Are Filipinos Ugly?

Take note ladies and gentlemen, the title isn’t meant to be an insult or a personal attack against the Filipino people. Instead, it is a challenge and a question for you, dear reader, on what you have to say about Filipinos and whether or not you find us pleasant company. The truth is, there have been quite a few articles that have been written about the victory of Ms. Universe Philippines Pia Wurtzbach with some of them even being written by me. However, I need to ask the question above because I think we really need to reconsider our definition of “beauty” and “ugliness” in our society especially with the many issues we have to face as a people.

First off, let’s begin with just how we define “beauty” and “ugliness” in our own parlance. “Beauty” or “kagandahan” is often associated with pleasantness, desirability and everything we want. “Ugliness” or “kapangitan”, on the other hand, is associated with unpleasantness, undesirability and everything that disgusts us. Of course, the definition of these words is pretty much the same no matter where you go in the world and just about every culture has its own way of defining what is beautiful and what is ugly. For instance, some Eastern-European and Middle-Eastern cultures see men’s chest hair as a sign of virility and manliness while in some parts of Far East Asia, it is often scoffed at and disdained.


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However now, let’s go back to my question: Are Filipinos ugly?

While I’d like to be nice and say that we indeed have some redeeming and therefore “beautiful” qualities, I’m of the opinion that our negative attitudes outweigh whatever positive traits some of our countrymen may possess. The thing is, the “ugliness” of our country doesn’t stem from any of our physical traits as some of my foreign friends even state that things like short stature, dark skin or a flat-nose can be attractive on a person who knows how to handle or carry him or herself. What makes us “ugly” as a people is our own attitude and mindset that seeps into our culture and society, similar to how a broken or leaky sewer pipe can ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful building.

Now, as with all my articles, you’re welcome to object and present your own observations to counter mine but, before you do, here are mine:

We Lack Self-Acceptance

One of the biggest problems with our country as a whole is our inability of face facts and accept reality as it is. Indeed, as some here have already stated, most of our media is nothing more than escapist entertainment. Of course, truth be told, there’s nothing wrong with escapist entertainment as I too engage in it on a semi-regular basis. However, the problem occurs when it’s the only thing and there’s nothing and there’s very little that can remind the viewer of what’s real and what’s really important.

The point of my article about Pia Wurtzbach’s victory in the previous Ms. Universe pageant (that everyone seemed to miss) was why are so many of us beholden to European standards of beauty? Why can’t a lot of us accept that dark skin can also be beautiful and either make fun of those who have it or struggle to bury ourselves in cosmetic products (often leading to making oneself looking like an awkward espasol in the process) when we do? Why is it none of the heroes of many mainstream programs look nothing like typical Filipinos and more like Europeans and those who do look like ethnic Filipinos (i.e.: Andrew E., Eugene Domingo or Bayani Agbayani) are often relegated to being comic reliefs and bumbling sidekicks that are often at the receiving end of slapstick violence for the amusement of audiences as mentioned by one of our commenters?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me rephrase what I said in that previous article that was misunderstood by many. Until the common Filipina, with dark skin, flat nose and small stature can say for herself: “I am beautiful!”, then I can assure you that we will always be an ugly people. After all, how can we expect others to accept us when we cannot accept ourselves for who we are?

We Lack Self-Respect

One of the things I was first made to do when I was struggling with my depression was develop a healthy sense of self-respect. Truth be told that back then, I was no different from your typical Pinoy: I often made a fool of myself through wanting to please everyone (not unlike Mar Roxas, now that I have time to really think about it) and then played the victim card when things didn’t go my way. Later on though, thanks to my counselor, I saw how foolish my beliefs were and gained a healthy amount of respect for myself in the process. What’s sad is that a lot of Pinoys out there still have the same mindset to this day and live in a cycle of stupidity, failure and disappointment.

What’s worse is that our media even seems to promote this kind of behavior. Just take one look at our local prize-winning shows and you’ll see what I’m talking about. People by the thousands line up for game shows wherein they are made to make fools of themselves on live TV just for a chance to win a measly amount of money. Then they are made to make themselves as pathetic and pitiful as possible when telling their life’s story by the show’s hosts who are often shown grinning like lunatics when the contestant isn’t facing them.

The thing is, “pathetic” is as far a definition from beauty as one can surmise. While it may not always be true, real confidence often denotes competence as a person who is confident in his or her abilities often looks more in control of a situation than one who is not. Unfortunately, as it turns out in our country, the more pitiful a person, the more desirable they seem to be in our culture. Just listen to our local love songs and you’ll hear that begging for love in our society seems to be more acceptable than making oneself more “lovable” through one’s own efforts.

As such, being more or less metaphorical slaves and prostitutes, we have no “dignity” (which is really just another synonym for “self-respect”) as a people. And sadly, without a sense of dignity, we can never really be a “beautiful” people.

We Are Largely Ignorant And Apathetic

Have you ever heard of the saying: “Beauty comes from within”? Well, as corny as it may sound, it’s actually true…

Well, allow me to expound first: The thing is I’m not a very attractive person. In fact, I’m probably a lot uglier in the physical sense than a lot of Filipinos. However, as I’ve come to notice, I got considerable attention from speaking of relevant issues and making historical jokes. With my gaming guild being an international community, all I can say is that if you can address various problems plaguing the world today and make references to historical figures from different parts of the world, then you will probably gain at least a small audience of different nationalities.

The thing is, the Filipino sentiments of anti-intellectualism and selfish ignorance make for a very ugly combination. See, the big problem is, we come off as ignorant savages or third-world bumpkins to the global community because we refuse to know or care about the things around us. One example is our lack of interest in our own history with some people preferring near-pornographic films like Ex With Benefits over gems like Heneral Luna. Another, of course, would be our penchant for littering and our lack of respect for one another and our surroundings. Last is our often blatant refusal to take action to remedy our situation and preference for just blaming our corrupt government and its constituents.

I’m not saying that being smart automatically makes one beautiful or being dumb makes one ugly. What I am saying is that company who is wise, kind and strong is always preferable to company that is clueless, awkward and pathetic. Indeed, I can tell you right now that any woman can be blessed with a pretty face but if she lacks any sense of personal hygiene and has little to no fashion-sense, then she probably won’t attract that many admirers. Also, a man who can make you laugh from your heart is often considered more desirable as a partner (according to some women in more developed parts of the world at least) than a man who might be rich or handsome but can’t even start a simple conversation.

So let me ask you: How can we have a beautiful country when every Filipino seems to take pride in throwing their trash just anywhere as described by ChinoF here? How can we call our society “beautiful” when we barely know ourselves as a people and understand just how we came to be? Finally, can we be considered a “beautiful” people when we blatantly treat each other like dirt just to get ahead in life?


Again, if you disagree with my sentiments, you’re welcome to prove me wrong…

73 Replies to “Are Filipinos Ugly?”

  1. This is the result of colonialism from different countries. The “indios” lost their self-esteem when the Spaniards made us look so inferior with their “matapobre” attitude. That’s how it all started I think. From then on everybody thought a fairer skin is the basis of beauty itself. (That’s why glutathione sells like hotcakes). As a child growing up, I also had this inclination. When I became an adult though, I became fortunate enough to travel and work overseas. I then realized that Caucasians are quite envious of my skin color. I also learned to appreciate the beauty of dark skinned people especially when I realized that their skin looks smoother than their lighter skinned counterpart. The media above all is the main culprit. Showing soap operas with mestizos and mestizas as the main character and the more native ones playing the lesser part or role. Even in the music industry for example. Can you imagine Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Michel Petrucciani or Bob Marley getting a break if they were born here in the Philippines? No I don’t think so. You cannot be commercial enough if you don’t have a pointed nose, fair skin or tall. Even if you don’t have any talent for as long as you have the aforementioned features, then all you need is a “workshop” for a few days and you can have a gold or platinum record in less than 3 months.

    1. you are mistaken. white skin was already an aesthetic even before european colonialism. i think the real problem about us is we seem to pride ourselves as filipinos being handsome and beautiful solely by pointing to a half-white, eurasian or mestizo filipino as if being purely native is somewhat shameful. this is not entirely the fault of the general population, it is the fault of the philippine mainstream media overrepresenting half-white commercial models with no talents posing as actors and singers, while the actual-looking filipinos reduced to being sidekicks, a butt of joke, or the eurasian bida’s designated fugly friend with a lot of sass. the mainstream media have failed to bring about social change for the better since the philippines started doing films and tv. no wonder, the mass perception of people associate white as representing the bida, the popular and of course the handsome/pretty at the expense of the purely native popularly associated in the media as either the meek or bullied, and always provincial or ghetto.

      1. Do you have any proof that Filipinos have preferences on what is beautiful during pre-Colonial Philippines? And I totally agree that the Philippine Media made it worse. That is what exactly what Joven mentioned ” As a child growing up, I also had this inclination” which meant: Joven experienced also what you described as ‘ being purely native is somewhat shameful ‘.

        1. Does it really matter what the exact date was when Filipinos started having preference for “mestizos” over “kayumanggis”? That’s the problem with Filipinos: they’re always asking for hard evidence, in place of common knowledge, to hide their disfunctionality. Let’s just say our preference for “mestizos” started when the Spanish started inter-breeding with our people, and raised the benchmark on what we consider “Filipino beauty.”

      2. You couldn’t have said it better than what I’ve been saying on GRP since I started commenting on this blog a few years ago. Now all we have to do is convince one of GRP’ s writers, the hard-nosed “sellout” and “racist” Zaxx, that we know what we’re talking about.

      3. As a foreigner, I find most Filipinos unattractive not because of their skin, height or flat nose, but because of their fats! 9 out of 10 adults here are fat and half of you guys are really fat with protruding belly. I’m sorry if this makes anyone sad but I really think you should change your diet and start exercising for the sake of your health. And health is a big part of beauty.

        1. And Megget is a might want to ponder on that the next time you pop out the field of zits on your barely human face….

    2. Sounds like you’re brainwashed by those GI Joes that you didn’t even mentioned US fault. Let me straightened this: First, it happened way before even Magellan step foot on the Philippine shore. Prior to the arrival of the Europeans, Asia was already experiencing “White Skin Obsession”. Our ASEAN neighbors already had it, the Chinese had it, the Japanese had it, the Indians and even the Arabs had it too. Second, its not only Spain who colonized Philippines, the US too had many shortcomings. What these two countries did was to reinforce this type of mindset into the Filipino’s mind. Third, that very same thing also happened to our ASEAN neighbors and our brothers in South Asia too even before their respective colonizers ever stepped foot on their lands.

  2. I agree with your article 100%. I’m an American married to a Filipina and when Miss Philippines won the Universe contest, my son asked his mom if she represent the majority of Filipino? My wife respond is NO.

  3. The preference for white or light skin did not start in the Spanish period. The Chinese have that obsession it for for the longest time. The Polynesians and the Indonesians also going back to the Majapahit Empire. Indians going back way before the white colonists the Japanese the Koreans as well. Stop blaming the Spanish period and admit that it is and was part of the culture of East Asia.

  4. What would happen if Some African countries would use half breeds to represent their country? African mother and white father beauties. They would choose the Hally Berry caliber types. Would it be fair game? If not than why not?

  5. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is beautiful to you, may be ugly to me.

    Beauty inside is preferable. A woman may be physically attractive, but if her character is not good. She will not be beautiful.

    The characters of Mar Roxas and Aquino are ugly. So, both of them are ugly.”Mga masamang ugly”…

  6. This young lady was dethroned as Miss Malaybalay & Miss Bukidnon because her mother told someone in the pageant that the girl is American. The last I knew, any child with even a single Filipino parent was automatically Filipino even if they hold 2 passports.

    This particular young lady is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. You people need to learn to enjoy your dark skin and exploit it, not the white skin you seem to crave. I came here 12 years ago in search of a dark skinned lady and found a native of Negros Occidental living in Las Piñas. She is not quite as dark as Miss Malaybalay, but she is lovely enough.

  7. but then, gerry, we’re earning enough to live in our own country. what a tragedy that such smart and enlightened people like you would not have enough income to live in your native country, and instead settle in the philippines and marry a local girl. tsk-tsk.

    1. I moved back to America and live better here on my Social Security than I ever lived in The Philippines. I get proper internet, beef that is edible, good TV service, free transportation (government supplied) and decent medical care. I could get better care if I relocated to Norway, Sweden, England, France or any number of other countries. The worst medical care I have ever seen is the mess in The Philippines. In the US, no matter what the illness or injury, I go get treated and eventually go home. Then I am sent a bill a few days later and the idea of holding a patient hostage for lack of money, or being denied treatment for the inability to pay up front just does not occur EVER. Even Filipinos in the US can own land and businesses while I could not own anything in Philippines???

      1. Jerry Lynch,

        I can’t say I blame you for leaving the Philippines and moving back to America. Millions of Filipinos who migrated to the United States and Canada, and throughout the world, don’t even want to move back to the Philippines for the same reasons you talk about. Yet, Filipinos are always talking about being “Proud To Be a Filipino” and get defensive when foreigners, or their own people, criticize their country for the arrogant and self-serving ways in which they live their lives, treat their country, and each other.

        We Filipinos are nothing more than glorified “pimps” and “whores,” who will readily “sellout” our country, our people, and our entire being to anyone for the right price—and will assume a new cultural identity at the drop of a hat. Then we’ll proudly flaunt our “bastardized” and “mongrelized” societal role under the guise of “Pinoy Pride,” to makeup for our traitorous insecurities of being a “minion” society, whose people have no concept nor desire to build a nation we can call our own.


  8. What I have observed is that many Germans go for the native Filipina beauties… so I guess it takes that detour of mestization for the Filipinos to see the beauty of their own… and Pia’s beauty lies in her VERY Visayan features, something the highly talented illustrator of Cebu Daily News manages to show, something her German dad must have seen in her mother. I sometimes wish GRP would see a few more of the good things that Filipinos have, not just the justified negatives which also exist. I like the article which shows that Pia is not just about beauty, it is about her poise and confidence, and hey she be my sista meaning over here in Germany we all be bros and sistas from nognog to tisoy/tisay…

      1. Kraut-baiting is so old school Americanized Filipino… wake up it’s 2015 and Merkel is Time’s Person of the Year.

        Bruce Willis is half-German, so is Sandra Bullock, if American artistas is the scope of your knowledge, postcolonial halfwit.

    1. Many filipino women also marry japanese and korean males. It seems like marrying a men from rich first world country is the only way they can get out of the hellhole they are trying to escape from. Thai and vietnamese women are the same way. I almost feel sorry for men from those countries who are being competlely shunned by women of his own kind.

      1. I like Thai / Vietnamese women. Did you see girl vendors in Thailand / Vietnam on Youtube? shit! XD
        In General, Asian women are prettiest for me. I’m from Metro Manila.

  9. I am not sure if you seek reassurance that in fact Filipinos proportionately have the most desirable women on the planet. There are by far more strengths than the weaknesses you point out in this article. Globally, Filipinas are the most sought after partners for marriage by a long shot. Please give more credit to yourselves-it’s both the inner beauty (attitude) and outer beauty (exotic looking) combination-as well as being adaptable that should bring into light all the qualities that make for a wonderful partner-found, I believe only in the Philippines. I felt so strongly about this that I married my filipina princess and every day she exceeds my choice to do so. We are both very happy.

    1. Well, Steve, let me tell you, I’m glad you can see the beauty in the common Filipina. Unfortunately, due to the influence of Filipino media, our women (and sadly even men) are being convinced that we are “ugly” and insist that we should look like our celebrities which look nothing like us.

  10. The man working hard out in the hot sun all day, smiles and waves to me and says “Hey Joe”. The old lady walking for many kilometers selling pandesol passes by me and asks me if I want some-of course I will-even if I don’t really want it. The vendor squatting all day selling her simple veggie making 500-1k a day saying “Good morning sir”. I am the one who is humbled. I am the one with shame for being born on 1st world soil. Grimwald, your article-so well written amazes me. I disagree that you are not beautiful-you in fact are in our eyes-all good people that visit or live there (which I will be doing).You cherry pick here the negatives very well, and your well written article amazes me. Contrary to internet vies that critisize the Philippines-we are the silent majority. One of many examples is that according to USCIS statistics, filipinas coming over to the US on fiancee visas are #1 vs all other countries by almost a 2-1 margin if you research K-1 visa statistics. You are the voice to positivity too, Grimwald. Your western audience awaits! God Bless always.

  11. It is the sheer ugliness and banality of the Failippines everyday life which turns my blood to ice and makes me cringe in terror.

  12. >> Have you ever heard of the saying: “Beauty comes from within”? Well, as corny as it may sound, it’s actually true…

    Just as in Oscar Wilde’s story, what is inside tends to find its way out physically. I have met too many Filipinos with ugly personalities, and it shows in their faces.

    1. It would appear to me that most of the “ugly” Filipinos are the ones with ugly white skin. Not only is that skin color unattractive, but somehow those with that color seem to think they have a sense of entitlement (the reason escapes me why ugly humans should think they are attractive) that allows then to behave in ugly ways.

      1. You are right, the ones that rub the bleach on themselves look the worst of the worst.

        The ones that are tan and just accept it and don’t rub stuff on themselves look much better than the pathetic ones that end up looking like clowns.

        I would rather a tan woman with clean looking skin than one that is tan and rubs stupid bleach on their face and ends up with crusty and gross looking clown skin. They end up looking totally gross.

        You are right, it’s absolutely amazing how they think they are pretty when they are absolutely ugly and making themselves look worse. It’s amazing to see, it’s just as stupid as the odd fat white woman in a western country you see wearing really short shorts and it looks gross and you wonder how they could be that delusional to think it looks good.
        The only difference is that in Fili that amount of delusional stupidity would seem to make up a whopping 30% of the population at least. It shows the trute stupidity that is inbuilt within that population.

  13. Here are the facts, no use beating a dead horse. For most filipino’s the problem is genetic, whether anyone wants to deny it or not the facts are the facts.

    Most Filipino’s have Negrito DNA in them,
    Filipino’s are a mix of Chinese, Negrito and Caucasian (mostly Spanish).

    The Chinese and Spanish are both intelligent people, but the Negrito were failures.

    Negrito are part of the ancient Australoid race (Same as the Australian Aboriginals), except Negrito were very small in size and their heads and thus brain size was also significantly smaller.

    If there was no Negrito DNA in the Philippines, then the country would be successful and intelligent and a lot paler in complexion and larger heads etc.

    It’s the Negrito that brings them all down, it will eventually be dwindled down in percentage (which will easily take a few more hundred years).

    Filipino’s are washed in American culture, Filipino’s really don’t have any real pride. It’s why they cut their foreskins, threw away their original writing scripts, follow Christianity and look up to half white mixed celebs and rub bleach on their faces and buy bleach soap and stop products etc and make themselves look like clowns.

    The Filipino is very pathetic on average, I am a white man and I have talked to many. They even try to bring the East Asian down to their level and claim that they East Asian is identical to them and accuse the east Asian of laying in bathes of bleach (claiming that’s why they are paler).
    Which is stupidity, The East Asian is clearly intelligent and genetically different than the Fili (which is shown by any genetic test), The east Asian is naturally paler and can be seen in babies or adults who stay out of the sun.
    In east Asia being pale was a noble thing that the rich could be because they didn’t have to work, it was seen as pretty to be fair. They have liked that for over a thousand years, where as the white man had only actually reached Japan and these countries a few hundred years ago.

    Of course the Fili doesn’t care about history or objective thinking, they just want to try to make out everyone is as unintelligent and insecure as themselves so make them not feel lonely.

    The reality is that Fili’s are just as inferior as Indonesians, they are all Negrito intermixed little tanned people with small cranial capacities. It’s why all their countries are failures and they continue to have high violence rates and poorly designed countries.

    The small number of Fili’s who are attractive usually are mixed in with white (Caucasian people), or heavily mixed with east Asian.
    It’s very rare to find a true looking Fili that is attractive. Most of them have huge noses because Negrito had a huge nose and it’s passed on a lot.
    Most Fili’s who appear to have a pale face usually don’t look to have natural skin, their skin looks very dry and washed out (it’s because they rub bleach on themselves). You will notice things like moles will appear a washed out blue look which also is an indicator of bleach usage. Usually their body is a different colour to their head also, they are absolutely one of the most pathetic group of people on the planet.

    I mean Indians are tan and most Indians have more pride at least and just embrace who they are, Fili are truly pathetic in every way.

    They look up to Americans and think their life will be better if they go to the USA, but they couldn’t ever be anything in the USA other than some old desperate man’s wife, leeching of him. How pathetic.

    When the Chinese got to south east Asia they should have wiped out all the native Negrito, not just wiped out half and interbred with the other half. Same with the Spanish, when the Spanish got there they should have totally just wiped out most of the population there and started anew, because nothing is worse than Negrito mixture.

    Luckily in time the south East Asian mixed people are being wiped out by the Chinese.
    But the stupid white men bringing some of the dumb little Filipino women back to their western countries are not doing any favors for these western countries, just ruining the gene pool little by little.

    1. WOW! YOU ARE JUST PATHETIC DIM-WITTED SMALL PERSON! Wipe-out the Negritoes? Are you some kind of a clan of Hitler? “Spaniards are Chinese are intelligent people” dude, do you have any proof that the Spaniards are intelligent? Chinese people are smart, that I agree….But Spaniards….as far as I know their country is falling apart, their economy is going down the drain.

    2. What an incredibly ignorant and uneducated fool. You must be real fun to be around. Was your KKK meeting cancelled, so you had to come on here to express your idiotic views?

  14. I believe many Filipino women are beautiful, and the darker their skin, the more attractive they are physically. That Pia German is not nearly as attractive as are most of the ladies I saw walking in malls or on the streets on a daily basis during the 14 years I lived there.

    It is disgusting to hear Filipinos say,”Go back to your country” the first (every) time someone criticizes something that is done inefficiently or in some stupid manner. It also is disgusting to look at all the trash lying about everywhere. In 14 years I NEVER saw an expat throw even a single bit of trash on the ground, but Filipinos do it all the time.

    1. I never thought Pia Wurtzbach was Miss Universe material either. She is a typical mestiza import from the U.S. or Germany (who cares?) and chosen only for her mestiza lineage or family connection by the Chinese and political dynasties, to maximize their chance of bagging the crown for themselves and their businesses, by raising the bar on what’s considered Filipina beauty.

      The same goes for the showbiz industry. These mestizo actors/actresses are magically appearing in movies and television screen, without the specifics on where they came from and how they got there; unike the local, kayumanggi celebrities who chronologically worked their way from the ground up and endeared themselves in their audience’s heart.

      1. When Filipinos select white women to represent them in beauty contests, they are not “raising the bar,” but lowering it considerably. Don’t any Filipinos understand that the western men many of you seem to be chasing, are looking for brown women, not white ones?

    2. They are beautiful to you because you are a typical western male with no standards whatsoever, especially when it comes to ethnic women. This is exactly why most white men usually end up with fugly, hideous asian women of all nationalities. The cream of the crop asians are pale skinned northeast asians. They are the ones with wealth, higher i.q, educated and comes from first world countries. Sadly women from far east orient are also extremely picky and choosy when it comes to interracial dating. This is why you rarely see desirable asian women with tall successful white male couples.

      1. In my opinion, the Negrito people in The Philippines are the most physically attractive, and have ZERO intellectual deficiencies if raised in an environment where their intellect can develop.

        You sir are a damn moron. I just moved back to Philippines from Youngstown , Ohio where the vast majority of physically attractive women are slender black women. I have extremely high standards and I consider dark skin to be highly attractive.

  15. I noticed that overwhelming majority of filioinas in the U.S are married to non filipino men. I find them extremely ugly, have bad attitude, use naive innocent white men for green card and money. And I am annoyed with the fact that they keep referring to themselves as “asians”, as if rich, high i.q, industrialized northeast asians are same as they are. The money hungry, trash, lowest of low southeast “asian” women are the ones who are responsible for majority of IR marriages in the U.S. These racially ambiguous brown southeast asian people should have their own racial catagory.

  16. the fact that i look more mexican than asian makes me want to kill myself. id rather look like one or the other then just some fucked up looking mix. mullatos are so goddamn discusting.
    fuck i hate myself

  17. In my indian eyes who has travelled around south east asia, filipinos are fairly good looking and charming people. I don’t understand what complex you’re all suffering from. Objectively, I find the average philippino much more physically attractive than the average chinese person for example, but chinese seem to have more self-confidence than the filipino because they accept who they are and don’t try to look like someone else.

  18. I would say they are without a doubt the most unattractive of all Asian women, but the Korean women are not far off. Just my opinion but I find the Japanese women to be the most attractive of all Asian women, hands down.

      1. Lebanese? Iranian ? indonesian ? Malaysian? Bangladeshi ? Sri lankan ? nepali ? Thai ? Taiwanese aborigine ? Ainu ? Vietnamese?chinese? Bahraini?east timorese?
        You have seen all these asian women,countless women, and of course settled on the most attractive : the japanese.

  19. I’m delighted to be married to a very hard working and beautiful Filipina. It sure beats my childhood friends who are married to disgusting fat and lazy women in the USA. I couldn’t imagine waking up next to a three hundred pound blob of useless fat every day. Moving to the Philippines is one of the best decisions I ever made. Sure there are some people in the Philippines I’d consider ugly, but it’s nothing like walking through a mall in any American city. At least in the Philippines people will admit when they are ugly. In the USA they put on clothes that haven’t fit them since they were in grade school and walk around wagging their saggy fat tits, belly, and ass, and think they’re a beauty queen.

  20. l was drowned to Philippine women. They ae beautiful and humble. I married a Filipino woman and love her more than all the American women that I ever loved put together.

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