And The Rape Of The Common Filipino By The Yellow Horde Continues…


Ladies and gentlemen, I remember writing an article using rape as a metaphor which didn’t turn out too well. I don’t think I can apologize enough to the people I’ve offended through my misuse of the term “rape”. Unfortunately, with what’s been happening lately, I think I have to use it again and, this time at least, I think that its use will be a bit more appropriate considering the kind of predicament my people have found themselves in. In fact, I think it’s getting worse than that and it may be high time for us concerned citizens to take some kind of action before the situation gets even worse.

I also remember writing a personal note to President Aquino himself. Of course, I never really expected him to read it in the first place. In fact, I can admit that it really was more of a rant than an actual message if it can even be called that. What I missed saying in that particular message is that the 1986 Philippine constitution is not so much a body of law but a system to enslave the Filipino people. It has essentially become our “Matrix“, trapping us in a world of delusion while oligarchs take everything of worth from us. The “Daang Matuwid” or Straight Path President Aquino and his associates like to flaunt is simply an extension of the “Yellow Matrix” designed to rape the common Filipino of everything he has.


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Here are three major points of the Yellow Matrix:

Protectionist Policies

The protectionist policies espoused by the Philippine constitution of 1986 may sound good but believe me, they’re not for the benefit of the common Filipino. At best, they only protect the large businesses in the Philippines that treats its workers like slaves and force all the rest to work as slaves in other countries. Without these policies, we can bring businesses and investors to our country and provide the common people with stable and rewarding jobs. While these protectionist policies remain in place, we will never be nothing more than slaves.

The Yellow Media

Yes, here I go again, attacking the media. Unfortunately, the negative effects of the media are probably one of the major reasons why majority of our people are largely oblivious to the more important issues our country is facing. Are there people seeking justice for the Fallen 44? E di wow! What about the thousands of homeless people in the wake of Yolanda who are still struggling to survive? Boom Panes! 

The Balikbayan Boxes

This last I actually from my good buddy Paul Farol and is by far one of the worst actions of the current administration so far. For one thing, with the protectionist policies mentioned above, thousands if not millions of Filipinos are forced to slave away in other countries sometimes under the watch of cruel employers just to make ends meet. However, this total disrespect of OFW’s private property simply pushes the limits of what can be considered acceptable even with the crime and corruption infested system the Philippines has. Like my friend Paul, I find that isn’t the current administration content with slaving off our fellows to other countries? Must they invade the privacy of already desperate people and take away their hard-earned gifts for their loved ones? Is there no end to the greed and pettiness of the Yellow Administration?

39 Replies to “And The Rape Of The Common Filipino By The Yellow Horde Continues…”

  1. #HugotPaMore.. sobra na talagang garapalan ang korapsyon hindi na kayang itago pa ng yellow media…umaapaw na nga eh halos sa social media na kumukuha ng Balita ang mga Media….baliktad na…

  2. Initial reaction: Fitting title actually.

    I am not butt hurt because it is a fact. I am not denying that there is a problem especially that the majority of our despicable and uncaring government are mostly selfish greedy and downright abusive towards the common man.

    Our country still has the steam to be progressive but what happens when the government will rob us high and dry, then I can predict that after the common man then they would go after their ‘enemies’ which could mean society will collapse.

    @ Grimwald – You think the common man are not only raped but starved, tortured and even be left for dead at this point?

  3. Dear Grimwald,
    You know what? I really guess that the Philippine population is an easy target to “rape”. Even before I started to “rape” you, you already lift up your skirt showing me your transparent (see-through) panty. And by the time, I actually start the rape, you dont even resist.

    In short, the PH government looks down on all of you, they use and abuse you and you allow it to happen while you are a witness and a victim at the same time.

    That mentality has to change. You can rant all you like but as long as you lift up your skirt freely and with consent then you know what will happen. Its about time you start wearing trousers (metaphorically).

    So pls stop ranting, pls stop blaming the PH government. You sure know by now what your government represents. Now make sure you (the population) get at the same height/level as the government so that you will become strong and (more) powerfull.
    As long as you dont advocate the latter, you will get “raped” over and over for many centuries to come.

    I really am flabbergasted that you dont get it how and what the PH government is doing to you (the PH population).

    1. I agree with your point and while we can devote out time and effort to educate and inform all our fellow countrymen, it is a shame the population is a basket case full of issues that is being talked about in this site.

      This isn’t the first time our government has done so much damage but this administration is the first one who not only has the balls to be crooks and even arrogantly don’t care how the common man suffers.

      I wish it was simple to change the government but a combination of corruption and double-edge Filipino values, we won’t be changing this course of self destruction anytime soon unless you are right with the masses are aware and educated.

      1. Socrates,
        Its very simple for me. And I am just a foreigner. But this will continue for ever if the population doesnt change its mentality and attitude.

        If I am a PH politician in a high position, I can try to change everything from within. But I need more collegues who think alike. But they wont help me bec they are afraid to lose their job. So nothing will change in the government.

        So what remains, is the common people, the “Juans” and the “Marias”. But they wont change either bec they are too busy with their family, with their religion, with their constantly helping and taking care of each other. They are very inwardly oriented. They dont look “outside”. It is part of the PH culture. Hence that culture needs a complete make over. But thats not gonna happen. Case closed. Accept it.

        A good sign of this is the fuzz and buzz about that “box”. So trivial. Such a waste of time. The Ph people are only looking at a micro-level (inward) and not at the far more important macro-level (outward/outside).

        1. Yes, I do agree and respect your viewpoint.

          It will take an absolute change in attitude, values and even inside our culture to make that happen and I still have a small hope we can change the course of this country that somehow has no sense of direction.

          The “box” issue is just another dumb imposing measure to address ‘smuggling’ somehow by inspecting and opening the box the goods that Filipinos working abroad send back to their families without the sender’s consent.
          Yeah this is another small rock in a bucket full of bigger boulders of issues and controversies.

        2. Socrates,
          Mr. Grimwald is not one of my fav GRP writers. I think he is single minded, close-minded and suffering tunnel-vision. If you follow his articles, you will notice he never attacks (blames) the overwhelming RC religion, you will notice he never blames the PH population for having a distorted, retarded culture, minset, attitude and mentality. All he does is attacking the government and the media. He is incapable of looking at the big picture.
          Well mind you, he still believes in the power of prayer. Dream on, I say.
          He is not willing to look at problems from all angles. Thats his absolute right and freedom. But its my right to not take him serious as long as he looka at problems from just one angle. And therefore, the Philippines may win a battle with Grimwald but never a war.
          Its impossible to come up with a solution if one only looks at a problem from one angle (or a few angles).

        3. Socrates,
          one other important thing. Whenever you respond to any of my comments pls refrain from using the word “respect”.
          Just pls say you agree or disagree/hate or like or dislike/hate. I am really getting sick and tired when PH people use the word “respect”.

          Thanks in advance.

        4. agreed with Robert. to me, the foundation of the nation is the people. the thing is whenever I share my thoughts to a common juan/maria, neither of them understands me. I tried to step up to change their ways but they don’t like it. i tried to correct them and they will dismiss you with arrogance (“who are you telling us what to do?”). Filipinos are hard-headed beings(poor kababayans with poor education or none at all). in tagalog, “matigas ang ulo”. so Robert is right, it will not happen anytime soon until the culture is changed, the source of the problem.

          political will
          good education & discipline
          – this will lead to culture change

        5. Andrew,

          For the sake of argument, which country has the best government (according to you)? Germany, Denmark, USA (to name just a few).

          My point is even this. If and when the Philippines would have the same government style (as a country mentioned by you) but the Philippine society would remain and keep their existing culture then still nothing will change.

          It needs 2 to Tango.

        6. apologies robert but i may not include denmark since i’m not familiar with the country but i know it’s a 1st world. but between Germany and U.S., i would pick Germany. U.S is too much on capitalism / consumerism. this is their “matrix”.

          And you’re right “it takes 2 to tango”. it’s an interplay between good government and the people.

          borrowing from Mayor Duterte’s speech again:

          “Together with “political will” a leader must also possess the ability to inspire the people because an inspired people is a disciplined people and when people are disciplined, there are no limits to what they can do “together”.
          – End –

          The word is “together”. hence, the government and the people must work hand in hand to achieve a common goal and that goal is progress.

        7. Andrew,
          I really dont know a West European country that is NOT about capitalism and consumerism.

          For a healthy economy, one needs a big enough middle-class. The middle class, is THE class that spends (money). The upper-class and lower class do not spend. So its all about money.

          Maybe and probably its me but no politician inspired me. I was encouraged, stimulated & inspired by my parents (dad & mom). And I also copied things from my closest friends (male & female). If I see something good anywhere else (outside my comfort zone), I will also make it mine (copy that trait, mindset, idea).

          I think it was in 2003 (or so) that the Dutch government agreed to same-sex marriage. This came about from the people demanding that right. And thats the way how it should be done.

      2. what Robert is saying is that there’s also a problem with our Filipino culture (depends on thee tribe) and not just the government. even if the government does good, if the people will not cooperate, then nothing will happen. a problem we know and we see.

        1. Andrew,

          I really cant come up with the name of a country that has the perfect government and a population (and its traits, culture, mindset, behavior, traditions) like the Philippines. Can you? Two such opposits never go hand in hand.

    2. In a word, you want us to be more Western, to expunge any and all Pinoy traits, to forsake rice and fiestas and whatever else that you deem the other — for the Western way is the only way, the only truth, and the only light.

      1. Pallacertus,
        what is the alternative?

        Dont change because I say so. You might think, I will benefit and gain from it.
        All I can say and repeat is the words Benign0 used often here in his GRP articles: The Philippine society is a dysfunctional society.

        But if you want to know my honest opinion about the Philippines? I think the Philippines is doomed. It will stay a corrupt country, it will stay a poor 3rd world country for centuries to come. And you were watching and you were/are a witness and you did/do nothing about it.
        Most Filipinos dont want to change bec they are scared and afraid to leave their comfort zone. But that comfort zone is a fake comfort zone.
        I hope to see the days when all the fossil fuel reaches its bottom and then all those OFWs can go home back to the Philippines for good.

      2. If they pilipino traits you are referring to are producing more ill than good, then why not? It’s high time we stop holding on to these so called pilipino traits; crab mentality, pwede-na-yan attitude, and that flawed sense of “pinoy pride” to mention a few.

        Forsake rice and fiestas? Wherever did you get this conclusion?

        What happened to you? Do you need a hug?

      3. to me, it’s not about becoming like the west to the point that we’ll lose our culture and heritage . it’s just a change of habit from playing loud music wherein your neighbors get upset to realizing that you need to respect other people’s privacy. love our children by teaching them to be independent and to use his freedom responsibly. evolve.

        1. Andrew,
          I partly agree with you and I like to add at least a few other things.

          – I think it would be better for the Philippinbes when they adopt the western definition/meaning of the word “respect”
          (you will get respect when you earn it based on personal achievements).

          Let me give you an example based on real events (in 2010).
          My pinay GF (now EX) introduced me to one of her best friends (male). We met him at a mall (Gaysano). He stood up, shook my hand and the first words he said to me, were “Robert, I respect you for visiting the Philippines …..” (or similar words).

          I responded to him. “Richard, would you still say the same if I killed 5 people and raped 3 women in my country?”

          The rest of the meeting he was quiet. Richard was (at that time) a corporate lawyer. And lawyers are never quiet, right?

          Moral of the story is: dont use such heavy words, if you dont know the person.

          – I would also like to see that parents would encourage and stimulate their daughter(s) to pursue that where her real talents are. And not raise them to become house maids (care takers/givers). They (daughters) can do much more and do much better.

          – I would also like to see that parents raise their own daughters to become more independent. They (daughters) are too submissive to their boyfriends and husbands.

          – I would also like to see that (future) parents take their responsibility by providing some serious sex-ed to their kids. In such a way that there will be less teenage pregnancies and far less single mothers with more than 1 kid. The parents should also warn their sons and daughters to be more careful and not having unprotected sex. (This is probably a bit tricky in an overwhelming RC country).

          And I make the list longer. Not for my sake but only in the interest of the individual and (the future of) the country.

  4. Filipinos are 1) world renown for their ability to endure any hardship with grace and faith.

    Filipinos are always willing to forgive past insults abuse and neglect.

    Filipinos have historically trusted their “Free Press” to alert them

  5. To Robert,

    No argument with you on that. Most of our country’s problems cannot be pinned down to just one thing and yes it has to do with a macro perspective since it has the cooperation with the government and society.

    So I may not agree with his writings all the time but yeah it is a bit narrow minded to nail down and blame to just one thing which is either the government or the media.

    1. Socrates,
      the feeling that I get from reading most GRP articles, is that most writers want the government (and media) to change their attitude, behavior and what not while leaving the population untouched.

      That is something that never will happen. Like I said, the population is a (too) easy target to use and to abuse.

      We – the Dutch – were in the exact same situation as the Philippine population is today. And thats why, its easy for me what I say. I recognize everything. We build our country from the ground up. While people like Mr. Grimwald wants to build up from the top. You cant build a house starting with the roof. To build a house one needs a good and strong foundation. And that foundation (the population) is missing.

      Benign0 said it very clearly. The Philippines has a dysfunctional society. So I see more eye to eye with Benign0.

  6. The Filipinos are “raped” by these Feudal Oligarch, that they have elected to public offices. However, the “rape” is “rape with consent”. Filipinos are “willing victims”.

    We don’t use the faculties of our “common senses”. The MEDIA does not inform us. It misinforms us, and dumb us. Most of the MEDIA is owned by the supporters of these politicians. So, the Media owners, are the “men behind the shadows”, pulling the “strings” on these politicians.

    The issue of the Balikbayan Boxes is debatable. If the system is abused, and trust is shattered: this is the result.

    However, there were truckloads of goods, that passed out of the Bureau of Customs , in the past. They were owned, by Powerful people, with powerful political backers. Nothing happened to these Smugglers. The goods were sold to the public.

  7. Socrates,
    let me try to give you an example.

    Its easy for me to shout, scold, curse, condescend, use and abuse an “autistic” child.
    Now if that autistic child was the only one in a crowd of 100 million then I am the pathetic one.
    Now imagine that there are 80 million (or more) autistic children (the dysfunctional society).
    Then its not regarded as pathetic anymore.
    And if I am the strong and powerfull person I would only be scared and afraid of the remaining 10 million who are not autistic.

    Moral of the story: you have to create a society that is “autistic”-free. Because only that will worry me (as a strong and powerfull person).

    1. I do understand and agree to that. I have no argument with that we have a dysfunctional society and I do find your insights good and even well thought out.

      We have to go and start at the ground rather than the top and with the many ignorant and even gullible folks so it would be a quite while for them to get out of the cardboard box they live in.

  8. I had a friend who was very smart and idealistic – a valedictorian of our class in high-school, gain a scholarship in UP and joined every demonstration against the government. Soon enough, became a lawyer, a good foundation to run in a public office and make a difference in the government he despised.

    He won as a Congressman and one of his promises during his campaign was, Mondays will be for his constituents, they can go to his office with no appointment and discuss their concerns or laws they want him to initiate or introduce to the Congress.

    I paid him a visit one Monday on his first year of office to have lunch with him. There was a long line of people toward his office when I reached there so I decided to sit in one corner in his office and observe. He had a stack of 100 peso bill on his desk; the people in line are there for financial help – for sick relatives, tuition fee, food etc. and etc. He patiently explained that he is not rich but he can give P100 out of his own money to each of them. However, his job is not to give away money but to truly represent the people of the City to the Congress – but no one was listening; they were more fixated on pleading by telling their sad stories. Some would even express that the previous congressman’s minimum assistance was P500 or the Mayor was way better because he gives more. Some would grumble or yell “kuripot” on their way out. He had to literally beg some of them to leave because they would not go with only 100 pesos on hand.

    Throughout our lunch, he can’t stop telling how he was disillusioned with people, the very people he wanted to serve, the people he thought are worthy of good governance.

    Years passed by – his name was linked to ‘huweting’, no one can prove it but suddenly can afford to give P500 or even more to those in dire need – everybody is happy.

    Last time I talked to him, he said, ” Kumukuha ako ng pera mula sa madudumi at matatandang aso pero ibinabalik ko sa mga tuta. Hindi gaya ng mga kasama ko, ibinibigay ko ang mas marami sa mga mahihirap kaya kung iisipin, anghel pa rin ako. (I am getting money from the dirty old dogs but I am giving it back to the puppies. Unlike my colleagues, I am giving the majority of the money to the poor, so if you think about it, I am still an angel.)

    Who created this Moron?

    1. Who created this moron? The system.

      I wonder what one can do with PHP 100 and with PHP 500?
      It looks like an “industry” to me what and how you described it.

    2. @Hugh:

      This is the problem in the Philippines. The People (constituents), look at their Political Leaders, as “Cash Cows” or “ATMs”, sources of all kinds of favors,etc…

      This make them “steal” from government funds. Stealing from public funds, and recycling the funds, to their constituents, are used by most politicians, for them to remain in power. They steal more, to keep funds , for themselves.

      Unless, the Filipino people will learn/understand that, these Political Leaders are not Sources of Money…or Sources of all kinds of favors; our country, will never remove Patronage Politics, and Political family dynasties..

    3. He was disillusioned as he thought the people he served were well-fed and well-educated and well-versed in social climes other than the one they grew up with enough to do better than grovel for a hundred?

      Frankly, he was expecting too much. I’m not attacking him or his constituents, now — but his idealism should be tempered by a bit of travel.

    4. Most filipinos are all about the short-term gratification of their needs, i’m not generalizing, but some who considered themselves poor, are rich in times of “inuman”, “fiesta” and other unnecessary parties where they want to stroke their egos in non-sense stories, sometimes bragging those unlawful deeds that they get away not getting caught. It is always a cycle in our little barangay, workers will work from monday to friday, since most of them have weekly salary, expect that weekends will be noisy with videoke, loud voices from whole day or night. Then sometimes we will hear, fightings because the father or brother is drunk destroying anything in their path (i read somewhere that it is a sign of suppresed frustrations and problems). Then come monday, you will hear the wives or the children say “pautang po ng (the necessities such as food and toiletries, worst even cigarrette)” This is a cycle that will probably be passed on by their children and the children of their children… family is considered the foundation that we are talking about if we have to re-build the nation, but sadly we have a long way to go.

      1. Yan! Our barangay is same as yours. and thats not all, we have dog shits on the streets, rooster gladiators making noise in the dead of the night, barking dogs, stray cats, garbage all over the place , incompetent brgy. Captain, and stupid neighbors playing bingo and cards mahjong the whole damn day while their 5 year old kids are hanging out around 11pm in the streets.

        “What the country needs is discipline.” – The Dark Knight

  9. Filipinos won’t change – they like getting fucked every time they have a new president. You think that their centuries-long colonialism and ousting of a “benevolent dictator” would make them learn from their mistakes. Until now, most of them are still gullible to music video-style campaigns and false promises when selecting people to lead them. I won’t be surprised if the country’s idol – Kris Aquino would win as president if she does want to run for one.

    But don’t take my word for it, I’ve talked to a few Filipinos abroad and they would rather work elsewhere than stay in their fucked-up country.

  10. Then again, didn’t the Failipino people allowed themselves to be raped by these olugarchs themselves? Not to mention, it’s even affecting us who don’t want to have our a**es f***ed by the government……. -_-

  11. Then why the hell no one is starting to revolt against the government?

    Are we really comfortable “educating” the mindless Pinoys on the internet where no one dares to read or no access with?

    The Yellows and other corrupt politicians must be stopped raping this country.

  12. It is an on going protectionist policy omplemented years and years ago and continued to tjis day. The import tarrifs are preventing any wage increase due to the outrageous prices of everything imported. Then coupled with the world’s highest electricity rates and some of the shittiest service makes wage increases impossible. Until these protectionist policies ,that only benefit a few people , are done away with…..the country and its people are FUCKED. It is that simple.

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