Malaysian People Power: Aquino gov’t in bed with the corrupt regime of Najib Razak

It was with a terrorist organisation represented by a man using a fake name that the fate of a big chunk of Mindanao was deliberated by the Philippine government. Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III had virtually promised handing over rule of an “autonomous” Bangsamoro “state” in Mindanao to the Moro islamic Liberation Front. Negotiating in their behalf was a man who went by the name “Mohagher Iqbal” who, as it turned out, used no such name on his own passport.

Interestingly, the the government of Malaysia through its prime minister Najib Razak played a major role in brokering the deal. It is interesting because the Philippines has a long-standing claim to the resource-rich Malaysian state of Sabah. So one might wonder why the Philippine government would choose to involve a foreign government with which it has a standing dispute with over territory so geographically (and also culturally and historically) close to western Mindanao (where much of the proposed Bangsamoro autonomous region would be carved out) as a partner in such a sensitive undertaking.

Yellow-clad protestors fill Kuala Lumpur's streets in protest against PM Najib Razak. (Photo source: KB Chua on Facebook)

Yellow-clad protestors fill Kuala Lumpur’s streets in protest against PM Najib Razak.
(Photo source: KB Chua on Facebook)

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So now the plot thickens. Prime Minister Najib is in the midst of a corruption scandal following revelations that hundreds of millions of dollars had been deposited in personal bank accounts belonging to him by certain foreign entities. According to a Wall Street Journal report, “the original source of the money was unclear and that the government investigation hadn’t detailed what happened to the money that allegedly went into Mr. Najib’s personal accounts.”

But Malaysian blogs are busy filling the gaps left by mainstream media reporting. The Malaysian Insider quoting another prominent Malaysian political blog, Malaysiakini, reported that an official of the ruling United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) claimed that a $700 million deposit to Najib’s personal account came from a Saudi donor in appreciation for Malaysia’s “championing Islam and for practising Sunni Islam” as well as “fighting militant group Isis”.

The Malaysian people don’t seem to be buying it. Demonstrations organised last weekend by Bersih, a coalition formed in 2006 consisting of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which seeks to reform the current electoral system in Malaysia to ensure free, clean and fair elections reportedly attracted several hundred thousand protestors (clad in yellow shirts) who congregated in Kuala Lumpur. The Straits Times reported a “sea of yellow” that brought parts of the Malaysian capital to “a standstill” last Saturday.

“People are not afraid anymore. We want our right to be heard,” a local university lecturer, who declined to be named, told The Straits Times. “We feel that as time goes by, things are getting worse. Everyone knows about the corruption in our country. Until now we don’t have clear answers on (state investor) 1MDB and the 2.6 billion ringgit that PM consider to be a donation,” said the lecturer who was outside Sogo.

It was one thing the way the government of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III had negotiated with terrorists in the course of progressing its Bangsamoro “peace” project. That an allegedly corrupt government in Kuala Lumpur played a “facilitating” role in that shady deal adds yet another layer of craziness to this circus. Indeed, a circus of ironies it is seeing the Yellow motif now sported by Malaysia’s anti-government protestors now wielding the same “people power” style of activism that garnered world-fame for the camp of President BS Aquino.

It just keeps getting more and more entertaining.

37 Replies to “Malaysian People Power: Aquino gov’t in bed with the corrupt regime of Najib Razak”

  1. Maybe, the Malaysian Leader has learned some ways to deposit stolen money from their government: Foreign Bank Accounts.

    Aquino has many Foreign Bank Accounts, together with his sidekick : Abad. Binay has some also; same as most Senators and Congresspeople.

    That Bangsa Moro deal stinks to high heaven.
    A man using an Alias name is dealing with you.
    Would you give your money; and give your properties to a man using an Alias name?

    1. Wow! Can you please email me the foreign bank accounts of Aquino as well as his sidekicks. You said many and that will be our scoop. Will be waiting for your details. Mabuhay ka kabayan!

      1. @lino bruce:

        Foreign bank accounts are under Banks’ Secrecy Laws…however, if you are a good Computer Geek, you can view them…it is also a crime in foreign countries to look in somebody’s bank accounts. Enrile has a secret bank account in a bank in New York, U.S.A.

        1. Ok. We are only basing on your post as if you know the account nos. of the bank deposits by saying they have many foreign bank accounts.

    1. @ DRSQL, yes…you are correct. The fuckin guy is clueless as they come, and hey, why not ? What would he even give a shit for ? Aquino has no choice but to go along with whatever it is he is told to do, so as long as he gets to keep the ranch and follows his orders without squawking too much…he has no reason to not do as he is told.

    2. @lino burce:

      I had seen the banks’ account numbers, the amounts, and the dates of deposit. However, I do not want to become another “Wikileaks”…these people (Filipino Politicians), cannot earn that much money to deposit in foreign banks accounts, with their salaries and businesses alone…

  2. You can bet USD$ that the NGO’s are backed by the CIA as were the ones in Hong Kong recently. Destabilization 101 always happens when a political leader does anything that the West does not tell it to do, or at least approve of, first.

      1. @ Rhett, yeah they did, about 10 seconds and that was it, no one really gives a shit what happens in Malaysia. If they were as important as Hong Kong is, it would be all over the news.

  3. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.

    Political freedom is a society’s safety valve, allowing the passionately critical a nonviolent way to express their dissatisfaction with the status quo.

    Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won you earn it and win it in every generation.

  4. Begging pardon from everyone. Basically, Since we are in a Democracy, it does not mean that the President alone runs the country. He is placed there to monitor his country and represent his country in the U.N. for International concerns. He/She cannot do everything. That is why we have decentralization, we have Governors, Representatives(Congressmen/Congresswomen), and futily, Barangay Chairpersons, with which have their own people to run their jurisdictions like the way the voters want them to. Long story short, We should blame the ones who elect these failure of leaders in the country and stop blaming the ones put in power. Madaling sabihin na ganito Pilipinas dahi, kay Presidente, Congressman or Governor pero mahirap sabihin na ganito Pilipinas dahil sa Pilipino.

    1. Ay ganun…may palusot na kau ngaun kasi Aquino ang namuno…lumalabas na ang kabulukan ng yellow ribbon mula pa sa ina hangang ngaun..yan ang mga ipinaglaban nila Kay marcos….ikaw jumar…sabihin natin na panahon ni marcos ngaun..papalusut Karin ba para Kay marcos..kung tutuusin masmasahol pa ang mga Aquino Kay sa mga Marcos…

      1. Jay,

        Pakiintindi ang thread ko before reacting.

        I never said anything that this Government is better than that Government or vice versa. I am being objective like everyone should be. It’s true that bulok ang Governance ngayon but in fact that lahat naman na nang umupo ay laging masama ang ginawa. Amg sinasabi ko oang, sino ba ang mga bumoboto para pauupin sila? Tapos pagkaupo endless ang mga negativities, enough para malunod sa putik ang ibang nagawang maayos.

        Focus on the bigger problem, and stop looking for someone to blame. Let’s accept our responsibilities as voters. Kung di maganda ang performance ng mga Leaders natin e di wag nating iboto sa susunod. It’s that simple.

  5. I’m thinking of killing myself just to end my fucking headache, I can’t sleep anywhere in this GODDAMN street, Non-descent People spitting everywhere, Shitting stray dogs in the streets, I EVEN SAW A PERSON shitting and pissing in public places.

  6. as a Filipino in Malaysia, married to a Malaysian politician, i think this article makes a mockery out of the current political crisis in Malaysia. FYI po, ang Bersih4 rally ay nagugat mula pa sa 1MDB scandal. If you followed the unravelling of the scandal involving PM Najib Razak, walang connection yun kay PNoy. And the Malaysian govt was called in to mediate the Bangsamoro talks because of the the fact that Sabah/Sarawak is part of Malaysia and is nearest to the Philippine territory, not to mention that they bring Islamic insight into the table.

    How you drew the parallel between Bersih4 and the Bangsamoro Peace Process is beyond me. So paki explain po.

    This may be the first time you’ve heard of Bersih, but this is not the first time the people took to the streets. This is the 4th. Yellow has long been the color of bersih well before the bangsamoro peace process, and way way before the $700M “donation” scandal surfaced.

    Btw, Malaysiakini is not a political blog. It is an online news portal. The journalists who continue to fight to make Malaysiakini as reputable and credible as it is today should not be limited to being called “bloggers” simply because the Barisan Nasional govt wont grant Malaysiakini a publishing license.

    1. Call Malaysiakini whatever you like. I checked the quality of its posts and they don’t come across like mainstream journalism to me. Some of them look like nothing more than compilations of quotes from their readers’ comments. But that does not mean being considered to be “just” a “blogger” is necessarily bad. Bloggers serve a purpose and, as I said in the article, they tend to be the ones that fill the gaps where mainstream media are hamstrung by their editorial standards to go — which is why I extended my research to those Malaysian blogs.

      As to the connection between your “people power” and our President BS Aquino, the common denominator between the two is none other than your prime minister who is both the subject of the protests in Malaysia and acted as a facilitator in the Philippines’ Bangsamoro “peace process”. Beyond that I make no further assertions about any other connections (though our readers will, in turn, likely fill the gaps we left as well).

      So don’t get all riled up over terminology or on the flawed conclusions you’ve drawn from the content of this article. You seem to have read too much into conclusions you imagined we articulate here. Read carefully next time.

      1. It is very difficult to write and assert a story based from constructed facts or gaps. From the time the BBL was proposed and approved.

        The new political entity seeks to bring closure to the 15-year peace process between the Philippine government and the Moro people in the Mindanao

        October 15, 2012, the historic preliminary agreement was signed by Government’s chief negotiator Marvic Leonen, MILF Peace Panel Chair Mohagher Iqbal (nom de guerre[2]), and Malaysian facilitator Tengku Dato’ Ab Ghafar Tengku Mohamed along with President Aquino, Prime Minister Najib Razak of Malaysia, Chairman Al-Hajj Murad Ebrahim of the MILF, and Secretary-General Ekmeleddin İhsanoğlu of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation at the Malacañang Palace in Manila.

        Failure of SAF 44 had made a stop on the BBL. If i were to give my opinion, if i am behind BBL, i will not make any action which might stop it. Unless otherwise it is the desired result.

    2. Ginang, ikaw sana’y manahimik na lamang at tumuwad para sa iyong banyagang katipan. Bakit nga ba maglalaan ng oras at panahon ang inyong punongbayan upang sumawsaw sa kasunduan na kasalukuyang nagaganap sa pagitan ng gobyerno at ng mga rebelde? Kung kaya’t ang mga tinatawag mong “blogger lang” ay pinupunan ang mga lamat at iwang sa impormasyon na nakukuha mo sa mga edited at filtered news. Mas mainam na magbasa ka muna ng magbasa.

  7. @Pudgyjedi, better dig deep in history – and not just be a b*tch who sucks a Malaysian politician’s D**k for a living. Sabah is part of the Philippines until Malaysian politics did everything to get it from us. The BBL just stinks!

  8. First they say that PNoy is in cahoots with the Sultan of Johore Bahru. Now they say that PNoy is in bed with Najib. They obviously don’t make sense because these two (the Sultan of Johore Bahru and Najib) are in opposite ends of the political spectrum. Instead of creating such inane speculation, we should rather be proud of the known fact (not speculation) that the former Prime Minister Mahathir praised Pinoys for People Power which they use as an inspiration to their Bersih 4 protests last week (above picture). Also read the colum of Oscar Franklin Tan in today’s Inquirer

  9. I don’t get it. Discussing the BBL and the mass protest happening in Malaysia in one blog suggests there’s a connection between the two. What is it? Is there any proof? Or are these probing questions nothing more than a veiled propaganda to benefit someone’s campaign for the presidency?

  10. Ever think someone big is pulling the strings behind the PM of Malaysian, to do the underhand deal of the swift passage of the BBL Law. It would do something with the conspiracy theory of gaining more control on the Liguasan Marsh in Mindanao which reportedly hold vast amount of natural gas reserves. Is it something similar to the past wars in middle east involving control on oil production.

  11. yes, this was the MAD PNOY bribed bacon barrel family who deceived the Philippines for 32 years yellow oligarchs, who sold Sabah to Malaysia his father ninoy and her mother cory who removed it in the 1987 constitution ..this evil family is changing the Philippines from a second world country to third world status, the number one in corruption in Asia. that robs the Pilipinos in broad daylight with the aid of senatong tanda and his money bathub auditors.

  12. hola, i have always suspected the collusion of bsa3 and his Malaysian xounterparts. .actually this Malaysian connection started duringthe late Ninoy Aquino who had a friend in the Malaysian Royal family.

  13. How can Sabah be a part of the Philippines? It was never included in the Treaty between Spain and US that illegally sold a sovereign Sulatanate of Buayan and Sultanate of Maguiinadano. People in Sabah doesn’t want to be a part of the Philippines. Sulu Sultan that ceded its sovereignty over the territories of the Sultanate to Manila was a disputed Sultan. The Sultanate of Sulu is the rightful owner of Sabah but not the sovereign power governing it. Wala kayong pinagkaibahan sa Chinese gov’t. Inaangkin niyo ang di para sa inyo. Dalhin nyo pinakamagaling nyong abugado sa UN. Tingnan natin kung uubra mga argumento nyo. Get Real Filipinos! Mag-aral muna kayo ng disiplina at maging kritikal mag-isip.

    1. As far as i know ipinasa ng datu ng sulu sa gobyerno ang pag angkin sa sabah.pero wlang nagawa ang gobyerno kaya ang mga naiwan na tagapagmana ang sumugod sa malaysia sa sabah seige . May karapatan ang gobyerno na angkinin ang sabah maliban n lng kung bawiin ng datu ng sulu.filipino ka ba? Galing mo mag tagalog eh.haha

  14. I’m not sure how this rally has got to do with anyone selling anything. Is this clickbait, or whatnot? I also have my doubts about the BBL, but making up a story like this from sources you can’t even confirm or verify is, like PNoy, plain BS. Stating your stand on things isn’t bad, but using lies to do so is another story. This post is not even speculating; it’s fictional.

  15. This is happening since 1968….Ninoy Aquino’s revealing of Marcos plan in annexing Sabah n Borneo thru Operation Merdeka…resuls Jabbidah massacre that trigger the uprising of muslim mindanao (MNLF w Misuari n Salamat at the helm). after Marcos pulverized this uprising truce was commited establishing the ARMM. Salamat parted ways to form MILF. After EDSA n in Cory Aquino’s term she shelved the Sulu Sultanete claim of Sabah that give time to MILF to accumulate strength n manpower. Erap again pulverized n taimed this rebellion but the US n OIC mediate. And now again in Pnoys term the Aquino’s tried again to give not only Sabah but almost the whole of Mindanao plus Palawan to the Malaysian….Gising mga kabayang Pilipino…50 yrs ng gustong ibenta ipamigay ng pamilyang Aquino ang Sabah kasama na ngayon ang buong Mindanao at Palawan…sila ang tunay na traidor ng bayan!!!

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