Filipino divers score ZERO points at 2015 Southeast Asian Games!


Zero points. That is what Filipino divers John Elmerson Fabriga and John David Pahoyo got after botched dives today during this year’s Southeast Asian Games (SEAG) in Singapore. Fabriga who went first landed on his back and Pahoyo, who followed, awkwardly landed feet first. Both seemingly failing to attain enough altitude in their launches off the board.

Filipino diver John David Pahoyo in the split-second before hitting the water

Filipino diver John David Pahoyo in the split-second before hitting the water

Malaysia won the gold medal in that event while Indonesia and Singapore placed second and third respectively. Both Filipino divers ranking 7th and 8th.

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A post (visible to the public at the time of this writing) on Pahoyo’s Facebook profile provided some hints as to how much preparation some Filipino athletes may have had before joining the games. The following excerpt refers to a separate event where Pahoyo reveals preparation took all of four days…

Yey! I’m so proud of us pakner John Fabriga, we really did our best despite of we just practiced this synchro dives for just 4 days, even though we failed to win, but atleast we did overcame what we once knew was out limit, and that makes us a champion…

Watch footage of the two Filipino divers…

239 Replies to “Filipino divers score ZERO points at 2015 Southeast Asian Games!”

  1. I laughed while watching the video. Kung makatalon, akala mo maliligo lang sa Pasig River.

    Anyways, I will not be surprised kung may mga sisigaw na naman diyan na dinaya ang mga Pinoy athletes na ito

      1. Ganito ang laging sagot ng mga taong walang argumentong magamit para sa mga naiisip nila. Yung mga atleta natin ang so-called ‘divers’, bat ipapasa mo sa nagcocomments. They had one job, and they blew it. 🙂

      1. sa mga nagsasabing sana ikaw nalng nagdive, ang tatanga nyo. Kaya nga d sila ung nagdive kasi alam nila sa sarili nila na d nila kaya. bobo tlga may masabi lng. Sasali ka sa international na contest tapos alam mo sa sarili mo na kulang ka sa practice.

      1. We need Pinoy pride. We have to support our athletes and encourage them to try harder, to train harder and never give up. What we lack in this country is pride and patriotism. That’s why China thinks they can bully us. No one is willing to fight for this country. Be proud to be a Filipino. Let’s show the world that we are more than internet bashers and trolls. Philippines is a great country!

        1. And no wonder why pride is one of the 7 deadly sins and a lot of failipinos like you are katolibans. Filipinos don’t need too much pride. They need humility. You can’t be proud of your obvious mistakes you moron.

    1. And since when in this country did someone admit to his or her defeat? None that I can think of.

      It’s always like that. Time immemorial na talaga ang baluktot na pagrarason ng mga ito kahit alam na natin na palpak sila.

      Anyway just like you ang masasabi ko is NALOKA AKO sa video.


  2. “even though we failed to win, but atleast we did overcame what we once knew was out limit, and that makes us a champion”

    Just more support for your previous article about setting the achievement bar incredibly low. Everyone’s a winner!

        1. They’re in for a shock since the admins know who’s the real thing and who’s an impostor.

      1. si ferdz po ay isa sa mga jowa ng mga swimmers. kaya ganun na lang po siya mag comment ng comment sa lahat dito. censya na kayo kung napaka-defensive niya at tila pikon talo sa mga comments niyo.

  3. No, shame on you benigno and all bashers of Filipino athletes. Did you even watch the whole dive competition? Why not post the other decent dives of the same divers? Did you know that even the prized divers of other countries made cringe worthy dives as well?

    Ikaw ang may zero points. Instead of praising the positive you are quick to point out the negatives. Before you look outside yourself, start with the inside. Pareho tayong Pilipino lahat. Wag tayo maging alimasag sa kapwa Pilipino. Peace brother.

    1. Playing the victim card much apologist failipino? At anong positive ang sinasabi mo diyan bobong pinoy praydist? Kita mo na ngang nakakahiya ang performance ng mga divers na iyan ipagtanggol mo pa. And about those other prized divers you’re excusing about, they still performed very well unlike the abomination of your “kababayan”.
      And there you go with that loser excuse dimwit. Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab walk like people. They have a tough shell on the outside but softies on the inside resulting to emotional outbursts rather than rational thinking so it actually applies to failipinos like you.
      Now go back on watching your telebasuras you drama queen because small-minded dimwits like you don’t belong in this site and yes YOU’RE the one with the zeros in your pea brain. Now scoot you whiny little kid!

        1. si ferdz po ay jowa ng mga swimmers. kaya ganun na lang po siya mag comment ng comment sa lahat dito. censya na kayo kung napaka-defensive niya at tila pikon talo sa mga comments niyo.

      1. I cant believe Im reading this. They may have not performed well for this competition. So what? Kahihiyan ng Pilipinas? ganyan naman karamihan sa atin, quick to throw off their nationality if something like this happens. Pero kapag Filipino na mayroong magandang achievement, makahashtag ng #proudtobepinoy wagas. Well now, these poor athletes fought for us even if they lack the preparation. Sa tingin niyo ba, hindi nila naisip na hindi sapat ang time na iyon for training? Malamang, sa lahat ng unang makakaisip, sila iyon. And yet, they chose to fight and represent our country. 4 days training, sa tingin mo lalakas loob mo lumaban? Maybe, not all of you were put in a situation where you need to compete without proper training and preparation just because the country needs a representative. Iyong tipong alam mo naman na malamang di kayo mananalo kaso, walang choice eh, kelangan ng representative. And after the failure that these athletes had, makakaranas na naman sila ng pangbabash ng mga Pilipinong wala namang alam sa pinagdaanan nila.

        EH DI WOW!

        1. “Eh di wow – A sarcastic expression denoting surrender due to an extreme lack of mental capacity to properly engage in intelligent conversation” – Bogart the explorer

          Thanks to that one-liner of yours in the end of your reply, I don’t need to reply you wholly because what quoted above is what you are dimwit.

        2. Allow me to use your own words….

          Bakit ka naman papayag to be

          “put in a situation where you need to compete without proper training and preparation just because the country needs a representative”

          Rather not compete cz of lack of preparation, than compete and maging bokya!

          Nakakahiya sa bansang dinadala mo. Kung alam rin lang palang nilang papalpak sila cz 4 days lang nag practice, eh baka deserve nila talaga yang sinapit nila. Napakababa naman yata ng measurement of success nila.

        1. Two simple sentences doesn’t make you any more proficient in english than pey is, SB20.

          At dun sa Domo, you dare call other failipinos? Nagtagalog ka pa, eh generalized yang term na ginamit mo, so doesn’t that make you part of who regard to as ”talunan?”

          Husgahan kaya namin yang nanay mo na ultra fail ang pagkakaconceive sa isang katulad mong pulos kayabangan at pagkajudgemental ang pinaiiral? Pwe. Kung kinahihiya mo ang lahi mo, feel free to detach yourself from the rest of us, hindi ka isang kawalan. Pabor pa sa’min kamo.

        2. My comment was directed towards domo. Ambivert doesn’t seem to know how to follow the replies.

        3. Anlaki mo namang bobo. Do you even know the word “specific”? I said failipino NOT Filipino. The two words have differences. You don’t get it? Then that’s your problem because you prefer to be a moron.

        4. @SB20: Oh look a grammar nazi.
          @ambivert: So ibig sabihin pala proud ka na ganyan ang performance ng mga divers na iyan? Are you really that dense for being stuck in mediocrity you failipino? Gagawa ka pa ng walang kwentang scenario. Just admit the fact that you are an asshurt because you failipinos hate to be criticized. And no, we realists are not the ones smothering this country. You are and the rest of your kind.

    2. Tama! Bakit ninyo pinapagtanggol ang mga palpak na yon na pinahiya na naman ang ating bansa?! Buong mundo ay nadismaya dahil sila ay “professional athletes”. Kung natalo lang sana, walang issue. Pero itlog ang puntos, kahiya-hiya! Nasayang lang ang buwis natin sa pamasahe at pagkain nila.

      1. you’ll never know kung buwis nga natin ang pinamasahe at pinangkain nila coz if im not mistaken yung iba jan sila ang naghanap ng allowance nila kkb kumbaga

  4. The real shame is our country doesn’t really have much support for our athletes unless they’re already very popular and heavily sponsored like Pacquiao, Azkals, etc.

    Clearly these athletes did not have access to good training facilities.

    1. tama ka jan . d kasi pinansin ung ibang sports sa atin . pag d sikat. unless ko mag cha champion sila . don lang sila makakatanggap ng papuri at pansin. pero habang sila nag eensayo wala man lang sumusuporta sa kanila . kumakamusta sa kanila kung okay ba ang pang eensayo nila . kung nakukuha ba nila ang lahat ng pangangailangan nila para maging champion

    2. Yeah right and yet other Filipino athletes in that sports event won a gold WITHOUT government support. Whether it’s supported by the government or not, it’s the athlete’s skill that matters to achieve his/her goals stupid.

    3. The excuse was that they only practiced for four days. Only four days. Look that up. More seasoned divers carefully practice this for weeks before the event.

  5. Philippine should sue these athletes instead of giving us pride or proudness they (trainers/athletes) shame our country and they just wasted our taxes because of their unprofessional attitude, incompetence and dedication to given task to them. These people must learned their lesson…we should not tolerate these kind of athletes….

    1. Di mo kasi alam brad na kulang ang facilities naten to train divers. Bilangin mo ang number ng PUBLIC olympic sized pools mas madami pa ang daliri mo sa kanang kamay. Madami sa mga facility ay private. It is the governments fault na hindi nila i-niscreen ng maayos yung mga participating athletes. You should be sued for your ignorance. Ambobo mo eh.

        1. commenting as if you know anything about sports, eh asshole? why don’t you try and participate in the next SEA games and we’ll see how you fare against these ill-equipped filipino athletes? baka puro reklamo lang gawin mo dun, nakakahiya naman sa lahi mo

        2. Yeah right and yet other Filipino athletes in that sports event won a gold WITHOUT government support. Whether it’s supported by the government or not, it’s the athlete’s skill that matters to achieve his/her goals stupid.

        3. My friend, if you take into consideration that most of the Filipino athletes who garnered medals were in the field of boxing, softball and billiards you’d surely realize that the facilities they require are easily accessible here in the Philippines. All you’d need are boxing rings, open fields, and pool halls needing minimal or no government funding at all to be built.

          How many accessible diving pools do we have here? A regular swimming pool would not suffice as they are designed for swimming and not for platform diving. Building and maintaining a diving pool costs much more than a boxing ring or pool hall and for that we need government support and funding.

          An athlete’s skill, however gifted one may probably be, can only do so much when the training facility is absent.

          So unless you are implying that a very skilled diver can still win gold out of sheer skill and determination despite practicing at a boxing ring, then I suggest you reconsider your stance and stop comparing apples to oranges.

      1. Hindi ako palamunin ng gobyerno kaya I don’t care if you have a problem with my grammar…these athletes are just a waste of my Filipino taxes if they don’t take it seriouly…that’s my point you moron…

        1. Actually, you should care about your grammar. You made an effort to criticize someone in English. Might as well do it correctly. Otherwise, you’re the one who sounds like a moron. Now if you don’t want to be criticized, stay off the fucking internet.

  6. I don’t see the point of competing when you knew you have nothing to compete with. It’s almost insulting to those who takes the sports seriously.

    1. Seryoso naman sila brader. Palibhasa di ka pa nagiging national athlete kaya di mo alam kung anong pakiramdam ng talo kayo kasi hindi pala regulated yung ginagamit nio na facilities. Kita naman na ineexpect pa nila na may isa pang flip after they hit the water, pero ayun na nga. Comedy show.

    1. I have spotted a shape-shifter among our ranks! YOU, you’re not me! You’re also the person imitating Domo!

      Why don’t you stop imitating people here and show your intents and nature!

  7. Well to those two who tried but failed, better luck next time and there better be more practices instead of just trying to wing it. There’s no take two in competitions like these. Listening to the audible, looks like they were quite nervous going into the event but they should have at least known better what to do. Indeed, they showed up, they represented but they failed. I hope they learned a valuable lesson from this one. 4 days isn’t enough to perfect something like what they tried to do. This isn’t the Intramurals or the Inter-barangay, surely they don’t want to be remembered as a joke. Nobody wants to be the butt off all jokes, so I hope they try to redeem themselves next time. I honestly laughed my ass out though, that’s something you don’t see everyday. Well at least, they cheered up some people with a good laugh.

    In other news:

  8. Why post only this part?
    Unfair naman kayu sa 2 diver na ito 🙁
    Kaya ndi umuunlad ang pinas dhel pgka negative ng mga tao dito
    If you will watch the whole competition lumaban naman sila 🙁
    Hindi lang perfect Pero. May laban!

    1. Playing the victim card much positive pushing pinoy praydist? We already watched the whole competition which is short and it’s obvious that their performance is humiliating. And no, wag mo nang pilitin pang ipasok iyang nakakabobong pinoy prayd mo inutil. pinoy nga naman oo puro yabang na magaling sila pero kulelat naman talaga. No wonder why you bitch that we can defeat china when in fact we always ask allied countries some help against china because we can’t actually defend ourselves. So much for our independence.

    2. I agree. It’s quite unfair to their part. They seem to have done well with their synchronized dives.

      Filipinos tend to sensationalize failures out of mediocre performances. Always wanting to nitpick at things worth blaming.

      For all we know, these athletes had small allowances, not much government support and no access to world class diving facitilies.
      What else can we expect.

    1. And seriously they trained for only 4 days? It’s like when Atari demanded their developer to make an ET game for just 5 1/2 weeks instead of the typical 6-8 months in time for Christmas and the end result is the worst game ever made that a lot of unsold copies are dumped in Alamogordo.

        1. I would at least TRY to think of one ahead of time. I don’t know if you’re the same Domo, but I try to learn from my mistakes. Time and time again, you foul up when you belittle competitions.

          Remember, it’s a “competition”. That means, even if you’re talented, your opponents will have the same amount of talent you do or even more so. I’ve been there, sir and I’ve done something very similar to what these people did and it was NOT pretty. At all.

          So yes, if I was in their shoes with the same kind of situation. I’d try to prioritize and strategize properly at least three months before. Remember, this is a big event.

  9. This in not funny at all this is a serious problem.calling the attention of PSC and POC. You cannot send this athletes without full training.Your just wasting the taxes we are paying.
    Some athletes had several years of training to perfect this sports.You cannot just send people trained only for 4 days. What a shame!

  10. puro kayo comment hindi nyo nlng bigyang papugay hindi madali sumali sa sea games khit ilang beses ka mgpractice diyan pg dinapuan ka ng kaba mawawala yung focus mo tao lng sila pwede mgkamali mga kupal kyo comment pa

    1. Oh look nandito na naman ang payasong mangongontra na ito with his victim mentality. Hindi nga madali and yet pinilit pa rin nila kahit na hindi sila handa. They’re too weak for that sports? Simple: they better do some other goals that they think they’re very passionate about it instead.

  11. No need to be ashamed. Wala naman kayong inapakan o sinaktan na tao. You just simply missed. So what? Failures happen all the time. It’s a pre-requisite of success! Don’t be disheartened by our fellow Filipinos who are bashing and bullying you. They felt ashamed because they think they’re worthy to be proud by the successes of others and not by their own. When they see successes by other Filipinos they post it to say that they’re proud to be pinoys. When failures by other Filipinos happen, they are ashamed. The reason is for them to be able to live their entire lives in a bubble where they don’t do anything themselves to succeed.

    1. Hirap kasi sa mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo, masyado mong binebeybi ang tao na hindi na talaga bata e. Paano gagaling at magkaroon ng disiplina ang bobo kung ganyan lang ang ipapakain mo sa kanila?

        1. Isn’t it obvious? Palibhasa masyado kayo sa “pwede na iyan” at “bahala na” e kasi halatang wala naman kayong pakealam na failed state ang bansa natin.

  12. mga abnormal kyo hindi nyo nalng bigyan ng papugay kahit talo atleast sinubukan tao lng sila pwede mgkamali sapakan nlng

    1. Kayong mga pinoy praydist talaga oo masyadong makasarili. Every time some Filipino join a competition or made their own goals, you always think highly of yourselves. So you mean that you’re proud of their embarrassment? Moreover, anong tingin mo sa SEAGames? showtime?

  13. Technically, this news is incorrect. The diver scored ZERO in ONE OF THE SIX dives. Because of the dive error, the judges gave the athlete considered the dive a Failed Dive and therefore, no points were awarded.

    I watched the event and it seems that the diver slipped on the springboard. This resulted in him not getting into form and eventually, a failed dive.

  14. The failure of the first guy was caused by not keeping his legs ‘locked’ straight as he was doing the rolling would have at least made a BIG difference and would not have been such a disgraceful performance.Four days of practice? Yes, that is exactly what it looked like, with zero coaching involved as well.
    The one idiot even says he has the heart of a champion, that guy has nerve, a TRUE champion would NEVER practice for 4 days and then attend & compete in games of importance, such as these, and embarrass himself as well as his country.

    What a joke, the country should not even be invited back until they prove that they can at least send competent athelete’s that have been trained.

      1. @Fake Domo

        Is that all you can say? Pretty pathetic to resort to impersonating domo eh?

        Don’t botber trying to impersonate me, since the GRP admins know the real thing from an obvious fake like YOU.

  15. anu sapakan nlng bigay nyo address nyo puntahan ko kayo ang gagaling nyo mg comment kala nyo gagaling nyo anu suntukan nlng puntahan ko bsta isa isa lng basagan ng mukha lng

      1. Pag talunan din, pinipilit na gayahin ang username para lang sirain ang sumira sa argumento nila.

        Typical troll tactic that doesn’t work here

  16. Nakakatawa nmn. Sino ang nagpadala sa kanila? Parang nag-aksaya lang ng pera. May napalanunan ba muna sila sa atin bago sinabak sa diving abroad. Tsk. Si Pnoy n naman ang may kasalanan dyan… nyahahahha

  17. You can not blame the athletes. Sila kahit hindi nila kaya, ipipilit lahat para makasama sa delegation. Ultimate dream kasi ng mga atleta ang makasama sa competition. Lalo na ang international comps kagaya ng seagames. Walang atleta na aayaw na makasama jan.
    Ang sinisisi ko jan ang mga nagpadala sa kanila. Yung nagrekomenda na makasama sila sa roster. Kasi alam na alam nilang hilaw pa yang dalawa pero para may maipasok lang. Dapat sila na ang nag quality control. Siyempre kawawa naman sila dahil napahiya lang sa buong SEA.

  18. These guys have never seen the inside of a weight room. No leg power whatsoever. Did they just choose 2 dudes off the street to compete in a national event. Embarrassing…

  19. While one shouldn’t be laughing at others giving it a go, by posting the fact that they only had 4 days training on diving is also offensive. Such games are a meet of professional, great athletes that have spent years waking up early and sacrificing their personal lives to make it to where they are. For some amateurs to go in and make a farce of the sport is disrespectful.

  20. Be always still proud pa rin po sana tayo even we scored zero. That’s a game, minsan po matalo at manalo. But at least they showed how they tried their best naman po. This will served us to learn more and train more next time para we can have a score next time sa ganitong competition. Di nman po madali sa kanila to do those moves and it’s not even easy. Kaya mga epal jan….be always proud for what will be the outcome to those players. Win or lose.

    1. You pinoy praydists are such insecure, credit grabbing attention whores you know. No wonder why the world are laughing at us. And speaking of attention whore, you bitching your pinoy prayd to the foreigners is like a noisy fly to be flicked by them because they don’t give a damn.

  21. demn di sila ang nakakahiya, ang nakakahiya ang kagawaran na may hawak ng mga atletang pinoy, ge corrupt pa pusang gala pati budget sa pangpraktis ng mga atleta binubulsa yan tuloy ang resulta kulang sa ensayo ang ating mga manlalaro.. people power vs. corruption ang sagot, let’s go, di ba kayo napapagod mga pinoy?? makaramdam naman kayo ng pagod vs. kahirapan sating bansa pls.

  22. hindi ko alam bakit kayo natatawa na nag zero sila. sinubukan nila… ginawa nila ang kaya nila para sa bansa… tapos pinagtatawanan nyo… kayo mga natatawa.. ano pakiramdam nyo kung kayo gumawa ng pinaka kaya nyo tapos pinagtawanan lang kayo? maging malasakit at matutong pumuri ng ibang tao. kung hindi nyo alam, manahimik nalang. ang kayabangan at panglalait sigurado ako hindi tinuro yan ng nanay o tatay nyo sa inyo.. unless kupal din magulang nyo… sige lang… just shows anong klase kayong tao… at para sa sumulat ng artikulo… sinadya mo din laitin base sa headline mo… pwede mo naman lagay na masmaganda ang headlines imbes na naka highlight and zero… kupal karin. maging responsable sa mga post

    1. Ikaw ang maging responsable bobo kasi puro pride lang ang laman ng bulok mong utak e. Kita mo na ngang nakakahiya ang performance nila tinatanggol mo pa. Your apologist mindset and selfishness gave me cancer failipino.

  23. Yes, you cannot help but laugh when you see the dive. Pero still respeto pa din para sa mga Atletang to.

    Things like this happen in sporting events.

    On the part where the guy said that only 4 days lang yung practice nila, on this part merong mali sa side nila pero this doesnt mean that we get to crucify them because of what happened.

    There’s always room for improvement.

    1. Respect is achieved not demanded and their embarrassing performance don’t deserve it you positive pushing pinoy praydist.

  24. What an embarrassment. Don’t compete if you didn’t prepare. Don’t reason if you lose. That’s not an ordinary competition. You’re carrying the name of our country. What a clown…..

  25. People who lose or fail would normally feel regret or shame. Unless they are sociopath. Or Pinoy Praydist.

    1. You must be an embicile. All successful people have lost or failed one or more times in their lives. If they all felt regret and shame, they wouldn’t be where they are today. The greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time you fall.

      1. Lol embicile but I digress. You will never be a civilized person kung lubog sa ebak iyang utak mo bobong pinoy praydist.

        1. Yet another failed attempt at trolling.
          You even made a fake account just to troll domo.

          What a pathetic loser.

        2. It looks like the troll that I was replying to, got his comment deleted.

          Serves him right

    1. Why support them when they perform very bad? Your mindset is like eating pagpag even if it’ll ruin your health.

    2. Actually, the article was spot on. What you see on the video is funny and stupid at the same time. Nakita mo ba yung interview nya? Proud pa siya sa nangyari eh. Utak-Penoy talaga eh. Tuwang tuwa na makatungtong sa SEA Games then performing badly and being proud of a mediocre performance.

      You’re not actually reading the whole story, son. You’re just too dumb to realize it.

  26. “Yey! I’m so proud of us pakner John Fabriga, we really did our best despite of we just practiced this synchro dives for just 4 days, even though we failed to win, but atleast we did overcame what we once knew was out limit, and that makes us a champion…”

    What an infantile post. Sounds like a bunch of kindergarteners that have been praised for doing their best. I’d apologize and just train harder or not comment at all.

  27. none athetes should not even comment in this page! you guys don’t know what these athletes have gone through and yet you judge them! shame on you people!

    do you guys even know why they only had 4 days of practice? there could be millions of reasons! i don’t think these athletes were not able to practice on purpose and yet they still had the courage to compete, that alone to me is a good reason to be a proud filipino!

      1. Figured. Iisa ang itsura sa dp, iba-iba lang pangalan. Desperado na ang tanga. I don’t mean to troll pasensya na. Natawa talaga ko sa comment n’ya. Parang ‘yong comedy na puro katangahan ang sinasabi kasi.

        1. Typical attack of an asshurt failipino: the “ikaw na lang kaya maging presidente”-like spiel. Maldita ka nga talaga utak squatter.

    1. This whole article is moronic. It was obviously written by someone who never competed in sports. The other morons are just here commenting so they could feel better about themselves.

      1. And your dysfunctional pride is already getting nowhere because all you did is nothing but credit grabbing some Filipino’s own goals. Then again, this is someone’s embarrassment so yeah enjoy clinging it you attention whoring pinoy praydist.

      2. Nah, the only thing moronic here in this very page, is YOU and your fellow butthurt trolls.

        Seriously, from defending an incompetent piece of shit(Aquino) to attacking those who have provided legit points against pinoy pride, you guys have proven yourselves to be running out of ideas.

    2. “shame on you people!”
      So are you pinoy praydist. Just admit that you don’t have your own goals and you want to cling on some Filipino’s own. Pride is something that you achieved not by accident of birth remember that!

  28. I have a friend living in Singapore right now and apparently Singaporeans have been mocking the Pinoy divers and some even made animated gifs out of them. Sucks for them, but sucks even more for the rest of us. Never in my life have I seen such terrible dives from both teammates in all my years of watching professional diving competitions.

  29. you have no right to represent the country if you prepared only for 4 or a few days. you were not sent there to tour or play. you were there to represent us all… as the best that the phl has got for the moment! entertainment pa rin ang ginawa ninyo eh palakasan nga yan eh!

  30. I just have one question.
    Why did those 2 athletes compete anyway, knowing they were ill-prepared? Couldnt they have said to their coach/trainer: “trainer, listen, we are so poorly trained and prepared, it will be a disgrace to perform? Pls take us out of the competition. And if you dont take us out, we will do it ourselves?”

  31. Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.

  32. I think it is important to be supportive, learn from this experience, and continue to dive. Even though it was a bit painful to watch the dive, this is part of their beautiful growth process. I had my fair share of embarrassing attempts to be a good at something but, through all the mistakes and disappointments, I understood the work I needed to do. At least my embarrassing attempts are not as public as this so kudos even more to their courage. I love and support our Pinoy athletes!

  33. Better luck next time… *sigh* Ginawa naman siguro nila yung best nila… lack of preparation and practice siguro ang naging problema kaya ganyan ang naging resulta… sayang… pero ok lang… marami pang South East Asian Games ang darating…

  34. Is this a big deal? look at how timor leste or some sg boxers performed, one sg boxer looks like he learned how to box, days before the competition. How about in basketball? some teams border on mediocrity and I’m guessing they can be beaten by barangay level teams here in PH. If they’re laughing at these divers then laugh at their boxers or laugh at their basketball players and move on. Being a laughing stock in one sport is no fun but it is what it is, a country can’t be good at everything.

  35. It’s MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES talaga… dahil sa kagaguhan ng mga NAMUMUNO e… naging tuta yung mga tao nila… puro PROUD parin ako sa inyo mga PRE.. sarap batukan ng mga GONGGONG na nasa commission. F**K

  36. just practiced for four days? anyone care to enlighten me why that was the case at all? i was under the impression most professional divers usually practice a lot longer than that as the main competition approaches…this is a serious question.

  37. Pinoys such a disgrace to every country.

    Complain about China owning your ass cause your inferior race and country can’t do shit even if they do.

  38. It’s not the fault of the athletes. The accountable there is the coach or who ever incharged of recommending them for the event. According to the (the athletes they were not trained hard for the said event. PSC should have a sort of quality control for the skilled of every athlete that we sent for competition, specially international event. Evaluation of skills before send off is a must. Thank you…….

  39. Aha proud for getting 0 points , Pinoys are proud of everything #embarassing #beproudcausenobodycanget0pointslikeupinoybastards
    #Failures for life
    #all talk no action
    #useless losers
    #Where the Pinoys now ?

  40. 4 days nagpraktis, yan yung mga sinasabak sa sea games? Dapat sibakin yung nagpasok at nagscreen sa mga atleta.kukupal kupal. Hindi biro ang sumali sa sea games.The atheletes and performance reflects the whole nation

  41. My take on this naman. Those zero-pt dives were just one part of their diving routine. They did well in their synchro dives.

  42. I have to congratulate the authors of this site for finally mastering the art of negativism while intentionally omitting the positive. If only the author had the decency to look at the whole event, he/she will know that the said divers did well in their other dives.

    1. yeah… filipinos are very proud to be labeled as failures, no?

      and i don’t want to associate myself to those overconfident and ill-prepared athletes. and more importantly desperate trolls impersonating the writers of the blog.

  43. OK guys — you done?

    Imagine these are Singaporeans flopping their way to big fat 0s. Would you go blame them for their ineptitude? Sure. Would you go on to blame all Singaporeans because these would-be divers are Singaporean?

    Probably. After all, this is GRP: not a day goes by without someone saying “Failipino” — I’m sure you’ll stay true to form and kick Lee Kuan Yew’s corpse while you’re at it, right?


      1. Ah domo. One of the premiere posters here — nothing but a bad word to say about anyone who doesn’t diss Pinoys.

        Now why don’t you shape up and point out how each and every individual Pinoy is to blame for the ill-preparedness of a couple of divers, besides “But they claim every success story as their own every single time! ‘S not fair! Now I’m just making things even!”

    1. But as Singaporean representatives, they represented their country. This is the SEA Games, a nation-based event. It will flow to their performance representing their nation’s performance. However, it’s not our job to bash the athletes of other countries for incompetence. The Singaporeans will do the job of bashing their own athletes. You can be sure of it.

      1. But — twist! — let’s say we are Singaporeans. Would you, ChinoS, fellow Singaporean, go so far as to blame the divers’ failure to compete on some collective ineptitude?

        Likely not. Wouldn’t cross your mind at all — you’re gonna blame them, then the coaching staff, then whatever evaluating body was supposed to assess their readiness going out. But not your fellow Singaporeans — the nearest you’re coming to blaming yourself would likely be “We’re funding this shit with our tax dollars? Get outta here!”

        So then maybe it’s time to move past equating the successes or failures of a few athletes or a few anyones with the successes or failures of the people they are supposed to represent, unless of course they really are setting up for collective achievement? It’s far more tenable and much less prone to hyprocrisy, methinks.

        1. What would be “setting up for collective achievement”?

          Near our shores, that would be Singapore of course — Lee Kuan Yew for all his autocratic leanings was a conscientious public servant, and he instilled a pride on being Singaporean by insisting that his party and the citizens they serve abide by the rule of law.

          So it is with their former British overlords — look up the English transition to constitutional monarchy for one — so it was with Tanzanians under Julius Nyerere — so it was with the Americans under their Founding Fathers. Examples might yet be multiplied.

  44. No offense, pero sana yung mga bata nlng sa pier ang kinuha nyo Baka mas ok pa.. Lol pero diba may training yan, para kasi Hindi pinag handaan.. Kung di pa tayo handa sa ganyang category edi wag muna sumali.. For sure ang daming tumatawa dito, pati pinoy

  45. These Jokers, just wanted for a “Free Trip” to Singapore; “free lodging” , also.

    Kulelat, ZERO Pa!!! Nakakahiya!!!

  46. I honestly felt bad for the two divers… They were brave enough to join despite their lack of training, Are we suppose to make fun of that? Or should we be furious for not hving enough support for their training.. Just sayin’

  47. Repeating comment:
    One of the great hypocrisies of some Filipinos Free Riders, is that when a Filipino wins something abroad, they will flock to this and say, “Hey! This is a Filipino like us! So respect us!” But if the Filipinos lose, like the above case, they will use a ten-foot-pole or greater to separate themselves from the case. “Nakakahiya yan!” “I-disown na yan!” Such is the Filipino concern with form over substance that they are averse to shames that they should responsibly bear.

    Also, take note that these athletes represented the country. This was the SEA Games, after all. So their failure represents the failure of this country. We should bear that shame responsibly.

    1. Obvious ba dakilang tanga? Nagsasabi lang naman ako tungkol sa balat-sibuyas nyong isip e. Palibhasa masyado kayong mangongontra dahil inuuna nyo ang puso nyo hindi ang utak. At iyang huling linya mo utak squatter, bawas-bawasan mo kasi ang kapapanood mo ng mga nakakabobong palabas.

  48. Wow. Impersonating the writers, eh? Why pop up all of a sudden?

    And four days? Small improvements can be made out of four days. Ugh, reminds me of my university days. Three-day practice for a theater play presentation when they have two months of practice and preparation.

    And there’s nothing to commend about unprepared and overconfident athletes. EAT MY WORDS OFF, PINOY PRAYDISTS!

    1. And I could see that picture will be used as a meme in the future. I could see it.


  49. Underfunded

    These describe Filipino athletics as a whole.

    inb4 boxing and basketball. Yeah, no you’re not numba 1 in those sports either.

  50. This is considered a call for action,it is not about who can and cannot dive. They must train hard because they represent the country. I laughed, but i feel pity that they could have done better, if they are trained by a competitive well-paid sports coach. Then all of these falls to our gov’t negligent simply even just providing facility to let them experience and learn the disciplines of this.

  51. Ewan ko ha..pero being a former athlete myself, I could feel that they were totally unprepared for the competition…I can’t help but laugh kasi kahit san simpleng stunt na lang ang ginawa, basta nagawa lang ng tama yung act.

  52. I miss the days when filipinos are more disciplined because their parents use the stick occasionally. Nowadays, filipino children are very hard to manage because the new breed of parenting has degraded so much in the past few decades. Now some might think my argument is out of topic but it is very relevant to case in point. If these atlethes only have the discipline and respect for their chosen sports, they will not come in a big event like the SEA GAMES “half-baked” then comment afterwards that they only have 4 days practice? What a lame excuse, better be silent than giving these kind of comments.

  53. Mga kababayan ko, wag po kayong mang husga ng kapwa. Kung makikita po natin sa video, nakaabot na po ang divers natin sa Dive 4, ibig sabihin hindi naman po tayo pinahiya ng divers on their first 3 dives. Nagkataon lang sa Dive 4, at sa kagustuhang manalo ng divers natin, mahrap na difficulty level na po ang ginawa nila kaya pumalpak. Ganyan talga pag kulang sa practice. Atleast nag pakita sila ng tapang para gawin ang mahirap para manalo.. Still, im “Proud to be Pinoy”!!!

    1. pinoy nga naman oo masyadong happy-go-lucky. And be proud of what exactly when it’s their achievement not yours you credit grabber?

  54. What do you expect ? From the country that brought you a president who was never groomed for the part. His only achievement was his mother died right before the campaign season. This is totally appropriate . Zero !!!!!!!

  55. Domo is such an asshole. Anong pinaglalaban mo? Wala ka bang buhay at nangingi-alam ka ng opiniyon ng iba. So what if we believe in others capabilities. They may have failed this time but it doesnt mean they suck all through out. You look like an idiot. Nagtatagalog ka pero kung maka lait ng Pilipino parang hindi Pinoy. I pity you in every bit. I hope your brain would grow bigger and you’d have a heart too. You are heartless and inconsiderate asshole. Paano ka kaya pinalaki no? Why do you have so much hatred? I hope you’ll mature more. Kawawa ka kasi.

    1. Sorry, but TROLLS like you are the real assholes here. Basahin mo muna ang article bago mag-comment. Mas kawawa ang mga taong emosyonal at balat-sibuyas.

    2. Anong pinaglalaban ko gunggong? I’m being anti-stupidity just like what you and your friends are doing in this site. What’s wrong about saying da pinoy’s obvious faults failipino? Ayaw mong tanggapin ano isip bata? Palibhasa masyado kang madrama e kaya please lang drama queen bawas-bawasan mo ang kapapanood mo ng mga nakakabobong palabas lalo na yung minamahal mong mga telebasura. pinoy nga naman oo ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.
      And hey, YOU and your kind are the ones being heartless at all. I bet you just celebrate “independence day” 3 days ago while not giving it an essence and meaning for not giving a fuck about our country’s and failipinos’ serious issues making Lea Salonga’s tweet right all along.

  56. Hindi katuwiran na walang mapag praktisan kasi ang laki laki ng Pasig River o ang Manila Bay na pwedeng pag praktisan. Joke joke pero seriously tama yung nag post na dapat suspendihin yung country na nag padala ng ill equipped na divers kasi delikado yun buti walang masamang nangyari lalo na yung isa na nauna yung likod.

  57. sobra naman pabaya yan sa mga atleta o di kaya porke anak ni politcian o anak ni sir o maam kaya sila lumusot jan kakahiya talaga talo ko pa sila sa totoo lang!!! Oh my GOD!!

  58. correction this gets an 11 out of 10 for trolling — the way they high five each other and smile at the end puts it over the top

    it’s a commentary on the needless stupid emphasis that people put on sports — pure performance art

  59. What the fudge?! FOUR FREAKIN’ DAYS?!
    And they’re proud of that shit?!

    I mean, I can still appreciate if they trained for a year, but FOUR DAYS?! Srsly Philippines, what the hell are you guys doing?! You guys are better than this!!

    It’s just annoying that Filipinos aim for the gold yet they don’t even bother giving their all. And those who got silver or bronze they call them “kolelat” or “palpak”. Srsly why are you guys are so hungry for a Filipino athlete to get a gold meal? Whatever their achievements are (if they REALLY gave their all), congratulate them. Or are Filipinos just looking for a reason to shout
    “Proud to be Pinoy”.

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