3 Big Reasons Why Filipinos Will Always Be Stupid

So, are you ready for round 3 people of the Philippines? Did my last two beatdowns hurt? Well then, get ready because this is going to hurt even more…

See, as I’ve come to note again and again, when people coddle you, you never really pay attention to them. Not only do you refuse to listen to them, you ridicule them even. As one commenter, Mr Zaxxun I believe, cited in one of my previous articles, people in the Bible often hated prophets for calling them out on their stupidity and  wrongdoings. They went as far as killing them by stoning and worse because they were the kind of people who just wanted to be happy all the time. They refused to stop and reconsider the error of their ways and the consequences of their actions. It was only when the disasters promised by God came that they realized just how wrong they really were.


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Look, I’ve been here on GRP for more than six months now. To be honest, I doubt we can really achieve so much. We’re only bloggers after all and all we can really do is do the best we can as individual human beings and try to awaken as many Filipinos as possible and rally them behind our cause. However, as I’ve come to discover, there are a lot of you who don’t want to wake up. There are so many of you who’d rather sleep and play than accept the grim reality that terrible things are afoot and that, unless we do something about them, they will spell the end for us and our families.

Stupidity, as you can see, isn’t the same as simply being dumb. Dumb people just don’t know any better and can at least be forgiven partly for their errors. However a stupid person knows better but he or she keeps doing the wrong thing anyway.

So why do I think Pinoys will always be stupid?

Here are my three points:

Pinoys Are NOT Attentive

Okay, let’s talk about my previous article, the one with the AlDub photo. How many people do you think actually read the whole article before reacting? How many do you think simply let their emotions get the better of them when they commented? Better yet, how many do you think simply let their own emotions answer for them instead of considering what they’ve read first?

In the comments section alone, as I’ve mentioned in the article I wrote before this one, I have commented multiple times that I was not the one who chose the photo and that the article itself had nothing to do with the AlDub couple in the first place. However, one can note that many commenters simply assumed that I was attacking the AlDub couple and its supporters without even bothering to look at the comments I’ve made on the issue.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is our inability to read between the lines and listen to what is not being said that has ruined us time and time again. As I’ve said in my article about President Aquino’s “Straight Path”, it just sounds good but one has to ask what is it really and what has it achieved for us as a nation? More often than not, we react almost immediately without first considering what’s in front of us and what our actions might cause. We are so much like dogs who bite first without ever thinking that we are essentially biting into poisoned meat.

We Like To Delude Ourselves

The thing is, I was actually surprised by the great number of comments on my previous article but was disappointed to see that a lot of commenters missed the point entirely. Again, as I have said, people simply saw what they wanted to see, heard what they wanted to hear and thought what they wanted to think. The whole point of the article was never even considered by a lot of commenters as they went on to assume things and come to their own (often wrong) conclusions about what I was actually talking about.

It’s painful to note that the point of the article was quite far from bashing the AlDub couple yet still, the brave defenders of the noon-time sensation went on to insinuate that I was accusing the show and those who watch it as “stupid”. Also of note, in no point in the article did I imply that I was excluded or exempt from the five negative traits I mentioned and I even actually admitted to it in my next article. At the end of the day, people just resorted to taking my words out of context and using personal attacks simply because they altogether failed to grasp the actual gist of my articles.

See, the problem is, we really like to lie to ourselves. We especially like to do it to make ourselves seem superior. When people attack or offend us, we like to take words our of context and make assumptions like “they must be attacking me because I’m beautiful” or perhaps “they’re just bitter at me” instead of really considering what is being said. More often than not, we let our emotions do our reasoning for us, especially our pride, and refuse to consider how out-of-context our own assumptions may be.

We Are Always In Denial

Here’s another one and this goes hand in hand with our hypocrisy as a people.

When other people, especially foreigners, call us out on our wrongdoings, we are quick to vehemently defend ourselves and insist that they are wrong or are being cruel. We never even stop to consider the possibility that they might even be right and that it is we who needs to apologize to them and not the other way around.

How can we say that we are not thieves when just about everyone seems to think that stealing is okay as long as you don’t get caught? How can we say that we aren’t perverts when we put films like Etiquette for Mistresses over masterpieces like Heneral Luna? How can we say we aren’t sadists when we find other people’s misfortunes funny?

See, refusing to answer these questions aren’t going to disprove them. Denying them is like sweeping rotting food under the carpet. Sooner or later, it will just stink, attract flies and other pests and become a nuisance. Unless we actually clean them up, things will only get worse.


So again, I utter my challenge:

Prove me wrong!

366 Replies to “3 Big Reasons Why Filipinos Will Always Be Stupid”

  1. This is not an attack– you have a typo. “our” of context. – It’s distracting.

    Great points btw; especially the one where we get hyper-defensive when we receive criticism from foreigners. Will read your previous articles and their comments sections ’cause they sound pretty heated.

    Have a good one!

    1. I read all of the openning statements. Said to say from my own first hand experience it is all accurate. There are some lone filipinos who are not like that . Those tend to keep to themselves. They dont belong to a local filipino club. In public they meet other filipinos. They are nice to them but thats it.
      They are from a codependent society. Saving face and afraid to appear wrong or not know something you ask them. If you ask for directions and they dont know they feel obligated to tell you something instead of just telling the truth.
      I give it to them they are friendly and will shove food down your throat. They love to eat and talkand talk and laugh.
      They have learned to exsist with few things and few oppratunities(spelling)no spell check here.
      I have a beautiful filipina wife. Been married 15 years and she always means well. But she has a hard time learning knew concepts. I have noticed this in otherfilipinos. They just seem to have a hard time learning things past anything they are stuck with from youth or genes. It is easy to call them stupid because of this. You first have to have knowledge. Then the wisdom to apply that knowledge. They seem to lack both. So the manipulators of the country easily take advantage of them and us them. Peasants are forever in dept to their land owners. It is a vicious cycle. If one of their kids marries a foreigneer or works overseas or japauki they have hope to get out of dept. But at what cost? See Suzy Wong. But still the family can misuse new found money. Like I say you need knowledge and wisdom. In such a religous country you would think there would be plenty of that to go around. We were married at San Pedro catholic church in Davao. What a spiritual place. It is beautiful. Go lite a candle their and wait for a miricle. I challenge you.

      1. Spot on . I have been with my husband since 1993 . Almost 30 years . He moved to the Us one month before his 18 th birthday. He doesn’t listen to what you are saying but will be ultra sensitive if anyone comments even slightly negative about the Philippines. This just happened 30 minutes ago we were googling the healthiest cultures and their diets . Without pause he spits out the Philippines. I’m sorry they have a very unhealthy diet . He didn’t even think it just came out . Don’t get me wrong I love him very much I have become numb to his ignorant comments .

    2. filipino carpenters and handymen only have 1 brain cell and they take turns using it.

      I ripped open an affixed cupboard in a house i bought. There were gaps between every plank of wood whidh explains why it rotted and became dilapidated so quickly when it was installed when the house was built only 8 yeara ago.

      What the fuck is with filipino paimters. They paint over hinges, eletrical outlets, switches, door knobs, faucets, plumbing pipes, causing rapid corrosion and impossible maintenance and repair without having to destroy. This has repeated across the dozens of houses i toured.

  2. Grimwald, I understand your point is to educate the people who had a bad habits of thinking like most Filipinos have. Most of us wondering why or how they’re like that ,,,,,it is because of lack of education ?? lack of experience or that they are immune to this kinds of habit that they do not see what was wrong with it..my comment to your article is that if you use a very strong personal attack of a Title on your article…not only Filipinos but other race will not going to finish your educated explanation and they will attack you back personally …that is human instinct…you must use a more teacher or professor type of introduction ..I bet you are the same as them when somebody personally attached you in the beginning before they tell you why they are attacking you personally…I learned that lesson the hard way. In fact I hurt my mothers feelings and I feel sorry for it for not knowing any better..I attcked her kitchen,,, for being so dirty that it will not pass the health inspection…she got hurt and just leave the room and when I noticed and followed her she was crying….you know what she told me…you grew up in that kitchen my son…I fed you in that kitchen when you are a baby, now that you have gone to America..you will criticized the very kitchen that you grew up with…I was hurt for saying it and I cried to her and beg her I’m sorry …I don’t really mean to hurt her feelings….my point is this…I grew up in that kitchen and I don’t, see the dirt during that time…because I haven’t seen any better…I went to America and I see a new different world that is better..my point is that is …..that is how I got educated..Maybe that is what the Philippines and the Filipinos need,,, I only relate to my own experience….

    1. not sure if a you’re spambot or just a regular failipino with improper punctuation mark usage… OMFG… you just have passed turing test…

      1. Butthurt pinoy 69 ,,, you are a typical hypocrite Filipino.., if you feelings get hurt and cannot think of anything to say,,,,attack back anyway you can..

      2. Butthurt pinoy 69…. Is that all you got? ….. Focus on the blog and its point ….. Unless of course …. You dont that have any point to argue ….. At least that’s one way of saying you are what you say…. A failipino.

        1. I wash my behind with soap and water I believe most people just wipe it with tissue. I guess I am not stupid. Good points though, I love peace . Noypi here ????

        2. Mr. Butthurt was replying to a person who essentially claimed to have a better education than Grimwald, yet has no idea how to use punctuation, proper sentence structure or vocabulary, not to mention a total lack of paragraphing. When the writer (Cezar who I just noticed is YOU), points out anything to Grimwald he probably should have a bit more knowledge and have more to offer than an irrelevant little unrelated personal story.

          In my opinion Cezar, it is YOU Grimwald is talking to and about when he criticizes Filipino’s inability to think critically and their immediate response to attack the messenger rather than reading and heeding the message.

        3. I spent 2 1/2 years in the PI. Crab mentality. Almost everyone of them! The girls have more hope than the men. Pinoy means friendly guy waiting to stab you in the back instead of having your back.
          My friend and I are both married to a filipina. They are not mail order brides. I met her on vacation to PI. I did not go their to purposely find girls to screw. It was just an adventure. I have visited many countries.
          The truth. I find most filipina not atractive at all. It got old the girls looking at me yelling hey joe. Its BruceWillus and all that crap.
          I was in Davao city and saw this ugly fucken white guy dressed like a dirty bum walking down the street. People admiring him and he had an air of stuck up attitude about him. I really got to thinking. Are these filipinos really that stupid? Over white skin? And it came to me. Filipinos cant see beyound the skin.

        1. Hey I agree with you about the crab mentality and the obnoxious worship for white skin. But reflect on this, the worship for white skin didn’t just happen in a vacuum. We’ve been invaded by 3 light skinned colonizers, you know. And even after independence from United States, they still continued to make their power known through their military bases especially before at Subic. It wasn’t until 1992 that the thing got shut down but now I even heard they’ve re-opened it (dreadful). That military base encouraged that sickening mentality of Filipinas to do prostitution around the 1970s, and sadly it’s still going on.

          Since Filipinos are heavily influenced by media, where all they saw as “locals” in soap dramas are portrayed as half-white people, I could see why they’d act like that towards any light skinned foreigner, whether you find them aesthetically appealing or not. It does not help that there are ugly Americans around to go after women in the country, thinking they must be God’s gift to these people, and share the same obnoxious mentality as the many Filipinos who are also attracted and are envious of them.

          The media for the masses still continue to perpetuate that “light” is better looking than “brown” or “dark” and this has seriously effected the Filipino psyche, very negatively. It’s junk they’re being fed and with the lack of proper education, many of them sadly still go by this hating their own natural brown skin. Every time I see one local show, I seethe in anger at how they continue to damage our self-esteem with stupid colonial mentality.

      3. “if a you’re” ?…and you are criticizing other people’s grammer? My advice is go back to school and finish your obviously failed english classes.

    2. I agree on your opinion. But, I would like to add another factor to the issue of us filipinos, as somewhat having a lot of negative attributes, and that is corruption.You see I grew up abroad and decided to come back in our country to study and serve the filipino people, and in my observation it’s a vicious cycle of corruption, illeteracy, and a wrong sense of pride. Which makes it difficult to fix, but, I’m still hopeful.

      1. Wow. How honest and admirable. God bless you and I hope you achieve your goals. Because we Americans are getting fed up and I personally now wonder if all this is deliberate from corporation heads because they know we can’t accomplish anything or hold any company responsible because of the inept and stupid thought process of Filipinos. So they (corporations) win. They pick the dumbest nation on the planet to route all our calls to on purpose.

        1. LG Electronics has wised up and is opening call centers in the USA and routing calls away from “the dumbest nation on the planet.” I work for one of those call centers and the majority of my calls for LG Refrigerators require me to either fix a Filipino screw-up or do something that a Filipino agent has told the customer he or she has already done.

      1. Joey
        It’s better to know what έλλειψις means than to know the proper use in a foreigner language. Commending like this you just proove your έλλειψις.

    3. Good point. And that is why Filipinos who leave the country for abroad realize how bad things are back home when they see how other countries have it there.

    4. True my wife thinks she’s educated but I realized after years of being with her she was not properly educated but you can say that with out getting hit by a shoe lol.

  3. failipinos are always demanding respect because they stupidly think that they are special. No wonder why people in other countries call us peenoise. Just like those gilas fantards who always went full retard when their “pambato” loses to their rival that they attack very aggressively to that rival.

  4. If one thinks that they are living in a stupid country, they can be sure that they are being governed by the most stupid people. Failipinos in the Failippines are a good example of why some animals eat their young. The problem with educating stupid Failipinos was that they didn’t know they were stupid. The same went for curing crazy people.

    Hard it is to suffer through stupid people in the Failippines. Failipinos make you feel sorry for them, and if your sorrow is as great as your hurt, you will allow Failipinos to go free of punishment, for their eyes are the eyes of dogs that have done wrong and know it, and are afraid.

    Most Failipinos who spew hatred aren’t very intelligent or motivated. They tend to be lazy, and if for some reason they are coaxed into picking up a pen, their messages are mostly incoherent and largely illiterate. Its strange how some Failipinos ignore the logic just because they believe what they like to believe and ignore the truth.

    Failipinos don’t always know that they’re stupid. They might be aware that something is wrong, they might notice that things don’t usually turn out the way they imagined, but very few of them think it’s because of them. That they’re the root of their own problems, so to speak. And that sort of thing can be very difficult to explain.

    Stupid people, Failipinos in particular, will mistake your confidence for arrogance. Failipinos with low self-confidence and self-esteem often feel nervous about antagonizing others and tend to rate others’ needs more highly than their own.

    1. What a wonderful picture many of the women here paint of the Failippines. A new friend retired and went to AC because although he had never been here, heard that a lot of ex-military like himself were retired there. He recently left there after spending some time in the hospital. He says the place is dirty, hot, noisy, smelly and the sex trade is just disgusting.

      He moved in next door to me and drops by often for coffee or a cold brew. Almost every time he is here at least 1 girl from there texts him that she needs rent money or a child is sick or some such line of shit asking for money. The poor guy has yet to get his first retirement check and is flat broke so why is HE supposed to support people he met casually? The same with me…when I used to “friend” women here in FB I constantly got bombarded with the same requests for money from women I have never yet even met in person. Why is it MY responsibility to take care of people I don’t know and why do people have the nerve to be so presumptuous as to even ask me in the first place?

        1. oh u just met the wrong filipino… hope u met the good one there’s lot here … white skin means they have fairer skin than mine … not all white people are rich lol and not all pilipino are after the money

        2. Birds of the same feathers…blah..blah…
          Flat broke, equals flat broke
          Low level, equals low level
          Phedopile equals poor needy victims
          Highly educated refined whites, equals highly educated refined filipinos

        3. I am a white american. In about 1987 I became fully troubled with american women. I heard of the myth of the filipina. Read between the lines on that. American servicemen just talked about how they took advantage of the girls. Well all that talk really pissed me off. I told them while you were in pi I was doing your sister in US. How can you guys treat good girls like that? So I went to pi in 1989. Married a quiet filipina. She and her family turned out to be the biggest bunch of thiefs I have ever met. I showed honor and respect way beyound the time I should have. But you know I believe in marriage and working it out but they didnt. She remarried and her new husband an ugly stupid idiot who gets treated last on her family totem pole doesnt care because atleast he has somebody. My x sais he doesnt make me jealous like you did. I cant help it if I was born handsome. And I was never a flirt when I was with my x. She just could not control herself. Her own father barangay captain and local police told her to calm down. She could not. No selfcontrol. I found and remarried a beautiful filipina from Davao. Before we got married she even scolded my x to go home and take care of your husband. My x is just plain stupid. My wifenow is a real treat. I would not advise any american to to their and find a wife. Good ones are rare and not worth the risk. After living in the pi for 2 1/2 years I am sorry to say most people are just simple minded and desparate. My wife and I have been happily married 15 years and she can see clearly so sadly the problems in the pi.

        4. Having white skin is no longer associated with money in the Philippines unless you’re trying to become a movie and television celebrity. Lots of OFWs, Balikbayans, and tourists from other countries are loaded with remittance monies that’ll attract every opportunists out of the woodwork from this society—with a big smile, friendly demeanor, and ulterior motives as deep as the Marianas Trench.

      1. I live in Australia. In my observation, many Americans are as ignorant and insular as the Filipinos. Many believe their own trash media, just like the Filipinos. Many eat up Hollywood propaganda, just like Filipinos. And have ignorant sense of viewing the world, like many Filipinos. It is no wonder you are sold that easily by the Filipina myth, just like how many Filipinos who are sold by the myth of the “American dream”.

        1. I lived in the Philippines for two years and I knew an Austrailian that got ripped of so bad by his wife that he was practically homeless. Ignorance is a two way street my friend.

    2. It’s a combination of Dunning-Kruger and Peter Principle-of course, copious amounts of white-washing/WASP worship.

  5. “When other people, especially foreigners, call us out on our wrongdoings, we are quick to vehemently defend ourselves and insist that they are wrong or are being cruel. We never even stop to consider the possibility that they might even be right and that it is we who needs to apologize to them and not the other way around.”

    My comment is about that portion of your post.
    Recently I got a small package from abroad and when I went to fetch it from the post office (why didn’t the guy who brought the card informing me just bring the package?). Then I was told it would cost me P100 to get my package even though this country is a signatory to the International Postal Union which says that when a mail item is mailed, there are to be no more fees assessed before delivery.

    There are 196 countries in the world and when I said that this is the only country I am aware of that charges more fees for delivery of mail, some fat woman in the customer area told me if I didn’t like paying bullshit fees I should go back to America. She also said she was an American citizen whereupon I told her if she was also an American citizen that she should know Americans just don’t tolerate such stupidity.

    Then she said AGAIN, “go back to America if you are not a resident here.” That kind of attitude is extremely arrogant and is just a great example of the rampant stupidity here. When I told her I have a wife and Fil/Am children here and that I also support about 10 other people, she essentially repeated herself a third time and told me to either pay the bogus charge or go back to America. It was only after about 5 minutes of back & forth that she told me she was an employee of the post office. I said, “when you are standing in the customer area you are a customer only and should keep your fat ignorant mouth shut. If you want to tell me how the post office works you need to be INSIDE the worker area, not out where the customers are”

    Damn, I think stupid grows on trees in this country.

    1. @ Lynch, so was the fat bitch an American or just lying about being one ? I too was told by more than a few Failipino’s to ‘leave the country’ or ‘go back to where you come from’. It really bothered me too. Filipino’s get treated well outside of their country, especially in the Western (not in the Middle-East though, stay out f that hell-hole !) countries like the USA/Canada and North West Europe, and they get treated really well in the country I was born a citizen of and to hear them tell me to ‘leave’ really got me fuckin mad as Mothu-fugga. To the point of hating the people. I wonder if they ever realize that they effect their fellow Filipino’s when they act like scumbags to foreigner’s in their country?

      1. She was obviously Failipino, but I suspect she also has been given citizenship in America. Americans simply do not tolerate being ripped off or rampant stupidity. I should write about the stupid drivers here, but it would require a book length article.

    2. That retarded spiel is so annoying. Are they implying that they are the only living humans living in this planet alone? I bet that fat lady hates her job too much that she’s after more money than serving customers like you very nicely.

    3. I’m an expat living here for 30 years already and fat Bitch aside, I do fully comprehend and understand why you are upset.

      But listen, it is our stupid governments that let the Philippines get away with shit like that. Foreign countries should crush the Philippines economically and hit them with sanctions that makes their idiotic heads spin if they do not follow international rules and regulations. But Foreign Government do NOTHING about it. No, instead we blow money up their ass. Money that gets stolen anyway. There is also no consumer protection here. Government offices invent charges. They just pull it out of their ass. Corporations and Banks can pretty much do what ever they fucking please. There is stuff going on here that is unthinkable in any other civilized country. There should be immense international pressure on them to clean up their act or get fucked! Not a single peso should be spent here.

      1. Dr. Hefmore Weiner,

        Your examples are the reasons why I don’t agree that United States should help the Philippines against China. Let the Philippines government fend for themselves. Americans are just condoning all these bad behavior coming out of the Philippines.


        1. Correct. It is time for the Philippines to stand on their own. They must purchase their own weapons that is within the budget. Let us say, 7 missile-armed frigates and 3 squadrons of fighter jets. I know that the politicians simply cannot achieve it because of the confidence that the Americans will protect the Philippines. Time for change.

        2. @ Aeta, Yes, you are correct BUT there is a bigger agenda at stake and that is the regional conflict flaring up about ‘alleged’ Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.
          Of course, all of this BS is a sham.These territories resources have been divided up already. Face facts: The West does all of its manufacturing in slave-wage earning Chinese factories and has made Chinese elites immensely wealthy at the expense of the West’s Middle-class’s. The best of friends is what they are BUT the USA and China need to appear at odds. Most people can not see that the West needs an ‘enemy’ to keep its Military-Industrial Complex earnings up. Any and all ‘conflicts’ that will take place over the disputed territories have been planned in advance and will involve ‘acceptable’ losses. and the CA$H register KA-CHINGS on….and most people are none the wiser.

          The Philippines matters little in these matters and are not even mentioned in news stories about the conflicted area’s. Their part is to just STFU and play the part assigned to them and for that the ‘elites’ of the Philippines are allowed to do whatever it is they want to do inside their own borders. Just tow the International Master’s line outside the borders and all will proceed as usual, just like the last 50 years.

        3. After 13 long, miserable years here I am taking my money and getting out. The extra people, not related to me, that I supported will now have to fend for themselves. When I get back to the US I will be almost 66 years old but I will not be denied a car loan because I am too old. I will have 50 Mbps of internet service for half what I now pay for 10 Mbps. It will be at least a year or more before I hear the English language version of “no stock sir” because what I want WILL BE IN STOCK! I won’t have to download a picture of a common item to show to a hardware store clerk in order for them to know what I’m asking for.

        4. While I was trying to understand different perspectives on Filipino attitudes, after spending 12 years in the Phillippines, married with kids, I got to this blog. I really enjoyed living in the Phillippines to a point where I kind of feel being abroad in my own country. I was tolerated while I lived there. Filipino culture is very confusing for foreigners and it’s very easy to label them as being stupid. It’s customs create mixed feelings, and yes it’s inevitabile not to have bad experiences there like in any other third world country. Why there’s no blogs on Somalis being idiots, on Nicaraguans being monkeys. I think it’s because of the Filipina ladies who with their magic vaginas contribute heavily in enriching the Phillippines by attracting men who just cannot get laid in their own countries. Phillippines isn’t quite so bad and Filipinos are not quite idiots. Rasist, maybe. Uneducated, most of them. These people have to survive inspite of masive poverty, overpopulation, and all the other problems they have. As I write about the Phillippines I miss living there. It was a privilege and a gift to live 12 years in the Phillippines. God bless all the Filipinos and all their haters.

    4. I think most people forgot about the big picture, I am a born Filipino who happens to live in the Philippines until age 22 and went to America most of my mature life and became an American. I can still remember when i used to had so much pride being a Filipino because me and all the people I know are very honest, hardworking even though i was just a farmer with my family everything is well food, shelter and all the basic necessities are intact, now coming back to my birthplace country its all different the multinationals companies took over the resources and slaving the people and having a inexperience government the country went to all the f*cking stupidity you talk about. All whats left with Filipino people are only bread crums so what you expect in a starving Filipino? when everything is being taking advantage of with hardship as any other country is always the same bad economy bad people. The multinationals take over the country in general without any social responsibility, they just here to make money and enslave the people.

      1. This is why I hate our oligarchs and that I’m glad our current president is an anti-oligarch. I hope he crushes more of them until none would climb back up for power ever again!

        1. The oligarchs are smart though. They were the ones who passed the laws to limit foreign ownership and deny any land ownership for foreigners. Filipino people are also gullible enough to believe this horse manure.
          They sell it to “protect Filipino people” but in reality, 70% of Filipino businesses would go bankrupt immediately if there was fair competition from foreign corporations. Simply because the foreign corps are so much better run.
          Who would benefit from an open economy? The Filipinos themselves – more jobs, better prices, better services. Who would lose? Obviously the oligarchs selling their garbage.

          I’m from a country where most local companies were sold to bigger foreign competitors. Guess what? World didn’t end, people actually became wealthier and services became better because there was more competition. Companies flock to countries with open economies and shy away from corrupt hellholes with arbitrary rule-making.

  6. “In the comments section alone, as I’ve mentioned in the article I wrote before this one, I have commented multiple times that I was not the one who chose the photo and that the article itself had nothing to do with the AlDub couple in the first place. However, one can note that many commenters simply assumed that I was attacking the AlDub couple and its supporters without even bothering to look at the comments I’ve made on the issue.”

    Have you ever asked yourself in the first place why this site used the Aldub photo in your article? Aren’t they intentionally attacking the fans? What do you think could be the “read between the lines” explanation for this?

    What a click-bait article.

    1. If I may answer, it doesn’t matter really. Whether it will use AlDub, Pastillas, Pacquiao, or even Gilas, it’s not really the point. Clickbait? Could be. But I’m glad that GRP’s admin did that because it exposed how some Filipinos think. And, if these Filipinos do think they are indeed good, I expect them to come back and say either an apology or if they don’t want to, a line something like “On second look, I think you got a point. Let’s talk about it…”

      Sadly, some of those who criticized the writer and this site thinks they are paid agents of another TV network or just plain Pinoy-haters despite the explanations. It is proof that they don’t really understand the message of the author and this site.

      Personally, it is good that those articles were made that way and had that kind of reactions. For me as a GRP contributor, I want to write something that will cause reactions enough to make the reader’s way of thinking come out. It’s like a doctor pressing an injury until it hurts to diagnose the extent of the damage. And then, educate based on how they understood a matter even if they reject it.

      That’s all we can do: availing the only freedom that we have – Freedom of speech. Anything beyond that, we leave it to the readers.

  7. As Grimwald points out,its true: This blog really will not accomplish much and this article, while entirely true, is a perfect example of why.
    To bash your fellow citizens is not going to endear you to them to the point of accepting your criticisms,it just will not cut through the ignorance. The job of educating a population takes a generation and will not get done by a blog article.Granted, the Filipino culture is fuckin weird, to a foreigner it seems almost like a gigantic cluster-fuck. The logic of the people is bizarre, the self-esteem is non-existant and the thickness of the people’s skin is a tissue paper, not to mention the oh-so-easily offended nature of just about evry fuckin one is just astounding. How an entire nation can give a shit about what other people, who are not buying them dinner, think of them? it is just a complete shock to witness such a society. TRULY FUCKIN FUCKED UP, and TOTALLY FUCKED !!!!
    It cant get much worse.

    1. The funny thing is, if you recall history, Jews moving to the ghettos thought the same thing…

      “The worst has happened.” They thought.

      But they were wrong. So wrong.

  8. I understand well the first of this 3-part series. I’m not a fan of Aldub and I can’t say I’m a fan of EB’s “Kalyeserye” either. But I do admit I sometimes watch late uploads. I am, in fact, entertained in the way I want to be entertained — the witty punchlines not the kilig part. I’ll leave it to the young and hopeless romantic. Going back, I got well your point as I read between the lines. I wanted to comment and clarify the article based on how I understood it. I hesitated though, not because I was afraid to get bashed by dissecting what exactly you were trying to convey. I thought, what for? It’s no use. And if I did the rebuttal won’t end just like the classic question, “Alin ang nauna, manok o itlog?”

  9. On point and well said. Before I even finished reading the article, I already expected negative comments because what you wrote is true about us Filipinos. I, for one, is guilty. We Filipinos are sensitive. Some, including me, will look at this in a positive way, others will be offended. And for those who are offended and, read the article again.

  10. I don’t believe Filipinos are stupid when it comes to their own welfare; they know what they want and crafty enough to get it. However, Filipinos are short-sighted, and think only as individuals, especially when it comes to their country’s survival and well-being.

      1. @Alex,

        Stealing is not only a craft, but our corrupt politicians have perfected it, and turned it into an art, for the rest of the population to emulate.


  11. I’m sure if Filipinos get furious, worry and stress over the same reasons Heneral Luna did, our country will still be “Perlas ng Silanganan”. Everybody gets emotional but why for stupid and wrong reasons?

  12. Out of all the bickering and self-righteous remarks from a few, why do I have this nagging feeling that not only that Filipinos are being called STUPID, but that some are trying to make it known that Americans and other ‘foreign’ races are much more SUPERIOR in almost every way?
    I mean, I mostly agree about the ‘stupidity’part. I often say it (not excluding myself). But I strongly believe we are not to be listed down at the end of the ‘brain-chain’. Because if WE as Filipinos would give up on our ability to appreciate and acknowledge our capacity for greatness, then we would be shaming the very ideals that our courageous and steadfast heroes (like Gen. Luna) has spilled their blood for.
    It is one thing to admit our shortcomings (stupidity, hypocrisy, self-absorption, insensitivity, etc.) but it’s another to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    General Luna (in the movie) was more than willing to call out his fellow soldiers/Filipinos in their deficiencies. Even if he seemed to be drowning in the midst of INCOMPETENT, ‘NARCISSISTIC’ officials. But what made him extraordinarily courageous was his will to change what deemed by the majority to be impossible.
    There’s always SOMETHING somebody can do. Aside from spitting out complaints and disgust. Walk the talk. And make a difference.

    1. Heaven Angles,

      “Out of all the bickering and self-righteous remarks from a few, why do I have this nagging feeling that not only that Filipinos are being called STUPID, but that some are trying to make it known that Americans and other ‘foreign’ races are much more SUPERIOR in almost every way?”

      Americans don’t experience the nationwide graft and corruption we’re experiencing in the Philippines, where the people are literally being oppressed into poverty, push out of the country as OFW and expats, and into a life of crime and immorality because their leaders and everyone around them have this “every man for himself” attitude.


      1. Aeta..
        Your name (by definition) is quite ironic from the way you seem to regard (us) Filipinos. Just saying.

        If we focus on the darker side this Nation seem to be in right now, but not have the balls to admit to ourselves that before we can change the world, we must first change ourselves, then we are no better than the ‘oppressors’ and ‘immoral’ leaders (as you fondly called them) that we have. Giving up on something our brave heroes fiercely fought for with their sweat and blood has the word BETRAYAL written all over our faces. I’m sure Dr. Jose Rizal, Gen. Antonio Luna, and the others are already tossing and turning in their graves.

        1. Heaven Angel,

          I have a question for you since you’re very interested in our national heroes:

          Who do you think should have been the country’s national hero? Jose Rizal or someone else—and why?


      2. Aeta…

        What’s in the Tittle…?
        Why should there be a National Hero when they ALL did what they can in the best way they CAN? Can’t they all deserve it? I’m not playing safe. I’m just sick of people doing comparisons. Like, as a regular Filipino Citizen…. One Businessman pays his taxes honestly and on time. On the other hand, a Street Sweeper do not pay any taxes but segregates his trash in his own home and disposes of it properly everytime. Do we have to question who ‘served’ his country better? Nah. I don’t think so.
        So my answer would be, there is no BEST. There is no BETTER. And there is no JUST GOOD. When it comes to our Heroes, they deserve better than to be ‘ranked’ and questioned about HOW MUCH they served our Country to be regarded as our National Hero. No one is keeping scores. Or at least, not me.

        1. Heaven Angel,

          I think you misunderstood my question on why our Filipino elitists chose Jose Rizal, over other Filipino heroes who were just as qualified, to become the Philippines’ national hero.

          Certainly comparisons on specific standards and indivi

        2. Heaven Angel,

          I think you misunderstood my question on why our Filipino elitists chose Jose Rizal, over other Filipino heroes who were just as qualified, to become the Philippines’ national hero.

          Certainly, comparisons were made back then on the individual qualifications of our country’s heroes, in order to be considered for the national hero title.

          Could you possibly tell me what you think those qualifications were and the motivating factors behind?

          I’m just trying to get an idea if our country’s elitists today still think the same way as our earlier elitists, and how those mental makeup of our elitists relate to how the rest of us Filipinos think—back then and today.


    2. Come to think about it, Filipinos should really make more movies about our National Heroes of the past and modern-day Unsung Heroes.

      Instead of nonsense tv series, although Lola Nidora’s quotes do make sense.

        1. Aeta…

          Can’t seem to find the ‘reply’ button in your last question. Forgive me if I had to invade Alex’ space…

          “I have a question for you since you’re very interested in our national heroes:

          Who do you think should have been the country’s national hero? Jose Rizal or someone else–and why?”

          First things first:
          I don’t think I misunderstood your question. I believe I already answered it.

          I’m not an elitist. I do not know how they think nor the qualifications they set in choosing Jose Rizal as our National Hero.

          Aside from NOT being an elitist, I am 32 years old. Certainly, I am in no way qualified to explain how elitists earlier and our elitists today think.

          I am just a simple Citizen who were ‘affected’ and who cared enough to share my thoughts about this blog. I don’t pretend to know better. There are no wrong ‘comments’ here. Just personal opinions.

          Now, did I answer your question?

        2. Heaven Angel,

          I have always been interested in our country’s national heroes, especially Dr. Jose Rizal, who always mesmerizes me on the pretenses of how he became the “top honcho” of all our national heroes.

          Whenever I examined the motives of how our elitists chose Rizal to become the country’s premier national hero, I always noticed distinct similarities between our elitists’ background and that of Jose Rizal’s.

          Personally, I would have preferred to have other national heroes—sung or unsung—to be the premier national hero, instead of Jose Rizal (an aristocrat who was heavily influenced by the Spaniards).

          These other national heroes truly symbolize our tribal and humble beginnings because most came from poor backgrounds. Someone like Andres Bonifacio, perhaps, who fought bravely on the battlefield, did not compromise with the Spanish nor the Americans, and eventually cost him his, and his brother’s, life.

          I am not an elitist either, but just knowing today’s elitists’ attitude and behavior, and how they have somewhat contributed to the disparities and divisions in our society, I can almost assume with much certainty that they are very similar in decorum to the elitists of eras gone by.

          Thus, the ‘proverbial fruit’ (Jose Rizal) that our county had chosen to be the premier national hero, came from the same ‘proverbial tree’ that our elitists came from. At least this is where my opinion lies so far unless someone can dispel it.

          What do you think?


        3. Aeta…

          I’d like to say that your staments above have strayed away quite far from the original argument of this blog. But I will humor you.

          Frankly speaking, I have not done extensive research about our Heroes and how they were ‘ranked’ by your so-called elitists. My knowledge about it is as basic as what students know (okay, maybe a but more) but I don’t think that makes me less a Filipino.

          Our Heroes should serve as our inspiration.. But it shouldn’t dictate our future. our Nation needs us to be inspired by what they did before. And it’s up to US to not let them all die in vain.

          I do not plan to dispel any ideas/ideals you have. And I believe you had that for quite some time now. Respect is something I choose to exercise as often and as much as I can.


        4. Aeta…

          I wasn’t the one who said we should make more movies about our heroes. I believe it was Alex.

          But to answer your question….
          Yeah, why not? I really enjoyed Heneral Luna. Cried a number of times, to be honest. Especially the part where he was being shot at and was still standing and was shouting “Mamamatay tao kayo”!
          For me, (and I’m not speaking for everybody) it rekindled my passion and love for our Country. However cheesy that sounded. Anyway, it also raised awareness for our young Citizens and served as a ‘crash course’ in our History. Well, a portion of our History, at least.

      1. I liked the part where someone said: “Every man for himself.”
        It rings with truth if and only IF we, as individuals strive to be ‘better’. But, what is ‘better’ for one can be totally different from what is from another’s perspective. Simple rules and instructions are bent by some because it takes them out of their ‘comfort zone’ which is for some, their understanding of ‘better’ is where they are COMFORTABLE.

        WALK THE TALK.
        Follow ‘rules’. Even if others don’t.
        We can’t change the world (or the Nation) and the people in it in just a snap of our finger.
        But we can at least try and change ourselves.
        Then maybe, someday, we can be a reflection of the world (or the Nation) we want it to be.
        I’m not just some hopeless patriot that thinks that taking on the world is like a walk in the park. It’s not. It’s a fucking war.
        But I’d still like to try. I’d like to stay optimistic about it.

        1. Heaven Angles,

          I was one of those individuals who always say we Filipinos have this “every man for himself” outlook in life.


        2. Heaven Angel,

          “I’d like to say that your staments above have strayed away quite far from the original argument of this blog.”

          I didn’t know I was supposed to stay from the original argument of this blog, since I’ve address my question to you on ‘why do you think–not on what little information is out there–our country’s elitists chose Dr. Jose Rizal as our premier national hero?’

          Also, since you’ve brought it up. Why should we make more movies about our national heroes to inspire us Filipinos? What purpose will that serve?


    3. But of course heaven angel these foreign based readers thought that their countries are great and I do agree with them if they came from Japan, Korea, England, other schengen countries but except Americans… While most Filipinos are indeed stupid… the americans are the great manipulators and war mongers… as one poster above me noticed… the americans were doing this for a long time already. Although they don’t condone being stupidity they are practicing it mind you. They are the progenitors of the worlds stupidity and in tandem with a paranoid law, they are going down. So much garbage from them in movies and games. Imagine kids killing kids by the plenty… Am I surprised? The sad thing is… Our most of our brethren emulates them.

      1. I honestly don’t give a damn about other races. If they (including most of the Filipinos in this thread) think they’re all better, so be it!
        But my point is, if we (as Filipinos) regard ourselves as trash, then we’ll be swimming in our own shit for years to come.
        Just like the convo I had with my Consultant this afternoon:

        Some1: Ma’am, pwede po ba akong magsuot ng ibang color ng shoes sa office?
        Me: Ano ba ang dapat? Hindi ba color white lang?
        Some1: Pero andame ko naman pong nakikita na nagsusuot ng ibang color.
        Me: Kaya hindi tayo umaasenso na mga Pilipino eh. Mas gusto nating gumawa ng mali kasi ang katwiran natin, marami namang gumagawa. Eh kung subukan kaya nating gumawa ng TAMA para yung mga gumagawa ng mali, eh mapahiya?!

        We can go on and on about how ugly and stupid and delusional Filipinos are. I GET IT. And as I said, I mostly agree on it. But I still have faith in our race. I HONESTLY DO. So I guess, by everybody’s (who responded in this thread) standard, I am delusional and stupid. Fine. But my faith in my Country and my race…? NO. I REFUSE TO GIVE THAT UP. I’m ‘stupid’ that way.

    4. “Walk the talk and make the difference”. That’s the only words that makes sense in the entire blog.

  13. I am half Filipino and my sentiments are exactly the same with the author of this blog. Philippine society is damned and doomed because we are idealistic fools being used by the government.

  14. Grimwald, thanks for the above article. I would like to point out to you some issues too relative to your observations:
    1) Many Pinoys don’t read or follow instructions. Best example – some of the people with me in my workplace. There was this JMC (Joint Memo Circ.) of a very big govt. project and I asked two department heads (who will be spearheading the implementation) to PLEASE read the JMC, and I even marked the most important parts. Both did not bother to read it and I find it funny (spell it “smirking”) that they’re like “trumpos” – wooden spinning tops that go round and round without direction and “seemingly” are implementing the project without really understanding the directions first.
    Another one is that my sis, who is teacher observed it that many of her students get very low scores in their school exams because they failed to follow instructions.
    2) Meaning, generally many Pinoys don’t read or don’t like to read because they are just too lazy to do so. E.g., in the past my Boss and I frequently quarreled because every time I make a report, she would just read the first sentence and declare that my whole work was totally wrong. I pointed out to her that she read the whole article first, understand the gist of what I was writing and make corrections. She would just simply say that she didn’t like my first sentence therefore it was all wrong. She did this many times that I blew my top and told my office mates that she was a “nit-picker and that if she does not understand this word she better Google it!” I told them that I know all about critiquing because I was also trained in it.
    3) Many times I caught her submitting documents without reading them and pointed these out to her, especially the wrong figures, and wrong English terms which presented/posed different ideas/concepts than the intended.
    4) Every time I posed to her a problem or an idea, she would say “I have a headache”…or “don’t pester me now, I am stressed!”
    5) In another department, there was a new head who was more strict than the former one. She met with them & gave instructions which seem to fall on deaf ears. Because she demanded more from them, the group got angry and so they’d rather choose that she be replaced rather than be wakened up from their stupor and think. I think, it’s hard to make a lazy person think. Once he gets to be pressured to think, he would rebel and really get angry, as if the exercise of thinking makes him tired.
    6) Another observation, many Pinoys often take criticism as an affront on their personalities rather weighing whether the criticism is valid or not, or whether he needs to improve on something. Most of them take it negatively, feel hurt, but don’t do anything to correct it or improve/change something in himself. Have many of us have become so “onion-skinned” that we no longer take it upon ourselves to check our “reality maps” now and then to see if they are still updated or have become obsolete?

    1. By simply posing this article Grimwald, you have already set us into thinking and that by itself is a solution. So for all of us, read and be encouraged to read, and think, and by thinking, we would be able to find solutions, which we have thought about by ourselves. We don’t need to be spoonfed with solutions, we find them…..problem ID, brainstorming/discussion even with a group of one- yourself (have you done soliloquy? try it), finding available resources -within and without, planning in logical order which prob to solve first by order of necessity/importance/urgency/, find the solutions, do the “dirty work”…legworking and networking, then implement, monitor, evaluate, maintain or sustain as needed, re-evaluate….then the whole cyle begins again…… really good mental exercise…..because many times, you would find yourself still alert in the middle of the night….thinking……..

  15. Grimwald, what you said: “that thieving isn’t thieving unless one gets caught” is right. My Boss has this to say: “we go by the documents….as long as the documents are ok, there’s no problem”…..of course, the docs didn’t state it there that the activity which was supposed to be conducted 2 days was held only in a half-day, and the completed meals and snacks placed there, were actually one heavy snack for one-morning’s session, and that was it. Oh, so much for fake papers because there are many who are just too willing to affix/sign their names on a fake attendance sheet so as not to upset or rock the boat….otherwise Boss will get angry and have your name slashed from the list of those who receive some sort of monthly remuneration or else adjust it to a lesser amount….but the payment does come from him/her…it’s the government’s? So???????

    1. There is another style that I know. Asking for a blank receipt, with the help of the owner of the establishment like hotel where staffs checked in or the vehicle that was rented.

      Every penny on the budget is reported to have been spent up to the last centavo and nothing made it back as savings when in reality, a portion of it went to the pockets of staffs, especially the superiors.

      I’ve seen this myself.

  16. I also read from some of the comments below that you Grimwald seem not to offer any solution. They should try to re-read it and understand between the lines ….for your article shouts that as a people we need to exercise our brains, or what’s your article for but by simply urging us to read it, and read we did, set all of us into thinking? Ahhh, the whole exercise, I was glad I was able to read it to the end, others are just too tired and maybe read only the first sentence and like my Boss did with my reports, judged them to be totally wrong. I think I’ll take another cuppa coffee. I don’t want to go to sleep, not as yet.

  17. Hindi tanga ang Pinoy. marami lang talaga satin ang mapagmataas, nangmamata, nagmamagaling, reklamador at nagmamarunong. Sa totoo lang natural lang sa tao kahit saan pang bansa ang sumalungat sa anu mang hindi tugma sa prinsipyo nya. lalo na kung sikat ito sa karamihan.

    Eto ang solusyon. tama na ang pagmamataas at pageenglis para magmukhang matalino. tama na ang pagbuhat ng sariling banko at paghihila sa lahi natin pababa. magsumikap sa pilipinas at magtrabaho dito at di sa ibang bansa. wag masyado magtangkilik ng produkto na hindi atin. magblog ka ng anung dapat gawin ng simpleng tao para makatulong sa ekonomiya hindi pupunahin ang simpleng libangan ng pinoy.

    1. Sa totoo lang natural lang sa tao kahit saan pang bansa ang sumalungat sa anu mang hindi tugma sa prinsipyo nya. lalo na kung sikat ito sa karamihan.

      “but this happens everywhere” would be the typical response from a Pinoy to this post. They love to make general statements like
      this to make you believe that everyone and every country is just as dysfunctional as the Philippines.

      Eto ang solusyon. tama na ang pagmamataas at pageenglis para magmukhang matalino. tama na ang pagbuhat ng sariling banko at paghihila sa lahi natin pababa. magsumikap sa pilipinas at magtrabaho dito at di sa ibang bansa. wag masyado magtangkilik ng produkto na hindi atin.

      Indeed. It seems pinoys are obsessed with this concept of puritanical localism, or this idea that filipinos must use “pinoy only” products just so they could brag about their “pinoy only identity”; in other words, for nationalistic purposes.

      By the way have you seen these programmes?

      Churchill’s Traitors, NGC Megafactories BMW, NGC Two tales of China: Sino Eagle Group

      What’s more telling in these programmes is that counties like Japan, Germany and China are willing to hire and include foreign
      workers, designers and engineers to improve the quality of their products and services and therefore their economy. By contrast,
      pinoys will reject all foreign ideas, assistance and advanced technical know-how just to prove the “superiority” of their so-called “pinoy racial purity.”

      No foreigners allowed. They don’t want any blemish on their “purity.” “Everything must be pinoy only.“(Even though some of these
      pinoys may not have the necessary skills and qualifications leading mostly to mediocre products and results)

      And yet they wonder why they keep failing all the time. Such moronic notions will get them nowhere.

      1. Ever heard of “Pinoy Pride?” That is the brand of the masses in which In my opinion, has a bad connotation. Such pride is reflected to this comment depicting false nationalism.

      2. Ugh I hate ultranationalism! failipinos should stop thinking that they’re special and are the best race in the world because they’re not. They never prove how great they are (and if they are they just show it off too much) because all they did is nothing but credit grabbing some Filipino’s or even half-blood’s own goals and achievements and then label it “proud to be pinoy”. That is crazy.

        1. Don’t talk in general maybe most but not all Filipino thinks we’re the best just like in other country they think they’re the best in the world so u know.

    2. You know why progressive countries are in the state of what they are today? It’s because they complain, whenever something is wrong the point it out and will try to find a solution. So just because some countries are hellhole of a state does not mean we have to emulate them. There is nothing with having guilty pleasures. Lets admit it we all have our guilty pleasures. But doing and thinking about “Not so productive activities” all throughout the day everyday is really stupid in my mind.

      What is wrong with speaking English? Take note it is our official language and gives neutrality to all parties regardless of their native tongue. Heck you can’t even make a whole paragraph without using English word. “Filipinized” or bastardized version of English word does not really help if you are aiming in enriching Filipino language. Why don’t try to use other local languages from different regions or maybe you are just too lazy to do some simple research, cause if you do well I would understand and clearly I won’t be surprised.

      The problem with most Filipinos are they don’t want criticism and comments which are opposite to their perceived ideals. Their is nothing wrong with criticism it’s the receiver’s reaction to it that really matters. Are you sure you all of your stuffs are filipino made? I doubt that, pretty sure a lot are made in China and some few in other countries, don’t be hypocrite and if you are I am still not surprise. If you use all filipinos products you would be back to prehispanic period.

      No internet , no tv to watch your glorious “ALDUB”, no movies and almost everything, since if you try to analyze there is no almost filipino product that makes a mark or standout in human history. The problem with a lot of pinoy is they want everything in simplicity, sometimes you have to embrace complexities in order for your brain to have a workout or you will be as the author always said in his articles “Dumb or stupid”, maybe even both if that is possible. So I suggest try some brain sweating acitivites or watch some intricate plotted movies and not always those cheesy and prehistoric comedies and romance.

      1. Sa pilipinas po kasi pag meh nagrereklamo ang sinasabi, hindi ka marunong magtiis + wala kang utang na loob + hindi ka marunong magpasalamat sa kung anong natatanggap mo + blah, blah, blah..

        Mga utak talangka. Sarap sakalin at nang mabawasan ang pagiging overpopulated dito sa pinas. Mababawasan din ang mga utak talangka.

    3. Pareho tayo. Mahal ko yung pilipinas at mga pilipino na handa akong gawin kahit ano para lang makita itong maging masagana sa lahat ng aspeto, kaya imbes na hilahin ko ito pababa at punahin Ang pangit na kalagayan nito ay nagswitch ako sa positibo na pananaw sa buhay at pinili Kong tingnan Ang magandang side ng pilipinas, imbes na magreklamo natuto akong tumulong, imbes na manghila pababa pinipili kong mageducate sa paraan na kaya ko. Imbes na mangmata natuto akong maging mapagkumbaba. Natuto akong gumawa ng solusyon kaysa sa tingnan at ireklmo lang Ang problema. Ang “stupidity” universal yan pero may choice tayo kung tingnan lang ba natin o mageducate tayo ng mga tao. Sana lahat ng pilipino maging aware sa lahat ng mga ginagawa at sinasabi nila, “awareness” “self actualization” “conciousness” yan Ang susi sa payapa at masaganang pilipinas.
      -Tama na Ang pangbabato sa sarili at simulan ng mahalin ito.
      Peace and light to all????

  18. Kahit pa siguro ang sinulat ni Sir Grimwald eh patungkol sa solusyon ng pamayanan para mas maging maunlad ang bansa natin, hahanap at hahanap pa rin ng butas ang mga bashers.

    1. Please naman, dahil nag e-english ako nagmamagaling ako, it just happened na hindi ako Tagalog, karamihan naman sa atin ganyan a, galing sa ibang dako ng Pinas…. Paano ba yun, kesyo maka express ako ng maigi sa english mataas na ang pagtingin ko sa sarili ko over sa karamihan, hindi naman ganyan @pmac. Dapat mo malaman na karamihan sa mga classmates ng high school ay hindi gaano karunong sa ating National Language due to the fact that we are non-Tagalog speakers, but that doesn’t mean we love our country less. We booklearned Tagalog, meaning we learned by reading and studying our Pilipino books and references, and oh how we loved the Pinoy writers of our days – Huseng Batute, Huseng Sisiw, Amado D. Hernandez, Balagtas, Jose Rizal (translations of Noli & Fili in Pilipino), and the Pinoy English writers – Nick Joaquin, Chino Roces, Alejandro Roces, NVM Gonzales, Carlos P. Romulo, etc…..@pmac, you should understand that writing or expressing one’s thoughts in English rather than in Tagalog does not make one less of a Filipino, or diminishes the fact of his love of country, or not trying to help our fellow countrymen to do some critical thinking which we all need if we have to move from this rut or “slough of despond” that we are so mired in…and move towards what we aspire our country to be…..if we do not criticize ourselves, see ourselves for what we are – lahat, kapintasan at kabutihan, sino pa ang magpagising sa atin? Abraham Sarmiento,Jr.of the Martial Law years succinctly posed this :”Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung di tayo kikibo, sino ang kikibo? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?”

      1. Come on “Tagalog” language? pssh! It’s vocabularies are so limited and sometimes even funny sounding that you yourselves having hard time expressing a full comment in all tagalog words. Don’t be hypocrite.

      2. I hate the Tagalog dialect. I resent that it was made the basis of the Filipino standard language. Its just another way for stupid imperial manilans to impose their degenerate kapit-sa-patalim kabalat-cebollasan to the rest of the non-Katagalugan. I pine for the day that degenerate dialect will fall from grace and people will recognize that we don’t need to have a “National Language” in order to be a united Philippines.

  19. Reading the article and the comment section I want to point out that most of the negative character traits of Filipinos mentioned, actually were born within the last 35 years or so. Most Filipinos around age 50 and above are actually quite educated and seem to think a bit different. The only problem is that they are getting infected with the same stupidity. Which makes me ask. What went wrong within the last 35 years? I know what did……

    1. You’re damn right ! I looked at some documentary like videos taken in the province areas from 1950s and they all looked and acted smarter than the Filipinos in those same places today ! The women and men dressed up very nicely and classy, not like today’s people who are wearing second-hand worn out sport jersey shirts and tsinelas (flip-flops) with their draggy shorts and the women wearing same worn out crap. I was shocked how even in their humble lives, the women and men then still find the time to dress up really well.

      I remember being told by my parents how after EDSA period, every time just went down the toilet. I guess we all felt defeated as a nation especially when being run by these filthy good for nothing oligarchs like the Aquinos and their ilk yellow politics.

  20. bulls eye! Strike 3 – Pinoys are out! Grimwald must be the long awaited prophet of doom sent to Pinoys to warn them of impending judgment should they fail to repent from stupidity.

    Page 3 in the ff is a picture of what’s in store for you all:

    I really suggest Pinoys use their brains once in a while. And attention to detail please!

    Pop quiz: which is more expensive for a customer needing a brain transplant?
    A) German brain
    B) American brain
    C) Pinoy brain

  21. Sad to say, the traits of the majority of Filipinos are indeed true. One would arrive to the conclusions already without looking at the big picture. It is indeed very shameful to be a Filipino.

  22. You should be surprised if people read your article at all. You see, the problem was, people saw the aldub picture and assumed at once that the article was about that, without even reading the contents. I used to write (relatively) long pieces on my fb wall about pinoy matters too but I realized nobody was reading anyways. “Ampota haba” was one of the comments I got. The articles here are really eye-openers and I value them much but maybe GRP should consider moving to other platforms…one that wouldn’t require reading a long article perhaps, cause remember- you’re writing to filipinos.

    1. I think it stems from filipinos having very short attention spans. They would rather just read text messages in jejemon language than read an informative article.

    2. I made the following Facebook post AIMED at expats, not Pinoys and it was meant to make for a nice day of humor when (I hoped) western guys would contribute to my list of words. What happened was some Filipino WIVES & girlfriends immediately assumed I was “insulting Filipinos” and made rude, insulting comments. It was obvious they had not read the post past the first sentence and then some (mostly Brit) expats apparently had been instructed by their women to give me a ration of my lighthearted post MEANT FOR EXPATS, not for Pinoys.

      Eventually I had several Pinoys give me the usual line, “If you don’t like our (fucked up) English go back to your country.” As the day wore on it started to become again obvious, that most of the expats (again Brits mostly) were commenting on comments and had not even READ the Original Post. Next is the post itself.

      If there is any word in the English language that makes me cringe when I hear Filipinos pronounce it, that word is “receipt.” People ask me, “Do you want a riciPt?” Of course I am obliged to say, “No, but I would like a ricEEt.”

      Now I’m not looking for any kind of “discussion” about the relative merits of British or American versions of our (mostly) shared language; but I would like to hear from people who notice glaring misuses of vocabulary by Filipinos and what YOU think should be used instead. To do that you might make word pairs that obviously have different meanings but the wrong word is used by Filipinos. One example would be the words “in” & “on” that Filipinos usually, or at least often use inappropriately.


      Then I made a follow-up clarification, which served only to make more people angry.


      Now I am going to post a short explanation for those of you offended by, or unable to read what I wrote earlier. At NO time did I criticize Filipinos for their language skills. At NO time did I post the OP somewhere where I would expect FILIPINOS to be reading or commenting. At NO time did I say ALL Americans have proper, perfect English skills and therefore that is not a topic of relevant discussion. Please, if you can’t stay on topic, don’t respond.

      What I DID say was that many vocabulary words are used incorrectly and I ASKED for EXPAT contributions to my list (partly to have a bit of humor in the day) so that in my PROFESSION as an English teacher I might have more examples that will help me teach. The gathering of some of these “Filipinoisms” for lack of a better word, is only my personal project. Again, if you can’t stay on topic, don’t respond.


      What that whole experience, especially with the (apparently) reading comprehension-challenged Brits taught me was that not only Filipinos have an inability to read and react to exactly what was written. I am 100% certain that at least 50% of the people writing uncomplimentary comments were only commenting on comments and had not read the OP.

  23. Beast Mode ka ngayon Gimwald, ah. Anong nainom mo? Hahaha.

    I’ve read read your previous 2 articles. And holy cow, a lot of butthurts. As for me, nope, I didn’t missed the point, thank you very much.

  24. You are right. Filipinos are stupid, but not all of them are and we know this. It is unfortunate that those who are more sensible are not represented well. It is unfortunate that the country is flooded by the perceived “stupid people”. You raised very good points, but you forgot to add: FILIPINOS, in general, are a people who live below the line. People who live below the line always put
    BLAME on others. It’s the government’s fault. Oh it’s Jessy Meniola’s fault why Enrique Gil harassed her.
    Filipinos make EXCUSES. Because it’s traffic, I’m late. I didn’t finish my task kasi kasalanan ni ganito, ni ganyan.
    And finally, as you said. DENIAL.

    A lot of the time, Filipinos fail to take OWNERSHIP, ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY. Many don’t even know what INTEGRITY is.

    Someone is right about the lack of education. On top of that, they are bombarded by corrupt values that they see on TV, further pushing them down below the line.

    So, I don’t really blame the government why our country is the way it is. It is the fault of the people for being stupid. Stupid enough that they only have short-term visions. A bribed voter is only worth 500pesos, or even less, during election time. I won’t blame the government if one day the Philippines becomes a province of China. We don’t have enough pride to be more proactive. Bahala na gobyerno eh.

    It is our fault why we are a country of stupid people, and a laughing stock. So to those who feel and think they are smarter than the generalized population of imbeciles and morons, how are we able to educate the rest of the people? What can we do to change that perception that Filipinos are stupid? It would be great to know what can be done, because today’s Filipinos, especially the youth–they are quite embarrassing.

    1. yes spent months there incredibly bad time……. ready to use you////call it culture…. children so brainwashed to help support parents and siblings up to 3rd cousins/// they ll never get ahead…. dont save, cant think makes them dizzy like,,,, but they can freeload…mooch scam… easier than working… then make you feel cheap if you dont support all of them…after 2 months even laugh at you call you vagabong, child molester whatever… incredible

  25. You are right, this time, Mr. Thaddeus Grimwald. They apply to most Filipinos. However, they do not apply to Me…

    Filipinos are not attentive. The fact that they nearly run Mr. Grimwald out, of this Blog Site, for his articles. Confirms that: Filipinos are not attentive. They react easily with their Emotions; before , they understand thoroughly, what is written.

    Filipinos Delude themselves. It is more of Denial…coupled with Delusion. They think themselves, as “happy people”, “people with self respect”…the fact is: their government is corrupt and rotten; their environment is stinking; and their minds are numbed to these dismal situations.

    They are like Fishes who lived for a long time , in a stinking lake. They get used to the stink. And , they do not know the difference, between: clean and stinking water.

    Filipinos get used to being : scammed, robbed, exploited, victimized, etc…they think these things are normal. So, they were angered, when the author, Dan Brown wrote: “The Gates of Hell”…

  26. Seems like you’re too fixated on ‘Pinoy Stupidity’ Mr Grimwald. It’s an obvious fact. Pinoys are known to be stupid all over the world which is why we are being preyed on, discriminated upon and often degraded because of our known stupidity. Our country remains third world because we are stupid.. but that’s not the only reason I believe.

    Can you also write about our greediness, obsession for power, narcissistic attitude and our lack of compassion and empathy towards others and how they are destroying our country and us Filipinos as a whole? Can you also highlight the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the Philippines which I believe is also a major factor why we are not progressing?

    Our stupidity, i think, is just ‘icing on the cake’, as what you’ve always mentioned in your previous articles. We are stupid, and most of us never learn. But life has to go on.

    1. Ha Ha, I’m reading comments again trying to find the new one that I was alerted to in my e-mail today.

      “Filipinos get used to being : scammed, robbed, exploited, victimized, etc…they think these things are normal. So, they were angered, when the author, Dan Brown wrote: “The Gates of Hell”…”

      I live in Tagaytay so I consider Bacoor to be “The Gates of Hell” because when I enter there I’m about to go through the gate and actually BE in Hell AKA Metro Manila.

      1. I came to that point as well. One time after years of living in metro Manila, I realised that “this is what hell is like”. No amount of churches and money can fix a screwed up mentality.

        So I moved elsewhere in the Philippines and the improvements are minor – less traffic and less trash on the streets. But it’s still the same corruption, narcissism and something new – pride! If you ask them what are they proud of, they’d get offended. Ironically the city was founded and designed by white Americans but of course while initially a fantastic small town became the usual Filipino jungle of dirty concrete, diesel fumes and corruption.

  27. I’m not a sadist, but I like it when you have to almost cry in rage while defending your point. and for what? For the good of all in pretense of being makabayan? Nah. I don’t think that would work for us pinoys. We pinoys are cheap. We laugh on the misery of others. Take our comedy for example. I’m not even sure if I’m laughing because of the antics made by the characters or just because everyone else are laughing. You are right, we are stupid. Jose Rizal failed in his undertakings. He should had been a German. He could even pass up as a Japanese if he was wise enough. Instead, he wasted his life for a people he thought deserves the respect of the world. I remembered the former president cory Aquino. I deliberately put her name in lower case to show my disgust. Now the skeletons inside her own closet are stinking. And who put her in power? We are easily swayed. Easily influenced by hearsays, by promises of famous people, and of course, by money. This is our reality. We will never change, even a divine intervention cannot persuade us to do what’s right without something beneficial in return even if it meant somebody else’s demise. But nevertheless, I’m still proud to be a pinoy. Just a pinoy and not Rizal’s makabayang Pilipino which is a big fallacy. Dream on author. There’s is nothing you can do nor say that can deter us from being stupid. Afterall, stupidity is the easiest thing to do.

  28. Stupidity is a Choice. You can choose to be: Stupid. Or, you can choose to be :Wise and Mature.

    It is like other choices in life. Or choices, on people to lead our country. We can do something, about ourselves, if we want to do it.

    1. A man’s learning can highly influence his decisions. It’s hard for the uneducated masses to choose the right path, especially if they have difficulty distinguishing right and wrong.

  29. Di ko maintindihan kung bakit ang mentalidad ng mga pinoy ngayon eh parang mga alipin na nawalan ng amo. Akala ko ba matagal na tayong napalaya sa mga mananakop? Para kasing, sa tagal-tagal nating naging alipin, eh, nakatatak na sa DNA natin ang pagiging utak alipin at nai-breed pa ito sa henerasyon ngayon.

  30. For example(Halimbawa). While other countries are busy learning foreign languages to prepare themselves for globalization, filipinos are learning mother tongues in school (Habang ang ibang bansa ay nagkakandarapa sa pag-aaral ng iba’t-ibang linggwahe upang mapaghandaan ang globalisasyon, ang mga pilipino ay nag-aaral ng kani-kanilang sariling wika).

    How’s that for stupid (Paano yan sa pagiging tanga)?

    1. It is not stupid to learn one’s own local languages specially you tagalog monopolize the Filipino subject. You said it in yourself in your comment that it is still a learning. There is no stupid in learning.
      The real stupidity is when you try to stop learning yourself different languages and think that the whole world will be the one to adjust on what language you speak.

  31. mr author.. why dnt you write an article about the kapamilyaday and pabebewave day.. to be honest, i dnt like the effect of these to filipinos, it seems like they are using people to bash each other :/

    1. You bet! I have no damn clue where the Filipino society is supposed to go with that pile of crap. We need to evolve!! Not a bunch of “tata toto”! How this same stupid joke can work every fucking day?

      For me there’s no doubt. Maine Mendoza and her bunch of assholes are the enemies of the republic. They’re all gaining from people’s ignorance.

      1. Everyone in this country, including government agencies, need to turn the4 channel on their TV to something foreign produced. The best, least biased, most informative news channel is probably Al-Jazeera (unless one is from Israel). Then everyone needs to live without Facebook for a day and give paying customers like myself back my bandwidth that is lost to all the free FB users.

  32. I agree 100% on all of the negative aspects of (Flips) Filipinos posted on this site. Filipinos are just plain STUPID, IDIOTS, HYPOCRITES, THIEVES…in simple language…ASSHOLES!

    1. jj joey …..by your saying so about us, has already set your mind to think, critically that is, and for almost in all my readings here, from Grimwald’s down to all reactions, except one, we now see ourselves for what we are – generally as a people and why our govt. is what it is right now and I think almost always has been, “corrupt” and “corrupted”….according to my friend who now lives in the US of A, who was very active “in the streets” before, during, and even after martial law….what happens now in the Phil. is a microcosm of what is generally happening in the world, so that moves us all to try and look beyond our horizon and out into the world. Yes, she is right in a way, but then that doesn’t deter us to do something about us here. If PM Netanyahu is almost singlehandedly now fighting other leaders of the world for his people from racial annihilation, we as a people here should also do something for us. So now that we see ourselves as we are, what shall we do? How do we move on from here? Shall we make Grimwald’s “space” here our sounding board now?

      My suggestions:
      1) We need to invite more people here.
      2) We do brainstorming/discussion – freewheeling, that is.
      3) More suggestions, the better.But they should be realistic or at least feasible, or doable.
      4) Now,…….you add to the above……

      Grimwald, do we have your assent?

      Thank you!!!!

  33. If you are referring to the Filipino or rather Pinoy nation as a whole…I agree.

    We are now, unfortunately, under a so-called democracy…meaning rule by the majority.

    A majority that chooses the leaders who will chart the direction of our people in an election.

    And guess what this majority is composed of?

  34. Although we are aware that these stupid pinoys exist, are out there now, and growing exponentially as we blog here, we only see them as a concept…a silhouette in our mind’s eye.

    We have to learn to describe them…identify them…know them..characterize them at the individual level.

    Have a clear picture of what and who they are.

  35. So, may be you can commence juanusicero? Ok Grim (hehe, may I call you this for brevity?…I am reminded of Grimm and Andersen…), maybe then we can start to make use of your website “properly?”

    We’re just “floating ideas” here for the moment……might be able to “jell” this sometime…..

    So what say you Grim?…and all the others? Since Grim, you started all these with your features, may be then you can be at the helm? Please Grim? Weigh and consider then?

    Big thanks!!!!!! and Cheers for all of us. At least we now know “we’re stupid”…so can do something to remedy that….not just sit around muttering to ourselves “I’m stupid, I’m stupid”….and don’t do anything about it. So let’s begin from “being stupid” to becoming “smart”…..just like a patient who started to recognize and own he’s got sickness, so that means he’s on his way to becoming “cured” for starters……

    So, how’s that?

  36. “3 Big Reasons Why Filipinos Will Always Be Stupid” Then you posted a picture of Aldub. Then you say”the brave defenders of the noon-time sensation went on to insinuate that I was accusing the show and those who watch it as “stupid”. WHOEVER READS THE SHIT THIS GUY IS POSTING IS EQUALLY AS SHITTY AS THE KARDASHIANS. you GRIMWALD are the reason why this country is stupid. grow up please. so yeah, read whatever is between the lines you hypocrite.

  37. Great leadership, solid education and employment opportunities, among others, are all requisite for true progress in all aspects of life. But the people themselves – every citizen – must have the desire for quality living where courtesy, efficiency, peace and order and the rule of law are part of everyday life. Eh, hindi nga marunong tumawid, magmaneho at pumila ng maayos. It is hard to imagine this society moving up a grade until the little things are done properly. So live in a manner that will influence younger people to get better, one generation at a time. That is the only solution.

  38. Hi there! Please forgive my English, I’m French Canadian so I’ll try to do my best here lol.

    I’d like to highlight your

    I only passed 2 months in the Philippines. I went in different places in Luzon and honestly I am so shocked by what I saw and heard there. I find that country extremely frustrating. The stupidity is running this. How many times I saw some Filipino people being proud of doing grotesque things! I saw a lot of professionals acting terribly unprofessional. I encountered huge lacks of etiquette etc etc….

    Concerning the , I wrote few examples of what I saw and heard there in a Youtube video. I simply wrote the truth but you have no idea all the stupid comments I received just for this. I wrote my comment in June and 2 months later I saw 178 replies lol. All some stupid messages!!

    I noticed that most Filipino people are always using the same stupid “strategies” to “save their faces”. They will insult, intimidate, change topic, try to brag themselves personally, tweak the truth, lying, accusing others etc etc. Look man I went in a wet markets in Tarlac and it was smelling like shit and the place was absolutely disgusting! IT WAS A DUMP! I saw a bunch of butchers who were sleeping on the counters in front of all the costumers and no one was reacting. They are all used to that standard like It’s THE way of doing things. Now don’t come to tell me that you’re poor because of the corruption goddammit and don’t even try to throw the blame on the Chinese like you love to do! My good or bad grammar wont change things. Hundreds of Filipinos got mad at me because I called their country UNCIVILIZED. They have no clue of the meaning of the world CIVILIZED. I’m not sure if in a civilized country government employees bring their kids at work with them.

    I can’t start listing all the crazy behaviors I saw there because it would be infinite but please you smart Filipino do something!

    Filipino medias are making things worst. Especially Eat Bulaga. I have a strong impression that they want to keep people in the deepest ignorance. They’re kind of brainwashing people to accept and love the mediocrity. I’m curious to know the percentage of Filipino people who still believe that aswangs exist.

      1. Renegade, I asked you 2 years ago for the title of your YouTube video about stupid things in The Philippines, but I’m still waiting…hope you can send it to me. I’ll even post my e-mail here and hope I don’t get too many hate mails from Filipinos. I’m leaving this retarded country after 14 years here and I have my ticket back to civilization for next month. Send that YouTube link to” gelynch52ph@yahoo.com

        Oh by the way, that fat bitch at the post office I commented about before is going to get her wish. I will be gone and about 10 people will lose their ATM support I have been giving all these years. I wonder if SHE is going to support them now?

    1. now I’m interested to the title of that youtube vid after reading renegade’s comment, pls reply renegade!
      Thanks in advance
      -from a not so proud to be a filipino

  39. Reason #1: “Pinoys aren’t attentive.. they don’t read the whole article before commenting.”

    Fair enough, I didn’t even read the whole article and I’m already commenting. Huehuehuehue

    1. Yea, but we’re not talking about “All human” of this world. We are specifically talking about how stupid Filpinos are, and how they’re focking up their own country and each other.

  40. Now, my one-cent worth of observation/s from selected (highlighted, my choices) comments here:

    Heaven Angel & Aeta, Renato Constantino, an alternative Filipino historian whom we greatly admired when we were in college suggested that we “must have a bastion of heroes” instead of having one in Jose Rizal. If you have the time please find his book & read it: “The Miseducation of the Filipinos.”…as to my opinion….Rizal became our National Hero not of our own making or choice, the Americans did it for us. They chose him not from our point of view but from theirs. So you won’t wonder why he was an elitist, he was and chosen by “elitists” and imposed on us.

    You’re right, change starts with us, so how do we go about waking up many of our kababayans who are in deep slumber of ignorance?…This K-12, OMG, the curriculum – they’re going back to vernacular and I can’t see the point while the rest of the world is going global. If before, we have many college grads who could hardly speak English, much less express themselves in writing English – whose vocabulary is as scarce as the native mushrooms we try to find around because they are delicious as well as nutritious, so how do we improve on the new generation by starting with vernacular.? Well, special mention on this –when I was in Grade I in a public elem. school, we had this book (already memorized)……”ay paka-paka gali, hahaha!…si Nita….ang ligbos kanamit, kanamit sang ligbos”…..”Si Lati”……..we knew of Lino, Nita, Inday, ligbos (one of the native mushrooms which we are trying hard to find around now), and Lati (the carabao). We were happy back then with this, trusting our teachers to do/teach right…which eventually they did as we progressed to higher grades. But I doubt it now, this K-12, they even relegate Phil. History to the elem. grades and not repeat it in high school. If I may say something about the history of a people or a nation – it should be told and retold so that we will NEVER forget. Otherwise, we lose sight of our moorings, then will be driven to and fro by other cultures or worse, assimilated in other cultures, totally losing our identity as a people. Would you like that of us? I dare say that this new education curriculum should be studied well because it seems like it is drawing our next generation towards more bondage – para patuloy na lang gawing alila ang mga Pilipino ng mga banyaga. So there it goes, Dennis Earnshaw, your suggestion for “solid education.” But I agree with you, we need great leadership, but even if he/she is – he/she could not carry the whole bunch of us on his/her shoulders, just like a baggage. We need to help him/her, otherwise, he/she will just become a carabao and all us riding in the “carosa” while he/she laboriously “hila” us climbing the hill at tayo naman, “ nag ba-babay pa sa likuran” at “nag –i-esmile pa,” like you know – those bunch of sorry politicians riding a big truck in “working get ups” and smiling for the pics….going into places na binaha or binagyo, dala-dala ang “relief goods” na may tatak ng mga pangalan nila. We really need to work and decide for ourselves, not leaving him/her to think for us all the time. Ang bigat talaga dalhin nga mga Pilipino kasi ayaw nilang mag isip. They would like others to do the thinking and deciding, and do the work for them. Tapos, ang bilis naman nila manisi kung may pagkamali. In the first place, ayaw nilang magtrabaho, takot na masisi. So, we need us to be more responsible and accountable. I should know this, I have been working in the grassroots and would even be retiring soon.

    Jerry Lynch, about democracy, rule of the majority. Of course, majority is not always right. That’s the irony. There’s this so-called “tyranny of the majority” and our country has been again and again “tyrannized” in the polls ever since. Thanks to our non-thinking brothers and sisters, now we are in, in this quagmire for a long, long time, unless they suddenly “wake up” and “see the light.”

    Wiser/loy, do you have something to offer – positively constructive, that is, to help our country, and us Pinoys, rather than calling all of us here, a bunch of SHITTY HYPOCRITES?

    Renegade, you’re right in a way. If that is your experience with us, we can’t blame you. But we are “Third World” Rene, not “First World” and there lies the difference. I think many of our cities wouldn’t be far as bad as that of any “Third World” city in the world, e.g. Bombay? Anyway thanks for being gracious enough to acknowledge there are still “many’ of us here who can make a difference – your term “smart.”

    1. bethesda Gilead,

      Why do we need a bastion of Filipino heroes as references to do what is right for the Philippines and its people? Even our corrupt oligarchs are quoting dead Filipino heroes to validate and justify their self-serving and arrogant attitude and behavior. Just use common sense and do the right thing–with heroes or without. It’s that simple.


  41. As an American, I have found that Filipinos do have some redeeming qualities. They are friendly and usually polite and they are a good looking group of people with an easygoing spirit.

    Unfortunately, they have a list of really bad qualities that will stifle their progress as a people.

    1. Filipinos tell too many lies. My experience has been that they will lie for no apparent good reason. It seems that many Filipinos are incapable of being straightforward and honest. They like to “save face” even when nothing is really at stake.

    2. Filipinos often have poor work ethic (lazy). I know you covered this but it’s worth repeating. Too often large families will have 1 or 2 people that work while the other able-bodied family members simply don’t make any contribution and nobody sees anything wrong with it. They don’t seem to realize that it takes the effort of all hands to improve their condition. They like to wait around for others to do thing for them. Many Filipinos love everything free and easy. They don’t take pride in working for something. Of course, you can’t challenge their pride. Though their pride is unfounded and without merit. What can you be so proud of when you haven’t accomplished anything in your life and you lack ambition.

    3. Many Filipinos are NOT responsible. Many women allow themselves to be knocked up by irresponsible men that have no interest in taking care of their children. With so many women falling victim to this, when will they wise up and use contraception. This behavior makes no sense, especially since the Phils as no child support laws that benefit women. Mother also have a habit of dumping their kids off on their parents ith no remorse or guilt. Let grandma raise my baby because I don’t want to be a responsible adult.

    4. Filipinos are shortsighted. They will get a good paying job in a good work environment but if they get treated too well then they will take the money and quit in a few weeks. they forget that they will eventually run out of money and will need to go hunting for another job. it seems that unsless they are working overseas in poor working condition where they get treated almost like slaves with little to know control over their day-to-day life they can’t commit lon-term to a job. It’s like they only respond to being treated badly or being trested like children.

    5. Filipinos are mostly of Mongoloid and Negro desent. they are very beautiful with great skin, great hair and teeth but they always want to be white – it’s a mental desease. Nothing is wrong with white skin but can you love yourselves and they way that you are…NO! Lets just hate dark skin (even though we live in a tropical climate and it makes sense that we have melanin in or skin to protect us from sun rays). Lets put all the light skinned people on TV and elevate them in society. So in other words they worship the offspring of the oppressors and hate the indegenous people of their country. Good lord. they have no knowlegde of themselves and history and it’s a shame.

    There is more that could be said…much more. Sadly, I don’t see any hope for the Philippines in the near future because the people are too resigned with acting stupidly.

    1. Agree with you completely. Am Filipino, but studied and lived in the USA for 50years. Was debating to retire here, but have a hard time accepting the way of life. The stupidity is beyond I can accept and live with. It is just so disappointing, frustrating and sad to see what the country has become in 50years. I see no hope, the Pinoy has to change mentally, learn discipline. A military dictator has to take over the government and enforce discipline and law enforcement.

      1. Victor DEJESUS,

        Can’t say I blame you for having doubts about moving here. Life has really gotten hard over the last 30 years since Martial Law. Dictatorship is what the Failippines need, not a democracy. Democracy just gives people an excuse for doing what they want to do with little to no regards for the consequences.

        In spite of the Failipinos’ claim of having evolved from a spear-carrying and grass skirt-wearing indigenous people, to a regal and socially sophisticated “world class” urbanites, they still think and behave like their primitive ancestors that fought and segregated themselves from each other as tribes.

        I doubt very much we’ll ever outgrow that country-destructive nature of ours.


    2. I’m a filipino that will someday move somewhere else 6 years from now when I turn 24, ain’t proud of this country, still glad to be born here cause I did learn some good values. Sadly, there are more bad qualities than good that pinoys possess.

  42. Got your point; though i may disagree with some. But that’s not what i want to focus on here. The name-calling, generalizations, and labelling has to stop. Nobody has the right to call anyone stupid, dumb, thieves, perverts, etc., and nobody deserves to be labelled as such (unless otherwise proven with facts and not opinions.) Based on experience, this kind of language makes people defensive. If the goal of the blog post is to open the eyes/minds of others then the writers must also learn how to connect to their audience. If not, the essence of the matter goes to waste.

    1. Completely true…
      Why calling names, instead of providing solutions like bash those who steal from our govt.so we can have a better chance of improving the economy..why waist making a statement out of entertainment industry where in fact its just a speck of the spectrum..small part of the bigger picture..what is the intention? To help uplift the Filipino race or just making a point of what you don’t like and let other see this as an “intellectual statement” because it was written in English.
      Help with the intention to help…I’m really confuse of where you want your reader to feel…good luck to those who feel the same..you don’t realize your the one who is wasting your precious time and very good brain to do these comments instead of making yourself useful to the nation.
      I think atleast this “Stupidity” you call this stint is bringing good vibes to make the people do their job efficiently and effective making them more reliable..
      This is just seeing out of this whole chaotic propaganda of trying to kill what others deemed worthy.

      1. If I call Filipinos “honest, hard working, well educated, responsible and forward thinking” I would be LYING, so I call Filipinos “liars, lazy. uneducated, irresponsible and lacking in the ability to plan past the next meal.”

  43. I also read the other article. Great observation. My sentiments exactly. For me it’s okay to watch and be entertained even how shallow it is. But seeing people dwell on such show instead of doing something productive is annoying, alarming, and disappointing.

    1. May I ask how can you possibly tell that those people who dwell on this entertainment got caught up in the web and just do nonsense? Do you know a person in particular? Did they choose to watch instead of doing better things for their life?

      1. I know it by conclusion. The 12m,25m tweets goal to popularize a show/love teamup. The thousands of people who flocked to show support. Several others discussing how cute the couple is and how funny the other characters are, and what might happen next. I just don’t see these as productive for those people.

    1. @Aeta. Reading and learning is a great example, as well as having quality time with the family. Having a good laugh from watching the show, but not dwelling in its world.

      One good thing lately is it seems the show now explicitly promotes good values. I saw one episode wherein Lola Nidora talks about the importance of honesty and trust.

  44. Sir, I’m guilty of not reading the article first before reacting ‘in my head’ what I did was to stroll over the comments.very overwhelming…then I read back the whole blog (wasn’t able to read the 1st 2 yet) then I realized I wasn’t reacting towards you but to those who put their comments…
    So to answer back to your statement about jumping into the idea that you were pertaining to aldub..goes to both ways..
    Those who supports aldub thinking you are talking about the group
    And, those who think you Are indeed bashing aldub and love what they presume you are pointing out. Even saying they agree with what you said but will add about how they hate the “stupid” aldubers
    Then, that makes us all guilty of that premise.

    But, yet again what can we better do rather than ranting about Filipinos as stupid? Educate us…don’t judge, don’rlt presume..and have the deepest and sincere intention to help..then I think people will start listening…

    1. @Katz,

      I’m past judging Filipinos. Now I’m just shaking my head in disbelief at the learned helplessness behavior.


  45. Blame the networks, particularly ABS-CBN for putting out shows like ASAP and GMA for shows like Eat Bulaga. Filipinos will remain stupid for watching these dumb shows. If only Filipinos will read and watch news to be more aware of what’s happening in the world to open their eyes and their minds.

    There’s so many beautiful traits of Filipinos like simplicity, kindness, and resilience in the face of adversity but these traits are sometimes overshadowed by stupidity, lack of awareness or sense of dignity. People should know they can’t just ask money from people because of the color of their skin (some white people are poor too) and maybe if they elect the right people for government office instead of the popular ones, they can have a better government that will be focused on and take care of their needs.

    This is coming from a former Filipino. Call me a traitor but I won’t re-acquire my citizenship until I know I can be proud to be a Filipino again.

    1. @Sarah,

      I’m like you. I don’t know what there is to be proud of as a Filipino when the whole country is suffering.


    2. madami kasing artista and these networks need to make shows which are understantable by the masses (business technique) so they would be watched then earn and pay their employees. son of a b!tch if i’m president i would dictate them what shows to make and full support to all indie films. no tax so they can make good movies.

      here is the clip of pepe diokno at TED talk about why we make bad films or tv shows. nowadays:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plNNkf90jUU

      . .

      1. They would not produce that diarrhea if you shit heads did not watch it. It is easy to recycle “my wife cheated on me with her best friend so I fucked her mother AND her brother” over and over again. All you have to do is change the “actors” (term used loosely) every 10 years or so and keep selling paracetemol and shitty fake milk to retards

  46. I think I will have to give another five-cents’ worth of my opinion……

    A hundred or so years ago, Rizal wrote an article : “The Indolence of the Filipinos”…..meaning at that particular time in our history, when the islands were on the throes of becoming one archipelagic nation, Rizal already discerned, albeit, even acknowledged our very own kapintasan. Try to review your Noli and Fili and you will be able to surmise, that we are no different from them then, even much worse now. I don’t have to point out to each one of them, because with the length of our thread, and mind you, I tried to read “all” of them, somehow, almost all of us have come to a point of “knowing ourselves”…. But the thing is, those of us who have come to that place of “self-knowledge” are the very ones who try hard to work for a living, being independent ourselves – one way or the other, not the mendicant ones – the flood of masses who sell their votes to the highest political bidders and have the mindset of thinking that those who bought them will do right when they sit in their political seats, still believing that these “buyers” have the welfare of these “sellers” in mind.

    Also, I sense a “hopelessness” in all of us here because how can we turn the tide when we are very few and they – so many, that as always, we are carried by the tyranny of the majority in every election. Seems like we are caught in a sort of a straightjacket not of our own making……For me, having spent much of my time in the grassroots, even have given up hope, NO, NOT in the people down there, but with some people in the government, the supposed precursors of development but to my dismay, I have belatedly found out, “naïve” that I was (or may be just too trustfully idealistic) were the very ones who corrupted a “development endeavor” which was supposedly drafted to be corruption-proof, but still nalutsan pa rin. Think of the cunningness of Pinoys to find ways to steal. REALLY!!!!

    However, let us not lose hope. Let us continue our fight to educate our people, work alongside them, somehow, we don’t know me might have “rubbed” some people in a good way, and some of them may have also “seen the light”…….the wise say: THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES STARTS WITH JUST ONE STEP. Since, we’ve started walking, let’s continue our walk – we talk and we walk, and with the guidance of GOD. Let’s give ourselves a chance,…. c’mmon give ourselves a break!!!………did I hear someone say out there: “gimme a five for that!”….”Apir Miga” and a thumbs up? OK?……OK!!!!

    1. I have jobless friends (tambays) who happens to finish short courses like seaman or whatever and other just stopped going to school because of financial issues but most of them don’t have the confidence of looking for a job and facing life(this is very common). And when we drink (xmas time, new year, bday), they always ask me about what needs to be done, etc. then I share my knowledge. one of our friends is now a veterinarian. i also even shared the story of my office mate who worked as a cab driver and now an office worker (IT Support) who speaks fluent English and very technical indeed when it comes to problem solving. i told them that what he did is to listen to English songs then pick up foreigners instead of locals so he can practice the language, read Microsoft Windows books, etc.

      My point here is that these misguided, lost people can be lead to the correct path if people like us would stay with them and share our experiences. we just have to let them realize that if they want change, then act. we are the guide.

      let’s do this!

    2. What sort of La Indolencia did you read?

      The Indolencia I read (the one translated by Charles Derbyshire, as usual) heaped scorn and derision on contemporary Spanish disdain at supposed indio indolence, and attempted to explain what instances did occur as the result of centuries of colonial oppression wiping out what early Spanish authorities in the Philippines wrote was a natural passion for work.

      The Indolencia you read seems to take the bigoted prejudice of the peninsulares at face value; indeed you think that we really were lazy swilling bums even then — you even cited the Noli and Fili as further proof, when those books lay the blame for the plight of our ancestors squarely at Spanish indifference if not prejudice for our material and intellectual aspirations!

  47. Good Governance are two words that never have gone well together.

    To have good governance, there needs to be honesty and transparency.

    The people need to be involved at all levels, and the structure should be more like a funnel than a pyramid.

    People cease to know the power they hold, and the abilities they have to formulate change.

    The governing body are more adept to building their future, than to build a future for their people.

    Until the people are cared for, Good Governance will be just two words.

    The people need and deserve to have education, employment, health, home and needs.

    That is all people, not just the select few.

    While we see poverty and the poor status of living in countries like the Philippines, there is no Governance for all people.

    The solution to poverty is not easy, but it sure wont be achieved, until the assistance reaches those it was meant for.

    I have seen the numbers of dollars that is said to have been for the poverty problem of the Philippines, and it has not achieved anything.

    It doesn’t take a scholar to know, that the funds made it nowhere near those it was intended to lift from poverty.

    To break the cycle of poverty is not as difficult as some would lead us to believe.

    It is those in charge of the funds that make it an impossible task.

    Write me the cheque to the same value as all aid that has been thrown at poverty, and I will show how the dream of a poverty free world can be achieved.

    How do I know? Because I have talked to those in need, those who have no home, and those who are calling for a real leader to help them from the life that they were born to.

    Remember nobody chooses to live in poverty, it is the cause of those with greed above.

    It is stupid to go on living the same way still expecting a change.

    Change comes from knowing the problem and doing something real to solve the problem.

    Saying things that are wrong or in defense of what you know is wrong, complicates the solution, and does nothing to bring solutions.

    True solutions come only working together as people and putting aside differences.

    United all can make a difference in lives of others, and divided it will bring all to the same level and destroy what is left of a civilized society.

    Change starts from the moment you finish reading this, and whether you believe that you can make a difference.

    If you believe you can’t make a difference, your chance of a better life has already been decided, and you have failed in your duty of being able to help others.

  48. It’s so easy to prove you wrong. Simply you are because you generalize and base your results not on scientific studies but mere opinion. Your interpretation of the Bible is also too simplistic to the point of taking word for word what is written. Remember the Bible is not a Historical book although it does contain some parts of history. Basing your conclusions on these is in itself stupidity on your part too. Hey. I’m not saying you are wrong. However if you look closely into every country you will almost always find in some people of other countries the very same elements you mentioned. If i will follow your line of thinking i would conclude that the Americans (From the US) are the most stupid people and will always remain stupid. However i don’t say that because I don’t generalize. So before making conclusions, first get your data right using scientific method, get your interpretations right consulting with experts, do further studies and etc. The only thing you are doing here is offending people who have sacrificed their lives and continue to sacrifice to transform this nation. For your information they are many. So GET REAL and do you homework first before you blast anyone.

    1. what are you talking about, another flip in denial… we dont need science to see how expolitative and feel entitled your culture is… i spent 2 months there thought i would get killed, robbed , even eaten….stop your crazy bullshit… its all bullshit look at how bad you treat people and are brainwashed influenced by sociopaths… what many of you are there… im a nice guy sensitive guy but when pushed to far by ignorance and a people willing to scam without aconscience…. ask for gifts freeload mooch because they are lazy//// hey had enough with you all scum bags , families so enmeshed call it love its depedence on others/exploitation …. that sense of entitlement…. thats philippines

  49. Drawing Strength from Within…..
    Maybe I can say now I am not proud to be a Filipino. But then if I think twice, I say to myself :”hey but God chose you to be a Pinoy and to be borne here, not a Kano nor a European!” …So, there lies the truth and the reality. I can’t make my skin white, my nose better than “dapa”….my hair blonde, or add more inches to my 5’1”. I AM A FILIPINO! Period!
    And because I am one, I would not shirk from saying that the Philippines, my country – is in a total mess, almost in all aspects, culturally, economically, politically, even in morals and spirit – we are in a moral and spiritual crises. Because I know these to be the facts I now have the capacity to help myself find ways to be able to initiate change, starting from myself, then I will be able to help one, then another…then another….and so on and so forth….It’s like a small stone thrown into a placid pool, there are rings around it, and they keep getting bigger and bigger as they move outwards….. so it is with us. Knowledge of self is a weapon from where we could start change, towards greater changes in society. Let us all encourage ourselves to draw strength from our inner resources because if we look into our very own selves, we will discover that God has endowed us with so many gifts and talents we could use/harness to better society in a bigger way. The great ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates expressed it in two words: “KNOW THYSELF.” Further, may I quote the song of Michael Jackson: “maybe you and I can’t do great things, we may not change the world in one day, but we still can change some things in our small way….in our small, small way.”
    So let us draw strength first and foremost, from GOD , WHO made us to be Filipinos, not any other, from our very own recesses of inner selves (find what is there and what needs change and change it, the strengths too, the gift and talents), for each other –making ourselves in unity with other “selves” than our own, then together we can help build our country and shape it as we desire and aspire it to be….tackle the problems facing us with great resolve, enthusiasm, and vigor, not shirk from them or “let others do it”….and yes, we ought to have endurance and patience with the long hours, may be days, weeks, years – of work (as Filipinos are wont for the “ningas cogon” attitude)……SO HELP US FATHER GOD!!!!!!

    bethesda gilead

    1. bethesda gilead,

      The only way to help Filipinos is to mentally kick them in the ass, by telling them–us–what it is they–we–doing wrong to the country and each other. Encouraging them with positive words only reinforces their self-serving and aristocratic attitude and behavior, that have been contributing to the degradation of the country and the people’s relationship with one another.


      1. “The only way to help Filipinos is to mentally kick them in the ass, by telling them–us–what it is they–we–doing wrong to the country and each other.”

        -If that’s the only way to initiate change among Filipinos, then let’s take GRP as an example. This website has been here for so, so long, shifting from one website name to another with one goal – highlight every dysfunction of the Filipino tribe and eventually change how they think. Their method – beat the shit out of every Pinoy, kick their asses, slap them in the face with utter humiliation, point out the negativity about being a Filipino, forcefully make them face the brutal truth…Criticize, criticize, criticize. But, I want to know what GRP has achieved so far. Have Filipinos become better or worse?

        Some of us are gifted with intellect, talent and skills, highly capable of changing our country. But it’s sad to note that many of us are not using that gift effectively. We are treating the typical Pinoys as part of the problem but nobody gives a damn about the fact that they can also be a significant part of the solution.

        I must disagree with you Aeta. Unless we rise up from our chairs, reach out to our fellowmen and actually DO SOMETHING to enlighten their minds and encourage them to change, sorry, but we will remain stuck in this bottomless pit forever.

        1. Your statement is grossly exaggerated. We have only reached hundreds of thousands of people with our articles. Some of them don’t even agree with our views. You are mistaken if you think that we alone can effect change.

          Please refer to my previous comment above to someone else who said the same thing you did. We are no match to mainstream media who bombard the majority with useless information. Try not to expect too much from private citizens like us who also have other commitments outside of the blogosphere. You can do your part in spreading our articles if you really think we have a point.

        2. Kirk,

          You’re living a “Pipe Dream” with all that smoke you’re trying to blow up everybody’s asses on GRP. What our’disbanded’ people need is a hard mental kick in the ass, to wake them up the brutal truth that their self-serving and arrogant intellects, talents, and skills have served nothing but themselves—and always at the cost of their own country and each other.

          You should be at the head of the line for that mental ass-kicking.


        3. @Aeta

          You seem to be a veteran in this website, sharing your expert views in almost every article. You always draw special attention to the ‘aristocratic’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘self-serving’ attitude of Filipinos as one of the main reasons why the Philippines was, is, and will always be a backward nation. Guess what? I believe it’s true. Now, can you please write an article with that subject and submit it to GRP? I haven’t read articles in this website highlighting those prominent dysfunctional attitudes of Pinoys you always mention.

          And no, I’m not attacking GRP, I actually believe that this website can be an instrument of change with writers who seem to be very well educated and highly intelligent. But there’s a problem – As what I have observed, the content of a lot of articles tend to always put the limelight on the masses. Supporters who frequently visit this website to share their thoughts are always hitting out at the stupid majority, proudly displaying their anti-masa philosophy.

          As an ordinary Filipino following GRP, I want to read more articles focusing on the other side of the problem – the elites and oligarchs who are profiting from the stupidity and shallowness of our fellowmen. I want GRP to give these corrupt politicians, local TV networks, media owners, business giants a ‘hard mental kick in the ass’, so they may wake up one morning and realize that they have been fooling the Filipinos, generation after generation. Imagine if change begins within this group of people, they have the resources and power to influence the Filipinos to change for the better.

          I also hope intellectuals like you Aeta take a break from criticizing everything Pinoy, unite with those who have brains like you, reach out to the ‘lesser minds’, educate them and actually figure out an effective and practical solution to the problems of this country (if you really care). I hope you realize that you can do better than just lashing out at every one of us and that you yourself can be an instrument of change. From your comments, I can see that you’re already raising the white flag, that this nation is a hopeless case, that there’s no cure to the disease that’s been engulfing us since day 1. But I don’t feel the same way. There’s still hope. That’s why GRP is here.

        4. Kane,

          I’m not a veteran of GRP; however, I am a veteran of life. And, no, I prefer the mental ass-kicking of Filipinos because trying to get them to change, through sweet-talking, simply doesn’t work. Filipinos are much better than you think when it comes to blowing smoke up everybody’s asses. They certainly had you convinced that they are all what you said they are.


  50. Some Filipinos: Ang ganda sa ibang bansa no? Ang linis kahit saan.

    Yet… spits just about anywhere. throws garbage everywhere and doesn’t segregate trash, refuses to follow rules (i.e. bawal tumawid, *crosses street, sa c5!*), ignores traffic rules and bribes officers.

    People from other country express their thoughts/comments/opinions about Philippines that are not exactly nice and tadaaa! Filipinos go all defensive and batshit crazy!

    I’m a Filipina and I love it! But there are some things I am not proud of.

    1. Perhaps we Filipinos need to be less proud and learn to be more humble, so we can really see how we are focking up our country–directly and indirectly.

      1. I think that humility can start with small acts of consideration… simple things like slowing down at crosswalks for pedestrians, holding the door for somebody. Things that don’t cost anything, but a just seconds of time. However, I believe dignity is the precursor to humility, and it is difficult to care of matters outside oneself, to be humble so to speak, when 90 plus percent of the population don’t get dignity.. from their employer, from the government, even from their family sometimes. Hence life is cheap to the point where people don’t give a rat’s ass about being humble. I think Miriam Santiago had the right idea when she said something like we have a society of plunder, and plunder is when two people look at each other and they want to eat one another. I think that kind of mindset is what you have going on in this country. This constant idea of win-lose… never win win

  51. No Kim, I think we have to be balanced. Show them all of our kapintasan but then don’t tell me we’re all that ‘UGLY’……Uggghh……If what you’re telling is all that is about this country, we could have been totally been in the stagnant mud a long time ago, that is, in a pond of despond that we all could no longer breathe, much more, even write our kapintasan here in Grimwald’s blog, without coughing and gagging because of the so-much fetid air…. or even the availability of electricity which powers your net, albeit intermittently the brown outs……..

    I’ve been working in the grassroots and unashamedly, I tell you straight-faced… I love our people and would want so much to help them. Ohh, I have my share of heartaches, yes, pains, sufferings, disappointments, even bitterness or rancor about some people, may of them “up” there…. but I still love our people. Many, many times I would like to “kick some in the ass” too, like their helping politician/s to steal from the govt. coffers not minding that their careers – their very lives and the welfare of their children are on the line!!!!

    Just saying……

    1. We have to be balanced but most won’t bother. But this blog is on point about how we, Filipinos, take criticism the wrong way. We are smart but our attitude towards some things are just not right. Some choose to be ignorant, lazy, stupid or selfish. i.e., all those below middle class, refusing to follow simple rules, to work and family planning, then blame the government for not providing them homes, jobs and food. Lecture them (us) and they’ll take it the wrong way. I’m not saying all of them, but most. And not just those below middle class, middle to upper and the government. Status in life doesn’t really matter, it’s how we Filipinos deal with things. I feel bad about all the negative comments about us and our country but it does make me realize how much we need to change instead of being defensive and mad about it. I won’t sugar coat some things like criticism, I’d take it as a reminder to be better. Can’t ask everyone else to do the same and we can’t help everyone so might as well do some changes myself and who knows, the rest might do the same. That would be great!

      1. That’s because Filipinos only give a FOCK about their own welfare and don’t give a damn about their country and each other.

  52. Edward, a high five to what you’re doing, small steps along the way, an “encourager”….one person at a time. I remember one principal in our place who happened to see the same “stambay” teen-ager sitting in the same tiangge front every morning. One day she approached him and talked to him and she learned that he was kicked out from his school because of being so “tonto” so she challenged him: “so you want to live the rest of your life like that? or you can come to my school enrol there and graduate your high school, then go on to college. Then we’ll see what comes out of you.”….He took the challenge, enrolled in her school, graduated until finishing a seamanship course, now, thank GOD, a responsible guy whose mother can be proud of, sending dollars and love messages to home. So you see, we need people like her and you Andrew. I remember Butz Aquino (though I may not agree with his personal lifestyle) saying that Filipino workers can be trusted all over the world….they are not only smart but also caring, honest, and trustworthy. Trust a Pinoy seaman to work beyond work hours to finish a task or a nurse to take care and be sure her patient is truly entrusted to the next nurse before she leaves him/her….and this is multiplied many times over, wherever/whenever there are Pinoys (there are some exceptions of course, but the general rule/situation is the first one). So you see, our people generally just need good models, honest, hard-working, caring, and that they paid good remuneration/s for jobs well-done. We can work independently you know, don’t need much supervision even, we are even resourceful and have initiative and much imagination, if we are serious enough. That is proven time and again, or else, why the demand for Pinoy workers in other countries? If our govt. has its own initiative to create enough good-paying jobs for our smart grads and other workers here, many of “ours” don’t need to go abroad. Imagine the angst of being so far away from family and home in order to “better” the situation of family and home…….and as for now, we only have the “if onlys”……I think then we’ll have to on with what we’re doing so we can do away with the “if onlys” and say: “now we have this and that, and we are happy and satisfied with ourselves, our families, home, and country.”

  53. Well amazing to see that i am not alone in thinking that the failippines is seriously messed up! I mean damn the TV here is pathetic it makes people dumb, there is nothing intelligent about it in any way, its the same bad acting and same scripts, usually some ridiculous love strory lots of crappy tears, then the obligatory bakla that makes the whole movie even worse, I mean have you ever seen so many gays in every aspect of Peenoise media? Makes me wonder if they are controlling the media,,,Vice ganda and shows like that are really sickening, i have nothing against gays but that creature is terrible, have you ever seen kids even dressing up queer and proud all over facebook….their parents should be shot. then there is Eat baluga ..fuck knows why anyone can stomach it and that aldubu shit.Then they have poor little Rysa or whatever they call her, exploiting her to the max…..anyway the place is really messed up..the roads, the worlds worst drivers that have no discipline and follow no rules and they just dont care, no wonder the traffic is how it is coz they drive all over they fucking place. The service in restaurants you have to repeat yourself 5 times before they understand..2 cokes please….how many cokes sir?? 2 please..how many sir? SHEEEESHHHH………taxi drivers cheating bastards like tricycle drivers terrible, then jeepneys should all be banned…I wont even start on that as they need shooting too….how can the world even want to do business here as they do everything in their power to make you not want to, they have charges and taxes from this office to that office and bullshit made up taxes…seriously how do Filipinos live with themselves? All so called Christians but going about daily life not giving and shit about anyone or anything……so many people want support even they make their families send them back money from overseas…creating a handout society making them even more bloody lazy. What is the solution when even most pinoys dont give a rat ass, i mean some will sya yes this and htats wrong but are too lazy to do fuck all about it coz its all too hard, well i cannot see a future for the Pinoy nation …and btw the only reason America kisses ass here is thee strategic position, otherwise they would not give a shit and leave China to do as they please…………i could go on and on and on. buit im tired. lol.

  54. I agree with the post and with the other comments. It’s sickening what we’ve become. Few times ago, I was with those saying “Proud to be Pinoy” by heart (not posting or shouting it), kaso ngayon, nakakairita na. Based from my experience, we are the only ones who are doing that, as if like we always want others to notice us. We bash the others, thinks the world revolves around us, because we’re brave, katipuneros? Madaming ipinanalong gyera? Wanna know why we can’t become a rich country aside from the corrupt government? It is because we are proud, very proud, there’s too much proudness in us that I think being a rich country will make us snob, put our noses high and would think better of ourselves than any one. See the rich countries? Why did they become rich? They know respect. They don’t waste their time arguing online about nonsense things. They focused to what’s productive. Know why they don’t argue much with us online? It is because they know by heart they won the argument by not making themselves look stupid by saying nonsense things over and over again. Change the way you think! Be humble and give respect at the same time be true to yourselves and to others. Criticize in a good way, then stop there. It’s enough to say it once, just to let the person know he was wrong, but don’t kill him by saying more. Change now. JUAN use your freedom in a good way. Don’t let our national heroes regret what they fought for.

    1. good to hear from a filippino…. i ve had terrible experience trying to have a relationship with filippina…. just insane what i witnessed or what they deny and defend….dangerous even…

  55. most flips are in denial… however many ofw’s i meet can validate me and warn me against getting involved with fillipinos in general. im dating fillipina and continually question whether i can continue in a relationship with her and her family because of what was written here is true for me too… if you truly think most flips are good… i can tell you about my experiences and months spent there, lazy, inappropriate intimacy between family, freeloading and exploitativeness/ entitlement, sociopathic culture, immoral in many ways.. very hard for me to stay with her…. sorry to say… like he says in this article filippinos are very sensitive ready to attack everyone for speaking the truth ….and it is the truth….you deserve each other and poverty is your own creation…they claim to be poor and need help from kanos, yet they cant stop having babies they cant afford to feed,cheat, scam etc.. but they can afford alcohol and many seem to have a problem with it..sorry to be honest but im sick of their denial, being irresponsible, their laziness, and the so enmeshed family systems…they call love/ close family ties….look up enmeshed family systems, sociopathy and exploitativeness/entitlement .. this is a clearer definition of what others see,,, not a flip twisted version/meaning …. many men involved with them flee….they feel so used, i even know a man who committed suicide as he eventually couldnt support his wifes family anymore….and if you cant set boundaries with their intrusive behaviour… you will have a shitty life with them… when i read flip attacks against kanos…. it really turns me off even more….as they are abusing and using us and each other yet have the gaul to deny it making life with them even crazier…. thats the truth grow up get some values and class… stop using people…they think they are superior culture/nation but want to leave and find kanos to save them…all of them ///support them….make up your mind…. its all crazy making …. getting involved with them can be extremely damaging and unhealthy under this present mind set….they dont get it….based on the elements described here growth and development will take long time …

    1. I’m a Filipino but I don’t want to be here anymore, 6 more years hopefully when I’m 24 I’ll be able to get out of here…wish you a better life sir. Was born here but ain’t proud to be one of them

  56. lets say it like that: stupids and that s all.. nothing to do, nothing to understand about them.. just that.. they have their own logic and stuff.. for those who r still believing in filipinos: naive.. i m not saying to hate them or despise.. not to offend but a nation who doesnt have the own words for precise, exactly, numbers, math and stuff.. really? they just copy but copy wrong.. all of them r proud to be pinoy but all of them want to emigrate.. hehehe..

  57. you are very right my dear! i am not a filipina but my sons mum is. before i got together with her have always loved the idea of having a filipino as a wife or spouse but when i got together with her i discovered she cant stop being stupid. and not just her, her whole family! i have tried to talk to her infact am tired of seeing stupid things everyday. now i want her to leave but she wont go. there is no more love here cos stupidity is a hazard to any relationship.

  58. My Filipina wife, despite living in the UK for over 25 years reverted to being a true Filipina within a few months of us moving to the Philippines – She ( and all other Filipinos ) are always right. Despite having little schooling she will now tell me how to do simple engineering tasks around the house. Despite me having 40 years engineering experience she always knows better than me.

  59. Too bad disasters from God can’t fix the mentality of Filipinos the way you mentioned in your second paragraph. I mean really, if you think about all the bad things that happen to and in the Philippines and take into consideration how religious and superstitious the people are, you would assume they would take a hint to change their ways.

  60. Filipinos dont understand that they are nuts , uneducated, trash talkers and liars. For them its fine and ok ( LOL devoted catholic) Thats the fact. I am sorry for the educated and good Filipinos in this country. Just leave this shit hole..it wont get better, there are too many low lifes and freeloaders in this country. You cant tell a stupid that he is stupid. He wont understand it…thats the deal. Call it the Ghetto of Asia and then your right about it. And my dear Filipinos who will start now again their dumb fuck answers…Just use one time your brain, only one time …then u will see that even Asian people dont like your false pride , your arrogance , your behaviors…just because you live in a ghetto but you pretend to be a first world country. This ghetto you did create on your own..such a beautiful country ( nature) would be garden eden if the Filipinos would be not there.

    1. I’ll be leaving after 5 – 7 years (hopefully 6 years: 1 gap year because I am hoping for this academic freeze, I need time off for a year from school, 4 years college course, 1 year board exam…then…bye PH. For good). In 6 years I’ll be 24 years and 3 months old, so still young and ready to live life better than staying here while people pull me down~

  61. Some Filipinos are stupid or dumb in varying degrees but the majority of Filipinos are fools. Fools have education but can’t seem to understand the
    right things, neither can they do things right.

  62. Extraordinary. Here we have your odd disgruntled Westerner and the odd Filipino who’s managed to step outside his own country and widened his eyes a little bit, all professing to somehow be intellectually superior to Filipinos in the Philippines – because, let’s face it, if you’re creating a website like this or applauding it in the comments section, you’re automatically considering yourself vastly more intelligent than those you deem “stupid.” It reeks of self-superiority and arrogance and, frankly, does you no favours. I’ve seen several Americans commenting here, for example, slyly throwing in the odd phrase about how their own country would never tolerate this and that, about how intelligent their own nation is, etc. Interesting to note that these individuals clearly have very little idea of how the rest of the world view them. In fact, if we want to talk about intellectual superiority and moral supremacy, the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries currently hold the lead titles for most civilised nations – and most “intelligent”, given the fact that our media is not controlled by our government (such as the United States’ is) and our education system encourages broad thinking on a global scale, not force-fed limited views about how superior one believes one’s own country to be. So come down off your imaginary high horse and eat a slice of humble pie.

    But to get to the point of why I’m even commenting on this ridiculous website in the first place. The “author” and those minions supporting him needs to exercise that wide intelligence of yours that you value so highly. Don’t you know that if you continually keep telling someone they’re stupid, they start to believe it? Do you honestly fail to understand that you are PART of the problem, not the solution? Oh yes … you can dress it up as much as you like, talking about how you’re taking a “tough love” approach and how you’re being cruel and mean in order to wake them up and slap some sense into them. Bullshit. This entire website, these idiots (and yes, I can call you idiots – do you know why? Because I am far more intelligent than you! I say so, so it must be true!) who clap their hands to this nonsense are doing nothing more than venting their own frustrations – there is NO desire to help the Filipinos; there is no secret, subtle plan to shake them into using the brains they were given – it’s pure nastiness executed due to their own experiences. Look at the title of this blog “3 Big Reasons Why Filipinos Will Always Be Stupid” – you’ve already decided they’re “always” be stupid, haven’t you? So how can you then claim to be wanting to help them, albeit in a rude and discourteous manner? It’s a form of bullying, it’s a form of manipulation and it’s just a bunch of disgruntled average joes looking to air their vexation, hiding behind the pretence of wanting to help.

    You don’t help anyone by belittling them, scorning them or mocking them, no matter how strong you feel your convictions are. This site should be f*cking ashamed of itself. I am half-Filipina, British-born, and can point out numerous occasions when Filipinos have frustrated me due to their lack of organisation and ‘go with the flow’ attitude which is detrimental to my businesses. Does that mean I pull on a crown, create vile websites like this, simultaneously attracting all manners of e-thugs who use words like ‘Failpinos” in a weak, lame attempt to be funny, and start considering myself far superior to them in every way? Erm, no. It means I do what I can to help educate them and guide them – while showing them respect, even if they fail to give it to me. They are a completely different people and a different culture; you cannot lump them in the same bracket as yourselves and expect them to follow the same rules. They are led by an extremely corrupt government who teaches them by example that craftiness and thievery is OK; if you’ve got a shitty shepherd, expect to have a bad flock. And that goes for any nation. Filipinos are not stupid, but they are ignorant and it’s up to those of us who have the ability to help educate them (such as you lot – after all, you’re the epitome of an excellent education, right?) WITHOUT disparaging them, without calling them names and without repeatedly calling them stupid. Now more than ever it’s essential that websites like this stop with their bullshit and start showing more understanding and compassion – Filipinos are so used to being called stupid, they now believe they are – and voting in Duterte would be the most stupid move any Filipino National could make. Expect to see a state of Martial Law, bloodshed and a dictatorship that no one’s seen since the days of Hitler. But he’s very popular, isn’t he? Why? Because he appeals to the “stupid masses.” The same stupid masses that you are repeatedly castigating and insulting. You want them to stop being stupid and decrease the chances of this dictator getting to power? Then stop telling them they’re stupid, stop insulting them, stop making them believe they are at the bottom of the barrell – because this is where their stupidity stems from. Hopefully you’re intelligent enough to understand the consequences of cause and effect – oh wait, of course you are! This site is a congregation of the most intelligent beings this world has to offer!

    If Duterte gets to power, then all you foreigners whining about the stupidity of Filipinos won’t need to worry any more. A dictator can change the law as he pleases; he can strip you of your land; have you deported – or even executed; he certainly won’t stand for any insults. He doesn’t like foreigners. So you’ll have no choice but to leave the country you are repeatedly criticising. Maybe then you’d wish you’d reacted to Filipinos, who need understanding far more than they need condemnation, a little better.

    1. Well, here’s the problem: Stupidity and being dumb aren’t the same thing. A person can be forgiven for being dumb because said person simply doesn’t know any better. Being stupid, on the other hand, is about knowing, or at least having access to better information, but eschewing it altogether. Being stupid doesn’t mean you know nothing. Indeed, you know SOMETHING and you know what is right and yet you choose what is wrong anyway. A good example of being stupid is seeing a door that says “pull” but you “push” anyway.

      I understand Filipinos who are unfortunate in life but I’m not going to let misfortune be an excuse for bad behavior.

    2. @Sarah, you are no different to these guys. You are also stupid to think that we are stupid voting for Duterte. You don’t know the man so just shut up and give him time to prove himself. Everyone (including you) have a share of being stupid.. hypocryte.

    3. Would dictator change the the law so foreigners don’t need to worry about your forsaken country? How many foreigners kidnapped by pinoy terorrists? Why don’t your country start to build a spaceship and go f*ck yourself?

    4. So Sarah, you are saying that telling the truth about the idiotic behavior of people in this country is not how to talk?

      I’m no doubt one of those Americans you are referencing and I’ve NEVER said America is the be all & end all of civilization, BUT even inner city drug infested American ghettos are more civilized than the most “advanced” places in this disaster of a nation.

  63. I have to say these things are unfortunately true. It pains me to see why our country is suffering due to corruption and other means of incriminating actions our people do and the sad part is, most Filipinos are delusional in their actions. That’s another thing, corruption is basically a norm in this country. I don’t hate my country, but I sure do want it to be healed in some degree. We can go back and forth on how stupid Filipinos are, how our women prefer foreigners rather than the normal run of the mill Filipino man, how corruption is making our society miserable as if it can’t get any more miserable than it is. But we can’t deny the fact that every nation has its flaws, imperfections, weaknesses, etc. I’m a Filipino and I agree that blogs just like these is (probably) a good way to vent out frustrations about some of the few defects of the so called Filipino pride mentality. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud to be a Filipino, there are some things that I am grateful why I was born as a Filipino, but there are also some inconsistencies in our mentality that’s a blight to our Filipino existence, just like any other nation for that matter.. Sorry for my bad English and for not making any sense.

    1. Just a bit on Filipino “craftsmanship” and corruption/ inefficiency here. The following paragraphs were also put in the PhilStar Online today in response to an article talking about DU30 wanting emergency powers in order to try to solve the traffic problems. In addition to what I’ve posted below, I believe that if Mindanao had proper roads for manufactured goods and produce, many of the refugee squatters in Manila might just go home to live and work.

      Shortly after I moved to Bukidnon in January, 2011 the DPWH tore up the 92 km of very shallow asphalt road between Malaybalay and CDO to repave the road. Now it is almost July 2016 and that road, I’m told, is still only about half completed.

      Even when it is finished it will still be substandard and improperly built even though it will be concrete. highways must be built on at least 2 layers of gravel. The first layer will be about the size of a baseball (larger than a tennis ball for those of you not familiar with a baseball). The second layer is also compacted gravel about the size of a table tennis ball and about 1/3 meter deep placed on top of the same thickness of the first layer. Then rebar is placed in forms on top of the gravel and the concrete poured there at least 6″ (about 15 cm) thick with the rebar being interlaced throughout the entire road, not just connecting pours of concrete as is being done on that road.

      From looking out the windows of the bus I am guessing the road is actually only about 18″ or 47 cm thick and placed right on the mud. If the contract for that road had been given to any reputable Korean company the entire 92 km would have been finished PROPERLY in 6 ~ 8 months. They might even have built some bridges to remove some of the useless hair pin turns that are dangerous and a waste of road space. Why can’t Pinoys do anything properly and in a timely manner? I have pictures of a couple places near Impasugong where the contractor is replacing his new section at his own expense because he did not do it properly, to standard the first time. He must not have paid enough bribes or bribed the wrong people in order to have to do it over again.

  64. You just have to look and watch the TV program “Showtime” 3 hours everyday of stupid time. It sums up why Filipinos will ALWAYS be stupid. 3 hours a day 12noon – to 3pm of utter stupidness. A country where you can get a taxi in September and the driver will say, Advance Happy Christmas. Where you can get in a conversation with the same driver and tell him your from London UK and he will say which state in the USA is that? HOw many times have I nearly killed some idiot crossing the road texting staring at there cp. As long as they quote “god save our trip” on a back of a jeepney can the driver drive like a bat out of HELL! Only in the Philippines….i could go on and on very easy… but i wont….

  65. I don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that Filipinos are poorly, even hardly educated. This is endemic of a corrupt, dynastic society where the rich keep the poor as minimally educated as possible, so they remain scared quiet.

    So you could say then that it’s not the peoples fault, but the elected (choke, laugh) officials ‘running’ the country. However this would be too easy. Nearly every country has dealt with this type of corruption and come out better for it, but it seems Filipinos are unable to do that. Actually they did over 100 years ago, and still celebrate it – how embarrasing that it’s such a mess after those sacrifices were made! Even uneducated people can understand right and wrong, math & geography qualifications not needed for such a basic concept.

    The people seem to survive on wishful thinking – it’ll be better tomorrow – instead of getting off their lazy backsides and doing something asap. Maybe there’s a chance to regain some credibility for the next generation? Does anyone think further than right now.

    One amazing skill to be admired is the one allowing any Filipino to turn their mistakes into someone elses! For example, ask someone not to play music so load that my kids can’t sleep after 4am, and somehow, by magic, that’ll be my fault for not having soundproof walls. Throw garbage on my property and that’s my fault for not having solid 8 foot high walls. Truly, truly amazing. No one here is ever to blame for anything – except someone else! Hilarious!

    There are only two methods of dealing with problems – ignore it, or kill someone. Has to be one extreme or the other, there’s no middle ground of discussion, compromise and ending with respectful acknowledgement of everyone’s right to an opinion.

    And the dumbest thing I’ve heard is ‘if you don’t like it leave the Philippines and go home’. There is complete stupidity in one bite size sentence. How about forgetting your ego & pride (proud of what?) and listening to another human being who might know a little about whatever the subject is. Stupidity can be having no education, but it’s better demonstrated by an unwillingness to understand, consider, discuss and learn. Instead it’s easier to go for the child in the playground mentality.

    I wonder how many readers have already written an angry response without fully understanding what’s being said here….blah…blah…like banging head on a brick wall….wasting valuable lifetime on….

  66. ahem! i agree on a lot of your points. however the point of the rich keeping the people down is a very valid point. take away mans dignity , u take away his/her dreams . i find that the education system in some areas is great.but more poverish areas suffer drastically. i was reading requirements for jobs in puregold. thats a local supermarket. it was requiring two years college to be a cashier.to be a stockperson same requirements. but since educational curriculum only go to tenth grade, lots of people dont qualify for jobs. i’m for the k12, that is the two years , that will equal two years college and afford more people employment. but i find the pinay more enthusiastic about work than the pinoy. so i dont agree they are lazy.i think their spirits have been broken by years of poverty perpetrated by the system. god bless

  67. I think it’s very easy to say it’s different for one nationality than another, but why should it be? We know that almost all nations have had it bad at some point in the past, been downtrodden, spirits broken by a rotten system, and so on. But most have realised it will never end unless it’s dealt with once and for all. And that means the people have to get off their backsides, think further than 5 minutes from now and actually do something. It seems more effort is put into making excuses not to do something than doing something positive. Relying on a spot of good luck and the possibility it might be better tomorrow, God willing , doesn’t count as doing something…

  68. I’m a foreigner living in the Philippines, and from what I can observe after living here six years, is no matter how long a foreigner lives in this country, your always considered a outsider. I also believe that 450 years of servitude to the Spanish has pretty much indoctrinated and constructed a specific frame of mind within the Filipino civilization. There’s two classes of filippino’s servant’s which is 98% of the populous and Masters. I’ve found filippino’s to be very subservient in nature, followers not leaders for the most part. And indifferent to taking the initiative concerning anything. I also find that the Catholic church has literally brain washed the entire culture, the ideology and mind set constructed here by the Catholic church is invasive to say the least, Catholicism is just a means of rich powerful people controlling and subverting the poor and weak. Also, the society has defined a social role for the foreigner, a role I refuse to submit to or participate in, which is basically being the financier of some lucky filippino. I mean filippino’s must be stupid to assume foreigners come here just so they hand hand over their hard earn money to some filippino, it’s stupid logic. From what I’ve observed, filippino men in the province will get his girlfriend pregnant then send her to Manila to sleep with foreigners while he’s back in the village sleeping with other women repeating the process. I have never seen a place more full of people that will go to every measure to avoid working for their money, it’s weird, I know one girl that her business is having 7 foreigner boyfriends which each one sends her money, so she sets around on her lazy ass doing nothing all day, so the girls collect money in Manila while the men screw more girls in the province, but filippinos have family values, what a pathetic joke. The Filippinos have forgotten about Red Beach One, the day American forces landed back in the Philippines to liberate the country and empower the first independent Filippino President, Filippino’s forget about the Battle of Bataan where Americans and Filippino soldiers died arm in arm, the stupidity here is beyond measurement, it’s mentally exhausting actually. A few years ago, I was living in a Barangay in Laguna and my neighbor had his wife working in Dubai in a bank, she would send money home to him every month for their two kids, well this guy had two girls on the side, he was paying their rent, feeding them and would even invite me over for parties, it was pathetic really, but in his world he saw nothing wrong with it. I’ve seen alot of filippinos will send one of their family overseas to work, while everyone else in the family sets around on their ass waiting for the money to be sent, drinking beer singing, just being lazy bums, I’ve also saw the further south you go into Mindinao the more primitive the culture becomes. On the other hand, I’ve rode with filippinos who are hard working business men who earn a honest salary and who are a pleasure to be around, I’ve also found Filippinos who have traveled abroad or worked in the US are so much easier to communicate with, than the ignorant ones here that do not know any other world other than their own barangay, It’s a love hate relationship, I’ve also enjoyed traveling now over 18,000 kilometers through the country, amazing experience, except for the fact your a target for kidnapping and ransom if your white. there’s alot of pride, poverty, and stupidity, but there’s also alot of down to earth common people trying to make the best of what they have.

  69. I sadly have to agree on this. I went through an unnecessary argument with a filipina about a specific spelling and she just went all out dramatic like what you see on those filipino soap operas. Kept on basing her facts from her emotions instead of trying to calm down. I didn’t say anything vulgar yet she used profound language and how I’m most likely living such a terrible life and hopes I find a sugar daddy to support me. Like, okay… I mean that had nothing to even do with the argument but wow she just stuck to that as her rebuttal. Even after telling her to calm down she went all “hahaha I win” attitude on me and all I can think of was “this poor girl can’t even set her dramatic emotions aside”. It’s embarrassing .

  70. i can only say that we pinoys are so brainwashed with religions that we do not even investigate if what we were thought about is true or not. critical thinking pinoys are often despised. atheists and agnostics are disliked and that is pretty stupidity for me.

  71. It’s the culture, the Philippines are invested in what you mentioned and are not willing to grow up. It’s kind of ironic … Look at tiger woods, he looks retarded now. Many Filipinos look retarded to me in general not all. Majority do. So many also tell me how they are Hispanic from Spain … another lie. Sad, one friend from my childhood converted to being Muslim because he ended up not being Jesus. WTF, now he wants to be the Muslim second Coming. Wow. Religion is not helping this country. Another hotbed for radical Islam already.

    Yep. Genetics only plays 20% as in the role of ones character, 80% is contributed to environmental upbringing i.e. Parenting schooling friends etc. Zika also is very big here. That thing about God you mentioned doesn’t seem mysterious at all when it’s comes to the Philippines. Also shouldn’t it be Philipinoes? Exactly only country to misspell their own country of origin.

  72. You forgot two more, and they’re the foremost reasons why we Filipinos will forever remain stupid. We’re arrogant (hambog) and self-serving (makasarili)>

  73. My age old question I have for filipinos is “how do I get your attention to do things the right way the first time without yelling and bitching at you.” Then I get the deer in headlights!!! Which by the way pisses me off beyond no extent. They have absolutely NO CLUE. So I asked a filipino friend who spent considerable time in the states and he gave me some sound advice. When you go into a business the BEST thing that can help you is to make sure that when you walk out the door the filipino behind the counter says “WHAT AN ASSHOLE.” Only then you know you got your point across. Any interactions after that would be smooth and without tardiness and lack of respect because they are afraid of you. SOUND ADVICE that works every time. He said later after they develop a respectful attitude then you can drop the “asshole” introduction. Respect has the room in this country. Crab mentality is alive and well, UNTIL the Chinese finish their invasion. But not with Guns , tanks and ships. But by taking over the entire commercial Market. SM and Alyala are major players. Yes they are part filipino. Don’t be mistaken. That money is going BACK to China. Filipinos Expats are working their finger to the bone only to send every peso home so their family can give it to the Chinese. SHAMEFUL and BLIND to their actions. BUT there is a BRIGHT side to this. BUT ONLY for the expats here. Chinese is bringing tons of foreign product and Businesses from the US. Business so expensive that filipinos can only stand outside with their noses against the windows and watch. But it gets worse for the filipinos. Your President Dirty30 is lining his pockets with loans from China. He will be set the rest of his life. Why would China make such a stupid deal. SIMPLE. China has overfished the areas around China and are starving. So they decided lets go to Vietnam and the Philippines. Vietnam got pizzed. Set all the China factories on fire and kicked out the Chinese. So they loved on to the Philippines, What is Philippines weakest point? GREED. I’m guilty of bribing many filipinos. Why? Because it is a proved system that work every single time. You can get away with the most illegal action no matter how sinful it is. I LOVE IT! So the Chinese brought their giant fishing travers that scrape the bottom of the seafloor taking everything in it’s path. then they take shots at private fishermen who are trying to feed their family. But don’t worry. The Chinese will leave once all the fish are gone. Good luck Philippines. You will be hungry soon and won’t know why. Blindly watching the Chinese sail away in the sunset with every fish in the area. So you better learn to eat lot of coconuts and bananas. That is all that will be left.

  74. These are some of the reasons why I don’t want to be a Filipino anymore. Given enough to migrate somewhere, I will. I’m pretty much ready to discard my citizenship here for now. I’d like to be somewhere where I can help in innovation without being pulled down by crab mentality and other people’s stupid pride.
    Another reason: lost hope. I’ve spent decades trying to analyze why they’re like this. Finding the root cause… But I’ve lost hope now. Dear writer, I’m not sure where you find your patience and courage for writing your article. I can say, I’m such a coward compared to you for writing (or typing) my sentiments above while doing nothing to make others aware. But then again, I’m an introvert. Maybe I can excuse myself with that 🙂

    1. You’re right WantsToGetOutOfPhilippines. Having crab mentally of Filipinos is the reason why foreigners keep on throwing negative testaments on us, the Filipinos, and to our country Philippines.

  75. Philipinos are generally dark skinned, very rough looking and have weird noses.

    They have a very scornful personality are money grabbers and real sluts. Look carefully and you will know the truth. They have no class just oretentious and follow the crowd.

  76. can I not be a Filipino , coz We are entirely different, We do not kiss any where on streets, like dogs. We do not hold hands if its an adult nor hug in public spaces.Tangalogs are boastful. We do not usually wear mini skirts or shorts. And we dont expose breast or show tummys.

  77. Sometimes I feel your blog is a description of my living room with my wife and her family who lives with us. My kids are half stupid but they’re not dumb as long as I keep them away from Pinoy tv. Excellent blog and good luck, the pride of your people is what makes them believe they are superior and not wrong. And your government does a great job brainwashing them to believe one thing is more important then the other.

  78. I am Canadian of complete Filipino ancestry. I am also a pastor in a Caucasian congregation. As far as I’m aware, I know no other Filipinos pastors of Caucasian congregations in the Greater Toronto Area. I often wrestle with the fact that Filipinos do not seem to strive for higher positions in society, the stereotype is that we will become nannies, nurses, and maids. This isn’t to say those jobs are dishonourable, they have virtue in service. But why do we not strive for higher education or positions or influence? Why do we settle to occupy ourselves with cheap laughs and menial duty? Please correct with if I’m ignorant in this regard. The only Filipino channel I am aware of is GMA Pinoy TV, and it hardly promotes knowledge and excellence.

    1. You’re right about the Philippine media that dumb-down the population with their mind-numbing programs. This psychological tactic was intentionally crafted by the political and business oligarchs to keep the masses illiterate and “starstruck” for their products and services, while they exploit the entire country’s wealth and oppress the people.

      As the quality of education and level of literacy start to decline throughout the country, the Philippines is now producing a population that lacked the ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal forms; thus, limiting the abilities of the Filipinos to be a source of influence throughout the world, other than as a menial, white and blue-collar work force.

  79. It seems like this country has a much more bigger problem than everyone thought, I now see that and I don’t know how to live anymore. Foreigners think we’re easy, stupid, not Asians, and undisciplined maybe it’s because of the lack of education on good manners. I now know that the only cure for this nation is to ‘WAKE UP’ and ‘CHANGE’ the flaws we have.

  80. This article is sooo correct even without a formal research papaer, These qualities are very obvious in Filipino communities. I hate the term “Filipino Pride” because when some Filipinos made a simple invention, they would overwhelmingly react like there was a scientific breakthrough, but it was just a simple invention and when the Philippines became rank 30 or below at some rankings, they would always say the term Filipino pride like we’re above other nations, it’s like they are saying that other nations should respect us because we are around sooo much of a small thing.

    1. What shock value would one get with an incomplete story? I guess… nothing!

      But I happen to have asked quite a few young school graders and they would all answer your question correctly and still I am not shocked either.

      I knew of this then out-of-school-youth 11-year sampaguita vendor, whose video of his prowess in solving square root problems, went viral. I believe it won’t be shocking but surprising if some dude like yourself will pull his hair off out in agony if fitted against this unschooled street-smart boy or even to his other friends of equal genius in a random quiz of problem solving.


  81. No matter what status in life one is in this country – poor, middle class, rich, etc., filipinos will always be “filipinos”. It’s in their culture.

    Bye PH!!!!!!

  82. As a Filipino, I know both sides.
    Those who have nothing, have only their pride. Taking that away is akin to murdering them.
    This is why they will fight to the death, even if they KNOW they are wrong.
    The only way Filipinos will depart from stupidity is when the quality of life gets elevated.
    Then, they will try to climb to “elite” status. As more intelligent and successful people become the IDOLS of society, and not just the “lucky to be scouted” actors and actresses.
    When success is associated with intelligence rather than FATE or LUCK, or, sadly, BEAUTY AND APPEARANCE.
    This won’t happen until later. Way, way, way, later. Perhaps another 50-100 years. When more Filipinos are working overseas and financing lavish lifestyles for their families.

    As of right now, you cannot win Filipinos by using Evidence, Reason, or Logic.
    Culturally, whoever wins an argument is measured by these things.
    1: who has more friends that agree with them.
    2: who is more scandalous (yells the loudest, is more intimidating)
    3: who uses more humor alongside logical fallacy. or whoever can use more pop culture memes.

    For example. no matter how much evidence you use, they will reply “IKAW NA”- (ikaw na matalino, pero talo ka parin).
    They admit you are intelligent, but somehow you still wont win them over, why? no reason at all, because they end the conversation there. and its final.

    sabi ni, (appeal to authority)
    or bakit, ___ ka ba? (EX: why? are you a doctor?, are you an engineer? are you an expert?)
    implying that only those with a degree in a topic can be right, even if you are quoting from the study of 10 other doctors that have done extensive peer reviewed experiments. it doesnt matter.
    if you even dare explain to them how peer review works, ” IKAW NA”
    or, “peer reviewhin mo nanay mo”

    “peer review your mother”
    and the conversation ends. because well, that is indeed funny, but its not right.
    Sadly, this is the state of how people argue critically in the Philippines. (or the lack thereof).
    It wont change until stupidity becomes frowned upon.. or some rich successful celebrity promotes things like logic, or it becomes trendy, or blah blah…. you get the point.

  83. I have my “3 Big Reasons Why Filipinos Will Always Be Stupid”:

    1) Left-wing (liberal) media

    2) Catholic Church

    3) Elitist Academic Institutions

    These 3 organizations have brainwashed the Filipino people into their heightened sense of aristocracy (“Kahambugan”) and Individualism (“Kanya-Kanya”), formerly known as colonial and crab mentality, respectively, is a cultural trait that continues to create dissensions and divisions in the Philippine society even to this day.

    1. Regarding #1 reason, then why are you just slamming only 1 party? There is no such perfect party. Any party commit mistakes. I want to ask, is that the common culture of your hell-like country, to slam only one?

  84. Such Filipinos are stupid and annoying. They are known for slamming only one even though someone also did. One of the example for this is the black propaganda against Duterte back when he was a candidate for president for 2016 election. The said black propaganda was aired on many TV and radio stations, but only one TV station, the ABS-CBN, was blamed by stupid Filipinos (too bad that ABS-CBN is a bully victim of its boastful rival TV station GMA Network which also aired the black propaganda). Eventually, ABS-CBN had been alleged for such violations which was also did or possibly did by other channels including GMA. ABS-CBN free airing was forced to shutdown without auditing other TV and radio stations.

    Those stupid Filipinos also wants boastful to survive. With the shutdown of ABS-CBN, GMA (being known as boastful TV station) survived the TV network rivalry! Now what, making GMA more boastful and giving them things to make more fun to ABS-CBN? As what I noticed GMA had became more boastful. After the closure of ABS-CBN, I had noticed that GMA had established a regional studio in Batangas City where I currently reside. They also acquired an international Philippine franchise of Running Man which was originated on South Korea and also planned for making Filipino live action of Attack on Titan which was based on the Japanese manga with the namesake.

    As a German, I want to say that SHAME ON YOU FILIPINOS!!!

    1. Stupid Filipinos are always be stupid then, now, and forever. I am a Filipino and I am ashamed for having a stupid fellow countrymen. They are doing stupid things since past, and still doing stupid things until now, and I am afraid they will make stupid things again for the future. I gave up on hoping that Philippines will be look like Singapore in the future, and I want to leave Philippines.

      1. @CJB I’m really too ashamed to say that I’m a Filipino. Smart shaming is still a huge problem in the Philippines, you see. If you correct people there, many of them will just get angry or annoyed and insult you instead of humbly accepting their mistakes and try to correct the problem. Throwing ad hominems or getting angry or getting offended during civil discussions is what stupid people do. Getting offended when being corrected is also what stupid people do. I’m really disgusted that many people there dream of their country becoming a first world country yet they don’t even try to get rid of anti-intellectualism and they often resort to ad hominem when they lose in civil debates and even differences of opinions. Many of them just want to live inside their own illusions of Philippines being a first world country.

        Goodluck on your plan to leave Philippines, may you prosper. Abandon hope for that country to change.

        1. What’s so smart about having a neo-colonial mindset, western-identifying, entitlement-seeking Filipinos, greened with first world envy, shaming fellow Filipinos by calling them stupid people when they themselves do not posses anything of value to speak of, no collective beneficial contributions nor spectacular worthy achievements, to separate themselves from such stupidity other than their own collective arrogance?

          What is so intellectual in habitually broadcasting to a larger crowd your intention to abandon your country despite having repeatedly and miserably failed to achieve that intended goal which reminds you of Einstein’s Parable of Quantum Insanity? I guess nothing but an acknowledgment of the truth of someone being a loser. To suggest that other people is a cause to one’s problem is being anti-intellectual. It’s a very negative policy to bandwagon just so to self-project as one being an elite intellectual… but actually, a pseudo-intellectual.

          Stop having shame. Have some respect. Pseudo-intellectualism is just a front that can easily be unmasked and that does not cut it. True Intellectuals do not pretend. True Intellectuals reflect the essential and genuine character of something that will make people think, make them move towards a goal.

        2. @Monra oh yeah? Have you seen how many of your countrymen react when other people criticize your country or point out the problems in your country whether the critics are your fellow countrymen or foreigners? They always say things like “edi ikaw na magaling” and they resort to ad hominem. The anti-professionalism is also a part of your culture according to one Filipino youtuber who’s also a lawyer, he’s also the one who said that many of your countrymen don’t have critical thinking, they always get swayed by politicians who help for publicity. Did you read FallenAngel’s article about being proud to be a Filipino in this website?

          Respect? Really? I may be harsh but I speak the truth about the problems in your country. Besides, many people there are rude and arrogant and disrespectful so why should I show respect? While I’m pointing out the problems in your country, you just assume what I am or talk about me. You know what else? News reports also talk about anti-intellectualism or smart shaming in your country.

        1. Well, not all Filipinos are like that; some of them are smart, especially overseas Filipinos who are not only educated in the West but they also learn how to behave properly in public places, especially here in the West. But I see now that you’re quite right. Filipinos in the Philippines are far from what you see in Westerners. But reading not only these comments but the whole truth the Filipinos are intellectually imperfect (and other bad things about the Philippines) hurts me so much. Even though, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, and neither can
          you. The Philippines is my favorite country still, and having said that I’ve no other option but to accept your opinion or generalization, even if it hurts my feelings about this Southeast Asian country.

        2. Many things today hurt my feelings. Like how I spent my money in the Philippines and all I got was ” hey Joe! Give me money Joe ! “. And how immigrations is very rude and always looking to scam you out of your money. I could go on and on. No offense to you but Filipinos are really stupid and never want to change. Very low IQ, very subpar educational system and by far the worst country in the world to retire in. They hounded me for years to get an I card and permanent residence. So I did. Then those idiots would not let me leave the country until I paid over 5,000 pesos in taxes and return permit even when I told them I would never come back to their no information / misinformation scamming country.

        3. And it hurts me to realize that Filipinos are being too bad, too unwise, being much worse than Westerners, etc. I know it sounds like I’m not accepting your generalizations or opinions about my people (Filipinos), and I know that I know almost nothing about the Philippines (the country which I never grew up in) but like I said a little earlier, the Philippines is still my favorite country, and to me the negative aspects and even the overwhelming imperfections of this Asian country don’t matter at all. I’m a Fil-Am born in U.S. soil, born to my Filipina mother who currently works as a nurse, and as of now I’ve always loved the Philippines as my most favorite. Again, not all Filipinos are bad, especially in intellectual terms. That’s something that I know. Please accept my comment.

      2. Filipinos must learn on how to stop. They slam only one even though someone also did wrong. They are just giving more power to those boastfuls and bullies. The reason why GMA network is such a boastful and bully TV station is because Filipinos are ignoring GMA’S mistakes. They are just minding ABS-CBN’S mistakes and forced ABS-CBN to shutdown. Too bad for ABS-CBN as a usual bully target of GMA Network, notice on how GMA humiliate ABS-CBN by advertising the comparison of ratings results between GMA and ABS-CBN and shows that they earned more points than ABS-CBN. As Giorgio LaVarti said on this comment section, GMA are not yet contended on shutdown of their bully victim as they still do their business on bullying ABS-CBN. GMA, as well as other TV stations in the Philippines, had also make their own mistakes, why just ABS-CBN? And also, the reason why Filipinos let the son of the former dictator win for president of the Philippines is just because they want to extend ABS-CBN’S shutdown duration since they are stupid, they are just extended their stupid actions since the previous administration such as slamming only one person albeit someone also did and giving more power to those bad. This is the reason why colonization is way better than election in the Philippines. Philippines should be colonized by other countries once again to teach Filipinos on how to stop being stupid since stupidity is the reason why Philippines is always behind its neighboring Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, or even Vietnam, Indonesia as well as Cambodia.

        1. Just went through Manila airport. No information, no one assists you and immigration officials have a very bad attitude. I had to pay 2,800 pesos plus another 1,600 pesos just to leave that crap hole. Never again!!! Nothing but crooks, liars, cheats and scams.

    2. This is what I am thinking about how stupid are Filipinos. They slam only one even though someone else also did wrong whoever who did first or not.

    3. The loss of ABS-CBN is also the reason why there are lots of local ads in YouTube and Facebook videos in the Philippines. I witnessed the force shutdown of ABS-CBN during my stay-in in the Philippines. And since the shutdown of ABS-CBN, I usually encounter lots of local ads on every videos I launched on YouTube Philippines. Every videos I watched on Facebook during my stay-in in the Philippines were also usually interrupted by ads, most common are local ads. Unlike here in Thailand, I encounter only few ads on YouTube and Facebook in Thailand since my transfer in Thailand.

      YouTube and Facebook video ads slots was based on the preference of YouTube channels and Facebook pages. But here in the Philippines, I think that the Philippines servers of Google (the owner of YouTube) and Facebook are the one who put ads slots on every videos on YouTube and Facebook in Philippines.

      Everytime I encounter ads in YouTube and Facebook videos in the Philippines, the loss of ABS-CBN always comes on my mind as well as how stupid and ashamed are Filipinos as they only slammed ABS-CBN although some TV companies in Philippines, including ABS-CBN’s boastful core rival GMA, had also did wrong. They didn’t even included GMA.

    4. Ladies and gentlemen. You know what, I had noticed GMA Network’s bullying to ABS-CBN once again. As usual GMA shows ratings result and comparison between them and their usual bully victim ABS-CBN as they show that they earned higher score than ABS-CBN. This is what stupid Filipinos want, to allow those bullsh*t bully to reign for victory. Shame on you Filipinos.

  85. Benigno resides in Australia but hasn’t left the Philippines. Another one who used to be a regular here in GRP, Hyden Toro, lives in America but does not claim either to have left the Philippines. Both gentlemen still consider themselves as Filipinos.

    Patawa naman sa kaso ni Mr. No Data at isang CBJ, atat na atat pa lang na umalis ng bansa pero wala na sa Pilipinas. Hindi na rin daw mga Pilipino. Mga World Citizens? Recognized ba o Self-Proclaimed lang? Tsk…Tsk…Tsk…

    For those who think that the idea of highlighting this observation is being anti-intellectual, please say, Aye! If you don’t think so, say Nay! And the rest can just “rattle their jewels”… (as suggested before by Mr. john Lennon).

    1. They’re americans/usians/us-ers. If they live in the US, and have gotten US citizenship/PR, and take on the USian characteristics, then they are US persons. What’s with many of these Pilipinos and “Fil-Ams” that think they are Pilipino–yes ethnically/racially, but they are American as corn syrup apple pie and stupidity.

  86. There is no such thing as justice in the Philippines. A criminal case with poor evidence has given warrant of arrest on the accused and will be found out guilty. Meanwhile, a criminal case with strong evidence doesn’t have warrant of arrest on the accused, and if arrested and faced trials in the court, the result is not guilty and case was dismissed.

    Due to having stupid people in this country, Philippines has poor justice system.

    1. You are truly correct Ryan. The poor justice system in Philippines had resulted on Vhong Navarro being convicted on rape without strong evidence as well as murder incident without a murderer and many more. Guilty on innocent, not guilty on the criminal.

      Way back couple of years ago, Filipino actor Vhong Navarro was convinced to rape of Denice Cornejo, but actually Vhong Navarro was bullied and was beaten by Cornejo’s henchmen, only to claim that Navarro had attempted to rape Cornejo. Eventually, the case was junked due to poor evidence. However after a long period of time, the case was revived without having enough evidence and arrested Navarro. Thus, convicting of the innocent.

      There is also some case of a mother being killed by the murderer in front of the victim’s children. Thus, having a strong evidence with state witness which are the victim’s children. However, the judgment given on the murderer was not guilty which resulted on murder incident without murderer. Not guilty on the criminal. I was been shocked about the judgment result, and I felt so sad on those children who lost their mother on that murder incident without murderer.

      Another case was the Subic rape case which also resulted to rape incident without rapist.

      Aah…., another one, the Maguindanao massacre case. Case is still not yet resolved.

      1. So that’s why I don’t like to go to Philippines. It is very scary to go there. I prevent myself to go to Philippines because I might become a victim of any crimes without criminal, or being accused on such crimes which I didn’t did. Much better to go to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Vietnam wherein justice system is much better and organised than Philippines.

  87. I have never seen so much stupidity and corruption before going to the Philippines. These people have brains like children. Men fall victim to these little tramps when in reality, you are nothing more than an atm machine. The government employees try to act like they are smart but are really brainless morons.

  88. Today I had to go look for a part. I had to drive my motorcycle 28 kilometers to the nearest city. These idiots drive in the middle of the two lanes. You have no idea when or where they will turn. I almost got run over several times today. They drive at night with no lights and these tricycles that they call ( actually have 4 wheels. That’s how stupid they are) stop in the middle of the highway to take on or offload passengers. I have to slam my brakes on not to hit kids playing on the road. I am fed up with these idiots. I’m moving away from here never to return. You think you would save money in a shit hole country like that but you actually spend more by having to fix those idiots mistakes and and having to pay the corrupt immigration morons. China needs to take over and make those pieces of garbage slaves!!

    1. You’re right Mr. Lafleur. Philippines should be a colony of such progressive countries once again to become Philippines better. Philippines is once a good country when being colonized thanks to Spain and United States. But since the full independence of the Philippines, Filipinos became stupid. They also neglect the infrastructure made by Spain and United States to Philippines.

      1. You try to tell these idiots how to do something correctly and they laugh at you. Example: the local barangay had to install a new water pump. They service around 500 homes. They installed a submersible pump in a sandy well with no casing. I told my wife that within 6 months, it will go out again. I was right on target. Now the community is without water again. The last time it took them 3 months to repair it. Now these idiots are drilling a whole new well because they did not use casing and burned that new pump. It really amazing how stupid these people are.

      2. Filipinos walk around thinking they are perfect. They are actually low life greedy liars. The government steals so much of the taxes and other funds that projects fail. I have never seen so many failed businesses, housing and developments in my life. You would have to be mentally ill to invest in that sewer pit. The government is corrupt and who is the government? Filipinos! Men flock there to marry those brainless skanks who bleed them dry of their money feeding their lazy retarded family and they try to impress their friends to make them think THEY are rich. They actually are stupid skanks that married a man with money. I have never seen such a stupid race of people in my life.

        1. @Hey Joe have you seen how some people reply to me and Gogs when we criticize their country and their pride? Ad hominem, many of them attack or insult the persons they’re having discussions or debate with instead of just sticking with the issue or attacking the argument or the other persons’ points or opinions.

          Anti-intellectualism is still a huge part of their culture, they shame smart people. The late Sen. Miriam is brilliant, people shamed her for her intelligence, I encountered people calling her deranged because of that.

          Just look at BBM fans, even after BBM admitted that he didn’t finish his studies in UA&P, his fans still defend him by saying that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg didn’t finish college too, but their stories aren’t fairy tales and those 2 are highly intelligent persons who are way ahead of their highschool classmates. I don’t hate BBM on a personal level, but what makes his fans think he’s more qualified than his rivals in the elections? There was a lawyer and a former PNP chief who ran for president. In the senate, one senator is just an actor and another didn’t finish college while Gibo Teodoro holds a master’s degree in a prestigious university, his degree is master of laws yet he didn’t win. A GMA article claimed that Gibo was also criticized for being too intelligent. It’s sickening too see a society criticizes or shames intelligent people yet they elect officials based on fame whether they finished their studies or not.

          If any foreigner here wants to migrate to Philippines, all I can say is don’t, you’ll thank me if you read this and heed this advice.

        2. I have given that advice many times, unfortunately, that Crack between those legs makes them think with the wrong head. When they finally wake up, it’s too late. I met an American boy in Cebu selling papaya soap. He met one of those skanks and decided he would buy a boat and hire fishermen to go out and catch a boatload. Every time they came in they told him ” no fish Joe “. They were selling the fish to someone and pocketing all the money. He went broke trying to recover his business. I have seen cases like this many many times. If they fail to heed the warnings, then they deserve to lose everything to those lying pieces of garbage.

        3. And effin USA donates billions to Ukraine nazis and treat illegals from Mexico etc better than their own countrymen lmao.

        4. @Anonymous are you sure that the whole Ukraine is a Nazi country? Russia is clearly a threat here and they are wrong in invading Ukraine. Russia attacked Georgia last 2008 despite the latter having nothing to do with NATO at all so using NATO as an excuse to justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine is invalid.

        5. @NoData:

          “It’s sickening too see a society criticizes or shames intelligent people…”

          A big statement from a pseudo smart ass who believes so but is too gullible to lap something up from dishonest media without much critical thinking, even too lazy to do his own research. Read on, move on:

          PBBM’s Special Diploma In Social Studies:


          PBBM’s Degree Confirmation:


          PBBM’s Correspondence from University of Oxford Degree Conferrals Office:


          PBBM ranks #37 in 100 Notable alumni of University of Oxford:


          Now, some questions…

          If Bongbong Marcos didn’t finish the equivalent of a college degree (a prerequisite to a graduate school program), why did Wharton accept him for their MBA program?

          Have you applied some logic in lapping up content from dubious sources? Not doing so is arrogance in a very clear display of anti-intellectualism, isn’t it?

          Well, I guess only true smart people can answer the question!

          P.S. It’s funny, you’re even unaware of your own practice of ad-hominem being national in scope.

        6. No Data’s supposed ‘intellectualism’ defies even his own logic. He’s a fake.

          He acknowledges the late Sen. Miriam Santiago as a brilliant woman and yet he arrogantly shames her intelligence by questioning her judgement.

          What makes him think also that the late Sen. Miriam did not consider Bongbong Marcos as being more qualified than his rivals when she made him her personal choice as her running mate then?

          No Data’s weak thinking interestingly makes him like that lawmaker from the prosecution panel during the impeachment trial of then Justice Corona.

          A certain Congressman from the prosecution panel was adamantly pointing out a pertinent law to the late Senator Miriam Santiago.

          Then the late Senator retorted: “You’re lecturing me about a law that you have only read? Well, I am the author of that book you read!”

        7. @Hey Joe !:
          As foreigners or as tourist, don’t act as if you’re always to be served. You don’t stupidly expect that Crack between those legs is to be given for free.

        8. @Hey Joe !:
          Well, I see a stupid foreign scumbag loser who gives advice to others many times would rather whine than learn the hard lesson himself gets what he deserves. tsk… tsk… tsk…

        9. A typical stupid Filipino making a stupid comment on a platform with a topic of why filipinos will always be stupid. Case in point. Thank you stupid Filipino for solidifying the topic.

        10. @No Brain why don’t you tell Oxford that BBM graduated from there? He received special diploma, but that’s it. Also, try to search in google “anti-intellectualism in the Philippines”

          Miriam picked BBM as her running mate, but at the same time, she said that it’s not her job to defend him. I have high respect for Miriam, but it doesn’t mean that I always have to agree with her on everything, that’s fanaticism.

          You just tackled about BBM, you didn’t even tackle the issue about people voting 2 neophyte senators who had no expertise on the law.

          Also, do not use ad hominem or personal insults in civil debates or discussions, it degrades the discussion quality, and attacking or insulting the person you’re having a discussion or debate with instead of the topic is disgusting. Do you understand what “attack or tackle the issue, not the person you’re having debate with?” means?

          You’re just proving my point, real intellectuals don’t resort to attacking or insulting the person in a civil debate.

          Another evidence of this article being correct is many people vote for candidates based on their last names, spouses or parents regardless of their qualifications.

          Oh, and for the record, I know a patriotic Filipino who says that smart shaming is rampant in the Philippines, he admits that it exists there and is constantly doing his best to get rid of that culture.

        11. @No Data: “…why don’t you tell Oxford that BBM graduated from there?”

          Is this a question that comes supposedly from a self-professed intellectual such as No Data?

          So tell me Mr. Genius how can one possibly tell that to Oxford? Perhaps my comprehension at the moment is running low. If so, then, my humble apologies.

          But I don’t think so really!

          If there’s anything in there with the above claims that you happen to disagree with, please specify what and explain why exactly.

          Facts, after all, being objective truths, can be verified or proven either way while opinions normally aren’t. Invalidate the above claims with your own supportive facts. Isn’t that the only right way to go?

          Smart people aren’t lazy Captain Obvious!

          Don’t disrespect your supposed intelligence by being content just questioning the other person and waiting for that someone to spoon feed you with the answers. Answers that would not even satisfy you and yet your short-ended mental-prowess fails you big time to even disproved, that, in the end, you have to rely as usual with your trusted arrogance.

          For your sake, stop acting like some entitled tourist who always want to be served.

      3. You still managed to make fun of Pinoys after all the deDollarization events and the woke infestations of California and New York?

        If pinoys are dumb, then what do you call the fools who let illegal immigrants stay at hotels? 😉

  89. They really are without a doubt. Slaves to their elders like it’s the 1700’s. News flash your family and elders don’t care about you. Your just an ATM and retirement fund. The parents are the worst of any culture in the world. Money grubbing low lifes

  90. I just saw this and it makes me feel more sane. A lot of americans arent exactly geniuses but when you see people in countries like indonesia and the philippines that are the dumbest people ever it makes americans seems smart. I used to feel like a racist for saying that, its nice to see other people that agree with me. I always see youtube and facebook shorts and it will be a video with 1 like and a retarded caption saying something such as “malang malay farang malyang” and a random english word that has no context with whatever they are doing. I dont expect anyone to have good english language skills. (unless you live in a majority english speaking country), even I am not good with punctuation and spelling sometimes but seeing those people makes me feel smart. Also, it is not just the weird spelling and random videos but other things too. I will come across random videos on youtube or facebook that have some of the weird captions mentioned above and it will just be an asian person eating live squid or inhumanely butchering an animal to the point where you can hear the animal screeching in pain and the asian seems to enjoy it. In the united states we sometimes eat weird things but thats mostly the rednecks who eat raccoon, cow balls,etc. When we butcher an animal, we always make sure to do it humanely ( unless its just a random asshole who does not care). Im sorry, but when I see a lot of behavior like this from countries in Asia (and some in europe), it makes me sympathize with the racists who call people from those countries savages. There are any number of GENUINE criticisms you can have about the US, but whenever you criticize someone from a country in asia, the only rebuttal they have is to say racist or colonizer, or bomb dropper. Anyway sorry for the long rant, feel like I cant say this anywhere else.

    1. You can say this anywhere you please. Do you think it is okay for those idiots to say and do whatever they want and you have to hide? I have seen countless foreigners go to the Philippines and lose every penny they have. They are a very stupid people filled with greed, lies and scams. Every foreigner that goes there is a walking ATM. They will try to bleed you dry and when they do it is GO HOME JOE. Those idiots do not even deserve to be called human. The way they treat animals will break your heart.
      So, never feel bad about saying anything about anybody. Especially those Filipino dogs. I sincerely hope China would take over that rat nest and make slaves out of every one of them.

  91. As a result of stupid Filipinos forcing to shutdown ABS-CBN (I mean slamming only one even though someone also did wrong), letting bullies and boastfuls to survive, voting corrupted politicians, being late on technologies and infrastructures trends, and many more, Philippines is behind its fellow ASEAN countries for having high IQ as what I had saw on ASEAN Skyline Facebook fan page. That deserves for Philippines.

    Congratulations to Singapore for being top on highest IQ in Southeast Asia. SHAME ON YOU PHILIPPINES!!!

    1. Philippines’ independence day is the worst independence day I’ve ever learned. What is the purpose of Philippines for being independent country when Filipinos became stupid after being left by Spaniards and Americans? Philippines was once a prosperous country in Southeast Asia when being colonized by Spaniards and Americans. Spaniards had built such infrastructures in the Philippines but only being neglected by Filipinos since the departure of the Spaniards on the Philippines. Americans with care of Thomasites had provided good education but became worst after the takeover of the education system of the Philippines by Philippines’s department of education. Philippines should be colonized by other countries once again.

      1. I wonder where are the people who bash me in this website’s comments sections when I talk about the country’s anti-intellectualism. The Philippines having below average IQ in IQ rankings is a proof and also result of anti-intellectualism and anti-professionalism. Their ad hominem or use of personal insults in discussions or debates proves that that current ranking of the country in IQ rankings is true.

      2. It’s a lagging stock. They rather live in hell. Among Lowest IQs in the world and very bottom in Asia. intellectual pursuits are frowned upon. Low pride, low male work ethic, no job well done attitudes, it’s mediocrity -half assed central It’s the failipines.

  92. The poor man of the orient, it’s sad really. It’s more of a poor man’s Mexico and /or Latin American country than Asia.

    It would be a MASSIVE improvement for China, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, S. Korea, Singapore, to take over the place.

    Ph is beyond embarrassing. Yes, yes–many appear polite, decent, making due with what they’ve got,e tc..etc.., however, the low IQ issue, ignorant, no common sense, Ph males hanging out all day selling dirt bike rides, Ph uniformed females many working their as–s off, Ma’am likes it’s us down south slogans, colonialism-white worship, US empire worship, etc. has destroyed that place structurally.

    Also, take a look at the “food” and the “grocery stores”–it’s like dollar store “food”/ junk from the US empire– worst of the worst “food” quality-and they seem to love it….Sadly, Ph is a failed state and nothing will change bc the “DNA” of that place is laziness, US -Anglo saxon worship, and using Anglos as ATMs and the retirement fund, and sluts running around chasing losers back home. And don’t forget the wonderful Pilipino” beauty” pageant whereby the least asian looking, most Anglo looking hafu wins…Good luck and good night.

    1. I could not agree more. The education level in the Philippines is horrible. Filipinos always want to play. You walk into a store and they are either sleeping or playing around. There is always ” no stock “. Look around. All you see them doing is playing basketball, drinking or that stupid karaoke crap. They don’t know how to manage money so all the money that their families send them to open a store goes broke because they eat all the profit. The government runs to anyone that is willing to hand out money. They are corrupt, greedy and STUPID !!!!

      1. Is that the sorry sorry stores (sari-sari) selling junk “food” from the states whereby they mismanage the money and the store goes belly up? The amount of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and strokes must be wild there since their appetite for the junk food, including us hot dogs, fatty pork, fried chicken, filipinized pizza/pasta, junk “chocolate” candy, etc.etc–looks like it’s from a discount store, yet it’s their super market?!?!. Selling all the undesirable crap from the US.

        it’s like they’re in a different galaxy than the rest of the orient. Most don’t know much about authentic oriental cuisine including Japanese, Chinese, and hence, wolf down us empire fast “food” chains which are disgusting and horribly unhealthy. Never seen so many huge bellies on males in our life. They look pregnant, even on children, many are overweight and-or obese.

        Look at Singapore 30 years ago, look at Ph today. It’s very sad. Maybe they can predictably laugh it off, sing, get some whitening soap, watch american sht coms, deflect, project, or find a WASP to help with their family’s finances.

        After they’re bled dry, it’s bye bye Joe! Good riddancce foreigner, and On to the next sap/simp/cuck/soyboy. Such is the cycle of “life” in Ph.

  93. It does not appear just educational, but it’s structural-they’re IQ is amongst the lowest of Asia and the world. This is a problem that cannot go away. It’s innate/engrained/–it’s structural. Many Ph don’t value education or trying to substantially improve themselves. The males sit around all day, snoozing, playing phones, and do the moto gestures with their hands (curling their knuckles) to try to get paid rides from folks, and then the many uniformed females on jeepneys going to work–backwards country.

    Many store workers– they’re playing with their phones, sleeping, goofing, etc –and also what’s up with all these clownish ‘wooden stick’-bearing “security guards” everywhere?! Even in front of a banana (sugar/sugar) ketchup lovin’ pizza shop or inasal place. What’s gonna happen??!! Someone is gonna go crrazzzy in a pizza shop or steal a piece of lime manok?! It’s security theatre. Add in stray animal everywhere-poor things-they didn’t ask to join this feces show.

    Also, the very poor quality/dollar store grocerystore places of chronic- “no stock”. Then you ask one of the workers, and you’re met with the Ph “duh look” as if you have a penis on your forehead. The duh look. One thing that is NOT outta stock are potato chips/us empire junk “food”. Those aisles are filled with Ph getting their obesity and type 2 diabetes on…

  94. It is nice to see that after 7 years, this post still gets comments from people who come back to continue destroying philipinos. Especially De La Cruz and Hey Joe! I only posted 1 comment back in april, but there are a lot of other things that I want to say regarding the philipines and asia in general.

        1. Its fine, also I completely understand not wanting to go back to that savage, barbaric country.

        2. Maybe they should change Subic Bay to Pubic Bay given the huge amounts of Pilipino prostitutes (@11-15000 or so) that serviced those American war bases.

          At least with all those halfie kids born fatherless, maybe some can audition for beauty pageants and festivals.

      1. I know that, I meant in this particular comments section there are still people willing to speak out like the 2 people I mentioned.

        1. No worries Amigo. Now, let’s get that security stick to check our bags, eat some crisps, load up on rice, No veggies at all, and then polish off some fatty oily meat…oh boy.

        2. Why do they use the US “down south” term, “Ma’am”? Even in the us empire, the term, “Ma’am” is used in a few deep south states. It’s Miss, or Mrs. or
          it’s “Madame, or Madam” everywhere on Earth.
          Does Ph do this the Ma’am thing because they idolise everything from the us?

          Also, why the constant good afternoons or good mornings after you initially saw them and exchanged greetings/pleasanteries? For example, there’s an attendant who said to us 8 x, and said Good morning 8 times?! It’s bizarre. The initial time was of course fine. Why the over and over and over ? Do they not remember that they said good morning?!

          This happens with almost all Ph subjects. Yet, when you let people pass on their dilapidated sidewalks, and there’s no nod, no polite thank you, nor polite smile, NOTHING. Maybe or they’re thinking about the latest american potato chips or dance move in shorty shorts? Yes, Ma’am…..


  95. Why is the food so expensive and disgusting and unhealthy?
    Nothing has improved in ages. Are they happy with inferior and poor quality foods/products?
    LOL: Wanna ride?

    1. They are morons, idiots, dullards nincompoops. They will never evolve into anything but a pile of rotting garbage. What is really amazing is how they think they are smart.

    2. Bc they enjoy mediocrity.
      It’s in their DNA.
      Ph is well known for: Sexpats, guy who punches people in head for living and pageants depicting who looks the least oriental.

      Goooo Philippines!

  96. Some think that due to large amounts of anglos–USers, OZ, Brits that consume lotsa western style food, the Philippines jacks up the resto prices to fit the western money spending.

    quality is of mediocre, quantity is mediocre, and the price is very high for what you get. Again, the anglo /western sexpats, LBHs, war monger veterans spend money and that’s what Failipines attracts=rejects of the world. So jack up prices for junky goods/foods for the westerners to blow their measily savings and get a young poverty eye candy “girlfriend”/ “wife” (living pension program for her /her family) The westerner feels better about himself and gets some stress relief….

    Not to mention, one can’t walk down the street without constantly looking down due to the terrible roads/sidewalks in bad repair, jeepney spewing out cancer particles bc failipinos cannot walk 10 metres without getting winded, and the lowest IQ in asia, at a level akin to africa. The failipines failed itself.

  97. I found the food to be awful. I eat a healthy diet of leafy green vegetables and lean meats in my country and I could not find decent vegetables anywhere. Whether it was the SM Center groceries, Landers, or the open-air markets, the selection was really disappointing. Most of the food I ate in restaurants at the malls was poorly prepared and filled with sugar, grease/fat, and carbohydrates. It’s no wonder there’s so much diabetes/strokes/obesity in the Philippines. On the positive side, I lost eight pounds during my stay. Great place to go to loose weight cuz the food is bloodly awful.

    Two, Traffic congestion is horrible because of no traffic control. the air in the cities is absolutely horrible due to the fact that there is no traffic control (which leads to traffic congestion) and because there are so many old trucks, buses, cars, jeepneys, and trikes spewing out enormous amounts of exhaust. Add to that the heat and humidity and you really do feel like choking when you walk around outside. If you have asthma or any type of lung conditions, you’re likely to have trouble in any large city there. Thailand is well above the Phil just the incredibly delicious and affordable food alone not to mention cleanliness, and reigning in/screening typical AU USUK sexpat/loser back home types.

    1. The only people that live in that sewer pit are mentally ill foreigners that run after the skanks. You would have to be a complete idiot to spend or invest any money in that low life toilet

      1. Am-Fils thk they’re Filipino? Maybe a Hafu? Father some us war degenerate who’s in absentia?
        Born on us empire soil? Speaks and reads only English, totally Americanized. Dates Anglos mainly. You’re a USian. You’re not Pilipino. Yellow paint job kiddo.
        Proclamations about your love of this “Asian “ country?! It’s a poor man’s Mexico with horrible food. The Failipines is the laughing stick of southeast Asian kiddo.
        Thanks the USians for their crapitalism-‘western exceptionalism’ nonsense. You thk you’re Pilipino. Your apple pie and hot dog boy boy.
        That’s a good one… it’s they’re favorite country, blah blah. Simping for a cesspool.
        Reality is that which exists even after you stop believing it .

      1. The entire country sucks Sean. Filipinos think they are smart but are really stupid. Look at current president Marcos. Total idiot thinking he can bully China. These morons are liars, cheats, scammers and overall pieces of shit.

        1. China giving Bong-bong’s residence a nice little hypersonic Dongfeng might just do the trick in making Peenoys wake up.

  98. Wanna ride, hi sir. Heh friend. you want boner medicine? You wanna ride. Hi sir hi sir wanna ride? Heh friend. You like da girls. Boner medicine. Wanna ride.


    1. Honking constantly. Wanna ride. Street pissing. Wanna ride. Jeepney lung cancer spewing.
      Future looks real bright.

      Maybe in 300 years it will be kinda sorta maybe perhaps might be like Singapore…..

  99. “I know almost nothing about the Philippines (the country which I never grew up in) but like I said a little earlier, the Philippines is still my favorite country,…I’m a Fil-Am born in U.S. soil,… I’ve always loved the Philippines as my most favorite” (Kyle Acevedo)

    The amount of cognitive dissonance expressed is eye watering Sir and appears feckless. Realising you’re a Fil-Am explains a lot.

    Please clarify your comments as they do not make sense; kindly Sir do not take this as an insult. Your English is quite poor and contradicts itself- it is bordering on incoherence.

    We do not know if your US schooling has deteriorated given the profound downward spiral of America, and the West in general. For example, you claim to not know anything abt Ph (not “nothing”, poor American English.) nor “grew up in it,” yet it’s your “favorite country?!”

    Does that makes sense to you Sir? That appears to be cognitive dissonance, which is a form of mental illness.

  100. YouTube Philippines has lots of ads since year 2020 compared to YouTube in other countries and most of the ads shown on YouTube Philippines are TV commercials. It also shows ads on videos from channels which doesn’t reach the requirements on how to make YouTube channels to have ads yet. I just realised it since I’ve also been assigned on Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore aside from Philippines on my job. The YouTube on the country where I live has few ads and doesn’t show such TV commercials but game ads, Netflix movies trailer, and more except TV commercials. Facebook Philippines does the same when watching videos as the “ads starting soon” sign pops up unexpectedly at the middle of the video, then a countdown, and will show commonly TV commercials as ads.

    1. Mr. McLean, the reason of having many ads on YouTube Philippines and while watching videos on Facebook when you are in Philippines, most of them are TV commercials, is due to loss of franchise of ABS-CBN since the increase of ads on YouTube and Facebook in Philippines took place right after the force shutdown of ABS-CBN after its franchise was revoked. I believed that YouTube Philippines, together with Facebook Philippines, has lots of ads and which are mostly TV commercials compared to YouTube and Facebook on other countries. Since one of the reasons of forced shutting down of ABS-CBN is due to the stupidity of Filipinos as they wished for the shutdown of ABS-CBN (Filipinos had slammed only ABS-CBN for airing anti-Duterte campaign as well as its other mistakes despite other networks including ABS-CBN’s boastful and bully rival GMA Network had also aired that black propaganda and do mistakes as well and some of the mistakes of ABS-CBN had also exist on GMA and ignored GMA on its mistakes which resulted on GMA to survive the network war and let boastful and bullies to reign), YouTube Philippines, together with Facebook Philippines, commemorate the stupid things that Filipinos did.

  101. Like Jerry Lynch, one of the commenters, said: “Intelligent people do not need the solution pointed out to them.”
    The thing is not many filipinos are intelligent. So instead of bashing, attacking, insulting etc. like many commenters and the article writer, then please point out what you think is the solution.
    It’s too easy to call filipinos stupid. Is it that difficult to point out the solution? Hence clickbait…

    1. The best solution is to colonize Philippines once again. The Philippines’ Department of Education should be abolished and bring back Thomasites. That’s all.

  102. Philippine Independence Day? Will you please stop this stupid Independence Day celebration? Philippines should be colonized.

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