Six More Years Of What Exactly? Heavy Traffic and Floods?

I guess it has already been said that it’s really a bad idea for Mar Roxas to campaign on the premise of continuing the Aquino administration’s Daang Matuwid.

People are wondering, isn’t he his own man yet?

Last night, a heavy down pour late in the afternoon or early evening (depending on where you were) caused traffic on EDSA to seize up. Looking at my Facebook newsfeed, it seemed quite a good number of my friends were stuck in EDSA for two to five hours.

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It’s pretty clear now that the administration’s stop-gap traffic management solution, which was the deployment of the Highway Patrol Group, couldn’t help the situation. Someone on my Facebook friend’s list even remarked, “Where is the Highway Patrol Group? Where is the MMDA?”

To be fair, I don’t think these guys could have helped as some attributed last night’s monster traffic jam to flooding.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.46.50 AM.png

It wasn’t the Iglesia Ni Cristo rallying on EDSA this time folks. Just a heavy down pour, not even a storm or low intensity typhoon.

Among the many problems the country faced during former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s time was the perennial flooding and resulting traffic in Metro Manila. At the start of President Noynoy Aquino’s term, his administration axed an ambitious flood mitigation project and this resulted in floods getting worse over the next few years of his term.

Thing is, even if there are no floods, traffic on EDSA on any regular weekday at rush hour is so slow that I could probably walk faster than most cars there (I reach about 7 – 8 kph just brisk walking).

One solution that could really help ease traffic on EDSA is a public mass transport system and guess what? That didn’t happen and the service of the MRT on EDSA has deteriorated to such a low point that people actually expect it to breakdown once a week — on a good week.

Guess whose action caused the deterioration of the MRT 3? This news item from the Manila Times should give you a clue.

INTERIOR Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd should be made to answer for the problems now besetting the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) 3because it was during his time as Transportation secretary when negotiations for various procurement contracts were done.

“[Now Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio] Abaya is just Mar’s ‘yes’ man,” a former official of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) who left the agency for a better job in the private sector told The Manila Times.

(Read more here:

Thing is, another favorite under-the-radar political analyst friend of mine claims that the reason why these projects and others were axed or scuttled was mainly because of Roxas.

My friend said that, “Kapag alam nilang hindi sa grupo nila mapupunta, hindi na lang nila tinutuloy ang project.” (Translation: “If they figure out that the project isn’t going to go to their group, they just don’t go through with the project.”)

A meme I found recently puts it this way, “How many kilometers of road were built in the PH from 2010 to 2015? 4 KM under PPP. How many cars were sold in the PH in 2014? 269,492.”

Yes, the economy is booming all right… …for some.

six more years?

12 Replies to “Six More Years Of What Exactly? Heavy Traffic and Floods?”

  1. Yes, with Mar Roxas it’s another six years of that and worse because all Mar Roxas do is spout several used campaign slogans in his speeches and do celebrity pa-charming to please attendees but unfortunately for him, the real reason people are there are freebies and cash gifts because that’s what Trapos like him and Binay are known for and both of them don’t make sense. Greed and incompetence are matched with fake support and greed.

    1. @LVM Malana,

      There is really not much of a choice from these presidential candidates on who will help move the country forward. It’ll still be the deeply-entrenched political dynasties—and their monopolizing foreign business counterparts–that drive the wheels of graft and corruption in the Philippines.

      These ‘token’ presidential candidates are just in for the ride to enrich themselves since they arealready aware of the futility of Philippine politics.

      “The Philippines is corrupt because the people are corrupt; the people are corrupt because the culture is corrupt.”


      1. Which is why I’m thankful for a site like this. Exposure of corruption is one step of eliminating it, although I know one can’t really root out corruption but at least if it can be prevented or the corrupt can be punished, even if by just by shaming them for starters, I know it’ll help to change the way people think.

        1. @LVM Malana,

          “Although I know one can’t really root out corruption but at least if it can be prevented or the corrupt can be punished, even if by just by shaming them for starters, I know it’ll help to change the way people think.”

          I agree.


  2. Well said, couldn’t agree more.

    I have never chosen to vote my entire life. I was once asked, after being derided for this, what my “requirements” for voting were. I answered, any politician who puts in 10 years long enough to be universally hated for improving the ENTIRE road system of the Philippines (which is a real planning equation 4 years ago— i think it’s idealistic still but then…); lays back for two years and lets everything run smoothly, then runs for president would get my vote. I think that would be a guy worth voting for. 😉

    But unfortunately, our politicians live like grasshoppers.

  3. If I must be ruled by larcenous bullies, I much prefer that they be located far away. Local bullies know far more about me and my doings than faraway bullies sitting in offices in Malacañang Palace, and can oppress me far more effectively.

    And all of these G-D-SOBs in BS Aquino government are so damn good at it, that will give Lucifer a very bad name.

  4. What amazes me is how Pinoys in Manila (like rats and cockroaches in the sewers) can put up with such a harsh punishing environment. And they even keep multiplying like rabbits too. What amazing resilience.

    Enjoy your self inflicted jail time guys. I told you guys to get out but still – tigas ng ulo! Is that your kapit sa patalim mentality?

    You know, Henry Sy is not all that bad ass greedy. he actually placed his remittance siphoning machines in every major city in the provinces so you don’t have to go to Manila for shopping.

    When Phil should already be talking about building subway systems and inter island tunnels, we are still here complaining about basic drainage. Don’t worry about China invading you guys; nobody wants to inherit a headache society like this generation of corrupt and incompetent 3rd graders.

    Start fixing your minds by memorizing the Zaxxun Creed while waiting out the traffic – and maybe some of you might have some ounce of hope of getting enlightened.

  5. Sa Yolanda nga eh, tatlong araw pinagplanohan ni Roxas ang aksyon niya sa mga biktima. Samantalang yung ibang bansa, wala pang 24 hours, naka-askyon na.

    Dito pa lang, makikita na kung ano klaseng lider siya. Kala naman ng tao nag-iisip talaga, e bakit hanggang ngayon di pa rin nakabangon ang mga taga Leyte? Amazing!

  6. If I see the picture of Mar Roxas; I virtually see: “INCOMPETENCE” marked on his forehead.

    The Dude cannot produce anything of good result. Roxas just kiss the ass of Aquino. And justifies their incompetence.

    I would like to see the photo of Roxas wading/walking along EDSA, during floods. Or, maybe directing traffic at EDSA, during floods…

  7. people do not get it. THE PHILIPPINES IS A LOST CAUSE. debating this is like ants debating if a boot is going to step on their anthill. IT IS USELESS, YOU HAVE NO OTHER OPTION. if you are part of the middle class and has the means to migrate. do so, IMMEDIATELY. in the near future, only the very poor and the very rich will be left. like that movie, Elysium.

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