Noynoy Aquino expresses grave fears of a Bongbong Marcos win in #EDSA30 speech!


It is quite telling that Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III would go as far as reminding Filipinos to stop referring to the regime of former President Ferdinand Marcos as the Philippines’ “Golden Age”. It means BS Aquino now recognises the immense popularity of vice presidential candidate Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr as a grave threat.

This follows a New York Times report asserting that Filipinos yearn for a return to a similar Golden Age marked by a Marcos back in Malacanang…

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Michelle Pulumbarit, 31, a customer service operator who lives north of Manila, said Mr. Marcos was putting forward a proposal for the future that will bring back the best of the Marcos years. She is not concerned about martial law and human rights violations, she said.

“For me, those are things of the past,” she said. “That was a time when our economy was booming. Even Imelda did a lot of good things. She shared our culture with the world. I can forgive her for having so many shoes.”

A key concern amongst anti-Marcos campaigners lies in what they regard as an “alarming” position taken by young Filipinos who form a huge proportion of the Philippines’ pool of voters. Most Filipino “millenials” who are equipped primarily with anecdotal evidence of the Martial Law years have expressed a widespread disillusionment with the “democracy” pitched to them under the “EDSA People Power” flag. They only see the absolute wretchedness of life in the Philippines under the current regime and take the position that things need to change — and that the closest model of how things should be in the Philippines was a time when discipline and order ruled…

Apple Buiza, 26, an employee of a Manila aluminum siding company, said the fate of Imelda Marcos’s jewels was not a priority for her in the next election. Ms. Buiza spends hours each day battling traffic to get to work and is frustrated by the current government. She said she has heard stories of how orderly the country was during the Marcos years.

“During the time of martial law, the Philippines was disciplined,” Ms. Buiza said as she gestured toward a group of jaywalkers dodging vehicles and blocking traffic. “People don’t even know how to cross the street now.”

The trouble with Aquino is that whilst he focused most of his media time on vilifying his predecessor former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, blaming “corruption” supposedly perpetrated by previous administrations, and waxing poetic about his parents’ “heroic” legacies, then Senator Bongbong Marcos sustained a message to the public consistently themed on the future and moving towards it. Back in early 2015 in the days immediately following the massacre of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) troops by elements of the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front, then Senator Marcos charted a crystal-clear three-point way forward out of the ensuing crisis that gripped the country in its aftermath.

While Malacanang suffered an astounding paralysis and repeatedly stammered out mixed messages to the public as the much-vaunted Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) initiative was crushed under the public relations fallout from the massacre, Marcos was in the field cobbling together consensus on how to proceed and assuring a bewildered Filipino public that options were being explored.

Suffice to say, the manner with which Marcos stepped up to the challenge while Aquino and his entire Cabinet descended into an orgy of internal bickering and incompetent statesmanship did not help at all. As is evident in the NYT report, Filipinos long before then had already developed a healthy cynicism for the brand of “demo-crazy” sold to them by the Aquino-Cojuangco clan. Indeed, even the whole notion that the Aquinos and Cojuangcos are symbols of the “Spirit of EDSA” is now being challenged.

It is now a widely-held theory that the renewed — and surging — interest in the virtues of the Martial Law Years of former President Marcos and its regard as a “Golden Age” by some Filipinos is a direct result of a lack of any progress realised over the last 30 years, more specifically over the last six years of the Second Aquino Administration. It could be said that The Great Democratic Experiment of the Philippines was marked more by a wholesale missing of the real point of freedom of an entire society and a series of governments that ruled since 1986.

Instead of a stronger nation, what emerged after 30 years is a country characterised by a non-existent fighting capability, mainstream media networks that dumb down rather than enlighten their audiences, and a people that lack a clear picture of what their long-term future might look like. Filipinos today are also a lot more fearful for their safety and, as a result, have turned to latching on to cowboy rhetoric fielded by the likes of presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte who promises to clamp down on crime by summarily gunning down suspected criminals.

And, yes, Filipinos now also look to the Martial Law years of the 1970s and early 1980s as a Golden Age.

Who’s fault is that?

Well, you can’t be in power and presume to take credit for the good but not for the bad.

It’s been 30 years and the national narrative (as propagated by the powers-that-be) remains stuck in a bygone past — an age when ordinary people supposedly lacked today’s much-hyped technological capability to more effectively “spring” change from the grassroots. Indeed, a people who lacked mobile technology and social media supposedly instigated a “revolution” over a three-year period since Ninoy Aquino’s assassination in 1983. Today, 20 years since the Internet became available to ordinary users and roughly 10 years since the dawn of social media, Filipino “activists” have failed to step up to the promise of uplifting the quality of the way their compatriots participate in a democracy that aspires to join the modern world.

50 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino expresses grave fears of a Bongbong Marcos win in #EDSA30 speech!”

  1. Well, this definitely explains why there were a lot of yellow apologists(incompetent ones) in Ms. Ilda’s article regarding Martial Law.

    Looks like that particular someone is scaredsh|tless of having the possibility of having the Marcos family returning to malacañang.

  2. The Yellow Army failed to acquire a new weapon to convince the new generation of voters not to vote Marcoses. And that failure has lead to this: fear of seeing Ferdinand Marcos Jr becoming Vice President of the Philippines.

    It is inevitable, really, when only rhetoric is used to convince. Because is a more powerful rhetoric is used against it, it will surely fail.

    There was no progress under Noynoy, an Aquino. So now, maybe under Bongbong, a Marcos, there would be.

    1. I’ve read a lot of posts in my fb feed today and not one of them had a good thing to say about the situation 3 decades after Edsa.

      Looks like the people are now rejecting the yellows tired propaganda of “marcos bad, aquino good”.

  3. The danger of a MILF secessionist war in Mindanao is for real to protect Pnoy. Only a Trump Presidency could contain Malaysia’s to annex a part Mindanao and make it a Federal State of Malaysia.

  4. I have said this many times here: running for VP or Prez, Marcos Junior is already winning, whether he wins or loses the election itself. The mere fact that he is VP candidate is already a slap at the face of EDSA1. It is a symbol that will grow in significance with time, and symbols are important. It is already starting to define the narrative of 2016. In fact, Noynoy’s fiery speech today is already a delayed reaction.

    If their aim is just to stop Bongbong from winning, then they don’t know they have already been slapped in their faces. If they cannot understand the symbol, then as the sun rises from the east, Bongbong will win this election, if it is clean. If it is clean, then it may be that the game is over, but the shouting.

    It may not just even be a slap. It is an insult for it is happening during the incumbency of the biological son of the icons of EDSA1. It was bound to happen because Noynoy is a narcissist. World class egotists don’t see half of what is happening and what is coming because half of the time they only see themselves and are busy admiring themselves. This is the reason why during crisis, Noynoy gets paralyzed, and has been known throughout his life as a non-performer.

    Noynoy was just born into privilege, but if he was hoi polloi, he would be one of our palamunins. Now, that he was shoved into a position that requires results, he, not knowing how to perform, had to resort to credit-grabbing, if available, to propaganda, if not available. No wonder there has been more words and statistics in the last six years, than implemented projects.

    Whether EDSA1 was engineered by forces from within or without the country, it was still a people in search of ideals. If those ideals were pursued, then its power may have done the country good. But as now evident, the dreams were hijacked by vested interests. Cory and Noynoy thought they were the best guides to attain those dreams. But being narcissists by circumstances or by genetics, of course, it redound to a case of the blind leading the multitudes of blinds. Oligarchs naturally exploited the situation; they never had it so good for the last 30 years. And the poor never had it so bad.

    Should we then still wonder if the people already see sweet and poetic justice in Bongbong quite a breath away from power? That thinking, even if just a thought today, has already done the country good. It has shown that plundering after 1986 could also end as plundering before 1986 had its end. It might as well they end it of themselves.

    Be that as may, it is time to be more vigilant. The oligarchs will not allow their heydays to end, or even curtailed, just like that. Bongbong has already said he wants the Labor portfolio if he wins. This is already a combative stance, which Oligarchs don’t look kindly at, even if he is that very subtle. If he has to do a good job, he will have to end ENDO. ENDO has been a very effective union busting move, and workers had to contend with nickel and dime plus job insecurity. Oligarchs will cheat him, if need be, so that such as his plans do not materialize.

    Oligarchs, government, banks have taken advantage of the cheap money all around. World economy had not regained its footing since the 2008 financial crisis, and non traditional, developing, economies have been constantly explored as places to park monies while things are bearish. Local economy is awash with cash and hot money. It is this that government could propose a mind boggling budget of three trillion, which of course, could readily be supported by foreign borrowings. They talk of PPP projects as if they are already being implemented when in actuality they are still in the drawing boards; they must have already issued sovereign guarantees to foreign banks. June 2016, this may shock the nation.

    Signs of a bubble economy are all around: glut in real estate, dramatic increase in car sales, retail sales are at all time high because of easy to get credit cards, etc. What happens if the flow of money is stopped? Of course, the economy grinds to a halt. People won’t be able to pay their loans, and banks will be saddled with questionable collaterals. The scary part is that the present dispensation created this bubble by propaganda; they could easily burst it by propaganda if the next administration proves hostile.

    Why would they do that? So that they could maintain the illusion that they are the heroes of EDSA1. It is time for Filipinos to be discerning. The propaganda has been thick in the last 30 years. It is time to know who are the heroes and who are the traitors. It is time to know those who love the country and those who love money and just themselves?

      1. Indeed. Indeed, Jun.

        Why? Because they have chosen to just celebrate the one game that was won, forgetting there are so many more games to play in a long, long tournament. They have been full of themselves. They became obsessed with that one man over whom they won. They didn’t realize there is such a thing as a Stockholm Syndrome. Even if the man is already dead, they still obsess. So, they ended up plundering as the man plundered; a Stockholm Syndrome made almost palpable; people could practically smell it, if not touch or see it. As Mike Portes wrote in her last article here, they had 30 years to render the family name of that one man more and more a non-issue in the long tournament. 30 years was sufficient enough, and yet they’d rather be obsessed. There must be neurosis in wanting to be obssesed.

        There must also be a neurosis in thinking that basketball could be won with just two players. Or, a soccer game with just five players. They forgot the farmers, the fishermen, the carpenters, the plumbers, the masons, the drivers, the maids, the janitors, street vendors, the clerks, the barbers, the cashiers, the cops, the soldiers, the nurses … human beings we carelessly call little people; people who actually make the lives of everyone else pleasant. They do the menial jobs so we don’t have to do them. They lowered the dignity of our teachers, when they should be of the highest dignity. They are very much part of the game. They are very much part of the team.

        We have been playing with a cripled team for 30 years. Meantime, other teams saw to it they met their Millennium Development Goals in order to strengthen the cohesiveness of their respective teams. No wonder we are called the sick man of Asia. Only the obsessed would not admit that. They talk of macro numbers, percentage growth, credit ratings… as if such could put food in the table.

        Well, it does. In fact, in quantities aplenty; there is caviar, Swiss fondue, French cuisine, Italian appetizers, sashimi and other Japanese delicacies, Chinese lauriats, exotic Moroccan dishes, Norwegian tuna, Angus beef, cheese trays, trays and trays of desserts, champagne, cognacs, French wines, Australian wines, California wines … name it, they have it. But, most exclusive only to the KKK and their cronies. It was made part of the territory of being obsessed. Inclusiveness is a word that comes out of their mouth. But, that is just about it, words with hollow meanings. …..Hypocrites.

        The family name of the dead man they have been obssesed with, they maligned. But, that is just about it, they just malign, as if that was best that could be done. It is the option of the lazy for it actually takes hard work to make somebody legally accountable. No, they couldn’t do that. It is an impossible task if one is obsessed. They prefer to hate than do something. They are angry because the son of the man they have been maligning has suddenly made their lives difficult. They are angry at people because the people are beginning to notice this son who is just trying to be a son who loves his father. They are angry; the son won’t apologize? They want him to be a prodigal son. It is a holier-than-thou approach by those who only know how to kiss with a Judas kiss.

        What insanity!!! Natural selection since chemistry became biology after the Big Bang never had a room for the stupid, the weak, and the lazy. Speeches have never been a substitute for Actions. The name of the game of brutes and homo sapiens have always been about Power Play. No wonder, we have had a leadership vacuum for 30 years, and are about to extend this for another six years. 30 years of Stupidity and Laziness made fashionable and current among the masses. Don’t talk to us about morality and ethics, for the obsessed have been the most immoral for 30 years. Their ethics twisted. The team cripled.

        Naturally, the son has every right to redeem his name, and that of his family. It is an inalienable right, and nobody, and absolutely nobody, could take away that right from him. It is the natural instinct of every human being to fight for his/her reputation. There is nothing natural about playing computer games for hours, cavorting with every beauty queen one meets, shooting at papers with concentric circles and call it practical shooting, getting lost in fast cars zooming through potholed highways like a miserably frustrated Schumacher ….that is the very anti- thesis of work ethics. No wonder, the other son is unmarried.

        (Get married, man, if you could still find one who is not repulsed by your eccentricities. Get a life. Never mind if she is ugly like your sister who constantly and gayishly pester us on national TV with her horrific Tag-lish. At least, she tried and tried to get married till STD came. Stop playing with the nation, you two, just to compensate for your miseries and loneliness. Joshua won’t be president. You have no right to teach us about morality and ethics.)

        Thus, the son, who clearly understood he had a job cut out for him, set out quietly on the arduous task of regaining their reputation. Quietly, step by step, railroad track after railroad track that leads to the Pasig River. He does not talk back to the invectives being thrown his way by the obssesed. #NeverAgain, they say, but he understands the blindness and narrow mindedness of being obssesed. He takes pity on them for his family was once obssessed. It was a big mistake that could crush any conscience, no matter how unscrupulous. And, consciences speak loudest after a downfall. Nobody comes out of that not having learnt a lesson. The son does not talk back for it seems he has learnt some big lessons.

        We don’t know what those lessons are for they are internal to men. We could only guess lessons have been ingrained in his cortex for he has been doing an impeccable job. The northern part of the country is already benefitting. It is the region where the middle class has been growing the fastest. They pay the lowest energy cost. There are jobs for agriculture and tourism have been growing. Their LGU has the only system in the country approved by ISO9000. They never had any problem with COA. Only the obssessed will call those accomplishments as vested interests. How could it be? It has put food in many tables, directly and indirectly. There is no need to teach people to be mendicant as CCT does.

        In Congress, he pushed for bills that gave us a glimpse of the mind of this man. He knows the problems of the country, what are the priorities, and what policies are needed. He is a leader. He knows when to macro manage and when to micro manage. Further glimpse was afforded us via his speech in front of the Asian CEO Forum. The guy has a doable vision that we could not help but have hope that our team in the global tournament might just be in its competitive form again if given the chance. It is not the same as the laundry lists of intentions we have been hearing in SONAs for the last six years, where we could not put together if projects mentioned were leading to one direction, or were just wastefully cancelling each other out. Maybe, they were cancelling each other out; we have the best symptoms for this: they fucked the MRT and they allowed 44 of the best in our team to be massacred.

        The man also knows we have traitors among our midst. Thus, he set out almost singlehandedly to craft the alternative to BBL. This man wants realistic peace, not the peace that only caters to the whims of an unmarried narcissist. The peace of the latter only leads to war; such peace is the stillness of the eye of a storm, it is the stillness before a tsunami. No, the married man wants lasting peace because he is scared of wars that devastate families.

        If above is true, then I cannot believe this man does not know the nation needs healing. What needs to be returned has to be returned. If he has learnt any lesson, then he must have learnt that justice is foundational. But, we should not demand that he return it as a stupid man. Stupidity has never been part of Natural Selection and Power Play. He will have to return it directly to the people and not to the obssessed, for the PCGG of the obssesed have shown they plunder it again.

        If above is correct, then no doubt that railroad track is just about somewhere near the Pasig River.

        More than 2000 years ago, they found an infant in swaddling cloth. A book said that was a sign. It is a sign because divinity cannot be in swaddling cloth. Swaddling cloth cannot be a sign if it is only about humanity. Thus, humanity missed divinity. There was no room in the inn so the pregnant mother ended up giving birth in a cave.

        It might as well be, so that men will enter the cave bowing at the entrance of that cave. The haughty will never enter that cave for it requires humility to bow. Even if they enter, they will only see a mother holding an infant in her arms, and that is it. What they cannot see is that the mother is lovingly gazing at the entire heaven in her arms. Where divinity is is where heaven is. It is a paradox that continues to baffle man, but that paradox impacted humanity so profoundly that the calendar had to be split between BC and AD.

        80% of us celebrate that birth, and paradox, every December 25 by exchanging gifts for the infant is about love, justice, and forgiveness, among other things. Some men continue to solve that paradox; let them. Those of us who are trying to learn how to live with, and in, that paradox, I ask: why is it that we have allowed revenge to be the way of life of the nation. Sure, there has to be justice, but can this be brought about by hatred?

        I never heard of an empire that was built with hatred as its foundation; blaming here, blaming there, blaming everywhere. Sure, there have been empires that rose because of lust. But, do not forget that lust is still in search of heaven, even if it is a perverted one. Agreed, there are empires based on greed. But, why do we need such an empire when greed only leads to hatred and injustice? Why then do we allow those who live in haciendas, Forbes Park, penthouses of such and such tower as the only ones who could dictate what is good and what is bad? Has Mecrcedez Benz, BMW, and Porsche become our parameters for judging characters? Corny and cheesy as it may sound, where has love gone in the last 30 years???

    1. How about listening to Pilosopong Tasyo? Does he make sense, or is he palso as below:

      Hatred has brought us nothing, but misery. EDSA was the Arab Spring of yesterday. Look at the bitter winter it brought Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Syria. We say it could not have been hatred for it was a bloodless revolt. Granted it was not hatred, then we are faced with the fact the bloodless has something to do with menopausal state. That state connotes sterility or infertility. But, 30 years has brought more babies, more mouths to feed. If that is not where we became sterile, that leads us to think that it must be on generating ideas that we have become sterile. It must be this because gone are the days when Filipinos have been known for their creativity, critical mind, productive, and vibrancy. If such are no longer present, and there are more mouths to feed, but cannot be fed, then doesn’t that also generate hatred? So, it must be that EDSA could not escape hatred, whether it be its cause or effect???

      Our neighbors didn’t need a bloodless coup. They didn’t need the admiration of the world. They didn’t have hatred, so the world was not needed by them. Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan and South Korea just quietly made the transition from dictatorship to democracy. Now, all have overtaken the Philippines, and we are eating their dust. They have made EDSA look like a very stupid move, a model that should not be imitated, and they are laughing at us.

      Corollary to that, is military rule still possible even in this day and age when FB and Twitter rules? Or, do we continue to think strangely, crazily, dangerously unlike our neighbors who are all now Tiger economies and who all seem to be sane? We maintain a paranoia to military rule while our neighbors have move on because military rule is just impossible now?

      So, what is this that hatred remains the national policy, at the very least a Malacañang policy? Is it ageing us quite early to menopausal state??

    2. Wow..a very helpful message to open the eyes of many people. You are indeed blessed with exceptional intelligence and wide experience sir. Thank you. More blessings. God bless.

  5. Aquino is living in the past on the supposed “glory” of his parents. Assisted by the Lopez Propaganda machine; they presume that people remain clueless, as they were 30 years ago.

    The impact of the Information Technology, to Filipinos is awesome. They can participate in free discussions in this GRP Blog site. Anybody, can give hi/her opinion, with sense or nonsense. It is the readers, who judge, what is written.

    The Aquinos did not do well, in their time of power. All they do, is: make themselves, heroes and saints. Allowed their ardent supporters to get filthy rich. Consolidate their grip on power, with the Feudal Oligarchs. Protect their ownership of their Hacienda Luisita…the land they scammed..

    People know this, because of the runaway inflation. People’s monthly pay are not enough to buy basic necessities. The surge of squatters in all cities. The plunder of the national treasury by Aquino , Abad and their cahoots. The breakdown of the LRT transport system. Many massacres: Hacienda Luisita massacre,Mediola massacre, Luneta Chinese tourists massacre, Mamapasano SAF massacre, etc…Unsolved massacres, and killings. “Laglag Bala” scam in the International Airport, done by Abaya and his men.

    No amount of vilifying Marcos and blaming Arroyo, can convince people, that Aquino has done a good job.

  6. Glad that this article was written to enlighten the minds of the young generation of Filipinos who were not around during the “Dark Days of Martial Law” imposed by then Dictator former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos. Those days were “Definitely” not the so called “Golden Years” of the country as it was the time where the Filipino People rights were subjected to such a repressive rule that was not approved by the people of the Philippines. It must never be repeated and people who are remnants of the said regime like Bong Bong Marcos, Imelda Marcos and Juan Ponce Enrile should never be given any chance of getting back the stolen power from the citizenry of the country. All of these people should be lock away. No matter of how imperfect the administration of Pres. Noynoy Aquino is, I can honestly say that it is still a much better time than the Dictator Ferdinand Marcos Days. May God Bless the Philippines.

    1. OMG…still clinging to a false propaganda, from the Aquino propaganda machine. Aquino’s era is the worse era, in Philippine history.

    2. I was around and lived the so called “Dark Days”. Taking into account the good, the bad, and the ugly of martial law era, I’d rather transport myself back to those years rather than live in the Aquino oppressive rule under the guise of democracy. Abnoy’s mother Cory, laid the foundation thru her 1987 Constitution that ushered us into the mess we are in…institutionalised kleptocracy, unabated crime, human rights violations worst than Marcos years, resurrection of more powerful oligarchs, rubber stamp legislature (might as lived in North Korea), unabashed corruption at all levels of government (Executive, Legislative, Judiciary) and all the way to Barangay Tanod. We can go on, but we’Ll run out of space, so fill in the rest. In other words, the AQUINO Government is THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!

    3. Marcos was a democratically elected President when he declared Martial Law. Therefore, he was representing the people. Martial Law is provided in the 1935 Constitution as a measure for which the President can quell a state of general lawlessness. Therefore, his act to place the country under martial rule is legal under the Constitution. How do you call those days when there was peace and prosperity, when there was discipline and responsibility?????

        1. tama tama. come on ninoy is a dying man.isang atake nlng tegok na xa.mabait nga si marcos at pinagamot pa sa usa. kng ako sa africa ko xa PAPAGAMOT. so its a hero set up by the communist and malaysia which trying to take sabah(datu of sulo) and mindanao. die and we will make your Family well compensated.and edsa was just a revolt or to say power grabbing. mahina na si Marcos at ayaw na si imelda ang mamono kaya si enrile at ramos want power. and us is aiming for the gold deposited to them. so you know what happed. but if Marcos is like Asad of syria and Kadafi of libya. dko lng alam.. power Vacuum which is happening to mid east.. So thanks to god FEM is a Christian. d lang natin alam remember tiamen square sa china at sa mid east.

  7. I was watching the news today, and I see the people were chanting Cory, Cory, Cory. I thought for while they were shouting: sorry, sorry, sorry. Hahaha, I had to increase the volume of the TV to make sure. Hahaha. My senses are playing tricks on me, I better hit the sack now.

    1. The “evil spirit” of Cory Aquino and Ninoy Aquino, jr., are influencing these people. They become YellowTard Zombies.

  8. the ghosts of hacienda luisita cast a karma to aquino-cojuangco clan. what will happen now, can pnoy reverse the SC decision to distribute the land and pay the farmers back for what they’ve converted to commercial center, housing, golf course, etc? is it the pilipinos worth dying for, or the hacienda luisita? poor ninoy and cory, at least they knew they won’t get the farm.

    1. According to Ninoy Aquino, Jr. : “The Hacienda Liisita is worth dying for…”…he died clutching a soil from Hacienda Luisita at Manila International Airport tarmac.

      1. From a different angle…
        Hacienda Luisita is worth KILLING for – Cory

        Can someone please pass a bill to revert the name of the airport back to the original one it had in its glory days?

  9. The fear-mongering that Aquino is using is that Marcos=Martial Law. So as long as a Marcos is involved, there will be martial law. Nah. People are too ignorant to realize that Martial Law is a group effort. It took a significant amount of the elite at the time to agree with it, while it also took other people in the government to plan and carry it out. That means Enrile, Ramos, Tatad and others in the government. Marcos alone could not have imposed martial law all by himself, of course.

      1. Yellows are too insecure of the Marcoses.
        The fact is that Ferdinand Marcos built a lot of infrastructures that we are still using until now.

        Aquinos never built any infrastructures, they only stole achievements from past presidents.

        Besides, Martial law is constitutional unlike the BBL and DAP.

        1. True. These Chinese–and their political pitbulls–have done nothing but rape the country of its wealth, and gave nothing in return to the people.

    1. So that means those yellowtards will call this Portugese professional footballer named Nélson Marcos an evil person only because of his last name? Those whiny little kids’ brains are obviously in their asses with that stupid mentality.

      1. domo,

        You got that right! The Chinese (and the Aquinos/Cojuangcos are Chinese-Failipinos) are the richest and most powerful people in the Failippines today. These Chinese have drain the country of its wealth and humanity until there is no more left. If every dumbass Failipino thinks the Chinese invasion will take place out in South China Sea, they are clearly mistaken. The Chinese invasion took place in 1986, have been gradually taking over in the last 30 years, and are already deeply-entrenched in the country’s infrastructures. We Failipinos are already being feudalized by the Chinese (through rising cost of living, destroying our livelihoods, and sending us out of the country as OFWs), but we are just too proud and equally too stupid to realize it.


  10. ang tunaw na magnanakaw ay nakasuot ng barong na kulay araw, ang tingin sa kanya ay santo pero ang totoo isa lng siyang kalbo at karamihan sa kanyang mga disipolo ay nabubulag at nasisilaw lng sa kulay na dilaw

  11. Google…. in 2009, Switzerland turned over to the Phil. Treasury $683M, a forfeiture of Marcos’ deposits. In August 2013, US awarded back to the Phil. P10B for the claims of the Human Rights victims. Where did the Marcoses get such a mind-boggling amount? Google- Marcos 2nd most corrupt leader in the world, 2nd only to Indonesia’s Suharto. These are not “haka-haka”, nor from “bias ABS-CBN. These are on record.

    1. March 10, 2008 – A Philippine court acquits Marcos in a 17-year-old case of 32 counts of illegal transfer of wealth totaling $863 million in Swiss bank accounts.

      A Manila court yesterday acquitted the flamboyant widow of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos of 32 counts of illegally transferring wealth abroad during her husband’s 20-year rule.
      The decision by Judge Silvino Pampilo Jr. of the Manila Regional Trial Court came after a 17-year trial in the case, involving some $863 million in Swiss bank accounts.
      Pampilo said the prosecution presented witnesses that were not directly relevant to the accounts, and failed to prove wrongdoing by Marcos beyond a reasonable doubt.
      Marcos and two associates were accused of unlawfully opening 11 dollar accounts in Switzerland under the names of 10 foundations linked to the Marcos family to hide alleged ill-gotten wealth, Pampilo said in a telephone interview.
      The money has been frozen by the government and is being held in escrow at the Philippine National Bank.
      The wealthy socialite, 79, gained fame for the extensive shoe collection and diamond- encrusted tiaras she left behind when she and her husband fled the country after his 1986 fall from power.
      After a 22-year search for the so-called hidden Marcos wealth, the government has only managed to retrieve 683 million from several Swiss bank accounts.
      The latest case was filed in 1991 by the Philippine government and has taken 16 years to work its way through the country’s convoluted legal system.

      1. How about Aquino’s DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, missing Typhoon Yolanda Relief Funds; Hacienda Luisita; Mamapasano massacre; etc…Aquino and Mar Roxas, are very much accountable on these issues…

        Abaya’s Laglag Bala scam…Aquino is also accountable on this…let us talk about Aquino, he is still in office. Marcos, Sr. is dead 30 years, ago. Let us all move on…

    2. The money being turn-over to the Philippines under the government of? Where are the money now? Who’s most corrupt, the one who took the turned-over money that cannot explain the whereabouts or the one who brought the money to Switzerland?

  12. This subject has spawned nearly a hundred comments.. some of them brief, others quite a mouthful. Almost all dwell on just two names, Aquino and Marcos; which leads one to believe that there are just two families in the country good enough to breed leaders. Really? If this is accepted by both the enlightened and the besotted (these pages offer a good cross-section of this fact), the country will surely continue to hobble on and be happy to just get by.. if at all it can.

  13. bombahin na namin……
    panu kung sinabi nya na oo.. edi edsa massacre
    lumipad puntang payao kaso linagay sa Hawaii ng mga kano.

    pinalitan. kodeta doon. kodeta dito.
    ibigay ang hacienda sa tao.kaso ang nangyari mendiola at luisita massacre.. now tignan mo pilipinas kontra hacienda. ung isa binigay. ung isa pumatay. come on…

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