Anti-Aquino forces: Hindrances and what we’re doing wrong

Without a doubt, more Filipinos have become disgusted with the family of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III. Although the Aquino name is still probably going to be popular among gullible Filipinos (who compose a huge chunk of the population) for the next few years, there is little doubt that many have turned their back on the Aquino name. As the Aquinos’ name has begun to lose its spark, the opposition, of course, has started to make its move.

However, the opposition’s move has concerns about hindrances and some wrong moves. In this writing, I seek to give my perspective on what the anti-Aquino forces have as obstacles and what has been done wrong.

noynoy_aquinoA weak party system. This is evident because we have not had a majority political party ever since the KBL of Marcos. The Kilusang Bagong Lipunan dominated the Batasang Pambansa, winning 90% of the seats in 1978 and then the number went down after the KBL lost support and they ended up winning just 66% in 1984 (although a huge decrease, this was still a strong majority). Post-EDSA parties have had no majority in the legislature. Such has impaired the passages of important pieces of legislation.

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The weak party system has led to personality-based politics. Thus, it is the political parties that depend on the oligarchs, not the oligarchs depending on the political parties. Political parties would seek the funding and support of big businessmen and some landlords. The weak party system also allows quick party-switching. Let’s recall the recently ruling parties. Under Marcos you had KBL. With Cory you had LDP, with Ramos you had Lakas, with Estrada you had LAMPP, with Arroyo you had Kampi, and now with Noynoy Aquino you have LP. But, if you look at the members of the KBL, LDP, Lakas, LAMPP, Kampi, and the LP, it’s the same list of names. The country has no strong party system, and because of that, there’s no organized opposition.

Unorganized opposition. After the arrest of Senate Minority Floor Leader Juan Ponce Enrile, there was no longer any real opposition leader. Under the current setup, the Philippines has no organized opposition. Vice President Jejomar Binay left the Aquino cabinet only a few days ago, and his United Nationalist Alliance has yet to leave the majority coalition in Congress.

The anti-Aquino opposition is actually divided into five. You have the UNA supporters. These are the people beholden to Vice President Jejomar Binay and Manila Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada. There’s also the Marcos supporters, I do need to explain much about this. You also have the supporters of former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The fourth group is the left-wing group, led by Rep. Neri Colmenares, Teddy Casino, Renato Reyes, etc. The leftists are those who have accused every single Philippine President of being a U.S. puppet and some are even sympathizers of the Maoist CPP-NPA. The fifth group is the group of total reformists. The people I am labelling as total reformists are those that seek a major overhaul of Philippine politics. You know, those people who are against Marcos, Aquino, Arroyo, Binay, Estrada, and every single person who is in an elective government position. This people want change and they want big change, a thorough revamp of the Philippine government. There’s no way they will collaborate with Binay-Estrada or Marcos or Arroyo forces. They do not want any of the names we have in politics today to remain.

We cannot defeat the oligarchy if we oppositionists ourselves cannot unite and organize one group. If you can add more groups you know to the five that I enumerated, then that makes things more complicated for the opposition.

Improper propaganda. This aspect is more on the part of the people than the politicians. I was able to read the book “Foundation for Resuming the Philippine Revolution” by Jose Maria Sison. The book contained selected writings of Jose Maria Sison (under the nom de guerre Amado Guerrero) during the earlier years of the Marcos administration. Of course, we know how Sison organized the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), which later merged with the New People’s Army (NPA) of Bernabe Buscayno (nom de guerre Kumander Dante) to oppose the Marcos government. Sison’s use of words were smooth yet sharp. The writings of Sison had the quality and projection of a true oppositionist and revolutionary. In fact, it paid off as the CPP-NPA was able to recruit thousands of members. Even Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. collaborated with the CPP-NPA to oppose the Marcos regime.

Sison’s writings against the Marcos regime were persuasive. He used terms such as imperialist, fascist, puppet, dictator and corrupt, among others. Now, let’s take a look at the choice of words of many people who are posting online against Noynoy Aquino: Abnoy, Budoy, tanga, luko-luko, sira ulo, inutil, bobo, abnormal, special child, panot, and tiyo ni Joshua, among others. When criticizing acts of the Aquino administration, people would post internet memes of Aquino’s weird laughing face, instead of properly presenting one-by-one what he did wrong. The choice of words of the anti-Aquino forces are more libelous than persuasive in nature. Of course, Sison’s words against Marcos were also libelous, but they were nevertheless persuasive and they were better political jargons than what Aquino critics today are using. They were strong words, yet simple enough for the least intelligent Filipino to understand.

It is not that I disagree with the messages of the memes and propaganda against Noynoy Aquino. I wholeheartedly agree with them. However, the manner in which the critics are presenting their arguments are messy and complicated. Only a few people would be able to understand the messages of such memes and posts. If there is to be anti-Aquino propaganda, then it must be simple enough even for the most stupid person to understand.

The Aquino government runs on propaganda. Therefore, it can also be destroyed by counterpropaganda. The key for the anti-Aquino forces is to expose all they can about the true nature of the Aquino family and make such information simple enough to be understood.

Until these concerns are addressed, then the anti-Aquino forces should not be celebrating victory anytime soon.

27 Replies to “Anti-Aquino forces: Hindrances and what we’re doing wrong”

  1. In our reasonings concerning matter of fact, there are all imaginable degrees of assurance, from the highest certainty to the lowest species of moral evidence. A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence.

  2. A government that is built on Myths, Legends, Disinformations and Falsehoods, can be easily destroyed. Just counter it with the Truth. And the Truth, will take care of itself.

    The German Nazi Propaganda Machine was run by Nazi Propaganda Minister , Joseff Goebbels. The Nazis have many Death Camps sprouting in Germany , Austria and Poland. People were murdered everyday, in the Gas Chambers, and are burned in the Crematoriums.

    Yet, the German people remained BLIND, on these Death Camps, in the middle of their towns and cities. The Stench of Rotting Flesh was there. Yet, they are desensithized of their Stinking and Putrid Smell.

    Our Apathy in pursuing the Murders of the 44 Policemen at Mamapasano, and Aquino’s Unholy Alliance with the Terrorists , MILF/ISIS/Al Quieda…is showing the same effect, as the German people , during Hitler’s Nazi era. Aquino’s continued Abuse of Power…and We are allowing it, are an indication of the APATHY Of the Filipinos. We simply don’t care…so, we deserve, what we got…

    Will we allow the Philippines to become like this? United opposition or no united opposition…it is the Duty of every Filipino; not to let History repeat itself. History has given us a good lesson, on Nazi Germany…will we remain Blind ?

    1. WOW, comparing Hitler’s NAZI death camps and the genocidal menace that those camps were,to the deaths of 44 SAF troops in a failed,IDK if it even was a military operation, attempt to kill a wanted world-wide terrorist?
      AND,the death camps were not really too close to large metro area’s, but the definition of what that is can be vague.But FWIH , the 44 SAF guys died in a swamp in the middle of nowhere, and that is similar in what way exactly?

      AND FYI, Hitler’s Germany, the German people, were well aware of the plight of the Jews, the ghetto’s they were forced to live in and you somehow think that maybe they weren’t glad about it? The pain and misery inflicted upon Germany from 1918 to 1933, and even beyond, was going to be rectified….and guess who was going to pay that retribution ?LOL !!! YOU THINK THEY DID NOT KNOW? afterwards,when the war was lost, what do you think they were going to say?

      1. @Ebola Ray:

        Kindly improve your Reading /Understanding Comprehension…I know you are one of the YellowTards…

        Do you Understand the message of the Post?

        1. @Ebola Ray:

          If you are too ignorant about the Germany Nazi Third Reich. You can read the Books of:
          Albert Speer; titled: “Inside the Third Reich”;” Spandau, Inside Diary”; and “Infiltration”…these are available on the On Line bookstores, and e-books…very good books…

          Albert Speer, was the Minister of Armament and War Production of Adolph Hitler. He was in the “inner circle” of the Nazi Regime. An Architech by profession; he was also a good Production Manager; and a good book writer…very intelligent man. He was the only Nazi , who accepted responsibility of the crimes of the Nazi Regime…

        2. @ 066HT……I admire your zeal, but seriously kid ?
          I read more about what happened in Europa between 1913 & 1944 before you were even born,
          I’d wager. From all sides of the conflict to the in-betweens. It seems, The Western Industrialists feared Lenin’s ‘Worker’s Revolt’ would spread West to Europa and then the USA, so therefore they brought Hitler to power and backed both sides in the conflict/war so as to be on the winning side when all the chips involved landed where they did.

          As far as whether the German people knew about the ‘death camps’ or not? Not much evidence exists today to even question how they could have not known……..( HINT:Kristalnacht ? YES?)***************as far as the 44 SAF dead soldiers/cops go?******************* They apparently needed better telecommunications equipment and a better leader in charge on the ground that day,BUT really? IDK and IDC. The two situations? There is not much of a comparison.
          My reading comprehension levels are fine,****************** if I misunderstood what you wrote, well, it won’t be the 1st time I misunderstood a Filipino whose 2nd language is English.******************************
          I will engage in any debate you care to have on these matter’s.
          Anything else ?

          OOPS wait, I spoke too soon, your suggestion of my ignorance of the 3rd Reich is laughable. You might want to enlighten yourself by reading something that was not written by the ‘Western Allies”Historians’ and maybe start with Henry Ford’s best seller(penned b4 WW2):
          ‘The International Jew’, and IDC if you read it or not. Due to your insinuated insults, I’ll not debate you with you, BUT, Believe it or not there are some people out there that want to see a change in what is happening there, but when those very same people get insulted by the people they wish to see have a change for the better come into their lives. HA !………you seem like a reasonably intelligent guy so I won’t even have to say what would have come next. Good luck.

          That part about Albert Speer, LMAO, really? You really, I mean, YOU REALLY THINK IDK ? and if YOU THINK anything that came out of ‘Spandau Prison’ was not re-written before it was released? Think again. You seem like a well intentioned guy, so I actually do ….nah…….enuff.

    2. Propaganda exists on all sides though. Nazi Germany did have concentration camps and there were deaths indeed, but there hasn’t been any real concrete evidence or single consensus proving that gas chambers or crematoriums were used to kill mass numbers of people. The International Red Cross was allowed to inspect the camps and found nothing to suggest genocide on such an extreme level. The idea of homicidal gas chambers was propaganda used by anti-Nazi forces in order to bolster more Holocaust sentiment after the War. Today the Holocaust event continues to be a billion dollar industry and is constantly used for political leverage. So while it’s important to separate truth from propaganda, we still have to look at it from every angle. Even your own allies or people on the same side as you will use half-truths, myths, and propaganda in order to gain sentiment or meet an agenda and it could have repercussions.

      1. @Stasser:

        You can view the video footage of the liberated Death Camp at Dachau, Germany. There were Gas Chambers, using the poison gas:”Xylon”. The bodies of the victims were still burning. And, the remains of the crematoriums were there, in the video footage.

        Together, with the personal belongings of the victims. Hairs, false teeth, eyeglasses, dolls, shoes, etc…

        Visit also a Holocaust Museum…they are available, maybe near your place…

        The residents of Dachau, Germany were forced to see the inside of the Death Camp, after its liberation, by Allied Forces…the Mayor of Dachau, Germany , hanged himself, after seeing the evil inside the Death Camp.

        1. All lies. Joe Cortina was a former Green Beret who visited Dachau and his Jewish camp guides informed him that no inmate was ever gassed there. He then discovered that the “official documentary” of the Dachau camp was purposefully created in 1945 to make Americans believe thousands were murdered in gas chambers. Furthermore, the crematoriums were used for inmates who had died of cholera or typhus and whose bodies were burned in order to prevent an epidemic in the camps. David Cole, a Jewish-American researcher, has asserted that the gas chambers were nothing more than propaganda props inserted after the War. Even Dr. Franciszek Piper, head of the Auschwitz State Museum, has admitted that no gas chambers were ever used at Auschwitz and that it was a propaganda lie first perpetuated by the Soviet communists under the orders of Stalin. A lie told often enough becomes the truth. The truth is that the whole gas chamber/crematorium accusation is a mere hoax at best.

        2. its also possible/rumoured that the Mayor of Dachau,Germany was going to be put on trial as a co-conspirator along with the Nazi’s at the Nuremberg War Crimes trials, thus he committed suicide or asked someone else to kill him first. Thus denial of satisfaction to the victors of the war.

          IDK, I was not there.

  3. The labels imperialist, fascist, puppet, dictator and corrupt, … are way tooo intellectual (brainly) for common Filipinos to grasp. Labels Abnoy, Budoy, tanga, luko-luko, sira ulo, inutil, bobo, abnormal, special child, panot, and tiyo ni Joshua, on the other hand, are easier to grasp.

    Sad affair in Philippine politics 🙁

  4. Conditions before are very different from now. Internet was not available so the Aquino invested on the following to BRAINWASH or condition the mind of our people:

    1. Media – (c/o Lopez ABS-CBN ans GMA) ,
    2. Showbiz Celebrities (c/o, TVJ, APO, Kris,
    3. Religion (c./o Cardinal Sin)

    Now with the advent Internet (World Wide Web) or digital world, our Media/Religion no longer have that monopoly. Informations are readily available sharing of ideas is easy/fast. And nobody has full control of Social Media because it’s impossible to pay everyone on the Net.

    “The Future of political warfare will take place online.
    I therefore urge you to fight back against social evils, using your wits and with your words.
    Be the tides that will cleanse the Philippines of the corrupt and the useless”. – Miriam Defensor Santiago.

    Filipinos are the text/social media/ selfie capital in the world. We should capitalize on this thread to educate our people, bring about social change and topple the Aquinos

    Remember the Arab spring movement spread through Facebook, google, social media.

    I was thinking we could start or try this movement in the Philippines. Unite all writers/bloggers/activitist from:

    GetReal Philippines
    CoRRect movement
    Even Demata
    Filipino Freethinkers
    The Filipino Scribe
    et. al.

    And to actively participate in the 2016 election using Social Media as as our machinery aim to educate our people (voters), send a message to politicians, and give people an alternative choice in voter’s ballot instead of non-participation (apathy or Boycott) in election process

    “none of the above”
    “for new election”
    “for charter change or constitutional Reform”

  5. Some of the comments I am seeing here in just a few days make it really easy to see why the ‘Republica de Pilipinas’ is so so sooooooo very very fucked.

  6. @ Stasser:

    Truth is truth…if you deny that the Holocaust did not happen…then, that is your belief…

    1. This is not belief and I don’t appreciate you making such accusations especially without any rebuttal on your part. Everything I’ve presented is factual and is backed by testimonies, even by Jews. Everything you’ve presented has been propaganda that was disproven years ago. That’s why it’s all the more important to seek truth from myths.

  7. @Staser:

    So, Oscar Schindler is a Mythical person? The Schindler’s Lists is a myth?

    Oscar Schindler was a Nazi party member, who saved Jews, during the Nazi regime. You can view the movie : “Schindler’s List”. A true story, but Fiction to Stasser…maybe Albert Speer , the Nazi Minister of Armament and War Production was also a Mythical person. There was no evidence, he existed…Adolph Hitler, himself, maybe also a product of propaganda and imagination…we need proof , he existed…

    1. @Sasser I highly recommmend you
      Architect of Doom (Documentary)

      Hitler was frustrated Architect and Albert Speers was among Hitler’s man man. Albert Speers is one of greatest Architect- best known for POWER Architecture. His work was instrumental to Hitler’s rose in Power and help influence many people (Germans).

  8. The picture of Aquino in the Pee stained white ‘polo’ shirt is really hysterical. Can anyone not help wonder if the guy actually realizes that outside of his little ‘banana republic’ most people equate the ‘L’ hand symbol to the English word, ‘LOSER’. LOL !!!, what an idiot.

    But hey, for a guy in his 50’s he’s got good looking teeth,yes? That alone should insure his re-election, after he re-writes the RP constitution. P-Noy and his idiotic ‘Cha-Cha’ slogan.
    Amazing, how anyone, on an International level, could actually take that guy seriously?

  9. @Ebola Ray:

    Because you speak English language, does not mean you are that intelligent. I speak both Pilipino and English; and other foreign languages. Maybe, you are an “expert” of German matters and history…but, I believe you are not.

    There are many Neo Nazis who deny the Holocaust. Some of them are Islamic Radicals. Whether, the Holocaust happened or not, is not the message of I am sending to my fellow Filipinos. I am sending them a message/lesson that: APATHY, can lead to this situation…it so happen that there are people, who are Hurt, if they hear the word: Holocaust, People going to Gas Chambers, Crematorium, Death Camps, Nazi Genocides, etc…

    1. @ HT,READ THIS,especially the last sentence(or skip to
      it IDC) I did not say that because I speak the English language means I am intelligent. No one here said they were and ‘expert’, including myself….and even if I did, are you gonna believe a guy named ‘Ebola’ Ray can prove he is an ‘expert’ ?

      So your a little ‘over-dramatic’, is that what you are saying?Coz I’m not quite gettin it. Instead of comparing a cow to a grapefruit, maybe get a better analogy ? IDK ,BUT I commented on what I read, and what I said was/is accurate: There is no comparison.
      IDK, but FFS mon, get over it, its not a big deal.

      Seriously, if Filipino’s could channel their collective outrage into the right places,yeah? the thieves that run the country would be jumping off of tall buildings to get away from them instead of Filipino’s not born into ‘dynasties’ being ground into misery via never-ending poverty. THINK about that for a second.

  10. @Ebola Ray:

    We , Filipinos , may have differences; but I believe we have the same feelings, as Filipinos.

    We don’t need Foreigners to come to teach us..we have too much of foreign colonizations, interventions, and subtle impositions of their will on us.

    There are a few of us, who are intelligent…a good of them, very intelligent.

    So, if you can understand, why I’m trying to compare the Jewish Holocaust that “happened” in Nazi Germany, because of Apathy…then, I’m doing it to get into the Filipino mindset. I grew up, was raised as a Filipino. I’m still Filipino by heart; although, I work and reside in the U.S.A.; and educated in an American university.

    1. Typical pinoy mindset – filipino that can speak and write fluent english is the smartest. NOT! only moron would spend a milisecond to this kind of website.

    2. @ HT, you talk about being a Filipino’ ( ‘born and…’..’Same feelings’……) but you work and reside in the USA,yes? So you have your fingers directly on the pulse of the Filipino people, is that right?You were educated in the USA but don’t need foreigner’s to come to teach you, so…..uh…… what? You go to them? (WHAT?)
      this was an (intellectual type) argument not a History class w/me as ‘Professor Ray’.

      and you refer to what the 3rd Reich did as the ‘Jewish Holocaust’ ?

      listen to yourself ,for a minute, go back and read what you wrote…..its getting more disjointed as you go along.

      Please, stop. You seem like an alright guy, unlike a one or two others, who really need (seem to beg for an) intellectual beating(s).

      BTW, I was able to figure out the ‘apathy’ analogy, all by myself .

  11. @Ebola Ray:

    I studied at an American University. After graduation; a good American Corporation, offered me a good job in the Technical Field.

    U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services, gave me a working visa. The offer, was : good pay; good benefits; bonuses; perks; paid vacations;ability to travel to foreign countries; possible promotion; etc…who could not resist such offer?

    I did not say: “my finger is on the pulse of the Filipino people…” , you said that, not me. I am a Filipino. So I know, how my fellow Filipinos think…I know how to approach them.

    If you are a foreigner…you will have difficulties understanding the Filipino culture; and the Filipino mindset.

    So much so, with this discussion. I have to earn a living…

    If you want to learn more of Filipinos; keep on blogging at GRP; and read their posts. Learn from them…Don’t be a Bigot.Keep an Open Mind…

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