3 Traits Of The Aquino Family That Mirror Pinoy Dysfunction

There’s been quite a bit of talk after Kris Aquino recently announced that she will be leaving the country soon. Of course, this isn’t exactly the first time she has threatened to leave the country and, as a matter of fact, has done so countless times in the past. Just to name a few, she said she would leave after her one of her numerous relationships came to a disastrous end, she said the same thing when her brother was about to become the president and she’s saying it again now that President Aquino’s term is about to end this 2016.


However, note that despite the many times she has threatened to leave, Kris Aquino continues to be firmly entrenched in Pinoy showbiz. Indeed, even as the darker side of Kris Aquino’s family is being revealed to the public, she will more likely than not retain the title of “Queen of All Media” of the Philippines. Of course, Kris Aquino isn’t the only case of impunity in Philippine society as current president Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III is yet another shining example of another public figure of questionable integrity (and perhaps sanity) that is untouchable to the criticisms of the Filipino people whom he has done nothing but deceive and exploit since he came to power in 2016.

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So the big question is: Why do some Filipinos still support the Aquinos despite the countless times they’ve been betrayed by them?


It’s because a lot of Pinoys see themselves in the Aquino family! Yep, you read that right. The sole reason the Aquino family and their ilk remain in power despite their many transgressions to the Filipino people is because there are people who not only see themselves in the Aquinos, but see them as a perfect representation of us as a people.

Not convinced?

Well, here are my three points:

Fame Whoring

Note how Kris Aquino seems to demand attention in whatever shows she seems to be in. Remember her interview with the main actor of Spider-Man 2 wherein she instead made it an opportunity to boast about her son Bimby’s achievements and even insinuated that she is supposedly “The Oprah Winfrey of the Philippines”? Remember how she seems so eager to reveal the sordid details of her sex life on prime-time TV when there could be millions of children watching her shows and picking up on her immoral lifestyle?

Then there’s what’s mentioned above what with her constant threats to leave the country when she has shown absolutely no sign of making any real arrangements to move on and leave the Philippines in peace. She’s like the clingy lover who constantly threatens to commit suicide just to prevent their often abused significant other (or a person they want to be their significant other) from leaving them. While she may not say it out loud, her threats to leave are more or less just to make sure her fanatics remain enthralled by whatever kind of foul sorcery she has cast on the many viewers who continue to keep up with her and her skanky shenanigans.

Truth be told though, the common Pinoy is really no different when it comes to craving for attention. As fellow Get Real writer the venerable Gogs has shown, it all too often “KSP” which stands for “Kulang sa Pansin” (desperate for attention), that is the cause of many a Pinoy’s dysfunctional behavior. Coupled with the inability to not flaunt their wealth in a show of hollow bravado as summed up here by ChinoF, is it really any surprise that most Pinoys don’t just tolerate Kris Aquino’s behavior but outright worship her as the goddess of Filipino attention whores.


The Aquino family are well known for their vindictive attitude. Note how they went out of their way to vilify and demonize the Marcos family after EDSA. In the present day, has President Aquino ever missed a chance to blame former President Arroyo for the troubles of the Philippines which is, more likely than not, simply because the latter decided to consider the reforms for the land distribution of Hacienda Luisita which the Aquino family has jealously guarded for generations.

But then again, is this really surprising what with the common definition of “justice” among typical Pinoys?

In more ideal places, “justice” is defined as a sense of equality and harmony. It’s about having a society wherein everyone is treated fairly with respect and no one can be imprisoned or punished without due process. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case for Philippine society and its deeply flawed culture.

Indeed, “justice” in the Philippines simply amounts to “getting even”. No due process, no cross examination and no deductive reasoning. It’s all about beating the other guy until you feel better or killing all the other people until you feel better. Justice for Filipinos isn’t about making society a safer and better place, it’s about punishing people who offend you regardless if your actions will only make the situation worse or if your choice of action is even proportionate.


Okay, here we go.

Well, the church did support the Aquino family during the alleged “bloodless” revolution of EDSA People Power. In the present day, according to Ilda here, there are even those who are pushing former president Corazon Aquino into becoming the third saint of the Philippines. Indeed, in just about every special occasion like Christmas, Easter or the wedding of big celebrities, one can probably find televised footage of the Aquino family attending said events.

However, one needs to remember that the Aquino family is infamous for numerous scandals, especially Kris Aquino. She has had numerous trysts with various other male celebrities over the years and yet no one from the MTRCB has ever called her out on her immoral activities. Indeed, it seems the MTRCB is a lot more interested in denying meaningful and informative shows from being shown on local TV than they are in criticizing public figures whom children might look up to.

Of course, is it really any surprise at all considering the kind of culture we have. While we may have countless penitents come Holy Week, one can rest assured that those same people flogging their bloody backs and crucifying themselves will be drinking themselves silly, cheating on their wives and beating their children when Holy Week finally ends. One can also surmise many people might be attending “Simbang Gabi” during the Yuletide Season but will probably be busy engaging in adultery perhaps even during Christmas Eve and filling their mobile devices with Christmas-themed porn which is all too often easily accessed by children.


Of course, I know it’s not very likely but I’m really hoping that Kris Aquino will really go through with her decision to leave the country at the end of her brother’s term as president. After all, it would probably safer for her and the rest of her family to flee while they still can as a lot of discontent and unhappy Filipinos will be out for blood should their allies lose in the up and coming election. And yes, like many of the commenters of GRP here, should Cory Aquino be made the third saint of the Philippines, I will excommunicate myself from the Catholic Church as this would be the ultimate act of heresy and an abomination to God.

24 Replies to “3 Traits Of The Aquino Family That Mirror Pinoy Dysfunction”

  1. should Cory Aquino be made the third saint of the Philippines, I will excommunicate myself from the Catholic Church as this would be the ultimate act of heresy and an abomination to God.

    Your faith is rather weak if that’s gonna be determined by factors like that. If you’re looking for reasons (countless) to leave the Catholic religion, trust me, you do not need Cory to be a saint to do that.

      1. pft. if you know grimwald you’d know hyperbole and literal meaning are the same. specially when it comes to religion.

  2. This phenomenon that causes a lot of reactions from so many sides may be traced way back in 1986. When Cory Aquino was installed as the Chief Executive of the country, there was a general feeling of euphoria, and exaltation among her followers. There was a symbiotic relationship between the palace and the media, to the extent that it seemed the president was so clean and incapable of doing anything wrong. Then came Kris, who wanted to be in showbiz. Of course, all the panderers, and the palace court jesters supported her, and she was an instant star. All the flattery, all the praises, and all the adulation got to her head, and she believed all the hangers on, all the favor seekers who told her that she was exceptional, and that she was so talented ,so much so, that even an individual with a stronger will could not help but fall under the spell of such shower of praises. Now, the honeymoon between the media and the Aquinos is over, the bubble has burst, and we see Kris for what she really is. But the tragedy is, until now Kris still believes all the phony flattery she once heard so often. Scratch Kris and you will find an ordinary, mediocre actress and TV host, who will not be able to hold her own against the more experienced (and tactful) anchors. But if you scratched even deeper you will find that she is even worse than what whe really is.

  3. The whore, Kris Aquino, wants constant public attention. The adoring YellowTard fans must feed her huge Ego, and Self Importance.

    This is the reason, Kris Aquino, threatened many times: “to leave the Philippines”…she is telling everybody: “If you don’t pay attention to me, I will leave the Philippines/You”…

    Who cares, if she leaves the Philippines. She will be another commoner, in other foreign country. Do you believe that people in foreign countries, where she intends to reside, would take notice of her?

    Kris Aquino, is afraid, that, when her brother, Aquino III, will be out of power, and go to jail. She may be indicted. And, she will end up in jail, with her brother. And, their Hacienda Luisita will be Land Reformed.

    She will be fired from her shows . Because, she is just a mediocre performer…

    Who cares, if she leaves the Philippines. Good Riddance!!!Let the Whore go. She is a bad influence to the young…

    1. At least do not stoop on “that” level and call someone a degrading name, really feeling entitled to call someone a whore, could we please be civilize to call a human by his/her name. If you are rally pushing for an enlightenment for filipinos, this name calling is not helping. Criticize them alright but the name calling is to disappointing especially if we consider what this website is fighting for.

  4. Some women will spread a lie faster and wider than they’d spread their legs. These women are worse than whores. These women are star struck ignoramuses and politicians. Kristina Bernadette “Kris” Cojuangco Aquino tops that list.

  5. I have already “excommunicated myself from the Catholic Church” and all other god churches. Kris the white whore needs to leave this shithole but please do not come to my country.

      1. Kawawa naman iba mga hayop don. Baka penguin na sanay sa malamig pumunta bigla dito sa atin. Sa isang island na maliit at malayo na lang. Okya sana siya na lang pinadala sa mars.

        1. Dahil sa kanya pala.. sorry. Not dahil sa atin.. I was thinking we’re the ones who’ll send her there. ☺

  6. I have the same advice for this necro-showbiz queen whose days are numbered: Do your country a favor: GET OUT!


    * * *

    “should Cory Aquino be made the third saint of the Philippines, I will excommunicate myself from the Catholic Church as this would be the ultimate act of heresy and an abomination to God.”

    You’re showing the signs Grimwald.

    Many of my relatives who finally came to their senses before I was born went through the same process of “realization” – and even if I was in their shoes, I would do myself a favor and likewise boot myself out on my own accord just on the basis of sheer common sense / logic.

    Anyone who reads the Bible for himself will eventually run away from this Mary- and saint-glorifying/emphasizing religion after they see the massive glaring disconnect.

  7. Kris Aquino is simply trying to mimic a biblical figure, just like what her parents did (Ninoy died for your sins, you fool, and Cory is like holy-mutha-o-gawd). The whore of babylon, anyone?

  8. Well, they are worse than that is for sure. The amount of immaturity and selfishness they show added with the impunity they receive from the masses and “i dont care about my nation just myself so whatever is fun for me on TV is presumed good” kinds of people is just testament to how much we need to grow up as a nation.

    We seriously are one of the nations doomed to enter a cycle that will eventually lead to a pit thats going to be too deep to escape from.

  9. Cory Aquino would be a clear candidate for sainthood if vindictiveness, stupidity, pride and stupidity are to be considered good virtues. Heh
    Yes, I said stupidity twice because this woman is so stupid, she actually managed to conceive two 100% moronic children.

  10. I want to Congratulate the Aldub Fans, for putting the Philippines on the Guinness book ofworlds records,We are now officially recognized as a Nation of Morons.

  11. The Elites have all the same character traits from the Hapsburg of Austria down to the measly Aquinos of the Philippines and even the Marcos’ if I may add. What they want is to project a transcendental image to the people, like a blessed family, that they are somewhat holy.

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