The Rape Of The Philippines: A Vicious Cycle

Before we begin, let me repost here a very intriguing question I found on the Get Real Philippines community page, all credit goes to Mr. Jakeson Lloyd Eudela and his sources:

SCENARIO: A woman who was wearing just a sando and short shorts (w/out bra) was walking across a dark alley in the middle of night. Then a man came to her and raped her then the man killed her. The next day, the news that a woman was raped because of her clothes she was wearing appeared on TV, newspaper and even social media. You are one of those who read the news. What would be your reaction?
A. It was the victim’s (the woman) fault. Because she wore clothes which would provoke feelings of sexual desire to a man which then caused her misfortune.
B. It was the fault of the suspect (the rapist) because he did not resisted his desire and that the crime is solely the liability of the criminal only.
C. Both. Although it is true that it is the fault of the rapist, the clothes the woman wore was also to blame.


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In case you’re wondering, I actually answered C although I am willing to say that I’m not exactly blaming the woman for the incident but I will still say that she should’ve known better. For instance, everyone with a shred of common sense knows that wearing jewelry in a shady part of the city will probably get you mugged or that wearing shabby clothes to a party won’t earn you many friends there. While the woman in the scenario above might not have anticipated what happened next and that the rapist should not be excused in any way for his crimes, I still think that the woman should’ve thought her attire over if she was going to more questionable parts of the city.

Anyway, so on to my point. I believe this is a scenario that is also relevant to the Filipino people, especially at this point in time. Do take note that as I write this, China continues to insist that many of our western islands are their sovereign territory and have built military installations on them and the insurgents of the south continue to clamor for the passing of the BBL which will undoubtedly allow them to take complete control over the island of Mindanao. In short, our country is again being raped like in the time of the Spanish, Americans or Japanese or is at least under the threat of rape.

Unfortunately, like the woman above, much of the troubles that have come our way are a result of our own foolishness in terms of our decision-making. For instance, we choose unqualified individuals to be our leaders without first considering the possible consequences of what their regimes would do to us. We like to flaunt the beauty and wealth of our country but unfortunately lack the military capabilities to defend our resources from those who would rape our beloved country. What’s worse is that we’ve been having the same kind of problems for decades now but have learned very little and continue to make the same mistakes throughout the years.

[Photo courtesy The Baltimore Sun.]

36 Replies to “The Rape Of The Philippines: A Vicious Cycle”

  1. While America may have “Raped” the Philippines in the beginning, at least the Philippines received a kiss afterwards and they went on to become close, yet at times, uncomfortable friends. Quezon said it best , I would rather have the Philippines run like hell by Filipinos, than run like heaven by Americans. I believe he got his wish. And I also believe, he would not like what he would see if he were alive today ……..In 1905, Fred W. Atkinson, the first General Superintendent of education in the Philippines said ” The Filipino’s are incapable of self government;in their affairs they are managed by a few ambitious leaders. They have not yet cultivated a sense of fair play and tolerance for those who differ in opinion”… Possibly his words ring true even today…..Sad…

    1. Indeed, very much so. While the Americans did have their darker aspects, it also makes me sad the way so many Pinoys take advantage of America’s kindness.

    2. i’ve always thought of quezon’s quote as an overly optimistic view on the potential of the philippines (at his time of course), so i do not hold it against him. the nation was indeed very promising at the time, as you could see of old-timey post-ww2 photographs and stories shared by our parents/grandparents.
      as for the rape of the country itself, do not forget the filipinos who prostitute the country in the first place.

  2. If you are not a Rapist. Why would you hide and wait in a dark alley,to wait, for a woman to rape?
    Alluring attires, or no alluring aatires; Rapist rapes woman. Because, rape is dominance…over any woman…

    The Philippines is a Willing Victim of those predatory countries. Our leaders are incompetent. The people are gullible. The country is vulnerable, for its territories to be invaded by another country.

    We have a President , who is a Coward. We have an AFP Chief of Staff, whose name is “Catapang”; but is truly a “KaDuwag”…

    BBL Law promoted by Aquino and Roxas, is the surrender of Philippine territory to the MILF/ISIS/AL QUEDA. Aquino and Roxas , also provide Funds, to the MILF/ISIS/AL QUEDA, in addition to the surrender…it is like paying “war reparation”, without fighting any war. How Stupid, can you get?

  3. There are few militaries in the world that can take on the chinese right now. To say that if someone other than pnoy won the 2010 elections we would be able to fight china now just smacks of ignorance. i’m sorry.

    1. Argentina fought with Great Britain in the Falkland War. Great Britain retained the Malvinas Island. However, one of its modern fighting warship was sunked , by Argentine pilots.

      Israel is a small country…surrounded by Arab countries, who are enemies. Yet, the Arabs, think twice in messing with Israel.

      Aquino is a coward, and is incompetent. Look at his behavior during the Luneta Chinese tourist hostage. Catapang or KaDuwag is afraid to fight the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda in Mindanao…he cannot even defeat them with overwhelming forces..

      1. israel is an exception. they probably are the most well trained soldiers on the planet (mossad ftw), with one of the most advanced military tech on the globe (thanks to their dedication to science research, they can afford to swap tech with superpowers such as the u.s.).
        a fellow ofw and i once had a debate, he claimed that the philippine army as a force to reckon with (he was an ex-ranger). i replied perhaps, since they are trained in guerilla warfare, something foreign for most developed countries (same reason why the US lost the vietnam war). but since then modern warfare has advanced, and our people are stuck with techniques over 50 years old. not to mention our armories, planes and boats are a far cry from “modern”. We may have the tactics and the fighting spirit, but we do not have the manpower and ordinance to fend off even indonesia (who has constructed its own green water fleet) or probably even bangladesh (c/o soviet union leftovers). All we can do against china is bark hollow threats as we cling to uncle sam and the UN for protection.

    2. I’m not talking about actually fighting China’s military. I’m simply saying that anyone other than President Aquino could have come up with at least a good deterrent or a way to keep things from escalating the way they have now.

      1. @Grimwald. It seems you aren’t willing to risk life and limb for your country with that statement. I thought the Filipino is worth dying for?

        1. Someone had “died for” the Filipinos
          already… So, it is not worth risking your life and limb, anymore.

  4. You the author should have known better by comparing apples and oranges by using this comparison. I going to tell what I think to make it simple for everybody . Thus woman us a weak person , no means to fight off any attackers,,, so she will lose all the time who ever attacked her . Her provoking clothes does not have nothing to do of her being raped or killed .. She is weak … The Philippines is the same . Small, no resources to fight its invaders , their braveness is not good enough although they tried . Is that the Filipinos fault , is that means we let our country down by not doing more… How can you explain to fight back without no resources and modern knowledge that time . The Philippines are taped sbd taken advantage if because it is weak and small and dies not have the knowledge in the beginning , we are tribal country before the Industrial Age . Be real critics , Philippines do not have nothing that other countries has except its people , do more often they got raped and killed .and the most knowledgable Filipinos join the rapist…. No patriotism in action only in words ..

  5. This scenario happens all the time. However, putting any blame on the victim is inexcusable. The aggressor take all the blame.

    As a metaphor for the current situation in the Philippines, I do not think that there is any comparison. This has been the result of decades of political incompetence, false sense of pride and ignorance when it comes to international politics.

    If the Philippines were to gain any respect in the world stage, they will do the exact same thing that china is doing. But the Philippine government doesn’t have the balls to do what it has to because the cost of standing up for yourself will be expensive and will take away from the money the politicians can take home. The world doesn’t care for whiners. Vietnam is doing the same thing and no one is reprimanding them because they are standing up for what they believe, world opinion be dammed.

    1. Vietnam defeated America in the Vietnam war. It also defeated France, in its war of independence.

      The Philippines has resources; its people have talent, skills and intelligence. However, we exported them as OFW.

      The modernization fund of the AFP, was used by Aquino in his Pork Barrel bribery, PDAF, DAP,etc..Aquino SQUANDERED the opportunities and resources of our country…

        1. AGREED, zaxx. Vietnamese are VERY tough. I was in the Vietnam War then went to work in the Sinai Desert with the Israeli Army.

          From experience I can tell you they’re both mentally tough, highly trained, lots of spine and no fear.

    2. >> “The world doesn’t care for whiners”.

      I agree, BigKahuna.

      I generally like Grimwald’s writing, but the rape metaphor is tasteless at best. If anyone is raping the Philippines, it’s Filipinos. While they get all in a lather about insignificant islands in the middle of nowhere – which are of no military relevance to them because they have no functioning military – the rest of the country is being slowly fucked over by ignorant peasants and greedy (local) businessmen, who go around slashing, burning, and spraying poisons. The country is turning into a desertified, toxic wasteland.

      I’m not defending the Chinese here. The underlying reason for their expansionist policies is that they’ve destroyed their own country (in a matter of just three decades) and need some lebensraum. However, if the Filipino doesn’t value his own country and can’t or won’t care for it, he’s in no position to complain if other people take it away. A better metaphor might be a spoiled kid whose rich uncle (=OFWs) send him generous gifts, which he pawns, wastes, or breaks. A neighbour kid, seeing how carelessly he treats what he has, beats him up and takes his stuff. In reality he’s no worse off than he was to begin with because he never valued the gifts he had.

      This supposedly Christian nation might want to re-read the parable of the servants who were entrusted with money to invest. Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.

      1. I can never understand why Filipinos believe that the Spratley islands are part of the Philippines. Marcos invaded them from 68- 76 after oil was discovered there. The Philippines holds it by force. They have no legal right to the are as no country but the Philippines believed it to be terra nullius. Whether it belongs to China , Vietnam or Malaysia is a separate issue.
        As for military prowess, the Philippines is no Vietnam, it has never in its long history won a war against a professional army. Filipinos point to their one success but fail to mention failures like Bataan. I may be wrong of course , but I have yet to see any reasoned account of why The area is Filipino. It cannot be continental shelf as the Palawan trough prevents that, it cannot be EEZ as then it would impinge on the EEZ of Itu Aba. It certainly was not Terra Nullius. So by what criteria do you claim it is yours. As for the rape case does that mean if I leave a window open in hot weather then it is ok for burglars to enter? we dropped such nonsense in the 1950’s.

  6. Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the form of kings to govern him? Let history answer this question.

  7. Hi, Grimwald. To begin, my deepest regrets and sympathies to the family of the woman who was raped, killed, then publicly humiliated in the press for her inappropriate dress. Life is cheap in Philippines compared to the priceless sense of morality and arrogant judgement of others.

    Where’s the outrage and righteous indignation that Anthoni Salim III, an individual from Indonesia, took control of PLDT, SMART and Meralco? Were the Stewards and Captains of Philippines Industry dressed inappropriately or too seductively while stumbling around in the dark? Or did our leaders allow Philippines to be raped for a price?

    Whether we’re being raped in a dark ally or a Board Room, the effect is the same. The word on the Philippines is out, and JFK said it best. “If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich”.

    China knew this, and now they’re here. MILF knew it too, and they ransomed P 75 Billion year in exchange for good behavior.

    Good job, Malacanang. We’ve only been raped.they HAVEN’T KILLED US (YET)

  8. it is the creepy scumbags fault. Any Man that can not control himself and must rape and murder simply because he see’s a ‘hottie’ walkin down the street is not even a Man, but a rabid dog. Kill the creepy scumbag and send his family the bill for the bullet.

  9. If you actually done some research before you wrote you would have found out that rape is about power, control, anger, rage and not about sex.

    It has nothing to do with the way women dress. The gratification is only temporary due to a release of anger, then the rapist seeks another victim.

    With your fucked up mind you should move to Afghanistan join the Taliban because you would fit right in.

    1. Actually, I know about that. It’s just that, Pinoys are ASKING for trouble with what they’re doing. No one wants to be raped or mugged, I know that, but we should be careful with the way we present ourselves and try our best to throw off unwanted attention when in a suspicious place.

      With what we’ve done so far, we’re just making things worse for ourselves…

      1. If you know that, why write something that is not true?

        40% of all rapes occur within a one mile radius of the victims home.

        A serial rapist in the U.K broke into the homes of over 100 women and raped them. The women were aged from 68 to 93.
        What is suspicious about sleeping in your own bed?

        Myth: Women provoke sexual assault by their appearance. Sexual attractiveness is a primary reason why a perpetrator selects a victim

        Fact: Perpetrators do not select their victims by their appearance. They select victims who are vulnerable and accessible. Victims of sexual assault range in age groups from infants to the elderly. Sexual attractiveness is not an issue.

        1. FFS, yawn, what on earth is wrong with you? I think Grimwald was off the mark using a rape metaphor, but there’s no need to take it so freakin’ LITERALLY!

        2. Marius
          For the record nothing is wrong with me and i am glad you agree he is off the mark.
          I am outraged that he wrote “the clothes the woman wore was also to blame”, which is nothing but an outrageous lie and every police force and those who help rape victims world wide would tell you the same.

          My 12 year old niece was dragged off her bike, beaten to a pulp and raped. She was saved by two women walking their dogs who heard her scream. They rushed over and let the dogs lose of this piece of vile shit. He was later arrested in a hospital whilst being treated for the dog bites.

          What clothes should a 12 year old wear on a bicycle?

        3. I have to agree. As a woman, I don’t like being judged for what I wear. I like wearing shorts and tank tops when the weather is warm. I’d hate it to be intepreted as a signal that I am “game”.

        4. I’m truly sorry to hear that, yawn, and I now understand where your comment comes from.

          I think the despicable nature of the actual crime is the main reason it should not be used in metaphor. It’s just too terrible to toy with as a literary device.

        5. Marius
          Thank you very much, my niece grew up and has raised a wonderful family, but since that day she has never rode a bike.

          The scumbag served 15 years in prison for the rape and numerous other crimes. When he was released my niece after 15 years of healing had to go back into counseling as she was so worried.

          My outrage was directed at what was wrote and not the person. I do not know Grimwald from Adam and i am sure he/she has good intentions.

    2. Hi, Yawn. Grimwald’s really smart, so my guess is his scenario was to provoke thought and stimulate conversation, not blaming the victim exclusively, unlike the News Media.

      Thanks for sharing your info on the psychological make up of rapists, and I’m sure you didn’t mean to imply that anyone on GRP is in that category.

      Regardless of your intent, I would discourage wishing the Taliban or Afghanistan on anyone. Please reconsider.

        1. Hey Yawn, like marius, I’m beginning to wonder what is wrong with you. My first comment to you was an attempt to get you to chill a little about claiming Grimwald is like the Taliban.

          You’re the one that I was addressing talking about the psychological make up of rapists ie: “If you actually done some research before you wrote you would have found out that rape is about power,control, anger, rage and not about sex” AND
          40% of all rapes occur within a one mile radius of the victims home” AND
          “A serial rapist in the U.K broke into the homes of over 100 women and raped them. The women were aged from 68 to 93. What is suspicious about sleeping in your own bed?”

          Where rape was mentioned metaphorically, YOU SPIN IT INTO A RANT. Evidently, rape is your favorite research topic, especially little old ladies.

          I think we can guess now what is wrong with you”

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