3 Big Changes Brought About By The EDSA Revolution In The Last 30 Years


And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the LP has built a museum to commemorate the alleged “successes” of the EDSA Revolution. The Aquino family, their partners and supporters seem to hold the EDSA Revolution in a high regard, considering it their greatest success as it supposedly freed the Filipino people from the “tyranny” of the Marcos regime. The Aquinos are also considered responsible for the current “democratic” form of government in the Philippines today and their supporters seem to believe that we owe them the kind of “freedom” we are said to enjoy today.

Well, I’ll leave it up to you what you want to believe. Thing is, I’ve repeated myself many, many times here in GRP but it seems that some of you continue to cling to your delusions and would rather eat the sugar-coated crap fed to you by the media than the bitter but nutritious vegetables more intellectual people are putting on offer. For instance, note how the LP and their allies in the media are going all out in destroying the reputation and credibility of Senator Bong-Bong Marcos, the son of former president Ferdinand Marcos for fear of him gaining vice presidency in the 2016 elections. According to President Aquino, Senator Marcos will probably be just like his father and eventually become a dictator. Of course, I can also cite President Aquino’s great grandfather who sold the Philippines out to Imperial Japan during WWII but I know some of you out there aren’t interested in listening to that, are you?


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Anyway, this article will be discussing what the EDSA Revolution really brought about in the Philippines today based on my own observations on society at large…

The Government Has Become A Mafia

Okay, to be honest, even in American history, mafias or crime syndicates grow powerful enough to become influential on a political scale. One can sometimes note old black-and-white pictures that depict a governor or mayor shaking hands with a criminal kingpin back in 1920’s-1950’s America. However, in the Philippines, it is all too often the mafia themselves who become part of the government.

Of course, what can we expect from a country that considers popularity as the number one qualification for becoming a leader? Indeed, it is thanks to this mindset that people who are clearly unqualified for their position manage to become powerful and influential individuals. As long as a person has charisma and is on good terms with the media, their intellect and their true intentions (which are all too often selfish) become irrelevant to the voting populace.

Indeed, one can note how the factional attitude of Pinoy politics resemble all too much the feuding families of warring gangs in the United States back during the 20’s. Rife with nepotism, deception and petty rivalries, both Pinoy politicians and criminal organizations both competed with each other and were all too ready to resort to violence to get what they wanted. Doubly so for their supporters who all too often saw them as saviors and protectors who, at the end of the day, were just being used and were deceived by their acts of “goodwill” which cleverly hid their much more sinister aspects.

Filipinos Have Become Dumber

Okay, you guys can always contradict this statement but here’s something I noticed:

When I ask slightly older people about Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick, here’s their usual reaction:

“Is that the one about the whale?”

“Oh, the one with that handsome man, Gregory Peck, I think his name was.”

“Wait, is that about that crazy captain who got all his men killed just because he wanted revenge on some fish?”

Now, contrast this with the reaction of typical Pinoys born in the 90’s onward:

“Ew, you’re such a pervert!”

“Sorry, I don’t watch porn.”

“Why do you love porn so much?”

Okay, so maybe Moby-Dick is a poor example but take note the difference between the mindsets, attitudes and knowledge between the people in the decades that followed the EDSA Revolution. I can note that majority of people who grew up during the Marcos regime and the next few years that followed are often well-read and have quite a few good stories to tell. From the 90’s onward, most of the stories people tell one another are often tasteless and heavily cliched. Sure, this doesn’t apply to everyone but the ratio between well-read people and fandumb people has become quite staggering in the past few years.

It can be noted that while the regimes that followed Marcos might not be as censorship-heavy, the current media might as well be considering they only air the shallowest of shows and the dumbest of ideas. They reduce historical events and philosophical discussions to “theme park” levels, meaning everything is just black and white or good or bad instead of choosing a more realistic and accurate approach. This leads to silly beliefs and expectations and leads people to vote for people based on what they seem to be rather than what they stand for.

Our all too often biased media combines well with the poor education our children receive to ensure that they think like children for the rest of their lives. People tend to dismiss foreign animated programming as childish but, more often than not, they usually have more to offer emotionally, intellectually and, sometimes, spiritually. At the end of the day, while we may be numerous as a people, Filipinos as a whole become less productive every year.

We Have Become A Laughing Stock To The Global Community

Truth be told, the Philippines has always been dependent on foreign aid to bolster our military. However, there was indeed a time when we were respected by other nationalities. Of course, while this can’t be attributed to the Marcos regime alone as President Magsaysay certainly did a lot to improve the country as well, one can still note that the Philippines before the EDSA Revolution was still somewhat better than after it.

When once the Philippines was considered a good example of progress and prosperity, our country is now better known for being a country full of prostitutes, slaves and terrorists as well as a haven for monstrous pedophiles like Peter Scully.


So really ladies and gentlemen, don’t forget to thank Tita Country for these three “blessings” she brought upon us!

20 Replies to “3 Big Changes Brought About By The EDSA Revolution In The Last 30 Years”

  1. In a banana republic, one good example is the Failippines (in particular), Failipinos (after EDSA 1986) might slip on a banana peel but things do work – now and then for the Failipinos, albeit inefficiently and unreliably.

  2. Buddy Grimwald…

    The so-called “EDSA Experiential Museum” was based on the movie The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, wherein several of the YellowTard dumbass “concept artists” watched the movie, and told themselves that, “Hey, this is a great idea, to bring the endless unhealing wounds of EDSA”.

    Enough said.

  3. The ultimate irony is that Filipinos have become slaves to their own so called freedom. The whole country is more or less a wounded, prideful old man crippled with disease, who fails to realize the predators surrounding him and waiting for him to tumble over before they could strike.

  4. Another thing, the whole concept of the Aquinos being savior a have set forth a destructive mindset that has plagued the country ever since: don’t do anything, and just pray. Someone sent from heaven will save you!

    The greatest ruse in history. Tricking the people in believing the tyrants are their saviors.

  5. If you have been out of the Philippines, you cannot deny the amount of rubbish being fed by TFC (especially the yellow one) to our fellow countrymen. I believe that OFWs are the main drivers of the country and they have found a way to zombify most, if not all of the OFWs. These zombified OFWs in turn, infect their families. Being the breadwinner, they have the last say with their families. In effect they are producing more zombies.

    If you are na OFW, I tell you this: nakalabas ka na nga ng bansa, hindi mo pa rin makuha palawakin ang kaalaman mo na ang mundo ay hindi umiikot sa Pilipinas lang.

  6. Years ago, I’ve always thought that EDSA 86 was a good thing. I mean I have always compared it to when the Berlin Wall was put down. I still compare it with the Berlin Wall up to now but I think in ’86 we may have demolished our own wall but we build a new one and this time its taller and thicker.

    EDSA 1 perhaps may have been something worth to be proud of or looking back. However, it became lame when Filipinos failed to move on and convert whatever ‘freedom’ or good things from it to move the country forward. Hence, from an occasion of pride, Feb. 25 became a date of frustration. EDSA 86 lacked the results it promised to bring. What? Freedom to speak? – Perhaps up to the 90s media can be suppressed, but now? “You can’t stop the internet.” – UFC’s Joe Rogan.

    So, do I think we should still celebrate EDSA anniversaries? Well, couples celebrate wedding anniversaries not only because they don’t want to forget their wedding day but because they have something AFTER their wedding day that is worth celebrating like the successes of their children, or the big obstacles they overcame as a couple.

    Why would I still celebrate Feb 25 when all I can remember for the past 5 years is the trouble it caused me as a commuter more than an occasion where I’m suppose to have regained my ‘freedom’ to speak? I simply want more results than freedom to speak.

    1. There was freedom to speak even BEFORE the EDSA 1986″ fake” revolution. How did you think the media destroyed Marcos then? The media destroyed Marcos via propaganda and fake news.. And yes, there was democracy even BEFORE 1986, in fact democracy never left even during martial law, coz martial law save democracy from the invading communists groups (supported by the “fake hero” Ninoy Aquino). Well, imagine from 2017 to 2018, there is martial law in Mindanao, do people there have freedom to speak??? YES. People n Mindanao are free, except for the criminals and terrorists they are the ones who fear martial law.

  7. Two additional changes:

    4) The Chinese businesses became richer and more powerful that they literally own the entire country; the Koreans businesses are soon to follow (a threat to the entire nation’s quality of life).

    5) The Balikbayans and OFWs became more arrogant and flamboyant due to their increased buying power, while the rest of the population burns with envy and covetousness at what they have (a threat to one’s personal safety and security).

    These additional changes makes the Failippines a chaotic and dangerous place to live in and visit.

  8. Bloodless as it may have been at the start, the dumbing down of the populace is maybe the single biggest collateral damage in this Yellow revolution.

    We reap what we sow. Hopefully, we’ll sew what we rip.

    Calling all who still love this country to continue pouring out these blog comments and “articles of war”. An emerging generation is at stake – let’s not lose this one.

    – Filipino Mind Revolution –
    – Common Sense for Pinoys –
    – Zaxxun Creed –

    PS: More power to GetRealPhilippines – at the forefront of this raging battle for the Filipino mind, or whatever’s left of it. Remember: unity is a fortress.

  9. Aquino , Mar Roxas and their YellowTard cronies and cahoots; cannot live without thinking about EDSA. It is like “Air” to them…some sort of dysfunctional narcissistic syndrome. It is the EDSA sickness…they have been sick for more than 30 years. It is like Aquino’s depression and paranoia.

    Aquino , Mar Roxas and their LP cronies, have to build a “museum” to ask people to worship them as “heroes and saints”…and get their votes…

    They have performed with incompetence, and massive corruption, during their terms in offices. They cannot present any platform; or solutions to the problems of the country. So, they present: EDSA. They should put the EDSA museum at the foot of Mt. Makiling…so that, it will go with: “The legend of Maria Makiling”..these people are really pathetic.

    1. Government has become a Mafia – With DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, Typhoon Yolanda Relief funds missing, etc…the Aquino government has become more notorious than the American Mafia. Aquino has also many murders, massacres, killings, etc…

    2. Filipinos have become dumber – Watching the ABS CBN, and other network shows, have surely made Filipinos, as DumbAss, as they can be made…Kris Aquino, Vice Ganda, Sotto, Boy Abundia, etc…dumb people, the common TV viewers, emulate…

    3. Filipinos, a laughingstock of the Global community – It is not a joke, to go to earn your daily living, as an OFW, in a foreign country. You get: abused; looked down as economic refugee; overworked; mistreated; short changed in your pay; etc…while Aquino, Mar Roxas, and the rest of the YellowTard gangs, feast on your money remittances.

    These are the products of Aquino’s EDSA, with the Hacienda Luisita scam: Laglag Bala scam; BBL scam , etc…in the backround. They should put a museum of their thievery, incompetence and corruption, also.

    1. You are right. During Marcos years, the Philippines was well respected in other countries and was in fact, the second richest in Asia next to Japan. After 1986 EDSA fake revolution, not elected president Cory Aquino gave freedom to criminals and terrorists in the country.

  10. Filipinos, a laughingstock of the Global community – It is not a joke, to go to earn your daily living, as an OFW, in a foreign country. You get: abused; looked down as economic refugee; overworked; mistreated; short changed in your pay; etc…while Aquino, Mar Roxas, and the rest of the YellowTard gangs, feast on your money remittances.

  11. Who ever becomes our next Leaders, I hope to see changes in life for the future of the next generation.
    Never mind us who, have witness the same propagandas over the decades.

  12. Haha Moby Dick! Wonder if anyone thinks Dick Tracy is about a porn star with tattoos on his tool.

    You got it right about the international respect. There are actually yellow-tards out there who think the Philippines is a glowing beacon respected by other nations. Worse, they cite Aquino making speeches in the US and Japan to back up these claims. Then when they travel abroad they see how Filipinos are really regarded i.e. as servants and people who can’t get their act together.

  13. The sad reality of those who are making negative comment about Martial Law and the Marcoses has no objectives in knowing rhe truth.. they are satisfied of being spoon fed with negative propaganda by the leftist. They believe right away withoutsearching or at least the usage of Common Sense…must they realize that there are two sides of a story. If not of Martial Law there would be no massive developments in our country.. When did Tourism started to bloom in our country.. I remember very well coz i’m one of the beneficiary of it…’twas 1975-1976 that large Hotels started to pop out.. massive developments of Metro Manila including widening of road, underpasses and light trail transit were at the initial stages. Kokonti pasaway noong panahon ng Martial…but when it was lifted in 1981.. doon naglabasan ang mga Communist inspired followers..

    1. You are right. And yes, after 1986 fake revolution, Cory Aquino freed criminals and communists and she also gave freedom for bad elements to prosper in the country. Then rebels and communists even worked for the government. From second richest country in Asia during Marcos years, the EDSA 1986 fake revolution started the downfall of the Philippines, via “saint” Cory Aquino.

    1. It divided the nation, becoz EDSA 1986 was a “fake” revolution. Majority of Filipinos voted for Marcos in 1986. Remember that both the recounts from Comelec and Namfrel resulted to Marcos still as the legal elected presidential winner.. but Marcos was kidnapped and brought to Hawaii and was never allowed to return to the Philippines while alive. Marcos even offered to pay all the debts of the Philippines in 1989 if Cory would only allow him to go back to the Philippines before he died. Marcos asked VP Laurel for a meeting with Cory Aquino but Cory rejected to meet with VP Laurel and Marcos, becoz Cory had a meet and greet with Tom Cruise! Read more about it here https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1370&dat=19971016&id=CKAVAAAAIBAJ&sjid=-woEAAAAIBAJ&pg=3698,2243951&hl=en

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