So-called peace advocates Ferrer and Deles betrayed Filipinos by supporting a violent rebel group

Government chief peace negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer and Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process Secretary Teresita Quintos Deles are doing more harm than good in promoting the passage of the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) – the so-called “peace” deal between the Philippine government and the Muslim rebel group Moro Islamic Liberation Front. This is evident in the way Ferrer and Deles give dire warnings to Filipinos that a “very bloody war” could take place if Congress doesn’t pass the bill. They also insinuated that revising the bill is unacceptable to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Deles and Ferrer: Inadvertently pitting Muslim and non-Muslim Filipinos against each other

Deles and Ferrer: Inadvertently pitting Muslim and non-Muslim Filipinos against each other

Both Ferrer and Deles would not do well in a sales job. They tend to use threats as their sales pitch in selling their product. No one in their right mind would buy a product from pushy sales personnel. They come across like they believe it would be justified for the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to use violence if they don’t get their way. No wonder more and more Filipinos now consider Ferrer and Deles together with Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino as enemies of the state. They all seem to be suffering from tunnel vision in the way they try to convince the public that the only way to achieve peace in Mindanao is through the passing of the BBL.

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Ferrer and Deles are so focused on the passage of the BBL that they have lost sight of which side they are working for. They are supposed to be working for the Filipino people, not the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. Where do they get the idea that there would be a “very bloody war” if the BBL is not passed? The Moro Islamic Liberation Front representatives more than likely told them that. The question is: how come their reaction to the threat is to give-in to their demands? If they are really smart, they should realize that giving in to the demands of a terrorist group would set a precedent for other rebel groups to use terrorism. The peace deal should have been junked as soon as the Moro Islamic Liberation Front showed signs of arrogance. Instead, they have become emboldened by BS Aquino’s unrelenting support.

BS Aquino’s irrational behavior is one thing, but it just doesn’t make any sense that Ferrer and Deles – so-called academics and peace advocates – are okay with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s threats to use violence against Filipinos. If they are really for peace, then they should condemn the atrocities committed by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front particularly the execution of the members of the Philippine National Police Special Action Force during a legitimate police operation in Mamasapano to capture two terrorists hiding in Moro Islamic Liberation Front territory on the 25th of January 2015.

Ferrer and Deles are betraying the Filipino people when they suggest that those who are against the BBL are against peace. First of all, those who are against the BBL are not necessarily calling for war. A lot of Filipinos just see the futility of giving one rebel group a big chunk of Mindanao and monetary support in the billions of pesos when it is not even going to stop other rebel groups from wreaking havoc in the region. Second, it is the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and all the other rebel groups who promise to wage war if they don’t get their way and not those who are against the BBL.

President BS Aquino has become accustomed to using shortcuts (even illegal ones) to get his way.

President BS Aquino has become accustomed to using shortcuts (even illegal ones) to get his way.

Ferrer and Deles are inadvertently pitting Muslim and non-Muslim Filipinos against each other whenever they imply that Muslims have been suffering from tyranny and that Filipinos would be responsible for that if the BBL is not passed. They are trying to make it look like majority of Filipinos do not want Muslims in Mindanao to prosper when in fact, a lot of Muslims in the Philippines including those in Manila get along fine with the rest of the Filipino community. Only Muslim rebel groups in Mindanao who want to grab power are creating issues where there is none. If only they can see that the violence caused by the Muslim rebel groups is part of the reason progress has eluded the region.

The existence of a number Muslim rebel groups in Mindanao is proof that the BBL will not bring peace in Mindanao. A recent World Bank-funded study also confirmed this according to Senator Chiz Escudero:

The government has to contend with other armed groups, including new threat groups, after achieving peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Moro Islamic Liberation Front), Sen. Francis Escudero said on Friday, citing a World Bank-funded study of the conflict in Mindanao.

The World Bank study titled “Rebellion, Political Violence and Shadow Crimes in the Bangsamoro: The Bangsamoro Conflict Monitoring System (BCMS) 2011-2013” was undertaken to provide data that would help in understanding the conflict in Mindanao.

It said information was “critical in dealing with the potential recurrence of conflict after the signing of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro” between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

Ferrer, Deles, BS Aquino and all the other supporters of the BBL should open their eyes to the truth and stop ignoring all the other rebel groups who are unwilling to join the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. In fact, Ferrer should know that disgruntled members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front could form another group just like how she explained to the media that the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) was “born out of disappointment” with a deal between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the previous administrators of the Philippine government. Ferrer even went on to warn that disillusioned members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front could “go the path of the Islamic State (IS)”.

Ferrer’s own statement is testament to the fact that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front representative who goes by the alias Mohagher Iqbal cannot really speak on behalf of all the members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. He does not have control over them. That’s the reason why what he says during the hearings and to the media – that the Moro Islamic Liberation Front is for peace – does not jibe well with the actions of the group’s members.

The man known as Mohagher Iqbal's use of an alias to sign legal documents with the Philippine government could land him in jail.

The man known as Mohagher Iqbal’s use of an alias to sign legal documents with the Philippine government could land him in jail.

Ferrer and Deles also did not anticipate the problem Iqbal’s fake name would pose on the BBL. Iqbal could even face jail time for using an alias in signing legal documents according to the regulation on the use of aliases. They were either ill advised or too eager to sign a deal without bothering to tick all the right boxes. Their overconfidence must have come from BS Aquino who got used to cutting corners when he still had power over the members of Congress when he could still bribe them with pork barrel funds.

In their own report on the Mamasapano Clash, Ferrer and Deles have bizarrely referred to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front casualties as martyrs – a sign that they too, have become somewhat delusional. If BS Aquino truly wants to achieve peace in Mindanao, he should replace Ferrer and Deles with people who can speak more on behalf of the Filipino people. The more they talk, the more damage they do to the peace deal and the relationship of the Filipino people with the Muslim community.

28 Replies to “So-called peace advocates Ferrer and Deles betrayed Filipinos by supporting a violent rebel group”

  1. ..Finally, an article on the two pertinacious malware in our midst. Even when already exposed and uncovered as the fifth column of MILF, gosh, the gall of these two, ….just incredible — the kapalmuks virus of PNoy must be potent, it overwhelmed the two.

    Thanks, Ilda. Another surgical and well-rounded article. But, I will give you only a 4-star rating. 5-star, if you change the sentence: “If BS Aquino truly wants to achieve peace in Mindanao, he should replace Ferrer and Deles …” into “If…., he should allow the survivors of the SAF44 to slap the faces of Ferrer and Deles from sunrise to sunset for n days, or until the two finally utter that ‘BBL is bad’, whichever comes first.” (This is to give them a taste of the Sharia Law, the principle behind BBL, which is what they are selling.) Don’t change your very last sentence, it’s a bull’s eye.

    PS ah before I forget, add Prof Randy David to Stinky Dilis and Ferry-go-round. He should be charged for mentality inimical to the State, for misinformation, and for not openly announcing that he has replaced Conrad de Quiros in the dept of Licking the Asses in Malacañang.

    1. Hahaha! Thanks for the 4 stars anyway.

      I don’t think I will condone violence towards the two so-called “peace” advocates though. I think the wrath they are getting from Netizens is enough.

      Indeed, David is another one who has become irrational. I wrote about him in my previous articles. I don’t think he is as influential as De Quiros and Mr Chair Wrecker though.

  2. you sounds that you are rejecting the “peace deal” BBL for muslim mindanao coz of the 2 appointed emissary of the government, but not the content inside the BBL that will put the entire philippines into full blown war? you didnt even narrated any items or provision inside the BBL that needs to reject, amend or rectified?,, or the least is giving some recommendation in any particular items inside the so called peace law,,you didn’t read the BBL either, did you?

    1. You assume too much. This article is not about the BBL per se. It is more of an analysis of the behaviour of the government representatives on the peace panel.

      Giving power and money to one Muslim rebel group will create more problems in the region particularly since majority of the residents in Mindanao are non-Muslims. There is no need for the BBL.

      What makes you think Mindanao needs the BBL?

    2. Nah just admit the fact that you want bbl to be passed so that you muslim religiots will spread shariah law in Mindanao ang kill every single non-muslims including my relatives there. All you bitch about the bbl are nothing but lies and BS kaya wag mo nang ipilit na ipakain sa amin iyang banal mong bbl gunggong!

    3. pero penduko, Filipinos are not in the content of BBL whether it is rejected, rectified or by amending it. Remember and always put in mind that we are living in one country and there’s only one law we have to follow that’s the PHILIPPINES CONSTITUTION creation of another law is strictly prohibited and it is not a requirement create or pass one. Thus, Muslims minority are treated as common Filipinos and have all the same rights as they are not foreigners from any foreign land. If really the government is sincere enough with the word “PEACE” then it must be started within the administrations itself.

  3. Deles and Ferrer are acting as PIMPS, for the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda.

    Even if you pass the BBL Law. Another disillusioned group will come out and wage war against the Republic of the Philippines.

    Iqbal is a fictitious name of the MILF negotiator. Who is this person ? Who claims to be the spokesperson of the group. It is deception on part of the MILF/ISIS/Al Queda. If war will be forced upon us; then, so be it.

    Non Muslims are far numerous than Muslims. the Tail wants to Wag the Dog…

  4. I wish these arrogant idiots would ask the Filipino first if they want BBL. Let the Filipino vote if they wish to implement or reject BBL. These monsters are not to be trusted.

  5. I’m just wondering why nobody is filing a complaint to void BBL since the representative of MILF showed insincerity on giving his real name instead of his alias knowing the seriousness or the sacredness of that document they signed a year ago. And what more bizarre, DOJ is on their side tolerating this man and trying to convenience us all that there’s nothing wrong using aliases in a sacred documents; nice try!

  6. What is the MILF going to do? Do they have fighter jets? NO. Do they have tanks and armoured personel carries? they shouldn’t, and if they do,how many? Is the RP so pathetic tha they could not easily confront these armed bandits on a battle field and rout them ? Once and for all? Get on with it and if the MILF don’t like it? Bring it on that ‘bloody conflict’,coz they bleed too.!

  7. These two bitches have been given the job of selling the bull-shit story to the people. The fact is that a training camp is needed and they are going to get it, sad but true. The RP is being used to facilitate a much greater agenda.

  8. If we are to see it from the perspective of the government and the negotiating team, and if given the chance to see the plight of the masses first hand in their areas, you will understand why it breeds violence and lawlessness. A young child watching tv from the window of a small sari-sari store could only wonder how life in Metro Manila and in most areas of the country be so relatively peaceful and happy sans the fear of being murdered. But such is the case there that this young child, in order to survive, would more likely grow up following the footsteps of the armed groups and, therefore, the cycle of violence continues.
    But I agree we should not negotiate peace with the MILF in the manner that we are doing now. Foremost, before getting into the negotiating table, MILF should swear allegiance to the Republic’s flag and to the constitution to set the premise onto which the negotiations will be based on. There should be no compromise to the Philippine Constitution to give way to the passage of a BBL directly partial to the MILF,and in the larger scheme of things, create a Muslim caliphate inside the Philippines directly in control of the resources and revenues of the awarded lands.

  9. all comments about the negative effects of bbl ratification have been mentioned here. but its real intent is always skirtted and left unthought of. SHaria. its legitimacy will flood in the enormous resources of the muslim world to assist the muslims here in their desire to establish islam here in our country forcefully. mindanao might be Christian majority buy all countries beside it are all muslim. we are but a puny dot in an ocean of jihadists. Christian manorities are intentionally targeted by all muslims anywhere in the world. never for once believe that we will be an exception to their desire for subjugation and annihilation. if we want to become real martyrs, then let sharia in. these are the times to prove our belief and embrace suffering and death as Christ did.

  10. Islam was first preached in the Philippines in 1380 by traders from the Persian Gulf. This was followed by preachers of a devout sect of Islam from Sumatra in 1390. The first religious place of worship in the country was a mosque in Simunul, in the Tawi-Tawi archipelago..built before 1400. To the extent that these are historical facts,I would concede that the first organized Abrahamic religion in the Philippines was Islam. That said, however, we are aware that history is but a snapshot of a period in a constantly unfolding landscape.. a blip in an ever changing and developing world that could not be the basis of development plans for today. To make adjustments now, so that an historical event from way back might be acknowledged, is wrong. We cannot ‘shoe-horn’ an accommodation into present-day programs that address present-day needs, simply to placate.. even honor.. an event that existed under very different circumstances. Coincidentally, and connectedly, ‘Magellan’s Day’ is all but forgotten; Philippine Independence Day is no longer in the 4th of July but in the 12th of June; what was Dewey Boulevard then is now Roxas Boulevard; and, more graphically, the old Visigoth church of San Vicente in Cordoba in Spain became the Grand Mosque, (the Mezquita) in the year 784, and became a Christian Cathedral over again in the year 1492.. after the ‘Reconquista’. It’s just the way things; events change; and there’s nothing we can do about it.
    In ‘making nice’ through special accommodations, (as the BBL clearly is meant to do), for a certain segment of Philippine society that was never singled out and alienated at all, is to allow an artificial arrangement to get in the way of normal progress. It is like laying a third rail on a railroad system, or installing an extra steering wheel on an otherwise well-running car. The BBL is an unnecessary prosthesis that we must adjust to, but over which, we have no control.. at all. If there is good reason for the BBL, (other than those tired platitudes about ‘peace and development’), the President and his ‘peace panel’ must say so and come clean with it now. Otherwise, let’s please drop this ‘charade” now.

  11. The President and Mesdames Quintos-Deles and Coronel-Ferrer are dilettantes who were given a chance to conceptualize and apply their theories on real life situations that, sadly, have earth-shaking and far reaching consequences to the Republic.. and who have fallen way short of target. This situation is not unlike video-game enthusiasts who dabble in ‘nuts-and-bolts’ negotiating and in military tactics.. even take charge of a real life military mission. The results, of course, were tragic, but predictable. We ended up with the short and dirty end of the stick.The long-running and still burning question now is..”Is there anybody capable and serious enough in this administration, who could lead; and, who would be willing to be held to account for his/her actions?”

  12. This article is logical in a sense that those who are in the Government are indeed doing treasonous jobs that will jeopardize this country’s sovereignty.

    It’s as if these officials are under illusion of drugs and pretend they are heroes where in fact they are the ones who rip this country into pieces.

    We hope that this country will being back to its former glory that we wished for for a long long time.

    1. Forget ‘glory days’. I’ll settle for mere sanity.
      Is anybody minding the store? Are we in good hands? Are we headed in the right direction? These, sadly, are questions we might have asked in 2010. Sadly, we are always dependent on the ‘rear view mirror’ when we should always ‘have our eyes on the road ahead’.

  13. President Aquino and his ‘peace ladies’ are entitled to their opinions, as are some ninety-five million other Christian Filipino stakeholders. From the perspective of an overwhelming majority of Ilocanos, Pampanggos, Tagalogs, Bicolanos and Visayans, and others, the area from Itbayat in the Batan Archipelago in the north, to Sitangkay and Simunul in the Tawt Tawi Archipelago in the south, is one sovereign and indivisible homeland called ‘The Philippines’. Some Filipinos seem predisposed to piss away an area, the size of Belgium, to a population-component who have, heretofore, persisted as Maranao, Maguindanao, or Tausog; and who, now insist in being Bangsamoro rather than Filipino. They, further, allude to the government’s neglect as being the cause of the underdevelopment of predominantly Muslim areas..without looking into why or how this has actually come to be.
    The Philippine Muslim, (Filipino Muslim, if they consider assimilation both ways), have never been discriminated against, nor marginalized. They have always had political representation and budgetary allocations no different from the others. Names like Alonto, Rasul, Pendatun, Matalam and Tamano, (and more), are now part of ‘Philippine History’. It really seems that the underdevelopment referred to is traceable to something else.
    Having been recognized as a distinct people; and, having been assigned an autonomous area.. the ARMM.. the Philippine Muslim should now, together and unselfishly, strive to develop that area with the usual assistance of the government. They should also endeavor to assimilate some, if not most, of Filipino culture, and to be prepared to accept assimilation and governance themselves.
    If we were all Filipinos, there would be no reason for the BBL.

  14. The risk of sounding rude and presumptuous is nothing compared to what’s at stake in this case. The proposed agreement refers to provinces, cities and towns whose total area is in the neighborhood of 30,000 sq. km. Add to this the areas still under consideration and you would have the area of Belgium..30,528 sq. km. In light of the earlier statements that this ‘concession’ will include “sharing power and wealth with the government”, the very concept of ‘Bangsamoro’ is, at the very least a very bad idea. The Filipino Muslim, (I’ve met some who’d rather be called ‘mujaheddin’ rather than Filipino), have never been subjugated, or religion, commerce or residence. They have mosques, stores and homes everywhere in the country, especially in Metro-Manila. They are endowed with the freedoms that all other Filipinos have. Must we really give them a base where they could establish ‘sharia law’ and legally form an armed ‘militia’? Should we concede 10% of the country’s area of 300,000 sq. km. to just 4.8% of the population? One more question..will they ever be satisfied?

  15. These clowns should be hanged or put to death by firing squad. Might as well include those who support BBL. Treason is still treason.

  16. Both these bitches, together with the bald king will have their days in the court of law. That’s where justice will be served for the Filipino people and the survivors of SAF 44.

  17. 1-Ferrer & Deles (F&D) peace panel (PP) IS begging for peace. . instead of fighting for it. . having the interest of the nation (including the Muslims) at hand.

    2- F&DPP’s mentality is that there will be war (w/ MILF) if BBL as is.. is not passed by Congress. . They forgot that we had a war already w/ them led by Former President Erap and they lost..

    3- so F&DPP’s stand is weak. . They are not aware of the Indian history at the time of Mahatma Ghandhi (his great error. .he is too soft to the muslims. . the reason he was assassinated by a hindu fanatic. .like F&DPP begging for peace). When the muslims separated from India as Pakistan. . the latter installed nuclear missiles pointed to New Delhi. . India in return did the same. . THERE IS PEACE NOW IN AN ATMOSPHERE OF FEAR..!. .We don’t have nuclear missiles if they do that. . pointed to Metro Manila. . WE DON’T LIKE THAT.

    4-Arab oil is over this year 2016. . they have no more financial support. . the next administration (in 2017). . w/c should not be Pnoys alter-ego. .should negotiate in a position of strength. . we have to fight for peace. . for everybody. . for the progress of the Philippine nation. .

    1. You are totally correct, and you give voice to the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of the Filipino people. Cheers. However, don’t be too sure about weak support for the BBL from the Middle East because of a dip in ‘petro-dollars’. More likely than not, oil prices will soon spike and the proponents of the BBL will be riding high once again. Let’s just keep our opposition to this ‘dangerous experiment’ loud and steady.

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