Noynoy Aquino gov’t helpless and useless at stopping crooks behind bullet planting at NAIA

The Philippines’ reputation with the international community has suffered yet another blow. The news that security personnel at the Manila international airport have been putting bullets in the luggage of travellers in order to extort them has made it to international news. The incompetence of the Philippine government under the leadership of President Benigno Simeon Aquino has been exposed once again.

President BS Aquino: Crime rates soar whenever leaders are perceived to be weak.

President BS Aquino: Crime rates soar whenever leaders are perceived to be weak.

Authorities can’t give assurance that the culprits behind the criminal activities have been caught and are under arrest. Instead, the office of the President has downplayed the criminal activity by saying that the “incidents are only few”. That statement also proves that the incumbent leader is insensitive to and uncaring about the plight of the affected people especially the overseas contract workers who are scared they will be targeted when they visit the country.

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The sad part is, this operation targets anyone, even weary elderly women. This is an indication that those running the syndicate are behaving like dumb and dumber. If they had any sense at all, they would choose their victims wisely – people who actually look like terrorists and not someone who looks like the average grandma. Frankly, a terrorist can look like anyone but a real terrorist would not be stupid enough to carry a single bullet or two without the proper gun to load it with. And if the syndicates were smart, they would use different illegal items to plant inside the unsuspecting passengers and not stick with using bullets. Goes to show that the members of the syndicate have access to a supply of ammunition.

Yes, the syndicate appears to be getting desperate for money. In a news report, the wife of a deceased former member of the syndicate has revealed that this extortion racket has been going on for 20 years but it’s only lately that those involved have become brazen. Someone said that perhaps their brazenness has something to do with the “ber” months. It’s almost Christmas so they could be running out of time to study their “random” victims well enough to pass the likely “suspect” test.

It seems the members of the syndicate could also have become bolder under the BS Aquino government because they see that the current government is weak. They also know that BS Aquino will not do anything drastic because the General Manager of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), retired Brig. General Jose Angel Honrado, is related to the President and transport Secretary Jun Abaya, who was instructed to “probe” the tanim bala or bullet planting racket is also a friend of BS Aquino. We already know what’s going to happen next: the case will be swept under the carpet. The perpetrators will probably get transferred quietly somewhere and not even receive a slap on the wrist.


What’s also quite baffling are the attitudes of BS Aquino’s most rabid supporters Leah Navarro and Cynthia Patag. Despite the shocking events, they are pointing to the President’s opposition and calling the incidents as mere demolition jobs against BS Aquino. They seem to be insinuating that the scammers and victims are mere actors hired to help make BS Aquino look bad. Some were outraged at Navarro’s and Patag’s behavior because instead of uniting with the people to demand action from the government they were quick to come to its defense even in the absence of the result of the investigation. No wonder Philippine society has remained divided. Filipinos like Navarro and Patag who have strong followings keep spewing irrational views that do not help the Philippines reach its potential.


The BS Aquino government is making the lives of travellers to the Philippines more hellish than it already is. Not only do travellers to the Philippines have to bear with the world’s worst airport, they also have to contend with a fear of being extorted for money or being locked-up for carrying illegal items that they didn’t pack themselves.

It looks like Filipinos will have to protect themselves from their government because it cannot be trusted to protect them. The situation is going from bad to worse and this is all because criminals know that the country’s current leader is hopeless and useless in stopping them.


157 Replies to “Noynoy Aquino gov’t helpless and useless at stopping crooks behind bullet planting at NAIA”

  1. About a week ago, I posted (on FB) a stern warning to all my friends and relatives about this airport scam. I’ll tell ya, it was no surprise that the international news agencies (BBC, Time, CNN, etc) picked up the story. The depths of incompetence and sheer stupidity reached by this administration never ceases to amaze me. Nor does the mindless crap coming from people like Patag and Navarro.

    1. @Jetlag807

      This is another proof that Filipinos cannot hide the shenanigans happening in the country from the outside world. We are connected now and news can travel to the international community faster.

      1. Rapplers and other pro yellow media are not enjoying the latest attacked on NAIA. All they do is to re direct to binay the issue and some out of this world defending the worst admin. WTF who is in control of this country. Probably the vice president Binay the thieves what they called

    2. Leah Navarro and the Black and White fuckers
      Please come out from your wealthy hidding place.This is the good time to balimbing to the next power. Do what you did before to GMA

    3. The old woman that was victimized look suspicious. before the real victims was arrested has no coverage and a stage proceedings.The old woman (covering the identity)denied being interview and nowhere to be found.The NAIA and PASAY prosecutor thing we will bite the classic attraction on the old woman and the stich bullet on her bag. The 160 pesos per bag is not enough to raise fund for LP’s bet mar Roxas, they need to change people thinking on NAIA scam . 20 to 30K is a big help for LP’s 2016 campaign (not 160 pesos). Navarro and cohors think people still believed them about the truth. Mar roxas tried to re direct the blame to his opponent that has no muscle compared to pnoy boss relatives in NAIA.

  2. Your write-ups are always compelling. At some point I just think that maybe the heavens allow these things to happen so that Filipinos would finally learn that they have appointed a person whose main thumbprint ingrained upon us would be his incompetence and continual division of his countrymen.

        1. patag navarro who are they….long lost in the limelight now trying to ride on this issue, trying to throw back the issue as the plans of their political rivals ???? their statements makes me laugh hehehehe

        2. Proof of conspiracy. Pnoy defend the Airport chief. Probably that Binay and pnoy made a secret deal not to sacked that hoodlum in the Noynoy Intl.Airport.WTF

  3. Wag kayong magpapaniwala sa laglag bala na yan ngaun…gagamitin ng administrasyon yan as an advantage..maaring ang mga naunang biktima ay totoo pero yang mga sumunod na ngaun ay pakana na nila para magalit ang tao kay aquino..then sa mga susunod na araw, linggo or buwan may biglang magsasabi sa isa sa mga nahuli na binayaran lng sila ng oposisyon para magdala ng bala sa airport or tataniman sila pagdating dun(at ang kapalit ay pera at assurance na di sila ikukulong after )….then ang mga tao babalik ang tiwala sa administrasyon at lalo pa silang lalakas at at maaring ang iba sa mga sumusuporta sa opposisyon ay papanig sa kasalukuyang admin…

    bakit naisip q ito?.putok na putok ang isyu na to at kung napansin nyo masyadong maingay ang mga media(lalo na ang abs-cbn na alam naman natin hawak ng mga govt admin)..di sila gagawa ng hakbang na ikasisira sa manok nila (LP)…

    Kung ikaw pulis empleyado ng NAIA at alam mong kainitan ng modus na to, gagawin mo parin ba?

    make sense?

    1. Wow! Opposition pa pagbintangan mo? Ang galing a. Sabihin na natin for the sake of argument na gawa nga ng opposition yan, anong ginagawa ng presidente tungkol dito? May martilyo gang sa SM nandun agad sila ni Roxas pero dito sabihin lang na isolated case?! May time para siraan ng husto si Bongbong sa media walang time para dito?

      1. So dont vote for his candidate. There is no perfect administration but his adm.obviously biased and vindictive. Ngayon lang tayo nakaranas na single na pangulo maybe thats one of the factors. He is not a family man thats why he has no empathy.

        1. jeaneth noble@
          Baket ayawn i sacked in pnoy yung hoodlum na chief..pilit dina divert ang issue parang si Poe na pinaguusapan kung pinoy o hindi pero ang tutoong issue na naka 10 yers na ba siya bago naging senador. Hindi ko iboboto ang mga taong sumusunod sa butas ng batas ,sorry mali.Wala tayong panalo dahil ang labanan dito AY KANINONG BOSES ang masusunod, sa taong bayan ba oh kay “Si aquino ito sino ba kayo mga putang na nyo ,bahala kayo sa buhay nyo, hindi ako nakikiramay sa di ko kilala”

    2. Will make sense to me if Aquino sacked his relative that operate the airport of scam
      Airport is under yellow control,does it make sense now.

    3. Andrie @ dont defend the mastermind
      Bulletproof says:
      November 6, 2015 at 3:40 am
      Will make sense to me if Aquino sacked his relative that operate the airport of scam
      Airport is under yellow control,does it make sense to U now.

  4. If HydenToro and his unending numbers game says that Aquino is the mastermind behind laglag-bala, that he ordered it or so he says — well, is that not a demolition job?

    But do enlighten me on something else — I’ve noticed a news item on Yahoo’s Singapore homepage about a few baggage handlers working at Changi getting caught red-handed, opening luggage and pilfering their contents on CCTV. Why haven’t I read or heard a peep from anyone, Singaporean or not, about the stupidity cupidity insipidity of the Lee Hsien Loong administration in dealing with the crooks? Because they’re not directly involved, right? So how is the Aquino administration directly involved in laglag-bala? Or must I check HydenToro’s cracked head for clues?

    1. yeah well…with logic like that might as well not put anyone as accountable to anything.

      kindly enlighten us as to who should answer for this international fiasco since you seem to have the right mental faculties for the job.

    2. Who appoints the head honcho of NAIA? who appoints the person who overseas the airports?

      Don’t pretend to be ignorant. No one is that dumb….

      1. Yes, but wouldn’t it make sense to talk shit about those immediately responsible for laglag-bala? Blaming Aquino in this case (or even painting him as somehow ordering it or being the ultimate mastermind, as that deranged arithmophiliac HydenToro or ChinoF who really should know and act better allege) is much like me blaming him for my constipation after I gorged a plateful of chicken alfredo at Cool Beans.

        1. (Disclaimer: I don’t eat at Cool Beans, though I would love to go to Maginhawa St. and savor the restos and read books therein. I eat elsewhere.)

        2. since Ninoy Aquino become the President so many anomalies been happening in the government..more corruptions …balikbayan boxes…now the laglag bala…who appointed them to have that position? In arab country The ISIS killed the innocent people…especially the Christians…sa atin they are not killing but they corrupting the innocent people who works abroad to feed their family and then how about the old people ?? how can they bring a bullet without firearms? Once they arrive in the country of their destination they will look for a gun so that can use the bullet they brought from the Philippines? it doesnt make sense di ba? When Ninoy Aquino won the Presidency I had this feelings Philippines will be a better country but I was wrong and i think many of of the Filipinos feel the same way…It got worst and for the first time in history NATO warned us that Philippines will be excluded if the corruption will not stop…During Marcos era our country was not as bad as now…a lot of foreigners love to see the Philippines because of our well known natural resourses, our reefs,the exotic food, coworkers are scared to visit our country now because of the it a shame ? how our administrations runs the country…whoever behind those crimes are not scared if their were caught, Why? maybe because they have a strong connections to the administrations?

    3. @Pallacertus: Thing is, when Singapore has a problem, it takes steps to systematically solve them. It’s got an extensive track record to prove that capability. So when crooks are caught there, chances are, they will be dealt with decisively and there will be measures put in place to ensure lessons are learnt.

      Furthermore, governance and public administration systems in Singapore are at a high state of maturity that there is a strong sense of accountability at the middle executive roles in public service hierarchies. That, plus the fact that the justice system there can be relied upon to deliver timely rulings on erring public officials, means that the head of government needs only be involved in the day-to-day law enforcement and justice delivery operations by exception.

      Compare that to the Philippines where nothing works and nobody trusts one another. It is also a society where candidates run on platforms of non-dishonesty (i.e., their main pitch to voters is a promise that they won’t be crooks during their term of office).

      In that light, you can understand why EVERYTHING is BS Aquino’s fault — because he promised to be solely responsible for making everything right. He has so far failed to make good on that promise.

      Next time, these idiot politicians should be careful about what they promise.

      1. And what is the Aquino administration doing if not trying its darndest right now to solve this problem (more PR than security or so it seems, especially when you want to promote yourself as a tourist haven, and with your government being pelted by social media activists)? Apart from Coloma being a dimwit at PR — Public Relations You do NOT trivialize your costumer’s experience. You. Do. Not. — where is the evidence that this government is hoping that this scandal goes away quietly?

        It’s true that with the Philippine justice system a legalistic shambles — a slowpoke that takes a dim view of its constitutional and sociopolitical obligations — even if these goons are apprehended, they might not in the end be held accountable. But those problems have existed long before Noynoy made himself welcome at the halls of Malacanang.

        In no way should he be held accountable for problems he didn’t start in the first place — only for not acting proactively (as I hear this isn’t the first time someone got this treatment from security personnel), and only in the context of “what else are his administration and the officials he appointed to run the NAIA doing to improve the shoddy service tourists get when they arrive at or depart from that airport?”

        But of course you say that since he promised everything would go nothing but right during his term. Only that — when and where did he promise that? And even if he did say as much, is it your role to hold him fast to the rails as the train speeds through his ribs, all for being jokingly hyperbolic in his rhetoric?

        (zaxx, please take note: I object to 1)someone sawing off one of my limbs and to 2) drowning me in a plane. I now know GRP takes hyperbole seriously, and I don’t wish to die yet should I be careless enough to say something contrary to my previous statements.

        Thank you.)

        1. The motto of rabid Noynoy supporters: Blame everyone else except Noynoy. Never mind when it was Noynoy who hand-picked the current incompetent people under him including his relative, the General Manager of NAIA.

        2. Aye Ilda, but do note that I am neither a supporter nor an opponent of the Aquino administration, at this point in time anyway. I am not a partisan, and am wary of the sort of partisanship that makes angels and devils out of human beings. I take sides when the facts as I know them demand that I take sides, and the facts as I know them and the analogies demand that I take this side and not yours — I’ve never blamed Noynoy for my occasional constipation, first off I blame the management for its unsanitary practices, and I’m not gonna start today.

        3. Your President hand-picked the department heads so of course he should be held accountable for their shortfalls. How hard is that to understand? If Noynoy had any sense of decency, he would fire erring officials immediately.

        4. But he’s not in charge of the airport itself — he handpicked those in charge of its day-to-day operations. Different thing altogether. The blame stops and stays with those in the know, not with those who are peripherally involved. That’s how responsibility usually works. The only ways Noynoy should be blamed here is if he appointed a crook to take charge of the MIAA or if he knew scams like this have been going on for a prolonged period of time and he hasn’t been doing anything to stop it for no discerned reasons.

          If there’s anything wrong or lacking or whatever with this sort of logic, let me know so I can deal with it later. Me, I have work to grapple with.

        5. Gees…this is going to be corny but haven’t you heard of command responsiblity? It seems to be a concept that is so hard for rabid Noynoy supporters to understand.

          Okay, so he decided to assign relatives and friends to sensitive posts in government. That’s his prerogative. Seems there is no law against it. But for goodness sake, he needs to be held accountable for hiring people who can’t do their jobs and for refusing to replace them with people who can.

        6. Oo, pero lagi ba silang palpak or was the MIAA caught flat-footed in this case? How long has laglag-bala been going for that old lady broke backs with her plaintive calls for help? How are we to define “not doing their job” in the context of a rehabbing airport like the NAIA? I don’t know about you, but I find determining the amount of culpability the MIAA leadership gets for oversights like this before passing any leftover blame to the president (dahil ba walang experience sa paghawak ng empleyado o hindi marunong humawak ng pondo o talagang kurakot ang pinili niya at baka alam niyang ganyan talaga ang ugali’t kilos, but only after a brief but thoroughgoing investigation because we want tourists to not get panicky) a far more prudent option over calling for the president’s head straightaway, command responsibility or no.

        7. The bullet planting scam may have been going on for decades but it is only now that it was exposed. That’s because:

          1) Criminals have become more brazen under Aquino regime (proof that Daang matuwid is also a scam)
          2) The General Manager is ineffective in eliminating criminal activities at NAIA (No different from previous leaders in the past).

          Tough luck na lang if your President is getting the blame for it.

        8. The thing here is that by this sort of deliberation we eliminate any notion that the government is covering up the MIAA’s tracks, or that it’s lopping heads off to stem the PR damage to the country without really addressing any systemic problems or even laglag-bala. Kasi naman sa katatawag natin sa ulo ni Noynoy every single time na may nangyayaring kabalbalan, nakakalimutan na nating isipin kung bakit kailangang unahin ang ulo niya. And so on.

        9. You still don’t get it. Noynoy does not deserve the Presidency. The past 5 years was a waste of time and resources. The longer he stays in office, the longer the people have to wait for a chance at real change. Every fiasco is already proof that he is not qualified to be in his position. Unfortunately, you find every excuse for him too. That’s just pathetic.

        10. Pallacertus@
          We don’t know who’s in control inside the palace ,weather pnoy or the dreaded hyatt 10 Who is running the government under abnormal leader is a mystery…For now pnoy is more concern who will replaced him and who will save him from the jail.Pretty sure the hyatt will abandon him alone and get all the blame. The Hyatt 10 will moved to the next sucker president

        11. Of course PNoy appointed a crook. Honrado was known to be corrupt when he was in the military. But what can we do? Eh kamag-anak ng Presidente. And obviosly, these 2 old laos celebrities have a deteriorating brain cells, so what could you expect? Anyway, goodluck to Philippines.

      2. @Pallacertus: Simple answer, dude: Not trying hard enough.

        BS Aquino’s fans lauded him when he did what was regarded as an impossibility back in 2012: impeach a currently-seated Supreme Court Chief Justice. That proves that where there is a political will, there is a way.

        Using that as the benchmark, it is easy to see now that where PNoy fails lies squarely in the domains where his care factor is zero. He did not have the political will to resolve the murder of his own father. Did not have the political will to fix up the police even after their incompetence cost the lives of nine Hong Kong tourists back in 2010. Did not have the political will to fix the public transport mess. Did not have the political will to sufficiently prepare for deadly typhoons.

        What he did have political will for was to sell off a chunk of Mindanao to terrorists and a belligerent ASEAN “ally” even at the needless cost of 44 Special Action Force troopers. He had the political will to insulate his feudal clan’s family jewels at the Hacienda Luisita from agrarian reform. Had the political will to protect his buddies at the DILG, the DOTC, and the chief of police from accountability for their idiocies.

        He promised Daang Matuwid and, instead, Filipinos got Daang MatuwAd. Thanks to this reversal of slogans, the Philippines did, indeed, get it repeatedly from behind over the last 6 years — from Mother Nature, from Islamic Terrorists, from Kuala Lumpur, and from Beijing among many others queued up for a shot to get so far up da Pinas’s behind, they could see the sunshine coming through the gaping nganga of its moron president.

        1. The deriding of the SC Headmeister was a charade that most dullards are, well, to DULL to figure out ! The Machiavellian dance that the elite in the Philippines do are difficult to spot. Especially by the young who always see things at face value and are to carried away be emotive misgivings.
          Nothing is as it seems. What is the truth to some is a lie to yet others.The Orwellian West has been in the Philippines longer than most writers here at GRP have been alive, some by decades.And so continue to see what is not real and as if you even see, and have made some sense of it ? OH, YES, YES that is where lies the biggest folly of all.

      3. Their system would have been flawless except for the fact that SG government do not allow anyone, even their citizens, to video tape public employees doing their job just in case they do something wrong.

        They strictly prohibit this behavior.

        An example I have witnessed myself is that they check and ask individuals who had their smartphones out in the immigration section what they are using the phones for.

        I instinctively distrust this type of prohibitions.

    4. Way to divert the issue, Pallacertus! Where is this news item, may I ask? Please provide the link so we can put it in a proper context. I cannot comment too much on the incident unless I get the details.

      One thing I can say is the culprits in Singapore were caught as you mentioned yourself. In the laglag-bala at NAIA, it is still a mystery how the bullets end up in unsuspecting passenger’s luggage. Obviously, the Singapore’s case was resolved quicker than the NAIA case that’s why the public did not get angry at Lee Hsien Loong administration.

      Meanwhile, not only did Aquino administration downplay the incidents at NAIA, the General Manager at the Manila airport is related to the President himself. And due to the lack of CCTV cameras, the autorities have no idea how to catch the culprits. So therefore, it is valid to blame Aquino and his incompetent government.

      1. If the Singapore incident is real, then it would not surprise me one bit if the baggage handlers were actually Filipinos.

        1. I’m still waiting for Pallacertus to provide the link to the Singapore case. I should not hold my breath.

        2. Can’t resist blaming Pinoys for everything, even the hypotheticals, yes? But then you’d want us nuked — what are words before a deluge of nukes?

        3. Oh shit, sorry — the above post was meant for Jerry Lynch, and for another article.

          I dun goofed here, ya read?

      2. Well… this is embarassing. Can’t find that item. How do you look for Yahoo headlines made a week ago, maybe Wednesday or Thursday? I swear I saw it back then among a revolving purple line of 45-plus items on disparate topics, but now I can’t find a trace of it, no matter how much I try to refine the search criteria. I’ve got other news items about luggage pilfering from London, Ahmadabad, and here in Manila, but none of them are from the homepage I mentioned.

        So I can’t give you the link, and now it’s gonna bite me in the ass (better than Jim biting me, but not much of a comfort). Anyway, the MIAA has CCTV footage of that old lady whatshernameagain as she and her luggage underwent inspections at Laoag and then Manila, but they’ve declined to release them at the moment, and if I recall correctly the old lady’s lawyers have petitioned the courts to force the MIAA to do so. So maybe don’t bark while the tree’s still growing?

        (Wait — you’re saying people will actually get angry at Lee Hsien Loong straightaway, never mind that he wasn’t involved in any way, instead of getting barking mad at the officials at Changi. Am I the only sane person here?)

        1. No point arguing about the Singapore case then since you cannot find the link. You could have simply invented it. Furthermore, it is useless to speculate on how the Singaporeans will react to your imaginary case.

          Do yourself a favor and abandon all efforts at defending your ampaw President. You’re starting to look like a loser.

        2. It’s not that I especially like Noynoy — I just can’t stand a mugging. Thanks for the advice (and for your… what’s the right word? generosity?… about the Singapore case as well), but I’ll try and defend people who I see are wronged by those too eager to bare their teeth and claws. Doesn’t matter if it’s you or Noynoy. I’m a sucker that way.

        3. What you do mean “defend the people who are wronged”?! And you think Noynoy is the one being wronged? LOL

          He’s the most powerful man in the Philippines today. He’s got an army of lawyers, trolls and has been celebrities defending him. Not to mention, he has the resources to spin every situation his way. You keep forgetting the Inquirer and ABSCBN are on his side. He doesn’t need you to defend him. You’re also doing a bad job defending him by the way.

          The Filipino people are the ones suffering because of his arrogance and incompetence. You should be defending the Filipino people. Your loyalty should be to the country, not the President.

        4. In line with what had been said about PNoy’s responsibility, if Ferdinand Marcos Sr. can be held accountable to every abuse done by the Philippine Constabulary and AFP when hunting down CPP NPAs during Martial Law, then PNoy can be held accountable to the abuse done by the people he appoints.

        5. My loyalty was, is, and will forever be to the country, Ilda — makikipagbakbakan ba ako kay Aeta at kay domo — am I even going to waste an iota of a second with the likes of Jim DiGriz or Jerry Lynch — kung hindi ko mahal ang bayan ko — even in its current condition? Look at all my previous posts, Ilda — have I not spoken enough, and at length, against the prevailing moods that hang so heavily on this site? Hindi lang si Noynoy ang pinoprotektahan ko.

          I can’t stand people getting bullied. It’s a personal thing. If you’ve ever been bullied early in life by people who know better than you, are better than you, but will descend to depths lower than raving savages every fucking time they taunt you and play tricks on you and abuse you and — bullied, moreover, with people who should’ve been there to protect you and chasten them absent from your life, their words a cold solace through hot nights — you’d know. Probably not biblically (and preferably not biblically, though not all bullied have a choice one way or another), but really something frightfully close.

          You say something about Noynoy being the most powerful person this country has by the virtues of the position he holds and who he is and has been, therefore he doesn’t need any further protection, and there is merit in that — any government unchecked by laws, by civil society, by an informed and educated populace, will only ever act for its own good, to the exclusion of the goods of others — but who checks all those I’ve named and more should they step out of bounds of propriety (or, and far more important, of fact)? Who calls them out when they’re flinging shit, or just plain making shit up?

        6. Oh quit playing the victim card, Pallacertus. As if you don’t insinuate that this site and its followers are idiots. You just threw the question earlier “Am I the only sane person here?”. Do you really think that escaped me?

          The problem with people like you is that you can’t take it as well as you dish it. So who is bullying who? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. This is the Internet and you are in GRP. This is no place for onion-skinned crybabies.

          …but who checks all those I’ve named and more should they step out of bounds of propriety (or, and far more important, of fact)? Who calls them out when they’re flinging shit, or just plain making shit up?

          What shit? Please be specific. Our opinions are based on facts.

          Why don’t you ask Noynoy Aquino to act with decency and respect the people his government has wronged? Has he apologised to the victims of Mamasapano massacre? Has he apologised to the Yolanda victims? Has he apologised to the victims of Hacienda Luisata? The answer is NO to all of them. What about the times he conducts trial by media against his political enemies like GMA, Corona and Marcos? Is his behaviour – persecuting others outside of his circle of friends – okay with you?

          See, your bias is so obvious. You think Noynoy is the victim and you feel like protecting him. Gimme a break. Does he look like an effing little boy to you that you think he needs you?

          Your President is ARROGANT and INCOMPETENT. What will it take for you to accept that? He deserves every bit of cursing from people who have had enough of him. He shouldn’t have run for the Presidency. He is inutile and people who defend him are behaving like irrational folks.

        7. If your loyalty is truly to the country, you should appreciate those who criticise the people behind a corrupt and incompetent government. You’re doing the opposite – defending the Aquino government and attacking his critics.

        8. Ilda,

          Pallacertus is typical of the majority of the Filipino population who do not take criticisms very well, and see these well-intended comments (even though they are brutally true) as a direct attack on their character traits.

          This over-sensitivity to criticism is a personality flaw that makes up our so-called “Pinoy Pride,” and is inherently part of our dysfunctional cultural values that is in dire need of an overhaul.


        9. Pallacertus has a white knight complex, feeling the need to save the “little, weak people” to feel good about himself. Doesn’t matter if they’re annoying goblins, he will still defend them like some misguided Paladin.

      3. “It’s not that I especially like Noynoy…”

        May disclaimer pa. Just come clean and proudly proclaim your yellow colors. Only morons look at the way this commander chief handles everything and still has the audacity to defend someone who should have the decency to resign a long time ago when said job proved too much for his capacity.

        1. Ay sus naman.

          If you’re convinced that I’m a Noynoy supporter, then nothing I say will make you think otherwise, yes? Kahit ba sabihin kong si Nic Perlas ang binoto ko noong 2010 at si Roy Seneres naman ang bobotohin ko pagdating ng 2016 pag di siya naideklarang nuisance candidate, di ka pa rin makukumbinsi. Kasi lahat ng di binababoy ang kasumpa-sumpa niyang pangalan on a regular basis at sinisisi ang diarrhea, epilepsy, cancer, at tonsillitis sa paglitaw niya e sinasamba siya.

          This is not black and white, dude. Andaming gray area dito.

      4. Ilda@ He was appointed in NAIA for a purpose
        All Pnoy appointed has a personal mission not related to their government suppose work.
        Daang matuwid administration is almost coming to the end and everybody from pnoy fellows are trying to steal as much before the end of his term.Don’t be surprice if pnoy only talk but do nothing.Basura from canada is another example of corruption of the tarlac governor

    5. @Pallacertus:

      I do not do any “demolition job”…It is not my vice…I tell the truth, as I see it. Can you see: no one is a suspect; no preventive measures are placed to prevent the scam/extortion. Abaya went to visit the site, and did nothing.

      Who are the people who have access to the luggages? They are the NAIA people working in the inspection of luggages. Most of them are the “bata” of Aquino, Abaya and their cahoots.

      So, my suspicion that the order came from Aquino , himself, hold ground. It is also one way to Divert Attention of his failures and massive corruption in his administration. It is called also: “the Squid Tactic”.

      Nazi Germany Fuhrer Adolf Hitler used the same tactic, to hypnotize the German people during World War II. His Nazi Propaganda Machine was very effective. It led to : Death Camps with rotting bodies of Holocaust victims; conquest of other countries; death and destruction on massive scales.

      “Those who do not remember the Past, are condemned to repeat it”. The Past is staring us on our faces…

  5. It’s really dumb of crackhead fanatics to say it’s the opposition who is at fault because, hello, they’re the opposition, how could they have control of something that’s under direct government control, which in turn is more likely to be under the control of the ruling party? Like, what are they in power for? It’s very likely to me that the kingmakers of Big Yellow are in control of this scam, so he can’t do anything about them, else they’ll unmake him.

    1. ChinoF @
      The only chance they can insert that tiny bullet is that bag leaves the xray . “Mom we found something in your bag” It is like U buy an Apple in the sidewalk and U got surprice all your apple u but all rotten. The operator has tiny 22cal (50 cal was to big so they dont use this)hidden between the finger and insert during inspection.this idea comes to me when a passenger was arrested and found that the picture taken from xray is not belong to him. therefore the operator mislead the passenger that the photo is genuine. The gang in NAIA is trying to expand to porter to Taxi driver to confuse us

  6. its funny how malacanyang downplays the incident. as on OFW myself, if this keeps going on, be surprised when there will be another edsa revolution this time aiming at our so called tuwid na daan president. Imagine this instead of us feeling happy and all knowing that we will be back in our motherland, now we have doubts coming back. we are not stupid enough to bring bullets thats pure common sense, we are not going to jeopardize our jobs just for that. Dont be so surprised if some vigilantes or even our very own sparrow units do something just to set an example to stop this modus at NAIA because our government is helpless and crooks dont fear them anymore.

  7. I am an American Citizen and I really don’t care who the culprits are in this tanim bala mudos at the airport I just it stopped at all cost.what we just want to know that if it is the gov’ts fault or luck of interest going after this syndicate be real don’t put it a blame on by down playing the whole thing and put a blame on your political adversaries.As if Patag and Navarro potray the Aquino gov’t perfect with no flaws at all.common de real…

    1. Of course they have to blame the opposition since logic dictate that any blaming is ultimately pointed at BSA. They need to draw the flak away from BSA.

    2. Just wait until pinoys and NAIA chief term end ,everything will be back to normal in Manila Intl Airport.
      For now it Election time, all source of finacial support are welcome for Mar’s LP election

  8. the Slogan of Philippine Tourism is…
    More FUN in the Philippines…
    But, since the emergence of Bullet Planting [ Laglag Bala Scam ]…it goes now like this…
    ” More Fear in the Philippines “.
    We can not change the minds of a DIEHARD Aquino supporters in the name of Patag and Navarro..
    Always remember, a computer that accepts only one Program/INPUT can never accepts an Updates. Cynthia Patag and Leah Navarro can compare to that computer who never Accepts Updates…because they have an STAGNANT MINDS..

  9. Who has the accessibility to put those bullets in the luggages of those travellers? It is those running or working in the NAIA Airport. Who are those running or working in the airport? They are employed and followers of Abaya , Aquino and their minions.

    To blame it on oppossition is not only stupid, but ridiculous.

    Why is it that Abaya and Aquino, is not doing anything, to prevent the “bullet scam”?

    Because, they are part of the scam. No one has yet been charged. No one is a person of interest or a suspect. The most important of all: no one has put any preventive measures to prevent those syndicate, from putting bullets on people’s luggages.

    Aquino and Abaya are apathetic on the situation. Just like what Aquino did, when those Chinese tourists were murdered; or when those 44 SAF Police Officers were murdered by the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda.

    Aquino is suffering from Depression. He simply cannot take the stressful job of the Presidency. It is one of the symptoms of a depressed person: to be apathetic on situations or bad conditions facing them. Stress makes them unmindful to bad situations.

    1. Aquino is a powerless bakla and is lacking the intellect for the job. He is also a spoiled, lazy bum who can not think for himself or make any decisions without anyone whispering in his ear. This country needs a working President with some brainpower, not a sleeping one who is borderline retarded.

      Instead of taking care of business he gave important positions to his friends, who of course, are idiots too, because how does the saying go?

      Show me who your friends are and I tell you who you are.

  10. Pnoy’s administration should resolved this brazen criminal act bounding to idiocracy and stupidity as quick and prompt as possible. This is election time and any trapo oppositions could easily hire and pay employees working at the airport to sabotage its operation and ultimately , to discredit this administration. Pnoy shoul not consider this issue as a trivial matter. It could blow-up on his face. The givernment is now a laughing stock of both the national and internstional community. Would he wait for any staff of government officials attending the APEC meeting to be victimized by this modus operandi before he do something?

    1. “Pnoy’s administration should resolved this brazen criminal act bounding to idiocracy and stupidity as quick and prompt as possible.” – This is BSA were talking about. Do you think he cares about the numerous complainants about him? Nothing sort of a dagger stabbed in his head would get his attetion…..even the dagger might not be enough…

      1. To solve the “bullet scam/extortion”; the Aquino administration is resorting to Blame Game again. Why are they not putting preventive measures to stop this “bullet scam/extortion”? This is the 64 pesos question…Abaya just went to inspect the site of the crime, then left and did nothing…Who are those filling charges on the victims, or demanding payment for amicable settlements on the cases? These are the suspects, idiots…

    2. “The government is now a laughing stock of both the national and international community”

      It always is Bruce. Always. No one takes this country serious anymore. Other countries are very much aware about what a stinking pile of shit this Government is and how idiotic Filipino voters are.

        1. “Hi I’m pallerticus and I don’t know the difference between racism and criticism because I’m stupid and very proud of it.”
          That’s what you get from reading too much abias-cbn news articles that you always troll there.

        2. Just like your bandwagoning of Singapore airport’s sins because you want to imply that everywhere in the world are like that as well you irresponsible crybaby. What’s the matter asshurt failipino? Eating too much red meat because you hate to eat anything bitter? Well since you said “you’ll gonna die anyway” from eating that then so be it. At least that will be another reduction of stupid failipinos like you from this planet.

        3. There is nothing “honorable” or “reasonable” in giving a pass to this government or the idiotic people who elected those coconuts. Calling me racist because I criticize tells me a lot about your character Pallacertus.

        4. You know you’ve stepped into pretty big shit when you mistake Jim DiGriz for Jerry Lynch.

          Not once but twice.

          Well, Add, I don’t know if what Jim said here is indeed one or the other — but I do know what my lapsus calami mean in the larger scheme of things.

          Boy, I dun goofed.

          And this time for a good long while, even if I leave yet another article hanging, at di lang dahil nakalimutan ko ang article o napagod rin ako sa type hash rehash hashtag serve. Other people have writer’s blocks; I have these, and I’d really rather take the writer’s blocks. Better for the health, keeps the domos away, makes GRP a less virulently anti-Noynoy and anti-Pinoy site, all that. (There’s also the perception that you gotta be squeaky-clean pitch-perfect if you gotta oppose hegemons big and small, and this isn’t perfect.)

          So without furt

        5. That I am too quick-witted, hot-tempered, and goddamn logorrheic for my own good? I think Add has long won the last category (and I mean that as praise, no greys within, Add, so please don’t be offended when you know where I read the word) — but noted, Jim. Noted as all hell.

          Now let me stew in my own hell for being such an imbecile and wronging you, thank you — not talking and having to drop threads yet again is bad enough, but if you want more I’m ready —

      1. Hey Jim, You hit the nail on the head! Philippines has been always the global leader on corruption and stupidity! Everysince “Erap” became the president and now a Mayor… How stupid that can be! I’m sorry to say, my cat is smarter than 80% of the Filipino population.

        1. Boboto ko na si erap kahet corrupt kesa sa pusa ni abnoy na si Lim na kulay dilaw
          Lim’s glorious moment during his term. Luneta massacre
          Zero vote to LP

  11. for 32 years of MADPnoy yellow oligarchs family domination of the philippines, where they are still supporting Senatong tanda and bribe bacon barrel broaddaylight corruption, in what iota of solution can be done to resolve this yellow darkness corruption of almost 30 years of dumbdowning the pilipinos to a third world status country

  12. kailan kaya Diyos ko, Ang Pilipinas kong bayan magising sa katotohanan about this kulangkulang99 madPnoy yellow darkness legacy of Senatong tanda enrile and his napolis list of money bathub auditors..

  13. I think we need some kind of member of the cat-family back in the house.

    Please take your pick:

    * * *

    “I have no ambition for it but if I were president, I would force you to swallow bullets. I do not care if you will die. If it will get stuck in your anus, then I will have you undergo medical operation to enlarge its opening,” -Duterte

    (Duterte furious at ‘laglag-bala,’ extortionists going scot-free, PDI, 2015-11-01)

    1. I have no ambition for it, but if I were President I would force the bullet up the anus of the guilty individual and then proceed to kick him in the ass until the bullet goes off.

      1. Now that’s a ceative punishment befitting a creative crime.

        Then we can load these scumbag assholes into Corrigedor’s big guns and fly them off to China held Spratly islands as human canonballs for final processing.

  14. Whenever I travel through airports, I usually just check my luggage for any inserted drugs before passing through the customs check. Now it’s gonna get doubly arduous trying to find small bullets. Damn!

    Maybe Tuwid na Daan can try selling to every travelling Pinoy “portable metal detectors” – yet another source of easy money for their war chest.

    I sure hope Mar’s plan to set up a “Department of Common Sense” will be for real if ever he steps in as president.

    Narrow-minded Pinoys are sabotaging the entire Tourism industry -> loss of millions of jobs, generating more criminals.

    How to we hammer Common Sense into these people? Do we need to drill holes through their thick hollow skulls and stuff it in? Please have mercy on your country!

    1. BTW, don’t fall for it. By the time every travelling Pinoy has bought a portable metal detector, these fools will come up with some non-metallic bullets to plant in your luggage with the label SYTYSSH (short for “So you think you’re so smart huh!”).

      Do not underestimate the Pinoy criminal genius. Like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going and going and going…

      1. >> Do not underestimate the Pinoy criminal genius.

        If these clowns put half as much effort into an honest day’s work as they do thinking up stupid scams to avoid work, they’d actually be a whole lot better off. And so would everyone else.

      2. what about the propose amendment of the law that instead of 1 bullet it should be a minimum of 3. What a lousy proposal of lawmakers. Don’t they have brain that the extortionists can just drop 4 or more bullets to a luggage just to victimize? Dumb foolish lawmakers.

  15. everybody has a point, we call them idiots, but bear in mind that this idiots made us all idiots, this may be one of the scenarios where the yellow bandits’ spin doctors is trying to paint now, and who knows what comes next, your guess is as good as mine, call it a conspiracy theory but we all should be thinking outside of the box, for this idiots have controlled us for over 25 years now, and this idiots would move heaven and earth just to be in power…..consider this

    1. good points, am not saying i am right yet there is such a big possibility of indirect link of the balik bayan box and laglag bala issues.

  16. Now more than ever, travelers are taping and wrapping their luggage so no one will bother tampering with them and if they do, there will be signs of tampering such as a tear in the wrapping.

  17. I also think that someone is taking advantage of the Laglag Bala issue but for Patag and Navarro to say that this is a plot against Aquino is as insensitive as the person that they are protecting. He heads our government, he has the capability to hAve this investigated. Kaya lang, as expected Malacanang released a statement that showed (again) that they don’t care. This is affecting innocent people who are trying to make a decent living and tourists who come here believing that the Philippines is a beautiful country. If this is really a plot against you all I can say is karma is a bitch but you can still do something about this. Kayo ang magaling sa drama at script writing papaluma ba kayo?

    1. Joan@
      Wag tangkilikin ang producto ni Navarro at Patag, todong batikusin sa internet..Ito ang mga tunay na opportunista sa ilalim ng dilaw na culto.Yung mga bintang nila ke GMA ay pambobola lang para maka ambon sa DAP

    2. Whose people are those at NAIA? Patag & Navarro are just 2 idiot dumb ladies whose brains not working. The oppositions do not have any people employed at the airport.

  18. The moment a person says “We are now looking into it” (or any other statement to that effect) is the same as saying, “I do not know how to address that situation, let me sit on my ass for a length of time and I will come back to you, inshallah, when I feel like it”.

    These template reply is not an action, but failure to do the right action. Incompetent fools in vital sectors should just be sacked (or suspended indefinitely), as simple as that.

    Note to Malacanang: I do not need you to tell me you are no investigating that matter, I want the results, tell me what have you done so far and what actions are now in effect. Any 10-year old boy can come to me and tell me, “I am doing these later”, If you do that then the taxpayers must be overpaying you. You have no place in my roster. Just go home and commit sepuku.

    1. If it involves the reputation of a brand, its image, much more of a country, I will fire the manager, the entire department, and I don’t care if the operation is on a shutdown for a week or a month until replacements are found and trained. No action reflects lack of resolve on the part of management.

      1. Where is juliet,pnoy defender ,come out from your hiding place ang give your opinion on laglag bala..Your gonna be answer is like this
        ” Let’s talk About Binay magnanakaw”

    2. @ Add


      People like us working for the private sectors are constantly grilled, before and during employment, just to prove that we are worthy of the position. We work our asses of to achieve the expectations. And then here come people appointed to vital roles in the government and do not know jack shit about their roles.

      The government should be run like a private enterprise. To hell with democracy.

      1. I second the motion.
        Government would be better off in the hands of a man with a private-sector management mindset.
        Henry Sy or Ayala can do a far better job, judging from how well they manage their turfs. it is like walking from a third world to a first world country when entering their Malls.

  19. If Noynoy really cared, he would have fired the person in charge of NAIA because of the laglag bala incident (this is NOT an isolated incident) to show everyone that nobody is safe, but he didn’t because apparently he is friends with the person in charge of NAIA.

    Earth to Noynoy, you run for the Presidency, if you can’t handle the pressure and the responsibility, just resign. Like Uncle Ben said “with great power comes great responsibility”.

    And as for those Yellow spin-busters, if anyone other than a Conjuangco-Aquino had been in charge, people like Navarro and Patag would have been saying “Step Down”, bunch of hypocrites these fanatical Yellow supporters are.

    I wonder what will happen if those morons responsible for the laglag bala would try to do this to a Mafia Boss or a Yakuza Boss? I’d like to see them try.

    1. ang problema sa presidente eh nanalo dahil sa utang na loob sa mga taong naka palibot sa kanya. Putang inang “Aquino Magic” yan

  20. It all goes down kung may bayag ang administrasyon or wala. PNOY is the president in a single snap he can order the removal of the naia security from top to bottom. It may not give due process to the one who is in the position but its going to be for the betterment of all. Palagi na lang bandaid solution ang binibigay nyo sa sambayanan. tsk tsk

  21. To put it all simply. Abnoynoy is just a closeted queer. Dating starlets and harlot celebrities to masquerade as a “stud” to conceal his man-loving true identity. He doesn’t even at least have an illegitimate child. Old and still single, bald, cough-spewing, poor-postured oaf. He’s unmarried, no children, obviously retarded and/or suffering from past and present mental illness. He can’t even get his personal life right so what makes him up for the job of running our country? All his presidency ever accomplished was persecute and exile political enemies from the top to bottom and installing buffoons into vital government and military positions. I haven’t felt any tangible improvement since his lazy ass sat on his throne. Yellow closeted emperor.
    Don’t you people get it? We have all been subjugated into the Yellow Imperial Rule ever since they orchestrated that people power I revolution bullshit. Our country will never see true progress as long as we are bound by the rule of government idiocy and the enslavement insitutionalized by the Yellow Regime that has plagued us since Cory Aquino was placed into power not by people if ypu really know but by those oligarchs that wanted control over this jungle we consider a country.

  22. isolated case..damn what a cop out…i am just curious how the police is handling these cases…it seems that their selective application of the law is helping these crooks get away with this MO…what the hell would an old lady do with a single .30 caliber bullet for an antique gun? where can you get a M1 carbine these days? and what’s with one bullet? yeah, am going to hong kong, saudi, japan, or wherever, find me a gun that this bullet fits and do what? commit suicide? that’s one bullet, for sure is enough..dang..ang galing nilang magpatupad ng batas basta meron pera involved pero sa iba deadma lang…selective justice..just what this administration had been espousing since day 1…

  23. This may sound incredulous but I think tanim/laglag-bala, although in existence since God knows when, is being done now on purpose, to embarrass, for reasons only the powers that be know. It is very unfortunate that ordinary people are made to suffer.

  24. What Ilike I don’t understand is why would you even get in trouble if say they found 1 or even 10 bullets. It could happen you missed one of your bag pockets per say. 1-10 is not bullets no weapon does not justify you as a smuggler or with an intent to kill or a terrorist. I mean if you are smuggling by the bulk to support a terrorist.

  25. Nice article Ilda! What can you expect from a dumb and incompetent people like BS Aquino and his loyal “fanboys”? It was a fiasco waiting to happen. NAIA has already been called world’s worst airport from 2011-13 it really did not surprise me when they found out that a a “laglag-bala modus” is being done secretly inside the airport itself, whats more disturbing is that there are allegations that employees of the airport itself are responsible for this shit!! Hayyyy buhay!!! Edi wow talaga! 😛

  26. From what is known of Aquino: He is a rich Man, he doesn’t need the mere $1,000 shake-down that these clowns are getting from these tourists that are too stupid to put a lock on their luggage when entering a 3rd world hell-hole like what the Philippines is, classic idiotic newbie travelers.

  27. The down-playing of the ‘bullet-scam’ by the administration isn’t surprising. The “Tuwid na Daan” insisted by Noynoy and his allies covered up societal problems like the RH bill pushed to our throat to become a law. We need government leaders who think on their own– those with critical thinking skills– able to straighten up wrongdoers, console victims, and bring about real societal changes not merely for a ‘show’ or for the ‘name’ but because it’s the right thing to do.

    1. Agreed, yet the administration should have had already a preventive measure (s) at hand being implemented due to the gravity of the adverse effects of the issue not only to victims but to the whole country/nation in general. Until when the Filipinos expect such preventive actions while long term plans to eliminate such activities can be implemented. Is it the right thing to do not to take immediate action? I don’t know. People who lack foresight usually say so. For one OFW who is victimized, have you thought of the effects on his life, family and his relation to society?

  28. “I go on this great republican principle, that the people will have virtue and intelligence to select men of virtue and wisdom. Is there no virtue among us? If there be not, we are in a wretched situation. No theoretical checks – no form of government can render us secure. To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea, if there be sufficient virtue and intelligence in the community, it will be exercised in the selection of these men. So that we do not depend on their virtue, or put confidence in our rulers, but in the people who are to choose them.” -James Madison

  29. airport authorities expand the possiblities that laglag bala was made by taxi driver or NAIA porters.Why allways a 22cal bullet is the favorite choice..If a taxi driver want make your day nightmare, he can placed a 50cal,grenade or atomic bomb in your hand carry. the xray tehnician has no image that your hand carry containing contraband.Example they send a victim in pasay judge and found the image from xray is not belong to him and release. That means the xray operator inserted the 22cal hidden between his finger inside the side of the bag.We cannot avoid this racket as long pnoy didn’t sacked the gen manager of NAIA. only this passenger can do is bring extra money for the worst to come. Check the hand carry before entering the xray and if didn’t help to avoid a victim,as the photo of your bag and see if its yours,If they cannot show any proof or the technician alone took the bullet inside your bag,sue them for racketing .
    Mar Roxas was so smart, He blame the opponents in what happening in NAIA. He is not even disturb why pnoy keep his relatives in Noynoy international Airport. LP needs a campaign fund weather it came from good or bad source badly. Maybe this is a resback time for OFW against bulatlat box and taxes campaign. What a vindictive government

  30. Sabi nga ni Trapo Grace poe ay ipinaglaban tayo ni FPJ sa mga pelikula sa production niya laban ke Paquito Diaz. Si FPJ ay isang tunay na marangal na tao, Tanong baket marami siyang extrang asawa at baket lagi siyang bida sa FPJ production at si paquito diaz lang ang kaya niyang araruhin ng sunodsunod na suntok. Siguro baka kung buhay si FPF ay lalagyan niya ng “Isang bala ka lang” sa sentido ni abnoy Si Mr Palengke sinisisi ang laglag bala raket sa opposition.Ano ba ang ginagawa niya na demolition sa mga kalaban niya at baket mabantot ang images niya sa Capiz. Putang na baka ampon din si Mar ng mga Roxas parang si Grace Poe. Di ba malakas to ke pnoy,Baket di niya pa sibak yung hoodlum na nagpapatako sa Airport dahil from 40 to 20K ang kikitain pera para sa 2016 LP election ay naging 160 pesos na lang.Barya na lang ito, gawan ng paraan na maging totoo ang 22 cal. Si lola siguruhing hindi ma iinterview at baka ikanta na drawing lang yung bala sa bag niya

  31. Why we allowed the president to appoint not publicly elected person working as commissioner or appointed person to work in the public service. He use this to enrich himself ,one of the example is NAIA bulet laglag and smuggling in customes and corruption in BIR. Choosing his own cabinet secretaries is another question too..

  32. Phoy’s go ahead signal to start KKK to raise fund for 2016 election and steal as much as possible loot before the end on the term.Word robbing is now legal
    9Thank’s to Delima ang Onbudsman cooperation) Abnoy alawys say ” Ok we will look for that” That’s it folks,stop there and nothing happened..His statement of being insanity is now undergoing to vote to congress to pass walk free after his 6 yrs miserable term.

    1. robbing is a little bit decent than EXTORTION using the pretext of law. If one was robbed, he/she lost only something, yet if one is a victim of EXTORTION using pretext of an existing LAW, the victim may land in JAIL, lost job, damaged public reputation and most the effect to his/her family and relatives.

  33. Nowadays most government officials are all lawless.
    Anyway the term of this bandit is ending very soon and he ask everybody with him to steal as much as possible and exit to PR before the next President
    Expect more garbage from the west, smuggling , NAIA racket, BIR scam and other crime protected by yellow will not stop. Other paid Media will balimbing exept ABS CBN where Cory and Lopez blood compact was forever

  34. ” Patag-Navarro: they are pointing to the President’s opposition and calling the incidents as mere demolition jobs against BS Aquino”

    it seems they are ignorant of who these people might be.
    if they were to go back to the root of all incidents it all started right after BBMarcos halted Lina from intruding OFW’s ever cherish possession or the balikbayan boxes.

    who will benefit from all of these hideous evil schemes and who will be receiving the money cash from miserable OFWs? who cynthia and who leah?

    the clues are all there in the open and there’s no need for u to suspect anyone, that one who expresses his hate on OFW. don’t be such a YEL-LOW-IQ TURDS!

  35. What if it WAS this administration who has been perpetrating this all along? After all, aren’t they a bunch of crooks un the first place?

    And yeah, the cycle shall repeat itself, I’m afraid….. -_-

  36. tanim or laglag bala sa katulad ko na ofw takot at pangamba ang pakiramdam ko sa Nonoy Aquino Int,l Airport sa pagpasok at paglabas sa airport na iyan, traumatic po sa akin yan , nakakahiyang Airport. Look like no goverment is working here.

  37. Now we know laglag bala is a ploy by gloria arroyo and digong duterte using alfonso cusi to damage that very good performance by Pnoy. Nasa loob pala ang salarin at biglang nagig secretary ni Digong atfter mahalal. Isang pabuya for a job well done

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