Is Bongbong Marcos Key to the Philippines’ Salvation?

Senator Bongbong Marcos has certainly done quite a bit in the previous few months. He has certainly stepped up to oppose the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) which, in its current state at least, would doom the Philippines by subjecting a good number of its constituents under the rule of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front terrorist group. But anyway, while certainly a great help to preventing the current administration from screwing up the country even further, there are still those who are more than a little hesitant to side with him as noted here by Benign0.


Unfortunately, this will probably be always the case as long as common Pinoys stick to their usual method of selecting a presidential candidate. As stated, again, by Benign0 in this article here, politics in the Philippines revolves around personalities and not platforms or plans. When it comes to being a politician in the Philippines, it won’t matter what you’re striving for or what you want to happen, what will always count in the heavily flawed mind and heart of the common Pinoy is what your name is and what it means to them.

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Thanks to how the media continues to delude the common people and condition them to think in a very feudal mindset, it’s not at all that surprising that most Pinoys still associate the Marcos name with tyranny and totalitarianism. Needless to say, since a large and influential part of the media fits squarely into the pocket of the Aquino family, we can see how easy it has been for the current administration to demonize the Marcos name and make Bongbong Marcos seem like he’s the Antichrist or something while continuing to make the Aquinos look like the saviors of the Philippines and making the current president look and feel like their “little angel” and a gift to the Filipino people. At the end of the day, what with how dumb typical Pinoys have become thanks to the efforts of the government, the money-hungry local media and the heavily-flawed education system, people care more about the names of people and their personal stories rather than what they stand for, what they have achieved and what they can achieve if given the chance.

Take note, I am not a supporter of Bongbong Marcos either. I must admit that I have little liking for dynasties and what they entail. However, I think that as a people, we need to focus more on results rather than just a person’s name or popularity.

Indeed, the Pinoy obsession with names contributes to the largely outdated system it has today. As long as we keep selecting candidates for their names rather than their capabilities and skills, it will be a long time yet before we get anywhere as a country. If we want dynamic change in our country, we must learn to be a result-oriented people and learn to prioritize capabilities and ideologies above catchy slogans and pompous grand-standing.

So far, while Senator Marcos might be another part of a grand dynasty, his actions so far have proven to be beneficial to the Filipino people. We should learn to focus on what he has done for us over his family history as a certain “other” politician has done.

God save the Filipino people…

34 Replies to “Is Bongbong Marcos Key to the Philippines’ Salvation?”

  1. ‘IS BING BONG MARCOS KEY TO THE PHILIPPINES SALVATION?”. Now there is a truly idiotic question. I am sad to be so blunt about it, but Sir Grimwald: You sound religious to the point of the question sounding as if it should say ‘SAVIOUR’ at the end of it.Remember Secularism? Separation of Church and State,PERIOD.

    I can tell you,COLLECTIVE ACTION and THE RIDDANCE OF THE THIEVES THAT RUN THE COUNTRY is where to start.BUT to do that you have to know who actually RUNS THE country.Here is a clue: It is not ‘BS” Aquino or any of the other so-called elected representatives.The democracy you may think you live in is a CHARADE, SMOKE AND MIRROR HORSE SHIT.(There I go being BLUNT again,SO HEY, spark ’em if ya got ’em…YIPPEEE!!!!)

    Something along the lines of what FDR did in the USA in the 1930’s ‘Great Depression’ with the ‘NEW DEAL’ would be a great second step,after the first one mentioned above (and that step MUST take place first and foremost, or the Fail-ippines will be the same rotting shit-hole it is now, only worse 50 years from now. On that you can be sure.).

    It is really hard to understand, from looking into the society, how the avg. Filipino thinks and acts as if the country needs a ‘Father’ figure or even a ‘SAVIOUR’ as you mention in the title ‘SALVATION’, WTF? I mean really.They have all turned into rat bastard thieving scumbags, so how can you even consider any of them as the avg. Filipino does ? A ‘Father’ like that,YUCK ! It is certainly strange. Is it the old ‘You only hurt the ones you Love’….that motivates this kind of thinking? I sure as fuck do not know, but A THIEF is a THIEF ,no getting around that, and the entire gov’t. is one gigantic syndicate of thieves robbing the people blind. Dividing and conquering, with almost no real bad shots being fired. This is as a way of keeping control….and the never ending thievery, thriving.

    While I am at it, I’ll spill this drink on the table: Look at who contributes to the political campaigns of the Senator’s and HOR’s( WOW, phonetically that says WHORE, doesn’t it,? the shoe fits too,OH THE IRONY !!!) and you will know who runs the countries domestic policies….the Corporations that run the big business’s in the country TELL the Politicians what to do and when to do it as well. OK, so the Foreign Policy is run by guess who? No it is not that crazy woman, masquerading as somehow being what pinoys consider ‘intelligent’, Miriam Santiago either,or any of her so-called ‘colleague’s’. OMG ! Wake up,MEIN FRERE, will ya? Please do I really have to spell it out for you?

    1. Who’s the real thieves here? Have u looked up how the Late Ferdinand Marcos acquired those treasures before he became a Congressman? Reviewed all 97 cases acquitted under US Court of Law?

  2. People are weary of politicians who make promises they are either unwilling or unable to keep.

    Society longs for statesmen but it gets politicians.

    Statesmen are leaders who uphold what is right regardless of the popularity of the position.

    Statesmen speak out to achieve good for their people, not to win votes.

    Statesmen promote the general good rather than regional or personal self-interest.

  3. We, the Filipino people are the “KEY” to the “salvation” of our country. Not , any person; nor any politician; or anything.

    I am tired of these TRAPOS, who capitalize by their own brand names in politics. They symbolize: more of the same…

    Our country has many problems, waiting to be solved. It takes, the whole Filipino population to solve them.

    Be a Part of the solution. And not, become Part of the Problem…

  4. Bongbong Marcos may have done some good, but its best not to consider him as the country’s savior. That was how Noynoy was played up and you can see the results. (Luneta Park shootings and BBL)

    So best thing you can do is try and get people to start asking questions and be able to make their own decisions…. but thanks to the laziness and the current system in place, an awakened Filipino is suddenly going to find themselves under scrutiny. (Just like any other story involving dystopias. See Logan’s Run.)

  5. Indeed so true, not so easy to cover-up everything,no easy to remove the pain had happened from the past . However,we need to try another chance doing to be good and moving forward going to success! Just have faith God will always be with you BBM to become a good and great leader of our nation !

  6. i do agree that hes the key to the Philippine salvation ..He has the legacy of the great old Marcos who did far far better than his successors..i was one of the people in edsa one and felt im one of the responsibles that this country is now experiencing..i am sorry for the BIGGEST mistake i have done to my country….im redeeming myself…I go for the son BBM…

  7. Mr. Marcos is one of the promising leaders we have. His father’s administration may have flaws and this young Senator may well use these flaws to straighten things up. I am yet to think between him and Digoy.

  8. Bongbong is the best chance for the country to resurrect the Marcos magic in governance: crony capitalism, Imelda Marcos, human rights violations, kleptocracy, envelopmental journalism, a pliant Supreme Court, a rubber stamp parliament, and a “smiling’ Martial Law. Yehey, BBM na!!

    1. Your one of the reason why the Phillipines is now down poor due to your crab mentality ideas of Filipino’s. Think of results not the stupidity of less inconvenience.

  9. a brilliant lawmaker ,He is intelligent and understand the law and live with it, he defend and make the law based on the constitution standards. Yes he is the potential key leader to our motherland’s restoration, with a big heart for Filipino people, passionate to make this nation be great again..

  10. Bong bong hes hes good politian ever than other politian that only needs is the chair in malacaniang see now its june 2015 and in the news always about political tamdem in 2016 MGA KABAYAN Bong bong he focus what our country problems.. i cant say hes the answer but i can say hes doing good job for the sake of pilipino people mabuhay ka bong bong marcos

  11. Si Bong Bong Marcos ang Iboboto namin nang buong Pamilya…

    He has the balls to lead like his Father did.
    Sabi ng matatanda, “Buti pa noong si Marcos ang Presidente, maganda ang Pilipinas…”

    No books can ever detest the saying of people who saw how the late Ferdinand Marcos ruled the Country before.

    Yung mga masasamang bagay na sinasabi nila, puro paninira lang yun, para maagaw nila ang Pamumuno, at nagtagumpay nga sila sa pamamagitan ng false democracy!

  12. Im Just going to Clear out your mind about the word “Savior” It well Mentally Pointed out Bong Bong Will Become Savior but Physically It will The MASS UNITY OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE but how we can achieve that Unity ? In this Diverted Country When Yellow Media already Manipulated the Truth to Divide the Unity of our Countrymen ?
    Ok Heres How its Done to Gain the Unity ..
    Have you remember Sen. Bong Bong said ” Nation Building ? I dont Hear it Anymore ” ..
    When Sen. Bong Bong Become the President He Will Bring back the lost atittude of The Love of The Country and the Dignity of Our Filipino Soul Which the road to Unity … Inshort The Nation Building ! Remember the saying “Together We Stand Divide We fall ” and We are Divided right now thats why the Philippines are Falling too Much .. Get My Point .

  13. Indeed Ferdinand Marcos is one of a kind as a leader. Perhaps he really was corrupted but we certainly cannot deny the fact that he really contributed a lot on the infrastructure of the Philippines. However, Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr. is not his father. He has yet to match his father but we shouldn’t make a conclusion whether he will be able to better or worse the Philippines.


  15. Senator Marcos is a brilliant man who has demonstrated the true love of our country and people. He is so far the most qualified to rule and save the Philippines to further destruction.I’ll definitely vote for him if he decide to run.

  16. Who is a working senator right now. Bongbong can be a better choice for 2016, he is not going to steal, he will prove to be a good leader to try to clear the Marcos name.

  17. The Legacy of great leader Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.. Now its BBM.. obody else can surpass his capabilities, statemanship and perssonality. You like it or not he is loved by the Filipinos especially the youth and the Senior sitezens whe experienced Marcos government. Mabuhay BBM!!

  18. Idiotic post! Marcoses are certified corrupt the only new thing we learned is that the Aquino’s are not any different either and also as corrupt as the other and it only came to light that these 2 top political families are actually fed puppets by the wealthy businessmen who are the real evil behind all these namely the COJUANGCOS! Therefore, NONE of these 2 families should ever be voted to any office again (including their minions!). Duterte can change all this!

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