What Digong Duterte Could Teach Mar Roxas About Being A Presidential Candidate (Part Two)

Before going through the couple hundred words on what Digong Duterte could teach Mar Roxas about being a Presidential candidate, I feel I have to ground the discussion on the words of David Deida from his book “The Way Of The Superior Man”:

“Without a conscious life-purpose a man is totally lost, drifting, adapting to events rather than creating events.

“If you know your purpose, your deepest desire, then the secret of your success is to discipline your life so that you support your deepest purpose and minimize distractions and detours.”

“…when you know your true purpose, which is your core desire in life, each moment can becomea full expression of your core desire. Every instant of career, every instant of intimacy, is filled with the power of your heart purpose.”

The thing with Mar Roxas, and I’ve mentioned this previously, is that it’s hard to get a handle of what he is really about.

Was he really about free market and entrepreneurship during his Mr. Palengke days more than a decade ago? Perhaps, but I am not really sure though.

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Was he really about faster transportation and better communications when he was appointed Secretary of Transport and Communications? News of his appointment to the post was said to be heralded by Roxas singing a couple of lines of Dionne Warwick’s Trains, Boats, and Airplanes. But the thing with that is that now there’s a long list of things that were supposed to get off the ground as far as transportation and communications.

Was he really about peace and order as well as local governance when he was appointed Secretary of Interior and Local Government? Funny, but just recently the PDEA said that 92 percent of barangays around the country are plagued with illegal drugs. In my own neck of the woods here in Sampaloc, Manila all one has to do to come across people buying and selling drugs is to go out of one’s front door or walk a couple of meters anywhere.

If there were any thing that could go as a way of a defining accomplishment in any of these executive posts, I guess they’re so weak and flaccid that I can’t even summon one up about his stint at DILG with Google.

Gee.. And his communication team has been ordered to bolster his image as a candidate with COMPETENCE and INTEGRITY? Good luck with that!

bobo na lang ang boboto kay mar roxas

So, what is other things  that Duterte can teach Roxas about being a presidential candidate?

If you proceed with life knowing your true life-purpose and have built all your strengths around that purpose, you will live a life knowing your self-worth and that is not something you will easily or readily concede under any circumstance.

In the run-up to announcing his decision to run as president in the 2016 polls, there was a lot of drama about being anointed by President Benigno Aquino III and that was weird for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s not at all like Aquino was Elijah and Roxas was Elisha or maybe it was in the sick, perverted minds of Yellow-philiacs. Second, if Roxas really had the conviction of that HE alone could lead the country after Aquino, his intention to run with or without Aquino’s blessing would be evident in his actions.  That kind of conviction can only proceed from knowing what you are worth.

Then, after that, there was this whole fiasco about finding a running mate. Can you imagine the standard bearer of what is presumably the most potent political party shopping himself around and offering the Veep position much like a little boy asking girls to be his valentine? Yes, it happened and it was excruciating to watch.

Compare Digong Duterte’s behavior to Roxas’ and you’ll see a man who seemed to be deliberately ambiguous about his position on talks of his running for the presidency. He’d hint at it and next thing you know, he’d say that he wasn’t interested. It was an obvious push-pull ploy meant to keep people talking, but people bought into the ploy because it seemed consistent with Duterte’s image as a man who stood on his own two feet and met the world on his terms.

As for having a Veep? Well, it seemed people were pairing him up with Senators Bongbong Marcos, Miriam Defensor Santiago, and Alan Peter Cayetano.

Roxas was described as a reluctant president and that kind of thing doesn’t speak of humility, but indecision and unworthiness.

Duterte could be described as indifferent to the lure of the presidency and it would seem that if ever he does decide to make a run for it, it is something that he will do on his own terms and not under the terms of an anointer or benefactor.

I guess the main difference between Roxas and Duterte is the level of masculinity with which they’ve presented themselves as candidates.

As I’ve presented it, Duterte acted like a man throughout the whole thing and Roxas was pretty much acted like an approval seeking little boy.


19 Replies to “What Digong Duterte Could Teach Mar Roxas About Being A Presidential Candidate (Part Two)”

  1. Duterte is no better either. He is afraid of bigger responsibility . He is territorial that do not want or afraid to stray away from his territory . I believed he make deals with tugs in Davao that’s why they respect him , he is no difference the rest .Any confident man will take in the challenge if he cares… Duterte do not care about the Philippines and the Filipinos so stop making him look like he cares .

    1. I never said Duterte is better. I just used what I understand about his character and his communications effort as a way to contrast that of Roxas’ communications effort.

      1. Obviously, Roxas is about being seen in a good light,as a ‘COMMON MAN’. So he can garner support for his ultimate power grab,the Presidency.Where he can become as rich as he can and live like a King.

        That was EZ.

        Duterte ,IDK the Man, but he seems like an arrogant prick and his kids are just like him. A mafioso type who may think people like him, but they do not.They are afrid of him, BUT rest assured…he and his ilk are capable of bleeding out, just like the rest of us.

  2. Thats the difference between an alpha male and a beta male, a captain/commander and a victim.

    just like us, we need to control our life and not the other way around.

    “I am the master of my fate ,I am the captain of my soul.” – Invictus

  3. Anyone seen the pathetic state of Davao International Airport? Can we blame this on that demigod Digong, whose claim to fame are his alleged summary executions?

  4. Duterte is an indecisive thug who will cringe at the sight of Quiboloy. Haha.

    Who wants this idiot to be president? Oh. Another idiot.

  5. Roxas is Too Old to learn. His managerial track records , handling various public offices, he managed were all failures. If he would have been here in the U.S., working for U.S. corporations. He would have been Fired, from job to job.

    The Dude just has no “fire in his belly” to do a good job. Managerial talent is an art. You may have been educated in a good U.S. university. However, if you lack the managerial talent, you cannot manage even a small office. Maybe, Roxas talent is being a “sip sip” of Aquino; an ass licker.

    For Duterte, managing Davao City is different from managing a country. In the Presidential job; it is a 24 Hours job, seven days a week. You have to manage the Armed Forces; the Foreign affairs, etc… the day to day problems that come out , in your term of office… and the intrigues of people , who will be against you.
    You have to deal with your critics, like the GRP Bloggers, who will pester you, once you sit in that Presidential Chair. I believe, most of them are: “pain in the ass.”

    You have to deal with the economy; the rebel groups: MILF/ISIS/Al Queda, NPA, and other armed groups roaming the country. The Philippines is slowly turning into another Mexico. Illegal drug use, illegal drug manufacture, and drug selling are rampant. Soon, there will be Drug Lords. The Chinese Triad and the Japanese Yakuza, may have already have their hands in the drug trade.

    Good Luck, Mr. Roxas, if you want he job.

    1. Not as glamorous as it seems,eh? He will have to lick the ass of the Kano gov’t. too, see how he likka dat,HA !

      1. Sure…we are the unofficial , 52nd State of the Union, of the United States of America.

        Otherwise, Mar Roxas will end up like: Marcos, Noriega, the Shah of Iran, Saddam Hussein, Kadaffy, …or Bashar Assad of Syria…

        1. @ HT the Shah was the USA’s boy in Iran, he got taken by surprise in 1979 and the rest is….
          Marcos, too, was supposedly the USA’s boy but he robbed Westinghouse and got out of control so…..
          Assad still has his job and that is because Russia needs to keep its Naval Base in Tartus,Syria ,its Russia’s only Naval base on the Mediteranean Sea and is strategically important..

  6. Someone that projects that tough big-boss aura/image is what we need for this country as president.

    Something like the roles played by Tommy Lee Jones.

    I really think masculine iron-fists are appealing. A Duterte-type of leader is at least getting wider acceptance nowadays.

    1. HaHaHa at least I made 2 people happy today!!!

      I really think masculine iron-fists are appealing – to the voting public.
      … Is what I mean.

      But if you insist I’m gay I’m gonna have to call on prophet Grimwald to teach you guys a hard lesson on the dangers of perversion.

      Just kidding – Cheers 🙂

    2. in case you are not updated. this is an exclusive interview of Digong by Ms. Ressa

      Don’t Fuck People’s Money

      If i have to kill you, i’ll kill you

      there’s this clip by Rappler in FB about his impeachment by congress. paki-FB na lang un wala sa link sa taas eh. lol!

      waiting for the whole interview to be posted.

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