Silver Bullet Solutions and the Typical Filipino Mindset: A Losing Combination

It seems simple enough of course, right?

A small silver bullet will kill a rampaging werewolf. Actually, this idea is actually more recent than most people may think but that’s not the point here. What I’m trying to show is that this is an idea that is all too appealing to many because of how simple and easy it seems. In its basic form, you have a small and recognizable solution to stop a huge problem.

However, I think that the Philippines has worse problems than werewolves. Indeed, it is our tendency to bank all of our hopes on one thing or one person that has all too often led us to roads of disappointment and disaster. Day after day, I hear people clamoring for a savior even when they themselves make no action to find salvation for themselves. They point to people like Manny Pacquiao, Charice Pempengco and even the Aquinos when they are asked to present national achievements and are quick to point to one another when something bad happens and someone needs to take responsibility.

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Team effort

To face the problems that besiege the Philippines today, we need to be realistic. This is the purpose of GRP to begin with but a lot of people just keep missing the point. Here are at least three of my points just in case some of you still don’t understand what I and a lot of us are trying to say:

It Will Take More Than One Man Or Woman To Save The Philippines

Look, we should never underestimate what one man or woman can contribute to the salvation of the country. If you look back at history, one person is often enough to start some big changes that can even go on to affect the world as a whole. However, such instances are rare and it usually requires considerable public support in order to succeed.

Sure, one man can change quite a lot, but only if his people and supporters are willing to support him. A lot of people may claim that Manny Pacquiao is an inspiration to them but they never adapt his discipline, generosity or his determination. A lot of people say Rodrigo Duterte and his methods are key to saving the Philippines but unless we’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices and face the consequences of our own actions, then even the alleged “Punisher” can’t change anything. A lot of people point to Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago as an intelligent woman and a great candidate for presidency but she too has flaws and can’t solve everyone’s problems.

You see people, one person can’t carry all our burdens. We have to do our part too and carry our own baggage instead of shoving it at somebody else.

Laws Won’t Save The Philippines

Laws are of course important. In order for civilization to exist in the first place, laws are required to create a harmonious and productive society. Unfortunately, if we ourselves aren’t willing to obey the laws then our so-called “laws” are really nothing more than words written on a piece of paper.

It’s a certain lose/lose situation when you have too many lawmakers who don’t even know what they’re actually doing there in the first place (I’m looking at you Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla and, yes, you Manny Pacquiao), too many people willing to support said clueless lawmakers and TOO MANY people who could care less about the laws. And I’m not just talking about criminals regarding the latter, I’m talking about the jay-walkers, litterers and reckless drivers. If the common people can’t even be made to follow “small” laws, how can they be expected to follow the bigger ones?

One Aspect Of Society Isn’t Going To Change The Country

While I certainly agree with changing the media, do note that even think that won’t be enough.

See, fixing only one of the aspects of society just won’t cut it if you want real change. Sure, you can change the media, but with crap education, you can still bet that a lot of our youths will still be dumb. Changing the education system and its standards is a good thing but if the media keeps the youths dumb with utterly stupid programming and the government denies them promising opportunities for a good life, then that also won’t lead anywhere. You can also have great political candidates but if the people’s education can be best described as slush and the media endorses brainless candidates, then you can see where this is going as well.

If we want change, we need to change everything. Like cancer, just removing one part of the problem simply won’t cut it. You need to get rid of all of it if we want to get anywhere with our troubles.


Please people of the Philippines, we’re not dealing with a werewolf here, a silver bullet solution simply won’t work anymore. If anything, our problems as a country can be best described as an “eldritch abomination”. In essence, the problems of the country are multi-dimensional, multi-headed, self-regenerating and self-replicating horrors that need to be dealt with with a vast assortment of weaponry and need to be hit with as much force as a nuclear weapon. If one wanted an accurate description of what our problems look like, check out some of the youtube videos of our associates. There’s one that shows a big yellow octopus with a head at the tip of each tentacle. I think that’s an accurate representation of what kind of monster the Filipino people faces and it is most certainly not a werewolf.

The problems of the Philippines are like the symptoms of a somehow self-aware disease in that it knows that people can kill it so it simply convinces people that it is harmless and that it has always been part of the system. It infects all aspects of the country, from the government, the media, educational sectors to the very mindset and culture of the common people. Also note that when people somehow become aware of it (like the people here in the GRP), it is quick to flex its tendrils in the system, prompting weak-minded people to react to critics instead of responding to them or taking the time to muse about what they say.

28 Replies to “Silver Bullet Solutions and the Typical Filipino Mindset: A Losing Combination”

  1. If you make Failipinos think they’re thinking, they’ll love you; but if you really make Failipinos think, they’ll hate you.

  2. Dear Grimwald,
    Everytime when your article is published I always read it (except your “Deep” articles). Mostly you start off nice and good but when your article progresses till the end, you always fail to amaze me. Today is no exception.
    Again you refuse to mention religion as a cause.
    Maybe I should just ask you just one question: Does the bible (religion) provide one solution (or more than one) to get out of the misery your country is in?
    Does it give answers how to get rid of the mediocraty; does it give answers how to get rid of poverty; does it give answers how to get rid of corrupt politicians; does it give answers how to get rid of ignorant and naive elements; does it give answers how to become critical and smarter?

    I think you are a coward that you never (not once) put your own religion to the test. You never wrote one piece of criticism about your own religion here on GRP.

    1. Actually, the bible heavily discourages laziness and idolatry. Two big things Filipinos are guilty of.

      For laziness, we have the 7 deadly sins which is mandated by the church as well as a passage about the three servants and their master who funds them. (The first two double the money through smart investment and work while the third one simply buries it in a hole incurring the wrath of the master)

      For idolatry, we have Moses, coming down from Mt. Sinai found his followers worshipping a Golden Bull while doing other decadent things. Prompting him to use the power of God to strike them down and made the ten commandments.

      Those are the examples I can think of at the top of my head. But needless to say, the real issue is not the Bible itself but rather the people running the Philippine churches. In other countries, Churches are a place for spiritual guidance and maybe a guide for morality. Philippine churches… its all routine, blind devotion and complete submissiveness. While this is true for churches outside the country, it is worse in the Philippines. Especially when you take a look at the various Christian church off-shoots. Biggest example is “Iglesia ni Christo”.

      1. Ricardo,
        personally, I see a religion (any religion) as a product. Like a box of chocolates that one can buy, like a coat that one can wear.
        The goal of every religion is that everyone buys that specific box of chocolates (and keeps on buying). So can I blame the religion? No.
        All I can do is to blame the buyer.

        1. Robert, buyers have freedom to search for products they want to buy whilst religion in the Philippines is forced by the parents to their children even before conception.

        2. To stay with the metaphor:
          Till the age of 14 (or so) I had to wear the clothes (literally) my mom picked for me in the store. But from that age I developed myself and created my own fashion likes and dislikes. One can see this as a form of rebellion against the parents or one can see this as a form of individual development and getting one’s own taste in clothes.
          Its also a form of the first attempt to negogiate with parents for some sort of personal freedom.

          In the dutch culture once a kid show that its capable of self-thinking using proper and valid arguments, its time to give the kid more freedom. This is also the first sign of the generation-gap.

          Parents cant keep on protecting their own kids till eternity. They (the kids) have to stand on their own 2 feet. The sooner this happens, the sooner parents can losen the knot (so to speak).
          Pls dont forget, when a Dutch is 18 year old he/she is legally allowed to vote, to marry, to buy a house (without consent from their parents).
          Dutch kids are quite independent and autonomous from a young age.

        3. I know Magz, I know.

          But that doesnt mean that it is right to do it that way.
          Isnt it true that the same happens with circumcision in your country? Parents decide (in general) at a young age for the boys?

          If and when my partner (RC pinay) and I will ever get a kid, I already told her that I will not allow the kid to be baptised nor circumcized. Its a decision to be made by the kid when he/she is old enough and has enough information to decide (we call this personal freedom)

      1. In that case, I am looking forward to that article.
        Hoping that I wont need to comment or only stating “I totally agree with you”.

  3. Be a Part of the Solution…instead of Being a Part of the Problem…

    It is a Team Effort, to solve our nations’ problem…No Politician, however intelligent or well intentioned she/he maybe, can solve these problems alone…

    Filipinos have no Team Effort mindsets; not like the Japanese. It is “Each Man for himself” or “Me First” mentality.

  4. Grimwald, I don’t agree with most of GRP’s articles but I commend you for trying to awaken the Filipino’s ability to become critical thinkers. It must be frustrating trying to do something good for the country yet countered with so many negative feedback. Don’t give up just yet, but find other ways to move forward and reach out to the seemingly hopeless Filipinos. Learn from our history. Jose Rizal and his group did not condemn the Filipinos that go to church under Spanish time; they went to insert their propaganda to the church pamphlet instead. You cannot win a war by degrading/shaming your own soldiers or be like a kid covered with mud that says, I got dirty because my playmates went to the mud. You don’t want this site to be labelled as anti-government site, much less anti-pinoy, do you?

    Why not strike the factory of the problems other than bitching about the products? It’s easy to just criticize and absolve yourself from being part of it but identifying the problems and looking for solutions is another story.

  5. The Philippines is not unlike Innsmouth – a city run by all kinds of weird and blasphemous traditions by the people of that place thinking it is good for them. Except in the Philippines case, its not obvious until you take a closer look.

    Well, keep doing what you’re doing. You may not realize it, but this site and these articles give people trapped in this Lovecraftian situation a chance to make their way out of the inane mindset that was forced upon them for so long and out to the real world.

  6. Robert, to stay with the metaphor as well :). When parents buy you a certain style of clothing, send you to school where children have the same style of get up, meet a girlfriend that finds your dress to be the best in the world, why would you want to change anything?

    1. Magz,
      I do like your point bec I know thats the way it works in the Philippines (in general).
      I think it works in the Philippines bec they are afraid of “thinking differently”. The culture of the Philippines is based on fear, not on personal, individual freedom.

      And pls believe me, I do understand it. But its not the way to solve poverty, its not the way to solve all the misery and its certainly not the way to get rid of the corrupt government/politicans.

      By portraying/presenting everyone is the same, they become easier targets to manipulate. Hence your government.
      Do you really think your government cares about you? No, it doesnt at all.
      Do you really think your RC church cares about you? No, it doesnt at all.
      Do you really think your media cares about you? No, it doesnt at all.

      1. Government officials are elected by the people raised to support the church’s agenda and media is part of the society wearing the same dress. Filipinos need to look in the mirror and realize that the dress is now filthy and ugly.

        1. LOL.

          What your government officials and candidates that are running for president are lacking, is having a program with at least a social chapter.

          I guess that such candidates and officials will never stand up. When was th last time, a candidate presented a program with numbers of issues to be solved by the government???
          And thats my point. Most GRP-writers are attacking and blaming the officials, hoping they will change. But they wont change (not in a million years).
          And even if all officials will change, as long as the Philippine culture wont change, the poverty and dysfunctionality will remain there.

        2. Magz,
          can you help me figuring out something?

          Can you help me without giving me money, without giving me food, without paying bills for me? If yes, then how do you help me (in what way and when and how often)?

      2. @ Rob, the writers at GRP should ‘attack the politicians’ . Filipino politicians are ALL lying thieving fucking weasel’s.They deserve the Mussolini treatment.

        1. Bing Bong,
          but it wont work, it wont have any effect. The PH politicians wont and doesnt take the PH population seriously. And that attitude wont change untill …

          “Filipino politicians are ALL lying thieving fucking weasel’s” => I am not denying this. I even agree with what you write.

        2. @ ROB, but the afore mentioned ‘MUSSOLINI TREATMENT’ will work, it never fails,WHY? Because every human being understands a good fucking beating .LOL,when people see someone else,especially a fellow politician, experience one, they get the feeling :THEY ARE NEXT.

        3. BING BONG,
          I really dont understand why the PH politicians dont do their work in a more social way by improving the quality of PH education (for instance) and become less corrupt.

          On the other hand, as it is going on the way it does, they wont give up the “perks”. They have too much too lose by doing their job in the way most democratic, modern, western politicians do.
          For PH politicians, the PH population (the people) are no match for them. They (the politicians) can and will behave like god (so to speak).

          I dont think you will get modern laws any time soon (divorce, abortion, euthanasia, civil same-sex marriages, to name just a few). The RH law is just a shallow law which will not lead to what it intends.

          Every future candidate for the presidency has its own “hidden agenda”.

          And thats why I am convinced that the path most GRP writers are following, dont and wont work (unfortunately).

          Pls name me a poor 3rd world country having a modern, democratic, non-corruptive government?
          And in such countries you most likely will see that the family-culture is more or less the same.

  7. how about the role of parents in making sure their children develop proper study habits?

    because if you think paying for their tuition is enough, otherwise leaving them to their own devices, well i have news for you..

  8. Although the lack of critical thinking is prevalent,the greatest example I’ve seen in the Philippines exists on Dinagat Island,off the coast of northern Mindanao.I have spent several months here,on a couple of occasions,and am completely aghast at the Ecleo family,how they have duped the islanders,and the control they have over the local culture.I have lived in the nipa huts ,in one of the poorest regions of all the Philippines,listened to the stories,and seen with my own eyes the social,political and environmental havoc that has been perpetrated on,and allowed by these dirt poor,ignorant [ by no means of their own] and largely uneducated people.I have first hand knowledge of the selfish,greedy,manipulative,lying ways of this political clan,who more than anything else,have taken advantage of of the easy going,gentle and loving minds of the filipino people,and used it to their own advantage.Rounduppers coming around every month,trying to squeeze the last peso out of people who have nothing,so those murdering motherfuckers can live in that big castle on the hill,over looking their minions,who if you haven’t guessed already,bow down to these assholes,unable to fathom that their’supreme leader’has been tried and convicted of murdering his wife,and is one of the top 5 fugitives in the country????? I have asked several ‘ members’how they feel about this…the most common response being”oh I love my Rueben”,or “oh Alona is not dead,she was spotted recently”….at this point in time,I’m getting too pissed off to write any more…I see that there are “Reubenians”who are friends of the Get Real website,I invite you to comment,and justify the behavior of the Ecleo family,and how they created the most shameful conditions in the Philippines,if not the entire world !!!!

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