Get Real Manny Pacquiao And Vice Ganda! You’re BOTH Naked Emperors!

I’m more than a little disappointed that there are still a lot of you who failed or outright refused the point of my previous article. I find it sad that, even when I made it clear what I was talking about, some of you still assumed all kinds of things and insisted that I was defending the depravity of bad people in the Philippines and calling out Manny Pacquiao on what he seems to think is the “truth”. Well then, this is a follow-up ladies and gentlemen and, this time, I hope you get what I’m trying to say because, if not, then we probably really are a nation that is utterly doomed by our own stupidity and madness.

First off though, let me do some Bible Bashing of my own. Yes, it’s actually relevant to the topic at hand, so pay close attention. Also, for our non-Christian readers, not to worry, I’m going to explain it all in a minute.


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Here’s three verses from the Bible I’d like everyone to think about:

“If you pay attention when you are corrected, you are wise.”

~Proverbs 15: 31

“If you refuse to learn, you are hurting yourself. If you accept correction, you will become wiser.”

~Proverbs 15: 32

“If you let a fool deliver a message, you might as well cut off your own feet; you are asking for trouble.”

~Proverbs 26: 6

“Praising someone who is stupid makes as much sense as tying a stone in a sling.”

~Proverbs 26: 8

“Better to correct someone openly than to let him think you don’t care for him at all.”

~Proverbs 29: 5

There, for our readers who adhere to Christian beliefs, kindly read those quotes I’ve put up and carefully consider the words contained in them.

Okay, so I now have a lot of people asking me who’s side am I on, Manny Pacquiao or Vice Ganda? Well, to answer your question, I will have to say neither because both are tactless and tasteless when it comes to what they’re supposed to be doing.

Let’s start with Vice Ganda, shall we? Truth be told Vice Ganda is a media icon. Millions of Filipinos watch his shows on a daily basis because they find him funny and entertaining. Unfortunately, truth be told, I find him detestable for his all too often cruel sens of humor and immoral behavior on live TV no less! People embrace him as the go-to for comedy even when he doesn’t even compare to legends like Dolphy, Babalu or Redford White. What’s worse is that, according to Ms. Ilda’s recent article here, he is a terrible disgrace for gays everywhere and should be sanctioned by MTRCB because of the unwholesome entertainment he espouses on local media.

Now let’s go over to Manny Pacquiao. Truth be told, I still see him as a better person than Vice Ganda. After all, his legacy as a boxer has made him a living legend for Filipinos and is lauded throughout the world for being such an astounding athlete. I am also deeply impressed by his philanthropy and his willingness to help the poor. Unfortunately, none of these translate into being a good politician, namely a congressman. Congress is about making laws, ladies and gentlemen, and is crucial for the continued function of our nation. What’s sad is that Manny Pacquiao doesn’t seem to care one bit about his duties and responsibilities as a congressman and has apparently attended four sessions out of all the assemblies that were called. And now, the guy wants to be a senator…

All I have to ask now is: “How? How did my beloved country come to this? Why, whatever did we do to deserve this?”

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple: The stupidity of the Pinoys who worship said individuals.

Truth be told, whenever I criticize something in the local media, people are quick to tell me: “But they have a right to do that!” Followed quickly by: “Who are you to judge?”

Well, the truth of the matter is that were it not for the approval of stupid Pinoys, Vice Ganda wouldn’t be a vaunted celebrity and Manny Pacquiao wouldn’t be a congressman and an aspiring senator. It all boils down to the point of another of my articles which tackles “idol worship” in our society. If we just had more taste and critical thinking, Vice Ganda and his crassness would remain in the confines of gay bars and not live television and Manny Pacquiao could just focus on his boxing, religion and philanthropy. But no, you guys had to go and put these two on high pedestals and worship them as living gods whom you think are more important than the invention of electricity and the automobile. A lot of you seem to think that just because they’re rich, famous and talented in their own respective field, they are qualified to run a country and become the leaders of an already blind and beleaguered nation.

What makes all this worse is that there are those who have made Vice Ganda and Manny Pacquiao untouchable to criticism. I’m betting that when Vice Ganda wanted to bring his immorality on live TV, no one was willing to oppose him because they found him entertaining and not because they thought his shows were wholesome or informative to those who may be watching. Also, when Manny Pacquiao wanted to become congressman, no one in his circle ever discouraged him and told him that the duties of a congressman involves making laws and generally making economic improvements for the country.

Again, I clarify my point to you all:

The biggest problem in our country is our tendency to worship celebrities and think of them as perfect and untouchable. We rarely, if ever, consider the possibility that they are not qualified to be where they are like nationwide TV or politics and simply stick to what they know best. Indeed, I have come to believe that it is the aristocratic mindset or the lord-and-peasant relationship prevalent in our society today that has indeed doomed us and the generations that will follow.

In all honesty, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the AlDub couple dabbled in politics and actually succeeded…

25 Replies to “Get Real Manny Pacquiao And Vice Ganda! You’re BOTH Naked Emperors!”

  1. They should both run for president. Whichever way the vote goes, the country could finally achieve what it truly desires: government of idiots, by idiots, for idiots.

    Personally, I see in the Philippines the final end result of what’s called ‘non-judgmentalism’. In my culture, to be called ‘non-judgmental’ is a compliment. The implication is that you are incapable of determining whether something is good or bad, useful or useless, noble or vile. The PC brigage actually think this is a good thing.

    1. This is the final result of PC CULTURE: the Philippines. A place where you can’t say the truth because “MY FEELINGS!”. Or best known as delicadeza there. It’s funny. The Philippines is more or less a gateway to the future of America. If everything went to hell and the wrong people got in power.

  2. I stayed away all week, avoiding writing a GRP article about all of this.

    My premise is this: I cringed when Pacquiao said what he said, but inwardly I knew that things WILL run their proper course in due time. Turns out they eventually did.

  3. Excellent article. You said it well and you said it all, I think. I hope you would continue to be objective and will not turn to self-righteousness in the future. Having said this, if there’s no one else to choose from but between Manny and Lito Lapid, who are you going to vote for as Senator? Just asking…

    1. Hmm… That’s a tough question…

      Okay, how about this?

      Let’s decide who becomes president through combat! I heard that Lito Lapid can hit two targets by splitting a single bullet with his sword.

  4. Good article Grimwald, I agree with almost all of your points. But I don’t think the biggest problem in this country is ” our tendency to worship celebrities and think of them as perfect and untouchable.” there are certain ills in our country which is more worrisome than what you stated. (eg. rampant corruption, miseducation and total brainwashing of the masses, anti-intellectual attitude, and the likes). although I do agree that celebrity worship in this “barren-wasteland” is a problem it is not the single biggest problem in our nation. piz 😀

  5. The question now are do Manny Pacquiao really read the entire Holy Bible and understands it in order to become a good Christian? And I also include this one for the Islam, do those ISIS members really read the entire Quran (Koran) and understands it in order to become a good Muslim?

    In order to answer this question, we will watch this youtube video about how religion gone wrong:

  6. “The fool and his money, will soon be parted”…states the Christian Bible. I have a good reading on the passages of Rev. Thaddeus Grimwald. They are good passages from the Christian Bible.

    Popularity have a tremendous influence, in choosing our political leaders. Just look at, how many stupid, uneducated, clueless celebrities are elected by dumb electorates. See also, how many unqualified celebrities are running for public offices.

    Vice Ganda is a good showman/show woman. He/She is spicing his/her shows with eroticism, for a good sale turnout of tickets. It’s all show business. Remember, that pornography is a billion dollar industry in our world. The Vice Ganda “giling giling” maybe inappropriate to many, but it is business. Willie Revillame’s Wowoowee did also the “giling giling”, or “igiling mo, baby”…and it was a huge sell out. People even rioted, to get into the show, resulting to fatalities.

    I, myself, cannot understand the stupidity of the Filipinos. This is what we are…so, we remain the basket case country of Asia.

  7. There are twelve Political Parties, (including ‘Independents’), fielding a total of fifty Senatorial candidates in the coming elections. It is not clear what each of these political parties stand for, (if at all they have specific platforms); neither is it known whether the individual candidates have any development program that they would promote for the country if or when elected. Given this confused melee, we just have to assume that the voters will have to go by the individual candidate’s popularity, or notoriety. (Given the prevailing ‘voter profile’, the latter description does apply.) For those candidates who have neither popularity nor notoriety, ‘name recall’ might be an advantage. In the past, however, this factor has proven to be unreliable. Names like Gordon, Magsaysay and Osmena have misfired and have proven to give no guarantees. (I am not, by the way, promoting any of these names.)

    I am afraid that we will be stuck in our familiar ‘rut’ with the likes of Estrada, Ejercito, Lapid, Sotto and Revilla.. ‘public servants'(?) who have proven to be untrustworthy. It even looks like the rolls of this ‘tribe’ will be increased.. with the addition of Alma Moreno and Manny Pacquiao.

    There is, indeed, something to the authors beef about ‘Idolatry’.

  8. “Celebrity worship” might be the term but i think its because most of our people are poor and un educated and when they see someone who is also poor succeed, they can identify with. They see themselves and believe one day can also be like that person. Its just like people who bet in jueteng or lottO hoping to make it big someday instead of saving money.

    1. At least in jueteng and lotto, you have a chance of winning, if luck is on your side.

      In voting for stupid, clueless, uneducated and incompetent candidates, who are popular. You will never have any chance of winning.

      It is a loss- loss situation, any side, I look on.

  9. Question, when will a new story or post not about Manny or Vice be written? There are 9 articles about this situation. I think it time for us to receive some of your other noteworthy news that keeps me reading your stories at least something in the tech or other sections, if not on the front page of the website.

    1. Working on something new and unrelated now. You may have to wait though.

      However, I don’t write news. The other authors do but me? I’m just a high functioning troll. So, if you’re looking for news, Thaddeus Grimwald is the wrong name to look for.

  10. I comes to a simple fact that Filipinos don’t have love for Manny Pacquiao, never had. They just love to take pride in his success. Now he screwed up Filipinos will just trash him and will not stand up for him by being fair and unbiased. If they stand up for him is just to save face but not out of love for him. This is just part of the viscous side of Filipino culture. I predict he will move to the USA to get away from his people for good.

    1. Manny Pacquiao is a big boy; he can take a punch.. so don’t fret or waste a tear. I learned early on that…”if you’d made your bed, you sleep on it”. Manny should now sleep on his.

  11. agree on all points. in fact, i agree on almost all articles from get real ph

    except for one word “Aldub”. please leave them in any of your topics. they do not deserve to be criticized by the intelligent netizens. they are just plain network talents who happen to work according to their gifts. it is not their fault if people put them on a pedestal because they relieve much of the stress we experience everyday. and they reciprocate their followers with gratefulness by continuing what they do. they cannot change now.

    they are not like manny pacquiao. not vice ganda. not even like pnoy or binay whom we can really point out the negatives. they have no record of corruption, non-performance, indecencies, etc. and that cannot be said about alden and maine. and associating them to persons with bad reps is also not fair. let them people believe good values still exist.

    i know people here do not want/care to be popular. and you hate the shallowness of the filipino showbiz. i admire you for that. but please pick the right examples. it makes me think you also envy them

    i bet you collect something or do something that makes you disconnect from the everyday problems. and it also takes much of your time. well some people are not lucky to support any hobby. thanks for free tv (for some its the neighbor’s)

    there are deserving names you can replace the Aldub word in your article and it would bring the same message.. just a request.

  12. In these circumstances they did what most of Failipinos in the Failippines do, and, being ignorant of the truth, persuaded themselves into believing what they wished to believe.

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