5 Changes For Political Candidacy That May Improve The Philippines

With Alma Moreno’s video showcasing her incompetence with her interview with Karen Davila becoming viral, I think it’s time we got to the point and told our readers (and the powers that be) of what we want to happen. You see, based on what we’ve seen so far, majority of political parties harbor their fair share of nuisance candidates. You have candidates like Bong Revilla Jr. who still can’t decide whether or not he should be a politician or a celebrity, Manny Pacquiao who has attended the senate for a whopping four sessions because he can’t quite let go of his boxing career and then there is of course Alma Moreno and her less-than-stellar interview. What we cannot express enough in words is that these are celebrities people, “entertainers”, and not leaders. Just because you can pretend to be a competent military officer on a TV screen does not mean you are a competent military officer in real life.

Politicians' phoney populist stunts can be made a thing of the past if Filipino voters apply an intelligent mind to their elections.

Politicians’ phoney populist stunts can be made a thing of the past if Filipino voters apply an intelligent mind to their elections.

Anyway, here are five changes when it comes to the filing of political candidacy that can surely improve the roster of candidates for the common people:

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Making A Professional License A Requirement

A professional license might not be foolproof evidence of a person’s competence but it is at least a good sign that someone knows what it is they’re doing, as suggested by some of our commenters on GRP. Besides, in order to get one’s professional license, one first needs to have at least a post-high-school degree after all. This will at least rule out nuisance candidates who we all know probably can’t tell the difference between a washing machine and a toilet bowl.

Examples of said licenses can include but are not limited to an attorney’s license, a doctor’s license, an engineer’s license, a nurse’s license, a dentist’s license, a chef’s license, a banker’s license, a clerk’s license, an IT’s license, a manager’s license, a teacher’s license, a pharmacist’s license, a sex-worker’s license (unavailable in the Philippines), a license to kill (if the Philippines has an intelligence agency, that is) and, if nothing else, a dog or cat license.

Sadly, driver’s licenses are simply not enough to be considered candidates. Gun licenses, on the other hand, are being seriously considered for being made a viable requirement for political candidacy. As for other animals who are neither cats nor dogs, it has been decreed by Kardong Kalabaw that you at least get the permission of your respective owners.

Undergoing A Psychological Examination

This should actually be very important. Unfortunately, nobody seems to see the importance of having a sound mind in the Philippines. Thanks to our culture of impunity and stupidity, nobody seems to care whether or not the community or perhaps the entire country is being run by a madman.

Well, this isn’t really all that surprising when some people don’t even care that the driver of the public transport vehicle (whether jeep or bus) is drunk or high on drugs. Then, when it all ends in a terrible accident, some people are even surprised why it all happened and, for reasons that continue to elude me, blame the government or some other external agency instead of pointing out that the driver wasn’t in the right state of mind to drive to start with.

Psychological nuances to look out for in a political candidate:

  • Delusions of Grandeur: These are the kind of people who might declare war on the rest of the world because of their erroneous concept of “Pinoy Superiority” so no, we don’t want them in power.
  • Substance Addiction: These are people who might not function well without their favorite substances (i.e. alcohol, nicotine, narcotics, etc.) or function terribly when under their influence, this might lead to awkward situations such as the declaration of an “orgy day” or an international broadcast of his or her would-be suicide.
  • Disconnection from Reality: Another big problem would be when a leader is in constant denial and can’t even accept reality for what it is and constantly spouts delusional and insubstantial “achievements” to cover up his incompetence and irresponsibility.

Undergoing An IQ Test In Essay Or Simulated Format

One of the biggest problems in many political candidates of today is the fact that they lack the qualifications to even be an informed, let alone concerned, citizen. Just watch Alma Moreno’s interview and you’ll realize soon enough that she clearly doesn’t even understand what the Magna (which she refers to as “Magda”, Diablo III anyone?) Carta for women and RH Bill are actually even about. What’s more is that when asked these serious questions, she even seems to be looking for a coach somewhere in the studio who will bail her out of her current predicament. I mean really, can’t she answer her own questions? Didn’t she at least look through the priorities and responsibilities for a right and proper senator before even thinking about becoming a senator? The same goes for Manny Pacquiao who still seems to be prioritizing his sports career over his duty as a lawmaker in the Philippines. Four days, I mean really?

Anyway, it should only be right that political candidates be able to tough questions on their own and in their own words. When faced with a dangerous real-life situation and the lives of a community are on the line, do we really want people who barely understand what’s going on to be in charge? As far as I’m concerned, if a candidate can’t even answer tough questions in a simulated environment is not qualified to deal with the real thing.

Only A Purely Secular Approach Will Be Allowed

For a Christian Believer like me, I think we should refrain from taking the Lord’s name in vain. As mentioned in my last article about the “God Card”, I think we should avoid using God’s name in political debates. After all, there’s no real and feasible way to prove God’s favor of a given candidate.

It is an act of arrogance to claim moral and social superiority by invoking God’s name in a given argument, especially a political one. As a believer, I think that we each have duties to fulfill for the Lord and none of us have any real right to claim to know better. As flawed mortal men, we have only our own consciences to look to for moral guidance and one another to look after. I hope that last made sense.

Discrediting Of All “Honorary” Titles And Achievements

“Honorary” titles and achievements will not be accepted as grounds to become a viable political candidate. “Honorary” just means that, “honorary”. Being an “honorary” soldier doesn’t make one an actual soldier after all. So no, honorary titles will not be credited as qualifications of becoming a political candidate.

Honorary is almost the same as “acting” or even “pretend”. Just because a person receives an honorary diploma doesn’t necessarily mean they deserve it. For all we know, they just paid for it or gave the host a “special favor” in order to get it.


Now I know some, or even a lot of you, aren’t going to agree with this post. Unfortunately, if we really want results, then this is, in my opinion, our best chance of making something of our dysfunctional country. Please people, this isn’t just about GRP or the failings of our government. This is about our future as a people and what we can to ensure better lives for all our children.


23 Replies to “5 Changes For Political Candidacy That May Improve The Philippines”

  1. Alma’s incompetency reflects how dumb the voters cud have been if she was elected.

    Yet we can’t blame her for it when the constitution itself guarantees her right to run.
    the faulty system is in fact traceable to our 1987 constitution.

    no political guideline requirements stated in there for those who wud want to run except that one must know how to read n write.

    the impact of this “read n write requirements” will never be enough in a critical situation such as what Alma provides for Karen’s interview sake.

    well at least she gave all her truth believed to have come from the bottom of her sincere heart.

    that’s all i have to say. i praised her for being as she and her bravery when she came to the studio with no tools on hand. Alma matters all!

    1. let Mayor Duterte change our constitution from an *ahem* unitary presidential system into a federal parliamentary gov’t if he could really run for the president of our country by next year. #Duterteserye

  2. I do not agree with the ideas that a professional license or being subjected to (and passing) a psychological test should be qualifications to run for office. Requiring a professional license will do nothing but GUARANTEE that no poor person can ever run for and hold office.

    Who gets to choose the “psychological examiner” giving that evaluation? Think about what THAT would entail!

    Now, I absolutely agree that mere personality such as being a sports star or TV/movie star is NOT qualification for office. Just look around for hundreds of examples. As an American I am willing to give Pacquiao a 1 term pass if elected to the Senate. He has missed most of his congressional dates because he has been WORKING and making HONEST money which he mostly spends wisely in his province and also in GenSan. He has pledged to devote full time to his Senate duties after his next fight if elected. In my estimation he is the ONLY politician here who earned his own money. He also educated himself in English and has also learned a lot about the world in his travels and exposure to other cultures.

    I’m not exactly sure he has enough formal education to do the job, but I believe he is honest and will at least TRY to help this nation because he has no ulterior motive that I can discern.

    1. While I’d like to agree, it’s simply not enough. Look at all the corrupt people around Manny Pacquiao and how they take advantage of him. Look at his relatives who ALSO want a slice of the political cake.

      I know it’s harsh but we need more than just being “good enough” if we want to save this country.

      Your argument is good but I’m afraid that won’t work in a hellhole like the Philippines. Even good things like morality and kindness are transformed into horrific mockeries of values around here. We need strong-willed and strong-minded leaders to get out of the “Kingdom of the Damned”, if you understand.

    2. “He also educated himself in English and has also learned a lot about the world in his travels and exposure to other cultures”

      it depends of what education he had received and even if the senate adopted a local dialect as their medium of speech, can Pacquiao able to follow? Intelligence quotient does what it counts.

  3. What I think would be effective to pinoys is to prohibit the use of names of candidates during the campaign period and just assign to them a generic identity for example presidential candidate A, B and so on. All information should be all in one standardized form, indicating pertinent details. No photos. No media campaigning, no fiesta campaign, no papogi, no parties, etc. Just post their resumes on public areas so that everyone will be encouraged to read and research about the candidates. Violation = disqualification. This should make every one think.

  4. Politicians are masters in the art of mixing truth and deceit and serving the deadly cocktail to the public as a panacea to their problems.

  5. As Japan has recently done in reinterpreting their pacifist constitution rather than amending it to justify self defense as including collective self defense (thereby allowing their troops to go on active duty abroad to support allies), we can simply just re-interpret what “able to read and write” means.

    Grimwald’s idea could be used as the “qualifying exam” to prove one is able to read and write.

    Another idea is to re-interpret it to mean “read and write a programming language”. So candidates need to read the problem and write a computer program to implement their solution during screening day. If the program doesn’t work properly, they are out. This also ensures only good logically thinking problem solvers get into government top positions.

    Then we won’t need to go through the eye of a needle having to conduct ChaCha (charter change).

    A higher standard for the meaning of “read and write” should do the trick. comelec can impose it unilaterally and disqualify anyone else as nuisance candidates unfit for ruling the land.

  6. Rev. Thaddeus Grimwald…in God’s name; it would be good if these Dumb voters will listen to you.

    They are dazzled by the charms of Alma Moreno. If she will spread her legs to voters…she sure will be elected as Senator.

    The voters are very much enthusiastic on the boxing career of Pacquiao. They don’t care whether, he has some elementary, high school, or kindergarten education.

    Show Biz politics will continue; because Filipino voters are dumb and ignorant…if there are no Dumb voters…there would be no Dumb candidates.

    God bless the Philippines…

    1. By any means; Aquino, Mar Roxas, and the Liberal Party will call the Paris, France massacre” : “misencounter”…

      Alma Moreno will give her best charm, concealing her empty head.

      Pacquiao will demonstrate to voters, how he knocked out boxing opponents; and scammed his viewers with , Mayweather, billions of US dollars. Calling it: “The Fight of the Century”.

      These Candidates will be elected. And, we all will “live happily, ever after…” This country is a Zoo…OMG…I have to get out!!!

  7. Sixth (6th) Change For Political Candidacy That May Improve The Philippines:

    Do away with the hypocritical Christian and violent Muslim religion. Then learn the peaceful and selfless teachings of Buddhism, so they can apply it in their lives and the people of the Philippines.

  8. First, Buddhism is not a religion; it’s the way of looking at life in its purest form. Human beings already have the propensity for violence. It’s only because we want to become, and stay a part, of society that we learn to tone this naturally violent tendency down. Believing in a God or Allah or whatever deities out there, and using those beliefs to validate our ideals and justify our actions against each other, is the root of the problems in this world. It’s called Selfishness.

  9. “If a human wants to commit violence, he can do it whether he believe in God or not.”

    Then why do we Filipino need religion for? To make ourselves feel better and our lives complete? It’s obvious religion is not working for our people, because we continue to fock each other up with our self-servingness and arrogance.

  10. People who commit: murder, massacre, rape, slavery, inquisitions, theft, scams, destruction…etc…all kinds of evil, in the name of a Deity , or of justifying their evil deeds, on Organized Religion, or any Deity…were/are the worst kinds of human beings, that walked or ever walk, on this Planet Earth. I am not just pointing on Islam…

  11. Arrogance & selfishness transcend any religion.

    Do Filipinos need religion? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on the individual.

    1. Unfortunately for the individuals, they take their religious cue on the status quo—or the overwhelming majority who rely on religious institutions to define who they are.

  12. One thing we need to do is activate our common sense. Why vote for people who didn’t even have a college degree?

    1. the previous mayor of Reykjavik never wanted the job, proclaimed to all and sundry how he hated the educational system and had little formal schooling, and had some radical ideas in his head; his only background was as a clown.
      But he had a sense of humor which resonated profoundly with his fellow citizens, and a whole lot more common sense than his opponents.
      He won in a landslide, which almost gave him a heart attack, but he reluctantly went on to govern the city, never losing his sense of humor, and his constituents loved him for that!

      1. We have an over population of Clowns already in our Political leaders. We have a President, who is a Clown. We have Mar Roxas, who is a Clown. Most of the candidates are clowns…we don’t want more. It may work in Iceland, they have only that Clown. But, here, too many…

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