Mar Roxas motorbike spill mars #Hagupit PR while wife Korina strikes again!

“He does try,” commented one netizen of Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas who is shown in a widely-circulated photo on a motorbike while on an inspection trip in Taft, Samar, one of the areas where Super Typhoon Hagupit first made landfall. It can be noted that Roxas was not wearing a helmet as he tries to recover from a spill.

DILG Sec Mar Roxas on (or off) motorbike sans helmet whilst on 'inspection' of Hagupit damage in Taft, SamarSource: @rapplerdotcom on Twitter

DILG Sec Mar Roxas on (or off) motorbike sans helmet whilst on ‘inspection’ of Hagupit damage in Taft, Samar
Source: @rapplerdotcom on Twitter

What a top-level cabinet secretary of the Philippine government was doing on a motorbike without a helmet on dangerous terrain is anybody’s guess. Certainly, there are ample professional field workers and emergency personnel who possess the right training on hand to do on-the-ground work. And by most measures, the efforts to mitigate the impact of Hagupit on Filipinos has been largely successful.

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Laws mandating the use of helmets by motorcycle riders in the Philippines are so “strictly” enforced, that even traffic officers are arrested for offenses related to these…

Eduardo Arsenio, who is an agent of the Quezon City Department of Public Order and Safety, was apprehended on his way to work along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City yesterday.

Clad in his yellow traffic enforcer uniform, Arsenio was spotted scratching his head while a Land Transportation Office (LTO) law enforcer filled out a traffic violation ticket against him for using a substandard helmet that bore neither a Philippine Standard (PS) Seal nor an Import Commodity Clearance (ICC).

Republic Act 10054 or “Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009” mandates all motorcycle riders to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets which bear the Philippine Standard (PS) mark or Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) of the Bureau of Product Standards (BPS) and complies with the standards set by the BPS. Section 7 of the Act states that any person caught not wearing the standard protective motorcycle helmet shall be punished with a fine of one thousand five hundred pesos (Php1,500.00) for the first offense; three thousand pesos (Php3,000.00) for the second offense; five thousand pesos (Php5,000.00) for the third offense; and ten thousand pesos (Php10,000.00) plus confiscation of the driver’s license for the fourth and succeeding offenses.

Some commentors speculated that Roxas’s wearing a helmet (which would have hidden his face from the cameras) would have defeated the whole purpose of his activities in Samar, likely alluding to all these being nothing more than publicity stunts. Roxas is widely-believed to be in the running for the Liberal Party’s choice of presidential candidate for the the Philippines’ 2016 election.

Meanwhile, Roxas’s celebrity wife broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez is also in the middle of a media circus thanks to remarks she supposedly made on-air. In a video clip purportedly from a 3rd December airing of ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol uploaded onto YouTube, Sanchez was heard seemingly encouraging Filipinos to pray that Super Typhoon Hagupit, at the time on an approach trajectory to the central islands of the Philippines, would spare the country and hit Japan instead. “They can handle it,” a voice seemingly belonging to Sanchez said in the background as various graphics were being flashed on screen.

Sanchez is no newbie when it comes to big-time gaffes, specially in the midst of powerful typhoons in which her husband aspires to be regarded as the man on top of the situation. Back in 2013 when Super Typhoon devastated central Philippines, she had her claws out at CNN journalist Anderson Cooper who fielded reports highly critical of the rescue and relief operations (led by Roxas) being mounted by the Philippine government at the time. She was also widely criticised for donating slippers that bore her name to Haiyan’s victims during the relief effort.

Giving Havaianas a run for the money: Korina Sanchez slippers in the preferred shade of yellow

Giving Havaianas a run for the money: Korina Sanchez slippers in the preferred shade of yellow

Nonetheless, it’s all up to Manila now to keep the impressively-low casualty score down. Thus far, as Super Typhoon Hagupit approaches Manila, it leaves in its wake just eight people dead — an improvement in disaster preparedness orders of magnitude over previous years when deaths counted in the thousands was routine. Manila is the Philippines’ most densely-populated urban centre, which means more people per square kilometre of Hagupit’s range of destruction than in any part of the country would be affected. However, being the Philippines’ premiere city and home to its affluent finance and business district, it is also the most sufficiently-equipped to deal with emergency situations.

Hagupit has since weakened from a “super typhoon” to just a tropical storm. As such its threat to Metro Manila will be more on account of the heavy rains it is expected to induce being the slow-moving storm that it is. Still, flooding and mud slides caused by heavy rains have claimed as many lives as storm surges and wind damage, so there is no resting on laurels yet.

69 Replies to “Mar Roxas motorbike spill mars #Hagupit PR while wife Korina strikes again!”

  1. I always become speechless when it comes to posts like this. I always think that I have already said what i wanted to say regarding issues pertaining to hypocrisy in this country. I always thought once I’m tired of reacting, I will just look at this and move on to read a more positive article. But, I realized it never ends. Reacting to injustice and hypocrisy doesn’t end because this is my country. Unless people like Mar Roxas keep screwing the Philippines and the people allowing them, I will always have to say something.

    I just hope the Filipino voters will see this and realize they’re voting the hypocrites of all hypocrites. The politicians in this country are not afraid of negative commentaries about them. They screw the people in public for the people to see and yet the voters still proudly cast their votes and march on the streets supporting these people.

    God. This country is sick beyond healing. I cannot even fathom how and when will this end.

      1. ganun talaga pag shot attention span.
        problem. tapal. rinse. repeat. no learning.
        suddenly i’m all in for a chinese invasion. that’ll change things!

        1. Hahaha. Parang yun nga solusyon noh? Kapag nakakakita ng ganitong article, exposing politicians of their hypocrisy, hindi mo alam anong irereact eh. Kung maiinis sa mga pulitiko o sa mga bumoto. Pero, kahit anong inis at sisi naman kahit kanino, walang magababago.

          Bulag bulagan pa rin ang karamihan sa mga Pinoy.
          Ewan ko kung bulag bulagan ba ang tamang salita.

    1. How did Mar Roxas screw up the country? By falling off a bike? Maybe your vision is limited by your biases, political views, emotions, etc. Maybe you should get your backside off your armchair and get your hypocritical self contribute in an actual + meaningful way.

      Binay owns a 350 ha air-conditioned piggery, now that’s way way way so much worse than not wearing a helmet. ‘Know-what-ah-mean??

      1. Wow. ”How did Mar Roxas screw up the country? By falling off a bike?” – I don’t know if you are plain ignorant or plain ignorant. Seriously. Clearly, you have not read that much about Mar Roxas’stints and clearly, you did not get the point of my comment nor of this article in general. It’s kinda funny.

        ”Maybe you should get your backside off your armchair and get your hypocritical self contribute in an actual + meaningful way.” – Another wow comment from someone who knows me VERY WELL. That’s actually a really nice suggestion, especially if you tell that to yourself and not to someone you do not know.

        Lastly, about Binay’s crap..I know about it. It’s just that, I don’t think I have to mention that in my comment because this article is not about Binay. It’s about MAR ROXAS, genius.

        1. No. I haven’t read any of “Mar Roxas’ stints” so why don’t you enumerate them and let’s see if those stints are proprtional to your whining.

      2. Like most people here, I knew a LOT of Mar Roxas’ stints and it’s really appaling. “Pakitang-tao” is the appropriate word for that.

        Yung nagkakarga siya ng bigas? Nagmamartilyo? Nag-traffic enforcer pa siya? Parang hindi bagay sa kanya.

        Son, you have my congratulations. You just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

        1. Not anywhere near appalling. Your whining is more appalling. The way some people react is as if the guy had done something monumentally illegal. Some even go as fas as to claim deciphering the person’s character by what they see and read in the media. That is just totally naive.

        2. @wintersoldier

          If you ‘knew a lot about Mar Roxas,’ why don’t you cite evidence? Use your real name for starters and lend some credibility to your claims. Namecalling is just childish as far as I’m concerned.

        3. Implying that you’re being a drama queen and you love epalism. pinoy nga naman oo utak showbiz at mahilig magpasikat.

        4. And if we use our real name especially the writer of this article, what will you gonna do you turd? Assassinate us? Ooh I’m scared.

        5. @domo

          Your comments have no content of value. They are just the cowardly ramblings of a little boy who projects himself as brave in a forum.

          I find Mar Roxas to be a decent man.

        6. Hahaha. Ju Kimuka..there you go. You find Mar Roxas a decent man. Decent? Haha.

          Well, everyone, we should probably just shut up because a Roxas fantard is here and we might just break his/her heart with our commentaries. Ju Kimuka just shut this whole thing down.

          How pathetic.

          And i don’t need to enumerate all the stints of Mar Roxas because there are too many. Although, Im sure they would never be proportionate to my whining because his Pakitang TAO stints are just too much. Plus, there would not be enough proof for someone who is blind with his political biases.

        7. @Jelly May

          Get a grip! Hysterics is a sign of neurosis, not intelligence. Your comments are all emotional gibberish bereft of facts. There is nothing wrong in finding someone to be decent.

          You are just too carried away by your anonimity posting in a forum that you lost your sense of decency.

        8. Namecalling is childish? Oh yeah, strawman arguments, red herring, and all kinds of IGNORANCE is not just childish but also stupid in a sense.

          And yes, there are evidence yet it seems you turn a blind eye about or maybe you’re just too IGNORANT. Or maybe you’re just TROLLING.

          Mar Roxas even said this and it’s still ingrained in my mind: You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino.If we cannot legalize [the turnover of authority to the national government], you’ll be in charge, we’ll help you, and that’s it, pero bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo.”

          That’s what we call ARROGANCE. And to tell you, indecency and INCOMPETENCE never go hand in hand. On the contrary, if what he said last year is what a ‘decent man’ is, then there is something wrong with you. Mar Roxas is just like your typical Pinoy politician.

          If someone here is childish and hysterical it’s YOU, son. And your lack of intelligence is showing it. And also, you’re losing credibility because you only care about PERSONALITIES rather than critical thinking. You’re just butthurt because I’m exposing your hypocrisy.

          If I were you son, stop playing the victim card and set your priorities for once.

        9. Hysterics agad? Di ba pwedeng mas may alam lag kaysa sayo @Ju Kimuka?

          Do some real back reading, man. Look at your comments. I feel like debating with an empty can of beer. You are not discussing ideas and instead you were accusing me of things without basis. Enough evidence of your ignorance.

          Oh well. What can I expect from a Roxas fantard. It’s obvious.

          And I cannot argue with you anymore. Ayokong makasakit ng damdamin ng mga fangirls.

        10. @wintersoldier

          Oh puleeez, you are as d u m b as they come. Judging by your comments, your expertise probably centers on drama and karaoke.

          No strong arguments there sunshine. If you don’t like what Mar Roxas said then you can cry while slashing your wrist, while watching ‘maala-ala mo kaya.’

          That will give your life direction and meaning.

        11. Lol! Mas may alam?? You know squat, it shows in your spelling. Lol! @jelly may, you have no basis for your argument just emotional outbursts of a menopausal hag. Lol!

          Go make me a sandwich. Haha!

        12. Oh puleez, you’re just butthurt. Not to mention the fact that you’re actually TROLLING. Does that ring a bell to you, Yellow Zombie?

          And sorry, I’m not into telenovelas or ABS-CBN shows. Avoiding such things could give you REAL life direction and meaning.

          Oh yeah, your expertise is nothing but pure TROLLING and Noynoy and Mar cocksucking. 😛

        13. ”Lol! Mas may alam?? You know squat, it shows in your spelling. Lol! @jelly may, you have no basis for your argument just emotional outbursts of a menopausal hag. Lol!

          Go make me a sandwich. Haha!”


          ayun. spelling naman pinuntirya. 🙂

        14. I see we have yet another malacañang moron attempting to troll.
          Don’t bother defending someone indefensible since it only makes you really desperate in finding something redeemable in this piss poor excuse of a politician named Mar Roxas.

        1. Oh look, we have yet another stupid mar-tard desperately trying to protect his idol from any criticisms hurled against him.

          You guys are sooo predictable

      1. Another stupid question.

        Kapag ba nag comment sa mga kabulastugan ni Mar Roxas, maka Binay na?

        Hay ang kitid.

        Makapagtrabaho na nga lang. Nakakadisappoint ang ganyang utak.

        1. @Dio, you seem very excited writing about cocksucking and butthurt. I bet you’re a latent h0m0. Lol.

          I don’t know how I stumbled upon this nest of drama queens, but you all can kiss my well-toned butt. Mwehe!

          Adios losers!

        2. @ju: I’m not even excited, real-life lowlife. I’m very serious. And I bet you’re just a desperate attention whore.

          I don’t know why you’re here, but the very reason you’re saying such nonsense because I exposed your way of TROLLING. Top kek

          Oh yeah, trolls = REAL-LIFE LOSERS

          Deal with it, trollfag.

        3. “I don’t know how I stumbled upon this nest of drama queens”
          Says the asshurt moron who is actually using his heart first instead of his brain. That’s right moron keep sucking mariMAR’s dick because you were born to be a moron ever since you’re a sperm cell.

      2. You couldn’t convince me in a zillion years that neither Mar or Binay are epal zen masters.

        Someone should nickname Mar Kate Upton because of all the cameras in tow. What really goes on in these sessions? Taps MMDA officer, “can you please step aside and let me direct traffic? I have my own paparazzi force here.” Goes to warehouse ” Can you please pass me that sack of onions? I want to make the 6 PM news”. Mar makes more sense when you realize who he married and who his idol is. Granted we would all be better off in the honesty department if those two were the same person.

      3. You and Kimuka likes to cock suck Roxas dick. Hell, even in his hacienda/home province of Capiz, this coiffured airhead, lily-liveried, and arrogant pink prick was loathed and spit upon by the local serfs, I mean common folk.

  2. That’s because they allow just anyone to vote. And when I say anyone that includes those who can easily be bought during elections and they are the majority of the population. This will be to their advantage. They feed a person one time and get his vote but get back a thousand times of the resources when they win and continue their corrupt ways.

  3. And this is the guy who have high ambitions on being elected as the most powerful politician in Philippine government? Wear a helmet protocol lang di pa masunod. He’s just a clown like his boss Ngoyngoy.

    1. @ Archie, None of these politico’s are clowns, they just aren’t….more appropriately ,like say…uh…’thieves’,’organized criminals’,’scumbags’ etc,etc,etc…

      Get the picture?

  4. Sa panahon ngayon, kailangan magtulungan. masyado naman ang artikulo na to… tanong ko lang ano na ba na tulong mo at napaka negatibo mo… minsan din tingnan din natin kung ano ang kakulangan sa mga sarili natin wag naman masyadong tingnan natin ang iba…

    1. Tanong ko sa iyo: How you can you be so STUPID?

      Ang pinupunto ng article na ‘to is that in these times na magtulungan tayo, e bakit ba kelangan na mag-publicity stunt at kung ano pa?

      Congratulations, son. Because you just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote.

    2. Do not judge! Hindi ka Diyos, Jelly May! 🙂
      3″Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?

      I agree with you Click! ma-shadowww ‘tong article na ‘to.. makapag-judge sobra.. have you ever asked yourself, ano na nga ba nagawa mo sa bansa mong Pilipinas??? at makapag-judge ka kay Mar Roxas abot langit at singlalim ng lupa???

      check check rin ng sarili pag may time, ‘teh!

      1. Typical excuse of a dumb flip. We already done our part by giving inexpensive taxes in which some of them must be distributed for those victims but what did your precious government did? Yeah they did that but only a fraction of what we paid. Sino ngayon niloko mo gunggong?

      2. Did i miss the sarcasm YourLostSaint or you are just as ignorant as other Pinoys in this country?

        And all your questions are soooo not worth answering, really. That’s the usual questions I get from people who do not care that much about their country.

        Have I asked myself ano nagawa ko sa bansa? I have not asked because I have done quite a lot for my countrymen. And I don’t have any plans of telling all those things to you.

        How bout you? Anong nagawa mo liban sa pagseselfie at pagwawalang bahala sa kaipokritohan ng mga pulitiko?

      3. Says the guy who’s accusing Jelly May a “Binay supporter” w/o any basis whatsoever.

        I spot your own HYPOCRISY. Check-check rin ng sarili mo pag may time, real-life asshole! 😀

      4. Eto lang ang masasabi ko: what you’re spouting is IGNORANCE. That’s why this country would never move if the likes of you still exist.

    3. Paano mo ba maitatama ang isang pagkakamali? Dun sa pag focus sa tama? diba ang titingnan ay ang negatibo?
      Huwag nating kalimutan kung paano nangalampag ang mga bayani ng Pilipinas noong panahon ng mga Kastila (that’s if you know the Philippine history).

      Magtulungan? Of course, maraming Pinoy ang nagtutulungan. May nangyayari ba? WALA. Dahil minsan sa pagpili ng karamihan sa atin na maging positibo, isinasantabi natin kung ang mali sa ating bayan. At kapag sinasantabi ang mali, hindi iyon mapupuksa at lalaki pa.

      Minsan tingnan ang sarili natin? Wag masyadong tingnan ang iba?
      Wag kalimutan na ang ibang tinitingnan dito ay isang Pulitiko na posibleng kumakamkam ng pera mula sa kaban ng bayan.

      Baka ikaw ang dapat tumingin sa sarili. Ano ba ang ginagawa mo para hindi magpatuloy ang lokohang nangyayari sa bayang ito?

      1. Spot on ka, ‘tol.

        Ang problema sa mga taong ito ay sila ay napapadala sa propaganda ng media na “Think Positib” kahit merong mga kabulokan na nangyayari at nasa harapan na nila then they’re just ignoring it?

        1. True that. Ang mga ganitong articles talaga nakakatulong na maexpose anong problema sa bansa natin.

          Mga pulitikong manloloko at mga Pinoy na nagpapaloko sa mga pulitiko.

          And these people have the gall to accuse me for being hysterical, politically biased, a Binay supporter and judgemental? Jusmiyo.

          Lokohang usapan to. Magpatapon na tayo sa Mars dude. 😀

        2. @Jelly:

          You know, they’re nothing but mere attention whores and trollfags who can’t even admit their hypocrisy. You know, I prefer DISCUSSIONS rather the other way around.

      2. Ganyan na talaga siguro kabobo’t ignorante ang mga pinoy na katulad ni ju kimuka. Their mindset is being engulfed in “truth” from what their “leaders” feed them. It’ll be him and his kind’s fault once this country becomes like somalia.

  5. What is that idiot Roxas doing on the Muddy Roads in Samar…riding a motorcycle, without helmet?

    It is an “exhibitionist stunt”, to gain the attention of the voters. While his wife, Korina, distributes, “flip-flop” slippers, yellow in color and bearing her name…

    I am amused, how these idiots are trying to PANDER for votes for the 2016 Presidential election.

    Next time, this idiot Roxas, will let his motorcycle, “Fly” in the air. He may break his neck. But, at least, he may gain sympathy from clueless voters…

  6. People seem to forget -> Just change Johnny Knoxville’s name there and we have another edition of Jackass. *cue in opening song Corona*

    Seriously though if you want to help, if anyone wants to help you’re free to do so. You have all the resources at your disposal, but please don’t make a fool out of yourself while doing it and making yourself a victim of your own circumstance.

    What Korina did was kind of like a low-blow, I hope they don’t have newscasters in Japan let’s say for example in NHK that would be wishing upon us a tsunami or earthquake of 2011 proportions too because if that happens I don’t know if we’d get up the same way as they did.

    Just because an advanced country such as Japan can handle it doesn’t mean that they should take every single thing that mother nature throws out. That’s just so wrong, whatever happened to ethics? sensitivity? empathy? Or at least being professional about it.

    If it’s just her opinion sure, throw it out. She’s entitled to it, but the big problem is she’s speaking in a primetime news program that is seen on a national scale, hell even in the rest of the world that has access to it. Such a shame that this may truly represent what the station stands for. Even if they disclaim it, what’s said is said and what’s done is done.

  7. Is Mar Roxas above the law? He should be penalized for not using a crash helmet. This political creature called Mar is trying hard to attract votes for the 2016 presidential elections. His political style sucks as he is part of the dictatorship of BS Aquino. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS ASSHOLE!

  8. it always saddens me to read articles like this… when public officials don’t care about what is happening to our country we get mad and grumble to the extend we want them to be impeach…if public officials act and do something on issues concerning our country we say they’re hypocrite… damn!!! what an attitude.. that’s why Philippines will always be like this because of the crab mentally and lack of unity of our people… why don’t we just give everyone a chance… we point fingers too much, try to think about it… we point one finger at them but the other four is pointing to ourselves. what a shame….

    1. When public officials don’t care, we must, of course get mad because they should. When they act and do something in an obvious ‘pakitang tao’manner, of course we should react.

      I am reacting because I don’t see the sincerity in there.
      Crab mentality does not really refer to reacting to people’s hypocrisy. Try to get your thinking straight.

      1. Hit the nail on the head. The keyword is SINCERITY and the concept is all but alien to these clowns in office. They’re not going to do good just for the sake of it. Oh no, something has to be in it for them and in this case it’s publicity and vote numbers.

    2. Thanks to your ignoramus mindset and utter stupidity, we’re not the ones smothering our country. You are and the rest of your kind. And FYI crab mentality actually applies to emotards like you.

  9. How can it be a publicity stunt if media just simply ignores it? But a picture had to be taken, people need to write about it and people need to spread it in social media.

  10. Um… Wouldn’t the logical thing be for the police to file a charge now with this evidence. Hang on, I was mistaken this was a democracy. My bad….

  11. BS Noynoy x ADHD Mar = Korina “The Bitch” Sanchez

    How’s that for an equation? And, you gotta looovvveee that “exchange rate”.

  12. The thing with Mar Roxas, is he grandstand on everything even if it’s not his responsibility. He the Secretary of Interior and Local Government for crying out loud. He should not be there in the first place.

    Have we seen the Secretary of National Defense, do people even know who he is? Isn’t it his responsibility when it comes to crisis like this?

    One Word “EPAL”, he is just there to secure his place a national seat. A typical “Trapo”.

  13. I’m considering importing a product to the Philippines called the truth. It’s obvious there is a shortfall of it. I’ll follow that up with a container of honour. I did consider some sort of package deal with pride until I realised that Filipinos have enough of that without honour….

  14. I really had fun reading this , exactly this article is great to alarm people who are not yet informed . Hindi natin maikakaila many Pnoys are too blind and easy to get when it comes to election. Obviously, if people is really in helping they don’t need to act like a ALL IN ONE person. Gsto ko lang sabihin na this ACT is not BAD pero bakit expose masyado ai MAR?dilat dilat pagmay time , and please yung nagtatanong ng anong nagawa natin sa bansa? Masyadong “OUT OF WORLD” question. Dapat ba talagang sagutin yan? We are talking about the person na pinagkatiwalaang mamahala sa atin. We are talking about the person na piag-isipan natin kung karapat dapat ba pero tila binalewala ng iba dahil kung aino yung magbibigay ng pera, kung sino yung may maraming commercials , dun ka papartid.iThey just show up during calamities, sayang yung freedom natin kung Bobo tayo et ! 🙂

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