Iglesia Ni Cristo proves PNoy government incompetent and helpless

A lot of people hate the religious sect Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) at the moment and rightly so. The members are displaying an arrogant show of force by holding a protest rally at EDSA. They have occupied this vital major highway in Metro Manila for several days now and no one is sure when they are going to call it a day and go home. Unfortunately for those who want to see an end to the traffic chaos, following through on their protest will not be a problem for INC because the group’s leader can easily ask millions of devoted members to take turns holding the fort. Meaning, earlier protesters can go home and take a break after being replaced by other members. They are also well-organized and able to sustain a supply line of transport services and food provisions for their rallyists.

Ironic call for 'separation of church and state' coming from a religious sect long known for deliberately influencing elections

Ironic call for ‘separation of church and state’ coming from a religious sect long known for deliberately influencing elections

The INC is a very powerful group, indeed. It is bringing Manila’s inhabitants to its knees. The Philippine government is totally helpless. They even gave the group additional permits to continue rallying. Members of law enforcement agencies are advised to exercise maximum tolerance. Some militants who themselves have staged rallies in major Manila thoroughfares are crying foul over the special treatment the government is giving the INC. Other militants quite often cop the business end of water cannons and attract plenty of flak even when the protest activities they stage concern legitimate issues that affect the majority. Compare this with the issue at stake now: the INC’s internal squabbles that only affect the group’s members.

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President Benigno Simeon Aquino hasn’t said anything to discourage the INC protesters from continuing with their disruptive activities. This is quite odd considering he doesn’t waste time undermining his other critics. A lot of people are wondering why he has lost his tongue this time. Meanwhile, Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas’s appeal for INC to respect the rule of law is being ignored. Roxas’s calm demeanor is also out of character since he is known for losing his cool and swearing when under pressure. It is quite apparent that both BS Aquino and Roxas are behaving like they are very scared of the wrath of the INC and are trying to be careful not to irk them further. They are being careful not to release any statement that can be misconstrued by INC members as insulting their faith.

The INC obviously does not care about the disruption they are causing to millions of motorists. In fact, their main goal is to cause maximum disruption because they want to send a strong message to the government and in particular, Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima. They, or rather, the INC’s leader want De Lima to stop the investigation being conducted by her department on allegations of illegal detention made against them. The audacity in demanding to halt a criminal investigation is quite outrageous. Where did they get their strong sense of entitlement? They got it from politicians like BS Aquino.

It’s no secret that the head of INC orders his flock to vote for whoever they choose to support during an election, a traditional practice called block voting. BS Aquino is a beneficiary of that block voting. It seems the INC is now saying that it is payback time. The timing is also perfect for INC to flex its political muscle because the 2016 Presidential election is just around the corner.

The INC may have found their match in BS Aquino though. The latter is very arrogant too. The fact that he has not made a statement at all about the madness says a lot. It shows that the President too does not care about the chaos that the INC is causing. With both the INC and the President not caring about the inconvenience the protest rally is causing, the public could suffer for an extended period of time.

One thing is for sure; BS Aquino’s lack of leadership and diplomatic skills is evident yet again. He should not have allowed this rally to get this far. He should have instructed Roxas to send in the water canons for the INC protesters the way he sends water canons to militant protesters on Day One of most rallies. It is clear that their hands are tied because they are scared of losing the election in 2016.

I guess we should thank the ‪INC for proving the incompetence and helplessness of the PNoy government. It is ‬evidently a government that is ‪no match ‬for‪ a‬n influential‪ religious sect.‬

[Photo courtesy PhilStar.]

82 Replies to “Iglesia Ni Cristo proves PNoy government incompetent and helpless”

  1. Disruption, inconvenience, traffic, INC powerful force,, government incompetency to control disruption, inconvenience because of traffic to the people…that is what I see IDA the critics is focusing on..But if you will learn from this and look far beyond this incident, and apply it for the benefit of the country,,,,one will see how the country was crippled by this powerful forces of few people and what they are doing for the betterment of the country and not by personal interest of IGLESIA NI CRISTO AND THE GOVERNMENT?

    This is telling us the people of the Philippines that this powerful forces have no sympathy for the citizens of the Philippines and they are just using it citizens as a tool to continue their own corrupted ways.they were allies before this incident…they were combined forces Pres.Aquino won the presidency with the votes and support of INC….but somehow they are now on opposing side because of something that one cannot tolerate hiding their own corruption, they use to scratch each others back…..why now the government is quiet and seems that it doesn’t know what to do,,, they can no longer cover each other’s corruption habits…they now in opposing side…they no longer can cover up , INC corruption and the government cannot be bias they have to go to the constitution by law..or they will lose credebility and be buried deeper in their Tuwid na Daan principles……this is goooooodddd,,, we will see the two in action how they will act this drama to the people for we are watching very carefully of how they are going to treat this incident so the people will not noticed their covering up for each other…..it is election timeeeee….the Aquino government needs INC,,,,but INC Is in deep shiiiiiii…….ttttt..they will break the law if they were left untouched with corruption within their ranks …..its about time we seeeee this drama unfolding in front of us…This is Philippines in reality playing its dramaaaaaa..this is how the Philippines political system worksssssss……watch it carefully citizen of the Philippines…Do not worry about the disruption , the traffic,,,and all that rallying…..this is it….you will see how will they play this to us,,,,so IDA I suggest do not focus on the disruption of traffic or crippling Manila…..this is more important than that…let the drama play and we watch how this two once allies of corrupt people will play it out from us….I believe they will prolong this till the people get tired of hearing it, and let it die down…and IGLESIA NI CRISTO Will get her way and AQUINO GOVERMENT WILL RETAIN THE SUPPORT OF INC..this is very interesting to see the out come…IDA DO NOT FOCUS ON THE INCONVINIENCE OF MANILA AND SUBURB!!!! THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT TO Let it play out….you will see the mechanism of the powerful forces in the Philippines how they will scratch each other’s back to continue their corrupt ways..

    1. I’ve experienced the traffic and honestly, I think its worth it. Haha, I hope the two will destroy one another and the Filipino will become the better of it.

  2. I was waiting for you to say something, favourite. Finally!!

    5 million likes.

    What is happening:
    PNoy vs INC is Arrogance vs Arrogance equals Avalanche.

    An avalanche of problems, that is. All of sudden, problems all seem magnified, and you get this sinking feeling nobody is in charge.

    If only he had learn how to apologize when the Luneta bus hostage crisis occurred, then it would probably be different today. But, he has shown since then that he does not know how to listen to any advice, so people have been avoiding helping him. Well, after DAP, SAF44, etc., he still wants to solve things via his autistic ways, which of course does not solve anything. So today, he has to solve this all by his lonesome autistic self. See, people are angry, but remain indifferent. Poor Roxas, he is dead in the water, even before the race started, or was it much, much earlier.

    1. @Add

      Sorry to have kept you waiting. I have been sick last week. 😉

      Malacanang PR machine is now circulating a photo of PNoy supposedly meeting with his cabinet about the crisis. Hello?! Only now they hold a meeting? This started last week. PNoy has been missing in action for days but they have not offered any explanation at all.

      No one man enough or wise enough is in charge of the country, unfortunately.

      1. Why doesn’t someone make a suggestion to Comelec to have people voting to answer a questionnaire. This would ask two questions, Are you affiliated with a religous organization? Did this organization ask you to vote for a particular candidate? In the event that the person answers yes about being asked to vote for a candidate then the vote is not counted.

        Block voting is a very clear violation of separation of Church and State and undermines the democratic process of allowing a person to vote free from cohersion or pressure.

        Only once something like this is implemented will their power be negated. No votes, no power, no demonstration. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

        1. Samuel,

          I realize that there is a phrase which states no relgious test is required when a person is exercising civic duties. However, this part needs to be amended due to an obvious violation of law regarding elections. I guess since I am ignorant, you should have no trouble reading this part and comprehending it.

          Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines

          Sec. 261. Prohibited Acts. – The following shall be guilty of an election offense:

          (d) Coercion of subordinates

          1) Any public officer, or any officer of any public or private corporation or association, or any head, superior, or administrator of any religious organization, or any employer or land-owner who coerces or intimidates or compels, or in any manner influence, directly or indirectly, any of his subordinates or members or parishioners or employees or house helpers, tenants, overseers, farm helpers, tillers, or lease holders to aid, campaign or vote for or against any candidate or any aspirant for the nomination or selection of candidates.

        2. @Robert

          If only the voters use common sense, we don’t need all the guidelines during election. It’s just baffling how millions of people allow someone to dictate who to vote for.

      2. i have this picture of pnoy hiding in his closet and sucking his thumb every time a crises comes up…funny but at the same time scary

  3. “It is ‬evidently a government that is ‪no match ‬for‪ a‬n influential‪ religious sect.” – And a government that succumbs to businessmen/capitalists as well. So much for a government “for the people and by the people.” Who else can we turn to?

    Holiday is only up to August 31, Monday. Their extension is up to September 4, Friday. Do they mean commuters need to brace themselves for more traffic jams and rubbish on the streets for the whole week for reasons that doesn’t have anything to do with their lives? I understand that public assembly is a lawful exercise but it becomes unlawful when it causes distractions to others who are not part of the rally.

    As of this time, I am still wondering why their (the INC) reaction to the case filed in the DOJ against some of their leaders is to take it to the streets. I am wondering because I am comparing this to the first three “street protests” that we have in history:

    1) “EDSA I” – the protest came AFTER an election when a few of those who were counting the votes complained that somebody or something was trying to manipulate the results.

    2) “EDSA II” – AFTER the second envelope was denied to be opened by the majority of the Senate.

    3) EDSA III – AFTER Erap was arrested when Sandiganbayan found sufficient ground to get him.

    Common thing: all those who protested somehow allowed the dice to roll.

    On this one, aren’t the INC suppose to wait AFTER the DOJ does its job and see if the department will indeed treat their case unfairly before taking it into the streets? I understand public assembly is a lawful exercise but in the INC’s case right now, with all due respect, I think this is a wrong use of the right to assemble. Premature from the way I see it.

    1. Vincent,

      One of the fundamental problems with “right of assembly” is how it is implemented in the Philippines. You should not be allowed to demonstrate in public streets period. The streets were not properly engineered to accomodate the amount cars that frequent them, and now people are in the streets too? I agree that people should be allowed to demonstrate, but they could do it along the side of the road instead of right in the middle of Shaw. I was going home Saturday and I saw these mindless pawns strewn in the streets, effectively blocking FX, Bus and jeepney drivers from going up and down Shaw. Everyone knows that this part close to Pasig is a MAJOR chokepoint for Traffic. You notice how they didn’t choose to demonstrate in Paranaque or close to Mall of Asia. Instead they picked a major traffic artery and choose to clog it. This is typical behavior of this church. They have 3 separate churches along Commonwealth and 1 on Litex. They illegally block traffic and never have sufficient parking for their members. Parking in the street along Commonwealth should not be allowed. They need to start making this organization pay for some of their logistical errors, such as lack of parking, improper road crossing by church members, etc. I am sick and tired of this junk and it needs to stop.

      1. Well, I was hoping to get a reaction from somebody who is supporting the INC and explain why they are doing what they are doing.

        You’re right the right to demonstrate in the streets especially when you have roads such as in Metro Manila, should not be allowed. But apparently, it becomes acceptable when the “majority” does it.

    2. Cory Aquino perverted the meaning of protest rallies. Now the people are allergic to it. It doesn’t help that a religious sect like INC is turning people off from holding a protest rally against real issues that affect the majority.

  4. Aquino, Roxas, Binay, Grace Poe, De Lima, etc…are appeasing the Iglesia Ni Kristo demonstrators. They are like Dogs, with Tails behind their Legs, in confronting the INK.

    They are afraid to offend the INK, because of their Block Voting power. It is time for the Roman Catholics to do the same. It is time for the Protestants, to do the same. The Muslims have done their share of rebellion.

    How about the Atheists and Agnostics?

  5. I have to tell you Binay or Aquino support INC sector. Binay will get a lots of votes from INC . he might won the election. INC group will unite who to vote , and yes they are very powerful group. So wait and see BINAY will win! im sure everyone of us will be Unhappy.

    THEY SAY ,IF YOU ARE POLITICIAN , IF YOU SUPPORT INC sect. . YOU WIN! miles big time!!!congratulation in advance.

    1. IGLESIA NI CRISTO are the minority,,, youuuu citizens of the Philippines are the majority…for God sake use your vote intelligently .Vote for the one that as an agenda to lead the country to a better society…hear their plans for the country if they win,,, if they do not have a plan, do not vote for them,,,I just don’t know who is among those leading candidates has any plan at all…ohhhhhh geese,,, prayers will not make miracles…

        1. Samuel,

          Do you honestly understand democracy or its principles? You should have enough understanding to be able to make educated choices on your own without relying on another person to make a list or tell you who to vote for. Seriously, get a clue.

        2. Please dont waggle your anti intellectual and lazy way, geez asking someone for a list of candidates to vote for, are you INC bro? Use media and internet at your advantage, research for this candidates. Use your brain!

  6. Kahit ipaliwanag namin sa inyo kung bakit kami nasa labas ngayon, patuloy na nagkakaisa, hindi nyo mauunawaan dahil iba ang pananaw nyo, dahil hindi nyo maintindihan kung ano ang basehan namin sa pagkakaisa. Kahit sino pang presidente ang nakaupo kung INC ang pakikialamam, kahit ano pang gawin ng nangunguna sa pamahalaan kung INC ang kalaban, walang makakapigil sa gawa ng kamay na nasa likod ng tagumpay ng INC. Minority nga kami, hindi bat Israel din ang pinakamaliit na pulutong ng tao nong una ngunit nagtagumpay sa mga kalabang bansa? Magtataka kayo bakit nananatiling malakas ang INC kahit kabi-kabila ang batikos! Sige lang dahil lalo naming patutunayan sa inyo kung Sino ang may hawak sa amin!

    1. Spoken like a true cult member.

      Getting affected by the incompetent basterds so you are revolting now. All these years of pnoy selective justice, you were all quiet.

      And puhleez stop pointing out the nazarene and pope visit. They were announced in advance and traffic was re routed. Attendees did not hide in malls and burst out in the streets on rush hour.

      Pakikialam ng gobyerno? Coming from a group that loves to meddle with the government affairs lie elections and appointments. That’s rich, rich. So rich. Pot meet kettle.

      1. really anon? kami pa mahilig magmeddle sa politics? or sila nalapit sa INC. Don’t twist it, ang INC mabubuhay ng walang gobyerno dahil ang INC marunong magpahalaga sa mga aral at sumusunod sa kaayusan ng kabuaan nito, pero ang gobyerno hindi mabubuhay ng walang INC…

        Ano ba sayo ang kulto? Gumagamit kami ng biblia tulad mo at hindi tulad mo kami marunong kaming magpasakop kahit minsan labag sa kalooban namin pero mas inuuna namin ang doktrina napag-aralan namin na ayon mismo sa Biblia. Kulto ba ang naniniwala sa Biblia?

        1. Either you are missing the point or you’re just TROLLING.

          Look yourself into the mirror and set your priorities for once…

    2. Girlie, una sa lahat, ang illegal detention ay paglabag sa karapatang pangtao, karapatang pinoprotektahan ng gobiyerno. Ngayon, ang pwede gawin ng elders niyo ay patunayan na walang basehan ang paratang laban sa kanila.

      Di niyo ba maintindihan ito?

      Oo, alam ko na selective ang justice ng Yellow government. Pero, mahirap ba patunayan na walang nangyaring illegal detention?

      Maaring ginagamit ito para gumanti sa inyo ang nasa kapangyarihan. kung may motibong paghihiganti o wala, ang mahalagal ay ang mapatunayan na di guilty ang mga elders sa iligal na pagkulong ng dati niyo miyembro.

      Mahirap ba gawin ito?

      1. Kapag ikaw ba sinabihan ng magulang mo na grounded ka muna sa bahay hindi ka makakalabas dahil sa nagawa mong paglabag. Kakasuhan mo kahit ito nagpalamon sayo at kumupkop sa pamilya mo? Hindi ito malaking issue hindi niyo lang naiintindihan ang situation, dinadaig kayo ng galit niyo sa INC….walang ginawang paglabag dito…

        1. Bad and wrong analogy. Kasama sa pagdidisiplina ng magulang sa anak nila ang pag-ground sa kanya, lalo na kung may basehan, maliban na kung sosobra na o inaabuso.

          Pero ang pag-“ground” ng isang oranisasyon sa isang tao o familia ay illegal detention. Tangi ang gobiyerno lang ang may karapatang at magagawa lang ito, at di basta basta madadakip ang tao ng walang warrant of arrest.

          Simple lang ang hinihingi ko sa INC – patunayan nila na walang nanyaring illegal detention o na walang kinalaman ang Sandigan nila sa nanyaring illegal detention.

        2. Really ikaw ang tama and ako ang mali? Imbes timbangin mo sinabi ko? This discussion will never end, the way you understand the simpliest analogy I gave you. I rest my case.

          Good day

        3. @Chris: Eto lang ang masasabi ko –

          “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” -Romans 13:1

        4. @Chris, wala ako sinabi na tama ako at mail ka. Ang hinihingi ko sa INC ay patunayan na di nangyari ang illegal detention o walang kinalaman ang Sandigan ng INC. Detaining someone ng dahil sa internal affair ay illegal detention pa rin.

          It’s as simple as that.

        5. Yes, pwede magdemanda yung bata if he feels mistrated. It would be up to the courts to decide if it has merit or not.

    3. Nah just admit that you inc cultist zombies are only causing trouble at Edsa because your minister told you so as his mask for his alleged incompetence like owning a private plane worth billions of pesos from your money you always gave to them you lemming. Hell, I bet your nonsense protest is also a marketing campaign for your “church’s” upcoming movie. Wala kayong pinagkaiba sa westboro baptist church mga utak teroristang inutil.

      1. “Wala kayong pinagkaiba sa westboro baptist church mga utak teroristang inutil.”

        Almost forgot that. Good you reminded everybody about this, domo.

    4. Hindi INC ang pinapakialaman, ung iilang tao lng na sinampahan ng reklamo. Lahat tayo ay pantay pantay sa batas, kayo kasi nilagay nio na sa pedestal ung mga ministro nio kita mo inutusan lng kayo pumunta sa kung saan sumunod na kayo, ng walang alam. Pare pareho tayong ipinanganak ng hubad at mamamatay ng walang madadala sa mundo, bakit ganun n lng kung sambahin nio ang ministro nio, eh tao din yan dapat managot sa batas kung kay kaso, tsaka lilitisin p naman yan, kung walang kasalanan eh d wala.

      Pagkakaisa? Pleeeeasssee…. Sugarcoat nio lang un sa ginagawa nio, pero ang totoo nakaperwisyo kayo,, manood kayo ng news sa ibang channel, wag lng sa net 25 para malaman nio ang perwisyo sa buhay n ginawa ninyo.

    5. Separation of church and state? Oh please don’t make me laugh.

      You INM (Iglesia Ni Manalo) cry wolf when the gov’t meddle with your group and yet you always mingle with certain politicians under the promise of endorsement. Mga inutil pala kayo eh.

      You ministers force your members to vote for the candidate they decide to back, not even thinking if he’s good or not. They’ve essentially taken away your freedom to choose the right leaders of this country. And you’re okay with that?

      Heck this recent rally had just proved how idiotic the majority of INM members are. They’ve been totally blinded by the false promise of “salvation”.

  7. Mahirap bang unawain kung paano nakalabas si Isaias Samson sa tinitirhan nya? Sinong tangang guardya (kung totoong illegally detained sya) ang papahintulot na papayagan ang ‘detainee’ nya na lalabas para sumamba? Syempre paniniwalaan nyo ang taong gumawa ng kwentong ‘illegally detained’ sya dahil kasiraan nga naman ng INC na yon ang lagi nyong inaabangan at gustong-gustong marinig: ang kasiraan ng INC!


    And no, you cannot say, “you brought that to yourselves because you are bloc voting”. INC never used political favours. Ang totoo matagal ng ginagawa ang pagtitiwalag sa mga sinumang napatunayang tumanggap ng anumang pabor mula sa mga pulitiko.

    1. Girlie,

      Obviously you don’t understand the principle of separation of church and state. The very fact that you are admitting that block voting is practiced is a violation of Church and State.

      What you are effectively stating is that your Church tells you how to vote. This is no longer separation. This is the Church telling you who to vote for, which is not democratic. It means that an unethical person could simply purchase these votes or they can be bought by the highest bidder.

      Let me ask you, if someone filed a case against you would you send other people to protest this action, or would you face the charges. Especially if you are a truthful person. The bible says the truth shall set you free, does it not? So, why can’t your leaders face the charges, true or false, insetad of being cowards and sending people to block the streets and disrupt the lives of people?

      I watched this “peaceful assembly” and it is pretty ironic that I didn’t hear ANY bible scriptures or verses to justify their actions. If you read the Bible, you will see that false charges were brought agaisnt Jesus and he went and faced them alone. He didn’t tell his followers to go out in the streets and create havoc. Examine the bible and compare it with the actions of your leaders. It says we will no if something is true by the fruits it brings.

      The only thing I see is someone who is scared to face charges and uses people like pawns. It is both unethical and unbiblical and wrong.

      1. Hi Robert,

        It is also our right to follow what’s the desicion of our Church to have a block.. walang nalalabag doon hello. Gusto nga namin eh, gusto nga namin sumunod labag ba yon? Di ba right din namin yon? yun naman ang pinaniniwalaan namin. Mahirap bang maintindihan yon?

        Pure Speculation I don’t know if you’ve experience this. (It means that an unethical person could simply purchase these votes or they can be bought by the highest bidder)

        “Let me ask you, if someone filed a case against you would you send other people to protest this action, or would you face the charges. Especially if you are a truthful person” Kung hindi kapatid haharapin namin sa Court pero kapag kapatid hangga’t maari dumadaan muna ito sa Katiwala, kapag hindi naayos ng katiwala magsasama ng Diakono, kapag hindi pa rin, Katiwala, Diakono, Pangulong Diakono na, kapag hindi pa rin iaakyat na sa Ministro na nakakasakop sa lugar na yun kapag hindi pa rin naayos, iaakyat na sa Distrito at kapag hindi pa rin saka pagpapasyahan ng Cental ng INC. ganoon ang proposeso namin saka ititiwalag ang kapatid.

        hindi ka kasi kaanib kaya madali kang humusga…hindi mo naman alam yung doktrina at panuntunan namin kaya mahirap mong maintindihan ang pinaglalaban namin… tulad ng mga nauna kong sinaba sa mga blog dito…. Kapag dinidisiplina ka ba ng magulang mo at sinabing grounded ka muna hindi ka makakalabas sa bahay pero malaya kang sumamba at ng nagkaroon ka ng pagkakataon makaalis nagsumbong ka kinulong ka ng mga taong halos dugo na lang ang kulang magkakamag-anak na kayo sa laman. Yung halos buong buhay mo binuhay ka nito, pinakain, pinag-aral bihisan ka at binigay sayo lahat ng pangangailangan mo at ng pamilya mo…

        Get your fact straight before accussing us of Unethical and unbiblical.

        1. Chris,

          I don’t understand all that you have written but I will respond to the last part about getting my fact(s)straight.

          It is unethical from the sense that it is a clear vioation of the law concerning elections. Please read below.

          Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines

          Sec. 261. Prohibited Acts. – The following shall be guilty of an election offense:

          (d) Coercion of subordinates

          1) Any public officer, or any officer of any public or private corporation or association, or any head, superior, or administrator of any religious organization, or any employer or land-owner who coerces or intimidates or compels, or in any manner influence, directly or indirectly, any of his subordinates or members or parishioners or employees or house helpers, tenants, overseers, farm helpers, tillers, or lease holders to aid, campaign or vote for or against any candidate or any aspirant for the nomination or selection of candidates.

          Now, about being unbiblical. Nowhere in the bible is voting for one particular candidate ever endorsed period. You can try and hide behind a misinterpretated scriptures that states you should be “Of one Mind”. However, this does not mean you have to be in agreement all the time. This is why Jesus tells us to get our stuff straight with our fellow humans before we start praying. Why? Because we have fundamental differences in the way we think. This is how God made us. He gave us free will to make our choices.

          Yes, you might think that it is your right to vote block. But, is it? Is it really a right if someone told you to do it? No, then it becomes a requirement or a commandment. Let’s see so if we are of own mind, this means we vote the same?

          Does it mean we drive the same car? Does it mean that we live in the same neighborhood? Does it mean that we work at the same place? Hmm, I can’t see how Iglesia Ni Cristo could have missed the mark on that scripture any worse than they did.

          If someone states that you committed a crime agains them do you send people to go protest against this action? So you don’t agree that a complaintant has a right of due process under law? Or does this only apply whenever a leader is being accused of a crime? No one is above the law. If the charges are untrue, then the person will not be held accountable. Some leaders you have that don’t even have the courage to face charges and instead hide behind a mass of people.

          Isn’t a leader supposed to lead fearlessly? That’s the kind of men I see in the Bible, like Moses, Joseph, etc. Didn’t Jesus go and face his accusors alone without asking for public demonstration? Yes, he did. The actions taken by your leaders are both unethical and unbiblical, period.

        2. Hi Robert,

          I’m sorry if you cannot understand what I wrote about, I know you’re a foreign but since you are so eager to comments knowing you do have a little knowledge of it, let your curiosity find it’s way to translate what I had wrote in response to your comments.

          I rest my case and have a nice day 😀

    2. Again, you could use that as evidence in court. And if proven true, you will expose the falseness of samson’s claims. Then your religion would be cleared. So what’s wrong with that?

  8. Simple solution: total the cost of lost business and man-hours brought about by this massive block of a major artery and have INC pay the equivalent fee/fine. That’s how it’s done in japan – it’s an effective policy for keeping would be suicide attempters from using trains to effect their death wish, as the family members have to take the bill which depends on how long the train line was disrupted.

    But with a govt on a leash like this – we can’t really expect much from the current batch of incompetent leaders. Let’s hope for a lee Kwan yew to rise soon on the Phil political landscape. A Singapore-class state is still achievable if we make the right choices.

  9. Hi Robert,

    Biblical verse why we do bloc voting and why we submit to our Church elders?

    1) Mark 12:17 “Give to Caesar what belong what to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God.”

    2) 1 Corinthians 1:10 “I appeal to you, brothers, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree and that there be no divisions among you, but you be united in the same mind and judgement.”

    Caesar as you may know refers to government, thus we take part in the exercise of our duties as ordinary citizens, one of which is the election of government officials. Now, how do we give what is due to God? God forbids or hate divisions and as taught by the apostles, we should be PERFECTLY JOINED TOGETHER IN THE SAME MIND AND IN THE SAME JUDGMENT.

    Need I elaborate further on the emphasized phrase?

    Next questions please…

    1. Nice misinterpretation right there.

      1.) Yes, being a Christian means being a good and model citizens yet the irony about this is they are not following due process and the rule of law, which you and your fellow ilk. You actually missed this:

      Romans 13:1 – “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

      2.) Another misinterpretation. It speaks more of FELLOWSHIP than trying to meddle in politics or even related to politics. During election time, we never did that stuff; we choose our own candidates.

      Need I elaborate further?

      Next questions please…

      1. Hi SkullFace (wondering how scary you could be, hehehe)…

        Ang pinaguusapan natin or ang isang pinupuntusan nyo sa INC ay pagkakaisa namin sa aming pagboto. Tinatanong nyo ang basehan, hayan at maliwanag ang turo sa bible na syang tinuran ko. Paano namin mapapatunayan ang aming pagkakaisa kung susundin namin ang kalooban namin o ang kagustuhan namin? Ano ba ang pagkakaintindi mo sa PERFECTLY JOINED TOGETHER? Perfect ba ang pagkakaisa kung may isang papairalin ang kagustuhan at hindi susunod?

        Ikaw ang may opinion na nakikialam kami sa politics. Kung sasabihin mong nakikialam kami, e, dapat pala hindi na kami boboto, di ba, dahil para sa yo ang pagboto namin ay ‘meddling in politics’.

        Nagkaisa kami, oh well, nasa inyo ang problema dahil hindi nyo matanggap ang aming ‘judgment’ kung sino ang pinili naming ihalal.

        Susundan kita sa tinuran mo, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities xxx” Tama! Hindi bat nagpapasakop kami sa pamahalaan na kahit ang mismong ibinoto namin ay maraming kapalpakan ay wala kayong narinig sa min?. Of course, ibang usapan kapag nakasalalay ang aming pananampalataya gaya ng gustong mangyari ng DOJ! Bakit namin hahayaang mga ministro nami’y kakaladkarin sa imbestigasyon ng DOJ dahil sa kwento ni Samson na illegally detained sya??? Para kunin ang mga ministro namin sa himpilan at pagpistahan ng media? Para humingi kami ng tulong sa gobyerno na sila rin ang nanggigipit? Kung NBI na nga ang nagpatunay na wala silang makitang ebidensya, bakit pinag-iinteresang buhayin ng DOJ ang kasong gawa-gawa lang ng isang isip-batang ministrong natiwalag???

        1. Usernames don’t matter. As Eleanor Roosevelt stated:

          “Small minds discuss PEOPLE. Average minds discuss EVENTS. Great minds discuss IDEAS.”

          -You’re missing the point because God Himself have given us “free will” and “freedom of choice” under His grace. Do you have any idea what FELLOWSHIP means?

          -And yes, your fellow members meddle in politics i.e. bloc voting. Kahit iyan ay labag sa ating Constitution. Hindi mo ba naisip iyon?

          -Still, waaaaay out of context ang reply mo sa akin. Hindi ito tungkol sa inyong pananampalataya or anything. Nagsampa ng kaso si Isaias Samson ng illegal detention against 8 ministers, which is a criminal offense. Also, you’re grasping on straws on your claims; basta ako, let the courts decide, not your congregation at kung “gawa-gawa lang ng isang isip-batang ministrong natiwalag” then why don’t you guys get a lawyer/prosecutor to settle this in court and not waste your time doing street justice and mob rule? Does that mean that you have your own set of laws? May sarili ba kayong korte? Kayo lang ba ang may karapatan to settle these kind of matters, even the offense is criminal as a citizen of the Republic of the Philippines? Wala kang kaalam-alam ukol sa ‘rule of law’ at ‘due process’? When it comes to human rights, diyan na papasok iyan. Isyu ang pinag-uusapan dito, hindi personalan. Kung si Isaias Samson ang mali, idaan na lang sa korte dahil iyan ang TAMANG pamamaraan. Hindi ang magwelga at mamerwisyo ng mga commuter.

          Ok lang na ipagtanggol ang pananampalataya pero may mga pagkakataon na kailangan ding sumunod sa batas. At hindi ninyo naiintindihan iyon.

        2. But even Jesus stood trial for his accusers even though the charges put against him were unjust. How about INC? You claim selective justice. Jesus faced. How about your leaders? Sending you to the frontlines and hiding themselves. So unlike the Jesus you preach!

    2. Girlie,

      The Mark 12:17 verse is about taxation not about voting. You should read the passage again and understand the context of what Jesus was saying.

      1 Corinthians 1:10 does not mean that you agree in everything, it says to be of the same mind and judgement. This was written so that people in the church would avoid starting fractions of the Church and having different doctrines, which was a problem in the early church. What this scriptures means is basically don’t cause trouble amongst yourselves in the same church and having contradictory teachings. Wayyy off base once again.

      Would you interpret 1 Corinthian 1:10 to mean that everything is supposed to be agreed upon? Why not everyone drive the same car, eat the same food, etc. That is one of the most outlandish interpretations of Scripture that I have seen. I can see why you are confused because you have been taught wrong doctrine and scriptures have been manipulated to suit the interests of the people in charge.

      God is a god of order is he not? Is it orderly to disrupt the lives of others when they are not at fault? Love your neighbor is a commandment. It is showing love to your neighbor to deprive him of some of his income when your leader could very easily comply with government.

      You do realize that this investigation is not a question of Church vs State, but rather an investigation into possible criminal activites. You realize it is against the law to detain someone without their consent. Now, the fact that your leaders refuse to even want an investigation is very telling about them.

      You really should look at the example of Jesus and not just blindly follow what someone tells you. As Christians we are given a charge to test the spirits and see whether they come from God. Does avoiding an investigation sound like something Jesus would do? Would he encourage blocking up a street that is vital for people in order to avoid facing charges? I don’t think so. I know once a person is indoctrinated into something it is so hard for them to see anything else. Maybe if you are a true follower of Jesus you would pray and ask for the answers to the questions I am posing.

      1. Hi Robert,

        You asked me for the basis of our unity especially during election process, right?

        I can understand your interpretation of the verses I quoted which of course differs from our interpretation and not acceptable to you.

        Re your other queries, pls read my reply to SkullFace.

        Re disruption of the lives of our kababayans, pls understand that we asked for apologies to you and to everyone affected. If only we could have done our rally in the mountains, not in EDSA, why not, so we could have not caused inconvenience to many but who will hear us in the mountains but the birds, di ba. E, di lalo nyo lang kaming pinagtawanan! EDSA or the busy roads (sorry wala akong alam sa Manila) is the only platform INC members could think of where all officials of the government cannot fail to ignore!

        Anyway, peace na tayo at natigil na ang aming rally.

        Good day to everyone! Salamat sa pang-unawa 🙂

        1. and the lesson to this whole debacle is….we can be catholic, iglesia, protestant, muslim, whatever….but first and foremost we exhibit the bad attitude of being a filipino in the philippines…this is the same “di naman fatal” attitude that a previous author talked about (o ayan tumigil na kami, peace na tayo….yeah right).

          can’t resist, their unity in elections? it is because they have been thoroughly brain washed.

        2. I have no plans of making peace with cult members who perpetrate the belief that non members will go to hell.

          Saying sorry AFTER commmiting a nuisance is just plain bullshit. No freaking accountability. Fools. Karma will catch up to you one day.

  10. O sige na, kayo lang ang marunong, kami mga uto-uto. Kayo lang ang may karapatang mag rally, kami hindi dapat. Kayo lang ang nasa katwuwiran, kami na ang pinakamasama!

    E, di, WOW! 🙂

    1. I expected much from you, but now you ended up playing the victim card, which is pathetic.

      Pwede kayong mag-rally pero sa tamang lugar at hwag sa EDSA. Hindi niyo ba naiisip iyon?


    2. Yeah what victory? It’s gonna be Inglesia kaput soon. And, it is really super childish playing the victim! Have some cool aid kid!

  11. Stockholm Syndrome..that’s what we are suffering from, yes? we are being held hostage by a minority of the population, i.e, MILF, INC, LP, etc. and we do nothing, yes? what is going to be the final straw that breaks the Filipinos backs? I am waiting….

      1. i hope i don’t have long to wait..i’ve got kids ages 8,4,3 and 1..i want them to inherit a totally different country from ours..it may be a dream but i am not giving up yet

  12. Unity to be honest , iam impressed with the unity of Iglesia ni Cristo, if only the citizens if the Philippines learn something about the power of unity this will tell you how powerful the power of the people if they are united. Iglesia ni Cristo tried to hide their corrupted ways but they were wrong hiding it against the law of the land,,, their greedy members and envious habits they cannot overcome like the rest of the world .. Greed and envy is the evil.. It finally caught up with Iglesia ni Cristo .. It is the beginning of destruction . It is karma from the almighty ..

  13. Playing the victim?

    Sino bang umaaray sa ginawa naming rally? Sinong nabiktima? Hellooooh…

    Bali-baliktarin nyo man ang pangyayari, nagtagumpay kami!

    Kung alin yong mababa, di bat yon ang mas mabigat???

    Maaliwalas na umaga sa inyo! Kung patuloy kayong maiinis sa sagot ko, expected ko na yon! 🙂

    1. You’re playing the victim card with your comments. That’s what.

      No matter what you’re trying to pull, I have no idea what “victory” is that. What? “Victory” that the government is giving in to your demands? Bakit ayaw isa-publiko kung ano ang pinag-usapan ng INC at ng government.

      Oh yeah, maaliwalas din na umaga sa inyo dahil hindi kami naiinis or whatever; you’re just butthurt because all you did is to circlejerk the argument. Yun lang.

    2. @GirlieCruz: Well now, so the truth finally came out. This rally was meant to inflict damage rather than achieve a good outcome for the society as a whole. Tsk tsk. Iglesia ni “Cristo” supposedly…

    3. “Sino bang umaaray sa ginawa naming rally?” – Ilan sa mga kapitbahay at ka-barangay ko na pangkaraniwang mamamayan na ang pakay lamang ay pumunta sa trabaho at umuwi ng di naabala pero ‘di nangyari yun kasi nakaharang ang ilang taga-INC sa dinadaanan nila.

      “Sinong nabiktima?” – Yung mga naperwisyo nung Biernes ng gabi at ng mga sumunod na araw.

      “Bali-baliktarin nyo man ang pangyayari, nagtagumpay kami!” – Nakakatakot ‘tong sinabi mo sapagkat ang pagsabi ng “nagtagumpay kami!” ay maari ding mangahulugang “nakalamang kami!”

      “Kung alin yong mababa, di bat yon ang mas mabigat???” – Maliban na lang kung may sadyang humila nun pababa, di ba?

    4. “Sino bang umaaray sa ginawa naming rally? Sinong nabiktima? Hellooooh…”

      salamat sa “apology”. damang-dama namin ang sinseridad.=)

    5. Girlie,

      Ikaw ay pormal na tinitiwalag sa Iglesia ni Kristo. Isa kang ekskomunikado at wala ng kaligtasan para sayo. Salamat sa mga ikapu mo di na namin maibabalik yun (pero tiwalag ka pa rin.)

      Ang Orig na Pasugo,

      Ka F 🙂

  14. All I can do after reading the INC person’s comments is “shake my head and walk away…”

    Quoting from the Bible to defend your little cult’s actions against a government is bad. Why? Because the Bible itself was compiled by politicians from more than 2,000 years ago to serve their own agendas. *sigh*

  15. Lets check the FACTS.

    1. The case of serious illegal detention was files against the PEOPLE who happen to hold positions in the INC. It is NOT against the church itself nor its core faith.

    Unless people consider the PEOPLE of the Sanggunian as THE INC CHURCH would someone take offense on such a legal action. So sino ang pinagsisilbihan ng congregation? Your Sanggunian or your God?

    2. The case was bout Serious Illegal Detention which is a criminal offense under the Philippine Penal Code. It is a crime of a PERSON/GROUP against a PERSON. It is NOT about the internal machinations and policies of the INC church.

    3. The Government through the DOJ is MANDATED BY LAW to look after and PROTECT THE RIGHTS of the citizens, Serious Illegal Detention is a VIOLATION OF THE RIGHT of a person. One cannot invoke the Church/State Separation clause because the offense if a PERSON TO PERSON in nature.

    4. The case by the certain Mr. Isaac Samson was FILED around 26-27 AUGUST 2015. DOJ has not even docketed the case for preliminary review/investigation to determine sufficiency in merit because the complainant failed to meet certain documentary requirements.

    INC LEADERSHIP STARTED RALLYING THEIR MEMBERS AS EARLY AS 28 AUGUST 2015 if you consider their convergence in the MALLS an in Padre Faura.

    They are PRE-EMPTIVELY crying “Special Treatment” when NO proper legal process has been set in motion yet.

    5. I personally watched LIVE INTERVIEWS were reporters are asking demonstrators if they understand why they are there. A LOT OF THEM don’t even understand why they are put their always saying “they were told so by their ministers”. Eventually interviews later on become seldom because members REFUSE or a BEING HELD BACK in entertaining live interviews.

    There is NO GOD INVOLVED in all of this, all I see is a bunch of PEOPLE (the Sanggunian) manipulating their flocks to serve their own interests and demonstrate their political clout to the BIDDERS that would come knocking and kneeling before them in 2016.

  16. Why the INC protested? Coz DOJ under De lima had taken prejudice in handling the case of Samson vs the 8 members of the Church Council to the point of receiving Samson and organizing a presscon herself. DOJ did not break any laws of the Constitution i agree but should have not handled the case per legal ethics considering the offense to the individuals were non bailable. Meaning the DOJ can easily issue a warrant and pick our ministers without even the oppurtunity to defend themselves. Hence, the motive is already questionable. There are brethrens in the DOJ and in Malacanang and we are aware that a present evil is lurking in the backdoor. Just to clear, INC never intends to stop the case nor kick out De Lima. What we want is DUE PROCESS.. to give the case to the city prosecutor where it should be. So a remedy or a counter can be filed by the accused. I hope that is somewhat clear for a few that thinks first before they post.

  17. If not DOJ, who should handle the case? Section 2, Rule 112 of the Revised Rules on Criminal Procedure, officials authorized to conduct preliminary investigations are: “(a) Provincial of City Prosecutors and their assistants; (b) Judges of the Municipal Trial Courts and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts; National and Regional State Prosecutors; and Other officers as may be authorized by law. without substance

  18. These people do not know that Pnoy is once again using his power to manipulate the justice system. Re Church and State separation: democracy, yan ang meron tayo just like what most of you said. We have freewill. And it is our right to give the responsibility of choosing who to vote for to our exexcutive minister and his council. Bloc voting ay hindi paglabag sa State. Kahit kailan hindi nangialam ang INC sa mga programa ng gobyerno. Ang pag object ng simbahang katoliko sa rh bill ang isang example ng Church and State separation so pleaseeeee mag isip at wag mag feeling matalino!

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