Tips PNoy should observe during #APEC2015 to prevent embarrassment for Filipinos


It’s simple, really. Be considerate and observe good manners, Mister President. It’s stuff we all got taught in kindergarten. It’s time to revisit good ol’ Insulares breeding in times when we are hosting important guests.

So here is the first and probably most important one: Less talk about your mother. I mean, come on, would one be able to take seriously big leaders of the free and not-so-free worlds of the APEC forum waxing nostalgia about their moms every other two or three sentences?


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Real men get “Mom” tattoos on their backs. Vladimir Putin probably has one. That way, they don’t have to talk about how much they miss their moms as much.

Following through on the topic of the women in our lives comes the next piece of advice: Hands off the ladies for now, Mister President.


Some athletes abstain from intimate activities before a crucial match. Considering that schmoozing with world leaders is mentally- and physically-demanding work, it is best that the President be a hundred percent on top of his attention span and, yes, in peak health.


This means getting a good night’s rest every night over the course of the APEC meet. A good night’s sleep makes for a sound mind and robust resistensya (a healthy immune system) to prevent those coughing fits that tend to hit smokers every now and then.

Nonetheless, given that your favourite topics — your mom and your chicks — are deemed taboo throughout the APEC summit, at least try to look interested in the discussions.


I mean, lots of things are at stake here — most pressing of all the future of economic trade amongst the countries represented in this meet considering that barriers to trade are coming down and pressure is bearing down on the monopolistic oligarch businesses in the Philippines to compete on a level field. Then there is the South China Sea situation — the elephant in the room; the topic that must not be spoken about. The President needs to approach that awkwardness with full mental hands on deck.

On that note, it’s worthwhile reminding the President to be careful about talk and gestures that could be misconstrued as a provocation to a fight.


“Laban” (fight!) is a dirty word when you are surrounded by people who are one-upping one another in a regional arms race the likes of which we have not seen since the end of the Cold War.

Even then, if and when the President actually gets around to paying attention to the important things going on around him, he should remain conscious of the state of his lower jaw.


I mean, to be fair, we all get slack jawed when we are awestruck by a rivetting speech or some other attention-grabbing event. But that’s what separates the men from the boys — an ability to keep it together under any circumstance. Composure and mindfulness is the operative term here when you are leader of a nation of 100 million.

So, yeah, when listening and not speaking, mouth closed Mr President. And in addition to that, sit up straight.

Anwar & Noynoy Aquino

Think of James Bond. We never see James Bond standing on one leg or seated with a curved back while “playing the odds”, right?

Filipinos are in desperate need of their proud moment Mr. President. Do the country proud!

17 Replies to “Tips PNoy should observe during #APEC2015 to prevent embarrassment for Filipinos”

    1. Isama na rin niya si Krizzy na tumahimik at lagyan ng stapler ang bibig pag kaharap ang delegates. Embarrassing things always happen every time these siblings open their mouth. Sayang wala si Putin siguradong bugbog si Ngoyngoy sa sarcastic comments niya.

  1. Don’t forget to take your meds before leaving Malacañan.

    Or maybe let’s not take any chance and just send a “buko” with eye glasses instead.

    Trust me, no one will know the difference.

  2. the moment you realize philippines has the same rates of poverty as haiti. That’s why people commit suicide because they are poor.

  3. The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.

    Failipinos in the Failippines do just that, all the freakin’ time.

  4. Asking a Noytard to “do the (Filipino) country proud” is like asking a new born baby to stand up an walk. That would too much to ask from a simpleton.

  5. Also, Mr. Aquino, Take your anti depressant medication pill. People who talk about their mothers, are rabid, “Mama’s Boy”.

    Anyway , Mr. Aquino is gay. The men should be wary on him, not the girls, which he pretends to like them.

    Lastly, don’t contribute your ignorance to the group. Most of these leaders are intelligent people.

    We cannot talk about the Chinese grabbing of territories. The Philippines is weak.

  6. If noybita does that past admin blame game again during APEC, I wish one of the invited leaders will slam him by saying “is that all you can say?”

    1. That’s probably what yellow trolls sent here by malacañang would post here, not knowing that its already considered “gasgas” at this point.

      Kulang na siguro ng pondo yung grupo nila kaya puro laglag bala sa NAIA ang inaatupag para mapondohan ang miscommunications group kaya wala pang bobong troll dito.

  7. There are two things, I’d like to see happen in the APEC meeting. Firstly.. That the ‘Abu Sayaff’ and/or ‘ISIS’ do not mess-up the affair with their usual barbarity, and their usual aim of a high body-bag count. A catastrophe of this nature will surely set us several years back and will make the Philippines a pariah.. the ‘leper’ of the world. And secondly.. That the President refrains from ‘blowing his horn’ about being the prime-mover of ‘peace’ in the region with his BBL. My apprehension about this happening stems from the encouragement he will surely get from the unknowing and uncaring participants, some of whom have something to gain at our expense.

    These fears sound counter-intuitive, given that an ‘Abu Sayaff/ISIS’ disruption could very well derail the odious and dangerous BBL. These however, are well-meant wishes, their incongruity notwithstanding.

  8. Well, he has gone and done it again. Playing the blame game yet again on Arroyo.

    This is going to be yet another embarrassing moment for the country since until now, the president still can’t do anything but blame,blame,blame
    (although, his malacanang trolls also do the same idiotic thing)

    I won’t be surprised if he still blames her after he steps down next year.

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