Showbiz Kilig: What Intelligent People Don’t Have

Photo courtesy of Inquirer

Photo courtesy of Inquirer

The recent wedding of celebrities Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes was a topic of the town, especially with how roads were blocked off to “exclusivize” traffic routes for guests and no less than the president of the Philippines’ presence at the affair. While the wedding was criticized by some for the inconvenience caused to others and how it reflected mixed-up priorities, there was another aspect seen that may reflect the country’s dysfunctions.

As fellow blogger FallenAngel raised, if it’s a government official’s wedding, they’ll be slammed even if they spent their own money. But if it’s a private citizen, many come to the defense. Perhaps even if the private citizen might be an embezzler or crime lord. As long as it’s someone famous.

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Another part of the Filipino mindset is revealed once again, that Filipinos seem to be willing fantards for celebrities and “elite.” What’s the derogatory term? Starstruck ignoramuses. It’s a funny irony, too. Many Filipinos seem to hate the “elite” for the problems of the country, but other Filipinos seem to admire this same “elite,” or the actors and singers associated with or are part of them. They fawn over the romance stories of these celebrities as if this directly affects their lives, further demonstrating the tsismis dysfunction that is a stubborn part of Filipino communities.

I remember seeing a video before the wedding wherein Dingdong and Marian appeared at a long line for voter registration. People looked peeved and bored before they arrived. Once the celebrities did, people were so excited and fawned over the stars. Never mind that the starts seemed to be given special priority and were allowed to register without lining up. People were so “kilig,” so starstruck that they decided to forget the situation they were in… even if it never helped them out of that situation.

It’s the mentality of escapism playing here. Filipinos love to be distracted by the “kilig” or starstruckness as a way of forgetting their problems. Then they get back to reality and find that their problems as still there, having wasted time in their escapism.

It’s also the same old sickness of focusing on personalities rather than principles or platforms. And it also demonstrates the same thing that appears when Manny Pacquiao is in the limelight again. Filipinos shout “proud to be Pinoy!” They look for the temporary high that comes with identifying with a celebrity, rather than look for a long-term solution that helps them achieve the same status as that celebrity. They feel good when Pacquiao wins a fight or when a Filipina beauty wins a crowns or even comes close. But they’re not the ones winning. They’re trying to escape from life trough this “kilig.”

It thus proves that showbiz kilig is dumb – as a study in 2021 posits.

It all demonstrates what former American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt said:


The smallness of Filipino attitudes, like what I described above, this fantard drunkenness of showbiz kilig is what helps keep Filipino society dysfunctional. As Benign0 said, this showbiz kilig helps keep people “in their place.”

Also, because of showbiz fantardness, many children these days want nothing more than to be famous actors or singers instead of useful scientists and mathematicians, while their alienated parents work feverishly in other countries to try and give them that life. Another part of the problem is that the people who are supposed to be “intellectuals” and “educated,” or are even “activists” or “reformists” are actually themselves taken by this attitude of fantardism and showbiz kilig.

Thank goodness there are people with sane, civilized and great-minded attitudes who would have nothing of showbiz kilig. They know that showbiz is the worst place to look for people to admire and look up to, since it is nothing but entertainment. They are the real intellectuals, movers, doers and shakers. In other words, these people are not blinded by celebrities or “heroes.” They realize that Filipinos are better off idolizing themselves rather than living stage props. Problem is, the small-minded Filipinos castigate them for being “mayabang.”

Of course, intellectuals can admire people too, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks, or others like Stephen Covey, Peter Drucker, Stephen Hawking, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. But what we should admire in these people, as I reemphasize, is not their personality traits but the ideas that they come up with, represent or practice. If we focus on the ideas, the platforms, and not the person, that can break us out of the trap of smallness and bring us to the level of great-mindedness.

Getting out of our showbiz fixation is perhaps one of the major steps to take in actually making the Philippines into a great country.

168 Replies to “Showbiz Kilig: What Intelligent People Don’t Have”

  1. ‘As fellow blogger FallenAngel raised, it’s a government official’s wedding, they’ll be slammed even if they spent their own money. But if it’s a private citizen, many come to the defense. Perhaps even if the private citizen might be an embezzler or crime lord. As long as it’s someone famous. ‘


  2. It would be interesting to study the relationship between the DongYan demographic and firecracker victim demographic tonight.

    Perhaps DOH should include in their survey reports a more detailed firecracker victim profile, like if they are DongYans, or Marian Knights, etc.

  3. “Hence, we have many children who want nothing more than to be famous actors or singers instead of useful scientists and mathematicians, while their alienated parents work feverishly in other countries to try and give them that life.”

    Spot on. I remember ung campaign ad ni Mar Roxas (“Lalaban Tayo”) when the little girl answered what she wants to be:

    “Ako po, artista.”

    1. Honestly, my mother is urging me to join a certain singing competition on a famous tv channel. And I answered, “I have no time for that b*llsh*t. I don’t have a sob story for people to vote for me.”

      Don’t get me wrong, but for me, it’s too low. And I have something greater ahead of me.

  4. You are right. It is really sickening to see nothing on social media nowadays. We can’t out grow this country’s way of thinking. No wonder many great minds go out to greener pastures rather than stay here. Here you tirelessly work only to be given a small segment on news for your contribution to mankind, while a celebrity will be given a full segment to explain why he was drunk and started a fight. I blame the media. I once saw a stand up gig where the comedian says “crazy sell” yeah he’s right. Nobody wants to hear a news about a buy who invented this. They wanted to know what Ellen secret diet tips are. The only time our fellow Filipino will ever be news worthy here if he sold his own invention abroad where they can use it as long as they want. I’m so sick why majority of the people in this country cant even differentiate long term success to short term ones, how our manyana habit and crab mentality destroy us. How we blame each other for blunders and fight each other for achievements.

  5. @mjomesa:

    What is happiness? How can you promote it, if you do not know what it means? Is happiness giddy vacuousness? drunken euphoria? Laughter?

    To me, happiness is the well-being of food security, a good long term jobs with benefits, health care for everyone, and shelter from the elements. Happiness rarely comes from chasing personal pleasure; but rather by helping to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable members of society. Happiness is being grateful for what you have; while helping those less fortunate.

    Stop the mental masturbation and grow up.

    1. @Sea Bee

      I think what mjomesa was trying to say is that some people act as if their thinking is superior to others thus exalting themselves while belittling those who contradict, hence he said bigoted minds.

      He also said let us promote happiness and by that he really means happiness whatever definition it can have to someone. Just like how you opened your sentence about what happiness is with the words “To me,”. I’m sure he/she agrees with it and wants you to be happy.

      1. @Alfred

        Perhaps a more significant question needed to be asked is why, despite all these uplifting videos of celebrities getting married, are our countrymen still wallowing in despair? I seriously doubt the still-impoverished masses who have suffered from the Yolanda tragedy would find this a happy occasion.

        1. @Gg

          Simple. Those uplifting videos were never meant to be anything. Those are just videos of celebrities getting married. If someone is uplifted watching those, even for just a passing moment, then that is good. If those who have seen it but still wallow in despair, may they find comfort in other things.

  6. I beg to disagree with the idea of the title. Of course, intelligent people do have ‘showbiz kilig’ too not for the reason that there are a lot of intelligent people in showbiz but also entertainment, intelligence-wise, breaks down all barriers.

    The article tends to fault the Filipinos and not exactly the masses which is mostly drawn to anything showbiz. Bad. I don’t mean wanting and gushing at entertainers is bad.

    The masses cannot be faulted entirely for having idols as entertainers because they have long ago stopped idolizing real people like politicians who have time and again duped them.

    If other countries and people gravitate to showbiz and entertainment happenings why can’t the greater majority of the Filipinos cannot do the same? I don’t see anything wrong in people looking up to entertainers to admire and look up to. Let us not forget, movies and entertainment is art too.

    For that reason alone, we should be accomodating with our appreciation of what is good and beautiful. Imelda, are you still there? : )

    1. @jameboy

      The masses cannot be faulted entirely for having idols as entertainers because they have long ago stopped idolizing real people like politicians who have time and again duped them.

      I disagree heavily for the simple fact that an alarming number of politicians ARE entertainers.

    2. Reality check, son:

      Do you have any idea about WHY people vote for last names and celebrities in public office?

      Most celebrity politicians are egotistic and incompetent schmucks. 😀

    3. Baaaw playing the victim card much? And yet more and more people are becoming stupid from hyping every mainstream bullshit because they ignorantly think that they’re the best even if they’re garbage.

    4. Oh James Mangun, still at it, eh? 😉 Well, my target is really the middle class, because they seem to be more forgetting their brains than the masses.

    5. benign0 said it best:

      Those “show people” whose job it is, you say, is to make spectacles of themselves are the people Filipinos look up to. They are a product of the free market, to be fair — a reflection of the character of the market, a response to demand. That means Philippine society is caught in a vicious cycle. Idiots demand mediocre products and Big Corporate deliver to demand by producing and distributing moronic products. Everyone laughs all the way to the bank, while ordinary Filipinos stay stupid FOR GENERATIONS.

      I do agree, me and many of us here being on the right side of that economic equation — those who laugh all the way to the bank — benefit from all this. It does not cost much nor require much risk to produce a Tito-Vic-and-Joey movie and rake in a 70% profit margin on that investment. It depends on your perspective. I’m with you if I am a shareholder of ABS-CBN or the GMA Network. It depends on where you choose to observe the situation.

      Our craft is built upon an ability to write from different perspectives. One moment I, for one, could write about how parasitical and anti-business squatters are. In this instance, we write about how effective at dumbing down these squatters circuses like the #DongYanWedding is. Different perspective, different writing, different readers’ response. It’s nothing personal. Just business. Just blogging.

    6. Another clueless comment by Jameboy.

      I mean look at how stupid this is;

      “The article tends to fault the Filipinos and not exactly the masses which is mostly drawn to anything showbiz.”

      The masses aren’t Filipino? What are they Martians then?

      1. Baka mali lang yung phrasing ni kuya.

        Filipinos as a whole/in general, and not just pertaining to the masses as an isolated social class.

        Hula ko lang ha.

        1. What can I say? Pini-pilosopo ako ni Jmac, lol!

          He believes all Filipinos are masses. No elite, no intellectuals, no middle, no nothing. When you talk of Filipinos, you talk of the masses, bow.

  7. I’m not a fan of Filipino films altho I do get to watch some foreign films once in a while. I don’t like Marian nor do I like Dingdong. I find hype in this “royal wedding” too much. But I respect the Filipino fans who feel “kilig” with it. I don’t think “intelligent people” as you have noted in your blog should not waste their time with local showbiz and there are talented and great artists in the entertainment industry. Yes, we do get the less deserving ones as leaders of the country but we can’t judge the whole industry with these so called leaders whose main “qualification” is having a pretty face.

    We see the same “kilig” phenomenon in other cultures. People who read and watch romantic movies feel the same way. They get to live vicariously through these “famous” people and if the feeling is fleeting, I think they still deserve to be respected for that.

    That’s just my 2 cents.

    1. Ever wonder why a lot of teens in today’s generation married too early and can’t even feed their children properly? So much for your victim mentality for the “kilig” bimbos.

      1. Since there was no statistical data provided for reference and for the sake of discussion, let us say what you said about teens of this generation getting married too early is true; what does it have to do with Dingdong and Marian’s marriage? I know those two are certainly not teens anymore.

        1. Well, not necessarily marriage but teenage pregnancies. Here’s your stats.

          Taken straight from the premier source of news here in the Philippines, Abante.

          This is a symptom of the very same kilig phenomenon. Funny. When this news broke out, there was a meme showing Pres. Aquino with a surprised look saying “Kasalanan ko na naman!” The to be fair, it isn’t President Aquino’s fault… Its his sister’s fault for spreading all of her and her network’s trash programming and poisoning the minds of teenagers with all this nakaka-kilig crap.

        2. @Dick s. o’rosary

          I read the link you posted but there was nothing in the article that stated the cause of higher teenage pregnancies can be attributed to the “kilig” phenomenon. The article was more of the author blaming the Catholic Church.

          In fairness with the network you are talking about or, any network for that matter, it is not as if their programs are telling teens to have sex so I think blaming them is a bit unfounded.

          Also, kilig is a natural phenomena not limited only amongst Filipinos and certainly existed way even before there was mass media. There is nothing wrong with it.

  8. I’m just going to channel my inner Hallelujah here, so please bear with me:

    Why the blood-soaked realm of Khorne is THAT considered a “Royal Wedding?!” Was a monarch getting hitched? Is either party part of some royal family or something? And the reaction from the plebes… I’ve seen more meaningful reactions in the aftermath of the Bus Crisis of 2010!

    1. To Aegis-Judex: Perhaps it was called a “Royal Wedding” because Marian and Dingdong are hailed as GMA’s Primetime Queen and King respectively. Just a theory 🙂

      Personally, I think they are a beautiful couple and they deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor. But I would never spend 2 million pesos on a wedding dress which will only be used once. Maraming bigas at tuition fee na ang katumbas noon.

      Also, acting is an art. Our country is truly blessed with many talented artists. Most of the time, good looks ang primary qualification, secondary lang ang acting skills (but that’s not my point). What we need are more local shows that are intellectually stimulating which will encourage kids to be scientists, thinkers and world changers. Talent searches, cartoons, telenovelas and variety shows are not bad per se. Pero sana meron ding informative, educational yet enjoyable local shows na available sa masses. Just saying.. #hopefulfor2015

  9. I respect their decision to be married in such an extravagant feast. But to be dubbed as “Royal Couple”? Really? That’s why I admire celebrities who would prefer to have a private and intimate wedding than what the DongYan had. Because that’s how weddings should be done. An intimate event where you can share it with your loved ones. And not to be filmed from the moment they woke up until the fall asleep at the end of the day and flood all the details on the social media.

    Congratulations on your article. At last, someone has the brave soul to deliver the other side of it.

    1. That’s the problem with most Filipinos: they always have a love affair with the status quo. Mga feeling mayaman for example.

  10. Again another “feeling smart” post from this trashy blog. I feel so stupid that I bothered to reply.

    I’m neither DongYan fan nor a showbiz guy, but even in the more developed U.S., people on average are more interested in HOLLYWOOD NEWS than PLATFORMS and PRINCIPLES.

    One can argue that this celeb-worshipping habit started from Hollywood, U.S.A

    Yet, they are still more developed than Phls

    “Getting out of our showbiz fixation is perhaps one of the major steps to take in actually making the Philippines into a great country. ”

    What a shitty conclusion!

    1. And that’s the problem with escapists like you: you always point out other country’s faults as a mask for not taking responsibility about our country’s issues.

      1. I think what boreddude was trying to say is that fawning over celebrities is not something unique to this country only. He never stated that it was the US’ fault why our country is like this. He wasn’t blaming anyone. It was you trying to make it look like as if he was. In fact, he is even implying that celeb-worshipping is not wrong at all. Lol.

      2. If this is a blogsite full of “feeling smart people” then even your shadow doesn’t belong here.

        Can you even read properly?

        1. Was this meant for me as a reply for my post or is this a reply for a post by domo? Sorry got confused with the commenting system here.

    2. But the US is in decline as well, and their showbiz preoccupation is also affecting them. The difference, showbiz and politics are mostly (well, mostly) separated in the US, but in the Philippines, it’s one and the same.

      1. Hollywood has been there for a long time and it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Thanks for the people who are preoccupied with it. If not for them, that industry is dead. A dead industry does nothing for the economy.
        Your statement “showbiz and politics are mostly separated in the US”, I’m not sure what you mean by this but I will assume that people in the showbiz industry are not interested with politics. If this is so, then you are hugely mistaken! Hollywood power brokers are very influential in the political sphere and are very much interested in it. Most of them are Jewish and they will surely try to put or keep someone in power who is inline with their interests especially regarding the continued support of US for Israel.

      2. What smarty-pants? US is in decline because of showbiz preoccuptaion is also affecting them?

        Now you are worse as an economist than a “socio-cultural” blogger.

        US shale oil industry is pushing down global oil prices. Still has the largest and most innovative companies in the world.

        The bottomline of my first post: there’s no causal link between showbiz preoccupation and development.

    3. Ever more reason for the Philippines to, dare I say it, “let it go” its fixations with everything USA. The 50’s are over, chumps. It’s time to look out for the new number one. This time UT’s just a few miles up north.

      1. my first post never implied that we should keep copying the US.

        I just used that to disprove such a silly conclusion: showbiz preoccupation hinders development.

  11. The term itself, kilig or in English goosebumps is a spontaneous response of the body without the control of the higher centers of the nervous system. Ang kilig ay hindi pinagisipan para mangyari sa katawan. Kung kinikilig ka sa isang bagay or issue, ito ay hindi pinagisipang response ng iyong katawan. Media gives many kilig issues to entice the public. Kaya minsan kapag maraming pilipino ang naaapektuhan ng mga artista dahil sa kilig na nararamdaman, Maraming hindi nagiisip na pilipino.

      1. Yes!!!!! The hood-winking is being seamlessly passed off from religion to media. Today’s celebrities are like the saints of yesterday.

  12. Let’s not pretend that this is solely a Filipino problem. Showbiz fixation or “elite” fanaticism is not “just” a Filipino problem.

    Have we not heard about the “Kardashians”? Even the Hollywood culture are aware that the fixation to this talentless family has gone out of control.

    Point is being enthralled by high-profiles is almost always a universal epidemic. Heck, the royal wedding of the Brits is in world coverage. Why? Yes. Because they are rich and famous not because they rule the British monarchy. Princess Diana’s death for example? She was no longer a part of the monarch when she died yet she was still heavily harassed by the media. Why did the media harass her you ask? Because thy peasant masses were asking for it.

    The difference maybe, is that in some culture, most of them are aware that submitting to such dysfunction is stupid… yet they continuously submit to it. That’s where the difference lie… in knowing if it’s bad or good for the society.

    Now if you want to discuss the real problem in the DongYan wedding. It is the fact that they tagged it as the royal wedding and that the whole treatment to it is like it is one… Not trying to be all “Batman” here looking for justice… and I do understand that they are partly doing it for public consumption and that this wedding was heavily financed by their sponsors and media… but closing off streets because they are Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera? Uhm, hell no.

  13. While 80% of the Philippines is drowning in foulness and people are eating out of garbage cans, some rich, untalented tart roles around in the sack with some synthetic looking, Ducati riding “Ding-Dong”. They fornicate for the amusement of the unwashed masses, who obviously love an over the top, flagrantly detestable wedding as much as their dunderheaded Celebrities.

    Bad taste has found a new King & Queen, so let us salute this obscene display of cheap thrills, so lacking in good taste as to cause mental weariness. In the Philippines it seems the rich & shameless have no aesthetic standards, only lots of morals, all low!

    I can clearly see a future, where social climbers and other stupefied wannabes will sell the exclusive rights to their wedding night to be shown on one of the pudding headed Philippine TV stations. Give the common people superficial means of appeasement, so they may forget the filth and poverty that surrounds them. I’m not surprised at all by this, since watching Philippine TV programs have the same quality as a turd that floats in your toilet.

    This whole thing is so bottom-drawer that it must have been dreamed up by Kris Aquino and her scuttlebutt friend who loves to pillage other mans anuses if he’s not busy selling washing powder or posing as the local corned beef inspector.

    I’m sure President Ass-head was attending the wedding just to shower people with his best wishes before the whole country goes to hell; and I do not mean “that” town in Norway. I mean the place that had been reserved for politicians and alike, but now has accepted additional reservations for 80% of the Philippine brain dead population.

    And after the wedding, you god fearing hypocrites, don’t forget to thank Jesus; and I don’t mean the penniless dude who mows your lawns in Forbes Park (as in: “Hey Jesus, you missed a spot.”). I am talking about the guy whose reputation has been run down by his horrible Filipino fan-club. You know…, the one who was allegedly nailed to a plank for “your” sins. Well, thank him for making this spectacle possible through the outdated rituals brought to you by the Catholic Church and the Philippine Government.

    1. I’m so sorry I don’t spend every second of my twenty-plus years thinking of ways to punish myself for being so fortunate as to live a decent life, perfectly aware of the billions living in despair — but then I’m human. I can only do so much and care so much before the doing and caring start to seem forced.

    2. What a bait this title is. I bet a lot of people feel so intelligent now that they have expressed that they have the same sentiments. Unlike most who commented, I am a fan of both. Marian I know because she stays in the same building. Now if this article stays true to its message, there wouldn’t even be a discussion. Marian regularly gives to charity, both her and Dong; in fact the latter has his own foundation. Now on to the people saying Marian and Dong tagged their wedding as “Royal” both has said that it wasn’t, with Marian going as far as saying that their fans and the media should stop using that label. You’ve said so yourself that they are private citizens, they maybe part of showbiz but they have a lot of other sources of income, as far as I know none of which is illegal. Which is why people are defending it instead of scrutinizing it, because really if it was a government official, wouldn’t you be worried knowing the taxes you pay is where they get their salary from? At the end of the day I think they are two human beings who have done their part to society and want to reward themselves with the best there probably is. There were some very high profile guests in that wedding and had they not done the necessary precautions who knows what may have happened. For me the wedding is simply a declaration of how much one man loves the woman he married. Everybody is reading too deeply in to it. Plus, Dong’s Ducati is not synthetic. Lastly, just because people get that kilig feeling doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent.

  14. … sigh.

    Why is GRP getting so worked up over this? Fans will be fans will be fans, no matter the nationality or persuasion or whatever — you have Hollywood with its A-list celebrities marrying and divorcing each other all the time, and you’ve got entire media companies zealously following them from sun-up till sundown, yet somehow the American economy hasn’t collapsed.

    The fact that Dingdong and Marian got hitched and people are talking about it has no correlation whatsoever with the problems this country has — it just means that GMA has done a great job (cheesy monikers and all) hyping up the couple for all the nation to see. Nothing more.

    Really, I don’t like the ostentation, and I’m not a fan of both Dingdong and Marian, but I’m not one to dictate how they spend their money. It’s their life, dammit.

    1. The main problem is that same ostentatiousness was done at the cost of the convenience of the masses. Really, putting up road blockades for their little entourage to go by undisturbed and this was government approved to boot.

      The main message of the article is pointing out the dysfunction of showbiz and politics utterly disgusting intertwining of each other, with this whole wedding easily a symbol of that union. Try to reread the article before you go all contrarian again.

      1. And correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t see people complaining about how they’ve been inconvenienced by the blocked off roads. Rode a cab right after the wedding and the driver said it didn’t really impact the flow of traffic as it was the holidays.

      1. Exactly what it is. I bet they’re enjoying the traffic they are finally getting. Whatever happened to live and let live?

  15. Pallacertus:

    The American economy has not collapsed; yet the middle class is shrinking because corporations continue to concentrate wealth and power into the hands of fewer and fewer. Glaring inequality is waking many from the false consumer dreams of the 20th century. Anger and discontent is bubbling to the surface. People want a government responsive to their needs and one that redistributes wealth in a more equitable fashion. Many are skeptical of what they read in publications or view on the tube. The brain dead Hollywood drivel is still being fed to the public, but not many are eating it up. Many are more interested in the class war that is playing itself out in Washington and on the streets as citizens battle the war dogs of the wealthy (cops.)

  16. From the featured comment on Ilda’s article:

    “Filipinos don’t know the meaning of “thoughtless extravagance” or ostentatious spending. This is a symptom of that very Filipino fiesta mentality. To the Filipino mind it is ok to spend even if it means ruining your bank account in order to please your friends. That’s what it seems DongYan were doing – pleasing their fans showing them a fairytale wedding before their very eyes. Furthermore, DongYan fans/haters would note that in spite of Marian’s Madrilena origins, she is quite the ‘Palengkera’ and ‘Bobita’ in speech which allows her to connect and endear herself to the masses who are fooled into thinking that she had humble origins – a real life Cinderella. So they welcome the fairytale wedding and the kilig high that it gives them.

    Ahh, kilig. That infamous Taga-ilog word – a word with no known equivalent in other Philippine languages, nor in English or tongue from other more ‘intellectual’ languages. It describes an emotional high related to seeing two people in love or being lovey-dovey. In the developed world, the proper reaction of seeing people all lovey-dovey would be either to 1. be happy for them or 2. be jealous of them. Going all gaga like high school gals over something like this just describes the mental state of their fandom – high school, not even past puberty (no matter that a lot of them probably got several kids of their own and stuck in a live-in relationship with no hope of ever getting the same kind of fairytale wedding DongYan got).”

    1. If the word KILIG has no direct translation in other languages, it doesn’t mean those languages are more intelligent. It only means that ours is a richer language.

      1. It could also mean that local languages reflect the culture and lifestyle of its speakers. Rice, there’s bigas, kanin, tutong. However, if we were to translate these in other languages whose speakers don’t eat rice regularly, it might come off as rice or burnt rich. They don’t have such specific words that will define these objects since they don’t encounter it often enough; same goes to cheeses in Italy. It’s like how certain fields have their own jargon. Language adapts to the user’s will to express what they think and what they seem to encounter regularly.

      2. Kilig – a concept of something that is fine for a few seconds. But to keep on having it every time you see showbiz people – is infantile, immature and retarded.

        1. Same can be said with people who refuse to accept the fact that “kilig” is perfectly normal. Infantile, immature and retarded.

        2. Implying that marrying too early like one of my relatives who was 16 years old when she got married 3 years ago from watching too much sensationalized dramas is “perfectly normal”. Nice logic you got there “genius”!

        3. It’s generally okay to get/feel kilig, and it’s perfectly normal. However, what makes it really bad for any situation is when gives you the “high” addictive feeling in a way the brainwashes you into thinking of living the same way your idols for this matter do.

    2. wow, so high falooting naman you. I’m not a fan, and I don’t even live in the country nor do I have tfc. just take the wedding as it is. Just a wedding of two famous people. We don’t have a royal family to uplift our spirits, the way the British have ….so just leave the happy couple alone, and let them celebrate anyway they want. Now if the bakya crowd wants to enjoy the show, leave us be. The British went gaga when will and Kate got married, and they have economic problems too. why does the Filipino mindset have to be criticized on this happy occasion? sometimes a wedding is just a wedding. period. Heavy mo pare, pa eng eng ka kasi.

      1. “royal family to uplift our spirits” – is that what royal families do? I believe the opposite is true. Looking for royal families to uplift one’s spirits is stupid. You’re a willing zombie or slave.

        1. “royal family to uplift our spirits” – This just highlights how unfit Filipinos are for democracy. Can you believe it? People are actually clamoring for something like a royal family to uplift our lives. We should just proclaim Kris Aquino Queen and Boy Abunda the court jester if this is the kind of society Filipinos want.

      2. We don’t need a “royal family.” Most of the “royal” families in our country are the ones dragging it to the dirt!

        Royal family, haha! That’s the very attitude that’s keeping this country down. Royal family? Royal idiocy!

        Filipinos don’t need a royal family, they need to look to themselves to change for the better, act, and work to improve their and the country’s condition!

        1. There is nothing wrong with Ana enjoying what she likes. Just because she enjoys what you despise you attributed her to a zombie or a slave? You pointing out the likes of her is what’s wrong in this country is ridiculous. As she said, if the bakya crowd enjoys it, then leave them be. Stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. And yes, her comment has proven you right…. to yourself and to those who share with your views but not to everyone else. Your opinion is respected so no need to act high and almighty. Or we can also include that as one of the reason what’s wrong in this country too.

        2. But abusing that want too much in which you will turn yourself into a small-minded idiot? No wonder why a lot of Filipinas prefer to be whores for old foreigners to fuck them in exchange for cash. And please enough of your victim mentality already! Thanks to your ignoramus mindset, we’re not the one’s dragging this country down. You are!

      3. finally nakabasa din ako ng matino. Donno why I love reading blogs/comment na tulad nito naeenjoy ko lang siguro ang opinion ng iba’t-ibang tao. kung pano pinapalalim at bigyan kahulugan ang bagay-bagay na napakababaw lang naman. Binibigyan nila ang sarili nila ng problema sa mga bagay na di naman dapat pansinin at mabuhay nalang ng normal at pagtuunan ang sarili nila, family or friends yung involve sila. sabagay it’s good for me dahil may nababasa padin ako

      4. HOW EMBARRASSING. The concept of the “royal family” was used to ensure that power stays within a family and the position of king was only given to the “alpha male” of the society – the one who won the wars and ensured OVERWHELMING prosperity.

        The kings, specifically King George V, made the UK into the MOST POWERFUL nation back then. When British people look at the Royal Family they are reminded of that. NOT because of cheap love affairs they are involved in.

        DISGUSTING that Marian and Dingdong (a couple from a third world country)’s wedding is called the “Royal Wedding”. How insulting to ACTUAL royals and everything that the term used to represent.

        1. @Cindy

          The word “royal” is not exclusive to the monarchy. They are GMA network’s “King” and “Queen” as they are their top talents or cash cows of the network. Calling their wedding “Royal Wedding” might be the network’s decision and not theirs. Also, them being “royalties” is viewed within the entertainment world only. They never claimed they have royal blood. Those who look at the “Royal Wedding” way over what is obvious is viewing it entirely in a different context. They are just making a big fuss about it.

        2. @ChinoF

          But it is still upto the person if he accepts it or not. It is not like as if everybody had a gun pointed at their heads and were forced to accept it.

        3. Until that stupid person realizes how much of a fool he/she is for thinking about that “royalty”, they better get their asses ready to be bombarded with “I TOLD YOU SO!”

      5. What’s the matter you showbiz-minded bimbo? Living in the lala land much that you always think that this world is nothing but a fairy tale for you? I bet your mentor is kriSTD with that bitchy mindset of yours.

    3. Like ‘gigil.’ I saw a British TV show try to explain the concept of ‘cute aggression’ to baffled panelists who couldn’t get their heads around the idea of loving a baby or kitten so much that you want to cause it physical harm. But in the Philippines they need to have words for these everyday losses of control.

    4. Hi ChinoF,

      Will you allow anybody to translate your piece into the poor man’s language???

      Objective: para maintindihan ng mga timawa, olandis, at indio..

    5. I don’t know you that well but you sound (figure of speech) quite bitter about this.

      I understand that this is completely your opinion so I can’t correct you there. Though I would like to remind you that everything is based on ones own perception.

      You are the one that chooses to see the good or the bad situation and both are correct.

      Let me re-quote Eleanor Roosevelt and give you an example.

      Great minds discuss ideas: This wedding if planned and advertise right can inspire other people to dream big. What can we do to make it happen

      Average minds discuss events: Did you hear about the extravagant wedding? Grabe noh! Nakakakilig!

      Small minds discuss people: Filipinos “Filipinos don’t know the meaning of “thoughtless extravagance” or ostentatious spending.

      I have no intention to insult; It is just that I am sure that a prolific writer such as yourself can be creative enough to inspire positive thoughts rather that bitter ones.

      1. sarah, i am a fan of u now…okay does that make me having a small mind (as according to ER’s famous quote) since i am discussing you, a person?! LOL!

        1. LOL,
          That’s a good one!
          I don’t think so– unless you also consider me the same for replying

  17. I also loathe the excessive lavishness of their wedding. I also agree that showbiz fanaticism in our country today is over-the-top. But I have some comments that you may consider for improving your article. First, your use of ‘barriotic’ to equate to ignorance would hurt Filipino historians and mock our ancestry and current citizenry who lived in barrios. Our ancestors were not ignorant or uncivilized people, and not all who lives in barrios now are, too. Second, more research could have put more meat to the article instead of just being some form of opinion or rant. Third, be wary of generalization especially if it’s baseless.

    1. Werd! And describing other languages with n word equivalent to “kilig” as “more intellectual language” is downright disgraceful, deregatory, and racist. How can you qualify a language as “more intellectual” anyway?

  18. I think it’s not about the ‘kilig’ but about people understanding that what they see on tv is not always true. Artistas portray characters in movies and build their brands and they do it through ACTING. Basically, we see what they want us to see and majority of Filipinos do not understand that. This reminds me of the fandom created by Nora Aunor, the actress, and Elsa, the character she portrayed in Walang Himala. And I think that the same kind of thinking from audiences are present today. They follow and admire and go gaga over the celebrities and see most of the time only the good aspects of their personalities and even rise to defend their idol when someone comes to badmouth them.

    And I think it’s sad that children aim to be attistas rather than aspire to be doctors, lawyers, engineers and other professions. Makes me kind of think what will happen 50 years from now.

    Baka yung mga tao eh bored na bored na sa buhay at trabaho nila and they will find excitement and pleasure in living through television, imagining they’re one of the stars. Tsk.

    1. Bored but not from their ‘trabaho’. They’re mostly unemployed!! TV is accessible to them so it becomes their past time and ends up consuming them. In developed countries, unemployed people have other options like playing sports. Most are also aware of the manipulation being done by TV Networks.

      1. …and your point is? an so how do we call the siestas of the spaniards and the latinps?! oo nga pala, pag pinoy showbiz fanaticism ang piaguusapan, mga tamad na…mga pinoy talaga, hindi na lang maging masaya sa mga munting kaligayahan ng mga kapwa tao natin :(( natutuwa naman ako sa inyong lahat bigla kayong nagka PhD in sociology lahat! apir!

  19. some patience is required. former social critics have been arrested, executed, desaperacidos or tortured. the safe mental venue is to fantasize.

    1. They’re paranoid. Today, arresting, executing, desapericidonizing or torturing social critics is wrong. Thus, keep up the social criticism. We need it.

    1. True.
      It’s their own way of spending their own-earned money.
      We’re not communists in the first place to have a right to criticize a personally use of their capital, politicians aside.
      Come on, wouldn’t we want the best on our own wedding?
      It seems that we are overly fond of criticizing these things without even thinking if it is really worth doing so.
      They have and have ascertained their own right of privacy.

      1. “They have and have ascertained their own right of privacy.” LMAO hahaha seriously? you’re trolling right? please tell me you did that on purpose.

      2. The GMA7 big-asses badly needed that event to alleviate their plummeting revenue… That’s the essence of dongyan hulabaloo.. Nothing else..

      3. The GMA7 big-asses badly needed that event to alleviate their plummeting revenue… That’s the essence of dongyan hulabaloo.. Nothing else..

        Kung pwede lang sanang magkaroon ng coverage ng pag-donseyla sa unang gabi.. Gagawin yan ng syete in the name of RATINGS..

        So, very sure na magiging SPECIAL COVERAGE ito — BUNTIS, PANGANGANAK, BINYAG, BIRTHDAY events..

        Who’s got a bucket of popcorn??

  20. Okay. First sobrang feeling mo naman para bigyan ng title na “intelligent people” ang sarili mo. Just because you dont have showbiz kilig doesnt mean other peoplw with higher IQ (not to mention humbler) than you, dont get kilig with weddings. K.

    Now, yang pagiging “im so smart and theyre so stupid” mentality mo — so ano na gagawin mo diyan? You point out a flaw that Filipinos are shallow. Ok, so whats next? Pag nagbibigay ng critique dapat may solusyon. As far as i know, you’re only spreading negativity at this point. Sana ikaw na self-proclaimed intelihente ay may gagawin na CONSTRUCTIVE about this. Di yung puro dada nang dada sa Internet at mag-look down on your kapwa. Put YOUR feelingera brain to good use and suggest and put into action a plan to help other Filipinos vote properly / think of politics, etc. right now, working for this stupid website is not helping society because youre just repelling Filipinos from agreeing with your “high-and-might” disposition.

    1. The fact that you cannot even construct a good sentence is an indication that you are not an intellectual. You are one of the idiots described in this article.

      I have a high IQ and go to an ivy league university. NO I DO NOT HAVE “SHOWBIZ KILIG”. Not for American celebrities and certainly not for Filipino celebrities. I can assure you that none of the people I know who do law, medicine, business etc have it either. Show business is often viewed as one step above prostitution especially in ivy league schools.

      The writer did not show any indication that his aim is to solve the problem. From my understanding, his main aim is to point out an observation.

      Keep doing what you’re doing. Not everyone can be a high-paid professional. We needs maids too.

      1. hahahaha!! Ang yayabang naman ng mga self-proclaimed intellectuals natin! Omg. How can we even prpgress when people like YOU who do nothing but LOOK DOWN ON OTHER PEOPLE WHO YOU THINK ARE NOT AS SMART AS YOU are considered “intellectuals”!

        If ang ginagawa ng “intellectual” ay umupo sa computer at magsulat at mag rant LANG WITHOUT OFFERING A PROPER SUGGESTIONS FOR THE PROBLEMS HE/SHES Ano na mangyayari satin?!

        Hirap sa “inyong intellectuals” ay ang galing niyo MAG OBSERVE kulang naman sa GAWA. Ni recommendations wala? Di ba required yun sa thesis ng mga “intellectuals”? Yung may recommendations sa dulo ng observations? Lol.

        And omg. Yung totoong GOOD NATURED PERSON na EDUKADO, di nagpopoint ng petty tjings like GRAMMAR AND SPELLING. Kung feeling mo ay ang mga nag-iisip ay ang siya lamang na nakakapag sulat nang maayos, ay, ang yabang yabang mo naman.

        Please. All of tou guys here speak like you think youre better than everyone else. If you think like that, and you’re supposed to be considered the country’s hope, hahahaha sorry pero we’re fucking doomed.

        Go sit on your observations and books. Write your stupid articles and theses. go and defend and each other. We all know that that wont solve anything.

      2. This so-called intellect with a high IQ na Ivy leaguer pa raw WOKAY.
        Youre supposed to use being a maid as an insult, and you Mr Ricardo have the gall to support such statements?

        As far as i know, intellectuals do not give tasteless comments implying that being a maid is an insult to another person. Hahaha. Ano ulit tawag ng intellectuals dun? Ad hominem? Yabang niyo! Kasuka kayo. Go stroke each others egos. Mag intellectual masturbation kayo, pero sana wag kayo mag multiply kasi mga walang kwenta yung observations niyo kung salita lang kayo nang salita at insulto nang insulto ng kausap mo, or hell, ng mga “idiots”. Sobrang dami kasing magagawa ng pag bash at pag rant niyo sa mundo e.

      3. @Cindy

        Measuring someone’s intelligence by the way he/she constructs a sentence is highly inaccurate especially if English was never the mother tongue.

        Calling someone an idiot because he/she doesn’t share your view is bigotry. Shoebizgirlfriend, don’t take what Cindy said seriously.

        You have an IQ and go to an Ivy League university? Then good for you. (We will take your word for it.)

        You not having “Showbiz Kilig” is perfectly fine just as fine as those who have it. It doesn’t make you any better than the rest just by it alone.

        The people you do know who do law, medicine, business, etc. are but a small number of the populace. Trying to prove that smart people don’t have “Showbiz Kilig” with this small sample size is inconclusive.

        If Ivy League schools think show business is one step above prostitution, then that is their own opinion. It is not shared and embraced by everyone. It may even be a subject of debate within their circle. To everyone else that opinion is respected nonetheless. Other academic institutions have their own views about it for sure.

        “We need maids too.” LOL. Shoebizgirlfriend really got your goat, ha! Take it easy.

        1. Are you blind @Shoebizgirlfriend? Of course that’s the solution. Think about it, if you stop being so kilig, you’d have time for more important things. You’d have the energy to pursue more intellectual pursuits. Media companies will have less reason to produce the fluff and trash that they currently make and come up with more makabuluhan and intelligent programing. It starts with you and don’t forget to tell your friends.

        2. Like i said, working for this sad excuse of a website is not the solution. Or at least, you should change your tone. What the people here are doing is “talking down” on people. You ought to get creative. How about actual voters’ education? How about writing this in such a way that it does not make you guys seem like a bunch of people who think they’re better than everyone else? What if you step out of your hipster cafes, stop smoking, and run actual campaigns against this “shallow phenomenon”. Ah, but as the article did say, some people are movers and shakers, and some are, well, not. Case in point: ang mga feeling gadflies tulad niyo.

          You know why this website frustrates me? Because people who write it can’t see that their “commentaries” are not helping much. It just says, “stop showbiz kilig”! Ok, dude. Maybe that can be a solution. If people paid more attention to politics and if we had a more sophisticated political party system, this would be a wee bit better for us. But it remains that Filipinos are politically immature. And this, I believe, is the real problem. I really don’t think it’s bad that they get showbiz kilig. It’s bad that some (most?) Filipinos don’t vote wisely, nor do some criticize their government actively and consistently. Any intellectual would know that showbiz kilig isnt the real problem, but it’s this political inaction of Filipinos. I was hoping that this website, since your work right here is to make the Filipinos “get real”, does it in such a way that is not distasteful and offensive to your average Filipinos. The way you guys get defensive with your views ariund here really does not appeal to constructive discourse. Just because i felt like speaking like a normal Filipino in my earlier comments, it was immediately assumed that I am not one of those people who study in the country’s top university. Your hostile replies were not the reactions “normal people” deserve. And dont get me started with the tone of this article, and the sheer laziness it showed when it came to suggesting solutions. You intellectuals remind me of those in my college, those people who think they have monopoly of the right things to say. If you’re publishing articles to the world, then it’s fair game that i criticize you for how you try to do your website’s mission. So far, all you have done is pretty much publish rants.

      1. Hi Dick.
        Nope, not blind. I just dont think it’s enough to say “stop showbiz kilig” and leave it at that. Thank you, have a nice day.

        1. Shoebizgirlfriend,
          I kind of understand you. I tried reading through all the comments after I read the article.

          It just feels so negative and no clear ideas were actually shared. T_T

          I feel emotionally drained instead of being highly informed.

        2. It feels like you’re just being scolded by your parents right? But “stop being so kilig” is exactly what we need.

  21. If I might just add an opinion- my interpretation of facts:
    1. Perhaps these moments of “kilig” are part of our Filipino mindset that gives us a brief respite from the daily challenges we face.
    2. Ang problema sa akin, yung inconvenience sa marami na hindi naman “kilig” sa kasal nuong 2 celebrities, dahil lang para sa kasal nila. Marami ng kinasal na di celebrities at di imbitado ang presidente or sino man na ibang official public servant, na may mga bisita na hirap sa traffic natin. Akala ko ba boss tayong lahat nila?
    3. Para tawagan at e-brand na royal wedding yan ng inquirer (at kung aling mang newspaper), parang kailangan pa na magka royalty tayo para lalo bigyan ng pansin.

    Royalty? Hindi ba dapat ang pamilya, may kaya man o wala materially, eh royal na? Wala ng ibang kailangan pa?

  22. The writer of this blog should always keep an eye on what he’s pen and mind is doing… You should be mindful of what you post… I understand you have your freedom but use it in the right manner… Freedom doesn’t always means saying what ever you want.. have a responsible mind.. perhaps you should tell this to yourself “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events and Small minds discuss People.” Ask yourself which of the three you have? Youre busy pointing out not so important events and criticizing your fellow filipinos? Havent you even realize youre one of the filipinos youre busy criticizing?

    1. cultural dysfunction is an idea. culture involves people. so yes, drink your kool-aid some more and come back when you alredy have an iota of comprehension about things.

  23. “Hence, we have many children who want nothing more than to be famous actors or singers instead of useful scientists and mathematicians”

    Great article, but be careful with this line. It’s like saying you can only be more useful if you’re a scientist or mathematician.

    1. Statistics show those professions are more stable while earning more money. They’re of a greater asset in the long run than your pretty actors/singers who get washed up after a few years in the limelight. You have to put in more effort yes, but you reap what you sow.

  24. Trying hard magpaka-profound ang article na ‘to… Kung talagang concerned ka sa mga Pilipino, dapat in Filipino mo rin yan sinulat. Ayaw mo pala na pinapansin yung elite eh bat mo rin pinansin. Isa kang malaking ipokritong papansin

    1. Now this just reeks of classicism by having to level to local vernacular to be part of “da masa.” Typical Pinoy tactic.

  25. Not a fan of dongyan, but it’s still every girls dream of a grand wedding, so it is wat it is.. It would be better if we just moved on and not dwell on it if this was or was not’s, the more people talking about it, positive or negative, the more we are just becoming “unintelligent”. I just can’t wait for chiz heart wedding which will really be threat to theirs and surely political one too..

  26. The problem with ‘kilig’ crowd is just that: all kilig, no content. This is the kind of people who tolerate (sometimes idolize) warlords and womanizers, etc, and equate them with bravado and guts. So when a fantasy wedding takes place, they expect everyone, including those who don’t have the ‘kilig’ to tow the line and shut up. I’m no elitist but I don’t go for bakya either. So please leave us alone.

  27. The thought that that celebrity wedding got the attention of a self-proclaimed intelligent is kinda absurd. We are not born equal and you may be raised differently. But how dare you criticize other people, belittling them just because they are a fanatic of a celebrity. That wedding is their once in a lifetime moment and they didn’t ask you any cent for that.
    Let’s face it that nowadays having a diploma doesn’t guarantee good fortune at all. I’m not pro or anti celebrity but come to think of it, those who don’t have master’s degree or even a high school diploma earns more than those who have one. Isn’t so enticing to the public. Even if you get rid of the entertainment industry, still it wouldn’t alleviate the problems that our country is up to now.

    1. But the entertainment industry can’t be a replacement for a diploma. And no guarantee of good fortune is no reason to not have it. At least when studying, you are not into the shenanigans of showbiz, which may include extramarital affairs, drugs and prostitution. Showbiz isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be.

      1. It’s not only in the entertainment industry where you could find incidents involving sex, drugs and prostitution. It just so happened that they are public property.
        Isn’t being an actor/actress be considered a profession. A profession that doesn’t required educational attainment but skills, talent,personality and looks. I have this belief that you are created for a purpose. And if their purpose is to entertain let them be.
        I’m not against professional people who achieved their degrees and title through hard work and perseverance. I’m just pointing out the reality that nowadays our country is experiencing underemployment. You can only brag your title but not your salary.

  28. Personally, I don’t have a problem about their wedding since most filipinos know that they are the “brand” representatives not only in Channel 7 but also to their respective sponsors (which I think helped fund their wedding); hence, the extravagant and lavish event.

    Yes, you are partly right about your argument, the media portrayed this wedding as “royal” when it is actually not. However, you cannot deny that these two individuals are the money makers of the company. Do I think that the network has gone way over the top in this wedding? Absolutely. But, do I blame them for it? No. Why? I think the reason is that they just capitalized on the opportunity. The opportunity to be talked about (they will talk about this event until the people start to get bored with the topic), to become relevant and to be ahead of their biggest rival ( we all know what channel they belong) in their ratings battle. Like you said, the network paid $100M for their wedding; how about their own sponsors? Both represent some of the top companies when it comes to apparel, and it would be a shame if they don’t match the 100M amount.

    But what can we do? Its purely entertainment, if they aren’t delivering the “kilig” factor, the dongyan tandem won’t even exist. The people won’t have this “kilig” factor if they have more time being busy on work rather than wasting their time watching the television.

    I guess time will tell if their love is for real, or this wedding of some sort turns out to be a publicity stunt

    1. Yes, your points are correct. I believe however it is a good errand to convince people to not buy the hype and go for other pursuits. Same as when you convince someone not to buy a bad product and instead go for a better one.

      1. But then again, people don’t like someone telling them to stop what they are doing and act a certain way. We humans aren’t programmed like that. I get what you are trying to say in this article though and its true, the youth of today just can’t get enough dose of showbiz in their lives. Heck, most teenagers today want to be a part of their own KathNiel fantasy.

        I think that the word “kilig” shouldn’t be used in this topic, it should be “idolatry” to these so-called actors and actresses. Its quite ironic that most actors and actresses that we see right now don’t know how to act.

  29. On a different note though. Pustahan tayo, maghihiwalay din yang dalawang yan pagkatapos ng ilang taon, Showbiz in the Philippines is a swingers club, hahaha!

  30. Let’s not forget that right now Dingdong, aside from being a showbiz person, is a govt official as NYC commissioner. So, it’s not farfetched for him to be included in the LP 2016 senate slate. After all, as an Aquino appointee, he automatically becomes an LP member. Then there’s Vice Ganda pa. Well, showbiz politics goes on….. The likes of Robredo will lose against Dingdong/Vice. This brings to mind 2001 elections when Pagdanganan was pushed down to13th place as Kiko Pangilinan (with Sharon’s showbiz might) ran and WON in the Lakas slate.

    1. That one, I honestly didn’t know about Dingdong. That’s the reason why the law about ostentatious display wealth will apply. He’s a public official after all.

  31. Marian R is a dumbf(u)ck. She’s unable to construct 2 successive sentences in English. In fact, when she tries to speak a sentence in English it’s mostly Tagalog words with only 1 or 2 words in English. B(i)tch looks imported but her command of spoken English is worse than bakya quality. I bet her nose will bleed profusely & she has to be taken to an Emergency Room if forced to speak in English. I bet she was either asleep or cutting class during her English classes from elementary to college. What a total waste of space.

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