The Karinderia Democracy: Wala Na Bang Iba ‘Teh?

It seems a lot of people are looking at the presumptive presidential candidates in 2016 and are asking, “Is there no one else?”

Nevermind that the ironic usage of the line “Is there no one else?”, which is popularly attributed to a Brad Pitt movie where he played Achilles and was asking that question as a boast after slaying the champion of his enemies.  If ever the line would seem appropriate, it would be in the sense that Pinoy indolence thwarts any means of reforming it and the thing it killed was the very essence of democracy itself, which is the right as well as duty to CREATE choices where there was none.

is there no one else

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All right, perhaps it’s a sweeping generalization to characterize an entire population as indolent. After all, there is no denying that Pinoys are hard working when you consider that the average employee in the Philippines actually works 16 hours a day — figuring that it takes 4 hours to get to and from work, 4 hours to attend to family related work, and 8 hours of work. Also, consider that Pinoys are willing to take on almost any kind of income generating activity from working abroad to working nights in call centers to all kinds of perilous manual labor.

But of course, if they aren’t working, they are busy tending to the 3 or 4 children they have or watching what seems to be an endless stream of teleseryes, noon time shows, or game shows on TV.  If not, they’re probably standing watch over some street somewhere or doing some other activity that doesn’t require getting paid.

What I am saying is that most Pinoys are actually decisive and industrious when it comes to the choices that are GIVEN to them — even when all the choices seem bad.

That’s why, when you ask an OFW or someone engaged in some manner of illegal or illicit occupation, they’ll justify it by saying they are desperate or more colorfully as “buwis buhay” or “kapit sa patalim”.  To make it seem better, they’ll also add that whatever they are doing is just something to get by and is just temporary, till they can find something better to do for money.

So, with so little time as well as money to spend thinking of a future beyond the next meal or paycheck, Pinoys are bound to just take whatever choices are offered to them.

karinderyaIf I were to compare it to an everyday situation, it would be like going to a turo-turo karinderia when you are tired and hungry. A person in that situation would most likely just choose whatever food is in the chaffing dishes in front of them — even if none of them particularly appeals to them.

Thing is, even in that situation, there is always another choice and that is to CREATE ONE.

The average Pinoy would ask, “Wala na bang iba?” and the karinderia owner would probably say, “Wala na.”  But the assertive and clever Pinoy would probably try to strike a deal with the karinderia owner to get them to cook up something more to his/her liking — even it means buying some of the ingredients himself/herself.  Also, if it comes to it, the assertive and clever Pinoy will probably even go into the kitchen to help cook the food himself/herself.

Going back to what seems like our only choices for president in the 2016 elections, we are being led to believe that it is impossible to CREATE a choice other than those being named in news media and most people will simply just take anything that’s offered to them.

In ending this short discussion on the state of Pinoy democracy, I won’t make any suggestions as to what most people should do. I’m basically insulated from the whole situation that’s happening around me and my income doesn’t depend on who gets to sit as president/governor/mayor/barangay chairman. Moreover, I’m trying to get rid of the habit of telling people what to do and just focusing on what I should do to improve my life as well as the lives of those who matter to me.

Instead, I am going to ask: Are you going to take the choices given to you like some automaton or are you going to push yourself to work on CREATING a choice?

14 Replies to “The Karinderia Democracy: Wala Na Bang Iba ‘Teh?”

  1. The idea is not to force everyone, give an alternative choice (NOTA), and the real sentiments or choice of our people as your article suggest.

    Say we have 50million registered voters but only 60% – 75% actually (turnout) voted = 30 to 40 million total vote.
    If 10-20 million boycott will be allowed to officially cast and be counted.
    Imagine, also if additional 10-20 million (swing votes) for those who voted for the “Lesser Evil”.

    Maybe the silent majority is 20 or more million votes for NOTA?

    Maybe people want change or Reform the Constitution?

    Maybe people wants a new Leaders to surface? And sing/dance the campaign hit song “I WANT NOBODY NOBODY BUT YOU”

  2. I agree Paul. We need to create new choices, and the change has to start in each one of us. We need not look beyond the face in the mirror to find an alternative choice.

    As I said in a previous comment, I foresee the Philippines looking like Singapore in one generation’s time frame (30~40 years). But we have to act now.

    My proposal is to require every Filipino citizen to memorize the Zaxxun Creed (Ri-ZA-l mindset revolution for the dual e-X-termination of corruption and incompetence – the UN-ited movement).

    What Rizal started a hundred years ago (the revolution and awakening of the Filipino mind), we will resurrect. We need to pick up where he left off – and finally liberate this country from the forces that have kept it fettered from flying high as an eagle as it should have.

    It really works –> reciting it eyes shut for 30 seconds a day for 30 days is all it takes – and you’ll be re-programmed to think and act like a Singaporean/Japanese/German (bearing the winner mentality).


    To all GRP members: How long has GRP been up and running, clamoring for change? – Still nothing has happened. Finally, a solution is at your doorstep. The choice is yours – to pass this up, or to join the revolution. I trust there is still a remnant of brave souls out there – willing to sacrifice 30 seconds a day – for CHANGE.

    “The Rise of the Zaxxuns” – coming soon to a city near you…

    1. To all GRP members: How long has GRP been up and running, clamoring for change? – Still nothing has happened.

      The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one.” — The Newsroom

      Only a handful of Filipinos recognise there is a problem. You shouldn’t be surprised “nothing has happened.”

      1. No guts, no glory.

        Nothing has changed and nothing will change. The leading ‘Presidentiable’ (WTF is a ‘Presidentiable’ anyway,WTF?) is the daughter of a former Filipino movie-star.

        The country,if it is not under-water, will be in the same or worse condition in 50 years,WHY?

        ‘No guts, no glory’…the situation is past the point of reasonable discourse.There remains only one solution and it will not happen.

        Cory Aquino thought Filipino’s to be cowards, and to put up with the shit they put up with, when there are so many Filipino’s? one conclusion stands out.

        No guts……….uh-huh.

        1. Last time I check it doesn’t really matter who’s leading candidate because Binay already proclaimed that he’s going to win anyways lol.

      2. Hi Iida, I agree. First we need to tell the Filipino people that their tire is flat, the pipes are leaking, and their computer is infected with a virus. We don’t need to tell every Filipino at this point. We just need to get the attention of the people who are in the best positions to effect a solution – the congressmen, the government agency heads, the school administrators, etc. I think that should be the primary audience of GRP.

        If GRP can only get 10 people from a state of twisted logic to becoming what I call Zaxxun-class citizens, now I would call that a success. Besides, it only took Jesus a handful of not-even-so-good men to turn the Roman empire upside down.

        BTW, could you re-post that article you had on squatters. It already has 700+ comments that the page is just too heavy it wouldn’t load on my smartphone anymore. I just love the topic of Squatters, the mircocosm of Phil. society.

        1. Yes. We don’t need to break our back going from door to door to convince every one from the squatter areas how to behave and what to think. We just need to convince the right people. It’s called working smart as oppose to working “hard”. 😉

  3. i have watched Minority Report last night and the theme of the movie is, “we all have a choice to change our future.” indeed, we as a people have the power to change our lives. no one will change it for us. no one has the right to force anything on us free people.

    Democracy is a political system where we (citizens) have the power to vote and choose our destiny for a better future.

  4. Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines one’s destiny.

  5. Then let’s start making the choice and responsibility to create and mold a Philippines greater than now. Are you ready?

  6. Tell it to the people, and Create something better than these Clowns being endorsed by the Media.

    If people have no choices…how can we Create a good choice? This is a two peso question, at inflationary rate…

    It seems like going to a “Karinderia”, and every food offered is “Panis”…”may amoy na”…and you are very hungry…

  7. Does anyone in the Philippines actually think they live in a democracy ?
    OK, for some fun: Take a look at the Smart-matic voting machines and then ask yourself the same exact question, apply a little thought, and if you still have the same answer…… maybe drowning will sound like a good idea too.

    Meet the new Boss……..

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