Civil War, Eh?

For whatever reason it was said and whatever context it was said in, rousing people to engage in a civil war just sounds crazy to me — and I find a lot of things crazy these days.

There will never be any good reason to end a life of another and to think that it will prove one side right or another side wrong will just take us back to the time when a duel was recognized as a legal means of settling disputes.

philippine soldier and child

Would you tell this child that his father has to die because you think you are right about something?

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Politics is about deception and all players in politics are necessarily deceivers. As far as deception and being deceived are concerned, there is no sense in quibbling over degrees or magnitude especially when it results in the death of so many. There will be no real ways of assuring that only combatants will be killed, because despite the technological advancements in this s0-called Information Age, bullets and bombs don’t pick who it’ll kill.

The great tragedy in war is not the loss of lives on either side, it is the loss of sanity that results in drinking too deeply from the deceptiveness of our politicians and that loss of sanity infects generations as victors are said to write such histories.

In all likelihood, all that is happening with all this talk about ousting President Aquino or mounting a civil war just shows how weak as a nation we really are and that weakness stems from a lack of faith in our democratic processes. And it is a situation that can easily be taken advantage of.

It’s blood in the water, I sh*t you not.

The right call at this moment, with tensions and tililings running into overdrive, is to chill out and suck it up. Otherwise, we’ll have a more serious situation on our hands.

And if I only knew exactly what could happen if we do lose all of our heads, then preventing it would be a bit easier.

Mathew 5:8″Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. 9″Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. 10″Blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.…

Thing is, if people insist on calling for a civil war, then they’ll be no better than the people being blamed for the police operation that resulted in the death of 44 PNP SAF.

16 Replies to “Civil War, Eh?”

  1. The Armed Forces of the Philippines must protect the Filipino people…and not protect any President who is neglectful for the welfare of the people…We are the Taxpayers, who pays your salaries and benefits…

    Your loyalty to your Presidents; when your loyalty to your country begins…

    Let us have a Peaceful transition, to prevent civil war…

    1. U.S. had its own to remove slavery. Russia removed the Czars/feudalism thru civil war…France removed its Aristocracy thru it…China did it also, because of the corruption of Chiang Kai Shek…

      Its like surgery, you have to shed blood to remove the tumor…if the leaders don’t listen to its people….what would you do?

      1. The problem is,we are not those countries you’re pertaining to. We differ from them in many terms,in form of government, in social, economical and political issue. We are far from being them. Its easy to say let’s do this and let’s do that but we must take into consideration if our country can survive such actions. We are just looking at the government, how about the business sector? Will foreign investors stand the turmoil that a civil war will bring? If so, can we recuperate in such devastation that such action will cause?
        Yes, its like surgery in removing a tumor. But not all that undergo such surgery survive. Sometimes taking a tumor is a big risk. Are you willing to risk your own family and means of living with such actions? Do you really want to experience the terror of civil war? Maybe after the Fallen 44, we can be a Fallen country after a Civil war.

  2. Marami ang mga magandang halimbawa ng panalong revolutions sa mundo natin ngayon di ba? Syria, Egypt, Ukraine, Northern Iraq, atb! Peaceful transitions 🙂

  3. Hey even the God of Israel wage war against their neighbor country because of their wickedness, The Canaanite the Babylon and may more

  4. A civil war? When our nation is facing a threat a few nautical miles away? You just gave the rebels a chance to succeed.

  5. cheebai, knn! cockroach peenoise die lah. get out of singapore. farkin assholes! i’m very happy penoise cockroach die lah hahahah!

  6. Do you suppose this country has ever been the same since? How long will it take for this country to get back the humane emotions that were slowly growing before then? How long will it take the calloused hearts of men before the scars of hatred and cruelty shall be removed?

  7. Definitely no to civil war! We do need a change of government into federalism that will addreass the different needs of each provinces/ regions! Let Pinoy finish his term he only has 1 year to go, unless he takes responsibility and resign as a Real Man! Then let VP Jojo Binay takeover, scrap the BBL and push for a peacfull transition to federal government!

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