Philippine VP Jejomar Binay arguing with the police: What is wrong with this scene?

There is something fundamentally wrong about an argument between a police officer and the Vice President of the Philippines. It’s bad form. But it is a familiar and normal sight to Filipinos now who have been encouraged since the early 1980s to see policemen as someone to distrust and defy.

So quite funny, indeed, how people are now waxing indignation about the spectacular drama unfolding at the Makati City Hall and the way no less than Vice President Jejomar Binay butts heads with members of the police trying to diffuse the sitution…

It is funny because the precedent for this sort of behaviour was set way back in the old days by the very sorts of people who are now outraged by this scene. Filipino police officers, you see, are members of the Evil Establishment. That was the guidance given to Filipinos by leaders of the parties who are in power today. If you’ve got a grievance against the government, take to the streets! And if police officers get in your way, defy them.

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Unfortunately, the lesson stuck fast in Filipinos’ psyches.

And what is now on display reflects the Filipino character shaped by that quaint old “street parliamentarian” thinking embedded in the Filipino mind over the last several decades of Yellow “people power” indoctrination.

It’s time Filipinos grow up.

First of all, the Vice President is a top-ranking government official. He should not be seen arguing with the police who, in the bigger scheme of things, are his colleagues in government.

Second, police officers should not be arguing either. They have orders and, if they have the proper warrants or authorisations, should simply carry out their orders to arrest people. The place to argue one’s case is in court. It is not an officer’s place to argue once the imperative to take action is clear.

If Filipinos weren’t all a bunch of Drama Queens, clarity of thinking and conviction in actions would reign supreme in this country — not media circuses like this.

15 Replies to “Philippine VP Jejomar Binay arguing with the police: What is wrong with this scene?”

  1. With all due respect to the VP, he should fight this out in court to finally clear their name. May mga nasasaktan na.But he is using this to gain media mileage…what a crap Binay! Maraming bobotante talaga na sumusonod!

    1. he cant fight it in court though thats the whole point, he has been stealing from the poor for year! He should of been jailed years ago. When will Filipinos wake up! its fcuking 2015

    1. Benigno: no filipino, including the VP, has any clue what public institutions are for.

      Try explaining to them that the police are there to enforce the law of the land (such as it is) and are therefore on the same side as the people who make those laws: you’ll get that blank stare. Maybe a bit of head-scratching.

      No point knocking when there’s nobody home.

      1. ROFLMAO, Jesus man, the blank stare is all you ever get here. Sometimes I wonder why you guys try so hard with all these articles about how to change Pinas. Anyway, make that money, and good luck. I’ll be back in the U.S. soon (somewhat normal place) dealing with gay pride parades. 🙁

  2. Pride is an abomination. One must forego the self to obtain total spiritual creaminess, and avoid the chewy chunks of degradation.

  3. It’s “Political Zarzuela” at its worst. Bad acting for Binay…he should take further acting lessons, from Lito Lapid…

  4. Let us all observe a moment of silence for the death of Propriety in these isles…

    Oh, wait, sorry–it was already dead since ’86.

  5. Jackassery at it’s best/worst. Scripted BS designed for mass consumption. A sorry ass affair, the entire country is, but does not have to be.

    KEY: Ridding the country of the dynastic oligarchs.No EZ task and certainly not for the faint of heart, but easily do-able none-the-less.

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