Would you vote Dingdong Dantes into the Philippine Senate in 2016?

The Inquirer reports that Dantes joins celebrity politicians Quezon City Mayor Herbert ‘Bistek’ Bautista and Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno in the Liberal Party’s senatorial lineup for the coming elections when 12 of 24 Senate seats will be up for grabs.


So what has Dingdong done? Well, for one, he married actress Marian Rivera in a zillion-peso wedding in December last year. That’s quite an achievement and I’m sure a lot of red-blooded guys out there would agree! The event was graced by no less than President BS Aquino. Analyze that!

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Ok, to be fair he is also commissioner of the National Youth Commission (NYC), a role he describes as “a 100% job”. So, presumably, he sees the youth as a big part of what will shape the country’s future. Therein, I suppose is the key to evaluating how good a Senator Dingdong Dantes could be. What do you think? That remains to be seen. Fortunately for the electorate, one of the easiest ways to measure a senator’s worth is the extent and quality of his legislative track record.

Hopefully, like his role as commissioner of the NYC, Dingdong, when he is elected to the senate, will also see that position as “a 100% job”.

24 Replies to “Would you vote Dingdong Dantes into the Philippine Senate in 2016?”

  1. Wrong analogy! The Senate is a senior leadership core in the Philippines. The Philippines need intellectual people to be part of the Senate the likes of Miriam Santiago, Richard Dick Gordon who are well educated and has the brains to write such laws. The Philippines is already suffering from unqualified uneducated people like Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla.
    I have more respect for people who works at the call-center, McDonalds etc because most employers require their employees to have a college degree. There should be a law requiring all politicians to have a college degree.
    Another concept, doctors cannot perform surgeries unless he/she attended medical school, nurses cannot give medication unless he/she went to nursing school, any citizen cannot get a government job unless they pass the civil exam, a master’s degree is required to a the “Hepe” of the police force etc. In the Philippines, you just need to be stupid and uneducated you can become a Senator or President of the Philippines? We saw that with Erap (a college dropout). Look what happen to the country?
    The last thing the country needs is the government to become a showbiz government.


    1. agreed. the government needs to practice meritocracy from the Chief Executive to barangay tanod. linisan na ang mga yan punyeta! lol.

  2. is this for real??? another one??? I for one will not be surprise if the ambitious guy wins knowing for a fact that more than 50% of the Philippine voting population lacks the intelligence or common sense to choose a more suitable candidate for our country. geeeeeeeezzzzzz…another stupid fuck to run the nation!

  3. He’s only good at promoting something (he’s not even a versatile actor). These showbiz people think if they can influence a crowd (at hindi ba sila mga B.I.?), they are good to run for public office but actually they are only adding insult to public service profession. They would soon realize that what’s left for them to do when they got elected is to corrupt people’s taxes because their salary won’t equal their millions of earnings as actors and product endorsers and they would find that a pile of bills and policies to author or review and critical senate/congressional hearings are quite tedious compare to the teleserye and movie scripts they only have to memorize. Maybe they equate themselves to the fictional heroic characters they portray , that even their fans believe them to be like that in real life putting their high hopes on them (remember, Manny?), that they forgot there’s hard work, ethicality and education involve with the real thing.

  4. wala na bang pagbabago sa ating bansa? Haay, only in the Philippines na ang mga artista o mga superstars ay tumatakbo sa pulitika at pagkatapos ay nangugurakot din sila. 🙁

  5. really?! Cmon he will run for senate for what?cause ha had a begazillion wedding to an actress,cmon that why our country is a laughing stack,of the world cause we elect officials that are unqualified and cause they are actors or actress,that’s why our country will never improve,cause the mentality,hay naku iboto natin si ito kasi artista siya,and look what happen we have a president a former actor who is in jail,a senator actor and his congresswoman wife also an actress,filed for corruption and most of our public officials,came from show business!wake up Filipinos,kailangang we need to make a sound judgement in electing our officials.

  6. Kapal ng mukha mo dingdong dantes, ambisyiso ka masyado, wala kang kwenta, statesmanship and legislation amd foreign relations ang senado. Hindi oag popogi points, upakan kita at assasinate ambisyoso ka!!!!!

  7. kaya pala sa wedding nandun si Pinoy. malamang humingi na ng basbas sa President yan. patay na.

    this gives me an urge to leave NCR and migrate in Davao City. just thinking ahead. mindanao may probably secede from the state to getaway from the stupidity of politics in the govt. and that’s another reason why rebels exist. lol.


  9. Dingdong already stated categorically that he isn’t running for any post so for those who think being intelligent will stop those mongers ccupying the senatorial seats then knock yourselves out. For You Kate I don’t need to be a fan of Dingdong to know that he’s done so much for the people of this country than most of the senators we have. Also it’s good to know dongyan once in a life time wedding is still giving you and your camp eternal place in his

  10. Kung ang isang tao nag a-apply bilang isang salesman, ang minimum requirment ay at least BS or BA Degree. sana sa politka din. Bilang isang member of the legislative branch, sana may minimum requirement din, hindi lang basta sikat. Ang problema sa pilipino, basta sikat eh hindi na nagiisip kung ano ang consequences pag ang iniboto ay walang alam. katulad na lang ng past elections. Ano ang alam nila Lito lapid, Bong Revilla, Jinggoy etc. Tapos porke anak ni Ninoy at ni Cory na wala din alam. nanalo si Panot na walang nagawa na mabuti para sa kawawang bayan na ito. Kaya pilipino, mag isip ka namamn.

  11. Sa name na lang …DingDong nakakakilabot na senator wannabe…how korney naman…dapat palitan name noon pa..nakakahiya ! Sobra bakya !

  12. Bakla yan si putang inang dingdong. Saksak mo ang dingdong mo sa pwerta ni marian isaksak mo yung kasal nyo ni Marian sa mga ngalangala nyo. Gumagamit ng kasal para makilala

  13. anyone can assume the senatorial seat guaranteed under the constitution.

    well that’s the thing we need to count as an individual citizen of the republic. But how long will he endure once elected?

    Lapid made it and the kind of bill he drafted reflects his true personality as a senator with no political background to show. his paper clip to shoulder bag bills proven a low class lawmaker, what-else did he contribute?

    once again the senate is under threat from the like of Pacquiao and many more in the coming next election.

    Thanks due to BBMarcos for having saved the senate from disgrace.

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