    On the issue about the Unconstitutional DAP, Duterte defended BS Aquino.

    On the issue about Spratlys, Duterte said : China sa inyo na yang Spratlys, igawa nyo lng kami ng railway at train sa Davao. WTF! I’m from Davao but I disagree with him.

    Duterte also blamed the fallen SAF44 because he said they entered the MILF “territory”.

  15. I think Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck will run on one ticket in the next election, once Disneyland builds its theme park in Pampanga. Funny things is the mouse and duck duo might just win over the clowns that have been running this fucked up country for decades.

  16. These two became popular simply because they are perceived to be the diametric opposite of the current regime. That shows how pissed off people are.

    1. They’re apparently so pissed off that it clouds their ability to remember that the sins of one administration do not necessarily expunge or pardon the sins of the previous one.

  17. If you are not a criminal, a drug addict, and a corrupt politician then there is no reason to be afraid of these two. Filipinos need a disciplinarian.

  18. The man who refuses to judge, who neither agrees nor disagrees, who declares that there are no absolutes and believes that he escapes responsibility, is the man responsible for all the blood that is now spilled in the known as The Failippines. Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter’s stomach, is an absolute.

    There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway. In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromise is the transmitting rubber tube.

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