Ateneo faculty accuses Senator Bongbong Marcos of committing acts of brutality

It’s been several days since the faculty of the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) took a “stand” on the alleged “historical revisionism of the Martial Law years”. The stand takes the form of a statement published on the ADMU official website here.

Suffice to say, the Ateneo community is now in the midst of a frenzied soul-searching as a result of the fallout from that statement.

It is interesting to note that the statement contains the following passage: “We vow as teachers and formators to continue to tell the stories of the brutality and corruption of the Marcos family, regime, and closest allies…”

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Accused of 'brutality': Senator and vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos

Accused of ‘brutality’: Senator and vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos

Uh oh. Presumably, Senator Bongbong Marcos is a member of “the Marcos family” that the statement seems to be referring to. So, in a sense, the faculty of the Ateneo de Manila have published a serious allegation against a Philippine Senator. And so the onus to prove these allegations is on the Ateneo faculty members who have authored and signed this statement.

It seems then that Senator Marcos now stands accused of acts of “brutality” by the faculty of the Ateneo de Manila. Is he guilty of said brutality as alleged? Only a Philippine court can decide that. But that fact about Philippine law did not seem to stop the ADMU faculty from going on record about the accusation anyway — and on a document hosted for download on an ADMU website.

Following the publication of Ilda’s seminal article, Is the Ateneo de Manila University engaging in patronage politics by siding with the Aquinos?, Ateneans seem to have gone “apeshit crazy” about being called out for sloppy thinking and making, on the back of that, irresponsible statements in such a manner as my colleague Ilda writes…

How can supposedly educated people like [the ADMU faculty] go on and on accusing the Marcoses of atrocities when the latter haven’t been tried in court? I know what some of you are going to say. You’ll say that just because the court hasn’t found them guilty doesn’t mean they are not. But what has become of Philippine society when Filipinos are reduced to judging others based on hearsay? At least BS Aquino’s grandfather was actually tried and found guilty of treason. It is something that media owned and operated by Aquino allies do not want to highlight.

The assertion now being made by some folks who have come to the defense of the Ateneo faculty that these 400-plus “signatories” to the statement acted “as individuals”, however, does not fly. The caption that accompanies the photo included in the statement article on the ADMU website starts with the sentence “Ateneo faculty take a stand.”


Clearly, the authors and signatories of this statement aimed to be known collectively as “Ateneo faculty” and they make a categorical statement accusing Senator Bongbong Marcos of acts of “brutality” against the Filipino people — allegations that beg to be proven now that the statement has been made public.

44 Replies to “Ateneo faculty accuses Senator Bongbong Marcos of committing acts of brutality”

  1. Sir if I can correctly remember my law then, an accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty .Moreso an individual not accused in any court. No wonder our education is not going anywhere with a premier school like Ateneo. The least that University could do is to disown the irresponsible statement…

    1. In a corrupt country like the Failippines no Judge is uncorruptible.You will have no justice when Justice goes to the highest bidder.

      The country is a shambles. The Marcos wealth should be confiscated, or better yet, get the Old Hag to just give it back….and if she will not do it? KILL HER WHOLE FRIKKIN FAMILY.

        1. ChinoF, you are correct. The Wake Up dude is messed up. We really should not pay attention to him because he cannot even spell. LOL! Tatatattahhh!!

      1. the country will be great again,,,i open my to the actual vedio uploded during martial law the actual vedio that ferdinand told the soldier not to shoot a gun to the people and how he help benigno aquino even he commited more mistake and send him in US to have an operation and what happen to president marcos that time i found it a conspiracy between the politicians who ask for a peoples power and a collaboration between cpp npa and communist group,,,after she lead for people powers and seated as a president of the country she release the leader of communist party joma sison in the blink of an eye, she sold assets in the philippines during the time that she is president wala siyang ginawa sa bayan lalong lumaki ang utang naghihikaos sa kahirapan ang pilipinas at lahat ng yon ibinintang pa din kay marcos ang kahirapan na sana siya na ang nakaupo,,,anong klaseng pag iisip ng mga tao yon sana hindi one sided story ang gawin ng stream media para hindi bias tingnan,,,yong mga involved dapat kompleto yong story dapat hindi naka sentro sa iisang tao na hanggang ngayon not found guilty nga…So kung mang husga man dapat may basehan hindi dahil isa ka sa survivor na na turture during martial law i kung yong nag turture sayo sabihin sa mukha mo na itong pag turture na ginawa namin si marcos lahat nagpagawa soo paniniwalaan agad yon i hindi mo nga alam kung tao na yon membro na pala ng cpp npa or communista tapos itinuro lahat kay marcos paniniwalaan na agad yon…

  2. The only solution of this issue, once and for all is, to arrest and drag: Enrile, his son in law, Honasan; the brute, Ramos, and some retirees Philippine Constabulary people , who served during the Martial Law Years. Torture them all. Same as what they had done to their victims. Until, they tell us, what they did in those Martial Law Years.

    It is idiocy, to debate, the past. Most of us, were not even born, then…

    The ADMU faculties are playing Garbage Politics. Aquino may have thrown them, some of his stolen loots, from the : DAP, PDAF, Lag Lag Bala scam, missing Typhoon Yolanda Relief Funds, etc…

    Like Dogs, these ADMU faculties have to show their support to Aquino and his disinformation. They are showing their gratitude, of the “lagay”, they received. They want more, I think. Anyway, those are our taxpayers’ money, Aquino is giving to them…it is not his money; or his Hacienda Luisita.

    How low can these ADMU faculties go? They have already dived into the cesspool of mud.

    1. agreed to your comments = The ADMU faculties are playing Garbage Politics. Aquino may have thrown them, some of his stolen loots, from the : DAP, PDAF, Lag Lag Bala scam, missing Typhoon Yolanda Relief Funds, etc…

      Like Dogs, these ADMU faculties have to show their support to Aquino and his disinformation. They are showing their gratitude, of the “lagay”, they received. They want more, I think. Anyway, those are our taxpayers’ money, Aquino is giving to them…it is not his money; or his Hacienda Luisita.

      How low can these ADMU faculties go? They have already dived into the cesspool of mud.

  3. Why are they still debating about this? Yeah, there should be justice to the victims… As for the politicians. Let the Aquinos and Marcoses defend themselves. They’re politicians/public servants. If the people are not satisfied with the way they are, then the people can say whatever they want. Their job is to take the criticisms and all the shit people throw at them. Because if they’re doing a good job, then people won’t accuse them of shit. But apparently, both Noynoy and Bongbong are idiots who keep bragging about how good their parents are. Why are people supporting morons like these? Even sadder is people fighting each other for these clowns? GET REAL PHILIPPINES! This country is not Marcosland or Aquinoland. This is Philippines that is composed of a great race that is the Filipino people. Stop making these politicians divide you people. You can be working together to make a better country, you don’t need them to do things for you. Wasn’t that the lesson that People Power taught us? That if we all work together we can make a better country… But instead… We see people go at it like slaves fighting for the glory of their masters. What does that even accomplish for the country?

    1. This Country of thirty years of MADPNOY hacienda luisita self interest third world status is kulangkulang99 Aquino land, Get real Philippines and know the Economic Hitmen of Marcos Destrucion of the Philippines.

    2. Where have you been all my life? At last, someone who’s got both the balls and the brains to say it. Nothing more to add.

    3. you just said it right, John. The faculty members has to show good example, but what are they doing ? showing bad examples to their students..what are they doing ?

    4. Bongbong only brags about his accomplishments, He wouldn’t mention anything about his parents unless he is asked and he is for unity he was never in a fighting mode.

  4. There were no victims…it is in the disinformation of the Aquinos, that there were victims, during Martial Law.

    Enrile, Honasan, Binay, the brute, Ramos, and other Philippine Constabulary retirees, who are still alive, can identify, who these Martial Law
    Victims were. Arrest these people, torture them like what they had done to their victims; until they talk…a good deal?

    1. There was no “People Power”. It was a coup d’ eta, supported by the U.S./C.I.A. and the U.S. State Department. The so called :people, were “hakot demonstrators” from Hacienda Luisita…those nuns and priests were people of Cardinal Sin; who was against Marcos. Because Marcos was implementing Land Reform on the Roman Catholic owned Friar lands…imagine, the church were and are still Feudal Lords, like Aquino, with his Hacienda Luisita…

      1. Best reply! Couldn’t have said it better.

        CIA operatives posing as mormons and boy scout leaders during marcos’ time to infiltrate all sectors.

  5. As one of the premier educational institutions in the country,I would expect at least the legal faculty to be aware of the phenomenon of legal tourism. As the internet is available worldwide {I am in the U K }and there are a sufficiently large number if filippinos in for example the U S or U K,I wonder whether a court overseas would entertain a civil suit for defamation.This would be very embarrassing for not only the faculty attaching their signatures but the university itself,as the accusation appears to have been published on their website.

  6. Being a college batch 1997 AB Humanities alumnus, I find it interesting that my alma mater is taking a partisan stance. Taking note of Bobi Tiglao’s information that Marcos adviser Jose Cruz was bumped off Ateneo and replaced by Joaquin Bernas, it appears the said faculty of Ateneo are indeed taking sides. They probably also want to play “hero,” but are actually being starstruck fans. So really, one wonders whether they were bought by the Yellow team.

  7. Being a college student during 2009 – 2014 For a academic institution, I feel mixed about the recent statement and the stance they made for the upcoming elections.

    It may show some have taken sides and we can discuss on and on about the school and the elections. I am still open till the voting period.

    Funny memory: We had a mock elections period for the 2010 presidential elections:
    Gibo was First, Villar was second and Pnoy ranked nowhere near the top 5! Most old professors were laughing and joking that an underachiever like Pnoy would become our president.

    One time, I did try to explore our nation’s history and gathered a few ‘history’ books in the local library and most and not all were printed under ‘Marcos=bad vs Aquino=good’. It boggles the mind that even one of country’s best institution may or may not have yellow propaganda.

    1. Then Cory died…(too bad she didn’t die a week after she became president) & nimrod NigNog got elected in a wave of hysteria for yellow shit. Most people consider a child to be no longer an infant when it no longer shits yellow.

  8. Glorify a lie, legalize a lie, arm and equip a lie, consecrate a lie with solemn forms and awful penalties, and after all it is nothing but a lie.

    1. This happened in Nazi Germany, with Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseff Goebbels, propaganda strategy. Gobbles stated:” A lie repeated over and over, will soon become the Truth…” Can you see the parallel between the Germany’s Nazi lies and the Aquinos’ YellowTard EDSA lie.

      Hitler even built: monuments, shrines; arts;sculptures; Nazi museums; etc…to promote his lies and called it: “a thousand years Reich…” Hitler built a detailed plan to make Berlin; to become, the City of Germania; the so called capital of the Nazi world. The Nazi German people: ” the “Superior Race”…

      Hitler’s dreams and his Nazi dreams went down in smoke; when the Allies, invaded his Nazi Germany.

      He shot himself, inside his underground bunker…

      So, be careful of the Aquinos’ YellowTard EDSA lies…they are patterned after the Goebbel’s Nazi propaganda…

      1. WHAT? Henry Ford and ‘POPPY’ Bush catapulted Hitler to where he was,Hitler was a puppet of the Western Industrialists that feared that the Worker’s Revolt in Russia would spread across Europe and eventually land in the USA, and so they backed BOTH sides thus guaranteeing a victory for themselves.

        It is mind-boggling that Filipino’s continue to serve the same two families up to vote for, as if that is all they are capable of.

        Tell BB Marcos, yes,we will make you President BUT YOU MUST give back all the money/property and business’s your family stole.Especially the 175 bank accounts his Mother brags about so much…see how he likes those apples.

        1. Aquino must give us the money he stole from: the DAP, PDAF, PORK Barrel Bribery, Typhoon Yolanda Relief funds missing, Hacienda Luisita land scam, Lag lag Bala scam, etc…

          Check the Nazi Germany’s history…available in any library.
          I stand on what , I write…go to Germany, U.S.A; and ask people, if Hitler was a western industrialists’ puppet…Henry Ford , Bush family, etc…puppet…

          Western Industrialist Puppet – Hitler? Where did you get that YellowTard shit?

          Germany was suffering from economic hyper inflation, because of its defeat, in World War I. Hitler came to power, because of this situation. Plus the country had to pay war reparations. It was a severe economic downturn. The German currency had no value. People were unemployed, and basic necessities, were beyond reach by most of the people. Hitler came, and blamed the Jews , same as Aquino is doing in blaming his enemies.

        2. As Add once said:

          While they have done nothing to attain closure and while they sit in their aircon rooms counting their PDAF, they wait for Bongbong to apologize and return whatever money his father plundered. Why would he do that? So that PCGG could plunder them again? They claim they have recovered half of the USD 10 billion, how come they have not paid a single Martial Law victim?

          They should be careful what they ask for. They are not dealing with a stupid guy. Just because he has a maligned family name does not mean he is stupid. Given the chance, Bongbong will write the history for them, they should not doubt that.

          Your point?

    1. That’s a good idea. Historically, they do tend to work. Then everyone can just STFU and get on with more pressing issues.

    2. A Truth commission is a must for the Mamapasano SAF Heroes; the Hacienda Luisita massacre; the Mendiola massacre; Aquino-NPA
      symbiosis, etc…

      Too many massacres, murders, killings ordered by the Aquinos….

  9. The Marcos family is not guilty all the casse sso I love Marcos and Marcos forever we love
    Apo lakay and BBM….Marcos parin

  10. Another free publicity for Bong Bong, yes bad publicity might be bad, but no publicity is worse like what’s happening to the rest of aspiring VPs.

  11. THE ENTIRE GOVERNEMNT IS A CRIMINAL SYNDICATE, are you all brain-dead? Aquino or Marcos? It doesn’t matter, they are all crooks! Get rid of them all, or suffer some more…..Filipino’s are good at that.

  12. The MASSA is too stupid to realize that if they all just did what they should have done a long time ago, they would not be the MASSA any longer.

    The 1% is badly outnumbered but Filipino’s are cowards.ITS THE RICH AGAINST THE POOR, any guess’s about who is winning?

  13. Whoa that sure was some real nice stretching you did to twist the Profs’ statement against the *family* into one against Bongbong. You seriously think that by “family”, the Profs meant then high-schooler Bongbong was among those calling the shots for Enrile and his death crew? Reading things too narrowly to the letter, I suppose. You’re better than that…

    Putting things in context, this statement is in response to this guy refusing to apologize *on behalf* of his mom and pop (whose “personal wealth” by the way had been deemed ill-gotten already and whose human rights abuse charges had been validated by Philippine, Singapore, Swiss and US courts. Try Google. Maybe I’m making up facts right?). Yeah he may not have had any hand in plunder and those abuses. But to have this stance? “Oh your dads/moms got tortured by my dad’s buddies? Boohoo.Tough sh*t. Get over it. Was just a kid then busy with school homeworks. What do I apologize for?”

    And we want this man to be the 2nd face of our country and a representative in the global community? No wonder we’re looking like chumps to the world.

    But what really takes the cake is how he deems his dad’s time was our better years (*ding ding* retelling of history!) when our economy then was heading for a slide for the ages down the basket case route. Hilarious but if he’s really a sucker for runaway money borrowing and inefficient infra-spending like his dad, good luck Philippines.

    1. How can an ill gotten wealth be more than the budget of the Philippines in 20 years. The “Trial of the Century” found the Marcos family not guilty of plunder. On human rights abuses why can’t they blame or charge Enrile, Ramos, Abadilla and other generals, is it because they are still alive and can depend themselves? The “validated” human rights violation was by the Government which Marcos happen to be the president. How about the human rights violations after Marcos stepped down, was the incumbent president also blamed? Our economy went down because of the civil disobedience, boycotts, ralllies, bombings and killings done by the conspiracy of the opposition, communist NPA and businessmen not happy of the pro poor policies of the government such as 13th month pay.

  14. Another YellowTard blaming a President, who has been dead for 30 years…Aquino? what did he do to improve the situation?

    We are interested in the present; not in the past…Marcos is no longer relevant, to us. Aquino’s performance is very relevant.

    1. Mar Roxas performances in handling and managing government offices, are also very relevant. The Typhoon Yolanda goods are rotting in warehouses. The Typhoon Yolanda relief fund is missing, under his care. LRT is not working properly, under his management…it is poorly maintained. There is a huge trade deficit, under his leadership.

      Mar Roxas wants to be President?
      He was not a good manager/leader…He failed miserably…

  15. dapat mag apologize si bong bong marcos dahil iniwan tayo ng tatay nya, majority ng pilipino ay binoto sya nung snap election against cory pero nilayasan pa din nya tayo nagkaroon lang ng mob power grab. atsaka ano ba ginagawa nila malapit sa edsa corinthians, para magnakaw siguro? ang layo kaya ng malacanang don,, anyway after 1986, lahat ng pilipino na may kakayahang mag migrate ay nagsilayas na, kaming mahihirap naiwan dito sa pilipinas , kami ang nagtiis na sumunod sa mga aquino ….pero ang pinakamasakit ay yung mapanood namin araw araw ang mga kalandian ni kris aquino sa tv at mga comercials, wala naman kaming choice dahil wala kaming cable tv, puta!! kaya bong bong , mag sorry ka samin at mangako ka na pag nanalo ka di mo na kami iiwan. pag nagpunta ulit sila sa edsa uubusin ko na lahi nila

  16. If you accused a person of a crime even by just mere accusations committed by another by virtue of their blood relation isn’t it also human right violation? Forces a person to admit & repent the mistake committed without trial isn’t that also violating rights of a human being? Grow up people of the Philippines human rights is not only for the chosen few.

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