Was the #DongYanWedding really Dingdong Dantes’s and Marian Rivera’s wedding?

It’s been several days since the spectacular wedding of Filipino starlets Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera (referred to as the “DongYan” couple on social media) and the Net is still abuzz about the circus. The event was said to have cost more than 100 million pesos and was purportedly shouldered by the GMA Network, one of the Philippines’ biggest media companies (NB: the couple’s wedding coordinator Teena Barretto reportedly denies the wedding was funded by GMA).

How many Catholic bishops does it take to marry a Filipino 'royal' couple?

How many Catholic bishops does it take to marry a Filipino ‘royal’ couple?

Seeing the extent to which this spectacle has taken up precious brain space in Filipinos’ heads, many now ask what it all means. Did the DongYan wedding make the Philippines a better country? Did it have a bad effect on Filipinos’ attitudes? Did it add to the society’s socio-cultural capital?

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None of the above, most likely. The DongYan wedding exerts no effect on Philippine society because it is but a symptom of what is already in effect in Philippine society. Being a huge wart of a symptom makes it a good focus for much learning. Here are a few to take onboard…

* * *

The Filipino masses (the “C-D” demographic) who constitute much of the fan base of Dantes and Rivera are surprisingly pro-rich.

Most of the the more than 1,200 comments defending the wedding that were posted on the Get Real Post article that launched, well, a thousand comments, was built upon the argument, It’s their money, and they are entitled to spend it the way they see fit.

If we look past the possibility that the cost of the wedding was, as it may turn out, actually bankrolled by the GMA Network, and assume for argument’s sake that the DongYan couple actually did shoulder the cost of their wedding, the question becomes: Should you flaunt it, just because you got it?

To that, the masses have spoken. A display of wealth most definitely gets you on the masses’ good side. Obnoxious ostentation works in the Philippines!

Big media businesses know their market well.

Despite the attention from critical minds the DongYan wedding attracted and the way alternative views about it (alternative to the mainstream view upheld by the fans) resonated across Philippine society’s snootier crust, it is unlikely that Filipinos will change their starstruck ways. No doubt the way the bang created by articles critical of this circus rippled across social media, it is likely that if the GMA Network, ABS-CBN or any other media outfit undertook a similar stunt again, Filipinos will still eat it all up.

Unfortunately, Filipinos’ beholdenness to displays of power in the form of royal pomp and circumstance, fancy power clothes, and an abundance of fair skin is deeply-ingrained in the national psyche. Colonial habits die hard. Filipinos have 500 years of colonial experience etched into the DNA of their minds, which is why an attraction to the physical traits and traditions that are hallmarks of their European colonial masters and a desire to be associated with all that remain powerful motivators — a collective psychological quirk that proves to be a bonanza to the persuasion trades; advertising, marketing, and entertainment.

And here is the crux of the matter:

Public spectacles are not what they seem.

A revealing insight brought to the fore is that Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are mere business assets of the GMA Network. From that perspective, the Network’s taking a purported 100 million-peso slug on its treasury to fund this wedding was an investment. As more detail about the resources that went into the extravaganza are revealed, it is likely to emerge that there is nothing in the DongYan wedding that is not contrived. From the 12-foot record-breaking cake, the social media hype whipped up in the days leading to the event, and the guest list of VIPs which included eight officiating priests (some of whom were bishops) and politicians and dignitaries led by no less than Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, everything was carefully planned and engineered.

It therefore seems that this spectacle was not, as the masses were led to believe, actually Dantes’s and Rivera’s wedding. It was the GMA Network’s wedding — just one of its productions; part of its product portfolio of braincell-killing teleseryes, noontime variety shows, and quadruple-regurgitated media content offerings.

* * *

We close with this final thought:

How would Dantes and Rivera have wedded if they had been left to do it their way?

Of course we may never know. Suffice to say, this wedding was not their wedding. This wedding was a GMA Network product.

57 Replies to “Was the #DongYanWedding really Dingdong Dantes’s and Marian Rivera’s wedding?”

  1. To the question “How many Catholic bishops does it take to marry a Filipino ‘royal’ couple?”…

    Answer: One more

  2. So uh is it really wrong to spend one’s own money? And why should I not flaunt it if I earned it, isn’t that how capitalism works? Should we just go with communism where everyone is equal? (No really I don’t get it)

    1. It’s not wrong to spend your own money. It’s the extravagant show of wealth, the way they whored out their nuptials to television, and how everyone ate it up as alright.

      It’s a reflection of how sick our society is.

    2. Capitalism is totally not about spending your own money thoughtlessly.

      Capitalism is about spending money wisely so that its potential is maximised. It’s about spending on solutions that solve society’s problems and make profits out of it, which in turn will also be used to spend on more solutions to solve more problems.

      Capitalism is about maximising resources and striving to make the world a better place for everyone.

      And this stupid wedding circus is certainly not capitalism in action if you assume it’s the couple’s own money being spent on it.

  3. If what was said by Add and others is true, then the question is not “Is GMA right or wrong to spend that money?” — the proper question would be “What is wrong with GMA spending that money?”

    Then again, I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind commercialism simply because I don’t think it’s not a problem — so kindly explain?

    1. The filipino philosophy I hear in these comments seems to be “everyone works for self interest.” This is odd, given the degree of need that exists in the country. Someone needs to introduce some ethical concepts into this discussion:






      The share holders and super stars of GMA are lavishly rewarded for their labors; but what about the others: the stage workers are given 6 month work contracts with no security or benefits.

      (see WIKIPEDIA: Social Responsibility)

        1. @Kemeo:

          Of course it does. I applaud benevolence on the part of any organization or person. However, imagine the power of an organization like GMA to advocate for the redistribution of wealth and the right of workers to organize into unions. Instead, they crush any attempt by workers to unionize and continue to exploit their lower echelon workers with temporary contracts that exclude them from job security and benefits. That would lead one to believe that their charitable efforts are PR window dressing and tax write offs.

          It is just speculation on my part, but I suspect the history of GMA, like other early stations is rife with wrong doing, political collusion, and banditry on the part of those that forced out the early American pioneers who started the industry. I doubt that the current broadcasting industry could bear close scrutiny in regard to its financial structure or business practices. Of course, I could be wrong. If I am, please pardon my skepticism.

        2. It may well be that the ones then and now running GMA have engaged or are engaging in morally or legally dubious practices, but is the staging of this wedding one of those? Perhaps it is, but what do we know of the run-up to the wedding other than what has been divulged?

          Sometimes skepticism is the wrong route to take.

      1. First question: WHY ARE ALL THOSE STATEMENTS IN UPPERCASE? I can read perfectly well, thank you.

        OK, real question: Would you consider the staging of the Dantes-Rivera wedding “unethical” in any possible way? Spill from here.

        1. @Pallacertus;

          No, not the production in and of itself. If GMA had spent 100 million on a historical drama of the life of Jose Rizal or had spent a fortune on some massive production whose subject was the end of the world; no one would even raise an eyebrow. Art does not necessarily have to reflect reality or always contain a socially conscious message.

          However, should we view the products of the business separately from the welfare of the workers who work in the industry or the viewers at home? Can one admire the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel without thinking of the excesses of the Pope Julius II or his Borgia predecessor?

          It is true, that no one has to watch. However, in many areas, ABS/CBN and GMA enjoy a virtual monopoly. Encouraging the viewers who cannot afford to pay cable, to embrace their oppressors by extolling a benign view of wealth, seems to me to be ethically dubious.

        2. Yes. It was beyond unethical. For a country whose people claim to be so religious, i find it hard to fathom that the masses actually do not see a problem with this. The country went through so much disasters. People are still displaced! How is it ok to spend this much on this kind of production? They obviously did it because everyone involved has something to gain from it . Money is king! Decency and morality do not exist.

  4. bigatin ang kasal, eh sympre, bigatin at kahit sinong tae ang pwedi imbitahin, Eh kung nagbabayad naman si Marian at Dingdong ng tamang TAX wala na tayong karapatan na pakikialaman ang mga ginastos, at mga bisita nila sa kasal nila sa kasal. Pinaghirapan nila yun!

    At kung pera naman nila ang ginastos doon lahat kahit ilang milyon pesos pa yang pinagawa nilang wedding cake wala na kayong karapatan batikusin. Ano kinalaman nila sa mga naghihikahos na taumbayan! Eh hindi naman sila mga government officials.

    Nasa kanila na yun kung tumulong sila or hindi. Pero ang alam ko may binigay rin sila sa mga homeless sa Leyte. Batikusin ninyo yung mga GOVERNMENT officials na nagkanaw ng pera sa kaban ng bayan! Biglang yaman wala namang negosyo! Umaasa lang sa pagiging politiko!

    1. Korek. Ung mga gifts ng mga sponsors ipinalagay n lng nila sa yes pinoy foundation. Buti nga out in d open ung nasal nila kc as they said they owe it to d public at dahil celebrity din sila. It’s not their fault kung may magsponsor man sa kasal nila o wala kasi nga well loved sila.

  5. The kids are the ones in command, not the parent.

    Sadly, this is what happens when our supposed vanguards of society prioritize profits over social responsibility – puro entertainment, walang edukasyon. So much for their purported “balanced programming”.

    Entertainment is not everything. Now, how to tell these kids that all play and no study makes Jack a mere toy.

    We definitely need the help of legislation to transform Philippine big media. Sadly again, I don’t think there is one among the legislators that is willing to play the part of a good parent.

  6. The problem for me, riches does not preclude social responsibility. Especially when the wedding was held at the same time people died under Typhoon Seniang, and there was not even a message from the couple or their controversial guest about it. It would not ruin the wedding to have such a message, it would have made it more meaningful.

  7. What you wrote were speculations, out of your own thoughts and not based on facts. It wasn’t a product of GMA. The wedding cost nearly 30M and not 100M. The cake was a gift from Goldilocks owner. I think you yourself, would love to experience extravagance too. Both are famous, media would always follow them. The wedding encourages people to work harder to have a good life and get the best of life. The negative notion attracts the poor in spirit and wealth. If I have a weaslth like Dong, I would spend the grandest wedding I could possibly afford. It is a once in a lifetime event which memories last forever…If you called it flaunt, well it is hard earned money and they have something to flaunt. The don’t steal from tay payer’s money. Besides, the wedding of richard and lucy was extravagant too. Envious people will always comment not nice. The wish they live the life which they cant afford.

  8. ..”(NB: the couple’s wedding coordinator Teena Barretto reportedly denies the wedding was funded by GMA)”

    I will not disclose who my butiki is, so let us use what Teena says. The cake is 7m and was a gift, or in advertising jargon, part of an x-deal. X-deals accounted for only 5% of the cost. That means the cost was 7m divided by 0.05 equals 140m. Repeat, 140m (i.e. over 100m as I already said in my comment in an earlier article) Teena would not disclose other x-deals; is she saying the cost was more than 140m? (Because if we pick a number to represent other x-deals other than the cake, say 3m, we are looking at 7m + 3m = 10m, and 10m ÷0.05=200m. 200m??)

    But, be it 140m, 200m, or whatever, is not my point, but recall I said that it is “over 100m”, and Teena seems to support that.

    “……Did it have a bad effect on Filipinos’ attitudes? Did it add to the society’s socio-cultural capital.. …
    …..Being a huge wart of a symptom makes it a good focus for much learning.”

    This is my understanding why GRP keeps on talking about the event, and no other reason, but this.

    “Most of the the more than 1,200 comments defending the wedding”

    Survey companies could conclude their surveys with a sample size of 1,200, so does GRP now have a good sampling that actually represents the mentality of the middle class in PHL.

    “If we look past the possibility that the cost of the wedding was, as it may turn out, actually bankrolled by the GMA Network, and assume for argument’s sake that the DongYan couple actually did shoulder the cost of their wedding”

    I am inclined to believe my butiki that it was bankrolled by GMA, but I will not force the issue; I might jeopardize butiki’s position. If the fairy tale becomes not a fairy tale because it was funded by the network, then let it be that the groom withdrew from his bank over 100m. Kanya, kanyang trip lang yan, so let it be More money means more love kaya ang message na pinapalabas??

    “Should you flaunt it, just because you got it?
    To that, the masses have spoken. A display of wealth most definitely gets you on the masses’ good side. Obnoxious ostentation works in the Philippines!”

    Bingo! And, we talk about it not because of the wedding per se. Neither is it about the expenses and who shouldered it, but because of the surprising number of reactions to Ilda’s article and how passionate some of them were. As said, it is representative of the mind of the middle class, uncritical of what is being sold to them by media. The main driver of local media is profit, and not education, nor upliftment of culture, which are all secondary to their profit. And yet, it appears our middle class buys media products without question. ….Of course, we still hope this is not the case.

    If we are interested in a country, we have to be interested in the mentality of the middle class because that could affect us all — no revolution will succeed without the support of the middle class as history shows us. Who cares about the wedding, or what media dishes out; we could switch our mind, our attention, on and off on these things. But, we can never ignore how the middle class thinks, for even if they may not be able to determine elections in PHL because of their lesser number than the D-E segment, we already saw their power in EDSA1 and 2.

    “Big media businesses know their market well.”

    Indeed they do. Again, this is not about the profit motives of media. Businesses are good, they turn the wheels of the economy, so let them earn their rightful profits. ..BUT…But, it is the middle class that determines whether the products are of quality or not, and whether the businesses deserve their profit or not. And, that’s why we are bothered when we see an uncritical middle class.

    “Colonial habits die hard.”

    If we let media have more influence than teachers, it will not only die hard, it will never die. We have a system failure here. Incentives are set up for governments to think in segments of 3 years for LGUs and 6 years for national. In other words, it encourages a thinking about the present only, made worse by the culture of corruption. Investments for the future, like that of Education, will always be in the economy section of the plane. Poor education is now reflective of the middle class. Yet where is their voice, why are they not complaining as they have complained about Ilda’s article? Are they just so busy watching noontime shows and telenovelas?

    ” a collective psychological quirk that proves to be a bonanza to the persuasion trades; advertising, marketing, and entertainment.”


    “And here is the crux of the matter:
    Public spectacles are not what they seem.”

    That is why we need a critical middle class, a well educated segment of the society.

    “Suffice to say, this wedding was not their wedding. This wedding was a GMA Network product.”

    Hahaha. Kind of harsh, Benign0. You are now showing your killer’s instinct, man, at the same time trying to be funny, eh. Well, they got married and are married now, and so it was their wedding, isn’t it? So, please be kind and gentle; wish them the best…. really, sincerely wishing them the best of luck. ….Our bone of contention is not with them, but with the middle class way of thinking and the quality of media products in general, not specific.

    In fact, we may have to emphatize with, and maybe even pity, the two for they are caught up in a most competitive world, a snake’s pit, where they eat intrigues and back-stabbing for breakfast. I just don’t know how people in that world breath; it must be suffocating.

    But, it was the choice of DongYan to mix their professional lives with their private lives, so in more ways than one, you are correct, wedding was a GMA product. Actually, more like each party using the other party. Gamitan, to be exact, and it is a fairy tale? Tell me, middle class guys, if that is not so.

  9. I would like to thank benign0 for this opportunity to expose his pseudo-intellectualism. In this article he posted he failed to address the more sensible arguments that most of us here have been trying to point out. I will point them out right now that he may also be given the chance to refute them.

    1. Most comments state that it is the couple’s money not ours so they can spend it anyway they want. In response to this, the author asked: “should you flaunt it, just because you got it?”

    His response shows his lack of intellectual astuteness to think outside the box. The author failed to think about the advantages if rich people would start spending.
    a. Businesses were able to earn because of their wedding. From food, cake, drinks, clothes, etc. those who worked for their weddings were able to earn, get taxed, and pay their employees.
    b. People who worked for the wedding, from make up artist to camera man, were able to earn something, thus, allowing them to bring food to their families and pay their taxes.
    c. Spending actually helps the economy grow. I’m not sure if you have learned this in high school or college but spending more stimulates growth of businesses.

    2. Another thing that you pointed out is how the TV Networks capitalized on such events to increase their revenues because Filipinos are such starstrucked people that they lose their capacity to think once they see celebrities or an excessive display of wealth.

    This type of perception shows benign0’s total disregard for scientific and statistical data before coming up with a certain conclusion. His only basis is the fact that we’ve been a colony for 500 years.

    benign0 loves to point out the fact that GMA Network spent over 100 Million Pesos while there is an ongoing storm but he failed to think of the fact that this event was planned even before PAG-ASA knew that there was an incoming storm. Yes, TV Networks do have social responsibilities but at the end of the day, how can they carry it out without revenues. What will they pay their employees if they don’t earn enough income. There are numerous TV Networks who can carry out that responsibility temporarily.benign0 failed to think about the employees who got paid for covering the event, and the tax the networks were able to pay to our government because of what they’ve earned.

    3. There was one time that benign0 replied to one of my comments stating that the wedding caused unnecessary inconvenience to motorists. I agree with him on this one but he failed to remember the basic Filipino values of Respect and Courtesy. I don’t know if this is still being practiced in major cities in the Philippines but in our province, whenever someone dies or a couple gets married and there’s some sort of a parade, we wait patiently. It just so happen that this was a bigger celebration but in the end, it’s pretty much the same.

    4. The presence of several priests or bishops during the couples wedding. I’m not sure if there’s some sort of tradition with regards to priests but we shouldn’t bother ourselves with it. It doesn’t affect us in any way.

    5. benign0 also pointed out the presence of the President in their wedding. hahaha I for one agree that there are more pressing matters that the President should attend to but why criticize the wedding? The only thing the couple had to do is give him the invitation and it’s up to him to decide whether he would show up or not. It’s the president’s action that should be criticized and not the wedding itself.

    6. I’ve also read from the avid fans of GRP that benign0 just wants to point out how mass media has brainwashed us to watch brainless, non-intellectualy simulating shows in lieu of news and other “intelligent” shows. This is quite laughable because we get to have the freedom to watch for different reasons. Some of us, like the author benign0, watches TV shows to stimulate his neurons, some of us, watch tv shows to rest our brains after using it in doing our jobs. The shows we watch does not exhibit our intellectual capacities. Unless the author could present a statistical and scientific data which would prove his assumptions I cannot be compelled to believe his rumblings.

    benign0 is a good example of an arrogant, delusional, and self-righteous individual who thinks he can promote positive change with his whining. If you are indeed a concerned citizen of this country, please feel free to show us some proof that you are doing something relevant that would give you the credibility to whine and rant about the shortcomings of your countrymen.

    There are things we do as people of this nation that we can’t be proud of and I believe that we should unite as a people in order to become a better nation. The only thing that benign0 is doing is drive a wedge between the different classes in our society. The rich vs. the poor, the government officials vs. the masses, the intellectuals vs the non-intellectuals. His style is that of a propagandist during the world wars.

    If you can’t even tell the difference between a literal Royal Wedding and a figure of speech, what made you so capable to use derogatory words to describe your countrymen.

    1. Simple. We put up the #DongYanWedding as a sad testament to the pathetic state of the Philippine economy and the rent-seeking oligarchic character of Philippine business. The arguments you put up really just affirm the arguments to this point we’ve been making for years…

      (1) the sad way consumerism props up the Philippine economy — whether it be through OFW remittances or by moronic spectacles like this;

      (2) how the idiotic but PROFITABLE products of Philippine media reflect the wretched tastes of the audience it serves; and,

      (3) Filipino values of “respect” and “courtesy”? Funny. Moving on…

      Filipinos, of course, have the freedom to watch what they want, idolise who they want, and elect who they believe in. As such, the choices they make mirror to a tee their true character as a people. No need to be a rocket science to see the RESULTS of those choices today.

      So you can see above, I don’t disagree with anything you said. They are all actually true and simply further highlight the validity of the ideas I put forth here.

      As to my credibility, well, that’s really all up to the readers here. Those who do not think I am credible can simply stop reading me. As you yourself keep emphasizing, it’s a free country and the Net is a free market of ideas. I’ll leave that up to GRPs 80,000+ followers to decide.

      [Note that this carries forth a discussion started on this GRP Facebook Page thread.]

    2. The “royal wedding” we just discussed is not royal, is the one that failed to show respect and courtesy to others by blocking off roads, and is full of hype. And I would say, Mr Sad Socrates, that since you are part of the showbiz world yourself, you are defending your industry, which is understandable. However, I believe this industry does require criticism, because, in a way, it is contributing to the wedge between rich and poor. Not Benign0. Or me.

      Don’t forget, people like Racquel Fortun, Ferdinand Topacio and Christian Seneres are the first to use the term Ostentatious Display of Wealth for this wedding, not us. Goes to show there are many who think like us.

    3. ..Permit me please, @sadsocrates, benign0 and @ChinoF
      Your #1
      “spending more stimulates growth of businesses” — correct, and nobody is precluding anybody from spending as if somebody could do that in a democratic space. But to flaunt has one objective and that is to show off. So, which comes first, social responsibility or the practical benefit derived from spending? The principle of the process or the end result of the process? Principle or practicality? Can the end justify the means? I think the comment of @SeaBee above is relevant here.

      Your #2
      How do you measure “starstrucked-ness” scientifically and statistically? Could we avoid coming to the perception that they are not open to discussion, and thus, to thinking, when they go ad hominem to advance their points as those found in the combox of Ilda’s article?

      Your #6
      You don’t need outside statistical data. You already have a good sample size (1,200) right there in the combox of Ilda. It is not reflective of the total society, but reflective of the middle class since they are the ones that populate social media — the upper class don’t have the time, and the lower class don’t have access to computers or smartphones. It is not about driving a wedge between classes, but the middle class is the most important segment for well-being of economies are measured by how much this segment grew, or has been enlarged.

      I would be last to comment on anything showbiz for it has been ages since I last watch a noontime show, a showbiz tsismis show, or a telenovela; thus, I would not be able to add anything constructive to anything showbiz. But, I decided to drop comments here and there on the topic because of what I saw in the combox. Ilda raised a valid point and then comments just snowballed from nowhere, and I know this because I regular drop by this site. In a way, it was fascinating to watch the comments come in, an entertainment by itself. Unfortunately, they were not there to tackle the topic, but just to throw ad hominem at the author. Why? They have swallowed the event on TV hook, line and sinker, and nobody is going to say anything about it. Why? I don’t have the answer but I am fascinated, dumfounded. Is this how our middle class thinks?

      And, that is an important question for the way the middle class thinks impacts the national psyche. And that is where principles and paradigms arise that would dictate the beat and direction PHL will take. This is not an over reaction — you can build a house with an architect, or without an architect, but know the difference. Mindset is important.

      “The shows we watch does not exhibit our intellectual capacities” I agree. And we watch it for different reasons. But, we have to be conscious about this for it has the power to brainwash, especially children. But, how many of us make an effort to be conscious about this? My take on the combox of Ilda alarms me.

      “..whining.. in GRP” — I will agree with you if the comboxes are not open and free. And, I am not here to promote GRP, I don’t know them and they don’t know me, and I have disagreed with write-ups here a number of times. But, I do appreciate the fact that they have the most free combox in blogosphere. And, I am sorry too that you take their whining as arrogant. I take it as a style of writing to solicit reaction, like an expounded proposition to a debate. We have to look at it from the total concept of the site. Wasn’t Inquirer the same, minus the combox?

      ” between a literal Royal Wedding and a figure of speech” — well, this took some significance only as a reaction to the reactions in the combox. Of course, it is a figure of speech and it should have been a non-issue, but it was used literally to point out something figuratively. So, who used what literally? I don’t think we want to go on a childish back and forth on this one, we will veer away from the core of the topic.

      1. Correction
        ..wasn’t Inquirer the same, minus the combox? Should be: …wasn’t Inquirer the same, minus the combox, during martial law days?

    4. Sadsocrates,

      1) Ah a pseudoeconomist. The economy thrives through investment and innovation, not through the mindless consumption of a few.

      Moreover, it was stated countless times before that GMA, not the couple themselves, that shouldered the bulk of the cost of the wedding. Also, in exchange for exposure, businesses gave discounts for the benefit of showcasing their wares.

      2) It was exactly what it is, an extravagant marketing stunt. Indeed, as benign0 pointed out, you are merely proving his point.

      3) Filipino values of respect and courtesy? How utterly stupid and hilarious. Are you living under a rock where you’re from?

      You admitted living in the province, yet even in the provinces, disrespect and discourtesy is rife. Simple road rules and courtesy are often disregarded. In the road here, self-interest is predominant.

      Plus, I’ve been exposed to life in the slums and poor areas often enough to conclude the absence of this Filipino Respect and Courtesy you speak of. Wives and husbands cheating on each other, and the poor STEAL from other poor whenever possible. Trash is everywhere, and even children as young as two cuss and curse loudly and behave in the most repulsive manner.

      I can go on and on and I’m barely scratching the surface. Respect and Courtesy, here in the Philippines? BS. Most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard.

      4) A lot of people keep claiming it’s just a wedding between two people who love each other. If that’s true, WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY NEED THE PRESENCE OF SEVERAL PRIESTS AND BISHOPS TO OFFICIATE A SINGLE WEDDING?

      What the hell is this, an ordination?

      5) Noynoy being at his best, being Noynoy. There’s a local colloquial term for that; EPAL.

      6) Freedom to watch and ALSO freedom to criticize what is being watched, which is what benign0 is doing. Do not preach freedom if you’re going to trample on the freedom of others to expredd themselves just because you don’t agree with them.

      We’re fortunate benign0 et al. even exists to encourage people TO QUESTION AND THINK CRITICALLY on important issues.

      Without people like benign0, people like you just won’t give a shit.

    5. Hahaha… I can’t argue more to your comment.The network has had it’s own reason same as Dongyan, like wise benign0 posted the blog to earn money for living. So here they are, takes one to recognise same skin. Spell money!!! Weedy.. people now days pretending they are vigilant but forget to check if they are in a right venue.

  10. In response to your first argument, your points would be valid IF the couple had actually paid their wedding suppliers correctly. However, huge discounts were demanded from reputable wedding suppliers, in exchange for “exposure.” If they had money for a lavish cake, dress, etc., why couldn’t they have paid ALL their suppliers fair wages? Other “unroyal” wedding couples save up for years in order to afford their dream wedding. They pay the correct rates for each wedding supplier even if it means becoming practically bankrupt after the wedding. And yet here come these millionaire celebrities, asking suppliers to serve at their wedding for very little to even no cost, because hey, these suppliers will get exposure anyway. Whoopee. These wedding suppliers invested time, effort, and money to hone their craft and become excellent at what they do. It is lamentable that for all their talent, they cannot get fair compensation from those who certainly have the means to pay.

    1. Good of you too see clearly through this. It’s not a fair business arrangement after all. Thanks for providing that info.

  11. The young couples that I know who are starting out in life, cannot afford to get married, despite the fact that they have been together for a while and have children already. They are hoping that their fortunes will improve in the future and this will allow them to have a modest celebration with their friends and families in their village. Work is hard to find in the provinces and many live a hand to mouth existence. This is reality.

  12. On the other hand, “We should be able to enjoy an ideal image without regarding it as a false picture of how things usually are.

    A beautiful, though partial vision can be all the more precious to us because we are aware of how rarely life satisfies our desires.”

    Alain de Botton
    “Art as Therapy”

  13. hahaha! the funniest thing about the comments is that the readers completely missed the point of the article and they keep defending the spectacle.

    Look, it doesn’t matter if dongyan personally funded the wedding or by the GMA network or by the sponsors (despite the title of the article w/c btw was changed). This wedding proves that filipinos eat sh*t up and that we are stupid. Our country has fostered a celebrity worshipping culture that has numbed our brain to actually think about real important issues we are facing.

    Like the author says, most of the fans of this couple (and defenders of the wedding)are the filipino masses aka the poor people. As such, the politicians even took advantage of the debacle and participated in the wedding.

    This wedding is mostly a distraction. But most of all, this is an investment of the network on their cash cow that is dongyan. At the very least we should acknowledge that fact.

  14. In order to gain robust traffic your sorting of creating malicious stories out of context. And you did it for the seconf times for this one, i guess quite a success. Well, pray that the donyan fans will not staged a resbak on you.

  15. To be honest, I don’t pay attention to this crap. The DongYan wedding was all over this blogging site called Fashion Pulis and even then, I never paid any attention to it.

  16. Considering your assumption is true, then what? Its their business not yours. Its a one day event and will that one day make a difference? The fact that its almost over and your still stuck on it is really annoying. Move on!
    To those who keeps on inserting the social responsibility and the victims of the recent typhoon, I hope you spare your New year’s eve feast and give it to the poor and to those victims of the calamity. And also, typhoon seniang is expected earlier that month and the government is already prepared for that. The problem is that it is an act of nature and who can prevent that from happening.

  17. I love this article. Sapul na sapul. This all on GMA7. They shouldered some of the expenses. And yes, i strongly believe that this is not the wedding the couple would’ve planned or wanted. I still would like to believe that DongYan keeps a taste level that is not filled with publicity. I feel bad for DongYan. How many percent of the wedding are them? Tsk!

  18. This wedding is indeed a circus. It almost reminds of the Kardashian wedding and how the Kardashians profited from it. I am thinking probably, GMA will also follow the couple now like Nick and Jessica and similar reality shows. And that is probably how Dingdong is paying for the P100M bankroll with their personal lives contracted on camera at GMA’s beckon call, or you may not know it, the contract is probably already in preparation for a 24/7 PBB format in their own household. 😀 Tadaaaah! Instant reality starlets, the Philippine’s own Kardashian spectacle. So I suppose they deserve this spectacle of a wedding… it was not ostentatious at all when you think of it as a show. My first reaction was, God how gaudy!!! You know, like the ancient French court, very gaudy parties even though people are dying of starvation outside the palace gates. Think Marie Antoinette -“let them eat cake.” Sadly, the American media had a similar reaction to their 12ft $159,000 cake as they often do to the outrageousness of the Kardashians, a big OMFG! WTF! &… What happened to our donations for the typhoon? People are not dying over there, they’re dying of stuffing cake in their faces! That was a joke of course, but the western media laughing at their cake is not.

  19. I was once told by a male friend of mine….”If you’re going to get married, let your fiancee, shoulder all the expenses, do not ask for simplicity, if he can afford a big wedding, then let it be… it is a once in a lifetime experience, you will only get married once…”

    In lieu of the above statement, I agree… so if I were DD and I want the world to see how deeply in-love I am to MR then I will spend a big amount of money just to show the whole world that I love this girl.

    Men have a different style of telling his girl that he loves her, it is always through the use of material things. Those men here who argue that, it is too extravagant, if you were in DD shoes and you have all the means to spend that amount of money, I am sure you will do the same….let’s just be honest here…

    To those people who complain about the traffic? because they block the roads? even if they blocked the roads, motorists were told in advance that a certain road will be closed for traffic, QC govt. gave the alternative routes to take to avoid the traffic….

    Typhoon? Every year we are hounded by typhoon especially during ber months, so what’s the fuss? those affected by seniang do they mind the wedding? I don’t think so. During their wedding, our province (Palawan) was under signal number 2… Do I mind that they spend alot of fortunes, while us are being ravaged by seniang? No. I dont really care… So why do you care, when infact during the wedding Manila was spared by the Typhoon?

    If all of us will just be happy for them, remove all the insecurities, and sincerely happy… all those comments will never come out of your mouth…

    Some people are just born to be an antagonist….

    1. “I was once told by a male friend of mine….”If you’re going to get married, let your fiancee, shoulder all the expenses, do not ask for simplicity, if he can afford a big wedding, then let it be… it is a once in a lifetime experience, you will only get married once…”

      don’t worry miss, the next grp article would be about the abysmal sense of entitlement most pinays seem to be afflicted with when it comes to relationships.=)

    2. “let your fiancee, shoulder all the expenses…” – That’s what you call being a mendicant and a douche. Obviously, really serious couples talk about expenses and don’t demand that the other pay everything.

      “motorists were told in advance that a certain road will be closed for traffic, QC govt. gave the alternative routes to take to avoid the traffic….” That doesn’t change the fact that doing this for a private wedding was a bit too much.

      “So why do you care…” How could you not care for people dying and suffering in the south, which is a very neglected part of the country?

      1. ay susme ilang oras lang ang kasal.. yon lang ang nakita nyo… sana nakita nyo rin mga maraming tulong na naibigay nila para sa iba.. daming impokrito dito… sige kayo na makabayan.. kayo na ang alang bahid dungis na tao…baka nga ni isang daan hirap ka pa kayo magbigay ng donation sa sinasabi nyong neglected part of the country.. magpakatotoo kayo.

  20. If marian and dingdong’s wedding were just a normal one, will the philippines rise or our country will be still the same.

    Even though marian’s wedding is extravagant there’s still the fact that philippines is still in a disaster.

    its their wedding..why do you people care…they have tons of cash cause GMA always used them as a main actor on a Drama…they worked hard for it and they’ve been an actor for many years.

    DONGYAN wedding is extravagant because marian and dindong wanted to have a wonderful memory that their wedding is really unforgetable.

    Try being not insecure to them because they have a wonderful wedding and tons of cash…because nothing will happen even though you people will say that Dongyqn wedding break the law… NOTHING WILL CHANGE BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY DONE.

    And stop saying that they aould have use their money for the poor people…they already done that this past years…remember the disaster that typhoon brings, they always volunteer and help them…stop the discussion about this cause if poor people are dying cause they don’t have food…ITS THEIR FAULT…AND SOME PEOPLE DIDNT BOTHER TO MIND IT AT ALL….IT JUST THE INSECURE PEOPLE THAT MAKES POOR PEOPLE THEIR EXCUSE SO THAT THEY CAN SAYTHAT ITS TOO EXTRAVAGANT AND SAY THAT THEY’RE WASTING MONEY….IF YOUR HAVING TROUBLE IN MONEY ITS YOUR FAULT BECAUSE YOU DIDNT PLAN ANYTHING AT ALL AND YOU DIDNT WORK HARD FOR IT.



    I know after this you’ll think taht we can blame the government because of corruption…look democratic country always have corruption….we philippines are democratic country and we have right to speak our own thoughts but if the thing that you eill say is pointless just keep it for yourself and try to let the government see it…we can speak in our own we have freedom but try using it in a great way.


    Its just my thought.

  21. Very insecure and assuming. Not worth a journalistic piece. Good thing you didn’t put your real name because you yourself know the shortcomings of your article.

      1. you should have at least mentioned the good deeds u r doing for your country.. har har har kung meron but i doubt if you have, palibhasa di mo pera kaya it’s easy for you to say… there is still time though.. you can donate the money you’ll get from this.. para magka-K ka naman mangi-alam sa pinaghirapan ng iba

  22. I am appalled by the senseless extravagance of this wedding. I feel like vomiting seeing the president and the bishops flashing stupid smiles next to the “royal” Pinoy couple. But I am also equally stupefied at the general consensus of the commenters in most blog posts. Really?? “It’s their money so they can burn it any way they want”… in the Philippines, a country that tries so hard to look pretty yet is considered as poor as Haiti?
    This DongYan (the name sounds as absurd as they seem) had a great opportunity to be good examples and even benefactors to the poor Filipino public that adores them, and yet they chose to indulge themselves in the most ridiculously hedonistic ways possible. Exactly what kind of twisted values did they want to send out to the rest of the nation? Money is no object when it comes to true love? It’s fantastic, delusional, telenovela histrionics! Did they forget they were public figures?
    If this is an accurate reflection of what the Filipino truly values, it’s no wonder that the politicians and their ostentatious displays of wealth, are so easily tolerated. From a distance these politicians are hated, but at closer range I think some of the grandiosity is transferred from the oppressor to the oppressed and the association by proximity fuels the narcissism on both ends. The despised suddenly become idols! Now blinded, they will gladly shake the politicians’ hands and ask to take pictures, with the alligators carrying their babies no less… when what they should be doing is cursing at them and throwing tomatoes in their face! And this kind of wedding perpetuates that kind of thinking.

    (sorry if this ends up as a repost. I tried to post this to the other article but something went wrong, and I’m not sure if it went through or not. But I had to get my thoughts out. I expect to be slaughtered by opposing comments right about now….)

  23. I hope the Pope won’t hear about the eight bishops who preach humility and Jesus Christ sufferings every Sunday participating happily on this event (and why does it need to be a bishopx8 and not the usual priest?) 2015 being the year of the poor as the Pope declared.

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