P’noy Totally Eclipses the Pope’s Halo Effect in the Recent #SAF44 Debacle


Not more than  two weeks after Pope Francis’ historic Papal Papal visit to the Philippines, the president has again managed to drop another #BeastMode bomb upon the world revealing his ineptitude and douchebaggery upon the Filipino people. The outrage on the recently slain #SAF44 had many of even his staunch loyalist scraping off their yellow ribbons in disgust. Indeed, Pnoy has totally eclipsed the Pope’s halo effect in the recent #saf44 debacle. Even after going on #Beastmode during the pope’s visit, we would have hoped that it could not get any worse, but again he did!

The president is not mourning with his people. He is not mourning for the fallen #SAF44. Instead, he might actually have tears that his delusion of winning the Nobel Peace Prize is dissipating like a puff of smoke. I could imagine him frantically sucking on his cancer sticks as truth and harsh reality besets him.

A policewoman wipes her tearsHis vain delusions have driven him as far as leaving his trusting friend Mar Roxas out in the dark in an obvious display of disloyalty. Now would be the perfect time for Mar to make a difference by turning away from the president that he helped place. It was an obvious mistake for him. The president’s true color is showing and he is definitely “Yellow”!

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In an obvious revelation of his inability to lead the nation, we are all still crying out for correction and justice. Perhaps the rest of the Cabinet, starting with Mar should start thinking along the lines of what is best for the country? Justice needs to be served, lest we place our agreements with the MILF under a bad premise. #SAF44 is a stark warning paid for in blood. The ground is crying out for justice and we should see it served before anything else. His ambitions of crediting the Peace pact and the capture of Marwan had the #SAF44 die in vain. The massacre of #SAF44 cannot be brushed aside without people being held to account, especially the president. While everyone wants to have peace in Mindanao, negotiations should not continue without the MILF being cleared from culpability and that the murderers are presented for prosecution.

Aristotle argued that there is no virtue in moderation when “moderation” is exercised against great and obvious evil. In fact, collusion or concession paraded as moderation in the face of evil is not merely lacking in virtue, it is manifest depravity.

It is about time the president mans up for his faults as the public is simply sick and tired of his finger pointing and blaming. Worse, that a commander in chief downplays his knowledge of the mission that killed 44 men. Point that bloody finger at yourself and start acting like a man! No negotiations without Justice For #SAF44!

[Photo courtesy Yahoo! News.]

3 Replies to “P’noy Totally Eclipses the Pope’s Halo Effect in the Recent #SAF44 Debacle”

  1. Mar Roxas is as GUILTY, as Aquino and Purisima. Roxas is trying to claim , he had no knowledge of the operation; in order to SAVE his Presidential ambition.

    Aquino is “may kiriring sa ulo”…he is also mentally retarded. Claiming always, his parents, as heroes…in truth, his parents are political scums and opportunists…

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