Jejomar Binay is the Vice President of the Philippines. Deal with it.

What happens if President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III resigns and Vice President Jejomar Binay takes over? Well, it seems everyone knows the answer. The Philippines will be ruled by President Jejomar Binay. Will he be a good president or a bad president? Everyone has an opinion about that. Will he vie for re-election 2016? Of course he will. That’s what politicians do — try to retain power or get more of it.

jejomar_binaySo I don’t really know what the big hoo-ha is about what happens after President BS Aquino steps down as president. Binay was elected Vice President in 2010. Could it be that Filipino voters were simply so stupid as to fail to understand what choosing who should sit in the office of the Vice President means for their country? The possibility of that being true is simply too horrible to contemplate.

But then there it is. Binay is the Vice President of the Philippines. And the incumbent, President BS Aquino is a president who has become a lame duck thanks to a five-year career of gross national mismanagement that ground a lofty oak tree of political capital to a mere stump today.

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Binay is the Vice President of the Philippines.

How did this outrage come about?

That question is quite a confronting one. Now that the country is faced with a profound political crisis that brings it to the brink of staring the possibility of removal of a sitting president in the face, the Vice President’s role in all this suddenly becomes relevant.

The risk of Binay ever becoming president of the Philippines is really not a recent relevance. Indeed, it’s been a risk since 2010 when he, together with BS Aquino assumed his office in Malacanang. The president could have dropped dead or been rendered unfit to govern on Day Two of his term and Binay would have been President for the subsequent five years leading to today.

Did not the Filipino people realise that Binay could have at any time become President? They should have. They elected him Vice President.

Stupid, right?

A crook becoming Vice President is actually possible in the United States. “One heartbeat away from the presidency not a single vote cast on my name… Democracy is so over-rated.” That’s what Frank Underwood said when he was sworn in as the American Vice President in the hit TV series House of Cards. At least Americans can be excused. They don’t elect their Vice President.

Filipinos, on the other hand, do. If, back in 2010, Filipino voters stopped to consider that Binay will be just one heartbeat away from the Philippine presidency over the subequent six years perhaps we wouldn’t be hearing the gasps coming from people who are now so taken aback by this surprising possibility.

Ain’t personal accountability a bitch.

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25 Replies to “Jejomar Binay is the Vice President of the Philippines. Deal with it.”

  1. The question is, why should I who did not even vote for him just deal with it? XD

    “Could it be that Filipino voters were simply so stupid as to fail to understand what choosing who should sit in the office of the Vice President means for their country?”

    I thought this site has already established how dysfunctional the Filipino are already.

    Also Hindsight is 20-20, back then no one could substantiate or prove that Binay was corrupt. It wasn’t that mainstreamed. The only reason people are having a problem with him now is because of the allegations cropping up. So dissing people and calling the “I told you so” flag is kinda unfair.

    1. Life’s not fair indeed. Lots of people marry psychos. The Philippines elects crooks. Unfair perhaps. But such is life.

      And you belong to the electorate — a collective representing the “voice” of the Filipino people. Even if you differed from the majority, the majority still wins, and you get to be subject to the outcome of what the majority chooses.

      Yeah, it sucks.

      As Underwood said, “democracy is overrated.”

      1. Benigs, I hate to say this but a Binay presidency, however short, makes Pnoy look not so bad. Har har har!

        Another expression comes to mind and Filipinos have to take this to heart, “You made the bed, sleep in it.”

        1. No, they’ll just make nonsensical excuses right? That’s when you know there is really a problem here, don’t worry about confronting or solving it… Someone might get hiya.

        2. Nah… Binay can’t possible do worse than BS Aquino. I don’t think he’s that stupid.

          If he does drive the last year of BSA’s presidency, he’ll use it to make as much pogi points as he can. He’s not gonna risk the possibility of winning a 6 year term.

          I’m sure he’s gonna do what the people would expect as the opposite of Aquino. Remove the idiot appointees and replace them with smarter ones.

  2. What happens if President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III resigns and Vice President Jejomar Binay takes over?
    That is, IF Pres. PNoy will resign.

    Right now, I don’t see that happening. Binay, while a heartbeat away from the presidency, doesn’t seem to be taken at heart by the public. Yes, not too long ago, just like PNoy, he was popular too that a lot considers him to be the front runner in the race for the next chief executive. But after the scandals linking him to questionable deals and allegations of corruption, his star dimmed.

    So, let’s put aside that Constitutional succession for a while and focus on its opposite. What if PNoy is force to resign in another EDSA sequel we have grown accustomed to? For that to happen, first we have to see people coming out in the streets demanding for his ouster. But what would cause that from happening? And who would spearhead it from happening?

    Let’s start from the people. I don’t see people coming out because they’re up to here about PNoy and they’re excited on the Binay phenomenon. So far, it’s very quiet on the possibility of getting rid of PNoy and having Binay as substitute. Could be that, unlike Gloria Arroyo who smells and looks good when she took the power from Erap, Binay stinks of corruption at the outset that the idea of him barreling into the gates of Malacanang to seize power is just hard to imagine.

    Will the issue of the PNP killings in Mindanao force PNoy to abdicate power to VP-Binay? Unless a snowball effect is created because of malice or abuse of power or even plain stupidity implicating PNoy and putting his leadership in a crossroad, the idea is just far-fetched right now. In fact, the time for snowball to happen did not even passed because no momentum was even created. Yes, we hear noises and brouhaha here and there but that’s just about it.

    How about the Church, will they lift a finger and rally the people against the president? I don’t see it happening either. In spite of the rough sailing in relation it had with the president the Church seems to be not really that excited on the prospect of a Binay takeover. The Cory magic lingers on in the pulpit.

    Impeachment? An invisible option right now. Confluence of events in the horizon that says “run for cover” to PNoy? Who knows?

    So what’s the possibility of a Binay takeover? I say, it depends. In a place where bandwagon can be created at a drop of a hat simply because it’s a bandwagon anything is possible. But right now, I don’t see anything that poses a threat to PNoy’s presidency that could lead to him resigning or abdicating. I would even dare say, there is a chance for PNoy to wear a peluka than step down like a palooka.

  3. Obama is called a lame duck president; but has nonetheless been able to accomplish some dramatic reforms, even without congressional approval. What are some things Aquino could still do by executive action that would benefit the country?

    1) Stop the exploitive practice of “endo.” In one fell swoop, he could improve the lives of millions of the working poor by requiring that employers provide minimal job security and benefits.

    2) Expand Phil Health to include all citizens.

    3) Overhaul the corrupt smog control practices and tie its sanctions to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

    4) Appoint a panel of internationally recognized experts to determine best practices in reference to:
    a) waste management
    b) transportation grid lock
    c) resource management
    d) over priced power
    e) migration of the poor to the urban areas

    How have other countries managed these intractable problems?

    5) Expand scholarship programs. Many programs only include the first year; leaving students stranded part way through their course of instruction.

    6) Expand mobile job training sites to service areas with high unemployment.

    7) Hire more teachers and build more classrooms.

    The money to accomplish these things can be found by eliminating pork barrel and redirecting the funds away from thieving fingers.

  4. Binay is a Trapo…he is too old to handle the crissis in the government. Besides, he has almost all his family members, holding public offices. Political family dynasty will be Binay’s Presidency.

    We can have a Snap Election, to Elect, a New President and Vice President…

    1. We can have a Snap Election, to Elect, a New President and Vice President…
      But on what grounds?

      We cannot just simply say, we can have this, we can have that. To be credible and helpful in the discussion, you have to have something to back up your ideas that will not only show its likelihood but also invite reactions from the readers.

        1. I don’t think you can do that, sir. First, the situation then is different from the present. Marcos was a dictator whose authority has deteriorated and put to question that forced him to submit to a snap election. He ran against a candidate who is the wife of his political nemesis the death of which ignited people to mount rallies and demonstrations. The communist insurgency at the time was also a serious threat to the stability of the country. We don’t have those situations right now.

          I was expecting you to use PNoy, based on the posts that you put up here, as reason for calling for a snap election. Had you done that, it would have made sense.

  5. Snap election is not possible because there must be strong grounds for Aquino to be ousted in his position. He must resigned and be replace by Binay, or stick to his term. Its like being caught between a rock and a hard place.

    1. @Jamegirl:

      Aquino is also a Dictator,also…he dictates what he wants, by buying people,with our tax money…
      Marcos may had done it by Force…but, Aquino is doing it by using our Tax Money…

      Both of them are Evil, in their own way…

      1. Just because you said so doesn’t mean it’s true. ‘Buying people’ does not a dictator make. Erap bought people too but he was not called dictator. Gloria Arroyo bought a lot of people but she was not called dictator. So, following your logic, why is PNoy be different from them? Doesn’t make sense.

        Snap election has to have something to support it with. I’m not close to such an idea so long as there’s basis for it. But you cannot just give wild comparisons as reason for having it.

        You have to have concrete and clear reason why having snap election makes sense. That you failed to show.

  6. Well it is not really being caught between rock and a hard place kasi yan ang spin ngayun ng mga Noytards. It is actually a choice of isang Politiko na hindi lang nasiraan na ng bait kundi napaka corrupt at isang politiko na inakusahang korap pero hindi nila masasabing sira ang tuktok.

  7. A Binay presidency is like giving your house key to a thief.

    The Cojuangco’s and the Aquino’s in their service to the public are not perfect by any means, but nobody can look them in their eyes and say you are corrupt. Look up the record of Ninoy how he gave away his inheritance to the people of Tarlac. Visit his humble home at Times St. in Quezon City and see and wonder how their big family could have fit in a small place like that. I’ve been to this place and I can say my living room and dining sets were a lot better than theirs. Are they wealthy? I don’t think so, otherwise Kris would not waste her fucking time with all the BS of showbiz. What about Hacienda Luisita you may asked? Former Rep. Jose Cojuangco owns most of it. Noynoy, Kris and their siblings are like you and I waking up early morning to put our eight hours and go home. No Forbes Park or fat bank accounts or frequent travels abroad, just eight fucking hours.

    When all is said and done when too much hatefulness are thrown in their faces, I think the family patriarch Jose Cojuangco will advice Noynoy to step down because insults are the least a decent family like theirs would want to endure.

    1. You seem to have missed a lot of the articles we wrote about how all the money trails related to pork barrel thievery leads back squarely to the office of the President. The cycle cannot be broken because both Malacanang and Congress benefit from a pork-funded partnership in crime as I wrote about a while back

      Whereas, the three branches of government under Philippine-style “democracy” is, by design, supposed to keep one another in check, pork is what greases the conflict-of-interest that is the Malacanang-Congress tandem of thievery. Without pork, Congress would have no reason to kiss Malacanang’s ass. Without pork, politicians would find a reason to seek a seat in Congress that is a lot more noble than the opportunity to play Santa Claus by funneling chunks of the national budget into their constituents’ trivial “projects” and, of course, into their personal bank accounts.

      As to this “hatefulness” you perceived is being “thrown in their faces”, can you cite specific examples and articulate sound arguments that prove that “hate” is what fuels all this writing?

      If all you can do here is appeal to tone down this perceived hatefulness, you will fail to convince anyone of the saintliness of the Aquinos. The only way to counteract the criticism flying at the Aquinos is to provide sound arguments against said criticism.

      It seems Aquino’s apologists have dropped the ball on that one. All you see them doing nowadays is wiling their days away on Twitter. 140 character one-liners, after all, are a lot easier to field than internally-sound well-articulated arguments.

      1. @ benignO

        You’re right I was AWOL from GRP for quite some time and wandering that I don’t see some of your articulate posters like Johnny Saint any longer. And shout out to you on your new Filipino forum. Way to go and may your tribe increase.

        My previous comment was not at all intended to soften GRP’s stance against Aquino or the events surrounding all the anomalies that he was involved in and leading to the SAF tragedy. That was an opinion piece and you and I know that opinions are for every one to dispute. Let me remind you also that I am not an Aquino zombie. Cheers!!!

  8. “Ain’t personal accountability a bitch.”

    Yup, if logic prevailed in 2010 rather than emotion, we probably don’t have to choose betw the devil & the deep blue sea today. I think you hv a masterpiece of an essay above.

    Earlier, I was thinking there was a third option. Coup d’etat. That would eliminate the hard choice. betw resignation & Binay. It is of course a testament of how bad Mama’s Panot has brought the situation, that ppl are finding justification for Kape ni Etang.

    But, hearing Purisima & Napeñas yesterday, a coup could prove to be a terrible optiom. Many, including myself, are wondering why Napeñas is taking the fall all by his lonesome self despite the reminder by Grace Poe that he is jeopardizing his retirement benefits that he should deserve with his 36 yrs of service to-date. But, Napeñas seems determine 2b d fall guy.

    I don’t know, maybe Napeñas is very deep too into freemasonry. Somebody has to check this bcuz that seems to be the only connection. Purisima of course seems to be of high degree grandmaster in this most secret society, and that is the reason why he was able to ask known Mason members to contribute to the multi million renovation of the “white house” in Crame. No, this is not the freemason of the exagerated stories of conspiracy theorists. But, it is common knowledge that you cannot rise in rank in AFP and PNP if you are not a Mason. Ping Lacson had a terrible time as PNP chief as he is not a member but jump to that rank bcuz of his friendship with Erap. In fact, if you are in business, there is no way you can be a supplier to AFP and PNP if you don’t have any connection to a Mason. Some think of this as some kind of a Rotary Club. It is if you are looking at those below 13th degree members; above that,…man, you are really talking of a very, very, very secretive brotherhood, and in a way they control the uniformed and military establishments at all levels.

    But now that Napeñas has confirmed he is taking the fall, the investigations is all over, but the shouting. It is gonna be a whitewash, a big cover up. — they will just cover too the grieving wives and parents of the Fallen44 with millions to make them shut up, Forget justice in its purity.

    Well, who cares now. Anyway, it is confirmed BBL will be postponed indefiniely, so basically that is dead in the water. I bet now PNoy will finish his term. We should all now look towards 2016 as the only possible respite from inanity.

  9. The VP of the country is just as big a thief as the rest of them ! and I am glad that as an Ex-pat, LOL!, I do not have to deal with him,Filipino’s do.

  10. mabuhay ka! VP binay future president of the philippines! may araw din ang mga taong dito sa getrealphilippines.. irereport ko kayo kay VP binay. para ma-extradite mula australia ang mga writers nito.

  11. If for some miracle Pnoy does resign then VP Binay takesover! Runs for re-election for 2016 and wins! So deal with it! This is the country that we have! Unless a real civil war between the rich and the opressed erupts and cleanse our country from the Trapos that plunders it! We dont have any chance of true change in our society! As we all know how fake democracy is in real life! People who believes in this live in a fairytale world so just keep dreamin!!!

  12. Hello, could anyone please me on some matters? I’m a HS sophomore who would like to know the answers to these:

    1) Can the President be put on trial while still in the position?
    2) If the President resigns, can he be put on trial regarding the Mamasapano incident? Thanks in advance for your time.

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