Senate candidate Alma Moreno comes out a boob in interview with Karen Davila

A video of ABS CBN News veteran telejournalist Karen Davila interviewing Filipino actress Alma Moreno is making waves. Moreno is running for senator under the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) party, led by presidential candidate Jejomar Binay. The video has gone viral thanks to Moreno’s cringe-worthy responses to Davila’s pointed questions.

Here are transcripts of some choice excerpts (some were spoken in Tagalog but translated in English here):

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Karen Davila: Why did you run for senator?
Alma Moreno: I did not really plan to run for senator. Just prayers.

KD: Why are you qualified to be senator?
AM: I guess it is my experience as legislation. I was councilor [of Parañaque City] for nine years. I was First Lady for nine years.

KD: Do you support the anti-discrimination bill?
AM: Yes! Discrimination? Yes…
KD: Expound please…
AM: When it comes to discrimination, there are different kinds. When you are told you are stupid, that’s discrimination, right?

KD: Same-sex marriage?
AM: No. It’s a sin…

KD: If you won a Senate seat, what would be your advocacy?
AM: Magna Carta of women…
KD: That law already exists.
AM: No, there are aspects of it that were not implemented…
KD: Like what?
AM: Wait a minute…

KD: Are you for the [Reproductive Health] Law?
AM: Yes of course.
KD: ‘Yes’ in all forms or ‘Yes’ with reservations?
AM: Do I need to answer that?
KD: Of course. You are running for the Senate.

KD: Should the [Philippine] Government buy contraceptives for Barangays (townships)?
AM: Yes, they really should control…
KD: How exactly should they ‘control’?
AM: The lights should always be on…

Moreno appeared in her first movie as a “Dama” in Urduja with Amalia Fuentes, while her first starring role was Ligaw na Bulaklak Part 2 (Lost Flower) with Vic Silayan, which was her breakout film. The 1976 film was directed by National Artist for Film Ishmael Bernal.

From then until the late 1980s, Moreno starred in a number of revealing movies that were box office hits, earning her the title “Sex Goddess of Philippine Movies” of the 1970s and 1980s.

Bernal had also directed her in the acclaimed film, City After Dark, that premiered in 1980. Her other notable films include the 1993 Gawad Urian Best Picture, Makati Avenue Office Girls (directed by José Javier Reyes) and the 1977 Mga Bilanggong Birhen (Incarcerated Virgins) (directed by Mario O’Hara and Romy Suzara).

Versatile for having starred in sexy, drama, and comedy films, Moreno was also a presenter on several highly rated television variety shows in the 1980s for which she earned the title “Shining Star”, as well as the weekly television drama anthology, Alindog, which explored the lives of modern Filipino women. Moreno is also a dancer, who popularised a sexy, high-cut outfit called the “Tangga” on her shows like The Other Side of Alma, Rated A and Loveli-Ness. She has been nominated in various film and TV acting awards for her dramatic and comedic performances.

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13 Replies to “Senate candidate Alma Moreno comes out a boob in interview with Karen Davila”

  1. I would blame Jejomar Binay more than I would this hapless faded star for her candidacy. He is intent on inflicting this clueless ex-councilor and ex-Paranaque 1st Lady(?) on the citizenry; and, he is comfortable with the Senate being further disgraced by yet another ‘movie has-been’. We are curious as to who else Jejomar Binay has in his slate. An ex-Army rebel for Vice-President and an aging ex-sex symbol for Senator seems to us a cynical and scornful offering to the Senate. He must be very contemptuous and derisive of the electorate as well.

  2. She claimed to have legislative experience and yet she couldn’t give critical analysis on the issues Karen pressed forward.

    Alma Moreno: I did not really plan to run for senator. Just prayers.

    And I pray that God will convince her to stick to what she’s good at – acting.

  3. least she bares all of what she got believed to have come from the bottom of her heart.

    she’s amazing great woman who came to the studio and faced Karen with no tools on hand and wits to demonstrate of what it’s like to be a comedian in the senate.


  4. Absolutely clueless. That’s the funny thing, because most of the voters who will and has voted her are absolutely clueless too. She can’t even answer those hard-hitting questions, I guess I can expect her to say “No Comment” anytime she can’t answer anything. Such a shame that she’s going to represent us when she wins, there goes our tax money again.

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