The #Philippines is a nation of starstruck ignoramuses

[The following is an article by Star columnist Don Pedero published in The Philippine Star 29 October 2000 and also featured in Get Real Philippines on the same year.]

* * *

Last July 23, I wrote about Nasty (short for Anastacio), a balikbayan from Los Angeles, who, while vacationing in Manila, had nothing to say but negative comments about the Philippines and the Filipinos. The article elicited a deluge of comments from our readers. Though some agreed with his curt observations, most were enraged at the repulsive way he acted and whined.

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For me, he was the classic epitome of the “crow perched on a carabao,” thinking and acting nauseatingly superior just because he has become an American citizen, inequitably comparing everything here to how they are in the first world. I was particularly irked by his repulsive “know it all” attitude and peeved no end by his irritating Waray-American twang.

Those who have not read that article may access and click archives, then select July 23 and click Lifestyle. The article is entitled “Little Brown Americans.” As a backgrounder, here is an excerpt:

The next day, I took them on a little city tour and accompanied them to do extra shopping at the duty-free shop. They were to leave two days later for their respective provinces (Randy is from Pampanga, Nasty, from Samar).

“God, ang dilem-dilem naman ditow (it is so dark here)!” screamed Nasty in his characteristic Taglish slang, “At ang inet-inet pa (and so warm)!”

* * *

Manila's monstrous traffic jams choke the life out of the Philippines' premiere city.

Manila’s monstrous traffic jams choke the life out of the Philippines’ premiere city.

All throughout the day, Nasty complained about everything. He griped that all Filipinos he encountered were dense and inefficient (I hope that didn’t include me!); that the traffic was horrendous and drivers “drove like they were late for their funerals”; that the pollution from the smoke-belching vehicles was irritating his dainty, surgically-pinched nose.

He was disgusted that water closets didn’t work; horrified that there was no toilet paper in public toilets (“God, how do you people do it?” he bewailed); petrified by street children begging while soaking wet in the rain (“Where are the parents of these kids?” he nagged).

He moaned about the proliferation of slums, people crossing the superhighways (“There should be underground or overhead walkways for pedestrians!” he demanded), the potholes on the streets, the disgusting garbage and filth all over the city, and the annoying floods! And all these he observed in just one day!

Weeks after the publication of the article, I took Nasty’s silence to mean that of contempt and anger. I must admit that I didn’t care because I was really turned off by his arrogance. The good news is, Nasty has finally decided to break his silence and give us his side, loaded with a big piece of his mind. The bad news is, he hits more sensitive chords and it stings.

* * *

Nasty’s E-Mail
Dear Dero,

My Zen master says, “Never fight fire with fire.” So, I sat in a lotus position, imbibed the ethereal qualities of cool mountain water and stoically resisted the temptation of answering back to defend myself in rebuttal of your article. I kept quiet while you and your readers had a charlatan holiday, dissecting and fanning sarcasm on my every comment about your country and your people.

I am not mad at you for writing that piece. I was never upset at any point, even after your readers from all over the world e-mailed in their two-cents’ worth. In fact, I found it rather amusing and carnival-like.

I even felt happy that people still came to the defense of your Philippines!

If you noticed, I now refer to the Philippines and Filipinos as your country and your people. Every time I went back there for vacation, my Filipino-ness always took the better of me (blame those damn green mangoes smothered with bagoong!) and made me forget that I am, in all reality, what you aptly called a “Little Brown American.” I have come to terms with my own identity- I am, after all, an American citizen carrying an American passport!

What precipitated my quick decision to sever my ties with your country (aside from your ***** of an article) were the Abu Sayyaf abductions (que barbaridad!), the Payatas-like downslide of the peso (eat your hearts out, I earn sweet American dollars!), the “devoid of conscience” graft and corruption in your government (this has gone on for the longest time-how shameful!), and lately, the stupid “Juetengate” and juicy but enraging “Boracay” mansion gossips. With all these, who would be proud to be a Filipino? Besides, to tell you frankly, those Erap jokes are no longer funny- they are passé and leave a bad taste in the mouth and heart. No Apology If I sounded brash and insensitive with the way I threw my comments, well, I cannot do any-thing about that because that is the way I am, and I offer no apology. Here, in America, you have to tell it like it is or you’ll never be taken seriously. I have learned to drop my “Pinoy sugarcoating” because out here, you get nothing done if you are meek and sweet and pa-api. Hindi puwede mag-Anita Linda dito!

Filipinos are reminded every now and then of their slobbery whenever monsoon floods strike.

Filipinos are reminded every now and then of their slobbery whenever monsoon floods strike.

When I commented about your pollution, street children mendicants, slums,potholes, toilets that don’t work, garbage, floods, and most of all, the Pinoys’ chronic lack of discipline, I was merely putting into words what I saw. I can’t blame your being blind about your country’s situation.

My Zen master says, “One cannot easily see the dirt in one’s eye.” I am sure though that you are aware of those sordid details, but have grown accustomed to them (like most Manileños have). All the complaints I aired may have hurt your pride but what I wanted you to realize is this: The things I pointed out are all symptoms of a failing, falling nation!

Suffering A National Karma?

Could yours be a country cursed with a huge national karmic debt? It could be payback time, you know. Look back into your history, look deep inside your hearts-what could you have done as a nation to deserve this fiasco you are in today?

What you are faced with didn’t just happen overnight-it developed and grew into a monster in the course of time. Deeply imbedded in the psyche of the Filipino is the amalgamation of the characters and events that have impacted your lives – Dona Victorina, Dona Concepcion, poor Sisa as well the other hilarious and tragic characters of Dr. Jose Rizal… Stonehill…the notorious gangsters immortalized by your Filipino movies like Asiong Salonga (hmmm!), et al…the killers in your (I thought they’d never end!) massacre movies…those cheap, appalling titles of your movies…those staged “religious miracles” that your naive masses believed…family men with pushy queridas (mistresses)…your crooked politicians, undependable police officers and greedy customs collectors…your bribe-hungry court judges…Imeldific, gloriously smiling and crying at the same time, bejeweled. (How very Fellini!)

Filipino showbiz politicians are elected to office not because of who they are in real life.

Filipino showbiz politicians are elected to office not because of who they are in real life.

What you are is the sum total of your history, your heritage and culture,your education, the crap that your press sensationalizes, the bad icons that your movies glorify, the artificial values your advertising extols, the bad examples your leaders and role models project. What you feed your country’s mind is what it becomes. You have become the ugly monster that you’ve created. You are now crying all the tears your sickeningly sentimental movies wailed out for years and years! Your Biggest Fault If there is one thing that comes to mind, I think your biggest fault would be your individual greed. “Ako muna!” seems to be the national mantra. The trouble is, very few people think for the common good in a deplorable “to each his own kurakot” festival. Coupled with your crab mentality of pushing down others, this can be fatal. You think barangay, not national. Hello, everybody else around the world is thinking global! Europe is unshackling her national boundaries while you are building fences around your nipa huts.

Do yourselves a favor and look at your nation as a ship. All of you are in it and it is sinking! Realize your oneness-what hurts your brother hurts you, too. Think about the future of your children and the succeeding generations, and do something about it quick before your poor little banca plunges forever into the irretrievable depths of despair.

Star-Struck Nation

You are a nation of star-struck ignoramuses. You are easily awed by your movie stars who are usually nothing but uneducated, aquiline-nosed and light-skinned ******** picked up from some gutter somewhere. I have seen what these artistas illusionadas can get away with. They just flash their capped-tooth smiles and policemen let them get away with traffic violations; they bat their false eyelashes and customs officers impose no duty on their suspicious balikbayan boxes.

President BS Aquino managed to find time in his 'busy' schedule to grace the royal wedding of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

President BS Aquino managed to find time in his ‘busy’ schedule to grace the royal wedding of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.

Worst of all, with the Filipino movie industry taking a nosedive, hordes of actors and show personalities went into politics. It is, as they say, the next best “racket”-there is more money to be made in the politicking business than in show business! (And what is this I hear that in the coming elections, more are jumping into the arena? Mag-hara-kiri na kayo!) How can you expect these comedians and actors, who only know how to take directions from their directors, to direct your nation? For them,politics will just be an “act”. No big surprise here, for they are mere actors with no original scripts to speak, no original visions to share. So what can you expect but a government that is a comedy of errors. Serves you and your star- struck nation right!

My Zen master says, “Give unto Caesar what is due to Caesar, but keep Charlie Chaplin on the silver screen to make us laugh.” To survive, you must teach your citizenry to say no to three things – no to drugs, no to stealing and graft and corruption, and no to artistas in politics. I hope you’ve learned your lesson by now. (Yours is the only country where Mexican soap stars are received like royalty in the presidential palace. How shoddy! God forbid-Fernando Carrillo might end up being your next president. At least he has great abs and doesn’t wobble like a penguin when he walks!)

For those artistas who honestly believe that they can make a positive difference in the Filipino masses’ life, they must first study law, business and public administration, and immerse themselves in the life and passion of Mother Teresa. Politics is not an art for dilettante artistas to dabble in. It is called “Political Science,” hello?!

Educate Your Masses

Educate the masses – especially your electorate. What you need is an intelligent vote aside from, of course, intelligent candidates. The University of San Carlos in Cebu City, founded in 1595, and the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, established in 1611, are the oldest universities in Asia, and are even older than Harvard. But the standard of Pinoy education has deteriorated so much that the Philippines ranks among the poorest in the educational hierarchy of Asia.

The next generation of Filipinos is being misguided and mis-educated by their leaders and elders.

The next generation of Filipinos is being misguided and mis-educated by their leaders and elders.

Education, education, education-that’s what you need in this age of information, information, information.

If all your social, religious and political sectors don’t sit down now and decide to take the Right Way, the Philippines and your children’s children will be grand losers in the worldwide rush to the future. Education is one sure way to salvation. Teach what is right, good, beautiful and beneficial.

Downplay all negativity if you cannot eliminate it altogether.

The Ideal President

I’ve got news for you. (As if you didn’t already know.) No matter whom you put up there as your leader or president, it will be the same banana. Even a holy man can turn into another J. E. (Judas Escariot) for a few pieces of silver. Kumpares, alalays, relatives and cronies will encrust like flies and maggots on his cordon sanitaire. And it will be the same despicable “Sa amin na ‘to!” hullabaloo all over again.

Take an advice from Aling Epang: “Pumili ng matanda, mayaman, mabait, at madaling mamatay.” Get a president who is old – so that he is full of wisdom, rich – so he won’t need to steal more money, goodhearted – so he will render heartfelt service to his people, and is in the sunset of his life – so that he will think of nothing but gaining good points to present when he meets his Creator. And may I add: At iisa lang ang pamilya! This is, of course, asking for the moon. Just pray fervently for an intelligent leader with a pure heart who genuinely loves the common tao!

Magpakatotoo Kayo! Wake up and look at the real you. Enough with looking at your reflection in glorious, self-embellishing mirrors. The tropical sun can play tricks, you know. Do not wait for darkness to fall before you take that much-needed long, hard look at your real situation. Magpakatotoo kayo, ano? This isn’t a wake-up call-it is the final alarm!

Save the ship while you still can. Don’t wait till your people have no more dreams left to hang on to, no more hope to sustain their broken spirits. I came home, spent my penny-pinched savings so that even in the minutest way I could help your bruised economy. Your politicians sit on their fat, farting butts and get balatos (kuno!) in the millions. Receivers are as guilty as the givers. Now, tell me, who is really nasty?

I Have Made My Decision; So Should You.

My Zen master says, “Life is all about decisions, not choices.” I have made a decision which I know will be very hard for me to keep- You will never hear from me again (not in this vein) and I will not even think of visiting or buwisiting your Manila ever. This is my way of letting you know that I have given up on you. Bahala na kayo! Only you can help yourselves because at the stage you are in, nobody would want to help you. My Zen master says, “You have to fall to learn to rise again.” How much lower do you want to go?

Philippine media played a huge role in the bungled handling of the 2010 Mendoza hostage crisis which resulted in the death of 9 Hong Kong tourists.

Philippine media played a huge role in the bungled handling of the 2010 Mendoza hostage crisis which resulted in the death of 9 Hong Kong tourists.

Anyway, regarding the Philippines as a tourist destination, you have a lot of cleaning up and face-lifting to do before foreigners would dare go to your islands again. The Abu Sayyaf episode has done your tourism industry more damage than you could ever imagine, and it will take a long time before the world forgets. (By the way, your tourism projects are lusterless and have no global impact. If you want real business, spruce up your infrastructure and do aggressive marketing on the World Wide Web!)

Of course, I would gladly reverse my decision if someone offered me exclusive lordship over lotto, bingo, jueteng, pintakasi and the jai alai.Think about it: this will be to your advantage because I never give tong or blood commission to anyone! (If only your president used the millions he received from those gambling lords to build homes for the masses, you wouldn’t have any more squatters. Huling hirit: defrost those Marcos billions, pay off some debt, place the rest in high-yield investments, feed your hungry, and spread bounty and joy to every Filipino! Are you stupid or what? – That’s your money sucked from the blood of your people!)

I have made my decision, now make yours. I would hate for the day to come when I’d have to say, “I told you so!” Good luck! (You need it.)

An ex-Filipino,

J. Anastasio “Nasty”

P. S. My Zen master says, “Vox populi is not always the voice of God.”

P. P. S. Come over to L.A and I’ll show you a great time!

P. P. P. S. Our friend Randy says hello! We will be going to Vancouver to feast our eyes on the colors of autumn. Wish you could join us.

P. P. P. P. S. The new Miss America, Angela Perez Baraquio, is of Filipino ancestry. Dero, her parents hail from Pangasinan just like you! But keep in mind that she is an American (in case some wise fools over there claim her to be Filipino like they always do whenever someone becomes successful).

Wait for the girl to say it- don’t put words in her mouth!

P. P. P. P. P. S. Mabuhay kayo (SANA)!

P. P. P. P. P. P. S. Sa totoo lang, MAGDUSA KAYONG LAHAT! (Don’t you just love my Waray-Kano accent?) He-he-he!

– Same

* * *

My Short Reply

Dear Nasty,

Thanks for your e-mail. I swear you sort of stole the words from right under my tongue. Now, I am utterly speechless.

Send my regards to Randy. Wishing you the best!

928 Replies to “The #Philippines is a nation of starstruck ignoramuses”

      1. funny knowing that LA is one of the most polluted Cities in the US. While he does have a point, this does not merit however, assholery to the nth degree.

        1. LA is not one of America’s better cities. It’s chaotic and disorganized, but not in a way cities in the Philippines tend to be.

          He does seem like an ass at first, but if he had said the things he said in the nicest way, he’d still be dismissed and Filipinos would still react in their usual contemptible defensiveness.

        2. Funny because even with LA being as polluted as it is, it’s still leaps and bound cleaner than Manila.

  1. hahahaha i do agree. there’s no point living in a country where criminals live in villas protected by the government. Actors and actresses running the country. Big corporations getting away with everything. The media educating the masses. yeah I know our country is not the only one experiencing it. But who cannot say that we are the top of it. We have no sense of self respect. All we do is point fingers during an accident and claw each other to the top when it comes to being praised. It’s hard not to be angry at what he said. But it takes more to suck it up and start reflecting, contemplating how to get away from this muk.

    1. There was a foreigner who called out Manila’s “fictional sidewalks”. Our fellow countrymen called him names.

      Unfortunately, MM sidewalks are still fictional. Soon, thesame will happen in the provinces. Misplaced anger.

      1. It’s true. I thought I was the only one who thought proper sidewalks are virtually non-existent in most places here. In developed countries, crumbling narrow or non-existent sidewalks wouldn’t pass without someone noticing and taking action to do something about it.

        Here I’ve learned that if you even try to do something about it, you’d be made to look like a fool.

      2. Is it this one?

        THE ‘REPRIVATE’ OF THE PHILIPPINES | Or why Metro Manila continues to deteriorate

        A quote:

        “As an example, let’s talk about something simple: sidewalks, a basic public asset that facilitates mobility and the livability of a city. Except for a few areas, sidewalks are absent. Or if they do exist, they are occupied in very different ways. Streets for pedestrians are science fiction. The terrible consequence is that elders, small children, and handicapped people are excluded from the streets.”

    1. It is a huge point relayed in a non-constructive way but helpful when recognized. Unfortunately, majority who have the power will not care…

  2. Stating the obvious haha.

    Even priests and bishops are star-struck enough that they’d feel compelled to attend one event. For what purpose and for what end? I’mnot sure exactly.

    NOTE: One event. No, it’s not an ordination. The Pope wasn’t there. There was no other sacrament other than it was a single, though glamorous, glitzy and extravagant wedding. A single wedding by (1) one couple.

  3. ENOUGH!! I am blinded by the TRUTH in what you all say! May I add, Beh, buti nga sa inyo mga kababayan ko!! you deserve it!! Filipinos are blinded by their respective religions… easily forgives/forget… bahala na ang Diyos.. in God’s time and will… no bones to speak up because one might be hurt/killed if doing the unpopular choice! Feeling helpless…

  4. I hated him…. Then loved him.
    I think the hate boils down to him disowning his ‘being-Filipino.’ Denying where you came from will always be deemed arrogant in the eyes of every man.
    The things he pointed our are the sentiments of everyone, everyday. They have even become the subjects of our everyday jokes, saying “ang problema kasi nga mga pinoy…” or “ano na bang nangyayari sa Pilipinas…” So there’s absolutely nothing new here. You’d even just laugh if you here these kinds of rants coming from your friend.

    So just 2 things to Nasty-

    1. You’re still arrogant for implicitly saying “youre not Filipino anymore.” and,

    2. Thank you for the ‘REMINDERS’.

  5. This actually lays out the general principles of Da Pinoy Condition of which the whole #DongYan Wedding series of articles are mere applications of these principles on a specific case.

  6. I agree in all aspects,,,,,we are PILIPINOS born and raised as slaves,servants not rulers,,,uto-uto,,,lahat na salita hindi maganda iyan ay para sa PILIPINO lamang….DAMNED STUPID IGNORAMUS PILIPINOS….my heartfelt thanks to you,,,,you are a real freiend to a few.

  7. To bad someone who lives in a 1st world country doesn’t know the word respect. I guess dollars cannot buy you manners. What he calls Karma also will be with him. Poor soul.

    1. And to make things worse, this someone doesnt even belong to the 1st world country, he just happen to live there and got lucky with his citizenship and yet he has the guts to disrespect and degrade his own roots.. But yeah I agree, KARMA will suck him up…

    2. Too bad both of you are totally missing the point.

      If someone here is a poor soul, it’s BOTH of you mongrels. And your lack of intelligence is showing it.

      1. If Jan and Jess live in other countries, they’d be fired for not honestly dealing with whatever issues they’re facing. By the way Jan, Nasty earned his citizenship. His adopted country won’t give it to any loser. And Nasty can choose whatever team that helps him realize his potential. Why should he stick to a team this loses yet doesn’t start working on correcting those problems?

    3. Too bad someone who lives in a 3rd world country doesn’t know how to create. Go back to your cave, fool.

  8. I am a Filipino, i live here and I love this country because we were born here, so my default, we have to love this country. But this Nasty article pretty much says all the problem that we have, but hated to be pointed out and admit to even ourselves. We are blinded because we have learned to live by these— until you see other countries doing it exactly how things should be done, and then you wonder, why on earth do Filipinos live like a dugyot and even enjoy it? sadness time….:(

  9. As usual, some folks have missed the point. All they see (read) is “foreigner”, “arrogant”, someone who has “denied where he comes from” and so on. The guy, who appears to have spent many years in the US and has adapted well, speaks too “harsh” for Filipinos here. Well, as Americans, we tell it like it is. We don’t draw it out with useless platitudes (trite, meaningless, or prosaic statement, generally directed at quelling social, emotional, or cognitive unease), we say what we feel direct and to the point. So, if what the guy is saying is true, then what’s the problem? Is it because he chooses to be an “ex Filipino” while being an American Citizen? SHEEEEEE-ITT! If that’s all you can muster as a reason to disagree with his statements then you’re part of the reason people share the same view of this Country as the guy in the article.

  10. I am a Filipino with a British passport. So let me put my British mind to test – shall I ?

    Mr. Nasty appears to be very happy with his American Passport ( his passport his personality ) ! His comments about the Philippines are very accurate and true.
    Score: 1- Nil to Philippines .

    So what did Uncle Sam teach him so far to become the person he is with an AMERICAN Passport ? Rejects his Filipino origin and never to visit again , moan and complain , criticise endlessly, hurt people by calling them ignoramus , pointed out all the filth but failed to offer constructive actions to clean and cleanse the filthy and corrupt society ! Big apple big mouth ?

    Score : 1- Nil to Nasty

    My UK- PHIL ZEN MASTER ( haha to sarcasm ) has the ff: questions :
    What does Nasty stand for ( simply being nasty ) ?
    Now then , do you want to become an American citizen like him ? Coward or Brave ? Big mouth small balls ?
    Does he represent what American people stand for ?
    I’d admire him if he can grow his spine and speak to P- Noy and tell him in his face the good things he’s achieved for his country and then the FILTH ..and then the ACTIONS , ACTIONS , ACTIONS !

    Score : 1- Nil to Nasty

    Who wants his AMERICAN PASSPORT and his Personality ?

    Don’t shoot …my opinion folks … My opinion ! Happy new year :))) xxxxxx

  11. Why so racist?

    So you’re saying that these situations doesn’t happen to others?

    I’m a Filipino.

    I’m a programmer and I live (Owned as a 24 yrs old) walking distance to my work( Ayala – Makati ).

    Not everyone suffers here in the Philippines. if you.. well.. sucks to be you. (can’t afford a decent place that u don’t need to travel?)

    I could say..

    US = Loves justin bieber (Stupid – Bad decision making skills based on work xp.)

    China dumps their children (max 2 on China) to PH. (based on Chinese co-worker who got dumped here)

    India have much worse traffic (based on an Indian Co-Worker).

    Yah yah.. Filipino Police and Squatters sucks..

    but hey even in the US there are squatters..

    I hate stupid people regardless of the race.

      1. He struck me as arrogant and sort of a dick, but there is no indication at all that he was racist.

        Actually, people who often play the race card with little basis strike me as defensive and irrational.

        1. Nasty is a dick, but I’d rather have him on my team rather some other guy who does nothing except do just enough so as not to rock the boat.

        2. Nasty accusing us filipinos that we see everything and we do nothing, that is one of the reason why he turned his back on us, he saw everything and did nothing, (since he is no longer a filipino, he doesnt need to do anything) he saw squatters, poor children on the streets. What did he do? Nothing. Never even gave them food, or anything that might help those poor kids and their families. He is just one of those arrogant fools

  12. To those who are stupid enough and can’t find a job in the Philippines so they traveled abroad.

    You know who you are. Maybe you did something stupid so you can’t land a job because if you’re skilled there’s no reason not to fire the existing and hire you!.

    1. Wow they can’t land job so they’re stupid. Way to call the millions of OFWs making sacrifices and languishing abroad just so they can uplift the lives of their families.

      They’re the reason why you’re not out right now looking for a job and starving. The Philippine economy was able to stay afloat precisely because of the remittances and investments of those OFWs. In other words, you owe them asshole.

      Go f* yourself.

      1. You calling someone “son” and then calling him stupid?? Tsk tsk, that is showing your lack of what?? Ikaw na matalino, ask yourself kung ano na nagawa mo para mag-improve ang Pilipinas, son.

  13. There are times when the messenger matters more than the message. And in Nasty’s case, that saying is true.

    A self-confessed American, he pulled no punches on everything he witnessed in the country where he originated from. And he said those things obviously not to make the Filipinos feel better but to make himself feel better because he is no longer one of them. He no longer experience, feel, smell, etc. those wrong and ugly things Filipinos experienced 24/7.

    His message is loud and clear and true. But, alas, the messenger is no longer a part of the crowd to whom the message is for. He is now better, cleaner, prettier and most importantly richer than them. He may not be exactly corrupt or mistake-free bit he can now pretend to be in a perfect place than the Filipinos he’s sending his message to.

    I have no quarrel with those bad and sad things he enumerated about us. Problem was, nothing in what he said indicated that he has any intention, as an outsider, of doing his share to uplift and do something about it.

    He is no different from former insider-turned-outsider people in the past that uses their newfound status to point out to Filipinos those wrong and ugly things they themselves did nothing to when they were still Filipinos.

    Human nature.

    1. telling an addict or someone sick that he is sick is a form of helping. it’s up to the sick person to deny or accept his condition. an outsider’s perspective is more important than like-minds jerking each other off pretending nothing’s wrong—that’s inbreeding and that is more harmful and counterproductive in the larger scheme of things.

      1. Who’s ‘telling’ an addict, a former addict? And when did ‘telling’ cure addiction?

        Outsider’s perspective is welcome. But what kind of perspective? One that will insult and make fun of you or one that exert efforts in assisting on the resolution of a problem?

        1. Jameboy,

          Tomas didn’t say ‘telling’ instantly cures addiction. He said it’s a form of helping.

          Can’t you understand a simple English sentence or you’re just dense?

        2. Jmac, ‘telling’ the way Nasty did it is not a form of helping. It is practically ridiculing, insulting and degrading.

          Jmac, insulting me will not make you right. Never. 🙂

        3. Denial, Tomas? Who is denying? I suggest let Jmac help you explain your self. And then you explain Jmac. 🙂

      2. Jameboy,

        Tomas didn’t say ‘telling’ instantly cures addiction. He said it’s a form of helping.

        Can’t you understand a simple English sentence or you’re just dense?

        1. Tomas didn’t say ‘telling’ instantly cures addiction. He said it’s a form of helping. – Jmac
          Yes, but who talked about “instantly cures addiction”?

          Before you volunteer as a spokesman, talk to the person whom you like to talk for. And be ready to explain CLEAR & COMPLETELY what you are saying in a nice manner.

        2. “Yes, but who talked about ‘instantly cures addiction'”

          Who talked about curing? You. Tomas merely said ‘helping’ not ‘curing’.

          “Before you volunteer as a spokesman, talk to the person whom you like to talk for. And be ready to explain CLEAR & COMPLETELY what you are saying in a nice manner”

          Stop imitating the way I capitalize words and phrases for emphasis.

  14. Yes, there is truth to what nasty said but then again we must not forget that there are a lot of Filipinos who chose to stay here, tried to make a difference in their own little way and never gave up on our country. If all Filipinos would simply choose to take the easy way out by migrating to another country in search of greener pastures then then suffice it to state that our beloved country is doomed…

    sabi ng matatanda, matuto kang lumingon sa iyong pinang galingan… malamang tulog ka ng sinabi yun ng mga nakakatanda sa iyo.

    Nanirahan at nag-aral narin ako sa ibang bansa sa Europa, Asia at kahit pa sa America, bagamat may paghanga ako sa mga maunlad at disiplanadong mga bansang aking napuntahan, ay di ko nagawa ni minsan kinutsain ang ating bansa dahil alam ko at patuloy akong umaasa na darating ang araw na magiging kasing unlad din nila, o di kaya ay mas pa, ang ating inang bayan.

    1. Most of his (okay, all) of his pointers are accurate. Issue na yan sa Pinas. But it’s really disheartening that he had to ridicule the country and it’s people na parang hindi siya galing dito. At least we’re trying to be better citizens and we’re trying to breakthrough this sh***y situation that we’re in without insulting our country, not like you. Btw, what are the things that you have contributed to this country aside from your penny-pinched savings for you to have the right to insult us? You’re like a high and mighty lord looking at his lowly people. Guess you already acquired the first world problem: entitlement. Better get your head outta your a** dude. You’re no better than us.

      1. What’s disheartening are people who take offense with the truth. They cry ridicule or insult when what the person is saying is plainly the truth.

        These people are the ones who make a fool out of themselves and are, in fact, ridiculous. They just do not know it or refuse to believe it.

      2. A prime example of what nasty described… Blind from the truth. You don’t get it… this mentality has got to stop!!! everytime someone tells the truth, there’s always a stupid filipino comment “e ikaw? ano nagawa mo?” which just goes to show how insecure filipinos are… Everything he said is accurate! that was based on more than 30 years of my existence! I am not blind! I will accept the truth and change! the only way to change is to accept what is wrong and change it! DO NOT ACCEPT WHAT IS WRONG AND CHANGE WHAT WAS SAID THAT IS RIGHT! baliktad ka e… gusto mong baguhin ung sinabi ni nasty e tama naman sya, ang dapat baguhin e ung mali natin mga filipino. hinde yan insulto kung papansinin mo, yan ang tinatawag na contructive criticism.

      3. Oh he is better than you. He earned it through deep thought of what’s important, and working to achieving the goals set through those deep thoughts. Tough luck. Deal with it.

    2. Make any criticism about this country, I bet you there will be a few saying: “puro ka reklamo, kung ayaw mo dito umalis ka nalang ng bansa!”

  15. The amazing but sad thing about this article is… except for the Erap thing (though there are equivalents for our current people in power), it still applies today.

    Walang pagbabago.

  16. he made his decision… he ran away to live the a+ life and criticize the place where he came from. he took the easy way out. and now he tells us to help ourselves ’cause no one would help us. I mean, he could’ve stayed, and helped. he’s asking us something he failed to do or rather chose not to do.

    1. Make any criticism about this country, I bet you there will be a few saying: “puro ka reklamo, kung ayaw mo dito umalis ka nalang ng bansa!”

    2. If you read the article… He tried to help by pointing out what was wrong with the country but was bashed for it. I’m pretty sure Dick’s comment is right. A lot of filipino probably started hating on him and bashed him for his opinion and told him “puro ka reklamo, kung ayaw mo dito umalis ka nalang ng bansa!” which led him to decide not to come back. Everything he said was true, Period! it doesn’t matter what he did or is doing.

    3. There are a lot of people, countries, NGOs who have tried time and again to help the Philippines. The OFW remittances alone, according to this article – ( has brought in 1.1 trillion pesos a year. The problem is, Filipinos cannot look at the big picture or the future so all the money is spent on things that don’t really benefit the country as a whole. The people who are benefiting from it are the retail and real estate conglomerates.

      I had volunteered before for a Non-Profit based in California and we have looked for other non-profits to partner with us. Some of them don’t even want to go to the Philippines because they already know that the help (in kind) will not get to the intended parties. The people who have the power there intercept the goods and keep it for themselves like it was their right.

      So what I’m saying is, Nasty most likely had tried make a difference, like other Filipinos living in other countries. But the difference we thought we could make, does not happen. The change has to come from there, from within. The change can happen if one by one, every Filipino there decides that they will not ‘lagay’. They will have to demand services without the lagay. They have to pay the fines if they get caught violating traffic laws and not ‘lagay’ to get out of it. They have to hold their public officials accountable (this is hard since this could mean being shot by their goons). Change can happen when we change our way of thinking. My favorite – people having kids because they are afraid that no one will take care of them at their old age! Wrong reason to have a kid! Or marrying a loser because being married is better than not. Empower the women so they don’t think this way. Geez!

      So all in all, there is hope BUT Filipinos have to change their ways and way of thinking.

  17. Touché are we?
    I am a pure Filipino. I live in Manila; employed in a government agency/institution. Been living in the city for more than 10 years but came from one of the provinces. My family belongs to a middle class. My parents have their own business yet i chose to work in the govt to somehow help the less fortunate by doing social services.. Ah dont get me wrong, im no saint nor a heroine! I just want to return what my state university had taught me and what the state had spend for my very cheap expenses in my education being “iskolar ng bayan” (as what we were being called, but really not full scholar just cheaper than other universities)….

    But duhhh! If only not for my clients (the indigents) i would have resigned long time ago! Low salaries and unclaimed benefits, too much politics and lazy employees! Bosses and employees who come late and loiter! Who only waits for 5pm to go home and wait for salary day but done nothing. Bosses who just acquired their position by seniority but lacks knowledge and skills. Some were just being appointed. Bosses who knew nothing but to order their juniors to do their reports/tasks. Bosses who even delay the services to the poor just because they are not always around to pen their goddamned precious signatures! How ironic isnt it? Everybody had rendered/prepared everything to help the clients but that Poncious Pilate is nowhere to be found to affix his sign! That’s the government system.. And worsts, hiring contractuals/job orders with minimal wage, no benefits at all yet do more than regular ones.

    This is the reality in government service.. Where indigency funds are given to rich ones. The controversial PDAF was not removed. They just changed its name into Medical Assistance Program (MAP) but other than that nothing really changed. Indigent patients still receive less than the rich ones, political cronies & friends/relatives! Some Charity patients receive 500-1000 pesos assistance while PRIVATE patients receive P50,000 or more! its no longer indigent fund ohhhh well better call it “POLITICAL INDIGENT FUND”…sounds better !

    I also agree with Nasty that filipinos needs education esp.the electorate. I may have to say that MOST Filipinos are really stupid when it comes to choosing their electoral candidate/ casting their votes! First , some were being paid while some are just so emphatic & sympathetic! They dont use brains just their stupid hearts and intuitions!

    And yeah right! Some Filipinos are hypocrates! Saying they are proud filipinos when someone (filipino) has been recognized abroad! Eventhough the person herself/himself though with filipino blood was never even in her/his entire life set foot in this country, could not even spesk the language and does not even recognize his/her roots. Com’on, he/she may have this blood but let’em recognize that themselves without putting the words in their mouths!

    What only makes me happy in this country are my loved ones who are still here. And few things make me proud are the tourists destinations and few good people i know who really help my indigent clients without expecting anything and without political inclination! Other than that, there’s really nothing to be proud of! Because mostly are so unnatural and motive-based actions!

    If only not for my family i would love to migrate. But since my parents chooses to stay in the province, i just cant leave them. Besides, sooner or later i have to manage our business. Maybe that would be the time im gonna leave this forsaken place so called Manila. Sad to say the forsaken government system perhaps still needs 100 years or so to be erradicated. Perhaps the Matandang,mayaman, mabait at madaling mamatay is still a kid right now or still unborn!

    1. @Surhayda
      Thank you for your comment, especially since you are from within government. You gave something to think about and touched the heart.

      If you are from DSWD, hope you and your officemates organize to kick out this freaking Dinky.

  18. ow come on!? ikaw hinding hindi uuwi dito sa ‘pinas? you’ll miss this place. pag tanda mo you will realize that what you’ve said are not really true. trust me.

    1. not true? been living in manila for more than 30 years and i think what he said was pretty accurate. baka nasa province ka bro, he did state na manila ung dinedescribe nya hinde probinsya. Besides that reply was written 14 years ago, and prior to that he’s been working the US for quite awhile.. I’m pretty sure he’s already old.

  19. Unfortunately, I am one of those Filipino OFW in the U.S. If you travel thurout the world; and compare the places and people to us, Filipinos. You will notice, the “great differences”.

    We are really : dumb, dull and stupid people. We never try to improve ourselves; and apathy is in our midst. “Ito ang kapalaran natin”, may have been our mantra.

    We are confused what these “artistas” can do “on screen”; and what they can do in real life. They play heroes and heroines; and live happily ever after. We are carried away with their stories; that we hope their “reel life” will be the same as their “real life”.

    So, we all become “tanga” and elected them in offices. Even if they are “barely” educated; have low I.Q. and E.Q.; and are also thieves, like any other politician.

    This vicious cycle will go on and on and on. Because they want us all to be: Dumb, Dull and Stupid.

    1. We are really : dumb, dull and stupid people.
      I’m very, very, very, very sure I’m not included in that “we” you are talking about.

      And judging from the narration you made, yeah, yours is a hopeless case.

      1. Here’s another balat-sibuyas who just can’t get the point and is so allergic to generalizations. “Hey! Don’t include me in that “we”. I’m not included!” Duh! Then you’re not! How insecure! Of course, it’s talking about the people IN GENERAL! Not all. Kaya nga generalization. Collective. Collectively stupid. When the average IQ of this nation is, say, below 50, it doesn’t mean everybody’s IQ is below 50.

      2. You are included; otherwise the Philippines would be a better place. You live there, and elected those idiot “artistas”…one even became President…others, became Senators. One Senator, can barely read and write.

        I live and work in the U.S. I have a good technical job here. I graduated from a good U.S. university…went even to graduate school…

        1. I live and work in the U.S. I have a good technical job here. I graduated from a good U.S. university…went even to graduate school…
          Good for you! You are secured for life!

          But why the hatred? You are in a nice place with a nice life. How come you sound like a loser?

          Is there something in your life that makes you feel inferior, defeated and wasted and for you to overcome and fight it you take it against Filipinos?

          Just asking. :-

  20. We have sex tourism…child prostitution…”mandurokot”, bag snatchers, “bugaws”, hold uppers, kidnap for ransom, “shabu dealers”, Chinese Triads, Korean gangsters, Police criminals, etc…Congress and Senate is a Den of Thieves. The President and his sidekicks are corrupt.

    What can you expect in the Philippines? We are mirred in our own filth…

    1. @jameboy:

      You are a major player in the: dumb, dull and stupid Filipino team. you elected these “idiots”…

        1. @jameboy

          I still say: you are a major player…you elected these idiots…and you are a loser…

        1. Then tell us you did not elect those idiots and some of us here will let you of the hook.

        2. @jameboy:

          Happy New Year , too…don’t forget to vote for my “Artista” candidate…he is charming, but barely can read and write…my dog “Kimbo” has higher I.Q., than him…at least, my dog can : howl, bark, wiggle his tail, and can bite my tormentors…

        3. @Critical Thinker
          You have to be very specific on what you want to talk about so that I can also be specific in my response.

  21. Really nasty word but totally clear and true. It’s time to wake up pls share dis to every filipino na may malaki ang pangunawa na kayang gawing positive ang lahat ng negative na sinabe ni mr. nasty.

  22. Wow nasty, you are so damn lucky you live in America. How are you so positively sure that the government officials there are not corrupt? You talk as if you’ve lived in the white house. Do you even know what your american president is supporting? C’mon, don’t be blinded by what the american media is telling you. Oops, did I just mention the media? Don’t tell us, that USA is not aa country of starstruck ignoramuses. Keeping up with the Kardashians anyone? Shut up, everyone is the same. We all just live to survive. Every country has terrorists, is that even news anymore? It is probably best that you stay in ypur beloved America, the country that did not even care for their natives. The Indian Americans are now deteriorating in number, before they ruled the country but one by one got killed by the evil europeans whom you think are better than anyone else in this hell hole world. Your country is already sunk without you even knowing it! Look at your white neighbors, they are the descendants of the people who are responsible for the biggest genocide that has ever happened in this stupid world.

    1. You don’t get his point. He’s saying we need to change, and i agree. You think america is like the philippines? that we are all the same? how blind are you? The problem when filipino pride gets hurt, they always lash out like a child throwing tantrums! learn to take a hit! be a man! everything he said is true!

    2. Are you just serious or you’re totally RETARDED.

      And no, America is not like the Philippines. That is because of these points:

      “And yet because of America’s acceptance of other cultures and melting pot, they have themselves a unique mixing of cultures and foreigners who have worked to adhere to seeking their own share of the american dream. Believe it or not, there are also many influential african americans who have found their success in that country. Those who don’t choose to stay and institutionalize their own plight in bad inner cities.

      Yet when the Spanish left and in 1942, the country ‘gained’ the independence, what did the Indios do? latch on to the meztisos and others who had the land and resources! Wow, way to earn the independence with such empowering actions!

      And the Americans are still one of the countries with a good economy where its citizens with their own ethic and ideas can find their own opportunities to fulfill their personal dreams. Japan was worst off in 1940’s after getting bombed, losing millions to that and other potentially bad disasters as the tsunami/earthquake combo came up but they are a modernized and progressive.

      Meanwhile the current Philippines you claim national love for is inefficient, has many resources but it mismanaged by the government due to its numerous red tape and lack of initiative for projects like tourism, regressing in basic fields of education, has a horrible economy locked up by the people who are ‘suppose’ to be vanguards and stand for the elite in the society of the country and despite only being separated as several islands, are just as divided depending on the region. Also managed to be financially successful in the 60’s but regressed faster than the other Asian neighbors that are fast progressing.

      I could go on for days, but I’m hoping you know about that already. The progressive countries in question you seem to look down on which ‘stripped’ the glory of the Philippines has more than what the country is moving forwards to.”

      I see the Philippines as nothing CLOSE to America, let alone Finland, Norway, Luxemborg or Singapore. They don’t play victims and they care about their people at the very least.

      My advice: SHUT UP, son. Because the fact is you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. And I’m 100% sure you won’t reply back because all I have said is 100% true.

  23. I remember a more recent article written by a Filipino in Singapore. While he was slammed for being pretentiously Singaporean in thought, his observations of the Philippines were the same: things were disorderly, downtrodden and sorry sights. Nothing’s changed from the time Mr. Nasty wrote the above piece.

    This is the effect of living for so long in a place where things are working right, you go home and are shocked when you see things are still working wrong and haven’t caught up with where you went abroad from.

    And then there is the irrational and pointless attack of “you went abroad, you’re shit.” If they didn’t go abroad, they wouldn’t know shit from perfume. This is a country where we’re forced to accept shit and call it perfume. #polishedturd

  24. Nakakalungkot man aminin, may katotohanan yung ibang mga sinabi mo tungkol sa bansa natin. Ang problema ko lang sayo eh yung paraan ng pagkakasabi mo. Bukod sa puro reklamo at walang kongkretong solusyon, yung mga ugaling hindi mo gusto eh nasayo din naman lahat.

    Sabi ng zen master mo “One cannot easily see the dirt in one’s eye.” AY, ANLAKI PO NG MUTA NYO! Sasabihin mo pa ang mga Pilipino ay makasarili? Eh sino ba tong nagtakwil sa sariling bansa at mga kababayan para maki-kapit sa ibang bansa na parang linta for personal gain? Dati na pong maunlad ang US bago ka pa pumunta dyan. Kaya wag kang makapagyabang na parang andami mong naitulong sa US at wag ka ring magreklamo na parang andami mong natulong sa Pilipinas. Tama ka na kung walang pupuna, walang aaksyon. Eh ang problema, sa sarili mo lang at sa ibang ordinaryong tao ka nagiinarte. Sinubukan mo man lang bang sumulat o makipag-usap sa baranggay, city hall, o sa kinauukulang government institution? Dahil mayabang ka naman, try mo na sa presidente. It might fall on deaf ears but at least you did something. Kung wala pa rin silang gawin, edi kulitin mo at maghanap ka ng ibang paraan. Hanggang reklamo ka lang sa internet eh, which is not helping at all at lalo lang nakakasira sa hindi na nga kagandahang reputasyon ng bansa natin in that aspect.

    Tinitwist mo pa yung mga mabuting ugali na tinuturo satin para maging cause ng problem. May paraan para maging direct to the point pero respectful pa din. Mayabang ka lang talaga at walang respeto sa kapwa mo Pilipino pero sigurado ako todo yuko ka naman dyan sa mga Amerikanong kakilala mo. Ang taong masama ang ugali, masama na talaga kahit san pa sya magpunta. Walang kinalaman yan kung sang bansa ka pinanganak. Kahit magkunwari ka pang Amerikano, masama pa rin ang ugali mo.

    Maraming nangingibang-bansa na alam din yang mga problemang nakikita mo. Pero naging citizen man sila ng bansang yun o hindi, tumutulong pa rin sila sa kapwa nila. Andyan yung mga nagpapadala ng pera para mapa-aral ang anak nila para makuha yang education na napakaimportante gaya ng sabi mo. May mga nagpapadala ng libro, nagdodonate sa mga nasalanta, atbp. Nag-ibang bansa sila dahil iyon ang nakita nilang paraan para mas makatulong sa pamilya at bansa nila. Ikaw, puro sarili mo na nga ang naisip mo, tinakwil mo pa yung bansa mo. Pustahan tayo, kung biglang maghirap yang Amerika, ang una mong galaw mo nanaman ay kung pano umalis at hindi kung pano makakatulong.

    Tama yan at manatili ka na lang dyan sa Amerika. Dahil sa ugali mo, kung nanatili ka dito, imbis na makatulong ka eh baka makadagdag ka pa sa problema. Kung naging pulitiko ka rito, edi lalong balimbing, mayabang, at matapobre ka. Kung naging regular citizen ka naman dito, yang kawalang pag-asa mo sa bansa natin eh lalo lang makakalason sa mga tao dito.

    May mga tao pa rin sa bansang ito na hopeful at gumagawa ng paraan, kahit maliit, para magkaroon ng pagbabago. Kung wala kang maitutulong, step aside. Hindi yung maninira ka pa just for the heck of it. Tingin ko gusto mo ata maging eye-opener yung email mo kaso nasira yung credibility nito dahil sa ugali mong duwag at balimbing. Inaasahan mo kaming baguhin ang bansa namin pero ikaw di mo man lang sinubukan. Tinakbuhan mo lang yung problema. Sabi nga ni Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

    Please Nasty, dyan ka na lang at manahimik. Yun na yung best na maitutulong mo sa Pilipinas.

  25. Hey. Mr Nasty Man. Wala ka namang pinagkaiba sa sa lahat halos ng mga Filipino. Isa ka pa rin sa mga trying hard to be American. Just like the rest of the Filinos here, one of the social climbers. Pinagsisiksikan ang sarili to be one of those “Porenjers” daw.

  26. Those who are saying “you should have stayed and run for office” are also asking the wrong thing. What makes you think he will win, or actually achieve something even if he has a position? I know people who had positions in office, and their attempts at reform were stopped cold. Just look at relatively clean people who joined the Aquino admin hoping to influence change: they later resigned.

    The problem is with the people, they are starstruck ignoramuses, they think the politicians are stars who will do things for them! No, the people have to work, they have to participate in political processes and do a lot of unpleasant but important work to keep the government in check. Ang akala ng tao, vote and then things are automatic. Hindi eh! Keep pestering and voicing out what you want to your candidate and representative and keep checking up on them! And more of us must do it! Ayan, kahit nasa Pilipinas pa rin, hindi nakakatulong, kasi walang ginagawa. Write your congressman or politician you know! The more na kulitin natin, the more na gagalaw sila.

    1. What makes you think he will win, or actually achieve something even if he has a position? – ChinoF
      So, what does that mean, there is really no way out? No solution to the problem?

      ‘I know people who had positions in office, and their attempts at reform were stopped cold. Just look at relatively clean people who joined the Aquino admin hoping to influence change: they later resigned.

      The problem is with the people, they are starstruck ignoramuses….’
      Stopped cold by the people? Clean people from gov’t. resigned because of the starstruck ignoramuses?

      I mean, I’m getting conflicting signals. Is it the people to blame or those people in power? Enlighten me please. :0

  27. Nasty I do f**kin agree with you. But this is were the problem lies, yes it is true that WE (including you) Filipinos are like that (refer to all the things that Nasty said) but you Nasty is also blinded on the real America. You’re so starstruck by how America works and you blinded your F***in self. And to tell honestly, you’re not an educated person. you’re just a commoner who happen to go US, earn a meager wage (which is above what meager means here, and I’ll give you that), and maybe due to hard work rise a little from where you started. You sir, you’re a product of bad parenting. I really don’t know who you are, but I know for a fact that the values you have right now are the values given to CHILDREN raised in US. And just so you know, America is not the best. It is trailing compared to any European country. And Nasty you’re no better than us. You’re still a Filipino who happened to fail and just escape outside. Blaming the country is your scapegoat to make yourself feel proud and to remind yourself that you raise a little from us. The only difference from you and me is your passport and citizenship.

    1. He didn’t fail. He did escape, just from a losing team to join a winning team that also helps him realize his potential.

  28. It doesn’t matter if his observations were accurate, what was so awful about it was they were meant to insult, to belittle, and to cut. A lot of Filipinos are born into poverty, which of course is not a choice, so to insult Filipinos for being ill-educated, poor, filthy, etc, is truly heartbreaking because the intent is not to help, it is one thing and one thing alone, cruel. These things he mentioned have been going on forever and while he may be right that it is hopeless, he needs to understand that there are things no longer within our power; we do what we can to initiate change, but if a majority of our people are not properly and sufficiently educated, how far can the efforts of some go?

  29. He obvioulsy had bad experience in Philippines that’s why he left in the first place. A broken heart perhaps? Whatever it is, it’s not our business. But he failed to see why we still come back to our country even if we travelled the whole world and back. Nothing compares to going back to comfort zones. Nothing, ever! Whatever he will do, citizenship is just on paper, never on his blood.

  30. Ignorants…power shift is in Asia. America is loosing it. Lets see who is laughing 50 years from now. Who is the real ignoramus? Read financial and business analysis “pag may time”…

  31. Btw isnt the us of a also has their share of star struck hillbilles to craps as miley c and justin b? And who is your governor in LA? Human nature is the same everywhere. It is just magnified by environmental factors such as poverty. In judging a person you have to asses motives. I would pity educated ignorants than those ignorants due to circumstances such as poverty. Btw i am filipino educated in a 3rd world university.

  32. sad but true! Filipinos always think that the only way to change their lives is to get out of the country. Not true! People should change and fight for what they have and make the best out of it. Philippines is a jewel country but no one does not know how to maneuver the resources because of lack of compassion to its fellowmen such as the corrupt politicians and all through out the lower sector of government.

  33. Nasty words for our country from Nasty are really nasty but true. =) But why forsake the country where you came from? Are you suggesting that its better to leave our land and be like you. Well, there’s nothing wrong in working abroad to seek greener pasture. But forsaking it? its a different issue. Your just an American in paper unless you suck your Filipino blood out of your body.
    Its good for Nasty that he’s out of this miserable (as he claimed to be) country. I hope he’s not faking his contentment and happiness just to give off an image of great success out there. You still have to work your ass off in that foreign land to earn. Yah! you can lavishly spend your penny-pinched savings here but not back there.
    No contest that our country is bombarded with lots of problems whether its economic, social or political. But what country doesn’t?
    Nasty is no different from those politicians who look down on their countrymen and steal from them, those of the Elites who look down on the poor and take advantage on them. Hope no one look down on you there as far as Im concern discrimination is rampant there.

    1. We OFWs have not forsaken our country. We were forced out of the country; because we cannot find, good jobs with good pay. That is fitted for our education and qualifications.

      We go OFW; those countries; welcome us…and opportunities are many; together with good pay and benefits…The Philippine Embassy, will not renew our Passport, and grant us Visas…unless, they extort from us high taxes…

        1. Musika:

          I did not reply to Mimi. I introduce myself as an OFW. What is wrong with that? I pay also my taxes. When I go to renew my Passport and Visa. The person renewing my Passport and Visa, in the Philippine Embassy; EXTORT as much money (taxes); as he can on me…it is Highway Robbery!!!

    2. Do not skirt the issue. The issue is not about Foreign based pinoys foresaking their motherland and heritage, far from it.

      The real issue here is the pinoy’s unwillingness to accept criticism and the truth about what ails The Philippines.

      1. @ Stan:

        Okay…we are what we are…but; everyone of us contributed to what we are now. I accept the criticism and the blame. So, must everybody else…

        We are : dumb, dull, stupid, star struck ignoramuses. We elected those thieving, barely educated, low I.Q/E.Q. “artistas”…

        1. @Stan

          We even elected a mentally retarded person; suffering from Depression, like :Aquino…just because his mother died. How stupid can we get?….

  34. I am a Filipino, I live in the Philippines, And I also seriously agree with this guy even with the way he said it. Crap even when sugarcoated is still crap. So why bother sugarcoating? I am not the least bit offended because it’s just facts. We don’t like it? Then change. Only we don’t think as a nation. We think small like this guy says. We even put a d*mn glorified secretary as a senator. Talk about stupid. Anyway, this guy is right and there is nothing we can do about it.

    1. NO, there is something YOU and every other Filipino MUST do about it! STOP HAVING A LOSER MENTALITY! and defeated before you start attitude.

      1. Like EJ, I am Filipino and in no way at all offended by Nasty’s comments. It is a reminder to us, who are now used to the things Nasty mentioned, that we can do better as a nation. If there is one attitude I don’t like is that they are not man enough to receive criticisms. Harsh or not, criticisms that are true and no harm intended, are meant to remind us we can be a better person.

        I agree there is something WE, the people of this country, can do about the situation. I know I can do more for this country and I should. But I think EJ meant there is nothing we can do about the facts being factually stated by Nasty – regardless of how people perceived it. Crap is still crap even sugarcoated. No need to sugarcoat it. That’s how I understood by what EJ meant. IMO, he has the least bit of loser mentality. People who receive criticisms well, based on my experience, are people showing great potential of having a WINNER mentality. They leverage off the criticisms the receive and build on that to improve themselves.

        I completely agree with you Fred that we, Filipinos, should change our loser mentality. I try to stay positive and do the right thing most of the times. When opportunity arises, I try influencing other people to do the same. Many many times, I get dumb-founded look as if to say “Are you dreaming? You think you’ll get far with the way your thinking?”. I do not blame them. I have in many occasions feel very helpless and defeated about our nation’s situation. From the local government level up to the national government offices, I have never experienced a truly good service. Not even at par with what you can experience in a very small family-run cafe. Causes vary from too much politicking/bureaucracy, the need for a bribe for them to work, or the need for you to kiss ass someone in their office to get the service you need from their office when in fact, it is within your every right to get the service for free.

        I can’t blame that a lot of Filipinos, even the good ones, feel from time to time that our case is hopeless. I fall into this state every so often – as often as I encounter bad governance (which is most of the time) – but try my hardest to be a good Filipino citizen. It just so hard when we don’t act together as a nation. I know it has to start with me. But what good will it do for me if I do it alone? A common response to being good is that people take advantage of you. I know because I have been taken advantage because of being good citizen. A simple example of giving

        We should take Nasty’s comments as a motivation. We should think as a nation. The problems look very simple. The solution to every problem very complicated and difficult to implement. I don’t have the answer. I don’t have solutions. I won’t claim I have any. I don’t think any single person can give a good solution to every problem mentioned. If somebody claims they have all the answers, I bet you Nasty’s ass they are spitting crap from their mouths. I can’t see, as of this writing, the end to our country’s problem. I can’t fathom the enormity of these seemingly simple problems. But I know if we act as a nation, probably some actions suggested by Nasty, like educating our young ones, we can change this nation gradually. I just don’t see it happening overnight though.

  35. I see all these opinions and it fills my heart with joy.and hope. What nasty said was/is true. And I think all these opinions only show how much we still care for our beloved country. It also says a lot about how many citizens, no matter how few than compared to the total population, still has a mind of their own. And not just go with the apathetic culture we have here.
    Change would have to start from us, individuals. We can’t count on our government officials to do all the work for us. They can’t change what is already socially acceptable. But slowly, and hopefully, effectively, we will rise again as a nation. Education and discipline is the key. There is hope people!

  36. I understand that nasty saw what he did and wrote about it, but another thing he has done is that he has turned his back on the philippines, regarded it as a lesser country, and its citizens a lesser people.

    I am filipino, and I now live in the U.S.A., but I spent 21 years of my childhood in the philippines (I was born in the US and went back home when I was a year old, so I was a ‘US citizen’ with a ‘US passport’ the whole time too, since nasty was quick to separate himself from the filipino identity since he had a ‘US passpopass’)

    I admit, I see the pollution, I see the public bathrooms without toilet paper, I see the street children. Hell, I worked in a public hospital for a little bit – I saw the worst of the worst.

    But you know what else I see in the philippines? I see snatchers and thieves, but I also see people who are kindhearted and giving. I see people who have a good sense of humor about everything, and take their problems with a grain of salt. I see people who have so little, and yet can afford to give. I see people with five kids living paycheck to paycheck, but can still manage to buy extra groceries or clothes to donate whenever a part of the country is devastated by a storm and needs some donations. I see a love of music (especially singing!) That is rampant in the hearts of everybody. I see people who open their doors to hungry neighbors who ned food. I see student nurses spend their allowances on their patient’s medicine in public hospitals, because they can’t afford the 150 peso medicine that can save their life. I see the old man with tattered, ragged clothes who paid for my jeepney fare years ago because I’d lost my wallet and had instead decided to walk the rest of the way home (since my house wasn’t far). He paid my fare anyway so I wouldn’t have to walk in the rain. I see my patients in public hospitals offer food and money to the patients in the next beds who don’t have it.

    There are a lot of ugly things to see in the philippines, but there are a lot of beautiful things too – if you just open your eyes to it. The philippines has a culture of loving and sharing inspite of adversity, and even as I sit in my house with the heater on in the middle of winter, with my blue american passport and american citizenship, I will forever love and miss the philippines and everyone in it. It’s where my roots are, and I can’t be happier to call it home.

    1. I take my hats off to you Sweetie. That’s what I call clear, balance, educated and no OA representation of the actual facts on the ground.

      You acknowledged everything that is wrong around us but you did not left out the fact the right ones that make us move on and continue to live and remain hopeful of the future. Congrats for being good, fair and a positive Filipino. :-h

  37. I am also an American Citizen of Filipino decent but I will never forsake the Philippines just because it’s less perfect than what first world Countries like USA has to offer. TBH, my family is among the richest in the Philippines,I’ve had all the first -class things this world has to offer. Nasty is just a piece of social climber twat.

    1. Being born and raised in the US and comming from one of the richest families in P.I only tells me that you don’t know how its truely like here… I was born and raised in P.I. and i say everything he said is true

  38. As an overseas-based Pinoy myself I have most of the same complaints as Nasty. I seriously believe that if the country invest in educating the masses sincerely, most of the country’s issues can be rectified and we can put to rest generational ignorance. However, I have a serious beef against Nasty’s constant reference to his “zen master”, lol! He sounds like pretencious d-bag like most Los Angelenos.

    P.S Hell-Ay sucks

  39. Nasty is just a racist to his own race. Funny but some are true. But here in America, it is consideted a felony if you talk or say something like that. He should be subjected to persona non grata.

  40. Sige na magaling na kayong taga ibang bansa perpekto kayo kami hindi mas mayaman kayo kami hampas lupa totoo na sinabi nyo sinungaling na kami malinis kayo madumi kami maayos kayo kami hindi mas magalang kayo kami bastos…totoo man ang mga idea mo at nakita mo Eh gago ka pala eh nilahat mo kaming mga pilipino nakakasiguro ka ba na lahat ganyan ang pananaw at gusto? Maligo ka man ng san libong beses pilipino ka pa din ang galing mo nga eh nakita mong lahat di ka na pilipino diba? Pero ang pilipino mahilig mag puna lahat nakikita? Ganun ka ba? Ang pilipino pag may nakikitang mali mabunganga ganun ka din ba?Ang pilipino pag nakatungtong ng ibang bansa pagbalik dito sa pilipinas antipatiko at mayabang ganun ka din ba? Ang magulang mo pilipino? So kasama sila sa sinasabi mo kasi ginamit mo yung WORD na KAYO sa mga pilipino, ? Ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa sure ka na never ka naging corrupt kahit sa simpleng sentimo na kinikbak mo sa boss kapatid kaibigan o magulang mo? Di ka nanlamang? O nung nakagawa ka ng mali tama ka pa din? Ganun ka? Tama ka naman eh pero wag mong lahatin? Sure ka binoto ko si erap o si bong ? Kung ibabalik mo sa akin ang mga yan at sasabihin mong bakit defensive ka di ka naman pala ganyan? Tandaan mo to lahat ng bibitiwan mong slita sa publiko at ipararating mo sa publiko ay pangkalahatan yan lalo na kung ang sasabihin mo y hindi sa isang partikular na tao sa ing lugar o bansa at ispisipiko ang termino ng mga slitang ginamit mo malamang maraming magalit sayo khit gaano pa katotoo ang pahayag mo kung ang sinabihan o mambabasa nito ay nasagasaan ng termino ng mga salitang ginamit mo lalo na kung ito ay pangkalahatan araming masosora sayo… Tandaan mo mayaman lang kayo at ang kurapsyon ay di masyadong halata pero corrupt pa din silang nasa pusisyon tandaan mo yan kaya wag kang makapagmalake

    P.s sa sobrang galing mo dahan dahan si kobey na injured na..

    1. at syempre as usual d parin marunong tumanggap ang mga pinoy ng katotohanan, mag papanggap lng yan na ok lng ang lahat. sasabihin ganyan din naman sa ibang bansa, “okay na yan”. Filipino pride, gets butthurt easily… ingat lng po sa salitang totoo, d marunong tumanggap mga tao dto ng paninita. pero siguro kung sikat ka na artista ok lng siguro sa kanila LOL utak nga naman… hahaha sadyang insecure lng tlga tayong mga pinoy parang bata hahaha e bat si ganito, e bat si ganyan, bat ung bansa mo, bat ung bansa duon, bakit? perpekto ka ba? hahaha

  41. we can comment and all but lemme ask you one simple question. What have you done so far? 🙂

    Ask your self. Doing something is really different from just doing things right you know. 🙂

  42. My Zen Master says: You only see what you want to see.
    While what he said are true, he only choose to see the bad and HAS DONE NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. He decided to “become” an American as if it’s something to be proud of.
    My Zen Master says: If you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut. I guess his Zen master forgot to teach him humility and respect to ones country.

    1. @CaliMonster:

      Mr. Zen Master have HIT Filipinos right in their groins/balls…Truth hurts, but , it is the truth of who we are…accepting the truth is the first step , towards Improving Ourselves.

      A sick/ill person cannot be HEALED, unless; he/she accepts his sickness/illness.

      From the Acceptance; healing/recovery begins…

  43. I think J. Anastacio or Nasty is just a fictitious person and his email was actually written by Don Pedero himself. While there are a few number of Pinoys who after acquiring their U.S. citizenship forget where they came from, their skin color and ethnicity, most are still proud of being identified as Filipinos and proud of the Philippines. There are some who after living a few years abroad and coming back to the Philippines for a visit like to flaunt their “good life” abroad by being ma arte and whine about every negative things in their native country. But these people are mostly the shallow type and do not have good or advanced education to be able to write this good and eloquent email reply.

    1. Kinda agree. I know people in the states theyre very proud of being fil-am. The people in the states are aware they are a land of immigrants that is why they identified themselves as african-am, asian-am, etc. Unless theyre american native indians, they are all immigrants.

  44. Zen is removing all the distraction of a illusory and material world and experiencing our oneness with nature and the miracle of life. Nasty has no right to claim all his beliefs to be Zen inspired. He is a totally materialistic person without a soul.

  45. I’m amazed but somewhat disgusted about the words that the author used on this article. We should use owrds and terminology that most readers will understand. Isn’t good communication be it in English be CLEAR, CONCISE and COMPREHENSIVE? … just saying…

    Lets not forget where we came from or we will find it hard to know our true identity as to who we really are.

    As do most third world cities, ghettos and/or slums are always present due to poverty and people flocking the cities for a promise of work and subsistence. Are we really forgetting how beautiful our dear Philippines is? Dont be blinded by the ugliness of our cities. Instead, go to our countryside where you can witness for yourself how pretty our country is. Whether you like it or not, you’re still a Filipino inside out. Let’s not dwell on hypocrisy let’s be true to ourselves.

    1. you’re saying all is well? that everything is normal? that we don’t need change? yes the philippines is beautiful, but do not forget the dark side that needs to be changed. All i’m saying is it could better, waay better… and it starts by accepting what is wrong and changing it.

      1. Of course not, I’m not saying all is well in P.I.. Set aside all the bad publicities and criticisms about our country and most of it are true anyway, it is a beautiful place. Not only for it’s spectacular islands and scenery, but for its people.

        1. yes it is beautiful and i’m sure nasty knows that too, but he was talking about manila particularly that it has a darkside and we all know that it’s true. It could be better if we just acknowledge that there is definitely something seriously f*cked up going on in our nations capital, and that we need to do something about it. I don’t know about you but i for one am sick of it, not that i want to leave.. i want us to change for the better. and that is being true to oneself, you accept both good and bad. don’t be blind and pretend that everything is peachy and beautiful

  46. Wow.. Tama lahat ng mga sinabi mo nasty..
    Sinong pinoy ang di nakaka alam ng kabulukan ng sarili nating bansa?? (Wala)

    lahat ng pinoy na nasa ibang bansa na kukumpara nila ang bansang pinuntahan nila sa bansang iniwan nila(inde kinalimutan o tinalikuran)

    Living in europe.. sa lahat ng angulong nakikita ko nakukumpara ko ang pinas..
    Dahil may ugaling pinoy ako umiiral sakin paminsan minsan ang pagiging mayabang at malakingbibig.. Pero kahit anong pangit na marinig ko nasinasabi ng mga banyaga na yan tungkol sa bansa ko nag iinit ang ulo ko.. (Para bang wala silang karapatan laiitin ang bansa ko)

    Pag nakukumpara ko ang bansa nila sa pinas at nikikita ko at marerealize ko kung anong kabuluhan meron tayu..
    Nang liliit ako!! Kasi ang kapal ng muka ko mag isip at ikumpara ang bansa ko sa kanila.. BAKIT may nagawa ba kong mabuti para sa inang bayan??? (Wala)

    So bago mag bitiw at ibuka ang mga bunganga mag isip muna ANO BANG NAGAWA MO PARA SA BAYAN MO??

    Laiitin? Hindi respetuhin? babuyin? O d mahalin??

    Daig mo pa ang malansang isda!!

  47. OH SO WHAT ? this li’l puss-bag has an opinion and not much else.What has he done for his life? and what has he done besides insult, which is easy?

    and the fact that his observations are true?
    WTF Does that tell the avg. Filipino? The country is a shit-hole…..those of you who can leave,should do so asap.

    1. Insults are made up lies meant to hurt people, criticism is meant to be reflected upon and be used to better oneself.

      If you yourself admit that some if not all of what he said is true, then don’t you think it would be better to change for the better rather than just accepting it because it’s “normal”? Aren’t you tired of how you pay taxes and nothing is improving? aren’t you sick of floods whenever there’s rain just because the drainages are clogged with garbage? aren’t you afraid for yours and your families safety due to increasing crime rate? aren’t you sad of seeing homeless people much more children on the streets and noone doing anything about it specially the govt? if so.. shouldn’t we voice it out? don’t you think voicing out your concern is the first step to change? or should we just accept it like it’s part of our daily lives. voicing out your concerns IS doing something about it, rather than just sitting back and accepting our countries faith that we will always be like this… just because that’s how it is, and that’s how it will always be..

      And why are you kicking out our fellow filipinos out of their own country? by your definition.. anyone who’s concerned about the real issues in our country should just shut up or leave

  48. What is this li’l puss-bags ‘Zen Master’? A Filipino? Nippon? American?
    Seriously, this sounds like the rantings of someone looking in the mirror.

  49. I live in hongkong but I am a filipino. I have a fil-am bf who lives in nyc & i recently stayed with him for a few weeks. What nasty said is true about the phils but he also failed to see the good side of my country. Yes it is poverty & corruption that drive my country to ruins but nasty, remember that america is a land of immigrants meaning, unless youre a native indian american, you are an immigrant like the rest of the people there. In my stay in nyc, i can point out good things and vad things too. You say the phils has beggars? Guess what, my pinoy-soft heartedness made me give a dollar to every homeless (hobo) in the streets of nyc, i gave 2$ to someone who asked me for a cup of coffee. I got sick one day & went to a clinic & they charged me 150$ for a consultation! Thats almost 6k pesos! Unlike in HK, the subways do not have escalators! There are garbage in the subway everywhere! It was dark & scary. On the good side, people were friendly & considerate & the food servings are absolutely a joy. The grocery store is my haven and there are pretzels & hotdogs everywhere. My bf who is born & raised in the US strongly acknowledges his ethnicity. He took filipino classes & he even considers living in the phils or in asia. I know the phils is a lot of work, believe me, i have my own list, but to voice it in a rude way and with sarcasm & cursing…I am glad you have left my country & please dont bother vacationing again.

    Please dont glorify YOUR country because it isn’t that great. TBH, i felt safer in HK than in NYC or Philadelphia. Perhaps the US is the only country you lived in? Try living in HK or Singapore for a few months, work in these countries. FYI, HK people (with predominantly british people) also “tells it as it is” and I also have learned to be frank & honest but I still have that decency to “sugarcoat” (as you call it) because yes, i am sensitive & I found out that people in other countries like me better when I am considerate in my manner of commenting or speaking. It’s like “new” to them, like fresh air contrary to the barrage of frank/aggressive manner of speaking.

    Good luck with your life, Nasty. I hope you never visit the Philippines anymore. We dont need persons like you. We need people who are constructive & contributes to achieve a better country, not people like you who only because they got out of the “hell hole” would only stand at the top of the pile & laugh at the people still in the hole. With this said, philippines, the only problem we need to stop is corruption. Once that is eradicated, poverty will let up, & it will be a chain reaction of good things to come.

      1. I seriously don’t think that just because I immigrated that I would always be an immigrant. I was born in the Philippines, but raised in Canada. When others ask where I’m from I’d say Canada and that would be the end of the conversation because here progressive thinking is the same as common sense. I consider myself fully Canadian. Even though I speak conversational Tagalog and occasionally eat Filipino cuisines, I cannot wholeheartedly say with good conscious that I am Filipino. However, I have tried to live in Manila for a solid year in my younger years, in order to see if I actually have any Filipino in me and sadly, it was absolute torture. I did not find any reason to be proud of my Filipino blood. Though the people were nice and natural resources abundant; the streets were filthy, no economic opportunities for the teenager that I was (I had several decent part-time jobs while in high school in Canada) and all out painfully prevalent government corruption.

        Yet Corruption, though not minor, isn’t the only problem. Many people are lazy, considering themselves blameless, entitled and have that mentally of overindulging in familial codependency (I had so many adult relatives that expected money from me even though it was my first time meeting them), there is also (at least in my opinion) too much reliance on religion.

        What Mr. Nasty said was on point and I don’t see it as an insult, but a frank and honest opinion. I showed this article to my parents who are very proud Filipinos and all my dad could do was nod his head and change the topic. Another problem is that baseless hubris that is rather detestable. Any constructive opinion is automatically viewed as an insult and instead of commenting on the message itself, baseless pride (from lack of education)leads to bashing anyone and everyone who has a solid and realistic opinion on your beloved country’s status. Hello, freedom of speech. And before you ask ‘ano ang nagawa ko to have the privilege to criticize’, I would frankly answer that none. I have done nothing to improve the Filipino quality of life because it is not my responsibility nor shall it ever be as I am not a citizen neither will I ever consider my self one. I am, but an outsider expressing a right. Lastly, his comment about his passport may seem ridiculous to narrow-minded people, however, it’s a form of self-identification and it’s not something that should be criticized just because he conveyed his uncensored opinion about the country he was born in without his choosing.

        1. Mga filipino nga nman makapunta lang ng ibang bansa at makatikim ng kunting sarap eh kala mo na kung sino magsipagsalita, hayzz oo ganun na nga ang pilipinas, kahit saan talaga super yabang mga filipino pero wag ka nasa america lang yan ah..pero kumakain pa din ng kanin kung americano ang mga pakilasa niyo sa sarili niyo at marami kayong hindi gusto sa pinas Simple lang yan wag kayong pumunta period..

        2. @willy A person criticizing and comparing two countries doesn’t mean they are being boastful. It actually should be done for Filipinos are continuously being naive, turning a blind eye, and being stupid to believe whatever their media/government is feeding their nation. Instead of seeing what is really wrong with the country, you bash people who correctly say what should be done. People who travel and lived in a better country have seen better systems that works, supports and benefits their people. Just because they left the country doesn’t mean they cannot criticize the way the country performs. Stop being narrow-minded.

        3. @willy on another note, no one would really want to go to a country where the security is unstable and infrastructures are in deplorable state.

        4. @willy: I am not trying to be arrogant as I had mentioned I was raised in Canada. I would find it insulting to both you and I if I claimed I was Filipino when I do not have the same cultural values and patriotism that you do. Besides for my blood, there isn’t much (even my physical appearance) that is near Filipino. I am not even full blooded. I can barely read Tagalog as it is. And this is the pride I was talking about, just because I said my observations which I do not generalize every single Filipino to, you accuse me of arrogance. Frankly, Philippines has done nothing for me or my family. Unlike Canada, that had paid for my education and well-being. Provides me with security and an employment with benefits that should be entilled to every single human being. Philippines, on the other hand, had forced my grandfather to work four jobs to pay for the education of five children while the gorverment provided no support. And forced my grand-uncle to join and die in the military due to the family’s lack of funds. Furthermore, I sincerely apologize for the offense of my diction. And please take note that sensitivity is not always an admirable trait.

        5. I was born in the Philippines, but raised in Canada.

          I consider myself fully Canadian. Even though I speak conversational Tagalog and occasionally eat Filipino cuisines, I cannot wholeheartedly say with good conscious that I am Filipino.
          Being born in the Philippines and having Asian blood in you does not erase your DNA. You will NEVER be a Canadian in the truest sense of the word. You became a Canadian through a legal process. That’s fine and I clearly see why you define your self that way. You want to put a distant or distant your self from your fellow Filipinos whom you see now as not like you. Not your equal. Pathetic.

          What Mr. Nasty said was on point and I don’t see it as an insult, but a frank and honest opinion.
          It is not actually an opinion. It is the truth. The message is true. Only thing in question is the messenger.

          And before you ask ‘ano ang nagawa ko to have the privilege to criticize’, I would frankly answer that none. I have done nothing to improve the Filipino quality of life because it is not my responsibility nor shall it ever be as I am not a citizen neither will I ever consider my self one.
          It is not your personal responsbility, it is your collective responsibility as one of the many to share and contribute in improving the quality of life of your people. Clearly, you have no understanding of that aspect because, as you said, you are a Canadian now. And since you consider your self as not having anything to do with Filipinos, WHY THEN ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THEM?

          You don’t care for them but you spent time talking/writing about them? A kind of talk that is bereft of hope and positive aspiration. It was very clear that you find joy in bad-mouthing, insulting people whom you consider not your equal. You simply turned out to be a converted Canadian hater.

          I am, but an outsider expressing a right.
          Expressing a right? I don’t see it that way. I saw it as one abusing his right.

          Iba na talaga ang nakapatong sa likod ng kalabaw. 🙂

        6. Philippines, on the other hand, had forced my grandfather to work four jobs to pay for the education of five children while the gorverment provided no support. And forced my grand-uncle to join and die in the military due to the family’s lack of funds. – Zeddy
          So, that is where the hate against Filipinos is coming from. That is where the resentment and antagonism against the Phil. resides.

          What if those did not happen, would you have had the same life now?

          Wonder, wonder. 🙂

        7. Frankly, Philippines has done nothing for me or my family. Unlike Canada, that had paid for my education and well-being. Provides me with security and an employment with benefits that should be entilled to every single human being.
          Naturalmente! If a gangster-rapist raised you up, clothed you, put a roof on your head, feed you, etc. you will also glorify him. To death.

          There is nothing new in what you are saying. You don’t bite the hands that feed you.

          Only thing is, why do you have to announce that you get your good fortune from others? I don’t mind you telling all and sundry that Canada made you. If not for Canada, you are nothing. But do you really have to do that? To crush your self and your former country just to put your adopted country into pedestal? What’s the point?

          Very distressing. 🙁

        8. I am not insulting anybody I am just stating what I had seen living there for the short time that I did. Did I specifically say that all Filipino are like this or like that? No. I never did, did I? I merely stated what I saw and how I saw it. Never did I generalize anything to the whole population. What I detest is that system that does not provide for it’s people and contribute to what I said were the filthy streets and lack of employment. How and when has this country’s government ever placed your well-being first and benefitted you in any way.

          To boot, I’m from Canada where your view is a type of discrimination, the way you define nationality is disgusting and narrow-minded. If you look at a dictionary definition of nationality, it’s says absolutely nothing about your DNA. In fact, Canada is so diverse that the truest sense of the word ‘Canadian’ is out of prolonged social and political cooperation of a group of people who follow the same values and respect the same laws. Again nothing about the blood flowing through my veins. In fact if my father was a murder, I might as well be one. It’s also like saying I’m Chinese when I’ve never been to Chine don’t even speak Mandarin or Cantonese just because a quarter of my DNA happen to be Chinese.

          Nonetheless, I don’t see anyone beneath me, I endeavour to promote equality and instead of targeting me, shouldn’t you instead be productive and express discontent to your corrupt politicians that suck the very life out of your lungs.

          And be as it may, that I don’t consider myself Filipino, my family still does and this country’s pitiful state affects them so indirectly affecting me too. I would very much prefer not to worry if another hostage crisis is going to occur while my parents partake in their annual visit to Manila. But then again, the shitty system, and incompetent police wouldn’t be any help to ease any of those worries so maybe I should just convert every Filipino person that I care about into Canadian haters as well. They will most likely be safer that way.

        9. Zeddy, I did not say that Nasty’s comments were wrong, he is entitled to his opinion same as I am or you are BUT he need not to be rude and sarcastic (mabuhay kayo SANA?? – is this what “americans” say? No, I have never heard any american, british or hongkongers that I have encountered say rude things. Also, immigrants ARE immigrants. Of course you are canadian as you identified yourself you are BUT you are still an immigrant any way you see it.

        10. Jameboy, you are on point. We dont have any care in the world where you identified themselves as. I live in hk but i am not a hongkonger even if i get my permanent residency. If i marry my bf & migrate to new york, i will still be a filipino. I dont get it, how come my better half who was actually BORN in the states, raised in the states..still identifies himself as filipino-american. He is not an immigrant because he was born there but in zeddy & nasty’s case, they are immigrants but they act eveb mighty higher than the real american-born filipinos.

          Like I said, i reiterate that nasty’s observations are truth but being rude and making a mockery out of the former life they had is really uncalled for. It is great they have managed to uplift their lives but please dont put down a nation who is already down there.

        11. I am not insulting anybody I am just stating what I had seen living there for the short time that I did. Did I specifically say that all Filipino are like this or like that? No. I never did, did I? I merely stated what I saw and how I saw it.
          Here comes the denial, as usual.

          You did not only ‘state’ what you saw, you CLEARLY emphasize and identified your self to everyone that you are a Canadian now. And as a Canadian, you did not like what you saw and did not find any reason to be proud of your Filipino blood.

          But it is actually not the “stating’ that puts you in a bad light simply because what you said was, for the most part, true. It’s how you said it. Look again what you posted and you will see the message of your post that imparts, “Hey, I’m no longer a Filipino! I’m a Canadian now and I love all of it!” Infantile dereliction. That’s how I see it.

          It is really saddening to see people who found good life and fortune suddenly turn against the place where they came from and the people they have been with before simply because they felt good about themselves. Happy to get that lifesaver interior (salvabida) and be saved from drowning. Now that you have been ‘saved’ and in a new and better situation, payback time against those that made your life miserable.

          Very disturbing life indeed.

    1. @maxxann:

      Our Filipino political leaders are mostly CORRUPT to their marrows of their bones; and to the innermost depths of their souls. Aquino’s : “Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap”? ” E…paano kung kurap, pati Pinuno”? “Pati Senadors”? “Pati Kongresitas”?
      “Pati Pulis”? “Pati Kapitan ng Baranggay”?

      1. pati MMDA, mga guro na bayaran, pati mga massang pilipino rin mismo na nabibile ang knilang boto, at mga taong kinonokotongan at nag papakotong. medyo mahirap nga dahil halos lahat tlga pero kaya yan, kung lahat tyo sabay sabay magbabago.

      2. @Hyden Toro7m8
        You’re stuck on that mantra. You think nobody knows what you are talking about?

        Can’t you not move on and say something that is new like your idea of solving the corruption problem or what you think is better to prevent or minimize it. 🙂

        1. @Jameboy:

          You elected those idiots, to solve that problem of corruption…I did not run for public office. So, tell those you have elected to those particular offices to solve corruption. I have to go to earn a living…

        2. When you alleged something make sure to back it up with facts. You said I elected idiots. How did you know and who are those idiots?

          I mean, children do that kind of talks. We’re not children here, at least I’m not. So, if you want the other side to comply with you with sense, make your own sensible and factual. 🙂

    2. Sorry, but Zeddy wins this argument. No amount of mental gymnastics Jameboy is trying to pull would make him convince people with common sense and a brain that anyone who is even a drop of Flip blood owes something to the Philippines. This is grade A nationalist bullcrap.

  50. I can’t find a name more appropriate for Nasty than Nasty. He should ask himself what he can do in his own way to improve instead of acting like he is so high and mighty simply because he aligned himself in a first world country. .I cannot deny the fact that what he is complaining about is true but it seems that he is just some obnoxious guy. Anyone who travels and not live in a bubble of a first world country understands that the plight of the Filipinos is not exactly unique. Other third world countries are in some form or another the same. The Philippines has a lot of flaws but the Filipinos has a lot of amazing traits that one cannot ignore. If he cannot see the good, then he is an ignorant, arrogant fool. Im sure Americans can’t stand him too. This guy is just a tool.
    The fact that this guy is Nasty, obnoxious and arrogant , does not erase the fact that his observations are accurate. The Filipinos really have a lot of work to do. Instead of being defensive, in denial and be constantly embarassed by the accusations. People need to ask themselves, what in their own way they can do to effect change. Small changes goes a long way.

    1. So you’re him that the Nasty do all the improvements rather the afflicted doing i? How lazy if the afflicted.

  51. Filipinos should start accepting criticism and should stop being emotional when criticized. Criticisms should always be considered and steps should be done for correction. Instead of bashing that person who wrote that e-mail, why not listen to what he says and start changing for the better? One of the reasons why the country is failing is because people are too emotional. Stop feeling and start improving. This guy is just saying the truth. Remember, not everyone who shits on you is your enemy. Totoo naman lahat sinabi niya, wala namang mali, bakit kayo magagalit sa kanya? Instead of shutting him out of the country, improve the situation so that when he comes back, you can rub it on his face that the country has changed for the better. Now that is a win-win situation, as I know that when he sees that the country has improved, he’d be happy.

  52. It seems that Nasty is well aware of the situation of the Philippines. However, he just gave up on this country and deemed it hopeless. I acknowledge how he described the Filipino society but I won’t give up on my country.

    1. well the columnist of star did put up an article of him entitled “the little brown american” apparently without his consent, and of course flips started bashing on him and even gave him the nickname nasty. That’s when i think he decided not to return and to also write back to the his columnist friend.

  53. All the things he said is true but if he could give up easily his Filipino citizenship and berates the country he left behind without any step to uplift the country, he is a total asshole. He is just full of words but with no action. He is just a coward who his Filipino traits will be with him especially his colonial mentality. He is weak and because of his money, he can escape the bitter life here. Again, I agree about the things he said but being able to educate the people without something honorable action being done is BS. He can just say all those things now because he is no longer a Filipino and he thinks he don’t feel affected. Does he think being American is being superior? He is just overestimating himself. You just added yourself to the BS,AS and FS things in the Philippines

    1. Nasty is brave because he goes to the unknown, but knowing he needs to get out of his sinking ship before it takes him down as well.

        1. What he did was brave because he said exactly what is ailing the country, that the country completely failed him. He said what exactly ails the country, yet no one wants to act on the wisdom he accumulated by traveling the world. So he is indeed brave for going into the unknown when staying behind would’ve been “safe”.

        2. Saying what ails the country is not bravery. It’s pure and simple whining. What is to be brave about when everybody already knows what ails the country?

        3. What you may call whining, others will call it insight. Someone’s got to say it. And remember that he put himself out there when he responded at length to the writer’s original post. He did not have to respond to the article. Yet he did. That in itself is commendable.

  54. To think all this because of a columnist of star ,Don pedero, decided to publish and humiliate someone complaining about what apparently is true about the our nations capital and even called him “little brown american” in public… made up a a name for him “nasty” then filipino pride as how it’s always been bashed the guy, driving him out of the country for good. all the while he kept his cool and decided to write the columnist back before he left… and behold he posted the reply again. Apparently that columnist is not a very good friend after all

  55. Who doesn’t know what you know, Nasty? All Filipinos feel the illness of this society. Sabi nga sa salawikain, “Sakit ng kalingkingan, dama ng buong katawan.” Your pointing everything out doesn’t really help. You may live the American dream, walk the American way, speak with the American twang, but look at you, you still are a Filipino. Your accent will always give you away. Your passport says you are an American but you will always be an immigrant. Never come back to OUR country, please.

    We Filipinos have a long way to go, let’s not be discouraged by people like this. I don’t think that corruption is the biggest problem of our country, but the lack of discipline. Let’s start with ourselves. The littlest things could go a long way.

    P.S. I am currently not living in the Philippines either, but I AM A FILIPINO.

    1. I don’t think that corruption is the biggest problem of our country, but the lack of discipline. Let’s start with ourselves. The littlest things could go a long way.

      I think that is exactly his point… if you read his entire reply to the columnist.

      1. I also think, people are easily swayed on what they see on the media. For example, when ninoy aquino was running for president, ABS CBN, was full on support for him and also used the story of his family to up the ante. Seeing those ads everyday and being a fan of an artist who supports the same candidate, brainwashes most people who seen it. Actually, I think only a few knows what was his electoral speech. LOL

  56. Filipinos needs harsh criticisms. Pinoy pride is great but people are so used to turning their heads away when they see or hear anything negative. How does a country change when people don’t even realize or accept what the exact problems are? Most Filipinos are unfortunately always in denial or defensive or has accepted the current situation like it is what it is and nothing can be done ( learned helplessness). The first and most important step in order for any change to occur is to identify the current problems and accept that they are not going away if nothing is done about it. Second, the strong faith/belief that there is hope for change. Third and most important is Action. So Filipinos, should expect more harsh criticisms like these and not just from an Ex Filipino, if you do not ACT on it. So, stop, being offended, you know it’s True. Now , why don’t people unite and work together to solve those problems? Prove this a**hole he is wrong.

  57. I thnk Nasty was feeling bitter because a lot of the people
    around him here in the states still call him filipino, instead
    of American like he proudly claims. He wasn’t even born here!
    Poor guy has an identity crisis

    1. Citizenship: I am american.
      Ethnicity: Filipino.
      When someone ask me about my nationality, I always say I am american. And the white people would say “Your Origin and I would reply California. And they would ask again ,your people came from. And thats when I realized he meant ethnicity. So I told him “you have to construct your grammar”

  58. Anastacio is correct. Let’s all stop being too sensitive and see ourselves as it is. Unless we accept criticisms we can never change. Changes start in each of us. Let’s work on self discipline and stop finger pointing. Let us think what’s for the common good instead of being selfish. And yes educate educate educate. Improve EDUCATION. Thank you anastacio for reminding us. God bless

  59. I’ve been to many countries but nothing compared to singapore…everything was beautiful and organized….Never say your country is great unless your make something to make it great. ….hahahaha

  60. I can’t say that what he said are not true… But the thought that his name is Nasty only shows that he is… I know there are a lot of things Filipino’s still need to learn and should i say “unlearn” as well. I mean Admit it, we all are guilty of being a so called “Makasarili” without us even knowing.. Most people who would often go to church and do charitable stuffs are even the ones with a lot of dark deeds left to uncover. Don’t tell me you have never thought of any scheme when you find the opportunity. For example: You saw a 100 pesos bill without somebody claiming it, would you still go report it to the lost and found or would you just rather keep it to your pockets instead?! Right?! Of course you know I’m right… Philippines doesn’t just have a corrupt government but corrupt citizens as well (in their own little ways). What the Philippines need though is a reformation not as a nation but through ourselves. Take away the crab mentality and start doing what our ancestors though us. Like “Bayanihan” and all. But going back to Nasty?! What a Hypocrite st*p*d piece of Sh*t!!! Yup you Heard me right!!! Wow!!! I have been in your so called country too arrogant fool!!! You think just because you have Super highways and living in the 1st world country makes you Oh so Powerful?! Hahaha… Right?! It’s not like you don’t have what we have here bro?! Yours is even worst, our is a terrorist? We know where to find them to make sure we avoid them!!! Unlike your thugs who are everywhere… LA?! Puhlease!!! Oh yeah! I forgot the fact that your a “Little Brown American” who thinks as if he’s an American. No wonder your in LA… Have you tried living in NY?! Geesh!!! Is it just me or is that the only City you have lived in?! And oh, your Green Money?! Did you just generalize the whole population of the Philippines?! Did you really think all of us are earning less than you?! Why?! How much are you earning? 1500 bucks a week? Yeah right?! You just made my day.. LOL… Don’t be too MR. Know it all because you my friend has also have a lot to learn.. And oh lastly?! Bali-baliktarin mo man ang mundo, you are still a Filipino by Blood and your ass will never be White nor Black!!! Don’t get your hopes too high Brow!!!

  61. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Instead of being “sensitive” of all the FACTS that he just stated why don’t WE Filipinos do something about it? The problem with us Filipinos is we’re too d*mn sensitive but we’re too insensitive towards the feelings of others which leads to what Anastacio mentioned about Filipinos’ mantra: “Ako muna”

  62. Puro reklamo sa Pilipinas. Nako. 3RD WORLD EH.
    Andami talagang pangit sa bansa. Kay dami daming problema na hindi na alam kung kelan na sosolusyunan.
    Pero hindi lahat ng Pinoy katulad ng lahat ng sinabi mo. Hindi lahat starstruck ignoramuses.
    Blasting the “Ako Muna”character of Filipinos eh don’t you think that leaving the country is choosing “Ako Muna!”over your brothers.
    Anyway, Philippines has a long way to goooo.
    Kanya kanyang choice nga yan.

  63. Well about Nasty, well he has to get a life..I am an American citizen
    But I am very proud Filipino and still proud of my
    Birthplace..that nasty has a lot of insecurities..and I will
    Never let anyone call me little brown american..that sounds
    So awful..

  64. alam mo nasty….pagtanda mo at uugod ugod ka na….kaainin lahat ng pinagsasabi mo tungkol sa ina mong bayan sinilangan….pag retire ka na sa trabaho at di na makakilos ng maayos..ilalagay ka sa retirement home o nursing home…walang kamaganak at kaibigan na kakilala at mag aalaga sa iyo…at duon mo mararamdan ang tindi ng lungkot sa mga huli mong araw sa lupa….dito sa pinas…pag matanda ka na …bibigyan ka ng respeto at aalagaan ka ng mga kapatid, anak at apo mo..hanggang sa huli mong hininga para lang masigurado na masaya ka sa huling araw mo na natitira sa lupa…yung ang pagkakaiba ng pinas dyan sa stateside mo…..kaya ngayon pa lang magbago kana sa mga pinagsasabi mo tungkol sa sarili mong bayan ..kungdi mamatay ka sa magisa at puno ng kalungkutan….tssskkk… tssskkkk…p.s. ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling bansa at wika ay higit pa ang amoy sa malangsang isda..bow..jose rizal

      1. Hindi tumpak. The reason why there are retirement or nursing homes here in N. America is because hindi kapareho so Pilipinas kung saan may mga maid na makakaalaga sa mga lolo at lola. Here in Canada and in the US, the majority of people don’t have the luxury (yup, they’re a luxury here) of hiring live-in/out helpers to take care of their elderly while they go to work. I think that whole holier than thou idea in the Philippines of “we don’t put our elderly in homes for the aged” is more of a circumstance of economy than anything.

  65. Yeah, everything Mr. Nasty said is true but here’s the thing, do you guys still think articles (or open letters) like these even make the slightest difference? like how long has this site been running? If you guys are that passionate about change, how bout really doing something? like say, create a political party and run for office.

    1. It takes two to tango. Arguments are already in place. But if the team won’t even consider nominating the positions enumerated here…

    2. Good idea Jarvis. I share your observation. However, blogs like this still serves its purpose. We get to argue our points and share ideas on current issues and events. The hubbub this space create shows how emotional and focus(animate, serious, funny, devoted, lethargic, happy, sad, etc.) Filipinos are.

      We also get to read the arrogant, the yabangs with no utaks, the rude and the jerks; the calm and the quiet ones; the loud and empty ones; the pretenders and the defenders; the thinkers and the tinkers; the idealistic and those who have no idea of what they’re talking about.

      It like a circus, yes, but with relevance. 🙂

  66. I can’t really approve this article more than I can! The culture shaped by the media has really done a number on our country and has turned it into the very telenovela and pinoy action movie everyone watches! Right down to the bitchy contra-bida and the pull the trigger until the gun clicks.

    And the tragic part is, while every Filipino is in this Telenovela, the lives of the rest of the world follows Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Intrigue, and Slice of life… and thus progressing in some way.

    1. Forgot to add:

      Also, sometime in the future, while the rest of the world have developed flying ships, cyborgs that would make it look like Deus Ex, the Philippines would look like Warcraft.

  67. Nasty, America is not the greatest country as it use to be, you are right Pinas, is not he cleanest and we have our own problem, but to drop your ethnicity because you tasted the life of an American and you decided that you are a brown nasty American is degrading not only your own country as you said “United States”. I tell you what I have both passport Government and civilian and I am still proud to have my old Pilipino passport. I guess you never celebrate the Asian Pacific Month on May? Just for your information there is a celebration for the ethnicity of every Americans. That means that those immigrants that call United States their country are still proud of their ethnicity, not like you. I would like to educate you more about Pilipino, but it is useless. To end this Reply to you Nasty four words “You are a Moron”

    1. My, someone is sore. Name calling? Seriously?

      I know America isn’t that great, but this is the truth about the Philippines. It is definitely rotting. And while America is decaying, it still has basic reliable services which trumps everything in the Philippines.

      Seriously, try getting a refund, honoring a warranty or try getting a purchase that is straightforward and see how that works out.

  68. ‘A NATION OF ‘…yes whatever BUT it is a nation of people who are run by a Government that is sooooo corrupt that it has trickled down to the ‘avg. Juan’, and it is a bad reflection on all Filipino’s.The Nation of the Filipino,if it is to change, must change from the top down.

    BUT IT WON’T !

    1. I disagree. Change must come from each citizen. If we abolish the political system and the corrupt officials along with it, the citizens will only choose the next best (or worst) thing, which is a less corrupt official. A bit better than its predecessor, but still corrupt nonetheless. The voters are the ones that are committing the same mistake over and over again. Change should start with them.

      1. True! The so-called leaders we have now wouldn’t be in their positions if it weren’t for the mass voters who keeps on electing them.

  69. Well, for most part, I agree with what Nasty said. (especially the president finding time for a celebrity wedding, just WOW) Filipinos do need to have harsh words said to them before they buff up and defend themselves. But that’s all we ever do, rant back at those who rant at us. There are many who have already said what is needed to be said but what they all got back were reklamos and insults. But, just so you know, I sarcastically salute you Nasty for giving up on the country in its lowest (I hope) point. I hope you have a good life there in the USA.

    It would be difficult to change a country known for being afraid of changing what has been nakasanayan, but not impossible. Again, agreeing with Nasty, what we primarily need is to educate the masses. Let me add two words to Gat. Jose Rizal’s famous satement: “PROPERLY EDUCATING the youth is the hope of our nation”. Ensuring this, we might actually have the chance of a brighter future.

    1. What’s sad is that Rizal was right about the Philippines getting independence was way too soon. Even his works while dated did a very good job in portraying the current Philippines. There is a problem when an ancient piece of work is prophetic.

      But the ultimate tragedy is until this country gets fixed, it will reflect poorly on any Filipino that has made a name of themselves. Its like having a drunk uncle. Despite your efforts, that drunk uncle will keep doing stupid things that embarasses you by proxy.

      1. please study on how to properly construct a sentence in english. And just so you know, you are one of the main reasons why my beloved country is in the predicament it is in right now. I am in america and i am a proud filipino. Don’t hate the country, hate the people governing it.

  70. I have lived in the Philippines all my life so i think this article is spot on. I couldn’t have said it better myself. The Philippines is a very classist and materialistic nation and don’t even get me started with their colonial mentality. Of course it stings that they identify us as “Little Brown Americans” but it’s the reality. I once visited Canada & the US and met some immigrants. They highly think of themselves because they’ve gotten a permanent residence status and they treat tourists like shit. They’re know-it-all attitude plus they’re fake american bisaya accent annoyed the fuck out of me. Some of them won’t even talk in Filipino. They’re fond of extravagant parties and flaunt their wealth.

    The Filipinos glorify people with fair skin and we are obsessed with skin whitening products. That’s why most of the artistas in the country are Tisays and foreigners. Filipinos obsess over anything they see on TV but most local shows are trash.

    Colonial Mentality + Classist attitude + uneducated masses + corruption + brain drain = fuck the philippines

  71. PINK, what exactly do you mean when you say “fake american bisaya accent?” Do you mean to say that only Filipinos from the visayan area (who have immigrated to the US) have fake american accents? Please. Stop being stereotypical, regionalistic. Stop making generalizations. While you and this mr.Nasty are pointing out valid, painful truths, your poor use of adjectives does not speak highly of you.

    1. My bad. I didn’t mean to come across as someone who is stereotypical or regionalistic. I shouldnt have stated the bisayan accent. Some of the folks i’ve met were from the Visayas and Southern Tagalog. But whatever, the point is, their conyo / pasosyal way of speaking is annoying. Some of them even refused to speak in Filipino with me. Some of them think highly of themselves and treat newbies like shit, crab mentality that is.

      Ms Pie Jones, i was merely stating out my opinion and my experiences. Of all the issues I’ve written, what baffles me is that you, like most arrogant pinoys with perfect english, only cared to comment about my poor use of adjectives.

  72. It may be true that Philippines is nothing but a sinking ship with us all in it. With all these unresolved issues with poverty, corruption, etc. piling on top of one another, we will never ever be able to stop all these. But I can also say that no matter how proud Mr. Anastacio is that he’s an American citizen–not Filipino, we must not also forget that people judge not by your citizenship but by your mere appearance. Now since this man had shared his thoughts about the Philippines to the whole world and how much he despises the country, he had opened up a whole new general impression towards the Filipinos for the other people across the world to think about. Oh I can only imagine what would a random, natural, Caucasian, American dude think when he sees this Filipino-looking, brown man who looks like he just recently got his Green Card.

        1. Need to pursue a better life. He saw the writing on the wall and went to where his talents and his humanity is appreciated.

        2. Need to pursue a better life.
          Ah, you’re talking about his personal needs. Fine, I have no quarrel with that.

  73. The Philippines is hopeless. How do you solve this endless cycle. Let me tell you, ask the middle class Filipinos if they want a US/Canadian citizenship and majority would tell you YES. The poor will remain uneducated, the rich will remain apathetic, the educated and hardworking middle class will go abroad.

    1. Unfortunately, it seems that nothing short of a Chinese invasion or a French Revolution styled uprising is what is going to fix the country.

      Because 21st century Philippines is not unlike 18th century France.

      1. @Ricardo Diaz:

        The Philippines is a Feudal country; ruled by Oligarchy and family political dynasties. Almost 90% are poor…10% are very rich, and controls the wealth of the nation. They also control:politics, businesses (legal or illegal), media (except GRP and others), education of the young, etc…It is already 21st century and we live in a 15th century situation…

  74. Tama naman lahat ng sinabi mo. Diba? Totoo lahat yun. Kaya lang un itatakwil mo un lahi mo eh ibang usapan na yun. Kaya try mo na ulit sabihin yan sa Nanay at Tatay mo e1 ko lang kung d ka ingudngod sa kubeta ng tatay mo. Kaya lahat ng sinabi mo eh para mo na rin tinakwil ang magulang mo. Kaya kahit nasaan ka man, ngsasalita ka man ng ingles, kahit anong gawin mo Pilipino parin ang tingin nila sayo. Bagay na bagay ka nga dyan. Kaya dyan ka na lang. Reklamo ka na ng reklamo eh anong ginawa mo sa Pinas? Bakit alam mo lahat un nangyayare sa Pinas? Tinakwil mo na nga eh. Bakit nanood ka pa ng Balita sa Pinas. Hayaan mo na kami sa Bansa namin at ikaw manahimik ka na lang dyan. Fil-am “Feeling Amerikano”

    Sabi nga ni Jose Rizal “Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, masahol pa sa hayop at malansang isda”

    1. On the contrary my parents understand that I don’t see my identity as a Filipino. And they are not any less proud of me as their child for being so and neither are they any less patriotic by accepting me as such. Given your point of view, you are one of the unfortunate ignorants who would address all the black people in America as African-Americans based purely on skin-colour when the majority of them haven’t even set foot in Africa. I know first-hand the Filipino quality of life because I gave it a chance because I thought maybe there’s something to it. But I was disappointed. So instead of bashing individuals for practicing their god given right to have opinions maybe you should acknowledge your contribution to the country’s problems by being nescient and disdainful.

      1. I know first-hand the Filipino quality of life because I GAVE IT A CHANCE because I thought maybe there’s something to it.
        The level of ego behind that statement. What are you, levitating above the rest of us?

        And someone says amen to that? 🙁

    2. Oh nga. Kung makapanglait eh dito rin naman sya nanggaling ah. At kahit anong sabihin nya na American citizen na sya, itatak nya sa kukuti nyang kinakalawang na na dugong PINOY parin ang nananalaytay sa ugat nya. I think it would be better for me to speak bisaya kasi waray nakaka intindi rin ng cebuano, just in case he’s reading this one.
      “Hoy hinampak nga amaw nga feeling orig nga kano, pagmata oy! Mura pug ka si kinsa da! Maski unsaon nimo pagbalibali sa imong lawas ug retokehon pa nimo og pnitan pana nimo imong tibuok kalawasnon. Bisaya ug waray gihapon kang dako! Ex-filipino nya mamisita pa lagi ka ug nganong proud paman ka sa imong pamilya dri nga pinoy man sila? Hilas ning amaw naka tong2x ra gani sa lugar sa mga tinuod nga kano kung maka feeling pud, wagas! Ayaw kaayo na ifeel dong imong pagka American citizen oy kay you this and this is the reality,”you are ony an American citizen by papers! Am I right? Haha” sa papel kalang naging amerikano kaya wag mong masyadobg ifeel, gong2x. Ambisyosong dako ang amw oh! Pagmata! Sakto na ang pagdamgo kay nanubra na ug wa na sa saktong lugar.hahah!”

  75. So true esp. When you visit manila the worst city I have ever visited. Am a filipino living in US and Davao city is the only place where I can be proud of. I will be going home few years from now and would stay in Philippines for good only in Davao. I may be staying and living in US but there is no better place than home. US has never been a better place to live with I assure you not at all. Am a filipino RN in US married to an American but me and my husband will still be looking forward to be home in Davao. America is a country of pro abortion that is slowly falling apart not economically but its citizens. It is even been shown around the world about the unrest among citizens like the issue of ferguson. The worst will still about to come but the writer living in the US probably did not think about this.

  76. I am utterly speechless because what he said are all true. I am a Filipino but I despise my government and everything in between…Malapit ko nah rin I.renounce ang citizenship ko kunting-kunti nah lng

  77. a progressive country has a disciplined community i guess. 🙂 no offend folks but it’s the reality. REALITY vs. DENIAL!

  78. American-Citizen na man ka noh? Unya imong dugo unsa man na? Imong panit unsa man na? Bisag asa ka maabot sa tibook kalibutan Pinoy ra gihapon ka. Bisan pa ug moingon ka nga American Citizen na ka. Bisan unsa ka kamaayo mo inglis Pinoy ra gihapon ka! Bisan pa ug magpaputi ka maayo, magretoke ka sa imong ilong. Wala ra gihapon. Diri ra gihapon ka gipanganak. Karon kay imong gi insulto ang Pilipinas tungod kay bulok ang sistema, ang mga taw ug ang kadaghanan. Bout pasabot tanan nimo nga istorya balik ra tanan nimo. Kay imbis nga motabang ka, imo na hinoon ming gitalikdan. Pero bisan pa, “Salamat gihapon kay naningkamot gihapon ka ug pasabot namo sa sitwasyon. Pinoy ra gihapon ka!”

  79. I read most of what the little brown american has written and although he pointed out all the wrong in this country, or at least specifically in Manila, I could not fully agree with how he put it… just as if America is not one of a f*cked up nation. I haven’t visited every inch of the country but our Philippines is indeed beautiful. Tourist are everywhere. You won’t be able to see it like that if you’ll just focus on the bad side. And to wish the whole nation and its people to suffer just because they keep making wrong decisions is quite an uncharacteristic of a great American that he’s so proud of. Nasty is indeed a “nasty crow perched on a carabao.”

  80. I do agree with Nasty and I could have said the same things myself, but the difference is that he’s there in the US while I am still here in the Philippines. I wake up each day living the reality that he has left behind. But while I do rant at things around, I do my best with what I have. I do not accept mediocrity from this government. I do not vote for the artistas and the kurakots. I do not care if my kandidato does not win. I believe in principled voting even when others say I “wasted” my vote. I pay my taxes, I send my children to ordinary Philippine schools, teach them good manners and I do what I can for the masas. It’s not much to change our world but I believe that I am not alone. I take the good with the bad but not the b***s***. This ship might be sinking but I sure as hell am not about to abandon it – not while I still call this ship home.

    1. That’s noble. I also wake up to the reality that is the Philippines each and every single day. We’re not like those that live sheltered behind the gates of posh exclusive villages either. But while the hopelessness can be overpowering at times, it’s people like you that give me a bit of hope for the country.

      You’re not exactly in denial and you’re not defensive of the failings of your country. You acknowledge it, accept it, and face it every single day. You just do what you can to help out, and remain loyal.

    2. Paulyn,
      It’s people like you that makes the country what it is now. Still struggling, still trying to survive, making the most out of anything, sacrificing, not giving up hope, taking whatever life gives them and continue to eke out a living in a decent way and still find joy in spite of everything. And there are many good people like you whose voices remains buried in the noises of the few.

      I say, keep it up, kabayan!

    3. I salute you, Paulyn! Very well said. Nasty has made some very valid points. I even rant about these things every now and again. The thing is, I also call this ship home and will do what I can to help keep it from sinking further into the abyss.

      Yes, what little I am doing ain’t much. Like you, I still believe in principled voting (and been ridiculed by most for not taking the money, after all, I’m not well off), I certainly do not vote for artistas and kurakots, et al. I am law-abiding and whenever I and two of my childhood friends scrape some extra funds, we conduct our own little charity event.

      Yeah, it ain’t much. But we try. Amidst the frustration and despair, some of us still try. Some of us still believe in kindnessand integrity.

      You are right, Paulyn. You are not alone.

  81. I have lived in the US since 1984. I have now lived in my hometown in Leyte since 2013. I am not going back to the US. Although I lived in such cities as Los Angeles and New York and have enjoyed the wonderful opportunities and good life in those cities, I will not be going back there except to visit. When I first came back, I was so full of the vitriolic sense that “Nasty” had for the failings that he saw in the Philippines and the Filipino people. Gradually, I came back to my pre-US attitude and love for this country: this is home in the way that the US will never be for me. I have never liked Manila ( I studied and lived there for 10 years prior to immigrating), but I managed to make a living there, however imperfect. Mr “Nasty” is very lucky to have made it to America. His attitude of superiority, of wallowing in the good life and pissing on the rest who couldn’t, is nothing new to me. I’ve met many people like him in the US. I suppose I was one too. Out there, we never stopped congratulating ourselves on getting into the land of milk and honey and efficient government services and pitying and despising those who were stuck in the Philippines. However, whenver I came back for a visit, I saw a need for my services here in my hometown that was not being answered sufficiently; I took it up on myself to address it, obviously to some discomfort at first. Now two years after I’ve been here, I can say for a fact: I am happier than I ever was in the US, despite having driven in those wide 5-lane highways and the well-stocked Wal-now Marts and the well-appointed homes of my friends. Let me add that I have travelled the world 3 times over. And I am back in good old, filthy, corrupt Philippines. Why? I cannot answer that for everyone. For myself, I’ve found the ways to cope with the failings of this country, and focused on the needs and small pleasures of my true home. As to Mr. Nasty, since he invited you to see him and have a good time, ask him to bring you to skid row or South-central L.A.But seeing his contempt for us Philippine ignoramuses who are amazed as well at the American ignoramuses who fawn over the no-talent Kardashians, I doubt if he’s even been there.

    1. Yeah I’d rather drive through unpaved roads in some backwater than through 5-lane highways because the budget allotment for the pavement of roads was used to build some asswipe mayor’s swimming pool and guest house instead! Children begging in the streets and sniffing glue and being forced into prostitution, people whacking each other on grandma bikes for Php500.00, dilapidated infrastructure and mass poverty, overpriced utilities with bad services, uncontrolled pollution, rising criminality, etc. I mean, what’s not to like?

      Screw you civilization, screw you decency and screw you good governance!

      I’m going back to my cheap soap operas and brainless noontime shows, distracted and happily oblivious to the fact that the government and the oligarchy keeps screwing me in the ass!


  82. You guys need to travel to more countries – developed and developing countries alike. Stay for a few months. As you expose yourself more internationally, you will appreciate what each nation has. You will realize that there are nations and people better than yours. You haven’t seen enough. Only those exposed internationally are more open and culturally appreciative.

  83. Yes but what is more interesting to me, my dear J ‘Nasty’ Anastasio, is how you seem to think you are above what you are criticizing. Just because you made some observations (hardly original, intelligent, or coming from any sort of critical thinking) and somehow had the good fortune (because let’s face it, you did not make it to a better place 100% on your own — maybe you worked hard, but I am certain you had some help perhaps even from your brown-skinned kin, and you were at the right place at the right time) does not mean you have magically transformed into a spotless deity living in a spotless paradise. Wake up, there is corruption and evil in America too.

    Clearly you were deeply affected by whatever the first article had said, or you would not have taken the time to write such a long and hopelessly boring comeback, which is nothing but more whining and destructive criticism, with no real solutions to anything. Your black or white, all or nothing, devaluing of your original country, while idealizing your new self and adopted country is really appalling by any standard and betrays your deep shame about yourself and where you came from (actually the mention of your surgically enhanced nose was the first giveaway).

    Next time don’t let your emotions get the best of you and write something decent. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. I am guessing you were raised Catholic, but if you no longer identify with it as well in an attempt to shed what you cannot accept in yourself, may I also suggest you get a better Zen master because he or she is not doing a very good job.


    1. I like that, ” don’t let your emotions get the best of you and write something decent”. Lol.. I am a Filipina living In NY. Never have forgotten my roots. And never will.

    2. There is corruption in America, but all least seventy percent do not live in poverty. You’re so typical of people in denial. Someone who would rather be in the arms of an abuser rather than truly seeking help.

      1. Wow “Critical Thinker”.. what part of my comment made you conclude that I’m so in denial? I didn’t disagree with Nasty’s points did I? A lot of his points, though not exactly groundbreaking or eye opening, I find to be valid. To go along with your “abuse” concept, I do think the Philippines is being raped by its own and the rest of the country should never be so blind as to tolerate it. But I meanwhile disagree with Nasty’s nasty manner of saying it, the same way I disagree with you believing yourself a critical thinker. You’re hardly a critical reader.


        1. I disagree with your assessment. The way Nasty said it is what the country needs. Too much sugarcoating. Too much prancing about instead of hitting the issue right at the jugular. Too much of playing nice in trying to solve the problems, yet the problems still festers. If something does not work (for fifty plus years), then it’s time to try something else.

          And why should he feel pride in something that’s a complete systemic failure? Being in a team is a two way street. The individual looks after the team, the team helps the individual reach their potential. Nasty tried. He got tired of waiting of waiting to be given a fair shake.

        2. Okay. I’ll play nice. I’ll explain. You’re in denial because he explained the problems, from which solutions can be found. However, no one wants to acknowledge the problems. If people acknowledge the problems, people would’ve done something about it. For example, think about corruption. Okay, we know they’re caused by citizens voting incompetent politicians. No one wants to acknowledge their poor choice of voting. His comeback is his attempt at shoving the problem at everyone’s throats so that people may finally see the problems they cause. However, you deny it. That’s my impression. Am I wrong?

        3. Critical Thinker – Really? Nasty’s speech, just like yours, is sheer, pointless, classless, rhetoric that has already been told before. If you think that people are still in denial of the country’s ills, yes you are wrong. In fact just read all the comments here! Even those who disagree with Nasty admit he raises valid points. How is it that even when I told you that I don’t disagree with his points, you still insist I’m in denial? You seem to be the brittle one and incapable of any mental flexibility.

          But if you think that the problem of corruption is as simplistic as citizens voting for incompetent politicians, then I cannot take you seriously.

          I am confident in my own ability to discern and think for myself. I have pride in myself and for myself, though I am not proud of where the Philippines is at right now. I do not need to carry the shame that Nasty so maliciously threw at us, because he didn’t know how to deal with it himself, choosing instead to completely renounce his identity. Filipinos, whether the privileged or the less educated, need to feel empowered, not patronized. I don’t need things shoved down my throat, I don’t need my face to be slapped to have my eyes stay open. Maybe you do, so speak for yourself.

        4. You don’t disagree with him. Okay, I stand corrected. However, Nasty’ speech is still needed, especially the tone. Nothing tried before worked. About corruptio, I agree it takes more than just voting. Eternal vigilance is still the answer. However, people can’t even do the first ste, and that is to vote wisely. How Nasty delivered the message may be the answer. If course, if it doesn’t wor, try something else.

        5. About him changing his identity, it doesn’t make him any less of a person. The fact that he thinks for himself and he realize that his beliefs doesn’t fit with everyone else’s makes him a better human being. How he defines himself is entirely up to him. Who he belongs to is his call. Renouncing an identity because the group’s beliefs and culture doesn’t sync with him is a legitimate way to deal identity. If a team you belong didn’t agree with your belief system, so you have to feel a sense of belonging to that team?

  84. I totally agree with Nasty. Now, we tasted the real nasty words and insults(with points). I still salute him despite of what he said(even though it hurts). For an open-minded person it would serve as a constructive criticism, but for those who are still in denial, then good luck. Those who knows and understand the situation of our country probably agrees with him. God bless the Philippines and good luck fellow countrymen!

  85. You don’t need necessarily need to go to another country to realize these things. Although do not isolate this case thinking that THESE only happen here.

    Do not generalize, as not all of us here are like that. Although what have you done to help in all this? Nothing, you’ve merely observed like the rest of us. So in reality, you have no right to ever say “I told you so” as that is just as ignorant.

    I do agree however, in the sickening lack of discipline and the starry eyed wonder people have for the famous. A television is much more accessible than education unfortunately. So media influenced from stereotypes still mold most of the masses.

  86. I can’t agree more. This is absolutely true and correct. I hate the way people live here… i want them to learn discipline and respect not just to the people but for the environment.. i think that’s all we need.

  87. Karamihan sa sinabi ni Nasty ay tama pati ang ang dapat nga aksyon para sa pagbabago. Pero madalas and tao pinapansin lang ang kamalian ng iba. Hindi lang si Nasty ang nakakaalam ng mga bagay na ito, marami din at marami din gumagawa ng paraan para sa pagbabago. Ano ba ang ginwa ni Nasty or ng ilang mga Pilipino? Tinalikuran ang bansa at piniling mamuhay ng mas marangya na hindi kayang ibigay ng Pilipinas. Mabuti at meron siyang oportunidad na mamili pero ang karamihan sa Pilipino ay wala.

    Hindi dapat husgahan nino man kung ang tao ay piliin ang mas maayos na buhay, pero hindi rin dapat husgahan ang buong Pilipinas at Pilipino dahil hindi nya nman nakikita ang lahat ng nangyayari lalo na at wala rin naman siyang naitutulong.

    Sabi nga, hindi naging ganito ang Pinas ng isang gabi lang kaya wag umasa na maiaayos ng isang gabi lang din.

    Mahirap pero hindi basta bata sumusuko ang Pilipino maliban kay Nasty. Ang totoong pagmamahal sa bansa or kahit sa tao ay kasama ang pagtanggap sa kahinaan nito o masamang katangian at kung ano ang aksyon mo para gawin itong lakas at kabutihan.

    Galit ka sa Pulitikong nasa Position at hindi na kayang mawala ang karangyaan sa buhay pero ang pagpili mo sa karangyaan sa ibang bansa habang hinahayaan ang kababayan sa kanilang sitwasyon at iniinsulto. Ano ang pagkakaiba?

  88. Well he maybe literally “nasty” but i think he is right! Let’s not be bitter or let’s not sour grape on his criticism and negative comments about us and our country, instead lets take it a challenge to improve our nation. What he described and saw was simply the reality of our nation. If we dont want comments like what he said then take action not by condemning him but by proving in the long run he is wrong.

  89. Highly intelligent and very smart but nasty Judas lost his balls then ran away from helping to carry The Cross and while ‘the tail is a loincloth’ he’s now peeping selfishly to watch The Sinking Ship with green bills on his short-brown hands. c”,)

  90. Whether he got point or not, I did not like it. Wag ko lang syang makitang makapunta pa dito. How could he say these things pero bakasyon siya nang bakasyon

  91. “Nasty” is the number one “ignoramus”. He didn’t do anything for his country. He gave up hope and faith of his countrymen. May he be damn in hell along with demons that are demonizing the Philippines. Long live to those who are empowered to change the course of History and the condition of the Filipinos!

    1. Are you serious with your comment?
      After seeing the article, only thing you can say is that he ran away without helping his country?
      Never had any mind of asking what is 100 million Filipinos doing in the Phil. while an OFW is out there crying and giving up on his country?
      Have you ever had a piece of mind that you will start the change, rather than waiting for others to start the change?

    2. Haha. I was fortunate to have read Nasty’s article a long time ago. Unlike you who would just ignore his message, It made me decide to be a better Filipino, learn as much as I can, apply what I lean, teach what I learn. It inspired to me work hard, try to be perfect in whatever work I try and not be half-assed (pwede na) about anything. Respect one another, be courteous to fellow motorists (zero accidents since the day I read this article), fall in line, don’t spit and piss on the road, don’t litter, pick up litter. Give true respect!–know that everyone has their inborn dignity. Save money and don’t just spend it on expensive consumables. You need more?

  92. Yes you are a “little brown” piece of shit. Did you have valid points. Most definitely. My reaction is not so much of what you said but your tone and intention. What is shitty about you is not what you said but the way you said it. Matapobre ka. Sige na, dollars and kinikita mo at di kasing sosyal ang Pilipinas kagayo mo, but rubbing it in our faces shows utter lack of taste and breeding. You make sweeping statements against all filipinos just because you are an americanized pinoy. If you think our people and our culture are pieces of shit, you also came from us. But you are worse than what you criticize. All you did was look down and tear apart. All you did was elevate yourself. Nakatulong ka ba? Were your statements in any way constructive, was there any compassion, was there any attempt to encourage people to improve. No, all you did was criticize and put a nation and its people down while saying how perfect you are. May pa my zen master said this ka pa, how shitty pathetic. If your Zen master read what you wrote I wonder what he would say. Nothing Nothing Nothing Zen at all in how you said it. Ask you Zen master, I am sure he will echo to you what many have said throughout time, what you hate in others reflect much of what you hate in yourself. One of the worst type of people are those who think they are enlightened and then judge and bash everyone who they see as unenlightened. You are a perfect example of that. You must live a very bitter life, you can’t live with it that the only way you need to convince yourself that you have a good life is by bitterly criticizing others lives. Thank God you are no longer a pinoy, we have enough pieces of shit already so getting rid of you is a big step forward.

  93. Here’s the thing about the remarks left here about nasty’s words. Most of them are true. Should it matter that it comes from someone who doesn’t want to be a Filipino anymore? It shouldnt. Sure other countries have had actors and actresses become politicians but those are exceptions rather than the norm. We have too many I’ll fitted actors turned politicians in this country and we all know it. Sure I’m certain will rebuff saying that this artist or that one is doing good but still as a whole we aren’t doing good as a country. And who is to blame about that? It comes down us Filipinos who vote these people into office even though they do not have the qualifications of another canidate. It has gotten to the point that when ever someone brings up our shortcomings we immediately become defensive and trash talk about the person who said things. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. There are millions of Filipinos who live below the poverty line and most of here do nothing to help that and if asked by a beggar for money we would turn then away. What would be your first reaction? He\She is part of a syndicate. Basically what I’m ranting about is that things need changing in our country and many of us refuse to acknowledge that fact and until we do the Philippines will continue to suffer.

    1. Probably proud because it’s true; Filipinos sugar-coat everything, they fucking hate confrontation when actually it’s the more mature thing to do. He was very blunt and he probably could’ve said it nicer, but I think you guys are just butt-hurt because everything says is true. You guys take pride in this country’s problems and it’s sad. ““You have to fall to learn to rise again.” How much lower do you want to go?”

      1. He can say anything without sugar coating, but he shouldn’t be rude. I agree with some of his comments, but I dont like how he delivered his speech.

  94. Hey Nasty,

    Just a few points:

    1. Although I agree with some of your comments about my country, may I just remind you that nobody really likes a rude person, no matter how right he is.

    2. Disagreeing with your observations is not being ignorant. You see, it is merely a matter of perspective. We do not deny the problems you have enumerated, and trust me, you don’t have to remind us about it either. Some of us, however, choose to see the glass as half-full. And if you read a bit further, you would know that this country that you obviously loath so much, is actually doing quite better than its neighboring Asian countries.

    3. Your Zen master isn’t helping you if you speak of nothing but hatred. If you are really into that, weren’t you supposed to follow the teachings of Buddha? Shouldn’t you practice what you preach then?

    4. Unfortunately, you are technically, still Filipino. Having a green card doesn’t change that fact. So, let me help you a bit. You have to formally and expressly declare, under oath, that you are cutting ties with the Philippines. Go to a Philippine embassy near you. Please do, it’ll be good riddance.

    5. You see, I don’t need your dollars. I challenge you that we compare assets just to see who’s doing better, financially. Stay there for all I care. We will do just fine without you. You are just a tiny speck in the infinite cosmos. In other words, you are negligible. Insignificant. Disposable. WE DON’T NEED YOU.

    6. Good luck (you need it more than we do).

  95. No matter what Nasty says, I still believe that Phils is the best place to live in for Filipinos. Despite all imperfections, we are a loving and happy people. Walang pinag iba yan sa batabg mahirap na inampon ng mayaman na foster parents, no matter how great they treat the adopted child, that child will still long for his or her biological parents’ love and embrace. As a Filipino, i am well aware of our imperfections, and I just focus on how I can contribute towards making it a better place for other fellowmen to live in. Even in the first world countries, they may have all materials things they want right at their fingertips, but why all the sadness in their hearts, love is so hard to find. Teens firing guns in school, high suicide rates etc etc. No matter what Nasty says, I love my country, and I will do my share by helping fellow filipinos have a better future even in my own little ways.

    1. The Philippines may not have teens firing guns at their school, but they whore out their bodies instead. And this is in the land where Catholics reign supreme.

  96. Since we are all Filipinos and are famed for our empathy and Smooth Interpersonal Relations (S.I.R.), let me give my defense of and edify Nasty’s character. We won’t get the entire story but let us try to understand why he was so “arrogant.”

    I think that Nasty was just acting all arrogant because he felt insulted. Sino ang hindi tataray sa atin kung nainsulto? Why do you think he felt so insulted? Because the columnist published an account of his visit to the Philippines and framed his comments in such a way as to invite ridicule (Shame on you Don Pedero!).

    Remember that Nasty’s visit back then was after he went back after many years away. Its hard to get used to how things were way back then, the heat, the smells, the disorder. He had gotten used to the order and the respect with which he was being treated with in the US (No doubt too that when he went home, people saw him and treated him as a walking ATM machine.)–it is only natural that he acted with newness and disgust when he saw that nothing had changed and got worse while he was away.

    Then Pedero published the article, and made him look like a fool and called him names (Nasty). Later, “readers from all over the world e-mailed in their two-cents’ worth” (insults and invectives no doubt). Nasty may deny all he wants but I’m sure he’d feel the sting (our balat-sibuyas countrymen would know a thing or two about feeling insulted). Small wonder then why Nasty decided he would no longer associate himself with such an unthinking and proud mob.

    That said, nothing Nasty wrote was ever out of line and full of valid points–his response continues to circulate while Pedero’s original article, ephemeral as the unthinking mob’s emotions has disappeared. His piece stood the test of time.

    Think of that the next time you try to shoot the messenger.

  97. we need more people like Nasty. Geez all he said was the truth. I am a proud filipino but all of these things that he mentioned are all true and we should all change for the better.

  98. Three points:

    1: Although the statements in the letter may be correct and actually nothing new it would be great to hear in contrast that there were a number of positive things that could have been said.

    2: This news has been sugar coated over and over again and even this one still has a little gloss on it. Not once has there been a truly productive solution presented with the ugly truths and that’s why this article like so many others will become a passing memory.

    3: I definitely would like to point out that isn’t that there is dirt in one’s eye but the truth is, the Philippine population is so large and only a % know that another life exists outside of what’s in front of them. People can’t simply see what they cannot see.

    There are great achievements going on in the attempts of creating these beautiful Ayala landscapes for example. Personally I hope that instead of just improving sections at a time, that the progress continues to expand outwards instead of being walled in. The very existence of a place like BGC and the fact that more and more are showing up like it, should hopefully be an eyeopener that people CAN live better and that the population that are able to, is growing.

    The ignorant and those who stubborn, looking at progress as if they can do nothing to be a part of it will ALWAYS exist in EVERY country. Keep growing Philippines!

  99. He’s “no longer” a Filipino alright but he’s quite updated in important events in the Philippines (either that or he did a great deal of research or it’s his hobby to gather the worst news in the country to have something to mock it with). I just hope he’ll fight for America when the need arises and not migrate to another prosperous country when it no longer has something good to offer him (not that America will ever suffer a downfall. This Nasty surely knows which side of his bread is buttered. His Zen master seemed to train him well). I am not enticed by his “good education” though. I’ve always known there’s no such thing as a country that has no trouble of its own (third world countries has greater troubles though because the root of its trouble is its people which of course includes the X-countryMen).

    To be honest, some of the average rural folks I know who’ve lived and worked somewhere in Metro Manila got petrified and felt lost in there in the whole duration of their stay (not disgusted though, but petrified especially of the dump everywhere and what the Manileños brag about which is how they get away with something “unlawful” that is due to their “diskarte”). Provincial living somehow gave them comfort especially now that they found a better paying job in their countryside.

  100. How amusing. Naka-abroad lang, kung anu-anong panlalait nang tinatapon sa pinas at sa kapwa pinoy. Get off your high-horse and try to understand why the Philippines is the hellhole it is today.

  101. Do get your facts straight too. Abbu Sayyaf isn’t taking over the entire country. It’s not even taking over Mindanao for crying out loud. Fly to Davao and stop being such an ignoramous. You’ll see it’s not as chaotic as Manila. Gawwwd!! why does everyone think that the Philippines is only Manila?

  102. Well, Nasty and Randy there you have it. There is nothing bad nor wrong with the truth you said. But sadly, it would have been better if you speak with the contributions you shared with Filipinos as it would be remembered and beneficial than to step on them who can be lifted and still have a chance (as long as they live) to have a better life. I have not even sensed of any spirituality on your statements, so I would assume this is just an inner cry from a person who has lost his hope and blame somebody else. I hope I don’t get old like the way you do. We need to have more good leaders and good people in the country.

  103. Save some money, go to Another 3rd world country, see how the children walk the streets and eat mud, their parents relieved that the children will never return home because of less mouth to feed ( with mud), how young girls wish to marry a man 20 years their age, just to be able to eat, or worse to be prostitutes. Or see the Children who travel miles for a cup of dirty water. Philippines is heaven for people who appreciates life for its simple blessings.

  104. Hi guys. Comment lang dahil binasa ko ulit yung email and I’m trying to be more objective. I’m not taking back anything I said in my previous comment but I would like to respond to a few comments recently made.

    Para dun sa mga nagsasabing butthurt lang yung mga Pinoy dahil may katotohanan yung karamihan ng sinabi nya. Syempre maaapektuhan kami dahil sa tono pa lang nung article eh yun na yung intensyon ni Nasty. Maraming magsasabi satin na accept natin to at alam natin to pero pagkatapos wala pa rin gagawin para tumulong sa pagbabago. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit mas effective itong ridiculous na tono ng pangungutya ni Nasty. Mild pa nga sya kung tutuusin (nung binasa ko ulit). Sana lang yung disgust natin kay Nasty eh ma-channel into a positive, progressive action na hindi ningas-kugon.

    Boboto na ako sa susunod na eleksyon at ang goal ko ay tignan ang bawat kandidato with utmost scrutiny before I make my vote. Kukuhanan ko ng video ang mga makikita kong anumalya at maghahanap din ako ng ways para magvolunteer na tagabantay ng boto. Hindi ako kailanman nagbigay ng padulas pero ngayon irereklamo ko na ang mahuhuli kong hihingi nito.

    Ito ang problema ko kay Nasty at sa mga ibang comments above. Napakadali magsabi ng education, education, education wala naman kayong action, action, action. Sasabihin pa ng iba dyan na hindi nila responsibilidad yun at aasa na lang sa gobyerno. Eh kung ganyan ang pagiisip mo edi wala talagang magbabago. Kung mayaman ka at nakikita mo ang problema sa edukasyon, bakit hindi ka magbigay ng scholarship at ikaw mismo ang humubog sa mga kabataang tingin mo ay magiinitiate ng change? Bakit hindi ka maghanap ng mga kagaya mo na gusto ng pagbabago at magstart kayo ng weekend classes para dun sa mga gustong matuto kahit bumasa o sumulat man lang? Bakit hindi ka makipagcoordinate sa TESDA o kung ano man para magbigay ng seminar sa mga gustong mag start ng small businesses? HINDI YUNG PORKET WALA KANG AASAHAN SA GOBYERNO EH TATANGA KA NA LANG AT MAGIINARTE. Kung wala kang ginagawa, wala ka ring pinagkaiba sa mga taong kinain na ng sistema. Gusto mo ng example ng taong nakakita ng mali at gumawa ng aksyon? Eto basahin mo: Yan ang facebook page ng project ni Efren Peñaflorida and we could surely use more people like him.

    Change is not going to happen overnight. Gaano katagal bago nabawasan ang racism sa America? Gobyerno lang ba nila ang gumalaw para sa pagbabagong iyon? Mas malaki ang role ng mga mamamayan.

    Ang hindi ko lang gusto na ginawa ni Nasty, gaya ng nasabi ko na, eh tinakbuhan lang niya lahat na parang duwag at impokrito. Desisyon nya yun at wala kong magagawa but that doesn’t mean that I have to like his decision or agree with it. Tila nagiinvite pa sya sa iba na itakwil na rin ang bansa nila at yun ang sobrang nakakapandiri. He’s expressing his opinion and I’m expressing mine.

    Eto sinabi ni John F. Kennedy, fellow American mo, na sana isinabuhay mo nung Pilipino ka pa: Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.

    Pero salamat pa rin sa email mo. Kung secretly nationalistic ka pala at gusto mo lang magkaroon ulit ng fire ang convictions and hopes ko para sa Pilipinas, your article has achieved its goal.

  105. some people don’t rely care where they came from before they got a better situation in their life. I’m working on a cruise ship, and most of the times all the filipino or not may i call them ex filipino are like nasty..they migrate in the US or Canada after few years being there and getting a US or Canadian citizenship they look at you like you are inferior comparing to them. They are the one who left our country for a better life I agree everybody wanted to if they given an opportunity. They become arrogant, boastfull full of shits. It’s funny they will always tell you hey get a citizenship. But I always tell them Gusto ko parin umuwi sa sarili kong bayan. Kumukita din naman ako ng dollar. masarap yata kumain ng balot, uminom sa kanto, kumain ng isaw. etch..Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!! Hayaan nyo na cla mga na “Americanized” cla ang mga duwag na sumuko sa Laban dito sa Pinas…

    1. Cheers to that juanmig! No matter what he say, he’s still one fucked up dude who thought that he got a good life as an American. Little did he know that he’s being looked down by some, if not most Americans. You see Nasty being a citizen and a true blooded Filipino is about continuing on despite all the hurdles in life. Be it politics, economy, the world, etc. Your one hypocrite and a fool for truly believing that America will accept you with open arms. Wake up dude, you’re only dreaming. Even the Black Americans aren’t as widely accepted given the freedom and equality they won on the 60s. You’re only fooling yourself! Lifetime PERSONA NON GRATA please Mr. President. That way he won’t have anywhere to go when America kicks his butt.

      1. You completely missed his point… anyway your talking to someone from 14 years ago buddy. He’s over it, apparently filipinos are still hungover about what he said…

    2. I too worked in the us for sometime and it’s not exactly the greener pasture everyone thought it to be. mahirap po ang buhay dun. mind you that seafarers like yourself are also considered as an OFW… you’re not exactly here in the philippines using your terminology “fighting poverty” yourself. Nasty wrote this 14 years ago, guess what? he’s predictions about the symptoms of a failing nation is right. We have gotten worse in the past decade and a half. tama na yang “inaapi” mentality please.

  106. I wonder though who among those who commented are philippine taxpayers. 55% ata kasi ng mga kababayan natin didnt get formal education. Unfortunately, poor household would prolly save to buy a television instead of sending their kids to piblic sxhools. So this means 55% are hypnotyzed by what they see in tv… Drama, pretend, super heroes, meeka humble kasambahay who went rags to riches after marrying a dirty filthy employer. Bihira yung mga documentaries sa primetime na nagpapakita na UMAHON AKO KASI NAGARAL AKO… there are more shows highlighting biglang yaman sa networking or dahil sa kung anong swerte. And i think even if we increase those documentaries, mas marami parin kasing pinoy na nagpapabayad para mabuhay kahit isang araw lang then their votes are given to artista politicians. Tama si miriam santiago… A filipino can only earn the privilege to vote if they pay tax… Not vat but via their Tin. When i look my annual tax i would always think of thoae who were sent to sxhool by pork barrel, now of they can have these names of scholars be publicly available at yung mga pangalan at picturrs ng mga cancer patients, diabetes patients, heart patients na mga natulungan nila… Ndi ko na iiyakan ang binayad kong buwis taon taon.

  107. Let’s look at the big picture…

    A balikbayan came home after a few years of hardwork in the US complained to his friend who was giving him a tour about our system and all points brought up we’re valid. normal right?

    saide friend apparently was a columnist and decided to write an article about this calling the balikbayan “the little brown american” and “nasty” rude right? then all the netizens from back then (year 2000) started bashing him after reading that one sided article. mostly likely points like “tinalikuran mo ang bansa” “umalis kana kung ayaw mo” all that nasty stuff. of course he’s going to be bitter about it but instead kept his silence in the social media.

    Before he left he decided to write back to his friend being how bitter he is on what his friend did to him. Apparently said friend posted the reply yet again on social media, which resulted to another bashing a decade and a half after which is happening right now.

    giving the netizens the benefit of the doubt back then that what he said wasn’t entirely true, given that manila was a lot better back then. A decade and a half after, things has just gotten a lot worse…

    I say we The filipinos need a hard slap in the face about reality… yes it has gotten worse since he said those words in the last decade and a half. Are we still going to deny that fact? that what he said back then is slowly coming true? we had the symptoms of a failing nation and he was right! a decade an a half has gone and we only became worse. We’re still in denial, we’re still saying that it’s not true? i fear for what will happen another decade from now, if we still don’t realize what is really going on.

    I can’t blame him… he’s probably old and retired by now living through his pension with his family, and guess what? all the years that he’s been working as an OFW helped the philippine economy today! So he did do something for the philippines back then, regretably 1 can only help as much if the nation itself don’t want to change and continuously be blinded about reality.

    That’s all… 🙂

    1. Nah, Im not minding the bad things he said about the philippines, it’s the truth anyway. What I do mind is the manner he retorted which is rude and arrogant. While his friend did write a one-sided article, the way he responded in a rude, sarcastic, belittling & arrogant manner does not make him the better man.

      1. The way he responded is still better than the balat-sibuyas ways people here in the Philippines respond to criticism.

      2. I’ll take a rude but true comment than silence or flowery words but full of lies. Look at it this way… May kulangot nanakausli sa ilong mo, muta sa mata, or kahit open lng ang zipper mo in public. pa may nag point out ba nun sayo magagalit ka dun sa tao? kahit pa sabihin mong tinawanan ka nya habang sinasabi nya sayo to. point is buti sinabi nya parin kesa nag mukha kang tanga buong araw.

    2. Nasty said he’s an American citizen. I assume his immediate family is not in our country anymore considering he curse all left here after all. With that there no need for him to send money here. No remittances. In what way then he help our country? I suppose he pay his taxes there.

      1. prior to the article being written i believe he stayed and work for a good amount of time to acquire said citizenship, and petitioning does take some time too. Anyway it doesn’t really matter now does it? let’s give it the benefit of the doubt that he did not remit any money and that he really is a bad person with no intentions of helping and is just a racist bastard. The fact of the matter is the valid points that he raised is still true and has been getting worse for the past 15 years. That’s the whole point, but most filipinos would rather deal with nasty than the actual problem. given that it is easier to gangup on someone specially online, it’s still pointless and is just plain dumb.

        We can crusify him kill his entire family but i don’t think that would solve anything. That is why targetting the messenger is pointless, deal with the message he left instead.

  108. Sa ilang nag komento sa post na ito palagay ko karamihan ay sabihin na nating nkakaramdam nang karangyaan at nkaluluwag sa buhay.. ngunit sa palagay ko ay may punto si “nasty” mali lamang ang paraan ng pagpapahayag nya ng kanyang opinyon.. ang tunay na nkakaramdam ng mga suliraning ito ay ang mga mamamayan natin na lulong sa kahirapan.. mapalad tayo at nkakapag internet pa tayo para isipin at ipahayag ang ating opinyon samantalang ang iba nating kababayan ay inaalala ang susunod nilang kakainin, nananahimik at nagpapaagos sa paghihirap matugunan lamang ang kalam ng sikmura..

  109. This is not the first time someone criticized the Philippines. Some Filipinos got used to it already but it still stings. If only we can surpass our shallow ‘pagmamalasakit’ and deep seated indifference. Instead, lets get our act together rather than feeling ‘api’ because of an obvious observation.

  110. I agree with 75% of what he said. Funny how he is saying it now, when he’s an Ah-meh-ricahn! What was he saying when he was still here?

    As Bob Ong said, hindi mga mahihirap ang uma-alipusta at ayaw sa pilipinas kundi ang mga nakatikim na ng snow at dollars.

  111. Butt-hurt Filipinos everywhere. Clearly criticisms and Pinoys don’t mix. You lambast the messenger and totally ignore the message. You are roused to anger but you would rather kill the person calling out the problem than being roused to action and actually fixing it. Anyone given the chance to live outside of the Philippines as long as they can take their loved ones with them would take that opportunity in a heartbeat. Before anyone tries to berate Nasty and how he “turned” his back on his country, ask yourself what did you do to make you better than him? Have you lived with the urban poor and rallied to their aid? Have your fingers bled for the poor farmers tiling the land? Have you voted for the right people or are you one of those “the system doesn’t work why should I be bothered with voting?” Apathy and indifference. Be angry but DO something.

    1. Hmmm. Is the practice of shooting the messenger a symptom of the anti-intellectualism and laziness of the Filipino?–could be! Rather than tackle the issue directly and go into the points of the message, by attacking the messenger, the contents of the message can readily be ignored.

  112. I think that The Philippines needs to get their head out of the sand and see how the rest of the industrialised world is investing in their future. To be spending less than 2% of their GDP on their infrastructure says a lot. The real growth in the Phils is coming from investors such as myself. I LOVE living there but the poor roads, the filth, the indifference and lack of interest in their own environment will one day push me out. People must have a future to look foirward to. The Future is in the hands of the investors. The peoiple don’t know that but the better the environment the more the investment and the better off people will feel.

  113. Nasty hit all the points. However, he can get a mirror and see his beloved new country with all his points hitting him back (biggest debt in the world, most dangerous country targeted by ISIS/AQ, so many massacre at schools and snipers, beggars, crooks in the state and federal government, conspiracy amongst law enforcement agencies, and he should feel the societal class inequality from white, black, hispanic, oriental, and brown. And he call his new land a paradise with all his dollars… He looked at his former country the Philippines so low that I dont think he deserves to be given a return trip (though he said he wont) but just to be sure he couldnt make it anymore – a tag of persona non grata is good enough . His new beloved country would not love him the way Philippines did. Philippines loves all Filipinos whether Filipino citizens or citizens of other countries, and she is proud of each and every Filipino’s success. Let him go with his arrogance down to his final destination…

    1. everything you stated about the US is worse in manila… what’s your point? kill the messenger? again with the “naapi” mentality… FYI nasty wrote that 14 years ago… and guess what? everything he said is still true if not worse than before. open your eyes!

  114. I’m a pure bred filipino and based on observation from social media, tv, and daily interaction. i will agree with the headline. our race are so blinded by stars that we go out of our way to make such a big deal out of other people’s lives and not tend to our own. it’s just so pathetic. even when there shouldn’t be any issues, fans make it their business to create them — as if the media doesn’t do a great job about that already. i worry about what the youth is growing up to today.

    Moreover, we are easily butthurt when addressed with the truth. we are in constant denial and refuse to accept facts. SMH, i’m literally shaking my head. the future generations will just continue to grow dumber and dumber. God, have mercy on the youth.

    1. Its good that you were able to get the point. Let us do our best to educate our youth to truly respect others and their environment. To have respect for the law and to respect themselves. Let us not be afraid to be frank to others and to let them know that they have done wrong/not doing things properly.

  115. yesss it hurts,, but its reality. Every body wants changes pero a handfull kumpare ninong at kamag anak control our society.. Pinapakain tayo ng media ng makakabusog sa mata at nakakatunay ng utak.. Tama lahat starsruck. Nabulag.. Bahala na bukas makakaraos.. Diskarte..ala tiamba..ay sikip sa dibdib..kurap mag nanakaw iboboto pa mananalo pa..boto kapalit bigas konting pera,, resulta national karma,,,,when are we going to start if we want changes,EDUCATION SAGOT SA KATANGAHAN,,

  116. Just wondering if “Nasty (J. Anastacio)” is dating a Filipina? An American but with a Filipina/Asian ethnicity? or a Caucasian Pure White American?

    1. Trying to kill the messenger? How could this possibly be relevant? Advice: Focus on the message not the messenger.

      1. it will define if he really doesn’t look back at his heritage.

        It make sense that if you really not looking back to your own culture might as well go date and marry a caucasian lady?

        And oh, it would be awesome to know as the ratio of Filipino Brown Men dating a Caucasian White woman is very very very rare compare to a Filipina Brown Women dating a Caucasian White man.

        1. No, I’m not.

          It is a common issue and debate I have with Fellow Brown Americans here in USA.

          They tend to badmouth Mother Country Philippines yet they still search, date and marry a Filipina Brown Woman (Whats the point of hating Philippines? if a one has no ability to date inter-racially).

          This is the thing though – Filipino Brown Americans who date White Caucasian Female American are very rare.

        2. you still don’t get it… LOL were not talking about filipino americans, we don’t care much bout them. it’s not bout who stayed in the US, hell i stayed there a couple years myself and worked my ass off.. But you see it’s not about that! your focusing on the messenger instead of focusing on his message! He was pointing out what ails our mother country and how to improve it! that’s what you didn’t get

        3. we’re not talking about filipino brown americans dating caucasians or what not… we don’t gie a f*ck who you date, it’s not about skin color. don’t play the race card so easily whenever you feel prejudice. The real issue was he pointed out the truth about some mistakes in manila that can be improved, apparently most filipinos are butt hurt and can’t taake criticism. Stay and work in P.I. for atleast a year and you’ll know what mistakes we’re talkin about

        4. I have to agree with you, Mr. Rick… it’s not about the race but it is about the seed of corruption that is still implanted in this society. That is why I call all stakeholders concerned to contribute something that might uplift the dignity of our beloved country, the Philippines. I am also calling all the youth to vote wisely and become empowered to push for what is right, for we the youth are the voice of the future..

        5. I agree with M. Xavier

          Kung si Mr. Nasty tinalikuran na Pilipinas dapat lang ang kanyang syota o asawa ay isang puting amerikana.

          Typical na pilipino sa America ngayon, puros ayaw ko na pilipinas dito na ako sa America pero ang hinahanap pa rin na asawa eh Filipina (ngayon, lumalabas nang hipokrito, kung tatalikuran mo Pinas might as well pati lahi pumili ka na nang Puti).

          Hamon lang yan kay Mr Nasty, kung ano nga ba ang kanyan lovelife? sa Pinay o sa Puti?

          Dahil dito sa America, mga Pinoy puros yabang na Americano pero walang lakas na loob makipagtalik sa Americanang Puti. Talo pa sila ng mga Filipina, madaling maka score ng Americano.

        6. okay para matapos na yan kababawan na topic na yan na ipinipilit nyo. sige masama na si nasty, and then what? move on na tyo sa mas importante sir. ung pinoint out nya na mga mali sa bansa natin kelangan baguhin.

          Nasty never really mattered, what mattered was his message to the filipino people 15 years ago which now has come true.

          How filipino people can’t take criticism, and they would rather accept a sweet lie than the hard truth.
          We need change is what he has been sayiing all along, and i agree with him regardless if he stayed or not. i don’t give a f*ck where he is.

          Much like when i watch a movie i don’t give a rats ass who’s in it, what matters is the actual content of the movie.

        7. Its like that Filipino scholar who asked Lee Kwan Yew about the influence his late wife had on him–Xavier is just being chismoso! Lol

        8. @Rick, let me just share you a post I put up on Jan. 5/15.

          There are times when the messenger matters more than the message. And in Nasty’s case, that saying is true.

          A self-confessed American, he pulled no punches on everything he witnessed in the country where he originated from. And he said those things obviously not to make the Filipinos feel better but to make himself feel better because he is no longer one of them. He no longer experience, feel, smell, etc. those wrong and ugly things Filipinos experienced 24/7.

          His message is loud and clear and true. But, alas, the messenger is no longer a part of the crowd to whom the message is for. He is now better, cleaner, prettier and most importantly richer than them. He may not be exactly corrupt or mistake-free bit he can now pretend to be in a perfect place than the Filipinos he’s sending his message to.

          I have no quarrel with those bad and sad things he enumerated about us. Problem was, nothing in what he said indicated that he has any intention, as an outsider, of doing his share to uplift and do something about it.

          He is no different from former insider-turned-outsider people in the past that uses their newfound status to point out to Filipinos those wrong and ugly things they themselves did nothing to when they were still Filipinos.

          Human nature. :I

        9. There are times when the messenger matters more than the message. And in Nasty’s case, that saying is true. – i don’t see the logic in this, i’m sorry… are you saying that if someone from the “family” delivered the messaage instead it would be allright? how is that any different? wether it be from someone outside or inside the circle the message remains the same and that message is very important possibly saving a country. I wouldn’t care how the message is delivered as long as it does.

          Let me put it this way… pag may kulangot naka usli sa ilong mo, may malaking muta sa mata, or bukas ang zipper mo in public. someone pointed it out to you and laugh. what would you do?

          If it was me, I would take care of the issue.. tatanggalin ko po ung kulangot, muta or isasara ko ung zipper. what happens after? who gives a sh*t.. either you beat the crap out of the guy for laughing at you, ignore him, or thank him for letting you know about it.

          at the end of they day, he let you know about what’s wrong instead of just keeping his silence and letting the world laugh at you

        10. So basically I’m trying to point out that although he did laugh at you while pointing out your kulangot, muta, or bukas na zipper. Don’t beat him up for it, at the end of the day he helped you out.

        11. Rick,
          are you saying that if someone from the “family” delivered the messaage instead it would be allright? how is that any different? wether it be from someone outside or inside the circle the message remains the same and that message is very important possibly saving a country. I wouldn’t care how the message is delivered as long as it does.
          You are talking of the message which I, personally, and a lot of people have no problem with.

          You don’t care how the message is delivered? You didn’t even think of what is the motive in the delivery of the message. Here, let me show a part of what the delivery man (Nasty) imparted his message with,

          “P. P. P. P. P. P. S. Sa totoo lang, MAGDUSA KAYONG LAHAT! (Don’t you just love my Waray-Kano accent?) He-he-he! ”

          You think the message is serious and after our concern and welfare? Tell me.

          Let me put it this way… pag may kulangot naka usli sa ilong mo, may malaking muta sa mata, or bukas ang zipper mo in public. someone pointed it out to you and laugh. what would you do?
          Papatulan ko ‘yang self-serving na example mo para lalong maging klaro ang usapan.

          Kapag may bumati sa ‘yo patungkol sa mali o isang bagay na hindi mo alintana at ginawa itong pa-simple, pabulong at sa pormal na paraan na hindi mapapansin ng ibang tao sa paligid, kara-karaka mong itatama o gagawa ka ng paraan para ayusin ‘yung napuna sa ‘yo.

          Subali’t kung ang pagpunang ginawa sa ‘yo e lantaran at garapalan na may kasama pang pangungutya at tawa, na gaya sa ehemplong ibinigay mo, hindi ba parang inalipusta at hiniya ka. Hindi mo naramdaman na ‘yung pumuna sa ‘yo ay may intensiyong tumulong ng seryoso at imbis ginawa ka pang katatawanan. Nakita mo ‘yung deprens’ya, kabayan? Intensiyon.

          at the end of they day, he let you know about what’s wrong instead of just keeping his silence and letting the world laugh at you
          Nope, he did not let me know what’s wrong. Nothing in what he said was new to me. We all know what’s wrong. Don’t tell me Nasty’s statement was an eye-opener to you? Are you telling me that you have no idea of what’s going on in the country and were shocked by Nasty’s “revelation”.

          If your answer is yes, then, good for you. Now you know. You really should thank Nasty for something that you don’t know and discovered because of him.

          And that (new knowledge/info) could be the reason why you failed to focus on the intention of the messenger. 🙁

        12. ‘…wether it be from someone outside or inside the circle the message remains the same and that message is very important possibly saving a country.’
          The message is constant. It will always be the same. If it is bad news, it’s bad or good news, it’s good. However, how it was delivered or the intention behind it’s delivery sometimes matter. If that is the case, the focus will no longer be on the message but the messenger.

        13. Very amusing Rick’s analogy at 11:48 – except we’re not talking about boogers or muta or zippers here are we? We’re talking about how a nation that has plenty of potential and resources continues to rot in spite of everyone acknowledging for decades what’s wrong with it. When part of the problem of the country is this pathological self-indulgence and makasarili attitude (from politicians pilfering the coffers to the street vendor dumping task in the river to the driver offering a bribe to the buwaya), I cannot accept a comment, no matter how valid the points, from someone who is as self-indulgent, oppressive, and malicious as the disease he is trying to “help.” Not without grabbing the mirror from his hand and pointing it to him so he can see his dirtier face! He is no hero or sage or catalyst of change… he, like many others is a malignant pariah that should do everyone a favor and just as well stay out of the country.

          I don’t think you will find a single Filipino who doesn’t know that the government is corrupt, that the streets are filthy, that health care is inadequate, that the system is failing everyone, and so on. Everyone, from the poorest of the poor, to the wealthiest and most corrupt government official knows that, the difference being the latter having the capacity and choice to take advantage of it. There is no need to repeat it ad nauseum!

          Yet we never improve because the most common reaction, still and always, that I see is hysterical finger-pointing, blaming, externalizing. So dramatic! The exclamation points, the ALL CAPS. Those are just feelings, they are nothing if not paired with actions. And real action, preaching does not count! And why not inspect ourselves and do an internal inventory, and I don’t mean as a nation, but as individuals, and see what part one may have had in this – whether by choosing to do something wrong or failing to do more good.

          I am tired of ranting on this thread to nowhere. I am going to sit down and think of ways to do my part to uplift without unnecessarily bringing others down, and I encourage others to do the same.


    2. I get what M. Xavier post’s all about.

      In the context of the article it clearly shows that Mr Nasty flew to the Waray Part of Philippines.

      In good ol’ Filipino Urban Legends, Waray Women are Spicy Hot.

      It clearly shows despite berating Philippines, Mr Nasty still have that keen taste to be with a fellow Brown Race Pinay.

      This shows also that Mr Nasty dont have what it takes to be with a White Caucasian Female American (he refers to Los Angeles as his residential place)

  117. MR. Nasty…. you may claim that u are now an American citizen and you carry an American passport, but you cannot deny the fact you are still a Filipino, born of Filipino parents, and still able to speak with your native tongue,since the Philippines follows the jus sanguinis system, making you a full blooded Filipino, regardless of your citizenship as an American. Now, you criticize and lament the current situation of our dearly beloved Philippines. May I ask you this question: During the course of your life being a Filipino Citizen, HAVE YOU DONE SOMETHING TO HELP OUR COUNTRY? HAVE YOU CONTRIBUTED SOMETHING SO THAT OUR COUNTRY CAN BE GREAT AGAIN? IT SEEMS THAT YOU KEEP ON TALKING. I SUGGEST YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH AND WALK THE TALK. Mr. Nasty,I challenge you,in the words of the late Pres. John F. Kennedy to “ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY”. if you ever want to malign and insult us Filipinos, MAKE SURE THAT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT, BECAUSE I BELIEVE YOU JUS KEEP ON COMPLAINING BUT YOU DO NOT WALK THE TALK. It is true that in life, we make decisions, not choices. What disgusts me is that YOU A FULL BLOODED FILIPINO DECIDED CHOSE TO LOOK DOWN ON US, AND DECIDED NOT TO HELP US. THAT IS UNBECOMING OF A HUMAN BEING!! I hope that my message is clear, Mr. Nasty.. thank you and good day

    P.S. Vox Populi means “Voice of the People”
    Vox Dei means “Voice of God”
    what you said “My Zen master says, “Vox populi is not always the voice of God.” is wrong since it implies that Vox POpuli means voice of God…. Learn basic Italian For Crying Out Loud!

    1. 1. he raised awareness bout what is wrong with our country.
      2. He worked as an OFW for a long time which did help the philippine economy.
      3. you’re talking to someone from 14 years ago stupid!

      1. What??…. this article was from 14 years ago?… and I thought I was that updated… sheesh … well… whats done is done… but if we want to have a better society, I suggest we work together to alleviate all of these problems, if not eradicate it.

        1. almost 15 years now actually. that was an article back in oct 29 2000. He completely nailed it, it was like a premonition. Symptoms of a failing nation. lo and behold… we ARE far worse than 14 years ago just like what he said. and that’s because nobody listened, everybody was blind.

        2. “…we ARE far worse than 14 years ago just like what he said.” – Rick
          No, we’re not. We may not be as successful but we’re fine today than 14 years ago. What was worse was the natural calamities that befell the nation. But that too, is not exclusive to us. If I’m going to choose between now and 14 years ago, hands down I take the now. 🙂

      2. So Rick are you the moderator of this thread that you feel the need to educate everyone about this article being written 15 years ago? Not sure what your goal is regurgitating that detail. You find one point and use it to make yourself look more clever than the rest. It doesn’t matter when the article was written, the ensuing conversation is clearly still very relevant today because as you point out, we are rotting in worse filth than we were 15 years ago. But calling someone names like “stupid” is not helpful, it is oppression, same as from the Spanish colonizers of centuries ago and from the political trapos of today. Additional arrogance from the likes of you and Nasty is not something the country needs. Well-placed humility, respect for others, even just superficial professionalism and etiquette, are values we must also hold on to.


        1. No i am not the moderator for this thread, i never said that i was. I’m merely trying to point out what mister nasty’s message is all about, it’s not about him, its not about me, its about the mistakes in our society. stop changing the topic! It’s not about the arrogance either but if you insist, then go for it. still won’t change the fact that we made valid points about the what is ailing our nation’s capital. i assure you that my or nasty’s arrogance is not what’s ailing our nation it’s how blind our people are to the truth. the problem clearly pointed out is right there in front of you, but you chose to go with my arrogance instead.. The article written 15 years ago is indeed still very relevant but talking to nasty who clearly isn’t in this thread or talking about my arrogance is clearly not. so after you prove that i am indeed arrogant? what’s your next move? shall we deal with the actual topic? if so then yes i am, just to get your butthurt ego out of the way

  118. To the ones saying “I identify myself as canadian, as american and no, I am not an immigrant,” can I tell you something? If you werent born in that country, then technically you are an immigrant. If by meaning you define immigrant as a status of your presence there & soon you will be a citizen, then youre wrong. An immigrant is an immigrant even if you have beeb sworn into citizenship. You migrated therefore in the true sense of the word: immigrant.

    Plus, no matter how much bleach you take a bath in or bottles of glutathione you drink, you might turn white outside but your offsprings will still be brown.

  119. It all boils down to what you can do to help change the ‘dreary and pitiful’ situation that we have… can we let that pedestrian cross the pedestrian lane without any attempt of running them over? can we politely speak to that traffic enforcer but put your foot down when there really is no violation? can we just stick to our goddamn lane when driving (yeah, we have to get rid of the buses and jeepneys), can we serve our country without any vested interest over money and power but with dignity and respect to the Filipinos? It’s just a matter of making a decision and sticking to it until the end. It’s our one shot in changing our crab mentality culture into a respectable one. One that our children’s children will be proud of. One that the world will be come to appreciate and admire. One that we Filipinos will be proud of.

  120. Filipino Brown American Mr. Nasty, if you are indeed who you are.

    I would certainly laugh at you if

    You are dating a “Brown Filipina Girl” and not a “White Caucasian American”

    Why? – It clearly shows that if you date a “Pinay” it means you still have that “Filipino Pride” of yours.

    Typical Insecurity of Brown Americans here in USA, they are not capable dating and marrying a White American Girl 🙂

      1. Nope, because this will clearly break the balance if Mr. Nasty (or the author) really true on his take about hating Philippines (might as well go all the way) else he is sugarcoating and still have that Filipino Pride in him thus dating & marrying a fellow PINAY

        Filipino Brown Americans here in the Philippines always end up with a Filipina or Filipina Brown American.

        While Majority of Filipinas or Filipina Brown American here in USA tend to end up dating and marrying a White Man 🙂

        1. Its not Pinoy pride to date a Pinay you know. You have your own bond, an attraction, dare I say it? Love.

  121. While true, I dare say that he is not right. I dare say that he has the least credibility to even be listened to and indeed, he is nothing more than that “crow perched on a carabao”. Tanggalin mo ang kanyang claim to fame na American passport, he is that Pinoy that he himself abhors. Pupusta ako. It’s just that he was afforded that decision at some point in his life to take the easy way out instead of educating the so called masses that he appears to hate so much. Maraming Pinoy na ganyan, truth to tell, at marami pang Pinoy na magiging tulad nya. Iba iba lang talaga ang tolerance level ng iba’t ibang tao pagdating sa mga ganitong bagay. His beloved America has its own nuances and I don’t blame him if he is not starstruck with Hollywood personalities since he is already so full of himself. O baka naman deep inside e nagpipigil lang sya. Ignoramus ba kamo, he exhibits a lot of it himself by his own remarks. I am not surprised at how shallow his assertions are given his personality (that I base on his writings alone) He is just being consistent as a traitor, blinded as he is with his new found citizenship. He sees everything right with being American when in fact the world also has a lot of not so good things to say about being American. He sees everything that is wrong about being Filipino and scoffs at even the slightest hint of greatness of the Filipino. Ridiculing to dampen what is good about being Filipino. All nations have their good and bad sides. How one makes it a part of his identity is what should count.

    It’s not my country’s, nor the Filipinos’, fault that Nasty chose to be Uncle Sam’s ass kisser.

    1. not right? FYI Nasty wrote that 14 years ago… Did we improve since then? you’re in denial friend, and blind from the truth.

      When he said 14 years ago that these were the symptoms of a failing nation, he was right coz right now 14 years after he said that, manila is far worse than before.

      He was trying to point out that we needed change but noone listened, instead casted him out. the point was about the betterment of the philippines not about him staying in america. stay in topic. READ!!! he was right bout educatioon too, people need to understand the situation and not be too emotional. stop feeling for awhile and THINK!!!

  122. what I am trying to point out is very simple:
    We have to work together in order to address these situations. Otherwise, these problems will just remain in our society. We must have unity, and cooperation. I concede that Mr. Nasty had some points, however he decided to address it in an arrogant manner. my challenge for all of us, and not just for him, is that we contribute something for the development of the Philippines, may it be pledges or just simple acts, so that these problems may be alleviated, if not eradicated. Like me, I maybe 17 years old, but I volunteer for an NGO with a goal to preserve, protect and restore the balance of ecology, particularly water. So far, I have conducted three information dissemination campaigns for Water Conservation and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). With this, I have made a contribution to the our society, although it seems small, but as the saying goes “SMALL ACTS LED TO BIG THINGS”. I challenge everyone to do the same; to lend a hand although it seems small, for as time passes, it will lead to greater things

    1. yes it was a bit more straightforward than what filipinos are accustomed to, but maybe that’s what we really need a slap in the face from someone nearly 15 years ago to wake us up! I will take you up on your challenge and will try to educate as much people as i can about finances. How investing is not such a bad thing, we’re so used to “tago ang pera sa baul” that inflation is killing us! That’s one more thing that needs to be addressed, people should learn how to beat inflation or else i fear for our future… salary has stagnate for the past several years while inflation keeps rising

      1. Thank you for accepting my challenge, mr.rick….. to all those who accepted my challenge, I also thank you. Your actions will surely go a long way. it is high time that we stand up for what is right. to Mr. nasty, my apologies if my first comment had strong language.. it was pride that bit me…Mr. Rick, please tell the others who are commenting, if it is ok with you, to be catalysts for change by standing up for what is right, by giving a helping hand to those who need our help, and with the 2016 elections coming, by electing the right and deserving leaders… 🙂

        1. That’s if may tatakbo na deserving. If I know ang mga tatakbo yung mga makakapal lang ang mukha. I am not so excited about the elections. It sickens me to even think that I have to vote for someone from a bunch of liars who feel no remorse at all for their crimes that they even have the guts to televise their annoying goofy faces saying “Pick me. I’m a good person. And good-looking too!” What a bunch of f*cking c*nts!

        2. I’m actually thinking that miriam might be a good candidate if she runs for presidency on 2016. what do you guys think? any thoughts about miriam defensor santiago?

      2. To rick: your thoughts are as good as mine. Sen. Santiago is a good candidate for 2016. I also wanted Mr. Duterte to run for the presidency. well, that’s just my opinion of course… 🙂

    2. Also if I may add, challenge everyone (domestic citizens included) to show acts of humanity and decency. We can impact change without blatant disregard for the prevailing standards of propriety. Bringing everyone’s attention to ‘Nasty’s’ litany, we are human beings and kicking a man/woman while he/she is down reveals that Nasty is living up to his name and has yet to learn the values of the west. We are fully aware of our situation here in the Philippines, but we choose to remain happy and learn to adapt despite the odds. Believe me when I tell you that we have measures in place in the hopes that it will affect change, they have yet to please “Mr. Nasty’s” vacation goals but they are mobilizing. Nevertheless, we do not need to disparage a fellow to feel good. And as to the little things one can do to trickle an effect for bigger change, start with in your family. Teach them the right values and lead by example, to do the right thing no matter what.

      1. To Oklang: you have point there regarding teaching good values and change starting in the family. I thank you for your suggestions. This should be applied to everyone…. OUR ENEMY IS CORRUPTION. WE MUST FIGHT IT AND WE MUST START WITHIN OURSELVES. I ENJOIN EVERYONE TO BE INSTRUMENTS OF CHANGE FOR THIS COUNTRY TO SHINE AMIDST THE CHALLENGES AND OBSTACLES THAT MIGHT BEFALL ON US. LET US UNITE FOR A GREATER AND MORE PROSPEROUS PHILIPPINES.

  123. Truth hurts but it will set you free. You are quite right Nasty and kudos to your great intellect, keen observation and straight from the shoulder tirada. True American indeed. However, let me ask you when your are already uugod ugod where do you plan to retire? In Pinas where most Brown Americans choose to stay at may kamag-anak na mag aalaga at affordable o diyan sa American where most likely you will stay in Homecare center. I bet magpapakamatay ka na lang!

  124. Completely true. Brave bold words. Brave bold words coming from a quitter.I would not have dropped my two cents if you could say you tried to make a change before you left and took THE EASY WAY OUT.Did you even try? The feeling of disgust is mutual.You don’t have the balls to take on the challenge, so God bless the langaw on top of the bison.Although we are in deep waters, things will change for the better.

    1. 1. he tried raise awareness and point out what ails our country and what needs to be done to improve it.

      2. he worked as an OFW for a while which helped the philippine economy today.

      3. you’re talking to someone from almost 15years ago.

      4. when you say we are in deep water and that we needed to change… THATS WHAT HE WAS SAYING 15 YEARS AGO!!! but filipinos like you can’t take criticism even if it meant it was for the betterment of our country! now 15 yeaars later… things has gotten worse!

      1. Nice one Rick, gusto ko ang punto mo. Naipamulat ni Nasty yung sinasalamin ng karamihan sa ating mga Filipino, basta pwede ok na.. yung parte na walang pagsusumikap na laging bahala na lang, yung gustong makatikim ng ginhawa ng walang hirap, puro sarap at saya.. walang solusyon sa problema… tama bang maging matibay tayo sa maling parang, parating dinadaan sa saya o tawa ang problema at di na lang nagawa ng solusyon o hinaharap ito.. yung kumikilos na iresponsable, yung squatter jan, squatter doon, yung puro asa na lang sa gobyerno at kapwa, yung uutang na lng tapos tatakas, yung mangbubuntis tapos di pananagutan yung bata, yung magpapabuntis pero iiwan na lng yung bata…

        1. I agree there are cracks in the system, but we can not offer a solution with meaningless rants. We can provide a catalyst for a change though. Instead of complaining about teen pregnancy why not educate them about the risks? Instead of complaining about informal settlers, inform them about government programs that will enable them to acquire acceptable living conditions? I do not mean to lecture, this is just my way of disseminating information for a better Philippines.

        2. I completely agree for those who can. for those who can’t naman, raising awareness that we need to change is enough. Education is a must talaga dahil karamihan d lng din tlga alam kung ano ang gagawin so sinagawa lng nila ung nakasanayan na nila. We need to let them know that just because we’re accustomed to doing something in a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s right. i.e. tapon ng basura sa kanto, kotong, road dicipline, at my favorite ang filipino time, etc.

        3. nice one oklang, i get your point. eto naman opinyon ko: educate and inform them. alam na nila yun.
          – pag pinagsabihan o iniform mo ung mga squatter baka abangan ka sa labasan sa gripohan ka sa tagiliran.
          – ung alam na mali ginagawa nila sige pa rin na parang wala lang

          ang gusto lng natin lagi eh easy way out o basta ok tayo wala ng pakialam sa tama o mali, mahirap sa ating Pinoy balat sibuyas pag nabigyan ng negative feedback.

          solution talaga lang ay disiplina ng bawat mamamayan at strict na implementation ng batas. about sa change nagsisimula yan sa ating sarili, kung mahal natin ang bayan natin di tayo gagawa ng bagay na makakasama sa kapwa at makakadagdag sa pasanin ng bawat isa.

          tama ka Rick, para sa akin nakuha natin ang maling nakagisnan nating gawin sa ating mga mananakop: Manana habit, filipino time, etc. nawa mabago natin tong mga to

    2. I agree with oklang’s sentiments at 3:17 and 3:34. While I appreciate the fervor in both Nasty and Rick’s opinions, there is no need for histrionics, name calling, and bashing. Part of what it takes to not just succeed but also transcend the muck includes basic respect and empathy for your fellowmen and women. If our politicians had more of that and less tendency towards self-aggrandizement and self-preservation, we would already be better off. Instead of talking about revolutions and wasting time with knee jerk reactions, we need more action and it can start at home educating ourselves and our families. Teach your children, your mother, your yaya, your amo, your boss to preserve what is right and stand up for what is wrong. Emphasize equality and pride in oneself and abolish the invisible caste system nobody likes to talk about — if we are used to having the dichotomy of amo vs. katulong/driver/boy etc wherein the latter has learned to be helpless and feel they don’t have a say in the daily decision-making, and they are made to feel like second class citizens, how do you think a security guard can stand up to the likes of Binay when he insists to have special treatment, how can an honest worker feel empowered to blow the whistle on corrupt activities in the workplace? We continue to rant against the politicos in power, yet at the very basic level we are part of creating and perpetuating that culture that put them there and keeps them there!

      This is why, my dear Mr Rick, it irks me so much when the likes of you and J Anastasio go brandishing about with your feigned superiority and stepping on other equally-intentioned people. You calling someone here stupid was uncalled for, and then being all sore yourself when I called your attention to it just exemplifies the narcissism and self-centeredness the country could do without.


  125. Nasty, For all i know, u are like the rest of the OFWs or immigrants working like carabaos in the US just to earn ur sweet dollars. And obviously, you so hate the Filipino race as you are constantly being reminded of it each time you are being discrimitated by your “co-americans” who doesnt want to be affiliated with you. I know you wont have time to read all our replies because again, you are working round the clock just to make ends meet for you. When you get older, hopefully wiser, you would regret all those that you have said and you will be alone in ur nursing home where you would spend all that you have worked for all ur life.

    1. 1. he WAS an OFW 15 years ago who know now… OFW who worked like carabaos that your pertaining to help the philippine economy today. what have you done lately?

      2. he won’t have time to read all of our replies because this article was from 15 years ago! basa basa rin pag may time.

      3. You have no idea what the filipino community is like in the US dear… it’s similar to how we do things here in P.I. they still take care of their old but with better pension upon retirement compared to our so-called SSS crap

      1. Spot on haha, Isa pa yun sa mga bad traits ng mga Pinoy react kaagad eh especially sa mga FB post, hindi kaagad iniintindi yung binabasa. lols

  126. You are an ignorant/shameless/ruthless individual. You were considered a filipino citizen by blood who acquired american citizenship! Damn you for your reckless and bold statements. Nakatapak ka lang sa ibang luoa makapagsalita sa pinanggalingan akala mo kong sino na.

    1. Anong akala mo kung sino na, sinabi niya yung views niya about how bad things are in the Philippines and masama na ba yun? Yes this is the famous naa api mode *trait (SMH)

    2. Err,people like yourself is the reason why Filos can look annoying to other cultures. You can’t take criticism and you get easily butthurt.

  127. If anyone, readers or contributors to this post of Anastacio claims that his observations were fabricated, speak up!
    We have all the right to brand him as a deserter and be judged by his self proclamation of giving up on our country but come on kababayans, he just said out loud what many of us kept in our thoughts!
    The words…Pilpino ako sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa doesn’t make sense to me anymore. I take those words now with a grain of salt.
    I am no intellectual by any means but i admire the truth in Nasty’s conviction.

  128. Totoo ang lahat ng sinabi nya. Pero may isa syang nakalimutan. Ganito tayo kasi hindi natin mahal ang Pilipinas, gaya nya mas gusto ng mga Pilipinong umalis at di na bumalik. Nawalan na tayo ng pag asa sa sarili natin. Ito, sa tingin ko ang pinaka malaking problema. Kung mahal ng bawat pilipino ang Pilipinas, solb karamihan sa problema natin!

    Hindi ko sinasabing masama ang mag abroad para mag trabaho, hangang ngaun nasa choices ko pa din ang mag abroad at dun mag trabaho – dollars nga naman kikitain mo! Ang masama e yung mawalan ka ng pag asa na magiging maayos ang Pilipinas, na tatalikuran mo ang pagiging Pilipino, na hindi ka man lang gagawa ng paraan para tumulong maging maayos ang Pinas. Learn to love the Philippines. Learn to love being a Filipino and your fellow Filipinos. Teach your children to love the Philippines. Kung nasa abroad ka! Come back, come home from time to time, help in nation building! Pag nagawa natin yan We will move forward as a nation.

    Hindi kailangan ng Pilipinas ng bayani, ang kailangan ng Pilipinas ikaw mismo.

    I’m ending my rant here. #Pilipinaskongmahal

    1. tama ka jan jeeneeme, mahal nga ba natin ang Pinas? ung pagtapon ng basura sa kung saan saan? yung hayaan ang kurapsyon? yung laging sa madaling paraan (pagnanakaw, pangsuhol para makaalis sa isang situasyon tulad sa traffic violation?)? yung puro na lang squat ng bahay kung saan? yung bobo kung bumoto ng pulitiko? nabayaran ng pulitiko? yung di pagsunod sa trapiko? yung pagiging makasarili,mainggitin at gustong lamang or angat sa kapwa? yung isip talangka? yung puro sarili lang ang naririnig at walang panahon makinig sa opinyon ng iba? yung balat sibuyas?

  129. He lost me at “I am, after all, an American citizen carrying an American passport!”. Whatever credibility or validity his argument has raced were all flushed down the toilet the moment he claimed a different nationality.

    This is not about the rightness of his points. We all know they are all true. It is not about the issues he has raised, we all know they exist and are prevalent in our society. It is about trying to respect a person pretending to be someone he is not. American Citizenship does not make you an American. You will never be an American. Realize that and maybe you can earn our respect.

    The sad part about this is that now that you have totally renounced your Filipino Heritage, and we have established that you will never be a bona fide American, what does that make you? AN IMMIGRANT.

    This doesn’t mean I disagree with your points. But an educated person would certainly know how to present his opinion in such a manner that everyone will listen and will take action.

    In today’s generation, there is a term for you. It’s called a “TROLL”.

    1. Touche to that, Mr. Maxwell Lord…. I hope everyone will take part in my challenge to be catalysts for change by standing up for what is right, by giving a helping hand to those who need our help, and with the 2016 elections coming, by electing the right and deserving leaders…

    2. read the whole story sir. he voiced out his opinion 15 years ago then an article entitled “little brown american” showed up, people bashed him for it and there’s a high chance that the filipinos shunned him for it.

      That’s the price for speaking the truth here in the philippines… Filipinos will hate you for it. dto lng sa pilipinas makkta na pag sinabihan mo ang isang taong mali ang ginawa sya pa ang magagalit sayo at ang masama gagatong pa ang mga tao dahil “Kawawa” ung napag sabihan na mali…

      1. o, eh di ba yung ugali ni Nasty na porket naging american citizen lang at nagkaron ng american passport eh akala mo kung sino na ay ugaling pinoy din?? Hahaha! Tanggapin mo na kase Nasty na Pinoy ka pa din, nakatatak na yan sa ‘yo forever and ever.

        1. i can’t speak for nasty since 15 years ago pa tong article pero para matapos na yang kababawan na yan. pilipino naman tlga sya. okay ngayn ung totoong issue, may comment ka sir? para bka may maitulong ka idea or anything pano mag bago at maging mas mabuti ang pinas

  130. I personally think that nasty has a point. Everything that he pointed out is true, at least in my view. The only thing that made it not sink into the heads of some people is the fact that he shoved it all in our faces and sort of said, “Okay I’m done with my previous country. Leave me out of this. For those who are left behind, it’s your problem now, not mine.” I know it’s annoying and it’s really degrading. But take the annoying stuff and all that crap out of the picture and maybe all of us will realize that all those problems are very true. Hindi man ako kasali sa mga pinoy na sobrang naghihirap to the point na kahit pagkain man lang sa buong araw ay pinoproblema din nila, di rin ibig sabihin na wala akong paki-alam. Seguro wala lang ako sa lugar para magsalita para sa kanila. What I’m trying to say is, mayaman ka man o mahirap, kung may paki-alam ka sa bayan mo, you will go past your pride and think about how to solve your problems instead. Nagsisimula kasi lahat yan sa atin. I grew up with so many influences sa paligid ko and none of them included politicians, tv artists, and even news reporters who think they can say whatever they want to say on national tv. Seguro ang nka-influence sakin sa media ay yung mga lyrics lang sa mga kanta na may sense, minsan nga nakakalimutan ko na kung sino ang kumanta nun kasi alam ko naman na hindi sila ang sumulat talaga. And hindi pa ako nkapunta abroad pero bakit ako nakikita ko na marami tayong problema sa lipunan? Tapos kung magrereklamo ako tungkol sa isang government service eh sumasabay yung iba sakin. Feeling ko nga bigla akong nagka.bff dahil pareho kami ng reklamo. This could mean na nagalit yung mga tao kay nasty kasi he considered himself as an outsider tapos nakalimutan na kaagad ng mga tao kung ano ang mas mahalaga sa issue na ito. May mga maarte naman talaga jan, para namang hindi pa kayo nasanay. Yang si nasty, sa kanya na rin yung pag-turn nya sa kanyang back sa sarili nyang bayan. Pero tayo, ano ba ang gagawin natin? Kahit nga tayo na ang kinukotong ng pulis, tapos nagbayad naman tayo kahit hindi dapat, eh tayo pa tong sumisigaw na inaapi tayo. Sino ba ang nag-ooffer ng libre na mga bagay sa mga pulis? Diba tayo rin naman? Ang ibig sabihin nun, sa atin din nagsisimula ang pangungurakot. Ini-encourage din kasi natin eh kasi baka may makuha din tayo mula sa kanila since may authority sila. How about tigilan na natin yan? Alam ko rin na may mga tao na ayaw lang talaga ng confrontation kaya bumibigay kaagad, no questions asked. Pero sana alam nyo lang na yan ang paborito ng mga kurakot. Yang mga pulis at politico, pinili nila ang trabahong magserve sa lipunan kaya hindi sila dapat bayaran ng extra para gawin nila ang kanilang trabaho, as if pa nga ginagawa nila ang kanilang trabaho diba? May marami man akong reklamo tungkol sa philippine government at sa attitude ng maraming pilipino, believe me, mas malaki pa seguro ang paki-alam ko sa bansang to kaysa mayor namin or baka sa mayor nyo rin.

  131. This was 15 years ago…I wonder how many times he came back to visit for a vacation…I bet with that kind of email..he’ll never came back…I wonder

    1. who knows… it doesn’t matter… what matters is manila is actually worse than how it was 15 years ago when he wrote that… we failed to prove him wrong. hopefully people will start to realize what their doing wrong and stop doing it over and over

        1. D lng po ung mga nakaupo, mas kasalanan natin yan as mga mamamayan since tayo rin naman ang nag elect sa mga naka upo. personally hinde ko binoto mga yan pero aakuhin ko na kasalanan natin mga mamayanan yan as a collective group. tayong mga pilipino ang kelangan magbago lahat yan sunod sunod na, pati ang mga nakaupo.

  132. Change? Not in our lifetime. As my Indonesian friend told me.” We are just the same. If you want the philippines to progress? Kill all the pilipinos and change with japanese.” That means we should be like the japanese.

  133. Butt hurt comments lol with the Anita Linda, I completely feel the same way the longer this decay is happening in the Philippines the worse it will gets.I think it’s perfectly normal to get criticism, hindi lang sanay sa feedback mga Pinoy. For all we know dadayain na naman ni Binay ang 2016 election to get his f*cking ass in the Palace the Arroyos will get acquitted(f*ck this!), I estimate these shitty things will stay for another 40 years or will just go-on until something big social change will happen shit will stay the same way. I live in Manila and I don’t need to get out the Country to criticize my own.

  134. Nasty has some valid points. Though harsh and confrontational..sometimes, dapat “in your face” ang dating, para magising ang tao. The way I see it, in his view….the guy actually cares for the Philippines. Kung hindi, why would he waste his time, writing his email diatribes, on the “dysfunctionalies” of the Filipino Society.

    Yep…yun lang ang masasabi ko. To summarize everything Nasty had said, in one word, about Philippine Society: dysfunctional.

    1. GUYS…. let’s stop all this fighting… it won’t end up good… The Philippines: Dysfunctional, yes… HOpeless, no… it will become hopeless if we don’t act together… we have to have unity and cooperation. The enemy here is not you, or me, or Mr. Nasty… It is corruption.. that is why I challenge everyone to stand their ground and fight for what is right,to be catalysts for change by standing up for what is right, by giving a helping hand to those who need our help, and with the 2016 elections coming, by electing the right and deserving leaders… 🙂

  135. Nasty is so rude. Don’t he know his a Filipino too. Sounds like a song right. We clash out right here not because we strongly disagree on him but on his way of sending his message to us. Kinda rude.
    Now politics, the blame is to those who lead. Lets also blame ourselves why our country become like this. Given that we are star struck ignoramuses, its because we let those people vote even they don’t deserve to vote. Every election, where can you find these politicians? They reach out to those who are “poor”. Who are these poor people Im talking about. They are those found in depressed and slums area. They are those who dont want to get their ass off that miserable place. Yet they have this powerful voice in times of election. They depend their future to those who will hold the office. Question: do they pay taxes? No! And yet they are the ones who are mostly heard. I dont condemn them. I just hate that its so unfair especially to those tax payers to be defeated by those who did nothing for our country even to themselves but to scratch their tummy and proliferate rapidly. I may sound harsh but my emotions are based on my experience with them. They look so pathetic but try to hear them and listen to their stories, you’ll just simply nod your head. You’ll be amaze how these people know more about showbiz happenings rather than public affairs. Thats why during elections lots of celebrities endorse those officials because they know nothing about those running candidates.
    Yes education is the solution, is really isn’t? But do they really want to study? What is the promise of having good education here in our country? They’ll sooner or later, try their luck abroad and worst become “Nasty” who hates where he came from. But I still believe that there’s no place like home.

  136. Why should nasty be nice in his comments about the state of this nation? Dont we have enough uplifting bayan muna quotes from our dead heroes? For goodness sake didnt we grow up with rizal being injected in our brains?? Rizal is shouting in his grave right now because of each and every one of these valid points.

    A lot of you self-righteous pricks have the gull bash at him 14years after every single one of his toxic opinions about this country has been proven tenfold.

    Truth hurts doesnt it?

    I am a filipino, born in mindanao to filipino parents, a normal employee alone in manila, on the road to realizing his dreams.

    I worked hard to get where I am. My parents worked hard to provide me with what I need. If I were dirtpoor, I would invest my life to providing a better tomorrow for my children.

    Again, the truth really does hurt.

    This doesnt hurt me. Not because im well established, far from it. Almost half of my wage goes to rent, I buy a single order of food in the morning, eat half for breakfast, the other for lunch, skyflakes for dinner. And yet I find it so easy to be content. Why? I have ambition. A dream so big I can sacrifice the little things now because I know I will enjoy its fruits later. One simple truth, I work hard to make my dreams come true.

    And this is one fundamental flaw in every butthurt filipino, when faced with the truth, the nationalistic defense-mechanism comes out the mouth and not through the limbs. Very pitiful to be affected the wrong way by something so eyestrainingly true.

    Too many of our countrymen lack scope and settle for less. Is it any wonder why a lot of us are living in poverty?

    If comments like this were taken constructively, this country would have seen better days. Instead it was turned into a carnival of “your wrong, im right” exchanges.

    Nasty may have been rude, but brothers like him and sisters his age know what they’re talking about. Like being lectured for us to be better.

    No amount of excuse will ever be enough to prove this article wrong. All we can say is he’s being arrogant, rude, etc.

    Some would argue that it is impossible to live a decent life because our government is bottom of the barrel corrupt. Well think of the adage “be honest even if others are not, cannot, shall not”

    Ask yourself, am I doing my part?

    This country deserves better, I will be better.

    1. Holy F*ck! pardon my french… that was some inspirational sh*t you dropped on us bro! And i couldn’t agree more! This perfectly captures how i feel. You sir deserve a medal, i salute you and you future endeavors. With that attitude you’re practically there, it’s just a matter of time. peace!

  137. Si Rick, ang tagapagtanggol ni Nasty!

    Rick, VERY obvious naman yung sinabi niya. Heck hindi na kelangan ulit-ulitin pa. Hindi bobo ang mambabasa dito. Everyone got the message right. Marami din nag-a-agree. Aren’t you reading the replies? Anong gusto mo? Magpakalumo ang mambabasa sa sinabi niya? You want the readers to delight sa mga point na totoo na hindi naman kadelight-delight?

    Ang pinopoint nila ngayon eh yung renouncement niya ng nationality niya. I mean, di ba? Oo OFW siya, nakahawak ng dollars, nagkaroon ng citizenship grant, pero kaso siya yung uri ng Pinoy na mayabang. There is nothing more disgusting kesa isang tao na itinatakwil ang sarili niyang lahi just because he’s earning big. Yabang ang tawag diyan.

    And come to think of it, wala pa akong narinig na OFW na nag-abroad at sinabing, “Gusto kong makatulong sa bayan ko kaya mag-aabroad ako!” Sus! My dad was an OFW at never niya nasabi yan. Bakit? Ano ba purpose bakit nangingibang bansa? To earn for themselves! Sa pamilya nila, hindi sa bansa so hindi mo puwedeng ipait-ulit dito na nag-OFW siya kaya nakatulong siya sa bansa because in the first olace, hindi yun ang layunin niya. Kasi kung yun man, he will not renounce his nationality.

    And take note, kung mahal ng OFW ang Pilipinas, why go abroad? Why not serve your country? Yun ang mas nakakatulong, di ba? Bakit mo iiwan gayong palubog na nga ang bangka?

    It seems to me na parang gusto mo na rin i-renounce ang pagka-Filipino mo like Nasty. Parang you look up to him as someone na kasamba-samba dahil nagkaroon siya ng tapang na sabihin sa mundo in a nasty (no pun intended) way ang gusto mong sabihin. If so, you are free to do so. Para kasing nandidiri ka na dahil Filipino ka…dahil lang sa mga nabanggit ni Nasty (na wala namang nagde-deny na hindi totoo). Go ahead, jump ship! Iwanan mo ang bansang nag-aruga ito tapos panoorin mo itong lumubog na wala ka man lang nagawa…

    1. ok if you want to get personal with me i’m down totoy.

      I like hoow you opened your statement by appealing to the masses by saying hinde bobo ang mga mambabasa dto, pwede kana sa politico. isa kang hypokrito

      First of all i did reaad all comments and a good number of them did acknowledge some of nasty’s points, but not all. I’m here to enlighten those few about what’s really going on. paulit ulit po kse paulit ulit lng din mga replies, gets mo ba? alangan naman parepareho ung sinasabi nila tapos iba iba bawat reply ko sa knila edi kontradikting na ako nun? LOL

      naging OFW rin ako, natural lng sa isang galing abroad na maicompare ang pinas sa pinanggalingan nya alam mo kung bakit? kse naka kita sila na pwede naman pala maayos pamamaraan bakit hinde magawa sa atin. hinde eto pag mamayabang ang tawag dyan e gustong magbago? gets mo bata?

      at ung sinasabi mong kung mahal ng OFW ang pilipinas bakit nya iniwan? o sige ibabalik ko sayo bata… kung mahal ka ng tatay mo bakit ka iniwan at nag OFW? gamitin mo utak mo, bago ka maka tulong kelangan mong tulungan rin ang sarili mo mag aral ka, mag trabaho kahit ano basta maiangat mo ang sarili mo at pamilya mo. malalaman mo yan pag tanda mo.

      last paragraph mo medyo personal pero baseless puro assume lng. mag jump ship ako? naka pag aabroad ka na ba? kilala mo ba ako para alam mo kung ano gusto kong gawin? puro ka “para kse” kesyo “parang ganito” pag mag salita ka siguraduhin mo! uulitin ko para ipasok mo sa kokote mo bata, wala akong sinasabing gusto ko mag jumpship o kung anu man yang haka haka mo sa akin.

      My point is it doesn’t matter if he did jump ship or not, whaat matters is our responsibilities being fiipinos. eto ung problema oh, pero dun ka nakatingin na parang gusto mong makipag basag ulo kay nasty! hoy! wala na sya! ung problema eto parin oh, pero mga comment nyo puro tungkol parin kay nasty. e ano ngayon? problema na nya yun kung dun nya gusto! may magagawa ka ba? priorities mo pre parang tanga lng e. gusto mo away, hinde solusyon. wala na ung tao 15 years ago pa yan pero ung aral na iniwan nya nandyan parin sa harap mo, pero gusto mo parin e makipag basag ulo kay nasty? sige go hanapin mo sya! nakakatulong sa bansa yan gunggong!

      1. Yes. I think sir rick here is right. Somehow, dapat makita ntin or nkikita ntin ang point dito. Hindi ntin kelngan magaway ir magalit kay nasty…solusyon ang kelangan ng naghihingalong bansa ntin… Dahil yan sa mga taong puro sarili ng ang iniisip. Sariling kapakanan. They feed their own pleasures and not the needs of the masses. Sana magkaron sila ng konsenxa. Ginising na tyo ni nasty nuon pero hanggang ngyon tulug.tulugan pa rin. nakakalungkot lang na ganito ang maipapamana sa mga susunod n generation. But still, we must not lose hope. Everyday we can be better. Aja!

    2. Lol why redirect the topic to rick? Dahil bah iniinform nya yung mga taong walang alam na 14years old na yang mga sinabi nasty? He should be commended for his efforts to mediate the readers to this harsh truth.

      Most of the commenters on here, though have valid points, are needlessly insulted by something that has the potential to wake up every filipino.

      And sa totoo lang, im sorry pero I find so little impact sa sinabi mo in the grand scheme of this topic.

      Do your part pre, every filipino should.

  138. The sad thing about us is that, kahit totoo yung sinasabi ng tao. Hahanap pa din ng palusot. Hahanap pa din ng paraan para maka bash or kundi mka bato ng ibang trash talk.

    Ba’t di nyo aminin? Diba masarap ang pera sa eleksyon? Ilan natanggap nyo kay erap para maging mayor siya? Sandaan lang para sa matiwasay na Maynila?


  139. Actually, 3 years ago when I went back, The surrounding of Manila is better at the Quiapo Church. It is very clean,in front of the church across the Pharmacy.
    The only regret I heard is the extension of another 4 years for High School. We do not need those extra years because we are all serious in our studies not like here in the states wherein it is just a few graduates that go to college.

    1. And yet people all over the world would sell an arm and a leg to go to American colleges. Who even goes to PH ones? Chinese and Koreans who can’t afford the real schools and just go there to learn English for cheaps.

  140. All his observations was true! The roads, the traffic, beggars, corruption etc. I have but one question…with all that ranting done, what has he done to change even one single problem he saw? I mean…i totally agree with EVERYTHING he has said but thing is, have you done something about it.
    We have to change numerous things in and for our country. We hate being belittled and all but we dont do anything. 🙁

  141. Habang binabasa ko ang mga kumento ng mga tao dito, hindi ko maintindihan kung nabasa ba talaga nila ang artikulo ng maayos o hindi. Mukhang noong nabasa nila ang paraan ng pagkakasulat ng sumulat ay nangibabaw ang pagkabalat sibuyas at hindi na naitindihan ang pinupunto ng nakasulat. For fuck’s sake people, the guy was articulately pointing out flaws of our society and hitting most of them right on the mark. Why can’t you just suck it all up and contemplate on how we can make a difference on this messed up situation we are in. Props to that 17 y/o Wynne that was making something for our country on his own way, we need more of you by the way.

    For the people who are saying that instead of pointing everything out why not state ways on how to solve te said problems, before commenting stupid things like so, read again. The guy clearly said to educate yourselves and vote the right people. I don’t have to elaborate everything just read again.

    And for the self righteous people who’s saying, wishing or even praying misfortune for the guy now or when he gets old, are you guys fucking serious? Get your acts right, your God might throw the karma right back at you.

    Most of the negative comments here clearly shows how incompetent filipinos are. It doesn’t make you any more intelligent than anyone when there not much to what you’ve said.

    1. Great! Finally someone who totally get this article.Mr. Nasty’s message is truly what i thought for over the years aswell. I am a pure filipino but i grew up comparing the ways of the other countries and our country and I could just say that there is nothing to be proud of on our country, maybe just 4/10 islands that have been truly taken care off.Even with the corruption, pollution and everything else. I just can’t believe how some of these fellow filipinos cannot see what is right in front of their eyes. Sometimes there comes a time that i could say that they are even worse than a common uncivilized human .

      1. @Snoring Panda:

        Filipinos have eyes; but they REFUSE to see their Reality. And, if you force them to see their Reality; they become ENRAGE…because what they see is not GOOD…this is what happened to this writer of this article…

  142. When Mr.Nasty wrote this article some 15 yrs ago, our fellow Filipinos bashed him instead of taking action, eventhough we already knew back then the truth in his words. After 15 yrs, the situation in Ph has gotten worse. Perhaps, we can take this as a challenge and prove that it is not yet too late for this country. If we will just keep on doing what we have been doing and simply ride with the flow, we already knew where we’ll end up.

  143. Magaling si Nasty (he is good)…..but as a true blooded Filipino, mahina ang loob..
    kaya ayun tumakas at nagpunta sa america…hindi nya kaya ang gulo at
    mga katarantaduhan ng pinoy sa ating mahal na bansa….(or baka na petition to go to America, the beautiful at sumumpa na ke uncle Sam)
    I admired his cold blooded comments … I feel that deep inside him was his love
    for his country….for his countrymen…His efforts of pointing out the negative sides of our country & its People proved this…Sad, he cannot do something to change our beloved Nation..Thank God that you are happy where you are now…..Anastacio…but to compare the Philippines with America(L.A.) is not a fair thinking sir.
    Let us hope and pray that someday, an ideal LEADER will come around.
    Meanwhile Nasty,,enjoy your moments in America and don’t
    to pray for us Filipinos….and please look at other countries worst than the Philippines….so that you will say…umm..ohh…ha…and avoid stress & heart attack….

    1. Agree ako, kung siya malakas loob at tinalikuran niya na Pilipinas dapat ngayon asawa niya Americana. Pero sa tingin ko nagbakasyon lang sa Pilipinas yan para maghanap ng Pinay na asawa.

  144. I understand what he’s trying to say, and do agree on most of it. I no longer have any interest watching filipino over advertised movies ’cause its just all for the money and usually senseless. Anyway, the only thing I could say about his statement is that.. I think he should have just eliminated his perks being an “american”, because we all know that the Philippines today is mostly consisted of under privilaged citizens and I doubt they would even know about this article. If they do, there might be a problem. Filipinos way of thinking can be easily bended sometimes, and saying that you eat american dollar in the US, can give them the wrong suggestion. They might think that there’s an easy way out. They might abandon this nation thinking that there is a promiseland somewhere in the US for them to work for and settle in and eat American dollar. I think it’s enough for him to point out the obvious about the reality here in Pinas, but I think he didn’t have to brag about his privileges.

  145. Oh wow! These are the things that I’ve been thinking so far. He’s right on the spot. So what to do with this country? NONE… let it be damned for all eternity.

  146. Kung si Mr. Nasty tinalikuran na Pilipinas dapat lang ang kanyang syota o asawa ay isang puting amerikana.

    Typical na pilipino sa America ngayon, puros ayaw ko na pilipinas dito na ako sa America pero ang hinahanap pa rin na asawa eh Filipina (ngayon, lumalabas nang hipokrito, kung tatalikuran mo Pinas might as well pati lahi pumili ka na nang Puti).

    Hamon lang yan kay Mr Nasty, kung ano nga ba ang kanyan lovelife? sa Pinay o sa Puti?

    Dahil dito sa America, mga Pinoy puros yabang na Americano pero walang lakas na loob makipagtalik sa Americanang Puti. Talo pa sila ng mga Filipina, madaling maka score ng Americano.

    1. sexual preference has nothing to do with your race. That’s a very racist and shallow thing to say.

      All lies by the way… i stayed in the US for quite sometime and had lot’s of filipino friends who loves the philippines but chose to be with caucasian or latina women. Sexual have nothing to do with it… you’re just a pervert. This proves nothing

    2. Leave it to someone who has nothing constructive to say to dig into someone’s personal life. You’re living the Pinoy way.

  147. Magtagalog sana ako kaso Mahirap nag auauto correct itong iPad kaya I English na lang natin. Being an American citizen myself but of course filipino by heart and stature, I totally agree on nasty s observations. He might have referred to u “As your country “now coz of your lambasting on his honest to goodness observation. If only I am rich there sa pinas , I would prefer to stay there kaso di naman ako mayaman. Mayaman lang naman dyan mga politico, artista at negosyante otherwise kung regular employee ka lang , ala mag tiis ka na lang ng simple life di ba. Pag tanda ko syempre masarap pa ring mag retire dyan sa pinas hopefully My hard earned dollar will suffice. Wag naman kayong masyadong mapang husga sa mga napunta dito sa America. Hard earned dollar kami just to send money sa pinas para bumuti naman ang kalagayan ng mga pamilya namin dyan sa pinas. Kaya tama na ang mga maaanghang na salita at mag tulungan na lang tayo para sa ikauunlad ng pilipinas.

      1. I don’t even get why it would matter what race are their wives or GFs… seriously? ang hirap kse sa crab mentality karamihan ng nameet ko na OFW pero laging nasasabihan ng mayabang. tapos ung mga nag sasabing mayabang pag sila naman naka abroad sila naman masasabihan ng mayabang… endless cycle of stupidity, and crab mentality. paulit ulit na ako… IT DOESN’T MATTER!!! ang problema nasa bansa natin wala sa knila!

        1. Pareng Rick, hamon lang naman diyan kung talagang tinalikuran ni Mr Nasty ang Pinas.

          Ang nakakatuwa kasi sa mga Pinoy na feeling americano dito – Puros yabang pero pagdating sa pagtalik sa mga Americanang Puti – WALANG LAKAS NA LOOB.

          Ikaw ba, nakapagdate ka ba ng Puti?

        2. and that proves what exactly? pag nakipag talik sya sa puti it means tinalikuran na nya ang pinas? and if he did… then what? sorry pero d ko makuha ung punto. half white, half mexican so half yes just to answer your question kahit d ko parin gets ung punto mo. so pag nakipag talik sa puti e malakas ang loob? and that proves what exactly? is that an actual fact? na ppam palakas ng loob ang pakipagtalik sa ayon sa kulay ng balat?

        3. It doesn’t matter Jake. You’re just trying to shoot the messenger. Kind of like saying “kung ayaw mo sa Pilipinas, umalis ka nalang.”

        4. I was browsing for stupid comment. Jake Roxas lll name keep coming out. Tinitingnan ko kung tama nga si Nasty kung marami ngang ignoramous. I hope jake is just trying to squeeze us out by using reverse phsycology

      2. Jake, binasa ko lahat ng comment mo dito at natawa ako dun :)) di ko alam kung bata ka ba na naligaw dito sa site na to oh sadyang tanga ka lang e :)) kung ako sayo manahimik ka nalang 🙂 kasi lahat ng sinabi mo halos walang kinalaman sa article :))

        1. My point is this – I think the “Nasty” or the “Author” – who by the way dated back year “2000” – 15 years ago –

          I think “Nasty” is frustrated of his Love Life

          1. Failure to elope or make love with a White American Female

          2. Traveled to Philippines in search for a Waray-Pinay (infamouse for being the spicy group of women in Philippines) and end up FAILED too

          and the end result – he berated Philippines

        2. I’m just convinced he’s projecting over his own failed love life that he has to use it as ammunition to counter Nasty.

  148. Instead of realizing the problems in the country, and the root causes of these problems,many commenter’s here are all hurt as if they got man-raped in prison.Sure as that kid was arrogant it is just as sure that he was right. Who is ‘ZEN MASTER’ is ,I’d like to know…the guy must be a real abrupt horse’s arse .
    Well, the country is a shit-hole.And it is a shock to first time visitor’s to a 3rd world country that is bursting at the seems with over populated cities.People litter wherever they feel like leaving the garbage they must think is too heavy to bring to a proper disposal.Filipino’s urinate in public.There is never toilet paper in a public toilet.Eating in restaurants is a risky proposition as the dishes are washed in cold or room temperature water and may not be too clean.The traffic in Manila is among the worst in the world.The shit heeps that congest the roads, the rolling coffins called ‘jeepneys’ ,are such pieces of shit that they could never pass inspection in a real country.

    The kid that wrote the essay could have gone on for months but mercifully stopped.The Republic of the Fail-ippines is a fuckin disaster area and those who enter? Must beware! Those who live there? GET OUT,NOW as your life’s future quality depends on it.

  149. hmmm… I don’t think this J. Anastasio is real…

    I feel like “Nasty” is A CREATED CHARACTER just so the writer could gain a wide range of readers…

    One thing I know for sure is that… any type of negative comments towards the Philippines will surely gain “heat”or attention…

    “Diskarte” ng mga laos na writers… gawa ng fictional character para siraan ang Pilipinas…

    Filipinos are sensitive and overprotective… we will defend our “loved ones”–in this case our country– on impulse without thinking beforehand…

    think people… don’t get angry at the fictional character “Nasty”

    the real culprit is the writer… whoever he/she is…

      1. Rick, Possibly? is that the closest answer you can think off?

        The article is a revolving letter dated back 15 years ago.

        Ofcourse its a Pen-Name! of a Filipino frustrated of Love and ended up berating his home country

    1. Hard to tell. The original story Nasty was featured in was in July. His “response” came in October. Thats quite a long time for the columnist to let the original article slumber and simmer. Then again, the response only came as a result of a number of people writing back to Pedero and to Nasty.

    2. The writer has a point D. Hindi nya tayo sinisiraan. Minumulat nya tayo sa katotohanan para maitama natin ang ating sarili. Basahin nyo yun ibig sabihin ng sinabi nya. At basahin mo yun mga comment dito…makikita mo na tama nga sya. We need to be educated.

  150. I guess I am just not very well informed but isn’t the article a bit too old? It is almost 15 years old and the Philippine economy has improved since it has been released. I have been hearing from the news lately (BBC and Russian Television) that the Philippine economy is the one that has made the most improvement. We even came to the point one time, (I may be mistaken) that we have become lenders not borrowers. I don’t know, I may be mis-informed. The predictions about the improvement of the Philippine economy for 2015 is very very good compared to the rest of the world. This is the western world reporting and predicting about the Philippines. What can be more encouraging than that? Nasty’s article was released in the year 2000. America and the world went through an economic crisis in 2008 and beyond but the Philippines has improved in spite of of all that. I bet during that time Nasty must have had second thoughts about what he said about the Philippines. During the worldwide economic crisis, the poverty in america and the rest of the world has been exposed. A person like me who had a very romanticized view of America suddenly came to my senses and realized that there are many poor and desolate americans. I visited Europe and the only difference between their poverty from the poverty of the Philippines is that they previously had good infrastructure that are still present now, which makes their country not look squalid. The Philippines is a developing country and it keeps on developing. We still have squalid areas but not as much as before. I visited the Philippines last year and I was surprised of the tremendous improvements. There is nothing that the Philippines don’t have compared with the other countries. In fact we have what others don’t have. That is the tropical weather; the beautiful natural resources; the genuine smile of the people; true and lasting friendships; resiliency; fun … you may help me out here my friends in identifying them because I know you know there are a lot more. It is just a matter of looking at them instead of focussing on the bleak things that a developing country would have. We are in the process of becoming a developed country, that is why we still have those squalid things. We need to support our country so that when the time comes when all these squalid and unglamorous things have been eradicated, we can truly say, I have not given up on my fellow Filipinos. I have not given up on the Philippines and we all have helped in ushering the whole country to a position that is desired and acclaimed by others. From a squalid place to a garden of eden. As an OFW, I can surely say that we are blessed to have the Philippines as our country and the Filipinos as our compatriots. God bless the Philippines.

    1. Yes i have to agree with you in the economic point of view of things, the philippines did great last year and is predicted to be better this year too. Thanks to investors, OFWs and the BPO industry they were the major players in our success. We can’t rest easy now, we’re still miles from where we need to be. The philippines has the potential to be great, resources wise we have it all. We just need to learn from our experiences, keep standing up whenever we fall, educate our youths and masses, elect great leaders to avoid corruption getting in the way of progress. There are a lot of great things in P.I. the way i look at it is we need to focus on the negative in order to be better, much like how a restaurant is run focus on how to improve. We’ve only had 1 good year so far, we can’t drop the ball now.

      1. I agree Rick. We can’t lay our guards down now. We have to take advantage of the momentum that our economic improvement is having. I know we can never suppress or simply reprimand people for being so negatively critical about our country and then they will just simply stop. They will never stop. That tendency is ingrained in their psyche because of their upbringing and their need for attention. They will not stop and they will breed and produce more like them. But there are also people who choose to look at the hopeful side of things. All I can say is that whatever a person focuses on, his or her experiences and gains will be based on what one’s attention was given to. Those who are negative will always see and reap the negative things. Those who are positive will definite see, work for and reap the positive things. Identifying the problem parts for the sake of solving them is different from looking at, criticizing and simply be just exasperated by the negative things. It seems that there are more people who are all talk through criticism because that is the easier thing to do. In other words there are a lot of lazy but opinionated people. With that said, I would like to be part of the segment of the population that looks at the positive, speaks about the positive, does something to make things positive and then reap the fruits of all of it. A country will never be purely positive no matter what we do. So let those negative segment of the population remain in their part of the country if they want to. Unfortunately for them there is a part of the country that has developed and keeps on developing in spite of their negativity. Everyone is welcome in that positive part just as long as each one cooperates in being positive. The positive people will keep on going. The negative people will keep on gooing. Both groups keep on reaping what they are sowing.

  151. Lets face it…if we will just be open minded…what mr nasty wrote was all true…it actually doesnt matter if mr nasty married a filipina or not..d point here is, our country really is going down the drain…we see corruption and poverty ryt before our very eyes…i am a true filipino and i would never exchange my nationality for any nationality but i must say i am really not proud to call myself filipino bcoz of what our nation has shown the world…we r indirectly telling them its not safe to come to the philippines bcoz of al the news that we ourselves are making…i completely agree to mr nasty’s observation…and i hope that this will serve as an eye opener for all of us…let us not be blind to what is happening to our country for our childrens children sake.

  152. My zen master said, “Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?” (Wait, that’s not from my zen master. I got it from someone else )

    I’ve only been to his (Nasty’s) country once, and been to only two states. But I can tell you this, the US is also in deep ***. Here’s my problem with these types of observations from “former Filipinos”: they don’t have the right to tell us what to do. Do I go to your family meeting and tell your children how ***ed up they are? And how they should clean up their ***t? I can’t do that, man. I can’t do that. Unless you’re part of the family, you can’t tell me what to do?


    Context is everything. If you’re part of the family, you know where the real problem is and where it is coming from. You’ll have the resilience to fix it and stay with it.

    Sure, some part of what Nasty said was true 15 years ago and still true today. But here’s what he didn’t know 15 years ago that also is still true today: that even if how ***ed up our country is, some if not most Filipinos are trying to be part of the solution. A lot are finding solutions to contribute than whining. Most are willing to stay and help even if there’s every reason, opportunities and means to leave. I know that as a fact. Problems such as what we have are a product of hundreds of years of occupation and corruption. Do you think this can be fixed by just one presidency or can be understood by through one balikbayan trip?

    And yes, America is also in deep ***t, but I’m not going to comment about it. I’m not part of the “family”.

  153. Okay. I am from the Philippines, I did grow up here and am more or less aware of what’s wrong with this country. I also am aware, however, with what is wrong with the States. I follow celebrities from the states more closely than I do of the local celebrities. And as much as I love them, you are romanticizing a country that is so racist, their police force shoot at innocent civilians just because they “look like a criminal,” you have no grounds to walk on. You talk about education when you can’t even teach men about equality. Sure Obama is a capable president, but do you know how he can’t get shit done because old white men tell themselves their the best thing that’s happened to that country? How you be at home at a country who will continually exclude you just because of the color of your skin.

    I know what’s wrong with this country. I understand it. What you do is help others understand it too. Maybe, considering the Philippines isn’t YOUR country anymore, you should look at YOUR country and help people understand that just because you’re not as pale a fucking paper, doesn’t mean you’re any less of a human being. Let me know if you get anywhere with anyone.

    1. Right on, Sister! Doesn’t matter if this Nasty is a real person or not because someone like him, hell, many like him exist out there! It baffles me that he came here as a tourist and complained on how hot and dirty it is here. That’s not some classified information. That’s common knowledge. We know that. He doesn’t need Google to tell him that. He was from here for f**k sake! It was like he went to a dance club and complained how loud the place was.

      What grinds my gears about this article is how this guy prides himself as an American citizen as if his adoptive nation became a great nation thanks to him? LoL at him. There’s internet and we know it’s not such a great country with their Kim Kardashian and the corrup police force. And a lot of what is wrong in our country is thanks to Nasty’s adoptive country.

      And for the love of all that is holy can’t he just be nice. Or not come here at all if he’s not gonna be of any service?!

  154. Is there any possibility this e-mail by Nasty be put in a big frame to be hung above behind the desk of the President in Malacanang and one in Congress? And in some billboards around the Philippines? This might just stir some nationalistic Filipinos.

  155. Honestly, he has a point about everything he observed about our country. We have so many problems needed to be solved. But when he typed these lines:

    “An ex-Filipino,

    J. Anastasio “Nasty”

    P. S. My Zen master says, “Vox populi is not always the voice of God.”

    P. P. S. Come over to L.A and I’ll show you a great time!

    P. P. P. S. Our friend Randy says hello! We will be going to Vancouver to feast our eyes on the colors of autumn. Wish you could join us.

    P. P. P. P. S. The new Miss America, Angela Perez Baraquio, is of Filipino ancestry. Dero, her parents hail from Pangasinan just like you! But keep in mind that she is an American (in case some wise fools over there claim her to be Filipino like they always do whenever someone becomes successful).

    Wait for the girl to say it- don’t put words in her mouth!

    P. P. P. P. P. S. Mabuhay kayo (SANA)!

    P. P. P. P. P. P. S. Sa totoo lang, MAGDUSA KAYONG LAHAT! (Don’t you just love my Waray-Kano accent?) He-he-he!”