Brian Poe Llamanzares’s expensive Nike shoes can’t help him travel back in time

You could say that it is his own money anyway and he could do whatever he wants with it including buy a pair of limited edition Back to the Future Marty McFly Nike sneakers. They say the shoes, which are ugly in my opinion, would set you back almost one million pesos. That’s how much people speculate Brian Poe Llamanzares paid for his own pair and that’s exactly what set some people’s tongues wagging. Personally, I’d put that kind of money into something that would yield a better return on investment and not on something I would literally put on dirt, but that’s just me.

Genuine or fake? The meme featuring Brian Poe Llamanzares's controversial million-peso shoes (Photo source:

Genuine or fake? The meme featuring Brian Poe Llamanzares’s controversial million-peso shoes
(Photo source:

Llamanzares is the son of Senator and Presidential candidate Grace Poe. The senator needs this controversy around her son’s shoes like she needs a hole in the head. Her legal woes are far from behind her. She’s battling disqualification cases against her left, right and center. This makes some people wonder why her son would act like he doesn’t have a care in the world and post a photo that screams “thoughtless extravagance!”

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Yes, people can be forgiven for saying that Brian exhibited his thoughtlessness and acted like a typical space cadet when he posted a photo of himself on social networking site Instagram looking like he came back from the past wearing a whole ensemble worn by actor Michael J. Fox from the popular movie from the 80s. I mean, I’m a fan of the film but I wouldn’t go as far as to dress like one of the characters from it. It’s just too tacky for my taste. This brings us to the sad fact that people can’t buy good taste no matter how much money they have.

Some of Senator Poe’s critics are now equating Brian’s juvenile actions as a sign of things to come if his mother wins the Presidency – that they will act like royalty or a bunch of privileged brats similar to how the sons and daughters of a typical Filipino politician behave. While people shouldn’t judge Brian’s character based on his posts on Instagram, people are allowed to say it is insensitive especially at a time when his mother is still in the hot seat.

There are also people who said that now they realize why Poe and her family prefer to live in the Philippines. They say it’s probably because they like the way they are treated like celebrities by their Filipino supporters in the country. I can imagine how, back in the U.S., they are treated just like any other run-of-the-mill migrants. They wouldn’t have been treated like celebrities there. The attention they get from celebrity-obsessed Filipinos would be good for their egos. No wonder Brian felt like posting like Marty McFly. Too bad Brian can’t travel back in time to stop himself from posting the photo now that he knows it would catch the attention of the Netizens.

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