Why it is wrong to spend P100M on a celeb wedding in the #Philippines

Filipinos’ values are indeed perverted beyond recognition. In many Filipino movies, the bad guys are often pointy-nosed fair-skinned snobs (keeping to the narrow-minded way Philippine cinema’s jeje-culture traditionally portrays the rich) living in obnoxious tacky mansions while the “hero” is an other-side-of-da-riles lad or lass living the Pinoy challenge of scraping together a “decent” life. You’d think that this would mirror the Filipino Catholic mindset — the “good” poor versus the evil rich.

It seems that this is not the case. The much-celebrated wedding of Filipino starlets Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera was baldly lavish and pointedly obnoxious. As if the event was not in-your-face enough by itself, sheepishly complicit government officers sealed off public roads in Quezon City to insulate the “royal” couple and their guests from the oppressive footprint of the masses’ banal existence. Even the President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, no less, blocked out a big chunk of his “busy” calendar to show up at this spectacle. It had Pinoy-showbiz-style “rich” written all over it. But to the same “C-D Crowd” masses who’d normally cheer the triumph of the batang yagits against the vile Spanish haciendero when watching the movies, this circus got a resounding thumbs up.

Baffling indeed. But this is the Philippines, see.

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7M pesos for a wedding cake. Economic stimulus or unnecessary extravagance?

7M pesos for a wedding cake. Economic stimulus or unnecessary extravagance?

The logic that Dingdong and Marian are entitled to spend their “hard-earned” riches the way they see fit — even throwing it to the tune of mega-millions — into the baking of a 7 million-peso 12-foot-tall record-breaking cake is sensible from a “free-market” perspective. Consumption does create jobs and employment and redistributes wealth — much the same way as the remittances of the Philippines’ vast army of overseas foreign workers (OFWs) prop up the national economy to the tune of more than 10 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP). Or how an army of high-rollers from China and Hong Kong jetting in every weekend to gamble away their days in Manila’s up-and-coming casinos is being pitched as the great northern Asian hope for the millions of idle and under-employed but able-bodied Filipinos who, erstwhile, had multiplied way past their ability to sustain their numbers domestically.

But is an economy that relies on splurging celebrity fashionistas, overseas employees, and Chinese gamblers an economy one can be proud of? I don’t think the architects of free market economics had that kind of mendicancy in mind when they called upon the world’s leaders to embrace open and competitive markets. “Globalisation” was premised on the idea that if a nation opens its doors to foreign competition, its domestic industries will gear up for battle. What happened to the Philippines? The opposite. Domestic industry withered under the onslaught of vastly superior foreign products and services. Rather than face the new enemy, Philippine industry turned its back to them, dropped its pants, and bent forward to assume the position it maintains today. That, in a nutshell, is Philippine history.

Does that therefore mean that the “haves” should not buy nice things? It seems this is the sort of interpretation many hollowheads took away from reading the many brilliant articles Get Real Post writers posted on the subject. One bozo insisted that people who believe that Dingdong’s and Marian’s wedding was outrageously extravagant “should [not] live in a good house, drive a car, own expensive items because [doing so] is like […] mocking the poor people who don’t have them.”

Unfortunately, small minds think the same, and this logic persists, interestingly enough, amongst the very people who cheer their underdog heroes in many of those template Filipino movies and teleseryes. Thing is, driving a car and living in a good house is something one can reasonably aspire for. In fact, aspiring for those should be encouraged. Owning a car and a decent house is normal in a modern nation. Living in a lean-on shack built upon land you don’t own is not.

On the other hand, throwing a 100m-peso wedding celebration cannot be considered as something that can be reasonably aspired for. And, certainly, no one would encourage the 99 percent of ordinary starstruck Filipinos to include such a dream in their bucket lists. The trouble with the DongYan Wedding picture is that Dingdong and Marian are revered celebrities. They are paid millions to associate themselves with products and entire lifestyles so that ordinary Filipinos can be persuaded to think that all these are important, are within their reach, and are reasonable things to spend money on. This is where the problem lies. Dingdong and Marian sent the wrong message to their admirers by making them believe spending 100 million pesos on a wedding is a beautiful thing.

Indeed, it is an irony that flies over Filipinos’ pointed heads that Pope Francis is coming for a visit this January. His Holiness is out to show that his focus is on simplicity and humility. As a matter of fact, Filipinos are celebrating this man because he espouses these values as the right ones. Dingdong and Marian are just as revered as Pope Francis in the Philippines. But are the values they espouse the right ones? Filipinos need to answer that question in between the Hail Mary’s they will be chanting in unison this month.

68 Replies to “Why it is wrong to spend P100M on a celeb wedding in the #Philippines”

  1. We can argue that what they spent is their own money. Cake? I do not know if government can tax it. Bishops and priests in attendance ( so many of them) scandalous and shameful!

  2. Great Article! 🙂

    Andaming Pinoy na nalilito litong litong litong litoooo sa kung anong values meron dapat o hindi dapat sundin. I don’t even think some of them have that good values in them.

    They get hurt when being criticised but bash relentlessly to others who they deemed unfit to thier high standard.
    They say you have crab mentality when you give rational and logical comments about some couple who spent millions over a wedding but praise Pope Francis for his simplicity.

    They march on the streets shouting about some things they fight for but they accept money from politicians.

    Some pinoys cannot even say NO to others even if they don’t want to do things. They’d rather tell their friends about it that say upfront their negative comments.
    Probably just to impress the looking public? To be likable? Hindi ko maintindihan.

    You saw the Disney Channel Asia featuring Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu as part of the 12 Disney Princesses in Asia? The two filipina celebrities got the most positive comments while the other 10 were being bashed for being ugly or not ‘bagay’as a Disney Princess. One commenter even said “Mas gusto ko si Anne Curtis as Maleficent” as if that page is about the Philippine Celebrities. WTH!

    Most Pinoys want RESPECT but cannot even give a little of it to others or to themselves.

    1. “You saw the Disney Channel Asia featuring Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu as part of the 12 Disney Princesses in Asia?

      Most Pinoys want RESPECT but cannot even give a little”

      I wouldn’t say that Filipinos WANT respect. No, that’s an understatement. Filipinos DEMAND respect and yet, they can’t respect others. They don’t understand that respect is a two-way street.

      I never heard of the 12 Disney Princesses in Asia. I only heard about it through TV Patrol, if I remember. It’s so ridiculous how they make a big deal out of it. I’ve never heard of it here in America.

      “The two filipina celebrities got the most positive comments while the other 10 were being bashed for being ugly or not ‘bagay’ as a Disney Princess. One commenter even said “Mas gusto ko si Anne Curtis as Maleficent” as if that page is about the Philippine Celebrities. WTH!”

      Typical Filipino behavior. I bet you Thais, Malaysians, and Indonesians didn’t bash the other women. Honestly, hindi bagay kay Sarah yung costume niya.

    1. Yes, that’s true. But did they really have to make it so grandiose to block traffic? Did the president really have to come to take hours from his “busy” schedule to attend? Spending 100m on a wedding seems so nouveau riche and certainly lacks class. The uber-rich in the Philippines don’t even spend that much on stuff like that. 🙂

    2. their rules would have been fine had they kept the damned thing to themselves and people they know. but no, they just had to show the world and disrupt traffic. because they’re celebrities? you people have better get your values and priorities straightened out.=)

    3. Shows a certain, uhm, lack of class?.. pretentious and somewhat pathetic, or distorted..?
      I know 3 billionaires personally in this country that spent less than 30 or surely less than 50m on their weddings. Shet lol and each are worth at least 3 billion. Net.

  3. The sad part is, they could have made it a more private affair so that the common Filipino workers can continue to make a living without interference but NO. They HAD to make it a public spectacle and hinder traffic, make unbelievable expenses and cause more hassles.

    Wake up people. These are just celebrities, ENTERTAINERS. They’re not something we should take seriously. It’s okay to like them but they are most certainly NOT meant to be worshipped. They aren’t even REAL royalty, let alone gods.

    1. I second your statement, Grimwald.

      I further hope the 2 persons gathered their richess fair and square and not through illegal trade (drugs, trafficking, corruption, bribe etc).

      1. One can only hope. Sadly though, with the way many celebrities are being caught with illegal drugs abroad, it’s not really that far-fetched.

      1. If they were anywhere near as amusing or as effective as the Court Jesters of old, I’d actually be impressed. In those days Court Jesters could give voice to the needs of the people and criticize the nobility for their misdeeds.

        The court jesters of today lack the noble spirit of Court Jesters of long ago like Stanczyk of Poland, Dagonet of King Arthur’s court or some of the more military-oriented taikomochi of Japan. The modern court jesters of the Philippines are all about tasteless humor, senseless drama and illogical action scenes.

  4. Seems we didn’t get it. It’s a P100m TV production for profit. Maybe a huge part is personal, bigger part is also business. They might not done expensively, if no income is generated. Show business is the major of the reasons why it was expensive. Values might have nothing to do about the extravagance…

    Think about it.

    1. I am inclined to agree with Rommel. While some tabloid writers couldn’t believe the rumor that the sponsor invested that much, the latter seems to think that returns on the investment can be more. Besides, I haven’t seen any accounting of the investment cost. As to the extravagance of the event, that’s another matter.

  5. I can’t say that is the least of our problems, sad reality is most Filipinos have a hard time differentiating what is real and what is fantasy, we are mentally and culturally bankrupt society that are obcessed with celebrities its enough drug that gives them a sense of high, filipinos forget hunger as long as they are entertained, Filipinos are not trained to solve problems rather treat problem as some kind of mystery that only God can solve, as far as media is concerned it is business they are just doing ththeir job.

  6. The author had written lots of article about the Dingdong-Marian wedding only to point out the same thing. Its really ostentatious. But cant you just move on. Its over. Also, if your accusing that the event cost that huge amount of money I suggest you show proof so you can be more reliable here.

    1. I like this comment because it points out the missing piece of this article. For an article to be credible, you must present evidence. The same way that when you write a scholarly paper you cite your sources to establish credibility. That is responsible journalism, if I may add. Please do not mislead people by just merely stating the facts you believe to be.

      1. For an article to be credible, you must present evidence. The same way that when you write a scholarly paper you cite your sources to establish credibility. That is responsible journalism, if I may add.
        But this is just a blog. What’s in here is just expression of views, right or wrong, bias or not of people who read the news. Nothing in here is meant for scholarly consumption or for responsible journalism. None of that.

        Don’t look for credibility on a write-ups for you’ll get lost in the quagmire. Look for credibility in the logic of the statement. Though it’s not a guarantee that you may find one, but still, you’re in the game and not out of it. 🙂

        1. @ jameboy, but for someone to write a blog, there has to be a basis (in this particular one, the “allegedly” thoughtlessly spent P100M). Do you mean that this blog is purely based on speculations? why waste time then discussing something that does not even exist?

        2. I share your concern (on the issue of basis) but that’s exactly where the fun is. You get to argue your point and engage the other party/ies about it. There may be exaggeration, hyperbole or even lies on what we read but we are free to point it out and take the writer to task about it. I’ve been on this blog for quite a while and I don’t like some opinions, I agree on some and a bit mixed up on others. But those are what makes us energize and push us to engage in conversation with others not really to just agree or solve something but to compare and exchange point of views or stand on issues at hand through argument, debate or even disputes. It might get personal sometimes, or we get pique on what was horribly said/written but at the end of the day you agree or disagree and just put it out there.

          Whether we make sense or not depends on those who read our posts. I say, just enjoy the ride. 🙂

    2. But cant you just move on. Its over.

      …..I suggest you show proof so you can be more reliable here.
      Err, showing proof further is not moving on, it’s getting on. 🙁

      Let’s just move on, ‘kay? 🙂

  7. Filipinos are both fond of these personalities, and each of them represent each end of the value-spectrum of extravagance-simplicity

    If we were to create an equation out of this, that is in modular arithmetic (like the way we calculate time 12:00 + 12:00 = 00:00), in this case modulo 2, or 1 + 1 = 0.

    Dongyan (extravagance) 1
    Pope Francis (simplicity) 1


    But I digress. I admit it’s weird putting Filipino cultural mentality in this light, but we have to admit the result is also weird, because the Filipino cultural mindset as it exists today is one weird clusterfck of cognitive dissonance. I mean how do you reconcile two conflicting viewpoints, while at the same time coming up with ways to keep and justify both? Only Filipinos have that sort of inner conflict. The result, as you can see, is one big fckn mess.

    Back then, you could at least understand the whole good poor vs evil rich dichotomy. It all fits in with the traditional Christian Catholic worldview (as opposed to the typical Protestant worldview that treats wealth as both a means of attaining salvation and as proof of having gained God’s favor).

    If you confront them that way, they would either explode in defensive rage, mumble nonsensically or resign with blank faces. They’re not used to thinking that clearly.

  8. The author wrote many articles about DongYan, to get more readers specially DongYan haters so he can earn more through Google Adsense. Get real and move on! Anyway DongYan is not interested in yoir articles, I wonder if they even know that your website exists

    -excuse my typos currently on mobile

  9. Ang gagaling ninyong lahat ano? Is there a credible source that can verify that 100M figure? May 7M, 30M and now 100M?

    You spend all of your hours lambasting this couple and what have you done for this country besides being such a know-it-all? Have you actually built houses in Tacloban like them? Have you donated millions to the filipino people like them? Have you built boats to fishermen like Marian? Have you helped underprivileged kids go to school like Dingdong? Sige nga? Apart from your blog and these pa-smart commenters here, what have you EFFIN done concretely like Dingdong and Marian?

      1. benignO, of course it does! because if not, this just one of the classic example how filipino’s labelled as having crab mentality. People like you criticize their lavish wedding but you do not praise nor write about their good deeds. I would love to see an article of you about the Pacquiaos… do you condemn them too because they spend their hard earn money to expensive things despite their boundless record of helping people in need? Before you dis someone spending lavishly who have extended help to people, why not ask yourself what you have contributed in helping others? In your opinion, is this the type of article you think would inspire Filipino people to strive harder and get a better grip of their lives?

      2. @nurse_genie. So consider this scenario: say I am a lawyer and I claim that the world is flat. Then a janitor comes up and argues against that by saying that, no, the world is round.

        Does me being a lawyer make me right?

  10. This writer and these people commenting negative things about Dingdong and Marian’s wedding are just envious of the couple! Let me reiterate to all you negative people that it is their own momey, wether they spend it in a lavish or simple way, “wala kayong pakialam! ” just like They don’t care about you. You can say whatever you want if the money used in their wedding came from your own pocket. There are more people who are corrupt and abusive of powers, why not rant about them instead of pointing your nose to these people who work hard for their money! You talk as if you know so much about these couple when actually you’re not, you just want to ride on to their popularity. I can’t believe this writer sounds like a jealous mistress!

    1. Well if, as you keep insisting, they don’t care about us, why should you then? It seems to me, it is YOU who is fixated on us and our brilliant articles. Ha ha! Stidi ka lang dyan. There’s more of this stuff from where it came from.


  11. I don’t care about you at all! I didn’t even read half of your so called article! It’s just right for us to put you back to your senses which you have lost somewhere in space trying to be Mr. Know it all!.. JEALOUS AND ENVIOUS, THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE! Ikaw ang “stidi” dyan my dear, move on ka na, nasa honeymoon na sila. Wow! Extravagant din ang honeymoon, sa rome! Fyi, hindi mo parin pera ang ginastos don! Haha!

  12. This is compounded by the revelation in a comment in another article – that the wedding party had asked for huge discounts. Even sponsorships. With this, how could you call it “hard-earned?” It’s actually an insult to people who earn a lot less and save up for their wedding and actually pay their suppliers full price.

    1. oh common, please don’t play the naive one now when you flaunt how smart you are and these people admiring the wedding are stupid… we all know that these services get free advertisements in exchange to their discounted price. So, do not make it sound like they are actually being taken advantaged of.

  13. Come on people! It’s obvious that this couple is aiming something in a circus world of politics (goodluck with that) in the near future. Specially the guy. Why would he chose the president of the Philippines as the “bestman”. Don’t tell me Pnoy is his bestfriend? Don’t you choose your childhood bestfriend, or brother or close cousin to be your bestman? And hello, the proposal in front of the camera. This is all preparation for his goal which is to join the bandwagon. See, this is the fallback of celebrities after getting “laos” coz as they say, showbiz is not forever. Nice Spanish-Wedding theme though 🙂

  14. Nice Article Benigno!! 🙂

    Just a response to some comments:
    The President was not his “Bestman”.The President can attend weddings naman. He has his private life to attend to also. 🙂

    As for the cake, why not ask Goldilocks how much they spent for the wedding cake? I heard it was a gift from them since the groom is their endorser.

    I don’t think the wedding costs Php100M. If so, it’s their money. So we shouldn’t care. The wedding coordinator said 5% of the total amount spent for their wedding was a gift from sponsors. It may be goods or services, we don’t know. What’s important is the couple said their THANKS personally to the sponsors. They will never provide the public the accounting of this wedding.

    May be they chose November 30 because it was a holiday? so traffic will not be really bad when they close some of the roads near the church.

    The wedding was so so so publicized and the couple want it that way! Some may be right, when they said that Dingdong might run for public office. I also thought of that too! But what the heck, they maybe spending a lot for themselves, but they are giving back what they can to others. 🙂

    I’m not a Dong-Yan fanatic, just saying my point.

  15. What are those 8 bishops doing presiding over a measly wedding? Nowhere in ecclesiastical law states that a wedding must be presided by 5% of the episcopal conference! A simple priest or even only one bishop can preside a wedding, but this is a disgrace! i have seen foreign priests working in slum areas in our country and they do not bat an eyelash with the good things they do with their missions. Pope Francis said that bishops – as shepherds of their God-given flock – must be “smelling like sheep”, but it seems that these princes of the Church wants to smell like the affluent sheep they prefer to pasture! If the Holy Father who is to come here in the Philippines hear of this, I don’t know what he’ll do in utter shame and disappointment.

  16. Grabe, bakit ang polarizing ng kasal na ito? Siguro sadyang may mga tao na galit lang talaga sa maraming bagay. Masyadong matalino ang mga Pilipino. Kaya pinag-aawayan nating ang kasal ng isang artista. Nakaktuwa lang.

  17. In fairness to Marian, she is only following her bosses’ whims. Since she is a half-Spanish woman, she is supposed to have higher breeding. But the problem is, local showbiz tries to package anyone as bakya or palengkera. Hence, Marian is also forced to cater to this sad deprecation of intelligence, shedding what she really is. Thus, our showbiz world encourages palengkera behavior, and contributes to our many showbiz fans not being true to themselves and instead pursuing unrealistic goals in life.

    1. Being half spanish doesnt mean that she has the hiher breeding kuno…also we are judged by our decisions. If she decided with the whims of her boss- then thats how she will be viewed. There is always a choice. She chose to follow her boss.

    2. If true, it only means Marian has no idea nor participation in the concept of what her wedding was. It’s all her bosses’ fault.

      It is not fair for Marian if we’ll imply she’s just a robot in the way how her own wedding was planned and executed. That is a crude attempt to deny the idea/issue of extravagance raised by this article.

      Medyo malayo na at lumiko na ng husto ang pananaw na ‘yan.

  18. This is too much!!!if naiinggit ka gumaya ka. If d mo type ang ginawa nila d wag mo gawin!kasal nila yun eh! Gawin mo kung ako ang gusto mo gawin sa kasal mo!gustoo ng Garbo at kaya mo gawin mo! D mo gusto, wag mo gawin.gusto mo ng Garbo at wala ka pera, magwork ka. Gusto mo ng Garbo pero khit among work mo, d mo tlga kaya magpray ka. Gusto mo ng Garbo pero d ka allowed by God accept reality!alam mo masama ang inggitera kc yang inggit later nagiging dahilan ng iba pang kasalanan gaya ng bitterness at pang-ookray na gaya ng ginagawa ng sumulat nitong article na I to!more than anyone else, you need to pray na Ali’s ang inggit sa katawan mo at bang d naghihirap ang kalooban mo at napupuno ng galit ang puso mo every time may tao na may mabuting buhay.kc what is right is to be able to have a heart na imaging masaya basta may tao na natutupad nya ang mga pangarap nya saalinis na paraan kahit pa Hindi to yun.be happy for other’s happiness.God bless sa iyo.

    1. I dont think naiinggit ang writer. The writer is just pointing out how people think nowadays. Are we just concerned on our own happiness and wants or should we do more to help others and sacrifice four wants ?
      This is more than just the wedding jane..Younshoild be thinking out of the box..

  19. Inggit lang ang writer! He’s just pointing out what people think now a days? Are u nuts?! He’s the one thinking less.. Inshort tactless! May maisulat lang! Pakialaman niya kung yung pera galing sa bulsa niya. At wedding ba niya yun? Kapal maka sulat lang ng baseless article! He should be ashame of himself!!!

  20. For this so called writer to call Dingdong and Marian starlets.. Pero pinagaksayahan niya ng panahon sumulat ng full length article for them means only one thing, he’s jealous of Dingdong and Marian. Much more envious kasi hindi sya invited sa wedding and most of all gusto niya siya magsuot ng gown ni Marian!

  21. I could not agree more that this writer is sooo jealous of the couple. Ang daming sinabi, so opinionated! As if he knows everything in this world. And EMAN, what do you mean by this writer is just pointing out how people think now a days? I agrre with Lory that you are nuts as well.. You too have a small mind just like the writer. You said it is more than just the wedding when the headline is about Dingdong and Marian’s wedding in the first place? Duh! How can stupidity strikes not just once but twice.. You and that so called writer are such hypocrites!!!

  22. Nakakainis ang writer nato. Feeling maraming alam kahit hindi naman niya personally kilala ang mga taong involve sa sinulat niya may maisulat lang. Msyado kang ipokrito! Pati ang pope dinadamay mo. Sasabihin mo pang his holiness is out to show simplicity and humility, pero nakalimutan mo ata ang pope hindi mapanghusga na tulad mo! You’re such a hypocrite! At tama, it is not your money and it is not your wedding! So STFU!!!

  23. As what Miriam Santiago said ” STUPIDITY is FOREVER ” I hope these people, or those in cahoot with the writer, BETTER SHUT UP regarding the wedding of this celebrated couple Dong & Yan… They worked hard for years, burned their midnight candles and Dingdong wants a fantastic wedding offering for Marian, what he spent or if Marian contributed alot to the beautiful wedding, THAT’s PURELY NONE OF OUR BUSINESS!!! If my senses are right these judgemental people arent successful in their lives, it’s either they’re penniless and unhappy with their lives or their personal lives are in a DOWNHILL,instead of admiring and seeing these two successful individuals as heroine/hero, they picture them as if they committed a great SIN comparable to those BILLION THIEVES in government, you could have written about the BILIBID’s extravagant spending and drug related stories!!! Oh please, BE SENSIBLE IN WRITING!!! Dont include the pope, dont you know how extravagant the things inside the VATICAN??? How lavish the food & things inside the pontiff’s house??? Even though HOW EXTRAVAGANT a person or persons are, you can feel whether they’re JUST BRAGGING,mor WHATEVER, THESE PEOPLE including DINGDONG AND MARIAN are surely helping alot because of the presence of plenty priests during their wedding, priests repay what kindness and help extended to them so TAKE THIS UNSOLICITED ADVISE, BeNigno: Be GOOD, the least you can do is take a good sleep, write what is sensible and PRAY for a brighter tomorrow so you’ll grow old with nurses and caregivers you can pay and not bother your relatives!!!! Lastly, to all those concerned: ENVY IS A GRIEVOUS SIN, THERE ISNT A CURE FOR THIS, YOU’ll die being envious with just anyone’s SUCCESS!!! P.S. If I can afford a wedding just like these two successful superstars,ill spend the way they have it or if not, Ill spend more than what they spent, If I can afford it, WHY NOT, I’ll share my HAPPINESS with my LOVED ONES & FIRENDS!!! Their WEDDING is truly inspiring, just like the fairy tales, as lng as YOU DONT BOTHER PEOPLE, ENJOY AN EXPENSIVE WEDDING, AFTER ALL, THIS IS CELEBRATED ONCE IN A LIFETIME!!! Congrats to both Dingdong & Marian, HURRAYYYY TO YOUR BEING INDUSTRIOUS, Truly hardworking!!! You deserve a GREAT BREAK! God bless you guys!!!!

    1. “If I can afford a wedding just like these two successful superstars ,ill spend the way they have it or if not, Ill spend more than what they spent…..”
      Isn’t that what ‘inggit’ is? Just asking. 🙁

    1. Uh, yes. This explains why the Kapuso network is not that focus on life and works of Rizal on that national holiday unlike before. This wedding is obviously for them the much respected scoop to end the year with a bang!

  24. Jameboy, if i can also afford a wedding like them i would definitely do what they did in their wedding and it’s not called inggit. It’s called admiration. Pag gusto ng wedding katulad ng kanila inggit agad tawag? You and this writer are judgemental people. And why GMA were not focus on the life of rizal on that national holiday? Dingdong and Marian are their big stars ofcourse they will focus on them, i’m sure you’ll be more interested in their wedding rather than rizal’s life so don’t be a hypocrite. @ fyi, business po ang GMA and NOT A CHARITY.. Why don’t you just be happy with the couple?!

    1. Jameboy, if i can also afford a wedding like them i would definitely do what they did in their wedding and it’s not called inggit. It’s called admiration. Pag gusto ng wedding katulad ng kanila inggit agad tawag?
      Jean, nothing’s wrong in ‘inggit’ (envy NOT admiration). The reason I asked about it was because I noticed a lot of people, on this article, called other people ‘inggit’ who expressed views different from theirs (seeing nothing wrong in the event).

      Admiration makes you wonder with pleasure or approval. Most often it connotes inaction on the part of one admiring. Just looking in awe, mesmerized, happy, in cloud nine. Usually, uziseros/uziseros does that. Nothing wrong there, ma’m’s. just saying.

      Envy is one where you feel a sense of longing to possess something awarded to or achieved by another. You don’t just stand and watch, you think. You want to be that other person; do what they have done and more; accomplish more than they did.

      Envy while often connotes negativity it sometimes produces positive results because it is a driven-run thought or feeling. Na-inggit ka with successful people, so you study/work hard to achieve your goal. You envy people who can afford to have the good things in life, you worked your ass off to be like them.

      See, envy, sometimes is good. It is not entirely a bad word. 🙂

  25. As a bystander I do not see anything wrong with Dong and yan extravagant wedding they can afford it I do not judge but we all know they are rich and they want to celebrate their love …you cannot tell them to live simply they can afford it they give to charity there are rich there are poor people Pope Francis is coming to espouse humility and simplicity , people praying for His blessing and the same people who admire Dong and Yan are humans like you and me there is no dichotomy of hypocrisy . We can enjoy , we can sacrifice there is a time for everything the wedding of dingy yan is great to watch , same with revering Pope Francis , who are you to judge ….only the divine almighty has a right to do that ….probably the only thing president Noypi must have not closed some roads for the wedding that is over the top.

    1. @ysabel,

      I really wonder, how often you have heard YOUR divine almighty judge aboutr/over you? Probably never. He got disconnected. So your defense is quite rotten. Every living soul can and is allowed to judge you (and me). I do something stupid and my friends will tell me to stop that stupidness. Yes, that is a judgement and a pretty good one. But you dont want to hear that (Hiya).Now pls get your face/head out of your divine almighty’s ass and start living.

  26. Viewed from any angle, this is totally unacceptable! All the splendor albeit conscience spells disaster. Anyone and everyone can achieve their fMe given their money in Manila.

  27. Jameboy, now you are being defensive.. Your term when you asked gloria coronel “inggit” meant something else and it’s not a good one though! Sa police ka mag explain!

  28. Extravagance is only wrong if you can’t afford it. In the same context, does Willie Revillame also have no right to his wealth, when he’s still got all these assets, namely: the property in Tagaytay he bought from the Madrigal family, with an estimated value of P350 million, on which he’s now building a hotel; the house and lot in Ayala Heights formerly owned by Gabby Lopez and Panjee Tapales, now worth P400 million; four floors at Wil Tower plus a helipad; a collection of paintings including a BenCab mural worth P40 million, three Fernando Zobels (P20 million), a vintage Arturo Luz (P7 million) plus a number of sculptures; a brand-new Rolls-Royce Wraith, P12 million, among a fleet of high-end cars; a private plane and yacht; and Hermès bags and Louis Vuitton suitcases. Wedding or Wealth?

  29. Kawawa naman si benign0.

    Sobrang bobo mo, nakapagsulat ka lang ng artikulo na ingles kala mo andami mo ng alam.

    ULOL! Ayusin mo buhay mo saka uunlad pilipinas.

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