5 things that will happen whether Manny Pacquiao wins or not

The way Manny Pacquiao fever continues to mount in the lead up to his fight with the much-reviled Floyd Mayweather, you’d think this seminal event is the be-all-end-all of Filipinodom. But, step back and see the true picture; that this, really, is just an event that, like the Christmas holidays we anticipate every year, will come to a close in due time. So perhaps we should anticipate the aftermath of the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight and ask the hard question: What happens next after that?

Here are some of the possibilities…

(1) The Philippines will still be a poor country.

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Manny Pacquiao v Shane MosleyRemember that, win or lose, Manny Pacquiao gets to laugh all the way to the bank. But will Pacquiao’s win or loss translate to tangible prosperity for the Philippine Nation? Perhaps if the Philippines’ tax office, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) succeeds in collecting its due from the champ’s winnings, some Filipinos may feel the Pacquiao Effect in their wallets somehow. But let’s not hold our breath. We all know where much of the Philippines’ public funds hard-earned by its taxpayers really goes…

(2) Filipinos will still be victims of the Bangsamoro “Peace Deal” scam.

After the fight, the issue of the illegality of the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law crafted in an illicit partnership between the Philippine government and the terrorist Moro Islamic Liberation Front will still be unresolved. In the middle of this brouhaha stands the representative of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the man formerly known as Mohagher Iqbal. He used that fake name to sign the official documentation of that pact. He is likely to continue to refuse to divulge his real identity.

(3) There still won’t be a good candidate in the running for President of the Philippines in 2016.

Whether the Pacman wins or loses, Filipinos will still be faced with having to choose among the same assortment of conmen and crooks that are the only “winnable” options for the 2016 presidential elections. Despite being a 100-million-strong nation, Filipinos, it seems, have so far proven in the last several months to be incapable of producing even one good presidential candidate.

Which leads us to the next one…

(4) Filipinos will continue to face the prospect of a Manny Pacquiao presidency sometime in the future.

Maybe not in 2016, or perhaps not even after that; but it is likely the Champ will be in the queue for a chance to warm that lucrative seat in Malacanang someday. Unless Pacquiao can find himself a career outside of the ring when he goes past his use-by date as a fighter, the possibility of him running for president will remain very real.

And last but not least…

(5) Filipinos will continue doing the same things over and over while expecting different results again and again.

Perhaps Pacquiao’s biggest contribution to society is in making Filipinos “proud to be Filipino”. Proud of what exactly? It is, if we are to understand Pinoy thinking, because Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino. For now he is the Filipino masses’ most potent opiate. Emphasis on for now.

What happens after the high fizzles and the crash back to reality follows? Fear not. There are still the renowned telenovelas, noon-time variety shows, and Senate tele-inquiries that Filipinos subsist on in between Pacman fights to nourish their hollow heads.

* * *

It may be the “fight of the century”, but though the Pacman may land a few punches in Mayweather’s face over a few rounds, punching an opponent silly is certainly not the same as trying to put a dent on the Philippines’ culture of poverty. Indeed, Pacquiao possesses the power to give Filipinos that warm fuzzy feeling that everything will be alright, kahit papaano. Perhaps we may as well grant Filipinos that at least considering beyond this little square that frames this “pride” in nationhood, there is little to hang on to in a way that assures a brighter future for the Philippines in real terms.

19 Replies to “5 things that will happen whether Manny Pacquiao wins or not”

  1. On number 5 I remember the game Far cry 3 where the villain talks about the definition of INSANITY on the Protagonist which he says “It’s doing the same thing over and over again expecting a difference or change”
    it completely defines the philippines doing the same pinoy pride shit expecting change

    1. Here’s the video. This really applies to all societies but none moreso than the regular Filipino because ignorance and delusion are the real values to be found in our country.

      1. He may be an antagonist but he’s spot on. And INB4 failipinos with telebasura mindset attack you as an evil person only because you posted a vid about a villain’s popular quote.

    2. “It’s doing the same thing over and over again expecting a difference or change”

      Well, that’s science and philosophy for Pinoys, unmindful of the cause and effect, they put their life on faith without work and chance. At yeah, ‘yong mga bida sa teleserye ng Pinas walang common sense, sila pa mismo gumagawa ng sarili nilang problema. ‘Yan mga idol ng Pinoy.

      1. Thanks for the video that is what i’m talking about and also the quote about insanity is also quoted by Albert Einstein himself

  2. “Proud of exactly what?”, I could not have said it better myself.
    The Philippines was once a paradise and even the far flung beaches of Camiguin Island are becoming polluted and overrun with over-development.The scamms that are run in the country follow a blue-print. Use other people’s money to build something and then sell it at the highest possible price, and use non-wage earning labor to build the places.It works too !!!
    I have seen it happen and it is a disgrace. Even nurse’s do not get paid to work in hospitals and are scammed into working for ‘experience’ which doesn’t matter because to work outside of the Philippines as a nurse, the nurse must be able to pass the licencing exam of the state where the nurse goes to live. As a result of the shoddy education at the nursing schools in the Philippines the nurse’s end up on bed-pan duty rather than nursing duty and this is only two scams being run at the same time in the disgrace of a country/failed state.

    Why all Filipino’s put up with these thieving scam artists is beyond a normal Westerners thinking.

    As the RED QUEEN SAYS:”OFF WITH THEIR HEADS !”, is a better idea.

  3. After seeing Pacquiao KO’d by Marquez in Vegas at the end of the 6th round(I won $500 on that exact bet,Marquez by KO,round 6 at the Luxor hotel sports book) and since he needs to keep fighting to keep the BIR/IRS off his back(lets face it Manny is NOT a certified public accountant) lets hope for Filipino’s sake (IDC about ‘PACMAN personally as he is richer than most people will ever be and the rich get NO sympathy….. and deserve none too!)that he is not punch drunk by the time he hangs up his gloves, like his ailing Parkinson’s addled handle Fred ‘The’ ROACH.Roach knows all too well what happens to boxers that get hit one thousand too many times.

  4. (6) horse fighting in the south will still take place

    (7) the brutal barbaric sport of cockfighting will continue

    (8) illegal burning of leaves and trash will continue to pollute the countryside

    (9) loud karaoke and barangay parties until 530am will continue to rob people of sleep and peace.

    (10) *insert your own* etc etc ad infinitum

    1. Electricity rate SCAMS ala the ‘ENRON’ scandal will continue to crush the industries trying to make the country competitive on a global basis but the old BS ‘antiquated’ electrical grid argument will still produce ‘rolling brown outs’ randomly throughout the archipelago.The Philippines, for no good reason, has the highest electricity rates in the world, right now, at prices of USD $0.275+/per Kilo-watt Hour and RISING.At least 3 times that of nearby Thailand(USD $ 0.912/Per Kilo-Watt Hour)….and double any USA major city (USD $0.145/per Kilo-Watt Hour). SCAM !!!! it is just simply outrageous and yet Filipino’s just sit and do NOTHING !!!

      In the Fail-ippines you do not even get what you pay for.”Proud to be pinoy !” ?…UH….WHY?

  5. the fight that should have taken place 2-5 years ago is now anti-climatic and almost know one I know even cares now who wins. FLOYD at 47-0 has beaten everyone that Paquiao has faced handily, while Paquiao has had problems and even lost to a few of the guys that FLOYD has beaten easily. Bob Arum has negotiated Bull-Shit ‘catch-weight’ contracts & old men and even invented weight-classes for his boy Manny(who actually won the WBOgus welterweight title of 147lbs. when neither fighter was allowed to weigh-in at over 144lbs.,same at Junior Middle-weight title fight 150LBS. instead of 154 lbs.,WTF???) but this time only Father time will be on Pacquiao’s side, unless another fix is in, as FLOYD is nearing his 38th birthday and is well past his fighting prime,just like De La Hoya was when Manny began his BS ascent to ‘P-4-P’ 2nd fiddler to,who else?, FLOYD MAYWEATHER.

    Bring on the hate.

  6. Insanity can be defined as doing the same shit all over again, thinking this time it’s gonna be different. But everywhere you look our countrymen will still continue to do the same shit over and over again, hoping that’s its gonna change. The truth is, it will not, and since the majority of Filipinos are full of retarded fucks who vote for people running for a political place based on their popularity/fame rather than their skills.

  7. Maybe Pacquiao will run for President. If elected, he will punch MILF/ISIS/Al Queda’s Iqbal on the nose, to give him his due. He may spar on the Philippine Economy, giving a good one-two-three punch. We then, all live happily, ever after. Like any Filipino teleserya…what an idiotic country.

    1. Hirap sa mga bobong pinoy na katulad mo, makakita ka lang ng isang kritisismo iaaatake mo kaagad na inggit ang kritiko. Gasgas na iyang lumang spiel mo inutil. You’re like IR Baboon telling Weasel that he’s jealous even if the latter already told the former what’s wrong about him. Yeah that’s right! You’re as stupid and moronic as IR Baboon you indiot.

  8. Too many Failipinos spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.

  9. If anything, China may likely to use the day of Pac-May fight to be more brazen and encroach again more disputed territories.

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