Vice Ganda interview of PNoy is proof of Filipinos’ obsession with celebrities

If the saying is true that the character of the leader of a nation reflects the character of the people, then the character of Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino reflects the character of the Filipino people.

President BS Aquino's much-awaited interview with Vice Ganda did not disappoint starstruck Filipinos.

President BS Aquino’s much-awaited interview with Vice Ganda did not disappoint starstruck Filipinos.

BS Aquino’s recent guest appearance in the popular television show Gandang Gabi Vice gave everyone a clue about what the President is like as a person. Although there wasn’t anything new that the host Vice Ganda, whose real name is Jose Marie Borja Viceral, got out of his one-on-one session with the most “powerful” person in the country, the whole episode confirmed what some of us have been saying all along: that BS Aquino lacks substance.

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Despite this, a lot of Filipinos liked and were amused with the President’s responses and demeanor during the interview. One can be forgiven for thinking that they too lack substance. It’s quite baffling why anyone found the interview entertaining at all considering BS Aquino’s posture during the entire show was a bit uncomfortable to look at. The leader of the Philippines couldn’t even sit up straight just like how a real statesman would.

BS Aquino’s responses during the interview were lame. To be fair, the questions from Vice Ganda were equally lame. Most were actually cringe-worthy. Vice obviously had nothing to work with. I would probably look lame too if I were asked the same questions. Vice Ganda had this tendency to keep bringing back the attention to himself. At some point it looked like he was just using BS Aquino as a prop or a sidekick.

Yes, we all know the host is a comedian so it was expected that he would ask silly questions like “what is your shampoo?” But still, seeing and hearing the awful exchanges between the two made some people want to throw the remote control right at the TV set. I thought it was unbecoming of the leader of a nation of 100 million to be exchanging green jokes on national TV. I’m pretty sure his rabid supporters would object to the criticism of their idol especially since his appearance got mostly positive feedback.

PNoy enjoying Vice Ganda's easy questionsInterviewee or comedy sidekick?

PNoy enjoying Vice Ganda’s easy questions
Interviewee or comedy sidekick?

Nevertheless, some members of the media are still wondering why BS Aquino, with his busy schedule, chose to appear in a comedy show. It’s been said that there have been numerous requests from journalists for an interview with him but they were ignored. Of course he would choose someone who is guaranteed to ask easy questions. After all, it is easy enough to impress the celebrity-obsessed voters who were keen to know about the President’s love life. Too bad his response to that one was a big zero.

Those who gave a glowing review of his appearance on the show say that BS Aquino proved that “he is also human” and should be given a break. There is no doubt that he is human. Yes, it is true that to err is human. But it seems as though BS Aquino is more human than others. Sadly, his “amusing” responses that appeared to have endeared him to the viewers were not enough to mask his government’s incompetence. It doesn’t change the fact that he should still be held accountable for the indiscretions committed during his term. After all, he said the same thing when asked by CNN’s Anna Coren why he is singling out his former economic teacher and former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

The notion that BS Aquino should be given a break because like any human being, he makes mistakes is an injustice to the people who are still suffering because of his government’s ineptitude. Millions of public funds are now unaccounted for and there is no evidence that they were used in “good faith”. The funds from the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) should have been used to upgrade the Metro Rail Transit instead of distributing it to the lawmakers. Millions of commuters could have benefited from an MRT upgrade. I would have preferred it if Vice Ganda asked the President how he is going to fix the public transport mess. The commuters would have loved to hear what he had to say about the MRT fare hike.

Vice Ganda: Being friends with Kris Aquino allowed him to jump long queue of interview requests.

Vice Ganda: Being friends with Kris Aquino allowed him to jump long queue of interview requests.

The things that were discussed during the interview were irrelevant to the issues plaguing the nation. It looked like Vice Ganda who is said to be close to Presidential sister Kris Aquino, simply gave BS Aquino a platform to praise his cabinet members. In one segment, Vice Ganda showed photos of his cabinet and asked the President to say something about them. Only a fool wouldn’t see through the propaganda being played out when he praised them including Chief of Philippine National Police Alan Purisima saying he is a “good police officer”. A good police officer wouldn’t be suspended from his post pending investigation of corruption charges.

It is a real pity that majority of Filipinos are too beholden to celebrities. Politicians know this. That is why they need to be seen hanging out with people in show business. In the Philippines, criticizing celebrities is a no-no. They are so star-struck and easily take offense. I don’t think they realize that their obsession with celebrities is what’s keeping them distracted from the thievery that is going on in Philippine government.

Most Filipinos who are obsessed with celebrities also treat their public servants like celebrities. It’s no surprise because a lot of the public servants are former celebrities or are related to a celebrity just like BS Aquino. And that is why public servants get away with stealing and hardly accomplish anything significant for the country. Filipinos do get the government they deserve.

86 Replies to “Vice Ganda interview of PNoy is proof of Filipinos’ obsession with celebrities”

  1. That Vice show is basically rubbish and poison for the masses (which they eagerly indulge on, unfortunately).

    Though unpopular and even boring it may be for the masses… but nothing beats shows from the Discovery Channel, Nat Geo, The History Channel, etc. I’m glad that my kids enjoy watching from those channels rather than trite and brainless cr@p like that from ABS CBN.

    1. So the trying hard comedian had a chat with the leader wannabe. Just remove your channels showing abs-cbn, gma and tv5 trash shows and you don’t have to worry watching those baboons.

    2. I also love watching those shows my friend especially Nat Geo Wild because it entices my mind to research more and appreciate intelligence and wisdom than those RUBBISH GARBAGE like Gandang Gabi Vice.

    3. This actually happened? And here i was so focused on the charlie hebdo murders. i should subscribe to tfc asap (so i could watch asap too jejejejeje)

    4. It’s prolefeed (Proles are what the uneducated and simple people called in the Novel 1984). Pure and simple. Made to entice and entertain the dumbed-down masa.

  2. “Starstruck ignoramuses” are easy to mind-control and turn into wallet-busting consumers. That’s most likely what our local media companies want.

  3. I noticed that our local TV networks lack more educational shows. Is there a committee that evaluate the quality of the shows they produce? For example, they aired teledramas with themes being recycled from the old ones and there’s hardly no scientific shows. Most programs are of low quality except the documentaries from GMA News TV.

    1. Obviously there isn’t any such committee.

      The GMA network is at the very least trying to improve their N&PA programs, but many of them are shown way late at night when only a few are awake to watch them anyway. Again, this is because of the viewership’s priorities of entertainment over information.

    2. I hope you folks are aware – Its not just the tv networks. A lot of FM radio stations have equally horrid programming, especially the radio stations that our jeep/fx riding public are exposed to. I think our AM radio stations have better, more socially responsible programming. For now, I can’t imagine the typical pinoy on the street will listen to AM radio.

      Regarding tv shows, I prefer if they would add more programs related to crafts, trades, learning skills, agricultural industries, manufacturing industries. The nation seriously needs to invest in these areas. Its really up to our legislators to step up and reform these tv networks and transform the airwaves.

      More focus on pangkabuhayan, and less on entertainment. They can explore models where the networks will still make substantial profits on pangkabuhayan programs. The current pangkabuhayan programs being shown are simply not enough and needs to be made to fit our current dumb pinoy viewers.

    3. Sadly MRTCB is only there to give ratings and keep true Smut off the air. As well as cancel shows that are so offensive that someone complains. No chance of that with Vice Ganda

  4. It sure was disappointing. I was hoping they were to going to announce their engagement. No can can argue my previous submission. Noynoy was chosen by the baduy to be baduy and he is delivering. Good job Filipino people.

    1. @Gogs;

      Vapidity is less a gay or straight quality and more of a Filipino one.
      Gays do not have a corner on silly nonsense. It seems to be widely embraced by most of the population.

      1. Well aware of you my friend. I personally think Noynoy will never own up to anything that will cost him popularity even if it was true. Like lack of intelligence and skill.

  5. ABS/CBN and GMA now are airing considerably more commercial messages than programming. Few people seem to mind; often singing along with the commercial ditties. This type of television is similar to psychological drug addiction. I watch grown men fingering themselves during the tawdry displays and crying during pathetic testimonials by toothless hags on Eat Bulaga. With its constant cornball sound effects this type of television is mind-numbing, at best. Who benefits by keeping people in a state of stupidity? The corporations, the politicians, the church, the oligarchs…?

    Keep the population mentally and socially retarded and they will make fewer demands on their leadership. People are in despair over their economic plight, but seem to be unable to ask “why” or how things can change for the better. The passivity that is bred into people, in part by television; makes it easier for them to accept worsening conditions than it is to change things for the better.

    1. How exactly does one (one, mind you) go about “changing things for the better”? Mapapakain ka ba ng pagmumuni-muni mo tungkol sa sistemang limitado lang ang kaya mong baguhin, if that?

      Thinking about the future is fine and dandy, pero paano ngayon? Nganga lang?

      Meron ngang mga taong “mentally and socially retarded”, if you mean by it that they fail to challenge the norms due to ignorance of possibilities of a better world (or at least a world better-run) — pero ang punto ay hindi lahat ganoon, dahil ang iba e kailangan ring mabuhay, kundi para sa sarili, para na rin sa pamilya — have you read One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich? Just like it, at di mo matatawag na tanga si Shukhov dahil di siya nagrerebelde sa sistemang gulag.

      1. @Pallacertus;

        How does one change things for the better? I think to start with, one needs a realistic assessment of what the problem is, how it can be changed for the better, and who are what is standing in the way of the improvement being made.

        Workers and community members can organize. Together, they have more power to advocate for change; than they would have alone.

        But even before that step; people need to be educated in regards to basic civility.

        “It is morally binding on everyone to act is such a way that the people immediately around them are not adversely affected.”

        It seems as if the party people and fun seekers rule most neighborhoods. Every night is a birthday, wedding, funeral, fiesta, etc. Loud karaoke music and fireworks blast until 4 or 5 o’clock in the morning; almost every day of the week.
        The workers who must sleep in order to go to their jobs the next day, cannot. This is something that can be addressed by local people in their own neighborhood. We have to move from a society where anything goes, to a civil society of mutual respect. That would be one simple way of changing things for the better.

        1. @Pallacertus;

          Your point is well taken. Calling the less fortunate as: “mentally and socially retarded” was crass and out of line. If people, as you say: “fail to challenge norms due to the ignorance of even the possibility of a better world;” that makes progress doubly hard to accomplish. I have worked with grass roots groups in our area. Rather than dealing with trash, dog shit, and petty crime; they prefer to spend the time and resources of the group on costumed competitions, basketball tournaments, and beauty contests.

    2. Here’s one jingle I can’t disagree with however. V-Fresh radio commercial.

      It goes:

      Paalala po galing sa V-Fresh

      Kabutihan, karunungan, kasipagan,
      (sigaw ng bayan)
      VFresh, Malamig sa bibig, VFresh,
      Presko sa hininga.

      (Para sa kapayapaan)
      Karunungan at edukasyon
      (Upang may progreso)
      (Upang umasenso)

      If I could just remove the VFresh related crap, I’d petition this to be made into the national anthem.

  6. The only foundation PNoy Presidency was to capitalize on emotions, heart or feelings (sympathy/gratefulness) of Fail-lipinos and their tendency to vote only popular (name recall). PNoy competence was never a factor,questioned or at least considered, because Fail-lipinos love to vote celebrities/popular candidates or decides based on sympathy (emotion) rather than an intelligent decision (reason).

    PNoy (even if he was sincere) really cannot solve all our problem because he incapable of critical thinking & technical knowledge, poor problem solving skills and lacks observations/imagination, bad organization skills, no vision and foresight of things.

    PNoy have shown indications of his incompetence @start of his term (Manila Bus Tragedy). Every year PNoy is always struggling to cope w/ perinial problems :

    1. Lack Preparation against Flooding or Super Typhoon (Sendong, Pablo, Yolanda, Glenda, etc.)

    2. Transportation (Heavy Traffic & MRT/LRT) and Port Congestion

    3. Unemployment & Over Population

    4. Misuse or Malversation of Public Funds……..

  7. The celebrity culture in this country is not an inherent trait that we possessed. We got it from the Americans who ruled our country for 48 years.

    Americans tend to elect Presidents who are war heroes and it happened several times in their history. They were elected not because of the accomplishments nor qualifications in running the gov’t but for their actions in the battlefield.

    Before the Americans came, our leaders in the revolution are very intelligent people and they had the knowledge and skills to lead our country.

    1. A lot of said war heroes studied in prestigious military academies like West Point and have numerous credentials that make them viable leaders. Filipino presidents don’t hold a candle to them at all. Over in the PH, it’s all about personality and who’s the son of who over actual ability and skill. So no, you can’t pin all the blame on big bad ‘Murrika for the bad choice in leaders Filipinos have picked.

      1. And if you have to blame an outside force for all of this country’s dysfunction why not the Spanish? Most former Spanish colonies went down the drain real fast after Spain left them out to hang when they went bankrupt. Also, a lot of their TV programming is just as garbage as it is in the Philippines. Watching Latin American soaps and varieties, I thought I was still watching Filipino TV.

      2. Not all of them studied at West point.Like I said, these war heroes get elected to the presidency because of their heroic action the battlefield and not actual gov’t experience and their opponents are more experienced in running the gov’t than them.

        JFK for example won over the more experienced Nixon because he was a decorated war hero and that was the deciding factor that won him in what was considered the closest election in US history.

        But the Filipino celebrity culture is on another level compared to the Americans. We also elect heroes to office but the ones at the battlefield but on movies, TV and sports.

        1. The Philippines hasn’t had a notable military general as a political leader since Ramos so most of the pool of “heroes” over there are within the entertainment sector. It doesn’t help the fact that the military is just as reviled, if not more so, than the government.

    2. @Carlo:

      Your analysis is naive wishful thinking. Is there such a thing as an inherent cultural trait? I doubt it. Secondly, the mestizo, illustrados who inspired the revolution were intelligent people; but whether or not they had the knowledge and skills to lead a country, is an open question. They spent most of their time, fighting among themselves.

      I suppose it is convenient to blame all of the current problems on the American and Spanish colonizers and ignore the contributions they made. That way you do not have to face responsibility for your own failures.

  8. Absolutely disgusting. The president of the philippines granting an interview to vice ganda is like obama granting an interview to jerry springer. Whoever approved of this PR stunt should have their heads examined.

  9. Wow. This people commenting about how rubbish this interview was so perfect. Is the President not entitled to do whatever he wants during his free time? Is it bad that he showed his not-so-president like side? You people always criticize. What good have you done for this country, pray tell me? Oh you’re a good citizen? You abide law? You do not jay walk? You do not throw small trash wherever you want? You do not flick cigarette butts along the road? You do not bribe traffic constables when you get caught for something? Please tell me how good a citizen you are and how greatly you helped the country. Ya’ll are hypocrites.

    And just for the record, Obama does something like this too. Look it up on youtube, Between Two Ferns with Zack Galifaniakis. See how he made fun of Obama.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Java.

      But It doesn’t matter what these hypocrites type, they tried for decades to breed their bitterness and hate into others but they have had nil effect on society.

      But this site is a good place to visit when you want to read the rantings of useless flawed internet armchair heroes! A pitiful sight, Lord have mercy on them, he he.

      1. Since you agree with the other guy who is also a fellow TROLL, then no wonder why this country is going down to the drain.

        If things like CRITICAL THINKING and CRITICISM is what you call ‘hatred’ or ‘bitterness’ then you fully admit that both of you are good-for-nothing morons who will do anything to cover up their own stupidity.

        I should be the one who would say “Lord have mercy on them” because it’s a pity that people like you are the ones who keep on destroying the Failippines. ‘He he’ my ass; in reality, you’re just choking on your own tears since you can’t accept the fact that you’re just very butthurt just like your fellow morons.

        Grow up, mongrels. 😀

        1. Haha. Nice one and well said, Dio. I understand that the trolls seem to value the saying…. “Another person’s trash is another person’s treasure”. Remind me to give them tickets to Vice Ganda’s concerts in the future. Hahaha! Treasure like that should magically and blissfully transport them to a Nirvana for the Dumb.

    2. Lol! Same tune, different topic. The DongYan bozos are entitled to spliurge their money on extravagant weddings and the President is entitled to do whatever he wants in his spare time.

      And then, here it comes, the ususal moronic question: What have YOU done?

      Ha ha!

      THIS is what we do. We provide reality checks on what Pinoys consider to be “normal”. The issue here is the concept of “normal” in the Philippines needs to be re-evaluated. Obviously normalcy in the Philippines is an oxymoron. With the Philippines’ standard of normalcy, you need wars and disasters to make the country’s situation look good. 😀

      1. Thing is, the predicament surrounding both are different — even if (bending over backwards to meet the possibility head-on) GMA spent a hundred million pesos to fund the former, it’s not as if they diverted money from humanitarian aid projects the company is running to fund the wedding. Noynoy allegedly giving precedence to a comedian over scores of sober journalists all angling to meet him one-on-one is a different story.

      2. When discussing things about the Philippines, I just love it when people arguing with me run out of things to say, and then revert to the expected retort “what have you done for our country?” Then I enumerate all the things I have done and all the sacrifices I have made for this godforsaken country and my fellow Filipinos BEFORE I EVENTUALLY GAVE UP. The look on their faces as I leave them dumbfounded is priceless.

      3. Yeah. You don’t even need to respond to those moronic ‘What have YOU done?’ challenges because what you do outside of this forum on your own time is none of anyone’s business.

        1. GRP! It’s quite encouraging to me when thinkers control the discussion, maraming mapupulot na aral at ideya. Nahahasa ang critical thinking at pagiging fact finder ng tao especially when instead of choosing to be offended, dini-digest nila ang strong points (especially ‘yong bago sa pandinig nila, challenging their traditional ways and beliefs) that could lead to better understanding of the situation or problem because if people won’t open their mind or title pa lang ang nababasa kumukulo na ang bumbunan at nagco-comment na ng kung anu-ano, there’s no exhange of good ideas at nagkakalat lang.

    3. Another typical response from an ignorant Pinoy pleb. How about YOU answer those questions yourself? If you can’t reply back, then you’re just here to TROLL

      If someone here is a hypocrite then it’s YOU, son. And your lack of intelligence is showing it.

    4. News flash: Miriam Defensor-Santiago even refused to be interviewed with Vice Ganda.

      Set your priorities for once, real-life hypocrite. 😀

    5. Why should a president with so many problems on the table have free time? He is not entitled to “free time” because he aspired to become the president thus all his waking hours must be devoted to the country which he serves. He can have free time once his term ends.

  10. EE GAD MON, that Vice Ganda is one half a poop-butt !How is this silly half she-boy half-idiotic prostitute even considered popular? Filipino’s have their heads up dere arse’s if they think this poop-butt is anything but retarded.

    Such a silly douchbucket would be hard to find outside the Fail-ippines.
    The ‘Disbursement Acceleration Program’, LOL ! “Yes, well we the gov’t. decided to accelerate the pace at which we steal the people’s peso’s.You got a probem with that?”.

  11. look at the two bottom pictures in this column and it appers as if Aquino is having Ganda give him a blumpkin and Ganda looks up at him and says “Ya like that huh?”, as he wipes the cum off his nose. YUCK !

  12. Kung nabuhay na itong mga “troll” na ito nung panahon ni Rizal. Ano kaya ang pananaw nila sa Noli Me Tangere at El Filibusterismo?

    Articles here are eye opener and written as a form of satire. Ang kontribusyon nila is to help more Filipinos to think para hindi maging uto uto.

    1. That’s what most filipinos don’t realize, that the pen is mightier than the sword. Rizal may have not led a battle, yet he inspired filipinos to demand rights and recognition from Spain.

  13. That’s it. I think I need to go commit suicide now. If this is all there is in the future of the Filipino people, then I guess there’s nothing else left for me to do but end my own existence before it becomes even more miserable.

    A comedian? Really? To a western audience, Vice Ganda would be considered an offensive stereotype to the LGBT community and Noynoy an incompetent dictator similar to the one in “The Dictator”.

    Where’s my 9mm pistol again. I need to put it under my chin and do this quick. I don’t think I can take any more of this stupidity.

  14. Keeping the population dumbed down is an effective strategy in controlling the masses. Education is the answer. Philippine showbiz and politics work hand in hand to keep the status quo. We must rise up as a people if we ever have any hope of ridding ourselves of this corrupt, dysfunctional system we call a government.

    1. Well if the educational system of the Philippines is way below standard, there’s nothing to gain from it.

      Filipinos should realize the value of the internet in enriching our minds with ideas that can help us be more productive. Sadly, most of us would rather learn the latest gossips or browse through FB all day.

  15. Dont let your child watch philippine TV anymore! Give time and play with your children to be more creative, let them play sports. This telenovelas and corny comedy shows are killing the minds of the Pinoys especially the young minds. (e.g. after work, take time to walk/jog with your kids, let them help prepare a simple dinner and talk/play any games with them right after, watching tv like anime/cartoons and informative channels is fine, BUT NO TELENOVELAS! and watching TV should be limited. In this way, you have a quality time with your family, a healthy family and you have taught your children to idolize you(as parents) not the one they saw on TV. Gising Kababayan! Bangon Pinas!

    1. What’s funny is that all these local tv broadcasters are bragging that they bring quality shows for the people but in truth, they’re just helping people to become more stupid. Just list all of their programs from Monday to Sunday. Gone are the days when sesame street, sineskwela and batibot would be given schedules for the youngsters. What’s left are soap operas, tabloid newscasts, cheap noontime shows and foreign movies dubbed to tagalog when noytards are lazy to understand basic english. And let’s not forget those taxi greeting radio stations with DJs spurting nonsense topics and hyena laughs.

      1. WHICH REMINDS ME: one time I caught the Taglish-dubbed version of the rebooted “Star Trek” movie on one of these TV stations. Given that the movie didn’t even feature swearing (and only a very few instances of female skin), there were frequent cuts to the storyline, which was done more likely to compress the entire movie to two hours (with commercials).

        The dub was bad enough, but the cuts to the storyline for the convenience of time were much worse. It’s like the TV station is implying that the story of the movie doesn’t matter, because they think the viewers are only there for the special effects.

  16. I’ve seen Pres. Obama with Sach Galifiniakis doing an interview. Sach is a comedian. I don’t see nothing wrong with Noynoy having Vice Ganda for an interview.

    Yes, Noynoy should be made to answer for the wrongs he had done. The Filipino should strive to uplift their situation, etc. We all should help the country and do good things, etc.

    But can’t we not just let the vice Ganda-Noynoy interview pass and chill? There’s nothing to it people. It was a light moment during festive season that no one will remember because it was nothing.

    Why allow your blood pressure to shoot up just because Noynoy had interview with a comedian?

    Do we really have to be serious always and insert politics in everything we see? I say relax, life is short. Ignore the unimportant things and focus on the positive. Criticize as you must but, please, do it in a sensible way. We just cannot criticize anything about the gov’t. at the drop of a hat. We’re just stressing and depressing ourselves.

    And it’s also tiring. 🙂

    1. problem is, one’s “sensible way” is another man’s “insulting/butthurt”.

      the only alternative i can recommend for you is do a blog of your own instead of telling people here how to present their observations/opinions.=) besides, it’s not like anyone’s pointing a gun to your head to visit this site frequently.=)

      1. Ambot sa inyo. Puro lang mo sturya pero walay action. Unsay pagtuo ninyo sa Presidente dili tao. He is as human as anyone, so dont tell him to do. WALAY DAUTAN SA IYANG GIHIMO!!!

        Kamo dinhi pero lang english na intawon pinoy man unta mo. Kamo ba naa ba moy gihimo sa inyong mga kababayan, abir!

        A blog of a typical crab mentality n unggoy!

        1. Hahaha! You sound like an idiot, JR. You probably must be dreaming that everyone understands Cebuano or even delusional that your dialect is the national language or something. You’re amusing and even funny, nevertheless. As amusing as watching the movie…’Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’

          Only difference is, (though fictional) the apes in that movie understand more (than you) on how universal speaking English is than monkey talk. And metaphorically, you sound like a primate here who’d probably be understood only by your own kind.

          Unless we’re all polyglots here. 🙂

        2. JR, just because people hang out in here during their FREE TIME doesn’t mean they do NOTHING at all. If anything, the least effect of this place to any person, be it a typical stupinoy or the tired one, one way or another this place will have an effect on how you view this place, this society. Don’t you think being made conscious of ones fault gives way to pavement of some progress?

          If you see nothing here but general “insults” or a flash of the so-called crab mentality, then you must be guilty of it in some sort, or might as well hold too much pride in yourself to think that people who are in here do nothing but show the stink of the people.

          Just by that notion alone, you are already exercising your “crab-mentality.”

          (Side note: I don’t understand Cebuano, so sorry; I think it’s even more rude to speak Tagalog to someone who doesn’t understand it, especially when swearing ensues.)

      2. problem is, one’s “sensible way” is another man’s “insulting/butthurt”.

        the only alternative i can recommend for you is do a blog of your own instead of telling people here how to present their observations/opinions.=) besides, it’s not like anyone’s pointing a gun to your head to visit this site frequently.=) – tomas
        That’s when I know I made a good point. 🙂

  17. People should know when to draw the line. There’s a time to work one’s brain and a time to be entertained. Philippine TV networks’ goal is more on entertainment and not education. This being the case, it is better that the TV is turned off most of the time or connected to Cable channels showing intellectually stimulating shows. Apart from TV, there’s exploration via travel, reading, surfing the internet, experimentation, there’s research/studies to concentrate on, etc. Trouble is something is keeping the majority of Filipinos from all of these. They are like this indecisive highschool grad who don’t know what course to take in college so he’ll apply on what’s in demand. Saan ba nakasalalay ang choice ng mga Pilipino sa ginagawa nila? For example, si PNoy na pangulo. Seeing him making a fool of himself in nationwide broadcast, what sort of priorities does he really have?

  18. ‘…the only alternative i can recommend for you is do a blog of your own…’ – tomas
    What did I do? Recommend to me? Why, did I ask for a recommendation?

    Isn’t this a a space where we can share ideas and express ourselves? Did I call someone names? Did I insult somebody and called them hopeless or pangit or question their gender? All I know was I said something different from what others are saying about the issue.

    Why so pikon? I welcome opposition, question or debate. Anybody can destroy or crush my theory or opinion or prove my ignorance because the moment I put up my idea for all to read I know I’m opening up to questions and challenges not to insults and childish tantrums. I’m up to it.

    I doubt if tomas can do the same.

  19. The SCRIPT “interview” was for the consumption of Filipinos, who are: Dumb, Dull, Stupid, Star Struck ignoramuses, among us.

    I have no quarrel with homosexuals…Vice Ganda is a “Bading”, who came out from the Closet. Aquino is a “Bading”, who is still hiding in the Closet.

    Aquino cannot take any impromtu interview.
    His handlers, made him a Script and Cued interview; with prepared questions and answers. Even the way they :talked, laughed, smiled, etc…were cued by an interview Director.

    The ABS-CBN, the propaganda machine of Aquino, edited the recorded interview, to look good to gullible star struck ignoramuses, among us.

    If you use your common sense; you will not fall into such a scam interview of Aquino.

  20. ABS-CBN and GMA are both business entities. Meaning to say they didn’t exist for the welfare of humanity but to gain profit for themselves. Don’t you think that those people behind the screen are smart enough to know what show or program to be aired for them to gain high ratings. They’ll just show its audience what they want not what they need. With that those shows that are educational and eye-opener to the public are placed in time slot where there are less or no viewers at all. It just serve as a filler in its program list. Hate them but they’re only doing their business. As long as there are people patronizing them, they’ll exist.
    I may sound different among the commentators here but for me it only serves its purpose. Entertainment industry, from its root word “entertain”, is expected to amuse and delight its audience. I agree that they can influence the general public but its up to us viewers to take them simply as a form of entertainment or to be a passive one.
    Yah, there are lots of celebrity turned politician here in our country, but are we not the only country who have this actor-politician? Even the government of US has a series of celebrities who took office. Or you are you suggesting lets be like North Korea who have no entertainment industry. Come to think of it, can you link the underemployment and unemployment to that interview.
    Haters gonna hate =)

    1. You’re one fucked up person. Just look at all their schedules: IT’S ALL FREAKING CIRCUS ENTERTAINMENT! From morning to night, they don’t have anything of essence but showbizness. Why not try entertainment with information?

      1. You can say whatever you want to say. Yah it all freaking circus entertainment as you say it, still its an entertainment. If you don’t like them, then don’t watch. They’re not forcing you to patronize them. Hate them as long as you want. Your not their obligation. As a business entity they’re also taxpayer here. They give jobs. If that is their means to earn money you have to respect them.
        Kasalanan ba ng iba kung madaming uto uto sa Pilipinas? Kasalanan nila kung magpapa-uto sila. May gamot ba sa katangahan? Kahit tanggalin mo pa yang mga tv shows at i-wipe out mo yang mga artista hindi nun magagamot ang sakit ng tao. Business nga eh. Hindi sila mageexist kung walang tumatangkilik. Hindi nila ibebenta ang hindi mabili. Eh sa mabenta sa Pilipinas yun mga cheap shows na yun. May magagawa ka? Kung mahilig sa kaalaman ang Pilipino e di sana yun ang market nila. Sorry pero ano ba tingin mo sa maraming oras na nanonood ng tv. Its either walang trabaho, tambay, nasa bahay o walang silbi. Kung may trabaho ka, nagaaral, nagsusumikap eh di sana less access ka sa tv. Got it!?

        1. “May magagawa ka? Kung mahilig sa kaalaman ang Pilipino e di sana yun ang market nila. Sorry pero ano ba tingin mo sa maraming oras na nanonood ng tv. Its either walang trabaho, tambay, nasa bahay o walang silbi. Kung may trabaho ka, nagaaral, nagsusumikap eh di sana less access ka sa tv. Got it!?”

          Hindi ka rin makakatulong. Dahil medyo DEFEATIST ang iyong comment. TV shows makes even more sense back in the 90s.

        2. I NEVER said that I can help. And help what? Also I never get your point in “TV shows makes even more sense back in the 90s.” I thought your against tv programs and now your telling me that it makes sense? FYI, in our present time its not only television who can influence the people. There is the internet, computer, cellphone and the like. If ever your still stuck in the 90’s
          YOUR ARE WHAT YOU WATCH ON TV @ WinterSoldier

    2. “Even the government of US has a series of celebrities who took office.”

      And you’re comparing US celebrities turned-politician to our
      lawmaker (kuno) celebreties, some of whom list their honorary degrees as an educational accomplishments? Oh, please…give me a break!

      I’ll give you just two names of national office holders (past and present) so you can compare: Sen Al Franken, Minnesota, entertainer/comedic actor, writer, political activist, Harvard university graduate; Sen Fred Thompson, Tennessee, actor, lawyer, U. S. Attorney (federal prosecutor). You can google the rest. Peace.

      1. Is one’s educational background determines their effectiveness to serve the country? Yes probably. But that’s not an assurance. If your going to google it up also, Marcos is way farther than Erap’s achievement in corruption. Is Marcos’ a celebrity? Is he related to show business? In whose term did our country didn’t experience corruption? Don’t you think the incumbent President has its qualification(although not as many as to its competitors)and educational background? Then criticize the Ateneo for producing a leader like Aquino. Or Ateneo, UP, Assumption and even Georgetown University for producing a leader like Arroyo. In whatever extent of their achievements in life wont please you guys ok. Taas kasi standards niyo. Keep in mind that its not always the mind that matters. If you don’t have the HEART to serve the country even if your the most genius on Earth, nganga pa rin. Ok. Stop generalizing everything, no two person are alike,even identical twins.
        The leaders are always to blame. Im not against that, Pero hanggat hindi nagbabago ang Pilipino kahit sino pa ilagay niyo sa pwesto walang magbabago. Its also us as follower who contributes in what our country is. I’ll cite a simple example. Filipinos love to pass the streets even if there is a “BAWAL TUMAWID” signage. They alight their passengers in “BAWAL MAGBABA” signage. And fuck those jeepneys who loves to stop in the middle of the road. C’mon, hilig kasi pumara sa gitna ng pasahero demanding pa na gusto agaran stop. Kasalanan pb yun ng government?? Pardon me but I guess those who have less( knowledge and contribution) demands more from its government.Even if That Thompson and Franken lead our country, may magbabago kaya???

        1. “Taas kasi standards niyo. Keep in mind that its not always the mind that matters. If you don’t have the HEART to serve the country even if your the most genius on Earth, nganga pa rin.”

          Hindi rin. Both brains and heart all that matters. You really missed some people like Ronald Reagan, who I mentioned earlier.

          Educational attainment doesn’t matter, yes. But there is a thing call COMPETENCE. Most US politicians have good educational background and unlike every Filipino politician, most of them are capable to take responsibility of their mistakes, etc. In other words, COMPETENCE. Walang ganun sa Pinas dahil puros kapalmuks.

          You’re overrating Marcos’ corruption yet you turn a blind eye on what Cory and her family did? Corruption worse than Marcos. You know the drill.

          And the very reason why there is rampant corruption is because of how the people VIEW the government as a spectator sport, put people like Aquino or even Arroyo, other affluent familial last names and former showbiz people to politics, then when crap breaks out, they react as if they weren’t aware of the repercussions.

          “The leaders are always to blame. Im not against that, Pero hanggat hindi nagbabago ang Pilipino kahit sino pa ilagay niyo sa pwesto walang magbabago.”

          The problem is not just the government but also the people. And about what you’re trying to say, tell that to the likes of Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew.

        2. @WinterSoldier
          Im not overrating Marcos’ corruption here. He’s just the best example for that matter being known as the most corrupt president recognized not only in the country but in the world. Do I have to evaluate each President here? And as far as I know, I did mention this “In whose term did our country didn’t experience corruption?” Have a check on it pls.
          I observed that you admire the American government. As I said before do some research if their government is that so perfect to dream of.
          In your competence as a qualifier, then in what way can you measure that competence? It will always be subjective, what is competent to you may not be competent to others.
          Its obvious that were not allies here and Im not trying to convince you anyway. That is your belief and to that it will reflect who you are as a citizen.

        3. “I observed that you admire the American government. As I said before do some research if their government is that so perfect to dream of.”

          News flash: our current government system was modeled from the Americans yet it was flawed and did it the wrong way.

        4. @WinterSoldier
          Your not getting me here. Yeah right! If that is how you see the government of US, so be it for you. But for me, government of US also deals with problem such as poverty ,unemployment and corruption. If you really want that kind of government then go to that country. No one is stopping you ok. Its your prerogative. Your such a PERFECT person who needs a PERFECT government.

        5. @WinterSoldier
          Your not getting me here. Yeah right! If that is how you see the government of US, so be it for you. But for me, government of US also deals with problem such as poverty ,unemployment and corruption. If you really want that kind of government then go to that country. Nothing is stopping you ok. Its your prerogative. Your such a PERFECT person who needs a PERFECT government.

  21. Hahaha, and to think the latest movie “The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin” is currently at the top of the charts here in the most renowned in the Philippines.

    Ahh, as always, everyday, every time, my head hurts.

  22. This is the damnedest thing they ever did. It’s more like watching two stupid clowns on TV. Gotta tell, it is a big insult to the likes of Walter Cronkite and legends in the journalism industry.

  23. But everyone’s totally fine (and found it amusing) when Steve Harvey interviewed Barack Obama ( Yep, a stand-up comedian interviewing a head of state (which happens to be one of the superpowers of the world). And nope, they’re not talking national issues and other serious stuff.

    I’m not a Noytard, but really, these hypocritical criticisms are just tabloid-grade brainfarts masked in a pseduo-elitist tone.

  24. Well, it still looks like almost the whole country is dumb star struck……I remember Scarlett O’Hara’s analysis of her long-standing obsession with Ashley Wilkes (gone with the Wind): ” it was like me, looking at a knight in a shining armor, then after all, it was me who put that shining armor in him and was beholden to it, not seeing the person for what he was behind that armor.” (my paraphrase). And it took almost all the pages of that thick novel describing her foolish/scandalous thoughts and consequent behavior and actions before she realized the folly of it all. So, in our case, how many years and how many so-called “celebrities” of ours up there talking and behaving like, well, what they are “people of no substance” will it take before we Pinoys realized our folly and begin to look at them for what they are? Why do we keep on alluding and attributing them with more than what they intrinsically are?

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