The Sixth State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Noynoy Aquino – July 27, 2015

President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino will be delivering his last state of the nation address (SONA) soon. Filipinos can breathe a sigh of relief now that his reign is almost over. The day he finally steps down from office cannot come soon enough for those who did not vote for him and those who did vote for him but were disillusioned with him after they realized he lacked leadership and diplomatic skills to fix the problems of our nation.

President BS Aquino's last SONA will be awkward as some of his key allies have abandoned him.

President BS Aquino’s last SONA will be awkward as some of his key allies have abandoned him.

BS Aquino’s previous SONAs were nothing more than hollow rhetoric. It’s as if he never stopped campaigning even after “winning” the popularity contest. His speeches are low on substance but high on pomposity. He is good at bragging about his so-called accomplishments but bad at providing data to back his claims. He also celebrates his government’s future projects even when they are still on the drawing board. His tendency to take credit for the projects initiated by his predecessors is legendary.

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The president is likely to use his last SONA to try to appeal to emotion once again by mentioning his family’s suffering during the Marcos years. This will include mentioning his late father, Ninoy who is considered by some as a national hero and his late mother former President Cory who is considered by some as a saint. Frankly, a lot of people have become tired of hearing about Ninoy and Cory because they realize that their only real legacy is disrespect for the country’s institutions and disregard of the law.  The country has yet to recover from the first instance Filipinos threw the rulebook out of the window. The nation is still reeling from the effects of the EDSA revolutions that resulted in mediocrity and incompetence in governance that continues to this day with no sign of abating.

BS Aquino’s SONAs will not be complete without the mention of his predecessor or at least a jab at former President Gloria Arroyo. Never mind the fact that he is still using the policies initiated by Arroyo. This includes the Conditional Cash Transfers or Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program and TESDA-DOLE scholarships given to underprivileged members of society. Like in his previous speeches, his last SONA will mention that the beneficiaries of the programs have increased under his term. He will mention it like it’s a good thing. Increase in the number of people getting government dole outs also means the number of poor people have increased and that more of tax payers’ money is being allocated to something that is not a guarantee to alleviate poverty.

BS Aquino’s last SONA will be awkward for some people. It would be interesting to see how the President will regard his Vice President Jejomar Binay in his speech.  While the Veep has always been addressed briefly in the introduction, BS Aquino might dedicate a bigger part of his speech to respond to Binay’s claim that the President is a bumbling incompetent and practices selective justice. I do hope BS Aquino does address Binay. It would be disappointing if he didn’t. Whatever the President decides, people will be watching as he mentions Binay’s name with a clenched jaw.

The animosity between BS Aquino and Binay is proof that he was not telling the truth when he said in his previous SONA that “those who have been with us from the start have only grown in number.”  Aside from Binay, there were other allies who severed ties with BS Aquino. After resigning, former Akbayan Party-list Representative Walden Bello criticized the president by comparing his governance style to that of leading a fraternity wherein loyalty is what matters.

So much for BS Aquino’s statement in which he said, “I believe that if what I have been doing is right, then our allies will only grow.” What’s happening is the opposite – his enemies seem to be growing. That is because he is doing something wrong and his fight against corruption had failed.

BS Aquino’s last SONA will give him another opportunity to lambast his critics. He will insinuate once again that if we are not with him, then we are against him. In other words, he will throw another tantrum and it might be a gigantic one considering he didn’t get his Bangasamoro Basic Law in time for the SONA.

Throwback SONA 2014: Unnecessary fashion displays may violate laws on 'thoughtless extravagance'. (Photo source:

Throwback SONA 2014: Unnecessary fashion displays may violate laws on ‘thoughtless extravagance’.
(Photo source:

BS Aquino’s last SONA will showcase the current government’s hypocrisy. The government will be spending millions on food and manpower during the event. The menu, which reportedly includes “Black Angus with soft pan rolls”, has been circulating around the Net. This has outraged a lot of Netizens who think that public servants do not need to eat like kings and queens. They should be observing austerity measures. Some even think that the poor man’s favorite meal pagpag should be served instead. BS Aquino once tried to show that he wasn’t as extravagant compared to his predecessor by eating a hotdog from a stand in New York. It turned out to be just another PR move.

BS Aquino will be trumpeting his so-called “achievements” in his last SONA as usual. The question is, why should the SONA be celebrated at all? Not much has changed since he took over from the previous government. Considering the SONA is simply a report of the state of the nation, which is still in bad shape, the Congressmen and women need not wear expensive attires as if they are attending a red carpet event. They’ll just look ridiculous the way they did before. The excessive spending is a violation of the law banning thoughtless extravagance. It will be more a reminder of how they squandered public funds through scams like the pork barrel and Disbursement Acceleration programs. Sad to say, the people who are beholden to the public servants will not even mind the circus. Until then, they will continue to wallow in mediocrity.

84 Replies to “The Sixth State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Noynoy Aquino – July 27, 2015”

  1. PNoy Talking Rubbish Again

    I’m here to talk rubbish again, No not the garbage Canada dump on our nation. I’m supposed to be talking about more important things since my rubbish speech is totally underrated. And I’m talking real rubbish here, but not the literal kind, the garbage that I always throw every SONA.

    #1. IYAK at PAAWA Gimmick

    PWEDE ba GASGAS at BULOK na style mo

    Ang paulit-ulit na pagbanggit ng sakripisyo at hirap daw ng kanilang magulang ay para lamang makuha ng support, approval, at sympathy ng mga tao. Masyado na Over-Acting at sobra na gasgas na ang gimmick ng mga Aquino

    “Crocodile tears (or superficial sympathy) are a false, insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief” -Wikipedia

    #2. BLAME STORMING & SCAPEGOAT (Manisi at Palusot)

    -is the favorite pastime of FAIL-LIPINOS, as exemplified no less by our President – PNoy never ever felt responsible for anything that goes haywire in our country. In short, the PALPAK (failure) started elsewhere or with somebody (usually Arroyo or Marcos and Critics).

    It’s sad that PNoy still continue to blame throw and remain to be Vindictive. Again, it show our President still has not learn/matured/grown in the 4-5 years as President of the Philippines which up to now (29yrs after Edsa) has no clear direction & still derailed.

    Why can’t PNoy take an open minded approach to the challenges a President face that he always to succumb to the temptation to scapegoat and blame throwing again and again….

    How can we expect or trust our President to solve our problems when they normally waste time & effort on dysfunctional finger pointing.

    PNoy’s way to gain public support & acceptance is always to capitalize on failures or bad mouthing his predecessors or merely ride on the Legacy of Parents that Fail-lipinos feel obligated to give him same level of endearment.


    “Ang Sinungaling kapatid ang Magnanakaw.”

    Ang Magnanakaw kakambal ng Bobo at Tamad.

    Corruption in my definition is the product of an IDLE or LAZY Mind, selfishness/greed and materialism because corrupt people/Leaders do not realize the consequence of pocketing public funds or receiving bribes. Money should be circulated around to create more business opportunities, employment, expenditures and to fuel the economy.

    Jessie J “PRICE TAG”
    “It’s not about the money, money, money. We just wanna make the world dance.”

    1. He is quite predictable, isn’t he? That’s because he is vindictive and arrogant. One already knows he is going to blame other people for his shortfalls.

      1. @ Ilda, only as predictable as you or anyone else is.

        Your contempt of a single politician is the height of hypocrisy. The ‘allies’ deserting Aquino as his term ends are the acts of RATS jumping off sinking ships and leaving the Captain to drown.This shouls be recognized for what it is, but you act as if these rats are some kind of indignant do-gooders when they are just fuckin RATS.

        Just as GMA and E-CRAP b4 her Aquino is just another creepy ass FOS Filipino Bull-Shit artist. Some may say that the problem lies with the people. BUT THAT IS AN EXCUSE, thieves are thieves.

        You will not publish this comment? Because? You need to be right all the time all the time and no one can disagree with you? Sounds like someone you write about?

        1. and don’t forget that all the bull-shit ‘Blue-ribbon’ Senate investigation are just exercises in laughing at the people. Not a single one of these RATS has gone to a real jail.
          The Feud between Binay and Aquino is anything but a feud, more like a fraud. There may be a charade like that which occurred with GMA showing up in NAIA trying to leave the country BUT as guilty a rat as she was, she was never prosecuted and never went to jail and most likely is never in that hospital room either.

          The Fail-ipino politician is a member of a corrupt syndicate that pretends to persecute each other and then, when no one gets convicted or loses anything and doesn’t go to jail, they laugh at the idiots they govern.Meanwhile they have ‘political activists’ like those here at GRP, trying to ascertain who will deliver ‘good governance’ to the people.There’s a laugh, eh?Well when does that expectation fall a little short? isn’t 50 years long enough? apparently not, for the Fail-ipino’s.

        2. Just as GMA and E-CRAP b4 her Aquino is just another creepy ass FOS Filipino Bull-Shit artist. Some may say that the problem lies with the people. BUT THAT IS AN EXCUSE, thieves are thieves.

          Duh?! Just because I criticise Aquino doesn’t mean I think GMA and Erap are ANGELS.

          The leader is simply a reflection of the people particularly when the people live in a DEMOCRACY.

          Oh look…when Filipinos are the topic, it’s “no holds barred” on the ad hominem attack but when it comes to other ethnicities like Greeks, statements have to show deference. LOL #racistmuch

          Your contempt of a single politician is the height of hypocrisy. The ‘allies’ deserting Aquino as his term ends are the acts of RATS jumping off sinking ships and leaving the Captain to drown.This shouls be recognized for what it is, but you act as if these rats are some kind of indignant do-gooders when they are just fuckin RATS.

          Contempt? What makes you think I feel contempt? And for one politician only? 😉

          I don’t think they are rats abandoning a sinking ship especially not in Binay’s case. PNoy may be sinking but it was the incessant attacks from PNoy’s political allies that made Binay decide to “abandon ship”. Bello decided to abandon PNoy long before the President’s popularity rating went down. The former BoC official Sevilla resigned because of pressure from PNoy’s allies who allegedly wanted to put their own men in the agency. PNoy’s former spokesperson Carandang also abandoned him a few years ago. See, I don’t think you know what you are talking about here.

          And anyway, whether they are merely abandoning a “sinking ship” or finally have come to their senses is not important. What’s important is they finally had the guts to do it. That means they still have self-respect. They realised it was hard to defend someone indefensible like PNoy. He is arrogant and therefore, hopeless.

          You will not publish this comment? Because? You need to be right all the time all the time and no one can disagree with you? Sounds like someone you write about?

          I have no idea what you are talking about. Your views have been published on this site. You’re just trying to appeal to emotion by playing the “victim card”. LOL

        3. You cannot put all the blame to President Aquino, regarding hardship of Filipino people. Critiques of President Aquino please Wake up. Understand that there are a lot of calamities during his term and add the previous corruption. How much money was left during his term. He is an Honest Man. Filipinos are not easily satisfied. As Karma to the Filipino people. Someday you will experienced again another President like Marcos, Estrada, and Arroyo. President Aquino is not Perfect but he did a good job as President of the Philippines.

        4. @Neth

          I don’t feel sorry for PNoy. I know the President’s job is hard that’s why I was surprised that he applied for it even when he was/is not fit to fulfil his duties.

          PNoy was aware of the corruption before he was elected. In fact, he was one of those who received pork barrel during GMA’s term. Unfortunately, he didn’t do much then and still didn’t do much during his term to fix it. Worse of all, he is also into patronage politics. That is the cancer of our society.

          If you want Filipinos to be united, please join us in advocating for PNoy to stop blaming the previous govt so he can devote his remaining time in office to fixing the problems.

        5. @Neth
          He did a good job? Good job how?
          If he did a good job, then
          How do you explain your presence here?

          Real leaders never rely on propaganda nor trolls if they were indeed doing a good job.

          Explain to us then why did he botch up the luneta hostage crisis, the yolanda crisis and more recently the mamasapano incident which by the way he botched up since he was the one that gave the order to “stand down” to the soldiers that could have saved the SAF44 from being slaughtered.

          Don’t bother posting here if you can’t answer anything from us.
          Don’t bother appealing to emotions nor playing the victim card, they won’t work.

          TROLL HARDER

        6. @ Ilda, if you do not have contempt for these thieves, that is where your hypocrisy lies. It s not just Aquino, it is all of them. You think the Binay’s are not shady-kickback taking con-artists? and that they, like every other Filipino politician ,will ever see the inside of a jail cell for their many misdeeds?
          It is YOU who knows not about what she speaks, as you sight one or two people who might have had a personal disagreement with Aquino as some sort of white-washing over this whole den of thieves that, as more than one S.E.Asian News Weekly Magazine has labelled ‘The Largest Crime Syndicate in S.E.Asia’….and they are, without a doubt.
          And please, VICTIM CARD? I am glad you printed one of these comments after NOT publishing at least 20, BUT IDC….The recent ‘I am calling ‘BULLSHIT’ on this one’, did not make it in to this space…and you probably still have it….in your spam folder…so print that?
          The one and only problem here is your vilification of ONE of these clown/thieves and acting as if ALL the rest of them are somehow not guilty of the same things. Every single Filipino I have ever met has stated that he/she thinks all of them are crooks, and yet you seem to think otherwise?
          Tell your readers: How is it that none of them ever goes to jail?

        7. When did I say I have no contempt for thieves? When did I say “Binay’s (sic) are not shady-kickback taking con-artists”? 🙂

          Please work on your comprehension skills because your interpretation of my article is WRONG.

          LOL…don’t blame me when your comments go to the spam folder. You should quit acting like you are above the commenting guidelines of this site in the first place. You don’t address the issues raised in the article. You simply want to bully the writer. Create your own site so you can be free to write whatever you want.

        8. @ Neth, it is funny how Filipino’s seem to think that thieving politicians are either going to save them or bury them.BUT then again, the Filipino has had their collective futures stolen, and do I really have to point out who the thieves are?
          To see corruption first hand in the LTO, BoI,BIR and virtually everywhere in between, it is a hard sell to anyone that there is a single non-thief among the political class and their puppet media franchises. However Ilda here seems to think, quite unbelievably, that some of these loathsome individuals are not thieves.W-W-W-W-W-WHAT?

          Take E-CRAP as an example, a guy who was up to his neck in corruption,NO? The guy is facing a possible death penalty and impeachment,decades behind bars.Serves absolutely no jail time and gives no money back, is now the Mayor of Manila. A more corrupt country there may very well be, but corruption is corruption and the Philippines is full of it, so pervasive it is that it touches virtually every government office in the country.It is a fact….and yet Ilda here states somehow ‘do not know’… it must be that the young lady needs a weatherman to inform her when it rains !!!

        9. it is funny how Filipino’s seem to think that thieving politicians are either going to save them or bury them.BUT then again, the Filipino has had their collective futures stolen, and do I really have to point out who the thieves are?

          Oh…I could say the same about Greeks but I bet you would find something to say about it too.

          Where exactly in my article did I say that “some of these loathsome individuals are not thieves”?

          You’re just blabbing on about nonsense. Lame trolling.

        10. @DFS What part of Ilda’s last comment didn’t you understand? Noynoy just happens to be the most influential politician at the moment and one who built an entire platform of governance on the nebulous concept of the “straight and narrow”. Nobody here, not me, not any of the other authors, are claiming that Noynoy is the only bad guy and all the rest are not as bad. They’re all bad. But Noynoy is the current president and as such, is held to a higher standard and is evaluated against the promises and assertions he makes as president.

          If that is too much for you to understand, that’s really your problem and not ours.

          You seem to be going around in circles which probably mirrors the way your brain works. It’s one thing to be critical of the government (something GRP gets called out about a lot). But it’s another to be critical in a manner that leaves no latitude for finding opportunity to move forward. That’s just being a plain anarchist. If you think all politicians are equally bad, then you may as well lay down on the road and wait for a semi to run you over.

      2. @ Benigno, “if you think all politicians are bad , you might as well lay down and wait for a semi to run you over…”, AND YOU THINK THAT BECAUSE ALL POLITICIANS ARE THIEVES(and they are,especially in the Philippines) That I am going to lay down in the street and subject myself to a gruesome death? That is what you should tell someone who thinks the filipino government is going to save them, or somehow make the avg. Filipino’s lives better.
        You actually have some fuckin nerve their buddy, up until that utterence I was thinkin you actually might be alright. BUT by saying that, tells me you Flips aren’t half as smart as you think you are and maybe just as dumb as some people think.

        The Philippines needs a Militant shit-starter (Jonny Rotten?),and 500,000 serious as shit gets followers to get things started and take it from there. GRP ? HA!!!! 15 YRS. in and not a single thing in that shit-hole has changed. This fact should tell you if you do not have an Anarchistic event, that YOU would be better off ‘laying down in the street and letting traffic take over from there’, as the difference between what you will be doing then is that you will only be shortening the misery of the Filipino by maybe 50 years. As a blindman can see ,otherwise……nothing will change.
        BTW, you have figured this out already though, huh?

        1. You know who’s pathetic? People who underestimate us and belittle our efforts but still continue to read us.

          I’m quite proud of what we have achieved without help from outside. You might not see it but mainstream media has started to copy our style by featuring articles discussing what’s wrong with our culture. Even the Inquirer has started doing it. That is something. Mainstream media is the key to disseminating the right information to the larger public especially when you are dealing with Filipinos who only read articles from sources they think are “credible”.

          I have to say it over and over for those who don’t get it: The first step to fixing a problem is to acknowledge there is one. Only a handful of people are willing to accept there is a problem. So don’t be surprised that until now, not much has changed in Philippine society.

        2. Well said, IIda. I admire you’re patience in stating and restating the case to those who choose not to understand.

          Everyday, GRP takes risks in calling out problems and the powerful people that create them. Thanks.

        3. WTF, DFS? If we’re all gonna lay down in the street, I suggest we do it in Manila. It’ll be like taking an uncomfortable nap in a parking lot.

          Unclear as to the Mission of your 500,000 “Shit Gitters”. Are these prosecutors or gunners? Either way, we’re just wasting resources on past issues.

          I suggest we just ignore the Government and go to work building the country WE want.

  2. I Agree, IIda. This SONA is just another milestone in the long, sad “All Talk-No Walk” journey of the last 6 years; remarkable only for:
    Celebrity Weddings with World Record Cakes, Blue Ribbon Celebrity Photo-Ops while “Investigating” the PDAF, DAP and BBL Series of P Bn “Schemes, Scams and Scandals”.

    Since the next Administration will have the same Plot and Cast of Characters (playing different roles), let’s eliminate future SONAs and just watch Re-Runs on TV (or not) CHEERS and TEARS.

    1. They should just use bullet points. They should also address all the major issues plaguing the nation today like transportation, energy, unemployment crises and plus the traffic and flood problems.

  3. I watched a few videos of his father’s speeches. He seemed to be a man of action and results, and a great orator too. His son is not as smart and as good a speaker. His speeches are an improvement over Gloria’s terribly robotic manner of delivering speeches, but they are still robotic (i.e. poor intonation) and not as full of substance as one would expect from his father’s speeches

    1. It’s hard to believe that PNoy & Kris are both children of Ninoy? It shows have parent/relatives, society & religion have spoiled our Leaders & Role models in many ways – gets everything they want and never have to work for it. Hence, an easy life results Lazy & Idle Mind or stupidity as exemplified by Kris & PNoy.

      The root cause of stagnant economy and false public service is due to lack of intelligence (incompetence : lack if vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation/lack of imagination & creativity).

      1. So glad to hear someone nailing it. I wrote about it recently on my blog. I called it the inability to think outside the Filipino box. The main reason we don’t have that ability is the fact that the average IQ in the Philippines is only 86. But there are other factors as well

        And you’re right again on the spoiled part. It diminishes the offsprings’ values and sense of initiative. Really glad to hear someone with a similar view

    2. Ninoy may have been better at delivering his speeches compared to his son but I don’t think he did anything significant during his stint in the senate. We’ll never know if he would do a good job as President.

  4. As usual Filipinos are good in telling what’s wrong with other people but neglect to see what was wrong with them self.they loved to be praised but hate being critiqued . Oh we’ll you will never the good one not until you lose them. It is not always greener at the other side of the fence,wait for the next elected president , he might be the one who will get the poor a better life, even the country has no potential to create jobs for its over populated country,,we will see how long the next one will last before the start rallying to impeach him or her. Filipinos must work hard to get where they going.. I salute the ofw’s for trying harder . And those who did not return and stay where they make a living will have a chance to change their life for in the Philippines progress is doomed,, it population fries faster that it’s economy…

  5. He should’ve just invited one team in each local media to his office in Malacañang to televise him giving or reading to the Filipinos his annual reports. That prevents feeding the crocodiles and the unnecessary political fashion displays. I don’t know. This SONA seems to be an in-your-face event, parading the pigs, er, enemies of the state to mock the whole poor gullible slave society.

  6. Another hard hitting blog from my favorite Viral Queen, and thankfully not of the viral of the Kris Aquino kind. Can’t add anything to it. Just give it to them, woman, and I will be there leading the cheers. Chow.

    1. Hehe…thanks, Add. Most of your comments are very insightful. They often get republished as “featured comment”.

  7. …and expect Failipinos to vote for equally-incompetent and inefficient and in people in power again. The cycle will just keep repeating itself….. :v

    Oh well, might as well grab some popcorn and soda on election day and watch the already-doomed Failipino voters try, in a futile attempt, to vote their way out of their problems….. :v

  8. All these spoilers about PNoy’s SONA make me look forward to it. And here I thought I had enough of doomsday scenarios in “San Andreas”. lels

  9. Nice one Iida. But I can just imagine PNoy’s speech writers scrambling in these last minutes to undo 80% of their finished product just to prove you wrong. I’m pretty positive they’re reading and analyzing each of the points you’ve raised. The SONA event organizers can’t do much to change the menu though as the food has already been ordered – Another million pesos down the drain.

    1. That’s why I didn’t write my SONA article earlier. I didn’t want to give his speechwriters a chance to revise PNoy’s SONA…hehe.

  10. SONA, is the State of the Nation Adddress, delivered by Presidents. You don’t need pompous and misleading words , to describe the “State of the Nation”. You just OPEN your Eyes to your surroundings. And be aware of what is happening of the Nation.

    Squatters are growing up everywhere , like mushrooms. So is pollution.

    There is a MILF/ISIS/Al Queda in Mindanao, that murdered 44 Policemen in Mamapasano; while Aquino looked the other way. Aquino even has a BBL Law pending for approval, to fund this MILF/ISIS/Al Queda; that massacred the 44 Policemen.

    There is a runaway inflation. Just go and buy your food, and daily needs in the market. And,
    see how your monthly earnings would buy.

    The National economy is too dependent on OFW (OCW) remittances. The country would SINK economically without their remittances.

    Dacer-Corbito murder case; Maguindanao massacre; Hacienda Luisita massacre; etc…are not yet resolved. Crime is rampant, and criminals are getting bolder and bolder.

    There is an unabated corruption in the Aquino administration.Aquino is the most corrupt, thru his: DAP, PDAF, Pork Barrel Bribery, etc…

    Poverty is on High Level under the Aquino administration.

    Only those mentally retarded people, and his YellowTard minions , will be Clapping their Hands, as he will address his SONA. They grew immensely Rich, under his administration.

    1. The Land Reform Program is shelved by Aquino to protect, his Hacienda Luisita. We are
      still a Feudal Oligarchy.

      We are waiting for a President, who can implement the real Land Reform Program; and take us out of this Feudal Oligarchy…

  11. Sa lahat po ng nakaraan na mga president natin,ay maraming silang kakulangan at di nagawa na mga importanteng mga bagay na dapat yon ang mga priority nila. Kaya lang kasi hindi nila pinapakin-gan ang kanilang mga kapwa taong Pilipino. Sa nakikita ko at observasyon ko ay maganda ang kanilang mga layunin sa simula, pero habang nasa hi-way sila ng kanilang paglakad sa ating governo ay maraming din mga advisers, mga cabinets at iba pa na nakahadlang at paunting-untihin nilang paikutin ang ulo ng pangulo at siya naman ay naligaw sa kanyang layunin, etc. kailangan ang lider na balance ang puso at intelligence sa pagtingin ng ano ang mga priority at ang mga ikalawang mga bagay na gagawin… di ba po?

  12. try niyo kasing mag Presidente. para malaman nyo kung ano ang ginagawa nila. Sana nman po bago kayo manira, asikasuhin nyo muna ang mga nagawa nyo sa bansang Pilipinas. At kung anu ang magandang nagawa nyo bilang isang Pilipino.

    1. We know being the President is hard that’s why we can’t understand why Noynoy applied for a job he is not fit to fulfil.

      A lot of people who are more competent want to try being the President but voters won’t vote for them unless their last name is Aquino or Poe or something more popular.

    2. Commenter doesn’t accept that Noy got pushed into the presidential run after his mother died. Opportunity well-seized. Poor Mar, he got edged out of a candidacy that should have been his. But yeah, his chances seemed slimmer than Noy’s, so they seized it when Cory died. Winnability over ability anytime for these clowns.

    3. Yeah right failipino like being a president is the silver bullet for our country’s problems. Gasgas na iyang lumang spiel mo bobong pinay. Now shoo!

  13. sabagay lahat ng mali kagagawan ni Noynoy. Dapat nga sya ang sumalo lahat ng bala na tumama sa SAF44 , at nasama narin sya sa pagkalunod nung rumagasa ang bagyong Yolanda. Para lahat ng mga taong ayaw sa pamumuno nya masaya na. kahit di ko sya ibinoto noon kailangan nya ang mga taong marunong rumespeto kahit sa bansang Pilipinas at sa kapwa Pilipino. Kung sa isang Pamilya, kailangan ng respeto sa isa’t isa.

    Gudluck sa susunod na President.
    Boboto ako kung si Duterte ang tatakbo.

    1. “sabagay lahat ng mali kagagawan ni Noynoy..”

      Alam mo naman pala e. Ok lang sana kung yun buwis ko di kinakaltas pampasuwledo sa mga alang silbing tulad nyan e. Yan tatahimik ako. Kaso hindi e. Ansarap talagang maging abusadong pinuno pag mga tulad mong MAUNAWAIN ang pinamumunuan. Kaya nagpapatayan mga kandidato para lang mahalal e.=)

  14. One sided article. I agree with everything you said but you left out the good side of the recent Aquino administration.

    It seems from the way you where writing your in favor of Binay and left out the bad side of Binay also.

    1. What good side? Perhaps finished projects that were actually started in GMA era and just finished in his time because they had to be finished, and he could steal the credit?

  15. yeah..fuckin-a..they built a defense parameter that would put to shame the best COC village defenses…i would have laughed but wTF..those are my taxes being used to ward off the “enemy”…razor wire, container vans, concrete barriers…were they expecting M1 Abrams tanks?

  16. Anti political dynasty law daw ipasa . .parang sinabi niya ” sampalin nyo ako” kasi tatay ko senador nanay ko nag presidente ,wala namang nagawa , ako presidente ng paninisi sa mga nag daang presidente .mga kamag anak ko nasa posisyon din . .no wonder Abnoy ang palayaw mo!

  17. AND BTW, where is this ‘Law’ on ‘Thoughtless extravagance’ exactly? Where? ANYONE?

    it was stated here recently that just because someone thinks it exists, doesn’t mean that it actually does exist. This being a perfect example, WTF is the ‘Law’ of ‘Thoughtless extravagance”?

    1. Tsk tsk tsk…it’s just funny how some people write with so much conviction without knowing what they are talking about. Just because you are not aware of the law doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Google it.

  18. The ‘FLIP’ side of the same coin is: Just because someone thinks something is not happening doesn’t mean it is not happening, as in non-corruption in the Philippines.PLEASE, it is everywhere.
    Get Real? NO, grasp reality.

    1. What the heck…you seem to have a comprehension problem.

      When did I say there is no corruption happening in the Philippines?

    1. Here’s a quick SONA summary: PNoy claims he is far better than his predecessor who is corrupt corrupt corrupt. The figures say it; the testimonials say it; and everyone in the hall attests it’s true (clap clap clap). He says we have to continue to tread the “Staight Path” which he started (so the PH economy graph will continue to sky rocket up up and away), implying that you have to vote for his soon to be announced “Anointed One” if you want the “good times” to continue rolling.

      Are you Japanese? – sorry the SONA was in pure Tagalog. It was intended for Pinoy ears only – lest the Investors find out the disconnect between the SONA and reality in PH. We don’t want them to be scramming out of the country do we?

      Firipin no joken wa honto ni taihen yo. Chotto tasukete kuremasen ka? Nihonjin no adbaisu ga sugoi yaku ni tatsu da to omoimasu kedo. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

  19. Miss Ilda, I understand the need you felt to write this article and it has truly been well expressed and thought of. Although despite being a probable “irrelevant person” in the world of politics I do believe that our dear president has achieved something though not that extravagant compared to that of our expectations.You were correct on the fact that he did nothing but take a jab at his predecessors in the administration but I think that you should acknowledge not only his fault as the president but the fault in each and every Filipino citizen as to why we are where we are today. I am merely stating my opinion and I mean no disrespect to you by any means.

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