Congress, the ‘biggest criminal syndicate in the Philippines’, approves terrorist #Bangsamoro Basic Law!

Clearly, the approval of the Bangsamoro Basic Law by the House Ad Hoc Committee was a case of railroading. The committee, for starters, was padded with Malacanang allies. And, not surprisingly, the “investment” paid off. CNN Philippines reports

Malacañan allies in the House of Representatives comprised the majority of the 48 votes favoring the BBL. Eighteen were against while one abstained in what Ad Hoc panel chairman and Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, Jr. described as “unprecedented” in the history of the Lower House that saw a piece of legislation undergo at least 50 hearings and participated in by almost a hundred lawmakers.

The 50 who voted to approve what is now called the “Basic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region” are as follows:

– Cagayan De Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez
– Basilan Rep. Jim Hataman-Salliman
– Sulu Rep. Tupay Loong
– Misamis Occidental Rep. Henry Oaminal
– Maguindanao & Cotabato City Rep. Bai Sandra Sema
– North Cotabato Rep. Jesus Sacdalan
– Antipolo Rep. Romeo Acop
– TUCP Rep. Raymond Democrito Mendoza
– Bukidnon Rep. Ma. Lourdes Acosta-Alba
– Lanao Del Sur Rep. Ansaruddin Adiong
– Misamis Occidental Rep. Jorge Almonte
– Zamboanga Del Norte Rep. Isagani Amatong
– Compostela Valley Rep. Rommel Amatong
– Sulu Rep. Maryam Napii Arbison
– Dinagat Islands Rep. Kaka Bag-ao
– Cavite Rep. Elpidio Barzaga
– Muntinlupa Rep. Rodoflo Biazon
– Zamboanga Sibugay Rep. Belma Cabilao
– Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas
– Surigao Del Sur Rep. Florencio Garay
– Davao City Rep. Mylene Garcia-Albano
– Zamboanga Sibugay Rep. Ann Hofer
– Zamboanga Del Norte Rep. Rosendo Labadlabad
– Davao Del Norte Rep. Antonio Lagdameo
– Maguindanao Rep. Zajid Mangudadatu
– 1 CARE Rep. Edgar Masongsong
– Surigao Del Norte Rep. Franscisco Matugas
– A TEACHER Rep. Mariano Piamonte
– Lanao Del Norte Rep. Imelda Quibranza-Dimaporo
– Marikina City Rep. Miro Quimbo
– ABAMIN Rep. Maximo Rodoriguez, Jr.
– Camiguin Rep. XJ Romualdo
– Surigao Del Norte Rep. Guillermo Romarate, Jr.
– Tawi-Tawi Rep. Ruby Sahali
– Sultan Kudarat Rep. Raden Sakaluran
– Western Samar Rep. Mel Senen Sarmiento
– Iloilo Rep. Niel Tupas, Jr.
– AMIN Rep. Sitti Djalia Turabin-Jataman
– Davao City Rep. Isidro Ungab
– Misamis Oriental Rep. Juliette Uy
– Batanes Rep. Henedina Abad
– Lanao Del Sur Rep. Pangalian Balindong
– Mandaluyong City Rep. Neptali Gonzales II
– Quezon City Rep. Jorge Banal
– Quezon City Rep. Kit Belmonte
– Marikina City Rep. Marcelino Teodoro
– AKBAYAN Rep. Rep. Ibarra Gutierrez
– Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo
– Masbate Rep. Angelina Katoh
– Batangas Rep. Eileen Ermita-Buhain

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The same CNN Philippines report cites statements coming from Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares and House Minority Leader Ronnie Zamora that “they have heard reports that members of the Majority received Malacañan funds to support BBL,” a view many observers subscribe to considering the track record the government of Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III has exhibited using public funds to bribe Philippine legislators into “cooperating” with its agenda. These multi-million-peso carrots were not only dangled before the gaping mouths of Filipino congressmen and senators. They were virtually shoved down their throats.

Indeed, Rep. Rodriguez is wrong in his assertion that this sort of abominable conduct in Philippine Congress is “unprecedented”. In 2011, an impeachment complaint against then Chief Justice Renato Corona was similarly railroaded through the House of Representatives spurred by a “furious” (and, presumably, cashed-up) President BS Aquino.

[House Speaker Feliciano] Belmonte and another Liberal Party stalwart, Cavite Representative Joseph E.A. Abaya, revealed that a “furious” President Aquino wanted a “fast” impeachment against Corona after he and seven other Arroyo appointees had issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) to block the travel ban against Arroyo.

So effective was the Malacanang locomotive pork barelling its way through Congress that House Representatives seemingly cowering in fear (or salivating over the millions they stand to gain) admitted that they cast their votes despite being not allowed to read the actual contents of the complaint

Bayan Muna Representative Teodoro Casiño said the majority of the 188 members who signed the impeachment case were clueless of the eight articles used as the basis to kick out Corona when they entered the majority caucus at 2:30 pm Monday.

Casiño admitted that they were not allowed to read the 57-page document, which they signed on as both complainant and endorser.

Under PNoy's watch, Filipinos have come to see Philippine Congress as a den of crooks.

Under PNoy’s watch, Filipinos have come to see Philippine Congress as a den of crooks.

Filipinos are now officially twice foooled by their popularly-elected “representatives” in their esteemed legislature — a government body aptly described as the biggest criminal syndicate in the Philippines. Calling the Filipino “twice fooled”, in fact, is being too kind. When the members of a body of popularly-elected representatives collectively act like crooks, that says something about the society that chose them and continues to tolerated them.

Zamora maintains that the BBL version approved by the House committee was “clearly a Malacañang version.” Disturbing, considering that the BBL in its original form is, according to former Cabinet Secretary Rafael Alunan III, more akin to a surrender document rather than a peace agreement. In Alunan’s appeal to Congress to re-think the so-called “merits” of this proposed law, he cited the the key argument against it, that it is designed around the agenda of a secessionist terrorist group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which, to this day, “has not publicly renounced its links to Al Qaeda, the global terror organization causing so much insecurity, death and destruction around the world – Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Europe, the U.S, Australia and the Philippines.” The group, Alunan further asserts, is “not a sincere peace partner” because it “threatens war to obtain what it wants, in this case, the BBL version it wants which means keeping in there language that is unconstitutional, illegal and sets it up for future secession.” And most disturbing of all…

It is an organization which by its consistent acts show their allegiance to Malaysia which has been funding their struggle for secession for the past 4 decades. Its founder, Hashim Salalmat, described the Moro Islamic Liberation Front members as Moros, not Filipinos; and that its aim was to establish an independent Islamic state which is aligned with the goal of Al Qaeda to establish a globalized Islamic State under a caliphate, hence, the insistence for Sharia Law.

The extent to which Filipinos have so many times stood back and watched as their “representatives” in Congress sold the nation to Islamic terrorists, collected their loot, and laughed all the way to their Cayman Island bank accounts is nothing short of appalling. Unless they prove otherwise, Filipinos definitely deserve their leaders. This could otherwise be considered a standing joke on the Filipino people — that the crooks they routinely whine about are actually the very people they voted into office with glee. But the laughing will likely end soon once the long-term effects of the banal idiocy with which Filipinos and their leaders wielded their precious “democracy” sink in.

23 Replies to “Congress, the ‘biggest criminal syndicate in the Philippines’, approves terrorist #Bangsamoro Basic Law!”

    1. With china occupying spratlys, MILF in the south being given power and an impending earthquake in Metro Manila, vivisection sounds too kind.

  1. And so the Philippines have taken its first steps on becoming a true rogue state.

    Considering UK, Korea and China have already advised its citizens to stay out of the country, its only a matter of time before the Philippines collapses into one of the following:

    -A hotbed of war and violence not unlike the Middle East with other countries stepping in to take the state. The country of the Philippines effectively collapsing.
    -A dysfunctional society infested with Islamic terrorism like Indonesia.
    -A country, once boasted to be the only Christian Nation of Asia is now an Islamic state.

    Either way, the people behind this would be long gone or safe, laughing at the people for allowing this.

  2. after few years may aamin na whistleblower about sa bribery. Tapos mahabang investigation ulit na hindi naman naibabalik ang public funds. haaaaay buhay ng mga Filipino.

  3. sick. I’d spit on their face but they’ll probably like it. Filipinos doesn’t care about what the shit is happening around them. Polution, crimes, poverty they do absoloutely little. Going in the streets of Philippines, It is pure agonizing pain. The people are disgusting spitting, throwing trash, sneezing on the cement, and more. This country is helpless. And disgusting.

  4. The difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is a matter of perspective: it all depends on the observer and the verdict of history.

  5. It is like giving money to your assasin, to kill you and your family. And divide your house. The Philippines will be like: Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, etc… under the Sharia law. Mindanao will be divided.MILF Terrorists will roam free in Mindanao.

    The only solution is Not to Fund the BBL Law…A law will never survive without Funding. Don’t Pay your Taxes. Your money will only go to the Terrorists. If you are an OFW, don’t remit money to the Philippines.

    Congress became now the “Rubber Stamp” of Aquino. Maybe Senate will also become his “Rubber Stamp”…

    After Aquino is gone; DO not Fund this Bill!!! This will be a good issue in the 2016 Presidential election. Any Candidate supported by Aquino and his Liberal Party is now Tainted with this BBL Bill; that sold us to the Terrorists.

    1. The Philippines was already a Hell-hole to begin with. Now, we are going deeper within the seven layers of Hell.

  6. The Pretentious Ugly American Piglet Mr. Bing Bong still hasn’t proven anything yet!

    You know and I know for sure that this IS NOT what we are talking about! This is completely NOT about the P25B that you alleged but failed to provide proofs!

    Instead of Trolling Around here in GRP with your usual name calling, the challenge is still up! If you don’t have any, just admit it. Thinking People just really want to know!

    Prove to the GRP Community that you are more than your LOUD MOUTH!

  7. Can we have a headline like these, please?





    Or are we going to have these instead?








    Everything is like a doctor telling this to his cancer patient after an experimental cancer treatment: “I’m sorry. If things don’t get better, they’ll only get worse.”

  8. If I were a presidentiable, or anyone thinking of some available national position in 2016, I would think a thousand times about running, or if I run, which party would I side. Several big chickens are now coming home to roost. Depending on the timing and the intensity of the “roosting”, 2016 will be a year like no other. If they come home simultaneously, the impact will be beyond any of the projections and prognosis we are seeing today.

    We have names for these chickens. Let us start with West Valley Fault and El Niño. If a 7.2 earthquake strikes Luzon near, or during, the campaign period, then anyone being endorsed by the Liberal Party will be dead in the water, or dead beyond recognition as those who died in the slipper factory in Valenzuela — because as usual PNoy’s govt will fuck up again as they fucked Yolanda. Thus, they have to be careful what they pray for — it is noteworthy that they would make WVF a headline competing with the news that the ad hoc committee railroaded BBL. If the timing of that is intentional, then a timing of an earthquake during the campaign period would be some coincidence too that could be interpreted as providential and intentional even if we try not to be superstitious — at the very least, it would definitely be something to think about. If it is true that El Niño is strong this year, then the full impact will start being felt in Sept. Then, we are looking at a dramatic rise in unemployment in the last quarter of 2015 and the first half of 2016. This would put into focus that PNoy has really done nothing for the unemployed. Would Mar Roxas or Grace Po want to be identified with PNoy under such situation? They are taking a lot of risk just by ignoring Nature.

    It has already been suggested time and again that PHL start a program as those being slowly implemented by ASEAN cities. That program is nothing but following the urban planning model of Singapore. Singapore had the commonsense of making all the most flood prone areas into protected open spaces, parks, or mini forest within the concrete jungle. Metro Manila should now include in this category those areas within the fault line. Such project will be very costly and will take years and decades, but somehow it has to be started. At the very least, they should stop allowing high rise being built on top of fault line (gosh, Market-Market, Serendra, and the International School in BGC are right on top of the WVF). Well, Gloria at least had the sense of trying to start a project in this direction via the dredging of Laguna Bay, but alas PNoy stopped the project on suspicion of tongpats. But now that we are being asked by an international court to pay the Belgian company that got the project, what is the saving from tongpats that PNoy is talking about? What saving is he talking about anyway when he gives away PDAF and DAP to Napoles. And now, that he is not allowed to use PDAF, he has threatened legislators that they could join Enrile, Jinggoy and Bong if they vote against BBL.

    The other chicken is called South China Sea. It now appears the US has taken off their gloves and are dealing with the issue directly. This means they could no longer trust PHL and PNoy. If PNoy is a puppet of the US, then it is now proving that he is a puppet that has not been subtle about it. I would also not trust a puppet who can’t hide it and who just follow instructions to the letter without taking into account that there are 25 ways to Sunday. On the other hand, why would I be afraid of being called a US puppet unless I am one of those who still live in the illusion of the ancient world of Mao Tse Tung, or some time prior to the collapse of the Berlin Wall. In this day and age, if I seek mutual cooperation with the US and at the same time seek constructive engagement with China, and not just focus and put everything on a case filed with an international tribunal, then they can call me a puppet all they want, it will have no meaning. I think the last straw for the US was the ramming of the BBL down our throat. To an American, even if they want the result, the methodology is just plain stupidity. They can’t deal with one who has a one track mind who can’t see collateral damages that invite more aggressive reactions in the days to come. But now that the US has taken a direct hand, PHL is really now relegated to the sidelines, and things could escalate without us even being able to voice our interest. Again, we are looking at things even before 2016.

    The other chicken is the economy. PNoy’s propaganda is that his Daan Matuwid has created an atmosphere that created the bullish macro numbers. Of course, this is all illusion for PNoy any economic policy or strategy he could call his own. Most economies still attribute Gloria’s policies as being responsible for what is happening today. But things will soon be exposed. Feds are about to hike the rates, and we will see an exodus of hot money from PHL exposing that we had a relatively very low FDI. OFW remittances are already slowing down. The ASEAN Integration will exacerbate port congestion. PNoy is the only admin in the world that fucked up an MRT maintenance program, the issuance of car plates and driver’s licenses, just for the sake of substantially raising the funds needed by a political war chest. Etc etc. We are seeing a fucked up economy before 2016.

    If all the above converge at the same time, the big corruption of Binay will look small vis-à-vis PNoy’s incompetence, negligence, narrow mindedness and just plain stupidity…and actual corruption if we really think about it. And PHL would face a very uncertain future for Hitler too loved the Boy’s Scouts.

    In the first place, why do we have a very narrow choice of presidentiables. Can we still hope for a knight in shining armor, or should Pinoys start thinking of something drastic. Might as well that we go to war in Mindanao, and/or with China with knives and bolos since our generals already pocketed the money to purchase helicopters, ships, bullets. Maybe PHL needs a war as a cleansing process to change the mentality and apathy of Pinoys. A delusional peace is after all just delaying what is inevitable. (Wish they didn’t remove the ROTC from college. At least, this imparted discipline on the youth — ahh, I don’t know what I am saying; I must be drunk or tipsy..)

  9. I follow Sen. Bongbong on Twitter and there in several of his posts during the hearing of BBL in Mindanao, you will find the disapproval and unfavorable stand of the other important stakeholders on the draft law and Sen also said that it has lots of problem that needed fixing. So with these revelations, why on earth did the Congress approved the BBL? Once again they favor the dictator over their real “bosses”. We have robots in Congress but at least robots could and would process data before making an action while the Congress need only to be told what to do by their President and they’ll simply follow.

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