Will Bongbong Marcos replace Noynoy Aquino?

Aquino, Marcos. These are the two surnames in which Philippine politics is (perhaps blindly) divided into.  A failure of the Marcos family puts the Aquino supporters on a feast, and vice versa. With the presidential election looming, the term of President BS Aquino III is drawing to a close. His endorsement power was affected by the massacre of 44 of the country’s top policemen in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. BS Aquino’s ratings have plunged to an all-time low, and that will only continue to get lower, especially with how the report of the Senate and the PNP Board of Inquiry both pointed to Aquino as among those responsible for the massacre by allowing suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima to call shots in the operation.

The elections are looming, and whoever receives BS Aquino’s endorsement is doomed to fail in the coming election. That is, unless BS Aquino uses his powers to rig the elections in favor of his anointed successor, who at the moment appears to be Interior Secretary Mar Roxas. Nevertheless, whoever is going to be endorsed by BS Aquino is also going to take the heat from his critics.

Still, the administration has done its best to make sure its 2016 bet wins. This is evident with how administration ally Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has furiously attacked Vice President Jejomar Binay, the only confirmed presidential candidate so far. Trillanes is from the Nacionalista Party, but has shown himself to be more loyal to BS Aquino than any other ruling Liberal Party member not named Franklin Drilon and Sonny Belmonte.

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Suppose Aquino’s popularity keeps spiraling downward, the Filipino mindset would lead the people to look at another alternative. And, what is a more suitable alternative to the Aquino name than its antithesis, Marcos. Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., the son of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, has expressed little interest in the presidency, although he has not ruled out the possibility.

What makes Bongbong as the replacement for BS Aquino III? Some people have been fed up about how BS Aquino has always mentioned his parents in his speeches, and how bitter he is with how his father was murdered in 1983. Bongbong, on the other hand, barely ever mentions his father and mother, and does not express bitterness with how their family has been persecuted ever since their ouster in 1986.

I am proud of what my father has achieved. But I will not get anywhere by just basking in his glory.

-Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. during the 2010 campaign

In his 2010 Senatorial campaign, Bongbong used what he achieved as Congressman and Governor of Ilocos Norte. He rarely mentions his parents and their achievements, unless he is asked about them. Besides the Marcos surname, Bongbong has emerged as the exact opposite to Noynoy Aquino.

So, if the people are really fed up with how BS Aquino has run the country, then it is not far-fetched that the masses will once again turn to a Marcos in hopes of escaping the yellow spell. The same way in how some of the people turned to an Aquino after expressing their dissatisfaction over the 1965-1986 Marcos rule.

103 Replies to “Will Bongbong Marcos replace Noynoy Aquino?”

  1. Seriously? Of course he won’t mention his parents. One was a dictator, the other a loud, gaudy socialite with no tact or class.

    This generation seems to have forgotten the atrocities Bong Bong and his family committed…

    If the Philippines elects another dictator, we deserve all the crap we’re going to get. Nobody left to blame… #NOTOMARCOS #NOTODICTATORS #BONGBONGSTAYINILOCOS #NEVERAGAIN

    1. mag isip isip ka muna sa mga sinasabi mo! nabulag ka din ng dilaw na ilaw na yan!

      The actual dialogue on TV between Marcos and then AFP Chief of Staff General Fabian Ver went as follows:

      Fabian Ver: The Ambush there is aiming to mount there in the top. Very quickly, you must immediately leave to conquer them, immediately, Mr. President.
      Ferdinand Marcos: Just wait, come here.
      Ver: Please, Your Honor, so we can immediately strike them. We have to immobilize the helicopters that they’ve got. We have two fighter planes flying now to strike at any time, sir.
      Marcos: My order is not to attack. No, no, no! Hold on. My order is not to attack.
      Ver: They are massing civilians near our troops and we cannot keep on withdrawing. You asked me to withdraw yesterday-
      Marcos (interrupting): Uh yes, but ah… My order is to disperse without shooting them.
      Ver: We cannot withdraw all the time…

      yan ba ang dictador? edi wow!

        1. That conversation between Gen Ver and Pres Marcos was not scripted..it was shown live telecast because on that time Pres Marcos was addressing the nation and suddenly Gen Ven came with a message and ask permission to attack… I’ve witnessed that televised conversation… in that alone I felt and saw the humanitarian nature of the late president coz he went to say as well that he don’t want to hurt any civilians. I was 21 yrs old at that time.

    2. I suppose you are part of the yellow spell, u sounds similar to Pnoy and family who are so used in blaming Marcos Sr. for those alleged misdeeds and yet could not prove even a single case. on the contrary, Bongbong really comes out as the real alternative to the failure of the so-called tuwid na daan campaign, being a true statesman himself, he knows where to bring his countrymen for This Nation Shall Be Great Again.

      1. gago ang mga pilipino. walang nagawa si cory, lalong walang nagawa si pinoy—-ang gusto yata ng pinoy yung mga walang ginagawa

        1. Aba naman. Ang sakim naman nang tingin mo sa mga Aquino– Ikumpara mo nga anong nagawang masama ni Pnoy sa nagawa ni Marcos.

        2. Actually cory did her role, restore a new order of government based on strenthening democracy. She survived numerous coup attempts in doing so. After that order came to fore, all the other presidents that followed esp pnoy was a reactive, near sighted, friends influenced, kris influenced, judgmental that hates to be judge, finger pointing, no policy presidents.

    3. the thing is.. I can tell u the atrocities the aquinos has done.. and I think anybody reading this would agree on how poor farmers were shot in front of the news cameras.. hmmm marcos atrocities?? all they had were allegations and allegations upon allegations.. o yeah and wait.. can u actually tell me what bs Aquino did before his presidency?? hmmm nuff said..

    4. I am stupid, so I will assume Marcos Sr’s son bongbong, single-handedly killed people during martial law period while overseas and neglect the fact that PH was swarming with communists.

    5. don’t you know that even Imee Marcos the Governor of Ilocos Norte herself is out in the rain at 5pm just to see for herself that the project Bridge is dong well with the workers? imagine? they were their with boots and umbrella and still here you are bashing them with nonsense. oopps! i’m not a residence of Ilocos Norte.

    6. Could you please Elobrate why His father Ferdinan Marcos become a DICTATOR? what did CORY AQUINO DO to the Philippines when she was the PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES?

      1. oh cory a verygood salemen…she closed the deal to sale manila international airport…meralco ect….and she stop the operation of bataan nuclear power plant…then she pass the tax VAT….and freed the leader of NPA and became general


    8. You are blinded by yellowish bunch, which they always blaming the Marcos Administration but now their son is the President what is he doing nothing, you can not even see huge infrastructure projects which are needed in rapid development of our country, what is only in his mouth is the death of his father. You can not bring back the past, you need to move on and face all the problem of our country.Just for example people are suffering everyday of commuting LRT going to their Offices, We don’t have mass transportation system, EDSA is becoming more and more heavy traffic that a big loss to our economy and the people. think about that.

  2. Bongbong and Noynoy both have much less strength than their energetic fathers.

    Fresh blood is needed in Filipino leadership, fresh strong blood coming from below to reinvigorate the somewhat faded elite.

    The Filipino elite is going the way of European royalty in the late 19th century, genetic degeneration by way of inbreeding.


    1. You’re right. Our country has better chance to recover its lost glory and to become a great nation again. I will support Bongbong Marcos if he runs for presidency.

  4. In 30 years what are the legacies of aquino? freed the leaders of the NPA, made the malacanang the madjong playground of the philippines, rename the properties of the filipino to their fake heros name, drive the filipinos to the extreme poverty. and the noytard refer kristulo has the class teaching improper english with her irritable voice! The Nation will be great again BBM2016!

  5. I’m not really sure about Bongbong. But there’s a saying “Don’t judge the son for the crimes of his father.”

    If he’s smart enough he won’t repeat the mistakes of Macoy Sr.

  6. I do not really see what Bongbong Marcos has accomplished but he seems to be a rational politician. That said, I hope he does not win. He still believes his father was good for our country. He needs to repudiate the acts of his father before I can even think of voting for a 2nd generation Marcos. There is no justification for a 20 year rule where at the end, the economy was in shambles, the various insurgencies were strong, and political opponents were jailed.


  8. I am against all kinds of Family Political Dynasties, with shades of Feudal Oligarchies. Political candidates are not “Brand Names”, that you can just elect. That, the “Brand Name” is good, and will work.

    We voted for the Aquino “Brand name” …Look at the result. An incompetent and a mentally retarded President.

    There are better candidates there, than the: Aquinos, Marcoses, Binays, Estradas, Revillas, etc…

  9. if BING BONG MARCOS becomes President of the Philippines, I WILL LAUGH AT ALL OF YOU FUCKIN IDIOTS !!!!!

    I feel sorry for many Filipino’s,being fucked and all that by a repressive admin.,but if you elect this guy? After what his scumbag Father did? Well, then you deserve to be fucked in the ass, no lube for you!!!!!(bringing a new meaning to U-Tang NO LUBE !!!)

    1. are you referring to the real Ferdinand Marcos who was forced to leave malacanang in 1966 because of a threat to his life? then you are dead wrong because that Ferdinand Marcos did not steal a single penny from you and if you continue to parrot the lies about the Marcoses that were only fabricated by the usa and the crook aquinos, do us a favor, go fuck yourself and stay in hell. it will regale us.

      1. You are full of SHIT pal. Ferdinand Marcos and his wife admitted they stole everything they could possibly steal.they ADMITTED IT !!! Imelda is on YOUTUBE bragging about how her and her family ran every business in the country, and then delusionally states that ‘the people wanted her to do it’. YOUR AN A$$HAT BUDDY. Go jerk yourself off with that bull-shit, coz you ain’t jerking anyone else of with that shit.
        The Marcos family is among the biggest criminals in the 20th century, they even robbed Westinghouse on the Nuclear Reactor, for $25 billion? That is why he was routed from office, he got way to fuckin greedy and no longer cared about who he robbed. Well fuck him and his whole criminal family. You idiot FLIPS deserve whatever happens if you elect his son president. Your a bunch of suckers for ever letting him and hs thieving scumbag family back in the country,nevermind back into the political process.

        AND STOP BLAMING THE USA TOO, YOU SILLY LITTLE BOY !!!! Filipino’s should learn to take responsibility for their own actions.Start by cleaning out the thieves that are in the government,including BING BONG MARCOS, the little thieving scumbag.

    2. You have a foul language same your mind and reflect what kind of person you are. Bless you more that you will see more good in others. That’s the effect of people blinded and educated by the yellow media.Open your eyes and mind that you see the truth..

    3. Absolutely incredible how delusional some Filipinos are. I’ve actually met people who think Marcos was the best thing that happened to the country. I can only assume they’re taught a messed-up version of history in school and aren’t smart enough to do their own research.

      FWIW I think BongBong Marcos may actually be trying to fix what his father did. That’s already happened several times in recent history, with excellent results. However, since an honest Filipino politician (or, hell, an honest Filipino) is as rare as hen’s teeth, the voters should tread carefully.

      As for darryl’s question: the country was rich because it was being effectively run by the US, who supported Marcos with funding and trade deals until it became too embarrassing to continue.

      Marcos shot himself in the foot: if he hadn’t been such a greedy bastard, the US would have continued with their support, he and Imelda would have lived like the King and Queen, and the Phils would probably be a very different place today. Marcos wasn’t dumb, but like 99% of Filipinos, he was unable to think beyond today and the demands of his id, and killed his golden goose.

      1. You would serve better the facts and the truth of the Constitutional Authoritarianism or Martial Rule as we know it then by coming personally forward in your physical coat so we can size you up better than keep hiding behind your pen name and your idiotic information. What say my friend?

  10. Ang dami na nating mga presdenteng iniligay sa pwesto…may actor, economist, housewife, lawyer at iba pa. Pero puro palpak!

    Time for a person coming from Mindanao and with strong political will! DUTERTE FOR PRESIDENT 2016!

    Try mo!

    1. Sorry, I won’t.

      The moment he said he’ll form a coalition with the CPP-NPA (of all people!) I decided that nah, I will not vote Duterte.

  11. “I am proud of what my father has achieved. But I will not get anywhere by just basking in his glory.

    -Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. during the 2010 campaign

    He rarely mentions his parents and their achievements, unless he is asked about them. Besides the Marcos surname, Bongbong has emerged as the exact opposite to Noynoy Aquino.”

    This is bloody oath! Noynoy when in both Houses as representative of Tarlac then became a Senator has not done anything except changing the street names in Tarlac. As a senator he was always caught smoko and fell asleep… he has an achievement as always co-author or co-sponsors of few bills from party allies.

    Noynoy always boasted his parents achievements because he has nothing.

  12. haha.. this is fkin funny.. of course BongBong is a good man. same with Noynoy.. the only difference was Marcos is a REAL MAN.. and FOR the Aquino’s They are almost Full of TALKS less ACTIONS.. He Has no balls.. FOR ME PAST is PAST u can never rewind or bring back what is already in the past.. for me and my family MARCOS 2016…

    1. Congratulations, you win the biggest idiot of the week award for that comment. VOTE for a Marcos,really? After they stole the entire economy ,murdered their enemies (and were never prosecuted either!) and lived like Kings while the rest of the countrt lived like pigs.You FLIPS are retarded, you really are. You deserve getting fucked in the ass.

      1. Never prosecuted? It’s not the fault of marcos. It’s cory’s. Because they have no strong evidence to put them behind bars. You mentioned marcos stole entire economy. Do you have any idea how nuch the basic commodities during his time and after his tine until now? Think before you speak.

      2. You have a foul language same your mind and reflect what kind of person you are. Bless you more that you will see more good in others. That’s the effect of people blinded and educated by the yellow media.Open your eyes and mind that you see the truth..or better still ikaw na sana ang ma fuck in the ass

      3. Do u realy know marcos is? And do u realy know aquino is?… Reasearch…. Aquino and cojuangco are the owners of largest land titles in the phils… Because of land land reform they got mad to marcos… Ayaw nilang maibigay sa mga magsasaka ang mga lupa na dapat sa kanila…

  13. I am 29 years old. And all I can say is that Marcos is the best President in the Republic of the Philippines. For those people who are talking shit to the late FEM you’re “bobo” just like your Noytards president. You are living in the dreamworld of your Noytards president. I don’t know what those people think in defending Pnoy. I really don’t understand what they see to that crazy president. Well, my grandparents and parents live in the era of the great President Ferdinand Emmanuel Marcos. And the only thing that they can say is that… Living in those times were the best times of the Philippines. Mabuhay ang mga Marcos!

    1. Pinoys measure the best or better President by comparing all the corrupt and incompetent leaders to one another? And older and younger generation really think that the best times of Philippines is Martial Law era? Wala pang best o better President na nanunungkulan at manunungkulan sa Pilipinas. At wala pang best times sa Pilipinas para mamuhay ng may buong pagmamalaki ang mga Pilipino. Hanggang ganyan ang pamamaraan ng pagtingin sa magaling at ganyan kababa ang standard ng mga Pilipino sa kanilang mamumuno, mananatiling walang best times o better leader.

    2. Truth is Pinoys are just making the most of what’s there, what their government can offer. Kaya nga kilala sila sa pagiging resilient e. O, best times na sa buong Pilipinas ang pagkapanalo ni Pacquiao sa laban kaya naman ‘yong isa feeling tagapagligtas at kumakanta ng “Lalaban ako para sa mga Pilipino…” 😀

  14. Hacienda Luisita. What about mendiola massacre from cory admin. All in all lumala ang oinas after marcos regime.

  15. Pnoy will be a mediocre when compared to Bongbong’s impressive performance in governance. I will vote for Bopngbong definitely on 2016 presidential ele3ction should he consider to run.

  16. Para sa akin kung loloobin ng Diyos si Sen. Bong Bong to be the next leader, He can do better than Noynoy because of His good track records being public servant..may angkin si Bong Bong na sapat na kakayahan at katalinuhan na bigay ng Diyos para maging pinuno at higit sa lahat meron syang malalim at marubdob na pasanin sa pagmamahal sa Bayan natin at sa mga mamayang Pilipino..

  17. It doesn’t matter who replaces who. As long as the system is rigged and we don’t learn from the past, history will likely repeat itself.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  18. I grew up in the generation where the “YELLOW PROPAGANDA” was very strong. I started my education with the firm belief that the name Marcos was synonymous with turmoil, death, hardship, and despair. That the Philippines was a hellish place during their reign.

    But as I grew up, I began to question the teachings I grew up with. I hear stories of how prosperity and economic growth was prevalent in the Marcos administration. Of how the Philippines was viewed as the next superpower of Asia. I heard the various accomplishment and projects implemented, Jobs generated, and how the crime rate was near non-existent. My grand parents, their elder peers also testified that during the time of Marcos, life in the Philippines was viewed as a Haven and was put on a pedestal. But as most things in this world, nothing last forever. Due to the machinations of those people in the shadows, the once haven was smeared with controversy and scandal. And truthfully, the people rallied under the banner of the false savior to end the so called tyranny.

    In the eternal words of Harvey Dent:
    You either die a Hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the Villain”

    And another thing…

    The political system in our beloved motherland is seriously in need of an overhaul, and I also would like to go on record that the Voting Public is also to blame as well.
    The vicious cycle of people being tricked by sweet words by the same people ( or in this case people with the same last names) is extremely high, it is almost a lost cause. And we suffer for it.

    And we don’t learn our lesson because come election time, the sweet words are just recycled but we still believe it because of the endorsement of our favorite stars, or much worst, since they are stars themselves, we vote for them.


  19. Ilocano ak! MARCOS for President!!! Our ancestral homeland of Ilocos Norte is the most jem like provinces here in the NORTH during the marcos reign. Ilocandia and the Greater Ilocandia provinces were once called the “THE SOLID NORTH” since Ferdinand Marcos’ era. Sobrang ganda. Kahit ano pa sabihin ng iba. Far more than ever, The Marcos rule was the only key to the peace and prosperity of the Philippines since before the great Filipino dictator and late president Ferdinand E. Marcos. Martial Law was the one and only way to reform the Philippines into a new society. And again hopefully I want to see a Marcos again seated in the true throne of Malacanang. Marcos achieved many compared to your desired presidents.


  20. you conveniently left out the part that bongbong lied about his credentials – specifically his educational attainment. and when inconsistencies between his claims and facts were brought up, he lied even more in defending himself. but guess what? resume quietly changed.

    and, oh yes. let’s talk about his critical thinking skills. Project Deuterium anyone?

  21. Marcoces Marked the History that they are born to be a great leader, look at ilocos Norte, it has been stunning ever since!

    When Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Was the President of our Country, the Philippines is respected by other races, they view the Philippines as the pearl of the orient, we are proud and we have dignity.

    When he is in charge, our military is one of the best in Asia, infact he is developing it so that the other country like China will not invade us. (Look at what happend now, after cory tooked over, She and her Democratic Goverment ruined everything!).

    All those grandpa and grandma at the province always says that they love Marcos, “Nung siya presidente, walang pok-pok sa kalye, walang adik o nagbebenta ng droga, walang mapanghusgang banyaga, ang mga bilihin ay mura, kontrolado nya ang media(Walang nagpapalabas ng kung ano-ano, nakakapekto sa mga bata.), ngayon naman puro kalandian ang palabas sa telebisyon! madami ang nakawan at patayan, ang mga banyaga napakaliit ng tingin sa atin, at higit sa lahat halos agawin na sa atin ang ating bansa ng mga intsik at ano ginagawa ng pangulo ngayon?”

    They always wanted to bring back the times that a Marcos is still the President, he gave people the diciple we needed…

    I am a 1986, child born after Ferdinand Marcos Sr. Rule, but I am one of those True Filipino People that Believed in him.

    All those times, at school during 90’s, books and teachers are telling us about his cruelty about dictatorial none of that is a fact, I did not believe it even once!

    Books are ment to be read, but not to believe.
    I will vote Ferdinand Marcos Jr. if he will run for Precidency this 2016, This is the first time I will use my power as a voter and gotta make it count!

    This country needs someone like him, someone like Marcos Sr., I bet those who’s bullying us will have second thoughts.

    Kalayaan Island will be back at our hands, The Army, Navy, AirForce, Police and Marines will shine again. We will have the first class ship, and weapons we need to battle out those invaders!

    Wag natin kakalimutan, ang mga Pilipino ay pinanganak na mandirigma, di tayo papayag maapi ng ibang lahi…


  22. Ang mga epilidong Marcos ay tumatak sa aking isip kahit noong bata pa ako. Kahit ang itinuturo sa school ay puro kasamaan tungkol sa kanya di ako naniwala…

    Nagresearch ako, nalaman kong siya ay isang katangi-tanging Leader, iginagalang at napakatalino. Madami syang nagawa para sa ating bansa. ginawa nyang lahat upang kilalanin tayo bilang kapitapitagang lahi, iginagalang at kinatatakutan.

    Nakakalungkot sa panahon ngayon, tila ang mga Pilipino nabulag sa maling akala, binulag ng kunwaring demokrasya..

    Nalinlang tayo ng mga taong nag-nanais lamang kunin ang kapangyarihan at guluhin ang bansa, matapos ang pagkakaupo ni Marcos noon gumulo ang Pinas, tumaas ang bilihin, madaming patayan, talamak ang bentahan ng droga, ang mga dayuhan ang tingin sa atin ay basura, at higit sa lahat kuntento na tayo sa pagiging alila ng mga dayuhan.

    Nakakalungkot diba, ang nais ko maibalik ang dating glory ng Pinas, iboboto ko si BongBong Marcos, alam ko at ng aking Pamilya na siya ang pag-asa ng bayan natin.

    Parang ganito lang yan, kung di ninyo maintindihan, panoodin nyu ung Naruto (Anime po ito!).

    Si Itachi Uchiha, ninja sya ng Konoha pero nakilala syang isang Kriminal ng buong bayan, kinatatakutan, pero ang di alam ng lahat isa syang bayani, ginawa nya lahat para sa kapakanan ng Konoha.

    Mas pinili nya na maging kriminal sa mata ng kanyang kababayan kesa isang bayani..

    “Yan ang totoong Hero, ayaw ng fame dahil ang panginoon na ang bahala sa mga mabuti nyang nagawa!”

    Sa mga Pinoy na tulad ko, magisip na kayo! Gumising kayo sa pagkakatulog, ibalik natin ang glory ng pinas!

  23. MARCOS is the best thing happened in the Philippines and Only Marcos made the country a TOP ASIAN country . . . . He is the only one who fights for the countries people and he made nothing wrong that had been proven right? Only speculations of His Political enemies that he murdered this he murdered that but now after years we all know that those are all LIES and where did our country go after MARCOS? POVERTY . . . what did Cory made? well aside from selling the countries wealth and properties to her allies and families what else? We have more equal right rich and poor during Marcos time. Oh and ramos what he has done? History and Truth will always show that Marcos is the best and The aquinos are HUNGRY for POWER and WEALTH and that had been proven since WORLD WAR 1 .

  24. Magbasa kayo ng History mula noong panahon pa ng mga Hapon, basahin nyo kung sino ang traydor ng Pilipinas, isang makapili….. Para mag kaalaman na..

  25. Dineklara ni Marcos ang martial law hindi lamang dahil sa sya ang nag desisyon kundi ito ang naging kabu oan ng naging desisyon ng mga nakakarami.. At ito ang napakalaking dahilan nya… Ito panoorin nyo mga taga sisi ng mga marcos…

  26. for those anti marcos at this time!i suggest you to support the marcos movement for better phillipines.kesa magbangayan magkaisa na lng tayo ibalik ang dati.inumpisahan ni pinoy naibalik nya ang tiwala ng mga negosyante sa ibang bansa na nawala po mula ng pinababa si apo marcos.di po lingid sa ating kaalaman na noong mapalitan si apo marcos naging talamak na ang corruption at bumaba na masyado ang ekonomya sa ating bansa.ngayon po matatapos na ang termino ni pinoy ay pagkakataon na para patunayan na kayang ibangon ulit ni manong bongbong at linisin ang maling akala ng taumbayan.kalimutan na natin kung anuman ang naging alitan ng magkabilang kampo.sabi nga nila ang kasalanan ng ama ay di kasalanan ng anak.ngayon parang pinagtagpo ang 2 anak upang maipagpatuloy ang bawat layunin ng mga magulang na wala hinangad kundi para sa ikabubuti ng ating mga mamayan.(ayon sa mga kwento).”peace be w/ you”na lang tayo at sama sama nating paunlarin ang ating bansa! bilang isang “boss” uutusan natin ang kasalukuyang pangulo para si manong bongbong na lng ang iindurso nya para sa pagkapangulo.dahil sya lang ang karapat dapat maging pangulo ng pilipinas! gaya ng sabi nila! this is the right time para maupo na ang butihing anak ng kailokohan,anak na pag-asa ng buong mamamayan!mabuhay si manong bongbong marcos! mabuhay ang pilipinas! sama sama natin isagaw! MARCOS! MARCOS PA RIN!

  27. Please open your eyes look at whats happening in our country sobra na nakakahiya sobra dami ng rape, murder, corruption and the worse thing is unemployment. Dapat my death penalty at sobrang Bagsak ng economiya ng pilipinas. I still remember when Marcos days no rape, no poverty, no crimes and ANGAT Pa ang pilipinas that’s why vote for bong bong he deserves to be the next president of our country and sana maibalik yung mga nagana ng tatay Nya sana mga Pilipino mag isip isip kayo Kasi nkakahiya n ang pilipinas

  28. I went to school because of scholarships offered to the needy students but good in school. During the Marcos regime, only Ministry of education and culture, Manila handled most indigent scholarships and exams were given per regional offices of MECS and our papers and allowances directly from main office, Manila. After Marcos time, those scholarships were given to politicians and local offices then being given to children of politicians, children of the local government employees and whoever had helped in their campaigns..I did not feel Martial Law was worst that time because day or night I traveled from the province to fix my papers and get my allowances in Manila but I was safe. I was there until yellow ribbons on the run but things got worst especially nurses like me so I opted going to Middle East , now living in the US. Recently, brought home my family to visit the old folks and when in Manila coming back to US and our car made a weird noise so our driver stopped on the side of the road. We were happy to see a police car coming and stopped but……so many arguments and nonsense talks…they just wanted cash… I gave them the money and they left us without help….needed to bargain for too much amount, came out and showed my self in ordinary clothes not looking from the US. God is good all the time. Now, I am scared to bring home my family again…Otherwise, I need to support BBM and get his telephone if I am in the Philippines…ha…ha..ha.. Only in the Philippines. Seriously,…….who will be the next president that can fight for these people in office taking advantage of the poor citizens.. think…think…think people . US policemen is hope for help here in America… And my kids are nurses too because of scholarships here in the US……

  29. mostly nmn po ng successful country my prime minister and i am not against to Aquino but i prefer marcos who make all filipino proud to be second richest country in asia at if c marcos p siguro and namamahala siguro our technology is much better than other county in asia for me prime minister and president ang dapat s pinas kailangn ng kamay n bakal ang mamahala s pilipinas para mabawasan ang mga tiwali mga alagad ng batas at hindi kada iba president iba plano 6 yrs is not enough bka maayus ang pilipinas kaya dapat my plano hindi naiiba kada presidente

  30. At first I did believe in Pnoy, that he could bring about change in the country. But thanks to this page, my eyes where opened on a lot of issues, not only about BS, but the whole Aquino family itself. But it is hard for me to trust the Marcoses, probably from the stigma I got growing up during the 80’s and 90’s. Although I do have an open mind. So will see and hope for the best….

  31. Announcement of candidacy palang ginawa ni BBM tameme na sina Poe, Roxas at Binay. Paano pa kapag naghain na ng plataporma at nagsimula na pagdebatehan mahahalaga isyu sa bansa? Si PNoy ‘di na rin alam pa’no tapatan ng Daan Matuwid propaganda performance at galing ni Senator. Propaganda versus real substance and accomplishments, ano sila ngayon? Hehe.

  32. Easy for you to say that you’d rather have a dictator because you never had a loved one who suffered under the marcos dictatorship. One day I hope you guys feel what the families of the victims felt. Shame on you people who lack empathy!

    1. Rather, it is shame to the country and Filipinos for not having the empathy for what is happening to the Philippines today. Dictatorship is the only solution to the self-serving nature of the Filipino people.

  33. One psychologist said that Noynoy was his patient. At Noynoy’s age right now, he still has a tendency to lock himself in his room and jump in the bed all day.

    Also, some of Imelda’s jewelries are now in the possession of Noynoy’s sisters. Yes..sisters (plural). And they are wearing them in special occasions.

  34. Lol. Sa mga nagsasabing naging Dictador si dating Pangulong Marcos ay sadyang walang kamuang-muang at madaling naniwala sa mga nababasa sa libro. Nung panahon niya ay kadalasang nagkaroon ng snap/eleksyong patas na kung saan siya ay nanalo Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao. Pinalakas niya ang militar, nagpatayo ng mga matatag na imprastraktura na hanggang ngayon ay npapakinabangan parin(ikompara niyo sa mga bagong proyekto ngayong panahon na isa/dalwang taon lang ay depektado kaagad), libre/murang medikal, mga pabahay/lupa(pamilya ko at kakilala noon ay nakatira sa tabing dagat(mangingisda) at sa panahon niya ay nagkakuha ng bahay/lupa para gawing malinis ang mga karagatan) sabay na suporta ng maayos na kita), malinis at ligtas ang mga kalye/park kahit disoras ng gabi, murang/kontroladong presyo sa mga bilihin lalo na yung pagkain, murang/kontrolado din yung presyo ng gasolina, atbp. Nakakalungkot lamang at mga ilang pilipino(Manila) habang yung sinusuportahan nilang si Cory ay nanunuon lamang sa TV sa isang hotel sa Cebu at ginamit pa ang simbahan. Dahil ayaw ni Pangulong Marcos dumanak ng dugo ng kanyang kapwa pilipino ay sadya siyang bumaba sa pwesto na kahit isang baril ay hindi pumutok. At sa pagkaupo ng mga dilaw at kanyang kasamahan na hamak gustong angkinin ang mga nasa gobyernong pamamahalang imprastraktura ay ginawang pribado at alam niyo na kung sino ang ang nagmamay-ari ng mga ito! Maraming dugo ng mga pilipino ang dumanak at mga jurnalistang isa-isa ay napatay/nawala. Presyo ng mga bilihin ay nagsitaasan kaliwa’t kanan, rape, patayan, nakawan, droga, mga krimen/malalaswang elemento ang nagsilabasan, ibang bansa unti-unting inaangkin ang teritoryo ng bansa (dahil ito’y ibinigay ng mga dilaw sa pagka’t sila’y tinulungan), brownout/mahal na kuryente, laganap na substandard na imprastrakturang sobrang mahal at kinukupit lamang ang kaban ng mga nagbabayad ng buwis, atbp.

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