‘Daisy’: Why I Lost Hope In The Philippines

WARNING: Mature readers only. This is NOT a joke. This issue continues to affect me on a very deep level. 

So there it is, it seems that the presidential debate is over (as covered here by Charles Englund) and people are now gearing up to celebrate the anniversary of the EDSA Revolution, the so-called bloodless revolution that allegedly freed us from the tyranny of Ferdinand Marcos. However, as cited by many of my fellow writers here on GRP like Ms. Ilda and Mike Portes, what changes have come are mostly negative and whatever positive results there are are all too often hoarded by the existing oligarchs that continue to oppress the Filipino people. At the end of the day, I find myself asking: “Are truly free as a people?”

Indeed, the more I look around, the more I see that we are most certainly not a free people. We are less the independent democracy that we insist we are and are essentially a feudal oligarchy with a dash of theocracy, what with the Catholic Church looking over our shoulder and expunging just about anything they find offensive from the local media such as the Theory of Evolution and foreign celebrities like Madonna. At the end of the day, the relationship between politicians and the common people are less like that of valued citizenry who choose their own leaders and more like that of starving slaves eager to please their often indifferent and sometimes cruel masters.

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Now, people say that there is still hope for the Filipino people. That somehow, even with all these troubles, there may yet be hope for the Philippines if the right leaders are put in power and/or if the people start changing their negative cultural attitudes. Sadly, I for one am not very optimistic. Sure, again, you may call me a bitter old coot. Go on, I won’t deny it and you have every right to accuse me of being a cynical pessimist.

Also, some of my readers have also began asking about my real identity and my goal in writing for GRP. Well then, let me tell you that I never really planned on becoming one of the most prolific writers here on Get Real. Indeed, I thought to myself that I would more ore less treat it as a hobby and only write from time to time. Unfortunately, one day, my boss and I stumbled into something horrible and prompted me to take my blogging here a little more seriously.

It all started with a girl named “Daisy”…

In just about every culture, you hear about things like people believing that “children are the future”. Indeed, Whitney Houston even sang a song about that, didn’t she? Here in the Philippines, we claim to be a child-friendly country and the esteemed Jose Rizal, our national hero, even says that our children are our nation’s hope.

Yeah, well, tell that to Daisy.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to be a little careful with this one because this is not for the faint of heart. No, this isn’t something we can laugh about and no, what I’m about to tell you isn’t fit to be read or heard by children. You have been warned, this has made both me and my boss sick for the better part of a year and there isn’t a time I wish I’d have forgotten the whole thing. However, since my boss specializes in helping “damaged” children overcome their traumas, this became a point of interest for her and, being her assistant at the time, me as well. Unfortunately, we both came to deeply regret finding out more about the issue.

Anyway, for those not in the know, back in 2015, a horrible man named Peter Scully was arrested in the Philippines. A brutal child molester, Peter Scully was well-known for committing various terrible acts against children and posted them as snuff films on the Deep Web. He had fled to the Philippines when Australian authorities caught on to his sick and disgusting activities.

While in the Philippines, he groomed a few young girls to become his accomplices including one that went on to become his girlfriend. Together, they committed monstrous acts against very young children including one little girl named “Daisy”. They subjected her to brutal torture, the details of which I cannot bring myself to remember let alone describe, before ending her life in the most gruesome and agonizing way possible.

What’s sad is that Daisy is not the only girl who’s been a victim of child abuse in our country not will she be the last.

It brings a tear to my eye that while there are people who scream “bloody murder” when celebrities like Vhong Navarro get beaten, there was hardly any reaction to the terrible fate that poor “Daisy” suffered. Sure, getting beat up sucks, been there, done that and Mr. Navarro certainly deserves justice for what happened to him. However, I need to ask, what about abused children like “Daisy” whose cases are largely ignored in our society. Why does it not outrage the common Filipino when our children, the so-called “hope” of our nation, are abused and killed in such terrible and dehumanizing ways?

Worse yet, at the very least, Peter Scully, the mastermind of this satanic incident was arrested and imprisoned, but what about all the other children in our country who have been raped, brutalized and slaughtered like animals? What about the little girl who’s body was simply thrown into a sewer for authorities to find and whose killers remain at large? Why is there no effort to better protect our children from sexual predators? Why are there no movements like “Pray for girls like Daisy” like they did for Vhong Navarro?

The Catholic Church and Manny Pacquiao can say anything and everything they want about God favoring the Philippines but Daisy and what happened to her has led me to believe that our country may very well be the perfect hiding place for demons…


20 Replies to “‘Daisy’: Why I Lost Hope In The Philippines”

  1. What can you expect when there are so many of these ankle-biters spawned…I mean let loose…to our society. Yet our leaders never attempt to stem the tide since their collective b@lls are being held for ransom by the Holy Catholic Church, fearing the dearth of new bodies for these aging c0cksucker$ to sate their lusts on

  2. Children in the Philippines are just another income source. I’m sure there are parents out there who would happily sell a spare kid to some predator. Plenty more where that one came from.

    “This people’s heart has become dull, and their ears are hard of hearing. They have shut their eyes so that they might not see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them”.

  3. In this country, if you are not a celebrity, you don’t count. You may die on the streets. Tortured by monstrous criminals. Yet, your name or your gruesome picture will never be on any newspaper.

    The little girl “Daisy” is just one of the unfortunate beings that fell into the hands of such evil sexual predator.

  4. At this point, the only way the Philippines will improve is either through hostile takeover or bloody revolution. Because the only thing that talks there is money. If you know how to handle it, it’s fair game. Otherwise, your a walking corpse.

    1. No bloody revolution will help the Philippines unless it is a large scale genocide with a cultural revolution. Duerte and some bloody dictatorship will not change anything. The real cause of failure is the dysfunctional Filipino culture and values that Filipinos ironically so proud of.

  5. I don’t quite understand all this blaming on Catholicism for the Filipino’s woes. Countries like Poland and Lithuania are predominantly Catholic with virtually none of the problems that plague the Philippines. A large Catholic nation like Brazil, despite its own political and social discords, is already making strides on the global stage by being an emerging power, is an active progressive member of BRICS, has already hosted the World Cup, and will showcase themselves to the world in this year’s Summer Olympics. So what the hell is the Philippines’ excuse? Oh right, being incompetent, inferior, and inadequate. A bottom of the barrel group of heathens. Filipinos are their own worst enemies. Give them an ideal or principle and they will screw it up faster than the blink of an eye.

    1. I can tell you’ve never been to Poland or know any Poles from your comment. It may not be as bad as PH, but it’s considered as one of Europe’s laggard nations. The number of Polish immigrating to Europe and elsewhere is staggering. There are reasons why the Syrian refugees don’t flock to Warsaw aside from the country’s low opinion of Muslims.

      1. Poles were victims a of the Communist Soviet Union and before that Nazi Germany. Their deep Catholic fate helped them to survive the tragedies and gave them the strain to overcome and defeat Communism. Their most important fighter and anti-Communist hero is the “Polish Pope” John Paul II. They were also the victim of Islamic Imperialism from the Ottoman Empire that again was defeated by the help of Pope Innocent XI. They may not be as rich as Western Europe but they are not poor either. Compare to the Philippines they are light years ahead in every aspect.

    2. It’s not the WHOLE source of the country’s woes, but the Catholic Church of the Philippines takes an awful lot of the blame. Note: not Catholicism per se, but the CCP. Out in the provinces, you’re talking about a barely-literate population with little value placed on their own lives or the lives of others. That represents rich pickings for a cult-like religious organisation.

      Most Filipinos who self-identify as Catholics are simply saying: “I go to church and do what they tell me”. Their religious beliefs and practices, if they have any, are more aligned to traditional Filipino beliefs in spirits, witchcraft, and suchlike. Many of them haven’t read the Bible and probably couldn’t give you a coherent explanation of Christian theology. About the only bit of the bible any of them could quote is “be fruitful and multiply”. And that they do, with abandon. Hence the poverty and rampant child abuse.

      Incidentally, MOST Catholic countries are in the same boat as the Philippines, including Brazil. I can’t think of a single Catholic country that could be considered progressive. Those that are tend to be secular in practice, and Catholic in name only.

      1. I wasn’t saying you were per say, I was really targeting Filipinos who do. The last few sentences I wrote is pretty much in agreement of how their stupidity has gotten the best (or worst) of them.

  6. There are many “Daisy” like victims in the Philippines. The truth is most of the rapes are done by Filipino men including incest. Every year there are 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand) teenage pregnancies in the Philippines. How many of those are the result of rape? How many of those are girls younger than 14? Consider that those are only the ones who got pregnant. What about the unreported rapes and those that did not cause pregnancy? The writer should focus on the real problem and not one sicko Australian. If Filipinos really care about Daisy than they would not cover up their culture of sex abuse and rape. Come on Filipinos and start digging because that would explain why there is not much sympathy for Daisy. It is sadly part of Filipino culture that so many Filipinos practice in one way or another and out of pride or shame they just ignore it.

  7. The first step to getting independence, it is to have an independent mindset. Start thinking for yourself… Start thinking of what you can do to make the country a better place. It is not about supporting a Marcos or an Aquino. It is about what you can do to make the country a better place. Unfortunately, most people here are too selfish to act. They would rather depend on a politician for the improvement of the country. This mindset is not a good thing because it only feeds the corruption of the country. I remember talking to this person, he has some brains, hard working and he knows the corruption of the country. Problem is, He won’t do a thing because he has the mindset that an ordinary person has no right or cannot do anything for the country. With this kind of mindset and thinking. Many people would just stand and watch instead of doing something to make the country a better place. Take the police force as an example, we all know corruption is all around. But the ordinary police officers know that they can’t do anything because they’re ordinary people, so they either join the corruption or just ignore it. And then we have the church… We all hear teachings about Jesus… Moses… And the disciples… People hear it every Sunday? But where are the modern day Jesus? Why aren’t people doing what Jesus did? Answer is simple… They would rather wait for their saviors than take actions. And that is why this country is hopeless.

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