Did the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera wedding violate the Philippine Civil Code against ‘thoughtless extravagance’?

It was hard to ignore the recently-concluded nuptials of Philippine celebrity couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. The news of their “royal wedding” was all over the local mainstream and social media. Their highly-anticipated wedding has been the talk of the town for months. The appearance of no less than Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino as the couple’s Witness of Honor probably helped build the hype even more. The country’s current who’s who were present during the celebration including queen of talk show and Presidential sister, Kris Aquino:

The GMA-7 actor arrived at the wedding venue in a black Ducati motorcycle, wearing a Randy Ortiz cream suit. Meanwhile, the stunning bride wore a Michael Cinco ecru lace wedding gown studded with Swarovski crystals and a pearl tiara.

President BS Aquino managed to find time out of his 'busy' schedule to grace the 'royal' occasion.

President BS Aquino managed to find time out of his ‘busy’ schedule to grace the ‘royal’ occasion.

While a lot of people were excited about the wedding celebration, I couldn’t help but feel a bit turned-off by the blatant display of decadence. There is no doubt that the telegenic couple looked beautiful on their “special day” but I couldn’t stop thinking about what the poor people are thinking about the extravagant celebration.

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Why do some members of the Philippine elite feel the need to show off their wealth knowing millions of Filipinos suffer in abject poverty? I thought I was the only one who felt the wedding was over the top, but a lot of folks on Twitter agreed with my view that the excessive display of wealth left a bad taste in the mouth particularly since millions of Filipinos struggle to find their next meal everyday.

The venerable lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio even reminded us that there is a law against “thoughtless extravagance” specifically Article 25, Chapter 2: Human Relations under the Philippine Civil Code, which states:

Art. 25. Thoughtless extravagance in expenses for pleasure or display during a period of acute public want or emergency may be stopped by order of the courts at the instance of any government or private charitable institutions.

The country’s leading Forensic Pathologist Raquel Fortun who held the view that the 2 million peso wedding gown was excessive asked this question: “But what court will stop the wedding though?” What court, indeed? Especially since BS Aquino gave his blessing for the wedding to go ahead and had time for it despite his “busy” schedule. Likewise, motorists and commuters along E. Rodriguez and other streets near the Immaculate Conception Cathedral were even rerouted in Cubao, Quezon City during the big day.

Fortun also said that one can argue that “thoughtless extravagance” might be viewed as subjective since the Philippines is not in a “period of acute public want or emergency”. To which I responded that in my opinion, the Philippines has been in a permanent period of acute public want or emergency for a long time.

The below quote from a blogpost explains the concept behind the civil code:

1. Reason for Curtailing Thoughtless Extravagance

Thoughtless extravagance during emergencies may incite the passions of those who cannot afford to spend.

2. Who can Bring the Action?

Only a charitable institutions (whether government or private) may bring the action. The Mayor of a city, should he desire to stop an alleged display of extravagance by a social organization cannot summarily order the stopping all by himself. He has to ask for a court order. A Mayor indeed cannot just take the law into his own hands, no matter how noble or sincere his motive may be.

In the case of the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera wedding, hardly anyone from the public complained about the excesses during the celebration. And it was obvious that no one was going to stop the event for the wedding of the year.

This brings us to the part where the author of the Civil Code failed to consider the fact that sadly, Filipinos in general do not see anything wrong with “thoughtless extravagance in expenses for pleasure or display during a period of acute public want or emergency.” A lot of Filipinos even go gaga over the actions of the elite who act like members of the royal family.

There are times when I thought that the decadence of the Philippine elite will somehow push the masses over the edge into finally storming the country’s gated communities. But I don’t think Filipinos have it in them to demand for a sense of decency from people who can make a difference in their future. Until then, those who suffer from abject poverty will remain where they are. How they can live in miserable state is beyond me. It seems their wretched existence is not enough to make them rebel against excess.

[Photo courtesy GMA Network.]

1,636 Replies to “Did the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera wedding violate the Philippine Civil Code against ‘thoughtless extravagance’?”

      1. Chill…it’s called “perspective”; Thoughtless Extravagance”? – just like it’s no different from people who spent thousands for firecrackers last January 1.

  1. i saw a post online on the wedding invitaion that they prefer that instead of wedding gifts or cash, the guest shall give a donation to the groom’s favored charitable institution, complete with details on how to donate. i like this blog but hey you missed out on that detail, and the expensive wedding gown has a high prpbability that it was just borrowed frpm the designer in exchange for publicity, and who knows who owns and how long the groom has had his ducati.

    1. The act of charity is a noble act yes, plus points for that, but I can’t for the life of me imagine a 2 million peso wedding gown be “borrowed”, especially by a couple that can probably afford it due to being celebrities and all. I may be wrong, but benefit of the doubt. With all due respect this is justifying the speculations of their extravagance.

      1. I don’t care if it’s a wedding gown from Divisoria or a wedding gown created by Monique Lhuillier, just as long as they paid it with their own money, what’s wrong with that? It will be appalling if the daughter of Napoles (pork barrel lady) is the one displaying the “extravagance”. But this couple worked hard for their own keep and if they want to throw all their money in a once-in-a-lifetime wedding, so be it. IT’S THEIR OWN MONEY…you wouldn’t want anyone dictating how you spend your own money, would you?

        1. Agree!!
          Daming bitter. Pera nilang pinaghirapan yan. they have been preparing for this big day for many years. D pa ba sapat na tumutulong sila?? Ganyan ang mga pinagpapala, kung ano gaano man kalaki ang itinulong mo doble pa ang babaliks u. Ano naman ang gusto nyo lahat ng kita nila ipamigay na lang??? Aba, eh magtrabaho para kumita db? D yung sisilipin mo yung kita ng iba tapos magiging issue.
          Galing ba sa pera ng bayan yan?? Karapatan nilang gastusin ang perang pinaghirapan nila sa kanilang kaligayahan mga pinoy!
          Gising at imulat ang mga mata!

      2. Irvin, that is common practice. Here in the US designers, jewelers let celebrities use their wares for a mentionon the red carpet during the Oscar, Tony award and other events

  2. I really got pissed off when I saw Mr. Aquino with the couple. There are lots of more important issues in the Philippines that needs to be taken care of.

        1. Just like I said, that just my opinion. I have the freedom and I don’t care if Pnoy cares in what I have to say,

        1. Filipinos does not own Pnoy.. He’s our president, not our slave.. He also has a life. Don’t he deserve a break? We all have our day offs right? And we all have the right to spend that day the way we wanted to.

        2. not because Pnoy is our president doesnt mean he cant attend to his personal “lakad” uso rin na may rest day ang pangulo even if he runs the gov’t
          and if he choose to spend to attend the wedding what’s wrong with that???

        3. So pag presidente ka ng bansa deprived ka na mag attend ng mga ganitong event? Te. Wala kang sense. Pangarap mo ba sumikat kaya nagmamarunong ka ng bongga? Animal. English lang pagkagawa mo. Pero stupid ang opinion mo. If you have it and you worked hars for it then go ahead and flaunt the fuck up. Wag kasing inggetera.

        4. Mga bobo .. hindi xa naiingit .. bakit xa maiingit ? baka ikaw ang naiingit ?! HAHA .. ibig nya sabihin .. bakit may oras si pnoy umattend ng wedding ..kung ang mahal nyang pilipinas ay nag hihirap araw araw may namamatay sa gutom .. isang katutak ang skwater .. previous president nakakulong haha !

        5. Alam ko bawal umatend ng wedding mga huwes,pero hinde rin nila maiwasan,,nway, ang mga pinoy likas na maawainat likas na mapanglait din… gumawa ka nman ng mabuti o masama laging may nasasabe pa rin. CONGRATS DINGDONG AND MARIAN

        6. As if he wasted his all day on that freakin’ wedding. Masyado kayong perfectionist sa lahat ng bagay akala mo kaya kung sino.

    1. Huh??? President Obama is also a very, very busy man but I saw him attending weddings too. So what’s wrong with a President attending weddings? Does it mean that he attended a high-profile wedding he’s remiss with his duties already. Oh, c’mon!!!

  3. I think these people who “don’t see it” are already conditioned to endure “suffering” due to their unfortunate circumstances in poverty, further compounded by the “god will provide” and “if it’s meant to be then it is” mindset propagated by religion and media. This is why I abhor the notion of relying solely on prayer to get anything in life. It dismisses and devalues hard work and effort. I personally have this certain level of apathy, but good for them for getting hitched anyway.

  4. I can blame you if that is what you think. but the way i see it. They have all the rights to do it, they work hard for their success, afterall, its just a shot event so why not make the best of it if you can afford. Moreover, the couples have been consistently donating to charities on and off the camera… As my mentor always says, hindi mo kasalanan na pinanganak ka ng mahirap pero kasalanan mo kapag namatay kang mahirap…

    1. correct. big check kuya. nagsumikap sila bago nla maabot yung kaya nlang gawin. and hndi naman kailngan ipublic kapag natulong ka sa tao. grabe.

    2. Big check…. Hnd kasalanan ni dingdong at Marian na mghirap sila. Kasalanan nila kc hnd sila ngsikap. Problema kc sa iba pgtinulungan mo aasa nlng sa tulong hnd na gagawa ng paraan pra mkaahon sila sa khirapan.

      1. Tama ka talaga!
        Yan ang mga bitter sa pangyayari. Gusto nila idonate ng couple ang lahat ng kita nila. Mga hunghang, hahaha!
        Ang mga mayayaman (hindi lahat) nagsusumikap para maabot ang kanilang pinapangarap. Sabi nga ang pagiging mahirap choice natin yan!
        I love you comment che!

  5. Please consider the fact that the poor benefits on the taxes paid by these elites. And besides, aminin naman natin, most filipinos are poor dahil tamad tayo. We are a happy nation, yes! But r we any good with regard to making our lives better? I am class c (and below), so i know how my people work. 🙂

    1. Hindi dahil sa katamaran kaya’t naghihirap ang mga Pinoy. Yung mga magsasaka, mahirap lang sila. Pero masasabi mo bang tamad sila kung umulan o umaraw ay nagsasaka sila? Yung mga simpleng employees, nagoover time sila at kahit may sakit pumapasok yung iba, pero kulang na kulang pa rin yung sinesweldo nila sa isang buwan. Sabihin mo ngayon, tamad pa rin ba ang sila? O wala lang Equality? Kasi sa panahon ngayon, kahit anong gawin mong hirap, ang hirap hirap pa ring umangat lalo na kung galing ka sa di kilalang pamilya. Ang hirap bumangon sa hirap. Kung di mo naranasang maghirap, huwag mong sabihing tamad kaming mahihirap. Ang mayayaman lalong yumayaman habang ang mahihirap ay lalong naghihirap. Paano kami makababangon kung pati sa pagkain ay may tax? Hindi naman talaga sa mahihirap napupunta ang benepisyo ng tax e, kundi sa kamay ng mga kurakot. Makatanggap man kami, very minimal lang. Oo, benepisyo na rin yun. Pero bawi lang rin kami sa kada tax na ikinakaltas sa amin. Dying poor is not a crime. Dying rich with money that you didn’t worked for is the real crime. I’m not against ding Dong and Marian, wala naman talaga akong pakialam sa kanila. Isa lang ang masasabi ko, wala silang social awareness.

      1. Pano ba namam sa single income ka pala naka focus talagang hindi kakasya kahit anong sipag at overtime mo…
        Tumanda ka ng kulang ka sa TAMANG DISKARTE SA BUHAY. Alam mo na ngang kulang kinikita mo eh! Ano dapat gagawin mo? Mag reklamo at ididiin na masipag ka nga pero wala pdn? Gamitin mo isip mo kasi.
        Piece of advice: mag hanap ka ng extra income, wag mo iasa sa single income ang lahat ng gastusin mo.. wag mo tipirin dagdagan mo para mag kasya kasi kahit anong gawin mo ang kulang laging magiging kulang.. kung feeling mo hnd kasya aa time mo dhl sa trabaho mo edi mag hanap ka ng trabaho na magaan na makakagawa kapa ng sideline. it all boils down parin kung pano mag isip ang isang tao kaya sya yumayaman o humihirap.

      2. Pag pinanganak kang mahirap kasalanan ng magulang mo yan. Pero pag namatay kang mahirap kasalanan mo yan. Sus naman. Ang daming mahirap na gumanda ang buhay dahil sa magandang diskarte. Ang daming paraan para umasenso. Hindi ubra sakin mga rants niyo na tax etc. Ang nanay ko sa squatter nakatira noon. Pinaaral niya sarili niya at ngayon doctor siya. Without having to blame anyone sa sacrifices niya. Pag naghihirap ang tao maghahanap ng sisisihin. Hello? Ano nganga nalang for life??

      3. @iampoorbutrich What you said is really true. There are lots of people who get treated deferentially or ride on the coattails of their family name or because of the fact that they are mestiza or mestizo; or actors and actresses.

  6. It’s more like these Filipinos have the concept that, if you show your wealth, you should cause inconveniences for others. I don’t mind a show of wealth that does not inconvenience others.

  7. eh napaka gago naman pala talaga ng nagsulat neto! Kaya hindi umaasenso ang pilino dahil sa mga gaya ninyo na wala ng ginawa kung hindi paasahin ang mga mahihirap sa buwis ng mayayaman, sa tulong ng mayayaman at na dapat obligahin ang mayayaman na palamunin ang mga mahihirap? Subukan mo kayang mag post ng article na maguudyok sa mahihirap na magtrabaho, maging independent, maging empowered na magsikap sa sarili? Talagang asa na lang sa iba ang peg, ano?

    1. Agree ako diyan sa sinabi mo bro na magsulat ang writer na to ng mga articles na mag uudyok sa mga mahihirap na magsumikap, magtrabaho at diskartehan ang buhay para umasenso.

      Kaya maraming naghihirap eh dahil bine brainwash ng mga ganitong article.

  8. Should have posted this before the wedding took place. Many of us don’t know such laws existed. But I agree with some views here, BS Aquino got time for this? He should have declined like any other leaders would do.

    1. Really???? I saw Obama attending weddings also who is also a very, very busy man. Your argument “like any other leaders would do” is a complete generalization and therefore false. And don’t give me that crap that Aquino is a different president because the Philippines is a third-world country.

    2. Lol pota. Daming alam. Kayo maging presidente para matigil kayo. Kahit sino naman ilagay niyo sa Malacañang hindi matatapos reklamo niyo. Bitterness ba to kasi di kayo invited sa wedding??

      1. Your username fits even more since you’re missing the point.

        Noynoy is a PUBLIC SERVANT, not a god or king. You’re bitter since you’re BUTTHURT. 😛

        1. exactly! public servant not public slave. pero bakit kung makapagsalita kayo parang empleyado niyo si PNOY na kailangan ipaalam pa o kailangan pang humingi ng permiso sa inyo para maka punta sa isang event.. tao rin siya he has his own life di porque public servant siya pwede na natin siyang dictahan… even the president of america umaattend ng kasal eh..

  9. They consider their wedding as a very important event in their life so why not go and splurge when you have the means and they have rightfully earned it (and I’m sure they have been rightfully taxed for it). Your observation/critique is best applicable to most politicians who show extravagance using OUR money.

  10. wala nman tlgang masama. heller hnd nila kasalanan na ipanganak silang maganda at gwapo at i-idolize ng madameng tao. hnd ko isisisi kay marian at dingdong na mahirap ako. ishow man nila or hnd ang yaman nila eh mayaman nman tlga sila. wla nga cguro sa kalingkingan ng yaman nila ang ginastos nila sa kasal na yan. may karapatan silang i-spent ang pera na pinaghirapan nila. be considerate guyz. kung mahirap ka magsumikap ka! hnd puro nganga!

  11. i don’t think there’s something wrong with their wedding. if they spent millions on their wedding its simply because they just wanted to make their wedding a very memorable one. and there’s really nothing wrong about it they spent their own money and mind you the money that they will be receiving from their sponsors, they will donate it to foundations.. eeeewww haaa.. nakakainis ka rin… palagay ko naiinggit ka lang.. they did a lot of charitable works meaning hindi sila maramot sa kanilang yaman

  12. dami naman kasing sinasabi ng pilipino. well for me, oo maraming naghihirap, pero yung pera naman na ginastos nila e pera nila yun, so walang pakiaman ang pinoy dun. 2nd sa pagdalo ni pnoy, e malay naman nila kung kasama talaga sa skedyul ni pnoy yun, at hindi naman sya everyweek na punta sa kasal, so i think break time muna din nya.

  13. malay ba nila kung buong buhay nila inipon nila para makamit yung kasal na ganun. kung un bang mga naghihirap e nagsisikap. edi sana walang mahirap, kaya naman nagiging mayaman ang mayayaman, kasi takot sila maghirap, eh yung mga mahihirap ano ang bukambibig, kaya nila maghirap, mas madalas nga makikita mo pa na nakatambay lang ang mahihirap kaysa magsikap. magparami ng anak, at magsugal kanan kaliwa. puro reklamo naman kasi mga tao, gusto ng pagbabago, pero hindi handang tumanggap ng mga panibagong nangyayari sa bansa. gusto maging maganda ang serbisyo ng LRT/MRT, pero ayaw taasan ang pamasahe, kahit saang bansa ka pumunta, ang TRAIN system ang may pinakamahal na pamasahe!! pumunta ka ng ibang bansa, para hindi kayo puro reklamo!!! pilipino na may problema sa bansang ito, dahil kahit sino ang maging presidente, kahit sino pa ang ikasal, kahit sino pa ang gumastos ng pagkalaki laki, lahat yan may haters. ika nga, ibinababa ka ng tao, dahil alam nila na mas nakatataas sila sayo at INGGIT LANG SILA!!!

  14. This is stupid. Lol wasted my time readin a one sided article. It’s their wedding and it’s one of the most special event n their lives. If I was rich, I would do the same thing. They can do whatever they want. And just because some people are in poverty doesn’t mean you would hold back to the things you wanted in life for example to have your dream wedding come true. It’s their money and they worked hard to earn it. Stfu and and stop hating.

  15. yah right khit cnu nmn bride mghahangad ng magandang wedding un ang pangarap ng isang bride magnda nga n naisip nla n s charity mpunta ang gift s halip n snila s dami ng royal couple n kinasal and s showbis wla s knila nkaisip n idonate s charity ang gift s knila only marian and dingdong lang nmn.

  16. Who cares. Di naman naghihingi sila Marian sa Tao. Pinaghirapan Nila pera Nila. At tumultuous pa sila sa mga nangangailan.Pera Nila Yon. Pakialam ng goberno. Eh Yong donation para sa bagyo kinupit pa Nila. Inggit lang sila.Wala silang masabi.

  17. Hahahah nakakatawa ‘tong blog na to. Mga tao nga naman.. imbes na maging masaya na lang para sa ibang tao kung anu-ano pinagsasabi. Ramdam ko pagkainggit nitong taong to.

  18. Well, fyi pinaghirapan din nla ang pera ginamit nla sa wedding marami then nman clang na tulangan na nghihirap. Its nor their fault kng maraming naghihirap na tao. A wedding is once in a lifetime ginastohan nla kasi pinaghirapan din nla yan. Alangan naman puro nlang sa mahihirap, kaya hindi uma asinso kasi uma asa sa tulong.

  19. yes, madaming mahirap na magbebenefit sa gown alone. But the thing is, these two people love each other and they decided to get married and since they have money why not do it the extravagant way. They worked for the money they spent on that wedding. While you or the poor people are sleeping, they are wide awake working their assess off. Its not as if kinuha nila sa kaban ng yaman ng pilipinas ang perang pinangastos ng mag asawa dyan, wala ka nang pakialam kung paano sila ikinasal at hindi rin naman nila yan inutang sayo so anung ipinaglalaban nyo ni Fortun?

    ” Thoughtless extravagance during emergencies may incite the passions of those who cannot afford to spend.”

    its not as if sa Tacloban or sa Leyte sila ikinasal. Im not a DongYan fan but what youre trying to imply, what youre trying to take away from them, what youre trying to point out are unreasonable. Next time na kumain ka sa jollibee that cost 100.00, i suggest you buy sardinas instead that cost 10.00 and give 90.00 to the less fortunate. tingnan natin kung di ka mabadtrip dahil ung perang pinagpaguran mo para maka kain sa jollibee eh kailangan mo pang idonate dahil sa twisted na ideology mo.

    1. I couln’t agree more. Thumbs up to your thoughts. It’s as if you voiced out what are needed to be said. Hindi nila hiningi ang pinanggastos nila so these people don’t have a right to tell them how they should spend their money.

    2. True! Hindi ako pinanganak na mayaman, hindi rin kame mayaman pero nagsusumikap kame to get what we want. May mga kakilala akong hindi tlga kumikilos at umaasa na lang sa iba para makakain. Graduate pa yun ha. Ayaw lang magwork. Yun ang mga taong ayokong tulungan. Nagpapakahirap ka para may makain, tapos sila nganga lang. Asa lang.

    3. And true! I am not a DongYan fan but they deserve what they worked hard for. Sana napapansin ng writer na ito na tumutulong din nmn sina Marian sa charitable institutes, even in Eat Bulaga’s Juan For All.

  20. Mga inggiterong pinoy. Walang Maibalita na mga reporter. Inggit lang sila kasi masama na mga manunulat. Walang maisulat na mabuti kundi naiinggit lang.Suya Yong mga di inimbita. YON LANG.

  21. It’s not DongYan’s responsibility to feed every Filipino. Just so you know, Marian and Dingdong have been very active with philanthropic activities for years, even before they got engaged. Dingdong has his own Yes Pinoy Foundation and Marian had spearheaded and funded a lot of charity works like Kapuso-Adopt-A-Banca, Celebrity Ukay Ukay, conducted her own Auction to raise money for Yolanda Victims and her latest project is YanAngSmile campaign in collaboration with Smile Train Ph to help those people with Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. They have done their part to help those who are needy and now they deserve to experience all the grandiose they want since it’s their hard-earned money. and one more thing, whats your basis of saying that Philippines has been in a PERMANENT period of ACUTE public want or emergency? and do you have any idea about the REAL DEFINITION OF ACUTE PUBLIC WANT? Seriously? There’s no such thing as PERMANENT ACUTE .

  22. it’s ok for them to have the extravagance for their special day… They used their hard earned money for it… It’s a once in a lifetime it’s not their daily thing…. Daymn! Judge napoles’ lifestyle and other corrupt officials who travel a lot using a private jet riding on luxury cars whenwver they feel like it because they can afford it using our taxes that are supposed to go to the poor. The couple have been charitable and it’s not even their responsobility but they always share their hard earned blessings. be fair mhan…

  23. Hindi kasalanan nina marian at dingdong ang maging mahirap ang mga tao…. kasalanan nila yan kasi hinayaan nilang maging mahirap sila…

  24. In my opinion Thoughtless extravagance should only cover the Politicians or government employees and not putting the weight of the law over the private individuals.

  25. Perang pinaghirapan nila ang ginastos nila. Care nyo kung gumastos sila ng sobra. Ang masama e kung ung pera ng gobyerno ang ginamit para sa kasal nila. Anu gusto nu idonate nila ung pera nila sa gobyerno tapos kukurakutin naman ng mga opisyales.

  26. First of all, they are not ELITE. When you say ELITE, you are talking about the old rich families like the Zobel de Ayalas. This couple is merely mid-class members of the society who WORKED their asses off to get to where they are now. So you asked if it’s absurd thay they spent that much money on their wedding? Unless they knocked on your door and begged for a loan so they can have this extravagant celebration, there is no reason for you to sourgrape or be bitter about it because unlike those dirty politicians who you should be writing about, they AGAIN worked their butts off to get their money. Honestly, you’re too affected by the entire thing. What would you have preferred, that they go to the nearest municipality and swear their vows in front of the mayor. Sure, they could do that but why would they considering they’ve amassed money from their hard work. Lay off on the hate and get a hobby.

  27. i pity the blog writer and her twisted views. Teh, sana nag-file ka ng TRO nung time na nag-announce na si Marian at Dingdong. Naka-ilang bridal shower pa sya teh…

    I hope na ikaw mismo ay hindi isang ipokrito na nagcecelebrate ng kahit na ano habang milyon-milyong pilipino ang naghihirap at nagugutom. Tandaan mo, ang birthday celebration mong aabot ng 5k ay EXTRAVAGANT kumpara sa normal na mamamayang pilipino. ang 5K ay kalahati na ng buwanang kinikita ng isang ordinaryong trabahador.

    Kumikita ba ang pagbo-blog mo dito through ads and hits? Nagbabayad ka ba ng buwis para dito?

  28. Why Do U need to say that? DingDong and Marian has nothing to do with poverty. Eventhough they AlWayS help poor people, and they said (???) that most of their Money / cash/ check gifts or All of their PERA from the wedding gifts are going to the poor foundation or whatever the foundations are. So DON’t Just Say Anything BAD AGAINST them, because U CAN’T find any mistakes from this perfect Day of the couple. Please BE OPTIMISTIC AND STOP THINKING ANYTHING just To ruin their names. It’s NOT THEIR FAULT WHY PEOPLE ARE POOR. Sira Uluo ba kayo?!! And U ThiNk we Smart people will Believe U right away? If they believe U, for sure they are NOT SMART LIKE U! Hahahah! How if I am a SCIENTIST are U going to respect me because of my BANK ACCOUNT ANDY POSITION IN life? AND so what if I spend all my money or half just to have a luxury life?!! Blaim it to the VoTerS! They didn’t VoTe Wisely!!! Stop grabbing garbage ideas!!! Congrats Mr. And MRS. Dantes!!!

  29. “Article 25. Thoughtless extravagance in expenses for pleasure or display during a period of acute public want or emergency may be stopped by order of the courts at the instance of any government or private charitable institution.”

    First, the government allowed this from Barangay Immaculate Conception up to the President.

    Second, who will define “acute” in the requisite “acute public want or emergency”? To me there’s no acute public want or emergency, dami tao sa palengke at haba ng pila sa puregold, madami pera ang mga tao.

    Third, walang may pake sa ginastos sa kasalang ito.

    #WalangMayPake #Epal

  30. So are you saying that Hollywood actors alike with their lavish weddings are in the same way tactless to have their millions of dollars wedding of their dreams just because a lot of Americans are on food stamps, homeless and unemployed? I am not a Marian or Ding Dong fan but it’s sad how Filipinos always critique on useless issues like this. It’s their money, they worked and earned it. They didn’t get this rich from merely being let’s say dirty politicians in the country. So let them spend their hard earned money the way they want it. The couple have been very supportive to various charities, what else do you want? For them to build houses to each and every poor family in the Philippines? Feed every hungry mouth? Give jobs to those who need it? And maybe they can have your blessing to have their beautiful, expensive wedding? Common. Next time please write something that’ll be more helpful to the Philippine community. Ranting and publishing it online is ones cheap way of gaining attention. Nonetheless you somehow just contributed into making the Marian and DingDong wedding more popular.

  31. fuck you blogger! Inggit ka lang kasi hndi ka kasing ganda ni marian, wala kang jowang kamukha ni dingdong at wala kang perang kasing dami nila at lalo WALA KANG NATULUNGAN NI ISANG TAO TULAD NG GINAGAWA NG DONGYAN so SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU MADAHPAKAH!

      1. Dio what exact is squatter mentality? Bakit kailangan I drag moa a certain class of people to degrade another person. Ano an ang “squater mentality”, ” utak squatter”, pareho ba yan ng “mukhang atchay” or “bisaya” for domestic helper or LBFM?

        1. You’re missing the point. After all.

          You know people who keeps going on trivial things like this? Bashing the author with nonsensical crap and ad hominem? Voting last names and celebrities in political office? A group which consists of the majority who hates critical smart people? Those who use EMOTIONS rather than their BRAINS on choosing the right leaders and even the right decisions?

          THAT is squatter mentality.

      2. Naku nmn napoles nga eh sa US pa ang party yung pera mula sa nakaw..
        DM wedding perang pinagpaguran nila yan at once in a lifetime celebration lng.. nagkataon lng n ckat cla at maraming nagmamahal kaya Bongga ang kasal…

        AT actualy ang mga gift nila eh di nonate nila lahat sa charity ano pa ba gusto ng iba eh ikasal n lng sa judge tapos yung pera ginastos eh ipamigay n lng sa mahirap…
        Sa gobyerno kau mainggit kc lahat ng nasa gobyerno bigtime…

  32. nonsense….wedding yan hindi kung ano ano lang what so wrong with that.married ka ba? baka hindi nangyari sayo yan kaya ka naiinggit at umabot sa point na gumawa nang ganitong article. btw, i’m absolutely not their fan but am just happy for both

  33. Ang panget mo Ilda! Magsama kayo ni Fortun! Pakasal din kayo ng bongga para hndi kayo maingget sa DongYan! Pweeee!! Mga impokrita!

  34. The heck if they spent millions on their wedding days. These two are private people and they are paying their tax well. Where did the above writer get the notion of “blatant display of decadence” and “thoughtless extravagance”. It’s really unfair for celebrities who like us, are working hard and paying their government dues and yet this is what they receive. Naman!!!! Di ba mas”blatant display of decadence” and “thoughtless extravagance” yung mg akubol sa BJMP and yung stinll pending case ng senators and ni Napoles. Geez!!! Uso kasi kaya may maisulat lang!

  35. This blog post is sad. You’re a smart person, surely you have other news to blog about. That is their hard-earned money, they can do whatever the heck they want with it. And for crying out loud, why post this on their wedding night. Leave them alone.

  36. WHAT A PATHETIC ARTICLE! May mapuna lang. Pa anti-pop culture! Para lang makabasag ng trip ng mga tao! HAHAHAHA MAG BAGO NA 2015 na!

  37. Di ako fan pero ang ‘Duuh’ lang ng bnlog mo. Pinaghirapan at pinag ipunan nila yung pera, deserve nila na magkaroon ng magandang kasalan kung hndi naman galing sa nakaw yung ginastos nila. Such a hypocrite -__- mga taong katulad mo, may nagawa ka nba sa Pilipinas maka pag post ka ng mga ganito. Hay nakoooo. Kainis mga ganitong tao eh.

  38. I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with the wedding it’s their right. Pinaghirapan nila yung pera na ginastos dyn. kapag artista o kaya yung mga mayayaman na afford magkaroon ng once in a lifetime bonggang event ay wala na palang karapatang magkaroon ng ganyang klaseng occassion dahil considered “thoughtless extravagance” at labag sa batas. it’s like you’re saying “mahiya naman kayo sa mahihirap”

  39. Everyone has a right to their dream wedding.

    Display of wealth and extravagance ba kamo? Di wag ka manood! Some people despite being poor enjoy watching the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

    Another thing, if you are so concerned about the plight of the poor people, DO SOMETHING! Hindi yung dakdak ka lng ng dakdak diyan.

  40. sigurado naman akong tumulong sila sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo pero it’s not right na ibigay mo na lahat kasi pinaghirapan at pinagtrabahuhan din nila yan eh so kung ano mang gawin nila dyan as long na tumutulong naman sila sa nangangailangan eh dapat sapat na… ikaw ba ano bang naitulong mo? nasa permanent period of acute public want or emergency ang Philippines so in your opinion walang dapat gumastos ng sobra sobra kasi magagalit ka? kayo ba ano bang naitulong nyo sa mga nasalanta ng bagyo? wala diba? well sila meron… grabe mga ganitong tao lahat nahahanapan ng mali… kapag ako naging presidente ikaw una kong ipapatapon sa spratleys para mabawasan ng kupal sa pilipinas… hindi mga taong bumibili ng 2M na wedding gown ang problema ng bansa kung hindi mga kagaya mong kupal…

  41. I’m not a fan of dongyan but I heard that all the money from their ninongs and ninangs were not used for their wedding but will be given for their selected charity. This article sounds and feels so bitter though.

  42. Good article for me. Nakakalungkot lang na bihirang makakita ng intellectual response lagi sa mga articles na Philippine based..makikita lang na malayo pa rin talaga ang pagunlad ng Pilipinas dahil napakarami pa ring walang sense tao sa atin.

  43. The blogger should have noted that the Civil Code provision cited was adopted during the 1950’s. The view(s) of the people, then, were different. The people of today are different. And Noynoy is BS.

  44. Not an avid fan pero nakakainis lang tong article ma to. it’s their money to spend. Money nila yun na kinita ng ilang years na pag aartista so wala tayong karapatan na magalit dahil sa sobrang laki ng ginastos nila. It’s every girls dream na magkaroon ng magandang wedding, kung may pera ka bakit hindi diba. Nakikita din naman natin sila tumulong sa mahihirap ah.

  45. So what? every bride wanted the best for their special day and at least they spent their money they earned by working not like the Politicians stolen money, or the Napoles.

  46. Havent you read that all forms of money given to the couple by their sponsors and guests will be given to the charity that dingdong is involved? geez/

  47. We have all our options in life. Dingdong and marian choose to have a very special wedding.it is their right and have the money to do so. It will occur just once. Besides they are both ambassador to the poor, remember? Our fate here on earth is all our fault. If you die poor, it is you alone who is to blame no one else. I hate your article. Let them be happy. My answer to your question is a big NO, they did not violate anything. Only envious people who will write his kind of article.

  48. It is their hard-earned money. If they want an extravagant wedding, they have all the right in the world to do so. As fo r your ‘poverty-stricken filipinos’ concern, i believe that noth of them have and are participating in chartiable activities and have iparted a great deal of help among charitable institutions, so i think its unfair to call them hypocrotes. Giving and/or sharing is subject to the giver. The giver should give voluntarily, according to his/her conditions. It is unfair to blame these celebrities for the current state of the poor. They are merely citizens of the Philippines, and the issue of rampant poverty should obviously be the government’oncern and duty.

  49. Siguro naman po may mas maganda ka pang pwedeng paksa kesa dito? Please lamang po, may karapatan silang gamitin yung perang pinagsikapan nila, sa kung anumang paraan nila naisin, lalo na kung pinaghirapan nila yung pera. Inggitera ka po, lalu na’t gumawa ka pa ng issue tungkol sa kasal ng mga taong wala namang relasyon sa’yo. Ang ampalaya po, kinakain, hindi inuugali, ok? Isip na po kayo ng ibang topic, masyado ka pong pakialamera.

    -For info, hindi po ako mahilig sa showbiz. Masyado lang akong naaliw sa sinulat mo.

  50. May point ho kayo Ms. Ilda. Sa buhay ng mga artista, hindi rin magtatagal yan, sa puntong hiwalayan din yan papunta. Tulad na lang kina Claudine at Raymart, wedding of the year din yun, pero Ano?
    Sensya na sa mga Fans, pero parang nasobrahan yata ang kasal na to.

  51. Nice article Ilda, you’ve certainly stirred quite a few people up with this. Social justice doesn’t get much of a voice in the Philippines. It’s the reason the oligarchs still have the power.

    Why does the book Animal Farm always come to mind?

    1. Wow. This is the smartest comment I’ve seen so far. Let me add my thoughts since we are thinking quite along the same lines. First of all, I wanna say that the law mentioned above is the most unreasonable law written and implemented I have ever heard in my life. I’m not a fan of the couple but may I say that since they earn their money by working diligently, through their fans’ support who are probably living in poverty, they should be able to use it for anything they want because it’s their money. The main reason why the Philippines has too many citizens living in poverty is because of corruption. Corruption is the reason why the gap between the rich and the poor is so large. Rich people are protected and poor people are left poor. It’s time that the country protects all of its people.

    1. It is not their obligation to put up housing projects and the like for poverty-stricken filipinos. It is the GOVERNMENT’S duty. Your argument is shallow and pathetic. Bihisan mo ng dahon ng saging yung asawa mo kapag nag pakasal kayo, tsaka idonate mo sa charity yung budgetsa gown. Kaya mo? O kaya isacrifixe mo yung pang blow out mo sa anak mo sa graduation nya, chaka ibigay mo sa pulubi. And do not tell me na hindi extravagant yung pa blow out mo, o yung binibili mong gamit labas sa budget mo. Because we are spending money according to our income. So kung may 1000 pesos ka, tapos nag waldas ka ng 500 or 700 para sa pagkain mo, tapos si dingdong at si marian bilyon bilyon ang pera at nag waldas ng milyon milyon, logically proportional din yun. nag wawaldas sila ng milyon kasi kumikita ng milyon. Wag nyo iblame sa iva kalagayan ng mga pilipino. Sa gobyerno dapat yan. Chaka sa pilipino mismo. It is not your fault if u are born poor. It is your fault if you die poor. You are all preachers and hypocrites.

  52. This blog has its point. How come Mr. President can go to their wedding despite that he’s a very busy person. How come he can attend a party instantly and can’t go to other provinces in our country that were recently affected by the recent typhoons. How come, they can still spend so much of their money instead of saving them for much better use, I’m sure they could have a simpler wedding that will cost lesser. I just hope they will really have time now to help those people affected by typhoon. Kumabaga, siguro sa kaunting perang mababawas sana, paniguradong marami nang pamilya ang mapapakain nito.


      2. Natawa ako sa comment mo ate pero tama ka diyan. Bakit nga ba andaming tanga. Pag ako presidente araw araw ako sa kasalan, ako nga ang presidente diba so ako dapat masunod. Mga tao nga na walang posisyon sa gobyerno lagi sa kasalan ang presidente pa kaya na lahat ng power nasa para mag attend.

  53. It is their hard-earned money. If they want an extravagant wedding, they have all the right in the world to do so. As fo r your ‘poverty-stricken filipinos’ concern, i believe that both of them have and are participating in chartiable activities and have imparted a great deal of help among charitable institutions, so i think its unfair to call them hypocrotes. Giving and/or sharing is subject to the giver. The giver should give voluntarily, according to his/her conditions. It is unfair to blame these celebrities for the current state of the poor. They are merely citizens of the Philippines, and the issue of rampant poverty should obviously be the government’s concern and duty.

  54. The blogger has a point. To the extent na ipapasara pa ang road para lang sa kasal nila is very unreasonable. Maraming naperwisyo, pero walang makareklamo. Nag-fi feeling royal family sila. Pero disagree ako sa bandang hindi dapat sila masyado naging showy kasi pera nila yun, pinaghirapan nila at gagastusin nila ang pera nila sa paraan na gusto nila at wala na tayong pakialam doon. Kung may mga mahihirap na pilipino, hindi na nila kasalanan yun kaya hindi natin pa dapat batikosin ang milyon milyon na nagastos nila para sa dream wedding nila. Ang ayoko lang masyado silang feeling importanteng tao sa Pilipinas. Salamat.

  55. Kalokohan! Every girl deserves a wedding just like what marian got. Pinaghirapan nila yung pera na ginamit dyan. Hindi naman galing sa kaban ng bayan. Mga tao talaga ngayon, pag pera ng bayan ginagamit may reklamo. Pag sariling pera ang ginamit just like what dingdong and marian did, may reklamo parin.

  56. I understand that it is rather offensive for some to see extravagance in any public event but why can’t people just be happy for the newly weds? I’m neither a fan of nor against the couple but I don’t think we should hinder them from wanting the best for their wedding especially since they’ve earned it through their efforts. The rerouting sounds a bit over, too but maybe it was just for the good of the motorists since this wedding will be attended by different personalities (with bodyguards, a few extra cars…) I mean, instead of being insecure and hating, why not appreciate? If you can’t appreciate, then ignore it. Plain and simple.

  57. Puro rants ang comments about this blog telling that the two has their own rights to get married. But the blogger, as well, has her own rights to state her opinions and emotions about the said topic. If you do not like her blog, then do not waste your time reading it. If you guys, don’t get her point, well let’s sum it up: 2 million, pinaghirapan man o hindi, marami nang pamilya mapapakain niyan ng tatlong beses isang araw.

    1. “Puro rants ang comments about this blog telling that the two has their own rights to get married. But the blogger, as well, has her own rights to state her opinions and emotions ”

      like what you said she has the right for her own opinion and so we are.

      “If you do not like her blog, then do not waste your time reading it”

      you will never know that this blog is garbage until you read it. tanga ka rin noh?

      “2 million, pinaghirapan man o hindi, marami nang pamilya mapapakain niyan ng tatlong beses isang araw.”

      ask yourself idio, if you have to 2 million of your hard earn money are you willing to give it to the poor? Get Real Idiot

  58. Who wants to go against what aquino wants? Tough luck. No laws were ever used on him to this day nor one dared to stop him from doing what he wants to do because he is protected by satan his lord.

  59. I pity you. Big example of hypocrite. Have you done anything to help those “poor filipinos” you’re talking about? if that’s your way of thinking, I suggest na sa once you’re getting married don’t wish for a fairy tale like wedding, because that’s against sa law diba? Okay.

  60. Ang OA ng article na ito. Lahat na lang kailangan pansinin. Bakit kaya di na lang pakialaman yung sarili mong buhay? It’s a once in a lifetime moment para sa newly weds yun and may kumokontra pa din? I don’t think that’s fair. Pareho naman nila pinaghirapan lahat ng perang ginastos nila, hindi ka naman ninakawan para gumawa pa ng issue or something. Oh well, I am not a big fan of DongYan but this is too much to write an article para sa pinaglalaban mong civil code. Get a life! Maging masaya ka na lang para sa kanila.

  61. what a stupid blog.. they paid for it not the government why dont you go to d places affected by the typhoo. to give them your help?instead of waiting for someobe to go therw and for pres pnoy so what if he went ther? and cant you read? the couple is asking for donations for the foundation instead of gifts for them dba?

  62. i hardly comment abt such things but really? I think it’s best if u ignore on the quantity they spent on their wedding. I’m no fan of this couple but i do think that every couple deserves a wedding they’ve envisioned all their lives. I mean that is there money and quite frankly no one else should care about how they should spend it. I’m sure with the money they have they’ve helped whatever they can. You should not care much about other people’s lives but your own. The money these couple gained aren’t the corrupted ones because they’ve worked hard for that. I honestly think you should spend more time finding out how to help others instead of leading your energy to a pointles, nonsensical article like this. Such crab mentality….

  63. masyado ka naman wala maisip na article pati kasal nila ginawan mo na ng ganito. Bored ka ba sa buhay? Wala bang mas informative like sa politics na sila janet lim napoles pati yung mga katropa nya? Mas kay kwenta yun kesa gumawa ka ng mga ganito. Kabobohan. Puro kayo showbiz wala pakealam sa pulitika. Tanga!

  64. and remember Mr.dantes endorsed Pres. Pnoy during elections? he find time for him during the campaign kahit busy sya same with president pnoy

  65. In life, things are not always what they seem.

    This article seems to violate your motto. Or you are just trying hard to have a viral article. I am not a fan of the two, but your article is a baseless fact that reeks with envy.

    1. They probably did not spend anything on the wedding. Its all sponsors baby!!
    2. Arriving in a ducati that i thing the groom already owns, is not extravagance. (You cant just afford one)
    3. Its only so well publicized and crowded thats why you think its over the top.

    I can go on and on with this, honestly, your opinions are amazingly, stupid!!

  66. They are in entertainment… Actress and actor, they have the money and its their Dream wedding. And some dream do come true. Dinrs be so bitter guys just be happy and in some point of your life you do seen a wedding this extravagant. Tao nga nman … Lhat nalang ginagawang big deal…

  67. First congratulations to the couple. Good for them that they want their wedding to be memorable. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Philippines, there was an ongoing typhoon that killed many and displaced many Filipinos from their homes. There were even places that as of the moment were inaccessible due to (not-so-strong) bridges collapsing or (cheap) roads destroyed. There are still places deemed ‘dangerous’ because of rebels roaming the area and even locals fear for their lives. A lot of people still were affected from last year’s super typhoon and yet we don’t hear much about it now due to the ‘wedding of the year’. Where was the president when all of this was happening? He could have relegated somebody to take his place, instead he had to be in attendance when there are more important pressing matters that needed his utmost attention. More importantly, have they forgotten what the date was? It was Rizal Day. It was the day Jose Rizal, our very own national hero, lost his life to fight for our freedom. It was a very well-noted holiday, for crying out loud! Where’s the sense of nationality, of Filipino pride, of the importance of our own heroes? What’s up with that?

    1. It’s not their duty to put their lives on hold just because some people are stricken by tragedy. If you watch the news, the stories about the typhoon is still rampant. Araw araw there are families who suffer so ano na, aantayin nalang ba nilang mawala lahat ng yun bago nila ipagpatuloy mga plano nila buhay?

      And as for their wedding day coinciding with Jose Rizal Day, dapat magalit ka rin sa mga taong nagpapakasal ng Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Independence Day. O kaya magalit ka rin sa mga gumagawa ng mga events that fall on a holiday – whether it be a holiday for heroes or for saints.

  68. as long its not my money. As long as its not my tax. I dnt give a fudge. Id rather have u blog about the corrupt who spends my tax for their ferraris than celebrities who earns it. Hell she deserves that 2 mil gown even a 5 mil gown as long as they earned it thru working. So blog about another things ok?

  69. Mas maviviolate nila yung status nila as “royal couple” kung magtitipid sila. Celebrity sila. Their job is to entertain people. Baka nag cherry-pick ka pa ng same opinion mo sa twitter para masabing ganun yung dating sa mga tao.

  70. Ilda, I understand that blogging is the way to share your thoughts. However, you should think (& internalize) the thoughts that you want to share with everyone. I am not a DongYan fanatic, but I find your blog tactless, thoughtless and just merely to catch attention. Well, you did lady. Sad to say, it’s not your right to do such comment to a person/couple who wanted to spend a lavish wedding just because they wanted to and especially the earned it thru hard work. It’s a once in a lifetime special moment, and they believe they wanted it to make the most out of it. We Filipinos should not pass our burdens, or poverty as what you stated, to those who does not have obligations to us. If they want an extravagant wedding and they can pay for it with their hardearned pays, why not? That’s their choice & decision. If you’re as rich as them and can spend the same amount with your wedding but prefer to make it simple because you feel guilty with the poverty we have, then why not? That is your choice and decision.

    What you should commented though are the bishops and priests in the wedding. I am not sure if the couple requested to have such number of officiants, if they requested and it was granted then it’s fine. What bothers me is the feeling that our priests/bishops (I’m sure not all of them) in the Philippines enjoying media exposure especially when it’s unnecessary.

  71. I guess truely inlab lang si dong sa asawa nya kaya ginawa nya talaga ang the best para maging remarkable ang napakahalagang araw sa kanilang buhay, at hindi nya sinadya na may maoffend or masaktan sa maaaring resulta, and bsides, di nman natin maaaring ma please lahat ng tao, so problema na ng mga taong d natuwa, buhay nila yon at gagawin nila ang gusto nila, at kau nman, clibrity yong couple common sense na yong ibang nakikita nyo na kasosyalan which is regalo ng mga sponsor nila or regalo ng mga iniindorso nilang product sa pinas! Amen

  72. Do you realize how stupid your article is? I am not a fan but seriously, woman, think of something else to write about. Stop the goddamn hate. People like you make me sick.

  73. A well said article by the MOST BITTER PERSON. Pinapakita mo lang na di ka masaya kasi bitter na bitter ang mga nakasaad sa article na ito. New Year na.. kailan ka kaya sasaya? Goodluck sa pagkuha ng attention at likes. Tsk.tsk.tsk.

  74. Art. 25 gives the “poor” the right to rise against obvious inequality. So basically you’re saying that you are against the wedding because you can’t have that kind of wedding for yourself, right? Cause it’s unfair! Cause you feel deprived. So you want to accuse the couple of Thoughtless Extravagance, and even believe that right now we are in state of acute public want. Wow. Bravo. You’re hate is justified! Congratulations. Dear, how about instead of being selfish, instead of being envious, instead of being bitter (idk), why can’t you just be happy for the both of them? Does their happiness hurt you in any way? Do you really feel that you are deprived deep inside just because you can’t have that kind of wedding, or that you can’t wear that kind of gown, or you can’t marry that kind of guy? Bottom line – you’re jealous. Just an advice for you – Life is not fair, but it is not fair for everybody, which makes it fair. So suck it up.

  75. Sus pabayaan niyo sila kung extravagant yung celebration ng nuptial nila, buhay naman nila yan at pera, so what kung gagasto sila ng napakalaki, eh ginusto nila ei… Bantayan po muna natin yung sarili natin bago yung iba… Ok??? Ma. Inggit na ang ma inggit…

  76. Te, this really is a thoughtless article.

    1. Is it their fault that many Filipinos can’t afford this and that? No. They BOTH even them, without being into politics.

    2. They worked hard for it, why the hell not would they want the best for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion in their lives? This is a friggin wedding for crying out loud. They did not get the money from your pocket or your taxes.

    3. Ang bitter mo nman masyado. Mandadamay kpa ng masasayang tao. You’re annoying. Too annoying. This article is so stupid.

  77. It’s normal to post such feeling in a blog. But to think that an event is worthy of the costs, who cares if it is so?

    Walang problema kung naisip mo ung mahihirap. Kaso hindi lahat ng tao pinanganak na mayaman. Gagawa ng paraan yan para mabuhay, and me mga tao talaga tumutulong sa kanila to improve their lives.

    Some may say that they have violated such civil code, but they deserve such blessings since they did well in their industry, and normal lang para sa artista magmukang glamorous dahil nasa TV sila.


  78. Sa mga tumataas ang kilay, siguraduhin muna na mas marami kayong natulungang mahihirap kesa kila marian at dingdong orelse wala tayong karapatan manghusga.. kung ano man ang meron sila, pinagpaguran nila yun at hindi dapat silang sakalin kung paano nila ibubuhos ang pinagpaguran nila sa pinaka espesyal nilang araw.. give it to them.. hindi nila ninakaw yan.. saka buti kung ordinaryong araw lang yan.. sige nga makipagbilangan nga kayo sa kanila sa nacontribute niyo sa society at naitulong niyo sa mva mahihirap?

  79. I dont think its a thoughtless extravagance. They didnt steal the money. They’ve earned it. And they deserved this. This isnt applicable to them. Lets not be bitter. These people did not work hard to feed the world. Besides they’ve always been so generous. One dream wedding came true and you’re bitching out about it.

  80. This article is so damn Stupid! It’s their own money, pinag hirapan nila yun and hindi nakaw also its one in a lifetime wedding so why do you care if they spent millions? Its not your problem. Instead of making this kind of jealous, envy and nonsense article gumawa ka nalang ng article about Philippines government corruption and justice.

  81. kung hindi kayang i-express ang opinyon sa wikang banyaga, gamitin na lamang ang native mong dila. Magpakatotoo tayo mga katoto. Kung sa tingin mo kailangan mong mag comment nang ingles dahil ang article ay ingles (at para magtunog intelektwal? peace! haha), then make sure that your grammar is on point. Congratulations sa nagsulat nang article na ito; kung virality lang ang usapan, mukhang natumbok mo ang hilig nang masa! Happy New Year at Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal! (Did anyone else notice the “BS” used to address PNoy? I hope the pun was intended. hahaha)

  82. yung ibang tao talga minsn d rin ng iisip s mga cnusulat eh. Ano nga ba pki
    alm nyo kung mlki ang ginstos nla? d nmn nila hiningi s
    Inyo yun! Kung cnsbi nyo na mdming ngugutom eh may tinulungan knb? Kc ako cguradong may natulungan at ksalukuyang tumutulong silang dlawa sa mga nagugutom. Bkit nga ba hindi nlng tayo maging msya sa kapwa. Ngkataon lng na sikat sila pero kung ordinaryong mmmyan sila hindi ka nmn mgrereklamo. Kaya sna maging msya na lang tayo sa mga taong nkkpg celebrate ng ganito. Dahil
    cgurado ako na kahit mahirap na tao ay msya para sa kanila.

  83. why make a big deal? They worked hard for it. If they want a nice wedding, why deprive them? They deserve it. They worked hard for it. And they do charity work aswell so i suggest you just leave them alone

  84. Actually kapag may kalamidad namimigay sila ng relief goods lalo na sa bisayas na daanan ng bagyo at lahat ng regalo na matatanggap nila ay magiging donasyon so anong mali merun doon?

  85. Maganda lang ginamit mong mga words pero walang ka sense sense! Wag kang pasikat. Napaka bobo ng content. Pagdasal ko nalang na ikasal ka din ng ganyan para di ka nilalamon ng bitterness mo te. Tska oo nga naman. Ikaw ba nakatulong na ever sa mga nagugutom? Practice what you preach animal ka.

  86. If you are talking about extravagance, there are a lot of instances that it happens in the country despite poverty etc., but what’s so different from this event? It is publicized. They are famous people.

    You stated, “hardly anyone from the public complained about the excesses during the celebration. And it was obvious that no one was going to stop the event for the wedding of the year.” Yes definitely, no one, even the poorest of the poor won’t complain because if they get the chance, they too would probably do the same.

    The issue is not about extravagance but how we Filipinos are wired. Example, our festivals or fiestas, is it not thoughtless extravagance? We do big extravagant celebration because it is our culture.

    Furthermore, let me quote you “To which I responded that in my opinion, the Philippines has been in a permanent period of acute public want or emergency for a long time.” Yes you are correct in your perspective.But extravagance happens even in the poorest of families. Look at families in the squatters area, they are poor but you see them having cellphones, TV, radios, drinks alcohol everyday, smokes…these are not basic necessities and yet you will see it is important to have them.

    What we need as a country is change of culture, as it is the real cause of poverty. Corruption, this thoughtless extravagance is not isolated to the elite, it is with everyone. Author it even runs in you. Reflect on what you and your family have been doing. Even in small scales at one point, we were corrupt and extravagant for our family.

    1. btw, given the chance, I would love to do the same to my would be wife…it is not about the extravagance but the chance to give a great celebration of our union.

  87. Kung hindi mo pera ang ginastos, wala lang karapatang mamuna kung saan at paano ginastos ito. Hindi responsibilidad ng mga pribadong indibidwal na palamunin ang mga taong nagugutom. Hindi mo pupwedeng obligahin ang ibang tao na gastusin ang pinaghirapan nilang pera para sa inaakala mong mas karapatdapat na pagkagastusan. Pera nila, diskarte nila. Kung Hindi mo kaya ang luho nila, shut up ka na lang. Kung naaawa ka sa mga walang makain, pakainin mo sila galing sa pera mo dahil yung pera mo, yun lang ang may kontrol ka. Huwag mong pakialaman ang pera ng iba at kung paano at saan nila gagastusin yun.

    1. Super AGREE ako saiyo buddy. Masyadong nakikialam eh. Kung may contribution sa kasal, magreklamo. Kung wala, maging masaya na lang sa kanila.

      Kasalanan na pala ngayon ang gastusin ang pinagpagurang pera. Aba eh kasalanan ba natin na may mahirap? Magsumikap sila para umasenso din.

  88. E kasalanan naman ng mahihirap kung bakit sila mahirap! Mga trapo at mandarambong kasi ang binoboto nila kaya tama lang din na magdusa sila! Sa halagang 500 sa eleksyon, ipagpapalit ang kinabukasan ng pamilya nila. Yan dapat ang gawan ng batas, bitayin lahat ang nagbebenta ng boto!

  89. Wala namang masama gumastos ng malaki sa wedding nila. Pinaghirapan nila yan. Kahit pa naghihirap pa mga tao sa paligid mo, di yun dahilan para di mo gandahan kasal mo.. Once in a lifetime lang yun. Seriously walang sense and logic yung article na’to. Yung mga umayon sa twitter, mga bitter din yun na social climbers na hanggang starbucks lang ang kayang bilhin para masabing hindi sila mahirap.

  90. Inggit lang yan brod. May kanya kanya tayong buhay. Nagsumikap sila para yumaman kaya nila nabibili mga gusto nila. Wala tayo pake alam kung ano gusto nila gawin sa pera nila. Yung nararamdaman mong inis inggit yan kasi kahit ikaw may perang ganyan malamang gagawin mo rin yan sa special na ataw sa buhay mo. Wag ka magpaka ipokreto. Maraming naghihirap na pilipino kasi di sila marunong magsumikap sa buhay. Nakukuntentio nalang sila sa isang kahig isang tuka. Marami ako kilala na tao mahirap dati pero mayaman na ngayun kasi nagsumikap sila sa buhay.

  91. Whoa. Why the hate on the author?

    Great article, btw. Instead of hating on others because of their opinion or because they HAVE an opinion, let’s just reflect on our lives and see how we can improve without really stepping on others. Humility should also reign here. I agree with the part of social justice.

  92. I got your point. Pero parang one-sided yung opinion mo. Nafefeel mo na maraming nasasaktan na “walang-kaya” dahil parang ang insensitive nila DongYan (tulad ng thought sa article mo) kasi possible naman yun. Pero kung inisip mo rin yung side nila Dingdong and Marian, di mo masasabi yan. una sa lahat, pinaghirapan nila yan, di nila kinuha yung pera sa government natin. kung tutuusin nga, nagbabayad rin sila ng tax and mas malaki pa tax nila kaysa sa atin e. and to think na maraming naipon si dingdong kasi ang tagal na nya sa pagaartista. and matagal na rin sila ni Marian (more than 5yrs or less i guess) so syempre, sa tagal ng taon na yun, may malaki na silang naipon to afford that kind of wedding.
    nagkataon rin siguro na ang gusto nila is Royal wedding theme, so di maiiwasang ganun yung mga suot nila and everything kasi ROYAL nga. Di rin naman natin sila pwedeng pilitin sa mga theme ng kasal kasi special day nila yun, and I believe gusto nila maging memorable yung araw na yun kaya binonggahan na nila yung theme. Hindi kita binubush ‘te, pero think before you post. If you want to say your opinion, sa mga friends mo nalang, or be careful with your words kasi maraming makakamisinterpret ng mga words mo. 🙂

    1. Siguro, ang pwede mongipoint out nalang is yung mga media na nagbroadcast sa Kasal nila. 🙂 I guess di naman kasi pinilit nila DongYan na ibroadcast sa buong pinas yung kasal nila 🙂 pwede naman kasi nila ipakita yung mga highlight ng wedding kya feel ko di kasalanan ng couple yun

  93. Sobrang kilala yang couple na yan. Bongga ang kasala nila to the highest level but do you really think na sila gumastos ng lahat ng yan? Malamang ang daming sponsor na nagkumahog na magprisinta ng mga kaya nilang iambag para lang makilala sila. Bka kung kayang pati hangin na lalanghapin nila eh pwedeng sponsoran eh ginawa na ng mga yun. Im sure na sa unang tv guesting nila eh sandamakmak na company ang pasasalamatan ng mga yan or mga commercials na gagawin. X deal kung baga. Masyado nang madami ang problema ng Pilipinas so i think we need to have at least to have a break from it. Watching this couple happy and having an extravagant wedding would somehow make us happy and dream that someday we’ll experience that. Tska wag tayo magmalinis. Im sure ang mga gadget na hawak nyo ngayon eh mamahalin din pero naisip nyo ba nung binili nyo yan ang mga mahihirap na

    hindi pa kumakain? Hindi naman dba?

    1. ano ngayon kung may mga gadget namin mamahalin? hindi ba pwedeng pinaghirapan naming ipunin to para mabili? concern kami sa mga mahihirap, pero di ibigsabihin yung pera na inipon namin kailangan ibigay sakanila. pwede naman sila magtyaga maghanap ng trabaho e

      sige, kung concern ka sa mga mahihirap ibigay mo nga mga ipon mo sakanila 😉

      1. You just proved Yein’s point. “hindi ba pwedeng pinaghirapan naming ipunin to para mabili? concern[ed] kami sa mga mahihirap, pero di ibig sabihin yung pera na inipon namin kailangan ibigay sakanila.” So why do we need to criticize the couple for having an extravagant wedding? So what? They worked hard for that money too. And even if you say that they got sponsors for the wedding, then they also worked to get those sponsorships. They didn’t just rise to fame by doing nothing. Your point with the gadget thing is the same with the DongYan situation but on a larger scale.

  94. Hmmm.. sa tingin ko ok lang naman na gumastos ng malaki for their wedding knowing that it’s their special day and once in a life time experience. However, yung pagiging present ni pnoy sa kasal knowing na may needs sa mga tinamaan ng bagyo is a sad thing. Instead of doing some actions for those who are affected by the typhoon, he was there having pictures with the couple.Having an extravagant wedding is a dream of every couple and knowing this couple can afford having this kind of wedding.

  95. why can’t we be happy happy for them instead of bitching about it? Extravagance it may seem but i bet some of their endorsers have offered to sponsor their wedding. They have a right to spend their much-derserved, hard-earned money because they can and it is a once-in-a-lifetime occassion in their lives. Once again, it may seem extravagant to others but their wedding is not only about glamour and fame. Did you even took note that in lieu of gifts, they prefer that their well-wishers to donate in the charity organization that Dingdong founded? Talk about a wedding for a cause! What about you? As a blogger, what have you done? So what if you wrote a blog about their extravagant wedding? What did it do? Did it help other people? They may have an extravagant wedding but they still thought of others! How awesome is that! Truly an inspiring and beautiful couple, both inside and out. And you? What have you done so far?

    May God enlighten you.

  96. What you don’t know is (despite the extravagance of the whole wedding and reception), one of the purposes of the wedding is also to give to those who are financially in need. Instead of receiving gifts from the guests, they actually encouraged them to donate to a private foundation/ organization that helps those who are in need, specially children who can’t afford to study because of poverty.

    What I don’t like about your article is, you didn’t know the whole story but you keep on insisting that as if they’ve done an almost criminal act of spending their money (which they’ve worked hard of course) on a “once in a lifetime” event on their lives (which is not ordinary because it is HOLY MATRIMONY). Most of the extravagant thing you mention, cake per se, are sponsored.

    Better poke on the politicians, who spend OUR MONEY to get what they want. At least these two people doesn’t do theft and they even do charities. They are both representatives of known charities in the country.

    I’m really disappointed of how people of the Philippines think nowadays. Too narrow-minded. Can you just wish them a happy marriage?

    1. too much, because it is expensive? let me ask you, if you have the capacity, wouldn’t you do something similar, to realize your fantasy wedding?

      NOTE: You can still give to the poor or still have a lot of money to help.

  97. Nakikita mo ba mga comments? Maglabas ka ngayon ng tao dyan na nagaagree sayo just as what you have stated earlier.

    1. It’s not their fault that everyone is snooping around their wedding, therefore making it public.

    2. ITS A WEDDING! Are you saying that the couple should be married beside a dumpster or a community church just because the Philippines is a poor country and not everyone can afford that kind of wedding?

    3. Are you married? Pano ka kinasal? If you are not yet married, feel free to reply to me, PM me where I can contact you and pupunta ako sa wedding mo. Siguraduhin mong sa tabi ka ng basurahan ikakasal.

  98. they deserve it naman at naniniwala ako na kayang kaya nila gumastos ng ganyang kalaki..we know marian at ding dong..ilang taon na napakadaming project ni marian at dingdong sa GMA at kung ano ano pa dahil alam naman nating lahat na sikat na sikat cla..pag ganyan ka sikat mas maraming project at pera..kung ako rin naman may kakayahang gumastos ng ganyan why not..pera ko naman yan at once in a lifetime lang yang wedding..make it memorable naman..they deserve it and im happy for them..

  99. E among iniiyak mo? Wala ka sigurong jowa o HND k pa knksal. Unrealistic na ikksal kna, iisipin mo pa ung iba. Get real boy. And I’m sure na they didn’t ask something from u, nor from me and even sa mhhrap n cnsabi mo. Smile ka nlang. Mlamang nagtototnakan n ung dalawa. Malay mo may sex tape nrn sila after a month. Db bongga.

  100. It is extravagant, maybe, but better word- expensive. But I don’t think that is their goal. I don’t think they did the wedding as it is because they want to be extravagant, they did it because they simply want it that way, to make their fairy tale come true.

  101. Hypocrites. Hypocrites everywhere.

    Can’t you guys just ACCEPT the FACT that they WORKED for the money they used for the grande wedding? I mean seriously, WHO ARE WE TO LIMIT THEIR DECISIONS?

    I’m even surprised that there’s a law like that.


  102. Are you for real??!!Its not our effing business if they want to spend millions sa kasal nila. pinaghirapan nila yun. Come on!! indi nila kasalanan kung maraming naghihirap(in fact gumastos pa sila sa pagtulong sa mga naghihirap). get a life and write a real substantial article other than this stupid observation.

  103. the heck! why hate on someone else’s fortune? they are tax payers, they are not goverment officials, they are free to do whatever they want with their money, if the wedding is too much and they were still able to pull it off it means they were able to afford it..if the philippines is in the state of poverty right now it is not their fault! haters gonna hate! lol

  104. You are the one who is thoughtless. They deserve it. Who cares if they spend their wealth the way they want.

    The thing is why does our government limit us the way we spend and we can’t limit the government the way they spend?

    Think about it and think before you write. It’s better for you to write an articles that is useful not useless and thoughtless. TSK!

  105. I guess not. Kasal naman nila un syempre pwede nilang pagkagastusan. Special day eh. Nagkataon lang na artista sila kaya masyadong na publicized ung wedding nila, pero hindi un pwedeng pumigil para gawin kung ano man ung gusto nila para sa kasal. Pinag hahandaan naman yan at pinag iipunan, sariling pera kaya may karapatan sila kung gaano nila gustong pagandahin. Madami din na humahanga sa kanila kaya madaming gustong malaman ung tungkol sa kasal. Pero syempre ang pagiging sikat nila eh hindi pwedeng pumigil na maging masaya sila sa araw na yan. Kung gusto nilang pagandahin kasi sobrang special para sa kanila why not. Kaya naman nila. Hindi mo na siguro pwedeng pigilan na maging masya sila sa special day nila. Kaya i don’t think na it’s too much. Masyado lang napansin kasi sikat. Pero anong karapatan para pigilan. Wala naman.

  106. Bakit hindi ikaw ang magdonate kung awang awa ka pala sa mga naghihirap? Di kasalanan ng taong mayayaman kung nanatiling hampas lupa yung iba. Okay?

      1. Makasarili? Really? Ninakaw ba nila yung pera sa masa? Nawalan ba ng pera ang masa dahil sa kasal nila? NO because they worked hard for that money.
        I am below middle class but this does not affect me. Tinuruan kasi ako ng magulang ko na pag may gusto ako sa buhay I should work hard for it. I am not saying wag tumulong. Pero wag lang forever umasa sa tulong ng iba! Juice colored.

  107. This article is stupid.

    1. What state of emergency is this country in right now?

    2. Dingdong and Marian have been working very hard, paying taxes, and have never stolen from the Filipino people, so whatever they wanna do with their money is absolutely none of anyone’s business.

    3. Rationalizing envy is just distasteful.

    4. If we all follow this author’s logic, then no one should buy anything expensive and just donate their hard-earned money to charities and the poor. Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere.

  108. Wala kayong pakialam. Kasal nila un. Pera nila ginastos nila. Kung hindi nyo kaya ang ganyang klaseng wedding manahimik nalang kayo ^^

  109. You are stupid!!!! the couple work so hard for their money, they want this wedding to be special, have you ever thought that some of their Ninongs and Ninangs donated money for her wedding dress, as well as their family are wealthy, they also probably paid for some of the expenses for this event to happen. Marian has done a lot of for the poor people of our country. Have you done something like that for the poor people of our country????

  110. Ilda much better if you put your opinion into action,if you are really concern of people in poverty then make an opportunity for them.not criticising people showing what is really life if you are financially free..because for sure when these wealthy people were working so hard poor people were resting,..when they plan for tomorrow others just think of today…for the couple thank you for inspiring us to do more and get OUR DREAMS.

  111. Over naman kasi talaga yung kasal!
    Ilang pari pa ang nagkasal sa kanila…

    Sana nagpakasal nlng sila taon taon..
    Isang pari bawat taon…

    At hinati hati dn ang mga gastos..para di halata..

    Masyado nmn..masabi lang wedding if the year???

    For me…hindi rin!
    D nmn nasusukat sa halaga ng kasal o gown o s kung gaano katataas n tao ang dumalo…


    Catholic ako.pero may inis dn ako naramdaman s simbahan at pari n hayaang ganun ang kasal.

    Oh tama ba binayad n tax ng mga yan.laking pera nila..haha baka d paimbestigahan.bestman at ninang eh.sila boss!

    Tsk tsk…

    syang lang.d nmn magtatagal relasyon….

    1. Hello po, actually pwede naman po na maraming pari ang magkasal. Kasi posible pong nagpakiusap sila. Marami na po ang napuntahan na kasal na marami ang pari na dumalo, kaya please lang po.. Shush na lang po kung di rin naman po maayos yung rason nyo.

    2. Lahat ng babae pinapangarap na ang perfect wedding nila since bata pa sila. Bakit nakikielam? Kung ikaw ang mayaman at sinuwerteng yumaman, makahanap ng perpektong lalake para sayo, kayang kaya ang malaprinsesang weddding, why not? Ang wedding ay isang bagay na importante sa 2 taong ngmamahalan. Eh ano kung magarbo? Eh ano kung dumalo si Pinoy? Sa tingin mo ba yayaman yung mga mahihirap kung simple lang ung kasal nila? Hindi. Ang pagkainggit ay walang mapupuntahan. kaya hindi umaasenso ang pilipinas dahil sa mga inggiterang kagaya mo…

    3. kaya ang daming tao ang di umuunlad eh buhay ng may buhay ang pinakikialaman nyo. Wala naman kayong naitulong nanghuhusga pa kayo pati pinaghirapan ng iba pinakikialaman eh ano kung gusto nilang gawing bongga ang kasal nila eh pera nman nila ang ginamit nila dun may inambag kaba para magreklamo ka? tsk.

  112. I don’t think what you have said was appropriate. No matter how you view it, the couple has the right to have an extravagant wedding because after all a wedding is a special celebration of their journey together. By making the wedding an issue because “they’re being ignorant of the less fortunate’s feelings” you’re being a hypocrite because you’re being ignorant to their feelings. People support them and are happy about the wedding while you are bitching about it. Why relate the poverty issues to this special day? The president being there you can complain about that because we know that he had a special job(though I think he could have a day off just to attend a wedding he was invited to). DongYan always were helpful to people in need, so you are being insensitive. You don’t know them. Now tell me, why did you write this article complaining about them “showing off their wealth” when you could be helping the poor instead?

  113. I don’t agree with the last paragraph.

    “But I don’t think Filipinos have it in them to demand for a sense of decency from people who can make a difference in their future.”?

    So ganun un, the elites are the ones who can make a difference to Filipinos’ future? San na ung work hard for your OWN future?

  114. haters gonna hate hate hate…
    not that Filipinos dont see nor care but its because it not our business!!
    and why would we stop a happy occassion?
    wedding is one sacrament that even bible upholds
    and if couple wants to do it in extravagant way so be it. its their money to spend!!
    kung perang kinurakot un from taxpayer’s money ba malamang mgwewelga at magiging issue p yan sa senado pero sariling pera nla un mula sa pagtratrabaho at likas n pagkamula sa nakakaangat na pamilya so bakit ka magrereklamo?!?!
    use your talent somewhere else ms Ilda baka sakali may matuwa pa…

  115. it’s not their fault that some people are poor. kung nagpakasal man sila ng bongga to the maximum level, pinaghirapan nila un. kung maiinggit man ako, ikaw o tayo, ok lang un normal un,ipokrita lang magsasabi di ko gusto maganda wedding. opkurs, as much as we want to if we can’t, magiging masaya na lang tayo sa afford ng pera natin. maging masaya tayo na nagpaksal sila, at least naniniwala sila sa kasal

  116. Oh my god!! I just wanna rip this girl into pieces right now! You are stup8d. Stup8d stup8d stupid! Did you also write about them when they helped raise fund for the victims of yolanda? Nandun ka een ba tulad nila na tumulong at mag buhat ng karron at t7mayo at mamigay ng pwedeng ma8abot? Eto nalang. Kung mag kwenta ka at magbilang kung gaano ka garbo yan. Sana sukatin mo ren ang mga naibahagi ng mg asawa na yan. E ikaw meron ba? O hinde masyado?

    Lumabas ang pag ka ingitera mo. Sa totoo lang. Wag mo gamiyin ang mga tao sa sariling kagagahan mo. Isa ako sa mga tao na yun. Pagsalitaim mo ail. Mlmng ma sampal ka ren lang. Hipokrita. Potah! Kainis mga utak talangka nga nmn. Irason pa mga tao t ng sitwasyun ng bansa. Nyeta.

  117. ive seen and attended other cultures’ wedding. This is nothing compared to india’s neither middle eastern marriages, some takes days sometimes weeks, and their standard of having parties are insane. india’s economy is not far from ours and yet, people spend so much for their marriages. Why do they do that? Because marriage is a celebration. I see your point that others may think its too much, but theyre not spending the people’s taxes on their clothes. You should just be happy for them. Maybe one day magkaron ka din ng dingdong na gagastos ng 5m php just for you gown 😉 oh diba mas mahal pa sa suot ni marian. Te new year na, wag ka nang bitterr.

  118. -off topic comment*

    -WOW, just WOW!~ so many comments in such a short span of time since the post came up.

    I think we Filipinos really do focus too much on SHOWBIZ.

  119. I am just a welder now living in australia with my family…I never finished my studies but Mate, I strived and worked so hard to reach where I am today because of the passion to be better off…your blog is teaching the filipino people to be lazy and just rely on meager support…..let them dream Big and work hard to achieve…events like this actually creates that challenge …..

    1. Sauper agree ako sayo ponpi…nakarelate ako sa sinabi mo me too galing sa sobrang hirap na.pamilya nakatapos ako ng pag aaral dahil nag work ako habang nag aaral…at inaamin kong nakaka challenge ang makakita ng ganitong event at pinangarap kong mangyari sa buhay ko..and im happy na soon for real 2months from now ay magaganap ang aking elegant dream wedding…Filipino people should grow up na, mag hardwork at wag umasa sa tulong ng gobyerno…

  120. I find this article very informative. Thanks for citing the law which, I think, a lot of us aren’t aware na may ganun na law. However, I personally think that there’s nothing with what they did. Pinaghirapan nila ang pera na yun and yung iba, donations pa from other people. Pinagsikapan nila marating ang ganun klase na pangarap. Mabuti sana kung galing sa pondo ng bayan. Pondo naman nila eh. Minsan, mahirap saatin, kapag nakakaangat or masaya ang tao, hahanap talaga ng mali. Why can’t we just be happy for them? Hindi naman nila ninakaw yung pang kasal nila. And about kay PNoy, I agree with some of you guys na tao rin naman si PNoy. Wala naman masama, I think na puntahan ang wedding. Hindi naman niya ginagawa ‘yun palagi.

    Though, I respect your views naman. Ito lang naman din ang masasabi ko. Also, wag nalang natin pakealaman ang buhay nila. Ayusin nalang natin mga buhay natin para tayo rin ay umunlad at maging masaya. Hayaan nalang natin si Marian at Dingdong. Pangarap nila yan. At least masaya sila at natupad ang isa sa mga pangarap nila as a couple 🙂

  121. Your application of Article 25 of the New Civil Code is off. Oo, extravagant ang kasal. Pero hindi “thoughtless” kasi wala naman sa state of emergency or calamity ang bansa. This law was created to punish social insensitivity. Wala akong nakikitang insensitive sa ginawa ni Dingdong at Marian dahil hindi nila dinaos yung kasal sa oras ng kagipitan ng bansa.

  122. I disagree with this article.

    In the first place, they are paying taxes and they are even helping the economy (in their own little way) by spending their hard earned money.

    We don’t actually care however they want to spend it. It’s theirs. We live in a democracy so anyone can do whatever they want as long as it does not violate the law..

    Now, are we in a period of acute public want or emergency as you have quoted? a big NO!

  123. The only thing that is worth considering here in your article is the matter involving the civil code- which does not apply at all SINCE the Philippines is not in a “period of acute public want or emergency”.

    The answer to your question is plain and simple. NO. They did not violate the code. A mere opinion like yours is not sufficient to justify that they did.If the wedding was held at Tacloban during the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan then articles such as this will make sense.

    I don’t think protecting the poor is the main concern here but rather it is about someone’s personal issue that can be significantly related to jealousy and crab-mentality. It is outrageous to think that even the civil code was not safe from being used as a tool in projecting such “personal issue”. Well that is just an opinion.

    1. As much as I disagree on this article, id like to say people like you commenting the way you did brings this thread to its lowest level.

  124. The newly weds are people who worked so hard to earn money in a very decent honest way. For many years they have been busy with life so having an extravagant and expensive wedding shouldn’t be taken in a wrong way whatsoever the situation of the country and the people around. It’s their private moment and a gift for the years of hard work for themselves and the expression of their love for each other. It’s their money after all… Money that was not STOLEN! Let their love flourished and be happy for people who make their lives worth it! Why not make a difference in your life itself… If your a critic? ..Be a better person and wish you could be like them someday! My own opinion. Just saying!! You deserved it Dongyan! CONGRATULATIONS! SORRY, I WAS NOT ABLE TO COME!.. HEHEHE!!

    1. Its not about the wedding!! its about the Presidents involvement, there are casualties in Typhoon seniang and what did the President do? to show the people that he is in the wedding because they call it Royal .. LOL

  125. I cant believe you actually wrote the article. I am a regular visitor of grp and ive encountered articles which I don’t agree with but still at peace with the NOT agreeing part.

    But this one, I could not pass up. Because, the message is entirely in contrast with what grp has been saying all these years. Poor filipinos are supposed to work hard to provide themselves with better lives and should not rely on their relatives’ hand-me-downs or on our government dole-outs.

    I agree that there’s a blatant or exaggerated display of wealth but it’s their money. They worked hard for it. And if you have researched a little bit further, you would have known that this couple have told their guests not to bring gifts for them, but instead make donations to certain foundations. And if you have thought more about these things, beyond this event, you would realized that these 2 people have done their share of charity works.

    and on a lighter note, I feel like you’re telling me not to go and buy that iphone 6+. But instead, just give that money i set aside and worked so hard for, to the poor. It’s really hard.

  126. Di ba blogger ka Ilda? Isulat mo nalang kaya ang life story mo na napaka masalimuot….. Malamang, may maaawa pa sa yo! Blogger na walang kwenta!

    1. Or you could not be an asshole and actually give some intelligent opinions on the article instead. People like you are why this thread is not progressing at all.

  127. Pinaghirapan nila yung perang pinangkasal nila,at hindi na nila problema kung mahirap man ang bansa natin. May karapat sila kung gano man to ka bongga, dahil hindi naman nila kinurakot sa gobyerno pinangbayad nila sa lahat ng gastusin. At ang importante nakakatulong sila sa iba. Ikaw nakatulong ka na ba? Sorry pero sa article na to, halatang inggit yung nagsulat. Oo may talent ka, pero use it in a right way and maybe think more kung may sense ba yang sinasabi mo. Halatang bitter ka e, hindi ka nalang maging masaya para sa iba. Simulan mo muna mahalin sarili mo, mukha kasing napaka bitter mo sa mundo. Try mo nadin tumulong sa mahirap para may magawa ka namang maganda at may maganda ka ng maisulat na article next time.

  128. I think everyone is missing the frigging point in this article. The country is knee deep in sh*t while all this is happening. The only people that are actually trying to make a difference are Filipinos living abroad permanently (not the Saudi bound types). They are funding a hell of alot of organizations only to be met with corrupt and money hungry family members, officials and friends. Keep writing the REAL sh*t Ilda.

    1. Hahahahaha. You are the same idiot as this author you’re trying to root for. She’s as uneducated as you are, I’m afraid. ALL of them, those OFWs who are working their asses off, help the country, permanent or not. Another thing, yes this country needs all the hope and help it can get but we are Filipinos but events like this make life a little bit more entertaining. So rather than sulking in negativity and stupidity, lighten up, smell the flowers and broaden your understanding (or knowledge of things, for your sake and Ilda’s).

      1. Sorry, but you’re missing the point. If someone should lighten up, it’s you, filthy whore. And your lack of INTELLIGENCE is showing it.

    2. your out of context! That’s a sign of jealousy!
      judgmental people. The truth is you’re just voicing out your insecurities.

  129. ..You know the wedding is a PR blitz for GMA7 since it was GMA who tagged it as a “royal wedding”. The choice of location for the church and reception, both of which are very accesible to the ‘masa’ crowd, also gave away the affair as a blitz. Just look at the full coverage the TV network gave it.

    But, I am dumfounded by all the angry comments directed at Ilda. We really have a big sector of the population that are dumb suckers of media affairs, and it is a sad statement of the state of PHL. If indeed it was to be an imitation of the royal weddings in Europe, then it was supposed to project enough extravagance balanced with how much profit the affair could generate. So, far from being a dream wedding, it was a money making event. If it was a dream wedding, it would have been more private than what it was (say, like George Clooney’s)

    No, even if you belong to the top 1% of the population, it is always a result of poor judgement if you flaunt your wealth. Just check the bad press Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, Oprah.. etc get when they do so. And that is why the wealthy in Europe and the US shun the press when they want to splurge. I know for a fact that in Singapore and South Korea, you cannot buy a second car, or a second house, even if you could afford it, without being tax heavily. In Korea, a 2nd house or car, means 200% tax of the purchase value; a 3rd one, 300%, and so on.

    In the PHL, we are talking of a Third World situation, and we want the wealthy to flaunt their wealth? If that is the case, then we have a population that all need to be mental wards. Oh my gosh, what distorted sense of values. (And I blame ABS-CBN and GMA for this. In their ratings war, they don’t care what psychological damage they are inflicting on their audience.)

  130. ang dami mong alam. why dont u write about the corrupt public officials, instead of writing about how hard working taxpayers are spending their own money. kung wala kang pang gastos manahimik ka nalang. may maisulat nalang talaga.

  131. I submit that there cannot be a “violation” of Article 25 of the Civil Code of the Philippines. Merriam-Webster defines violation as: to do something that is not allowed by (a law, rule, etc.). On the other hand, Article 25 of the said code provides: “Thoughtless extravagance in expenses for pleasure or display during a period of acute public want or emergency may be stopped by order of the courts at the instance of any government or private charitable institution.” Article 25 is neither a mandatory law (a law which commands that something be done) nor a prohibitory law (a law which forbids that an act be done) such that non-compliance with the command or prohibition would give rise to a violation, rather it gives a private or government charitable institution a right or legal standing to take court action against thoughtless extravagance. Article 25 is even permissive in character. The use of the word “may” signifies that courts are given sound judicial discretion to determine under the circumstances what would constitute thoughtless extravagance and whether it should be stopped. Article 25 of the NCC of the Philippines does not per se prohibit nor command.
    I further submit that there must be an actual period of acute public want or emergency, as signified by the words “during” and “emergency.” The extravagance must coincide with these situations for it, in light of the circumstances, to be considered as thoughtless.

  132. Dingdong and Marian worked hard for years. They have all the right to spend their money in whatever manner they want to. Di naman sila gaya ng mga politiko at mga galamay nila na ninanakaw lang ang pera.

  133. Pera naman nila yan. Kahit magpakasal sila ng ganyang kagarbo araw araw wala naman tayong magagawa kasi pinaghirapan nila yun. Tungkol dun sa mahihirap, kahit naman di magpakasal ang dongyan mahirap pa rin sila kasi may mga mahihirap na hindi nagsisikap o walang ginagawa para umunlad o may makain sa araw araw. Di ako fan ng dongyan pero wala naman sigurong masama sa naging kasal nila. Saka sa pagkakaalam ko, sabi sa news lahat daw ng pera na matatanggap nila sa kasal ay mapupunta sa charity at foundation so kahit nagpakasal sila ng bongga iniisip pa din nila ung mga mahihirap. I don’t think may mali dun. Opinyon ko lang. 🙂 good vibes lang tayo.

  134. Out millions of Filipino here in the Philippines, You are the “only ONE who think that way”. Are you jealous with the thing that they have?If I were you, “ipon-ipon din pag may time” Malay mo magawa mo rin mag pakasal ng ganun.. Why don’t you just be happy for them though they don’t know you personally, but the fact that you wrote this article i guess you can’t be.. “Sa SOBRANG DAMING MO ALAM,NAGIGING BOBO KANA.” Lolz.

  135. To answer the bloggers question…No they didn’t, they just did a wedding celebration the way they want it and because they can. Even if they decide to have a wedding that is simple and low profile, it will not solve the poverty in our country. This means this blog is judging them of being brats and practicing disregard to the poor (may be or may be not but it’s not our place to judge). I am not a fan and I am not defending them, its just that your view is way off. If you really want to help in solving the country’s poverty, get off your computer, stop blogging and volunteer to an organization that is fighting the poverty in phil.

  136. Gamitin mo utak mo sa makatuturang bagay hindi yung nakikialam ka sa kasiyahan ng ibang tao. Hard earned money nila yan ginastos hindi pera mo. Buti nga sila ngdodonate sa charity. Ikaw ba nakagawa na ng ganun? Imbes na sa katangahan mo gamitin yan utak mo e simulan mo na tumulong sa sinasabi mong mahihirap.

  137. Hi… as much as I/We want to respect your opinion… sadly deep in our hearts and mind we can’t understand in what part of the wedding is “selfish” … satsat ka nang satsat but wala ka nmang ginagawa kundi mangpuna., sila na isa sa mga top payers nangtax sa atong bansa at tumutulong din sa mga nangangailangan talaga ang pinuna mo pa di talaga ang mga magnanakaw nang buwis nang bayan nu… sigeh po sa kasal nyu po or kahit anong importanting okasyon sa buhay nyu wag po kayong gumastos ibigay nyu po sa nangangailangan… balit di nyu po pinupuna yung mga mahihirap na nangungutang nalang talaga para may maihanda para sa kasal, bunyag o fiesta paralang talaga may maipakita sa iba nay may kaya sila? bitter kalang siguro te…

  138. Di nila kasalanan n nghihirap ang ibang mga pilipino..pera nila un.pinaghirapan nila un..so wla tyo karapatan na husgahan kng gaano ka garbo ang kasal nila..wag kang bitter!!

  139. A lot of the previous comments is an obvious indication that we have millions of citizens who do not consider our country’s situation as a form of emergency. The irony is that these people who apparently think that, just because they (and their friends or whatever) are not in a personal state of emergency, it means that this country is not; and that the people who are in it cannot even begin to spell the word ’emergency’ because they are too hungry and homeless to give a damn. Things like these are indicators of the galactic disparity between the filthy (sic) poor and the filthy rich, and the apathetic middle class who think it’s okay.

    The apparent lack of our netizen’s intellectual capacity though, is a more pressing issue since we, the more fortunate ones to even have the knowledge to use internet, should be representing the lower class. Yes, our lack of sensitivity to issues like poverty is an even greater reason for emergency. Sadly, we have the free time to even care about someone else’s wedding when it’s not even making a difference in our personal lives much less the society as a whole. But we don’t even have five minutes to take a look at how many jobless people we have in the provinces, for example, for us to realize that our country’s actual unemployment rate may be no less than 25% compared to the 6% figures the media is showing us. And that’s just for starters.

    1. nothing against your opinion dude… But don’t you think they deserve that kind of celebration since they work hard for it? It’s not their fault if there is a lot of Filipinos who are struggling to find their next meal…. If you could see those Filipinos you are referring, they are not PWD but they don’t find a job so they could have decent meal and provide for their daily needs. And come to think of this, those who are less fortunate Filipinos are the one who have 6-12 kids. And the parents of those kids what they do? They are just being a lazy a**, just thinking of getting drunk and who know what else. It’s not were ignoring the less fortunate but they should be doing something with their life and stop being a lazy a**. In a simple thinking HARD WORK = BETTER LIFE!!!
      Just saying….

      1. I did not say that they do not deserve their wedding. What I am saying that, the existence of such a wedding (and it’s not only that particular wedding, and not only weddings but anything extravagant in particular) is a misrepresentation of our country’s real condition. This, I think, is the singular point Ilda is trying to make.

        1. Kung sino kaman be ready your question when they come to their show like “do they have plan to support Philippines /the people? Instead of talking about justice. Happy new year to you…..

        2. “anything extravagant in particular) is a misrepresentation of our country’s real condition.”

          …bakit mas gusto mong makita ang kahirapan ng pilipinas? i know mahirap ang pilipinas pero naniniwala din ako hindi tayo ganun kahirap at hindi na kailangan ipakita pa sa buong mundo na napakahirap ng Pilipinas.. Maganda at Pinagpala ang Pilipinas..Sikap at Tyaga lang ang katapat nyan.. They also work hard and they got what they want.. di naman necessary na wag sila pakasal ng extravagant para lang hindi ma feel ng iba na mahirap sila.. Besides, kahit mag pakasal sila sa court house lang di naman mababago na nasa isang sitwasyon ang ating bansa .. pero sana makita din natin HINDI MAHIRAP ANG PILIPINAS…

          just saying..

        3. Should that have been her only and as you term it “singular” point. She should not have invoked a provision of law. And a wrong and misapplied provision of law. She should just have relied on other non-legal articles. Please do not state that all netizens are intellectually incapacitated.

        4. So ang logic mo is, dahil mahirap ang bansa, wala na silang karapatang sumaya at gamitin ang perang pinaghirapan nila sa kahit na anong gusto nila? ONCE in a lifetime ang wedding, would it be wrong to make the best out of it? wala kang karapatang husgahan ung tao. pusta ko kung icocompare ung tulong nila sa tulong me eh wala pang kapirangot ung kinikita mo. TAX pa lang nila. isip isip din bago mang husga

        5. But dont u think sila talaga gumastos lahat nyan? Malaki din ang naitulong ng kasalang ito pagkat ang mga regalo which is in a form of money ay idodonate aa napili nilang foundations…so masasabi bang thoughtless ito?..

      2. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pakikialam sa pera na ginastos nila lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

    2. Masabi ko lang kung sino ka man.da pat nag comment ka before the wedding.kung gusto mong tumulong sa sinasabi mong 50/50 split. Ngayon you saw the result dYan ka mag comment. Philippines talaga dyan kayo magaling. Why you just say bless both of them and they can help more people later.

    3. I mean no disrespect but you should also check your other facts. For one, this couple asked their guests to donate the gifts/cash intended to them to go to a charitable institution. It’s not their fault if their guests chose to go the other way. And I feel like we don’t have any right to judge them by what they can afford. At the very least, it’s not the people’s money they are spending. People really nowadays take opinion and freedom of speech for granted.

  140. You have to remember artista sila, libre halos lahat ng suppliers nila jan. Sponsored kung baga. kahit too much ok lng since maganda naman mga designs. exaggerated lang reaction ng mga tao. I totally agree with willow rune

  141. Given na maraming naghihirap sa pilipinas pero anong kasalanan dun nila Marian & Dingdong? kung magkano man ang nagastos nila sa kasal nila at kung gano man kagarbo yun, deserve nila yun. pinaghirapan din nila yun eh. at kung hindi man ganun kabongga ang kasal nung dalawa, sa tingin nio masosolusyonan nilang dalawa ang paghihirap ng mga pilipino? Makakatulong sila, oo!

    yung totoo, agaw eksena ka lang cguro! talagang may maisulat lng eh noh.

    opinyon ko lang din

  142. Kasalanan ba nung dalawa na maraming pinoy ang tamad
    At walang responsibilidad sa buhay kaya sila nag hihirap?
    Sa totoo lang sa mga panahon ngayon kailangan lang naman masipag at matyaga ka mag hanap ng opportunities para sayo hindi ka magugutom…
    Kahit naman gawin nilang simple at lahat ng ginastos na pera ay ipamigay sa mga mahihirap bukas makalawa ba sigurado ka na maganda na ang kalagayan ng mga taong
    Mahihirap? Di ba hnd naman? Kasi hindi solusyon ang
    Pag bibigay ng pera kasi nauubos yun… imbis na bigyan mo ang taong gutom ng isda… bakit hindi mo nalang sya turuan mangisda para alam mo sa araw araw na kahit wala ka makakain sya. Ang mga pilipino mismo ang may problema kaya karamihan mahihirap sa way na mag isip ang pinoy kahit mahirap ang bansa alam mo ba na taon taon maraming taong dating mahirap ay yumayaman?

    1. Kasalanan ba ng writer na mapansin yung paggastos nina DongYan? Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pakikialam sa pera na ginastos nila lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

  143. its their hard earned money, they can do whatever they want with it. who knows, baka they requested their gifts to be given to charities pa. let them enjoy their life. kung si napoles and family nga ninakaw ang pera ng pinas, walang nagawa ang govt, eto pa na pinaghirapan ng dalawa kung ano man ginastos nila? come on, im sure kahit sinong may pera, hindi magda-dalawang isip gastusan ang important events ng buhay nila! just be happy for them kasi hindi rin naman sila naging pabigat sa pinas.

    1. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pakikialam sa pera na ginastos dun sa kasal lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

  144. This article is pointless!

    I’m just a poor Filipino but I don’t think that the DongYan wedding was a blatant show ofnextravagance. I totally disagree. It’s not their fault that they are privileged than us including you. Every bride is dreaming of the best wedding – best wedding gown, reception, sponsors etc. I think it’s just you that is over reacting. How could you charge a person for spending his own oney? That’s BS opinion of yours! But well you are entitled of your own opinion but be mindful next time. We poor people dont mind if other people spend too much or just throw their money to useless things because that’s theirs. And poor people are not selfish to deprive any couple of a best wedding that they can wish for.

    Sorry if you’re not invited!

    P. S.

    Im not a Marian or Dong fan. I just feel that you’re the one that’s selfish.

  145. The majority of comments here are simplistic kneejerk reactions seemingly made by simple-minded simpletons. that’s the impression I got that.

    “Pera naman nila yun eh!!!”
    “Dream wedding nila yun kc!!!”

    Boohoo frickin hoo. Childish. This is why I tend to dislike popular opinion.

    But that is not to say the article doesn’t have its problems, so some points have to be raised:

    1.) Much of the expenses that went into the wedding probably came from sponsors. So much for “pera nila yun…”
    2.) Being high-profile, highly publicized wedding of a very famous local celebrity couple, it’s an opportunity for many commercial ventures to have much needed exposure.
    3.) The wedding gifts will be given to charity.
    4.) The country is NOT in a state of calamity. At least not anymore.
    5.) It is extravagant, yes, but it’s more the fault of the media that promoted the event, the businesses and political personalities involved, and less the fault of the couple themselves.

    I’m glad to see a few intelligent comments point these things out. Hopefully, I’d like to see the discussion shift to the compatibility of extravagance itself to the economic realities of a third world country like the Philippines. But I’m crossing my fingers. Filipinos aren’t much known for the depth of their discourses.

    1. sige! Ikaw na Intelligent bhe! PHILIPPINES is not as poor as you want to interpret.. maybe before pero di na ngayun.. madami lang gaya nyo na ayaw maniwalang may pag asa ang Pilipinas.. kaya pati wedding ng may wedding gusto nyo pakialaman… talaga? maka PILIPINO ka? eh dila mo palang pilipit na che!!!!

      1. Your post is proving me that you are a TROLL.

        “PHILIPPINES is not as poor as you want to interpret.. maybe before pero di na ngayun”

        Seriously? Wake up and smell what REALITY is. You’ve been brainwashed by the media ngunit hindi mo alam iyan. 😛

      2. Obviously did not understand a single point I raised. Hindi marunong umintindi. Ano kaya silbi ng maraming taon mong pag-aaral at pagsusunog-kilay sa paaralan…

        And about the Philippines not being as poor as I want to interpret? The facts speak for themselves. There is little room for interpretation. Pero hindi kita susubuan. Research it yourself, it’s really not hard to find out how poor this country really is.

  146. I say this is just too much. Just shut the mouth up. Kumikos nalang tayo kung gusto nating tumulong. I agree on the point – puna kayo nang puna, wala naman kayong ginagawa.

    And to your point that “the Philippines has been in a permanent period of acute public want or emergency for a long time.”, don’t be hilarious! Get a life people.

  147. Im happy and proud of Marian. She showed how to work hard to achieve her DREAM WEDDING that wedding was every girls dream. kaya wag inggetera te. Kung di ka kinasal ng tulad nyan, wag ka mamuna. Ingget lang namumuna. tsaya isa pa, pinaghirapan nila yan. ikaw ba magpapakahirap magtrabaho para sa gustong gusto mo bilhin pero imbis na bilhin mo gamit pera mo na pinaghirapan mo, ibibigay mo lang sa tamad at di nag trabaho. sige te, ikaw magkayod, pakainin mo lahat ng mahirap, tapos mag pakagutom ka. ayoko sa lahat inggetera.

  148. i have nothing against ur opinion but i think hindi solusyon sa kahirapan nang ating bansa kung hindi gagasto nang malaki ang dongyan wedding. hindi sila political figure at lalong lalo na hindi nila responsibilidad ang kahirapan nang bansa at wala silang tinatapakang tao sa ginagawa nila. gusto lang nila ipakita sa mga tao kung gaano nila kamahal ang isat-isa. pinaghihirapan nila ang perang ginastos nila. maraming charity sina dingdong at marian at marami silang natutulungan. eh ikaw ba ay may naitulong na para mapaunlad ang ating bansa? kung meron man eh di salamat sayo pero kung wala itahimik mo ang bunganga mo.

  149. I guess congratulations for garnering the attention and comments of everybody. Every bride deserves her dream wedding, if the groom can afford it then why not? Mind you,THE BRIDE AND GROOM HAS MANY ADVOCACIES, they’ve been helping a lot of people more than you can imagine. This by far is creating an article due to insecurities, jealousy, hatred maybe? Or simply because you don’t know the philanthropic acts of the DongYan couple. You’re trying to make that law relevant to the couple who earned everything through hardwork? A couple who spent their own hard-earned money? A couple who has been known for their countless ADVOCACIES? Another “MIND YOU” connotation that I would like to add, they did not received any gifts but instead asked for DONATION FOR THE YES PNOY FOUNDATION. Imagine all those high-profile celebrities and politicians donating money for the foundation rather than extravagant gifts.
    This is not a thoughtless extravagance, the groom shouldered all the expenses and as what common sense says, Marriage is a union of two individual. Since when did a well-prepared union became a thoughtless matter?
    I hope you’re happy about posting this in such a joyous occasion. Happy New Year!

  150. They worked really hard to have their dream wedding. And much of the expenses came from sponsors. Yan and Dong said they don’t accept gifts rather they told their guest to donate on their charities.

  151. Nakakatuwa naman kung sino pa nagpost ng article na to sya pa tuloy nasusupalpal ng mga nitizens. May extravagant pa syang nalalaman. Bitter lang siguro kasi naiinggit.. Pangarap ng mag asaw to di naman pera ng bayan ang ginastos nila sa kasal. They are good tax payer… Kays sa susunod isip isip yung nagsulat ng article nato. Batikusin yung mga magnanakaw sa bayan..

  152. You babble too much. I mean, why cant you just appreciate that lots of people feels happy seeing tthem tying the knot. They deserve all the extravagance because it was something that they work hard for. I agree with the previous comments.

  153. sige nga sa kasal ni heart at chiz..subukan mong pigilan sa sinasabi mong thoughtless extravagance..ngayon pa lang umapila ka na for sure mas tatalbogan pa ni heart ang kasal ni marian..haha…sana bago ka magsulat nag research ka muna…their gifts were being donated to charitable institutions…so be happy for them na lang instead of criticising their wedding..move on pls.

  154. Karapatan ng bawat tao ang ikasal at gumastos sa kanilang kagustuhan, pinaghirapan nila ang pera na ginastos nila. Pati ba naman kasal ng may kasal eh pupunahin. Bakit hindi pagtuunan ng pansin ang mga kurakot sa lipunan. Humingi ba sila sa inyo ng pera na ipinang gastos nila sa kasal nila, oh baka naman inggit lang kayo dahil nung ikinasal kayo ay hindi ganyang kagarbo? At walang kinalaman ang kasal nila sa sitwasyon ng pinas, nakakatulong pa nga sila dahil malaki sila kumita, kaya malaki rin ang tax na binabayaran nila. Kaya kung malaki man ang nagstos nila sa kasal nila wala kayong paki dun. Kaya di umaasenso sa atin eh gawa ng ganyang sistema.

  155. Haaaay.. makapagreact sa kasal ni DongYan, eh, noh.. how about you? My nagagawa ka ba para sa ikauunlad ng Pilipinas?
    Yan ang napansin mo. Yung totoo, hindi mo ba alam n tumutulong ang dalawang yan sa mga charities?
    Kung gumastos man ng ganong kalaki c Dong, it’s because he wants the best for his wife.
    Kung yung mahihirap n tao dto s Pinas ang pnoproblema mo, sa gobyerno ka magreklamo. O kaya s mga taong mahihirap n sinasabi mo, kasi minsan cla na ang may problema, palaging umaasa sa tulong ng gobyerno, ayaw kumilos ng sarili nila. I’m not rich, pero yun lang ung napapnsin ko.

  156. Ehhh kupal ka palang hayop ka! Sinu ba writer nito at nangingialam sa pera bg iba!! Pera mo ba?! At tsaka isa pa walanka ding pakialam kung dumating si pnoy dyan at si kris! Ibig sabihin wala silang appointment! Grabeeeee dapat di mo na sinulat ito dahil walang kwentang article

    1. Kung walang kwenta ang article, dapat di mo binasa. Di mo naman maiiwasan yun lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

      1. Hindi mo malalaman kung walang kwenta ang isang article o hindi hanggat di mo binabasa. Enough with that “sana hindi mo na lang binasa.” Duh.

  157. i’m not a fan of DongYan pero nirerespeto ko sila. si Pnoy siguro mejo may karapatan lng din umattend sa wedding. madaming naghihirap kasi hindi sila ng sikap. dependent sila sa gobyerno. may mga mahihirap naman n yumaman. diskarte lang yan. wag natin isisi sa Gobyerno.. kay Donyan ang pag hihirap ng Pinas. oo siguro kaya mahirap ang pinas xe sa Corruption. pero kaya naman natin sana umangat kaya lang kulang sa tyaga. may bagyo ngeon sa Mindanao/Visayas. maaga na nag advise na lumikas kaso ayaw ng ibang tao diba. pag may namatay isisi sa President na umattend ng royal wedding. sana bago sinulat ung article may nagagawa din xa like foundation. hindi ung puro blog.. blog.. blog.. dongyan large tax payers yan. ung nag sulat kea nito equal sa binabayaran n tax. malamang hindi. kasi professional ang artist. sana bago xa nag sulat ng article tinignan muna mabuti. hindi din aq fan ni Pnoy. mejo mali xe. e anu kung sobra ung expenses. pera naman nila un. hindi connect ung wedding sa kahirapan ng pinas. siguro pede pa maging issue nagka time si pinoy sa wedding samantala may mga mahirap n kelangan xa? hindi din kaya nga may mga local govt units. kea nga xa may mga tao xa. pilipino talaga. parang sa isang group or team (school) pag leader xa gagawa lahat. xa mag iisip. xa mag provide. walang ginagawa ung iba. ganun ung nangyayari.

    1. Ay so tama ka dun sa team leader. Puros siya ang gumagawa, kumikilos. Kapag namali o pumalpak sa project, paniguradong sa leader isisisi. Utak langaw talaga ang mga pinoy.

    2. Bakit nag-comment yung writer sa excessive money sa wedding? Di mo naman maiiwasan yun lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

      1. Just so you know po, karamihan sa gastos sa kasal ay sponsored.. In short, regalo.. Frankly speaking and honest question, pag may mag-isponsor ba ng grandiosong kasal para sayo, tatanggihan mo? Wag bait baitan.. Reality speaking, tatanggapin mo yun.. And for me, the event is not applicable to the said civil code.. Having a perfect wedding is not a pleasure.. For me, it is a right everyone is entitled to.. It wasn’t done for display, it was done because it is their right.. They just shared it to those who wants to be a part of it.. Making it part of the news? They did not ask for it.. They were asked for it.. Blame all the networks.. And lastly, yes, she earned from all the endorsements and tv shows and movies she has done and nothing is wrong with that.. Even endorsing for undergarments is not wrong, you just made it sound like it is a hilarious job..

        The President, being in the event, is not an issue as well.. He still has the right.. Do not blame everything to him.. It wasn’t his fault why many Filipinos are in poverty.. It wasn’t him who tells all those people to corrupt.. Who tell all those Filipinos not to work and to bear lots of children more than what they can just afford.. And do not blame to him all the calamities that came to our country..

        They just had their wedding but some made it sound like they committed a crime.. To all the haters and detractors, stop finding stones to be thrown at them and just go and get a life..

    3. Ay oo nga.. kawawa naman yong mga nagsisikap kung hindi maenjoy ang pinagsikapan nila..
      Kung laging icoconsider ang mga hindi nagsisikap, ay sha! wala nang magsisikap.. tsk tsk tsk

  158. Maybe you should make an article about politicians, not celebrities. Mayroon nga diyan hindi gumagastos ng sobra pero nangungurakot ng sobra. Batikusin mo yung mga talagang may obligasyon.

    1. Err.. PNoy is a politician. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pag-comment lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

      1. Hater ka Aprille Rose…lol..hindi nman si marian ang gumastos at wala syang ginastos…dingdong assures na ibibigay nya sa bride ang napaka special na kasal gagastos sya hanggat gusto nya at ang iba ay galing sponsor..utak mo teh talangka mkapagsabi to ng panty kala mo sya malinis..

  159. I PERSONALLY HOPE THE WRITER READS THIS MESSAGE. If we are going by law then dont forget to mention in your stupid article how these celebrities are also paying tax to our Goverment every year, donating money to the needy, and worked their asses of to save this kind of money for their special day. Nonetheless this is a fucking wedding for fucks sake. You as a writer have made countless of readers feel that they cant hold their wedding in the phillipines because it could be a public display of how wealthy they are instead of how special they wanted this day to become since it only happens once in their lives?. How slow are you in the head and selfish with your thoughts? You focused more on the wealth than how important this celebration could be for this happy couple. You are freaking bullshit. The bride herself has donated millions of money to the needs of our country why wont you write an article about how she’s breaking the law as well by donating since you consider anything related “with money and the public” illegal and thoughtless. I personally wirte journals and articles in my school and i know what a well written proffessional article is. You on the other hand is just some lame writer with a insecure opinion and selfish point of view. Very disrespectful to a newly wed as well. I hope people like you do not thrive for you do not know how to congratulate others but instead find a way to insult and create something bitter on other peoples happiness. If you had time to think about the poverty of the country how about you write articles on how our country can go strive against it, what ways our economic rate can go higher, write a series of jobs filipinos can pursue since unemployment is the #1 cause of poverty in our country. Shame on you. And if anything feel free to add me and inbox me and im more willing to help you write some articles with depth and real information people can make use of. Good day.

    1. Di mo naman maiiwasan yun lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

      1. “Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.” Ulit ulit na lang? You are obviously a hater ni marian rivera. Shoo. Magsama kayo ni hack.

    2. very well said. this is nothing but an insecure opinion. im not rich nor poor, im also not a dongyan fan, but i don’t think their wedding has anything to do with poverty, anong paki mo kung san nila gusto gastusin ung pera nila eh pinagpaguran naman nila un. so gusto mo sabihin hindi tayo pwede bumili ng mamahaling bagay dahil maraming naghihirap kahit pa pinagpaguran mo naman ung perang un? bakit di mo nalang idonate lahat ng pera mo sa nangangailangan, mukang mas makakatulong un kesa sa pag sulat mo ng ganitong article. or at least try to be objective next time.

    3. “And if anything feel free to add me and inbox me and im more willing to help you write some articles with depth and real information people can make use of. Good day.”

      This proves something: your post has NO VALUE.

    4. I agree with you on this one. The writer is very passive and can’t just be happy and respect the newly wed couple. These celebrities are good people who worked very hard to get to where they are now, paid alot of taxes and shared their blessings to unfortunate people. They don’t deserve to be insulted by a bitter writer who has to focus with the real issues of our country.

  160. I personally don’t like those “royal couples” but that doesn’t mean that I care “excessively” how they spend their money on their OWN WEDDING. I mean, it’s not like they stole the money used in the wedding from the public (like what the corrupts do). They worked their butts off for this to happen. And about the “acute public” thingy, well, I do agree that it became a chronic need, but we can’t exactly force people to pay less for something so special just because of others when in fact, it’s THEIR special day.

  161. Pinagpawisan nilang pera ang ginastos dyan hindi galing sa kaban ng bayan. Kaya wala tayong pakialam kung billion o trillion ang nagastos nila dyan. Kaya maging masaya ka na lang para sa kanila. Okey?

    1. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pag-react lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

      1. In life, things are not always what they seem. Kaya naman pala halos negative article mo ate. Hindi po sila pasikat sa pera nila natural gagasto sila sa dream wedding nila at saan nila nakuha na ganun na pera magtanong ka po muna sa kanila bago ka po mag ganyan ,At para naman sa nagcocomment ng mga masasakit na salita wagdin po kayo ganyan tao lang din po si ate writter nasasaktan.

  162. I kinda felt the same, actually. Yea, yea, pera nila, and whatever, no one is arguing about how they spend their money. Duh!pero i just felt that it was over the top, trying so hard. Re-route the vehicles? Who does that (for a wedding)? If having tons of guest is the problem, then sana pumili sila sa hindi ma-traffic at mainstream na lugar. . To muchhh puuuuubblicity for this wedding. Way too much. 🙂 peace brothers and sisters. . Stating my opinion. 😉

    1. Lol wag pakelamera. Kung afford nila why not. Daming inggitera sa mundo. I’m sure kung ikaw ang priveleged baka di ka magrereklamo.


    1. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pag-react ng writer lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

  164. Very good article. I honestly can’t help but think that they made that extravagant wedding to show off that their relationship is something totally acceptable by the society. Regardless of the acceptance/non-acceptance of society, their relationship remains to be a product of cheating and unfaithfulness.

    At para dun sa mga taong nagko-comment na huwag daw makialam sa pera ng iba, di mo naman maiiwasan yun lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

  165. Isang malaking ka-hunghangan ang article na to. So gusto mong sabihin Hindi dapat sila gumasta ng milliones nila dahil madami ng taong nagugutom? Perang pinag hirapan nila iyon. At Hindi dapat husgahan kung pano nila gamitin dahil Hindi mo rin alam kung anong mga naitulong nila sa mga mahihirap. Eh ikaw ba, wag mong sabihin Hindi ka bumibili ng mamahaling damit, kumakain sa mamahaling resto, o Hindi umiinom ng mamahaling kape, dahil naiisip mong madaming Pilipino ang walang pambili ng pagkain?!
    At kapag araw ba ng sweldo o bonus mo, Hindi ka gumagastos para sa sarili mo para I-reward ang pagod mo sa pag tatrabaho?!

    1. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pakikialam sa pera ng iba lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

  166. the heck do you care? Kung gumastos man ng malaki si dong wag mo ng pakialaman kasi that’s his money he worked so hard for it. They are just a simple human being na maging special yung wedding nila!! Once in a lifetime lang to. Nonsense naman yung article mo! Ugghh!

    1. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pakikialam sa pera ng iba lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.

  167. Pakialamerang insecure ka Ilda! Wedding is one of the greatest life events. It’s your choice to make it simple or extravagant. The couple wanted their wedding to be extravagant and they can afford it. Di sila nangutang ng pera syo para ipangpakasal nila, tae ka! If you’re not happy the way they celebrated their wedding day, manahimik ka nalang inggetera kang f**k s**t ka!

    1. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pakikialam sa pera ng iba lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.


  169. After reading hindi ko mapigilan mairita. Why? Anu bang pakialam mo sa gara ng celebrasyon nila? Pera naman nila yan. Dugot pawis ang nilaan nila dyan para maging ganyan ang celebrasyon nila. Hindi nila kasalanan na may mga pilipinong naghihirap. Don’t blame them gosh! Alangan naman yung matagal nilang pinaghirapan ipamigay nalang sa mahihirap eh di mas dadami ang mahihirap kc alam nila may magbibigay naman s kanila ng tulong at magpapakahirap para sa kanila na hindi n pala nid na magpagod kc may mga masisipag at mayayaman n pwede magtrabaho para sa kanila. Oh come on! Isip isip din pag may time. Buhy nila yan. May mga ibang mayayaman din naman na ganyan din kagarbo ang kasal its just happened na sikat sila kay mnakikita natin kung anung preparasyon at gara ng ceebrasyon nila. Tsk! Think before you click ok?

  170. Karamihan ng negative comments dito ay galing sa mga lalaki. At yung mga comments pa, di mo alam kung galing ba sa ulo nila sa taas o ulo nila sa baba. Puro wag mong pakialaman lang naman ang sinasabi. 😛

  171. FYI, ILDA is the name of this f**king article. i post nyo po mukha nito sa lahat ng social media para mapahiya din sa katarantaduhan nya! Ung pagmumuka nya nasa ibaba ng article.

    1. FYI, your comment was not deleted.

      In other words, deleting all of your SPAM comments will be the happiest day of my life since things like AD HOMINEM and CHARACTER ASSASSINATIONS are for the insane and insecure.

      Reality check: IKAW ang TUNAY NA TARANDTADO.

  172. super bitter at inggit ang writer nito.. uuhh excuse me?? wala.kang paki alam kasi as far as i know hindi naman nila ninakaw sa gobyerno ang pera na ginastos nila… yes dream wedding to and they deserve it kasi pinaghirapan nila yn.. re route ng traffic? kasama sa planning yan.. e ano gusto nyo, worst case scenario ng traffic kasi walang re routing ng traffic?.. at hindi na nila kasalanan kung bakit may nghihirap.. nagtrabaho at kumayod sila para sa pera na ginastos nila dyn.. hayy kaloka utak talangka gumawa ng issue na to.. yun writer nito isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit mahirap pa din ang pilipinas.

    1. Di mo naman maiiwasan yung pakikialam sa pera ng iba lalung-lalo na kung pasikat naman talaga sa pera nila sina DongYan. Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.walang ibang sagot? Hahay i love the wedding of the year

  173. Kinasal ka na ba? Bakit kailangan
    mong mangialam sa pera na pinaghirapan ng iba? Ito yung mentality ng pinoy na dahilan kung bakit di tayo umuunlad eh. Imbis na gumawa na ang article on how to manage finances and stuffs, mas ninais mo pang hilain pababa yung mga nagsikap. Boo you!

  174. One sided journalism. Medyo makitid yata utak ng writer to come up with an article considering only the negative side of the story.

    @April Rose D. Dellosa – ikaw ba yung writer? Anyway, bilib naman ako sa sipag mo sumagot sa comments haha. What’s more amusing is that mukhang isa lang alam mong paraan para kumita ng pera. Porn Star ka noh? Ive got no problem with that, kung gusto mo nga naman “kumita ng pera”. 🙂

  175. Hoy writer. Tumakbo kang presidente para matigil ka. Tapos hanap ka ng super yaman na pakakasalan ka higit pa sa ganito. Naka sale ang anti inggit pills ngayon. Bili ka na!

  176. It’s not their problem if others are poor. It’s also their right to do it all. If they are not celebs and not broadcasted on tv or internet, who would care?

  177. Ate alam mo naiintindihan kanaman namin na mahihirap ang iniisip mo pero sana naman po respeto sa wedding nila kasi sa totoo lang po walang connect yung articlenyo puro negative at sabi mo free tayo makialam sa iba so pagkinasal ka ate makikialam din kami at magsasalita kami ng negative side .di ka masasaktan nun?

  178. Parang si ILDA at April Rose Dellosa ay iisa.lol Natakot ata at dinilete yung last post ko…eto po previous post ko:

    FYI, ILDA is the name of this f**king article. Ikalat nyo po sa lahat ng social media mukha nya para mapahiya din sa katarantaduhang ginawa nya. Nasa ibaba ng aricle pagmumuka nya.

    1. Deserving na i-delete yung comment mo. Why?

      Because you’re inciting everyone of your ilk to attack the author by posting threats, etc. What would happen if I can do that to you?

      Please refrain for PERSONAL ATTACKS. Ikaw ang tunay na TARANTADO. Pinatunayan mo rin na na mababa nga ang IQ mo because of that.

      Set your priorities for once.

      1. And the author should set her priorities, too. Kung thoughtless extravagance lang naman ang usapan, yung mga politikong pera ng pilipino ang ginagasta and puntiryahin niya at hindi itong mga celebrity na galing naman sa sarili nilang bulsa ang ginamit!

        1. “Public personage” din po sila ma’am, katulad ng mga politiko. Hindi po sila sumali sa showbiz upang pumasok sa seminaryo o monasteryo. Nasa showbiz po sila, yun ang trabaho nila, at alam nila na bawat kilos nila ay pinag-uusapan ng mga tao, ikaw man o nang author ng blog na ito. Salamat po.

  179. Seriously? It is their wedding!! They have every right to celebrate it in any way they want to as long as no one is offended. True that there are millions of filipino living in poverty but is it their fault that there are so much poor people? They (and other celebrities) have worked for their money and are paying taxes (was it not enough?) And I have seen them participated in charitable activities. If that is the case, then every display of wealth like purchases of luxury cars, mansions, jewelries, etc. is against the law. So what will happen to our economy? #facepalm

  180. Ang BITTER mo. Inggit ka lang dahil Hindi ganon kabongga ang kaya mo. Another one, may pera sila, pinagkahirapan nilang ipunin yung pera ginastos nila. Hindi nila ninakaw ang perang ginastos nila sa kaban ng bayan. Hindi din nila kasalanan kung bakit maraming naghihirap na Pilipino.

  181. Simplehan natin tutal ang point mo is gumastos ng malaki na Hindi dapat. Ilagay natin ang sitwasyon sa mas maliit na scale. Ikaw Ilda, sigurado ko nakabili ka na ng kape sa Starbucks, kahit isang beses. Di ba May choice ka, pwede kang mag kape ng 3 in 1 o yung Nescafé na tinitimpla, Pero nag Try kang bumili ng Starbucks coffee. Kung iisipin mo na ,madaming nagugutom, Hindi ka ba nakokonsensya na gagastos ka ng mahigit isang daang piso para sa kape? Kung may sumit a sayo sa pagbili mo ng mahal na kape among isa sagot mo? Di ba sasabihin mo anong pakialam nyo e pera ko to. Alam kong ang point mo is Hindi dapat ganun kagarbo ang kasal nila Pero sabi nga ng Madami dito, pera nila yun, pinahirapan at Hindi sila masasamang Tao. Para kasing sinusubukan mong mag mukang intelihente sa opinion mo Pero sablay e. Parang ipokrito ang dating. O sya sige na at magtitimpla pa ko ng nescafe.

  182. APRIL ROSE D. DELLOSA- I pity you. It seems na sobrang inggit ka kay Marian Rivera kasi ikaw kahit ilang panty at bra ipakita mo di ka yayaman…am sure your heart is full of bitterness. Personally, upon seeing on the net the extravagant wedding, I was really amzaed how the celebration was organized. Once in a lifetime lang yan kya they have all the prerogative kung bongga or simple wedding lang yan.

    Baka di ka invited INDAY kaya sobrang bitter ka…sobrang natawa ako sa paulit-ulit mong sinusulat na “Pero kunsabagay, ilang panty at bra din ang pinakita ni Marian Rivera para kitain ang perang yan.”

    Happy New year everyone!

  183. I will share something. I use to work in a cake company. I only worked there for like almost 8 months. We’ve done a lot of wedding cakes for celebrities not only wedding cakes but also birthday cakes for for their children. These cakes can cost 50k-100k. I saw the wedding cake of the couple it was so gigantic. I can roughly say it cost more than a 100k. One thing I learn in the wedding industry is that all all wedding company sponsors celebrities. In short not all we saw yesterday were paid by the couple but they are all free.
    This is how the wedding business work they sponsor celebrities and they use their names for their company. So mister writer of this article this for you.

  184. Tangina mo april rose inggit klng palibhasa mamamatay k ng di mo naranasan yan.siguro kinantot klng tapos iniwan k ng lalake u kya ganyan k bitter ka hahaha.mamatay ksa inggit.paulit ulit comment ksama s work nla magpakita ng bra at panty dhil may karapatan sila kc ikw kya k glit dun puro bakokang yan binti mo.new year na tanggalin na inggit s katawan pra sumaya k naman

  185. Written like a bad blog post.. acting as if she actually cares about the poor.. bitterkahlangteh kasi wala kang ganyan…

  186. Choice nila yan kung gusto nilang ubusin ang pera nila or hindi. Kasal nila yan eh! Atleast si Dingdong may Yes Pinoy nakakatulong sa mahirap, eh ikaw Ms Writer nasubukan mo na bang tumulong man lang or magbigay ng limos sa mga nakikita mong pagala gala sa kalsada? #crabmentality

  187. Grabe. Pati ba naman ito gagawan ng issue? Nilagnat ako sa kababawan ng isip ng gumawa neto. Pera naman nila ginastos nila, hindi po ba? Bakit kailangang ikonekta itong kasal nila sa mga pinoy na nakaranas ng kahirapan? Ganyan ka-engrade ang kasalan nila kasi pinaghirapan nila yan! Tsaka tama yung isang comment, hindi lang naman ito yung unang-unang kasalan na engrande ‘di ba? Yung mga naghihirap na pinoy, kung magsisipag yan, aahon at aahon yan sa hirap! Hindi yung aasa ng aasa sa gobyerno? Walang future. Wala akong pake sa comment ng writer sa opinion ko na ‘to. This is sparta and I don’t give a fuck.

  188. Kung sino man ang writer ng article na’to, matanong ko lang, alam mo ba ung meaning ng REDUNDANT? Well ikaw un, masyado mong pinapaikot ang mga sinasabi mo sa isang bagay. Normal naman na gumastos sila sa pinaka-IMPORTANTENG celebration ng buhay nila, and who care kung afford nila? Diba, napaka one sided ng reasonings mo!!! And how about the million people who struggle to find their next meal everyday? Well kung gusto mo namang tumulong open ang GMA at ABS CBN para sa kung ano man ang gusto mong idonate, at para malaman mo, nagdonate sila (DongYan) to Yolanda victims.

  189. Spoil sport. The important thing is that they are 2 people who earned their money in an honest manner. They worked hard for it and being showbiz people, they made their wedding a grand production. It is their right to spend lavishly the honest money and it will help the Philippine economy, instead of being thrifty and holding those millions in the bank or worst, doing their wedding abroad. If we can’t be happy for them, at least let us not spoil their special wedding day.

  190. Bakit kung Bongga ang Wedding ni Marian pera naman din nila yan, hindi naman para sa poor yan g pera nila lahat ,si Marian nagbibigay ng tulong sa Mga Poor ,at saka its not their fault na Poor sila they should try to succeed by being rich they need to work hard to be rich ,tagal na kaya ang Dongyan sa Tv and they are both working hard .

  191. Bwahahahaha… Ako din po si Mark ILDA or April Rose Dellosa deleted my name…lol natatakot na atang balikan sya ng mga inaatake nya sa article nya at mapahiya sa katarantaduhang article na sinulat nya…Tapang magsulat ng walang kwnetang article duwag naman harapin mga cosequnces…lol. L O S E R !

    1. Your comments deserved to be deleted. Since all of them are SPAM and you’re inciting to attack the author.

      Uncivilized human beings = real life LOSERS.


  192. C’mon! Citing this instead of writing about real issues? They can afford it so there isn’t really any alarming concern about it. For crying out loud, it’s their wedding day. Stop frwakin whining about it and enjoy the Holidays.

  193. Bwahahaha… Ako din po si Mark ILDA or April Rose Dellosa deleted my name…lol natatakot na atang balikan sya ng mga inaatake nya sa article nya at mapahiya sa katarantaduhang article na sinulat nya…Tapang magsulat ng walang kwnetang article duwag naman harapin mga cosequnces…lol. L O S E R !

    1. “Tapang magsulat ng walang kwnetang article duwag naman harapin mga consequences…lol”

      If personal attacks, red herring, are considered ‘consequences’ for you, then you’re barking on the wrong tree, son. Real LOSERS are coming up with the word I D I O T!


  194. Why do you really care about their extravagant wedding? And so what kung mag punta don si Pnoy? Hindi ba pwedeng magpahinga si pnoy kahit isang araw lang? Maybe as a teen ager di pa namin nararamdaman masyado yung presensya ng mga presidente. Pero ano ba naman yung isang araw lang ipagkakait mo sa kanila? Lastly,Masasabi mo bang naghihirap na talaga ang Pilipinas kung halos karamihan ng tao nasa Mall?

  195. I know, I know. Feeling deprived, because you can’t afford to have that kind of wedding. The blog is clearly too tactless, crab-mentality, funny and simply, just to catch people’s attention. Why can’t we just be happy for them??? Instead of criticizing their “yes, extravagant wedding”, Why not write something about “YOUR” NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION? Or comparing kim k’s and Nick Minaj butts topic?

    Celebrity (Duties: to entertain people, in return, Professional fees & sponsors)
    Government (Duties: to serve people, in return, corrupt the people)

    Happy New Year Ilda!

    1. “Celebrity (Duties: to entertain people, in return, Professional fees & sponsors)”

      And now these kind of ‘celebrities’ are now voted in politics. Your comment shows how IGNORANT and STUPID Pinoys are, always caring about ‘trivial’ stuff rather than the more important issues. At least you admit that you’re ANTI-INTELLECTUAL to the core.

      Happy New Year to you, bitch.

  196. I am happy for Marian and Dong…I am happy the Prez is there…I am happy they shared their fairy-tale like wedding…I am happy for the honored invited people…I am happy to also watch extravagance, good and beautiful.

  197. did you know that they asked their guests to donate in their charity instead of giving gifts?

    at madami pang personalidad ang gumagastos sa mga ganyang events, sadyang yung sakanila lang ang pinakita… if i know kung may pera ka din ganyan din ang papangarapin mo sa kasal mo

  198. Are you serious!!?!? It’s their wedding. They use their OWN money, not the country’s taxes. They have the RIGHT to be extravagant. It’s no one’s business but theirs. This article is such a bull. I bet a hater/basher of DongYan paid the writer to write this crappy article. Inggit much!?!?!?!LOL The wedding is soooo grand! Everybody is sooo happy. Good vibes, please. Congrats, DongYan! You guys are so much in love, that’s why a lot of people hate you.LOL

    1. Balance? Pathetic. Maybe you didnt even dream of a perfect wedding day for you to comment that this is balance. How can it be balanced if it only narrates a one sided opinion? Maybe use a dictionary next time for proper usage of words.

      1. Don’t you know that the Philippines is also considered a ‘Showbiz Country’

        If someone here is pathetic it’s you, dirty whore. And your lack of INTELLIGENCE is showing it.

  199. “Every country has the government it deserves.”

    Don’t bother focusing on celebrities. Focus on bad business practices, domestic or foreign, that prey on the exploitation of the country.

  200. Please stop this nonsense and you are so pathetic for even citing the civil code when it doesnt involve any crime committed. You dont care how they spent their wedding extravagantly because as far as I know, it is their own money and not the peoples money they used for their wedding for it to be stopped. You are just insecure that you cant afford his kind of wedding. And besides, what would you feel if you are in the same situation that you can afford this kind of wedding and someone bashed your happiness which is the day every person waited all their life? Cmon grow up!

  201. You should be more responsible on tackling matters that are more important than the dongyan nuptial if u want recognition. People strive hard to attain their dreams thus dongyan both worked so hard first to make the relationship work & finally to end up together by having the wedding of their dreams. Whyeven use the civil code, they didnt violate any of these crap! U sure are envious about the success of the event… SHUT UP & LOOK FOR SOMEONE WHO WILL SPEND FOR YOUR DREAM WEDDING! YOU ARE SUCH A PITY!!!

  202. Actually, why do you care so much on how they organized the wedding or how moch they spent for it? Its THEIR money naman eh, pinaghirapan nila yan so its their choice kung paano nila gagamitin. I know its important to help other people too, na alam naman nating may mga natulungan na talaga ang couple na yan. So, why bother pestering their wedding with negative comments if in the first place hindi ka naman directly involved and as I said earlier, its their choice how to spend their own money, hindi naman sila nangutang sayo right?

  203. It’s their wedding, and they saved for it, it’s not like they begged for money just to stage their dream wedding. The President was present because he is close with the couple and the couple helped him with his campaign. It’s just like having any friend attend your wedding, it just so happened that that friend is the country’s president. Those poor people you are citing to be disappointed were in fact their fans and for sure were truly happy for the couple. And another FYI, the groom has his own foundation which helps the needy, and from what I know (not 100% sure though), they asked their guests to donate to that foundation instead of giving them gifts.

  204. The couple already did their part of helping other poor people,so why not let them enjoy their big day! It’s their wedding and they deserved it. Extravagant or not, it will not make a change on the life of for poor people, its their own discipline that will also help them.

  205. Oi writer..kasalanan ba nila kung nag ipon sila para makapag pakasal ng bongga.. Masyado kang ampalaya..heartbroken ka? Kasi kasal na sila?

    1. Oi, bimbo. Just read the whole article. Mas ampalaya ka since you’re BUTTHURT.

      I’m sure you won’r reply because what I’ve said is 100% TRUE.

      1. I really wonder saan nanggagaling bitterness mo. Sa lahat na lang may comment ka. Saying words like “dirty whore” won’t make you any better. Siguro life goal mo na ang ma-bitter kela Marian and Dingdong or anyone who displays extravagance, ano? I hope that this 2015, you will find the joy your heart desires para matuto ka ring makaappreciate ng pinaghirapan ng ibang tao. Happy new year!

        1. No, son. It’s not about being ‘bitter’, but you’re totally missing the point.

          Happy new year to you, dumbass.

  206. they worked so hard for.that money..wala kang pakialam kung San nila gusto gastusin..this article is a piece of shit..better turn this article down..walang papanig sayo..as*hole.

  207. I don’t know if I will laugh or laugh crying after reading the comments. The article is plain simple and the author expressed her opinion, so what’s with all the hate? Are you the parents of the bride and groom? Have you taken in consideration the topics pointed out in this article? Probably not. Ah.

    Although I have nothing against the couple, I also do not like them enough to watch every bit of news about their ROYAL wedding. And I respect their fantards who were drooling while watching the news, wishig they were at the venue.

    Yes, they used their own money, but did anyone contested about that matter? Is the argument here if they used their own money or not? NO. Is the issue here if they have ‘pake’about the author’s opinion? No.
    Clearly, most people commented and wrote their hateful replies without even bothering to read or even understand the point of this article.
    So much ignorance in one place.

  208. Oo nga naman before this emergency, crisis sa bansa natin happens, the wedding has been planned a couple of months ago. Kung naghihirap man ang buong sambayanan hindi naman kasalanan nina marian at dingdong yan…Grabeng paghihirap, at pagtatarabaho ang dinanas ng dalawang artistang yan para matupad ang dream wedding nila hindi nila hiningi o ninakaw sa kaban ng bayan. They worked for it, So they have the right to do what they want with their own money. let us wish them well na lang. Mahirap kasi sa atin ayaw malamangan.

  209. if u dont want news about donyagn then dont read it… its their wedding and khit sino gustong very special at bongga ang kasal nila. bakit kelangna ikabit sa naghihirap ang kasal nila? pinaghirapana at pinagipunan nila ginastos jan hindi galing sa gobyerno. porket umattend ang presidente, issue na din agad? wala na kayong alam gawin kundi ang sisihin ang ibang tao lalo na presidente.. masaya sila eh di manahimik kayo. hindi naman kayo agrabyado mas lalong walang nagawang masama sa inyo. madami na din naitulong sina dongyan sa mahihirap, hindi nila obligasyon na habang buhay tumulong sa naghihirap… susme!!! ang kikitid ng utak nyo!!! bagong taon na, magbago na kayo!!!!!

  210. Ay grabe lang ah. Ang daming issues na dapat pag usapan violation pa? The nerve! What do you get from this? They don’t even asked a centavo from you! It’s none of your business… Sana nag advise ka nalang, nakatulong ka pa.

  211. Is this what we’ve been reduced to? Writing senseless articles and bashing people who can afford to be extravagant? Whatever happened to responsible and sensible journalism?

    1. It’s not even senseless if you dig deeper. If you call ABS-CBN being ‘responsible and sensible journalism’…

      MY SIDES

      1. No need to dig deeper, the only reason this article was written was because PNoy attended the event. Make no mistake, this is a hate site.

    2. Come on. It is a blog and merely the author’s opinion. Why don’t you just answer the question, “did they violate the civil code through ‘thoughtless extravagance'”? My answer is NO. Many Filipinos who celebrate Christmas are into “thoughtless” extravagance. They buy this and that thoughtlessly. And it doesn’t stop on Christmas. Just today , or tonight before the new year comes, they will squeeze themselves in a jampacked marketplace just to buy an overpriced “anything round”

  212. I can’t believe how shallow this post is. i’m not one to comment on such hypocrisy or anything as i can be a hypocrite myself but come on lady. I couldn’t agree more with some of the post that have been made such us yes you are probably bitter, most of us are aware of what’s happening in the country you are at. for decades there has been corruption going on.

    It is also their right as a citizen of that country to do as they please. It was their money, they worked of it too. and it is your right to post something too. Most of us don’t know but judging from your post you sound like a bitter lady.

    Instead of wasting your time and energy posting thoughtless blog post like this why not use it for the betterment of something else? such as show the world how beautiful that country can be even though its full of corruption? or are you just also using this article to grab attention to your blog then what a smart arse.

      1. Why react? so you expect people to just read it and let it go? why bother posting things like this if you don’t even want the care of your readers. Anong masama sa paggamit ng perang pinaghirapan nila? following your logic, GU STO nila mag pakasal ng ganun eh, SO WHY REACT? in the end, BITTER lang talaga ung gumawa ng article na to. Pusta ko kung ikukumpara naitulong nung gumawa ng article na to sa bansang pilipinas eh kanila kay marian eh walang wala. RANT all you want pero in reality mas may tulong sa bansa ung dalawa kesa sainyo.

        1. And you’re still missing the point, son. You never read the article. You’re also RANTING by the attacking the author.

          In the end, mas BITTER ka. Because you’re just missing the point. Period.

        2. You yourself is missing my point. You just dismissed it by saying “You never read the article. You’re also RANTING by the attacking the author.” in the end walang connect ung last sentence mo actually. Di ako bitter, natatangahan lang ako sa mga article na walang sense. Sinong bitter? to the point na i dadamay mo pa batas ng pilipinas? geh kasuhan nyo sila marian sa ginawa nila, tignan natin kung ung POINT ng author na to eh di tawanan ng mga judge.

        3. @TangaNgNagpostNetoBITTER:

          “Di ako bitter, natatangahan lang ako sa mga article na walang sense. Sinong bitter? to the point na i dadamay mo pa batas ng pilipinas? geh kasuhan nyo sila marian sa ginawa nila, tignan natin kung ung POINT ng author na to eh di tawanan ng mga judge.”

          Says the one who is trying to make a point yet favors to attack the author with ad hominem and red herring.

          Again, you’re missing the point.

      2. WinterSoldier ang Bobo mo promise! Nakakairita yung kabobohan mo. San lupalup kaba galing at bakit ang bobo mo! Tang Ina ka!

        1. WinterSoldier and DIO, you should also be considered as “utak squatter” considering how you use names to attack other people. hay. Tingin muna sa salamin ah? You, guys, are obviously bitter.

  213. I dont think its bad since they earned every single money they spent on the wedding. It is fair for everyone because no one has been deprived of anything here. Being wealthy is not a sin and spending your hard earned money with what you want is not bad. The couple had been a great help to a lot people by giving joy and sharing their blessings to them especially for the less fortunate ones so spending their money for themselves not to show off but to show people how they cherish that moment in their life is not too much.

        1. Sorry, son. You’re more fit on that since you’re missing the point.

          You just went FULL RETARD with what you wrote. -_-

  214. April Rose D. Dellosa is everywhere making the same comment.. Confirmed hater and a real “bitter”.. Hahaha.. Move on na girl! Silang lahat, nakamove on na, ikaw nalang ang hindi.. Extravagance ng wedding ang issue ng writer and hindi ang acceptance/nonacceptance ng society.. At lalong hindi kung paano nabuo ang relasyon nila.. OT ka na teh..

    And to the writer: “From FB” says it all..

  215. It’s their hard earned money! It’s not like they stole it from the people! My goodness! It’s their money to spend and if I would only have that cash on hand, I would also like to have that kind of extravagant wedding as well. If you are too concerned about the poor people, THEN DO SOMETHING! and not just write about it. Put that on your New Year’s Resolution!

  216. “In life, things are not always what they seem.”
    quote quote ka pa tangina mo! alam mo ba yang mga pinagsasasabe mo. Sino bang boss mo ha? Si Vice Ganda? tangina mo eh sapakan na lang. Add mo ko sa FB

      1. Pls don’t use labels such as “utak squatter” that degrade, put a certain class of people in a negative light. Ano ba ang “utak squatter”

        1. Utak Squatter, in my opinion are those you’d typically find trash talking in games such as Dota and LOL. they would always appear hot-headed and complain about how bad you play and always use curses such as ‘tangina mo’ and would then continue to taunt you “one on one nalang ano” or in this case, “sapakan nalang, ano?”. They also tend to attack someone personally instead of his/her works without any sound logic or regard for the betterment of the team. If you do a bit of researching you’ll find that the whole world (even some filipinos) are so annoyed that they even want to ban the whole Philippines in those games.

          When people have grown so tired arguing with them, they would simply resort to attack the person as well, and call them utak squatter.

  217. Everywhere you go there are differences. Male, Female; sad, happy; rich and poor. Ding Ding and Marian shouldn’t hold back on their wedding just because of what other says. They’re not bad people they give so much to many charities. They helped many. But of course they can not help eveyone. We should stop counting on what others have and should start working for what can we do to better ourselves. And about poverty. People should stop having more kids than they can afford. Get education so they can provide to those they got. And mostly stop competing against each other because no matter what you do there will be someone who have more or less than what you got. But being contented is the key of happiness. beside the people that complain a lot are more likely the person who don’t want to do nothing but wait for grace they don’t deserves.

  218. So says the one who is anti-intellectual, utak-squatter real-life asshole.

    And what I’ve said is 100% TRUE and ACCURATE.

    1. “Utak-squatter”? Tell me how squatters think. You come crusading around the comments section like you’re about to save Filipinos from poverty by condemning this wedding but it seems you’re just another hypocrite.

      1. Nope. Most of these people who react and bad-mouthing the author thru threats and any form of character assassinations are considered ‘utak-squatter’. In other words, hypocrite.

        You’re just grasping at straws, son.

        1. Sir if you are going to give a statement please expound on it with sensible arguments. That’s how intelligent people converse and that is how you avoid being called “utak squatter”. Thanks

        2. The fact that he’s using the word “utak squatter” to define sensible arguments makes his logic invalid. No use conversing with prejudiced people. All i can see in his comments are just slanders, not even bothering to argue logically.

        3. Only feeble-minded and easily-manipulated gullible fools would think of it as ‘discriminatory’. If I were you, son, better if you would dig deeper.

        4. Still, you’re missing the point. “Utak-squatter” refers to “squatter mentality”. You keep on ignoring the fact that there a LOT of people commenting as if they attack the messenger, not the message itself. It seems the terms ‘ad hominem’, ‘red herring’, and ‘character assassinations’ are not too familiar with you.

          If someone here is spreading slander then it’s YOU, son. And your lack of intelligence and logic is showing it.

        5. Sir if you are going to give a statement please expound it with sensible arguments. That’s how intelligent people converse and that’s how you avoid being called “utak squatter”. Thanks

        6. Well I do. But most of the people here have nonsensical arguments and always attacking the author and that can be considered as ‘utak-squatter’

        7. The only reason why most people, including me, attack the author of the blog is because of the impact it gives to a large number of people. We can’t deny the fact that a celebrity’s wedding always trends. This is not only true in our country but anywhere in the world. Knowing that fact, the author capitalized on it. It doesn’t matter what her reasons are but the arguments she presented are not very appropriate in our setting. She should have placed herself in the shoes of those who got paid to carry out that extravagant wedding. How they were able to feed their families because of it and how the money was circulated towards the different sectors of our society because of its vast expenditure. Sir this is how democracy works. The article shows signs of communism and fascism that is why people consciously or subconsciously react to it with great ire. Thanks

        8. That may be YOUR reason but that doesn’t mean most people who attacked the author thought the way you did.

          Anyway, I do agree that the author’s arguments are a bit ridiculous and even biased and I don’t agree with her main point at all. But that doesn’t give anyone a right to attack her personally (like bringing up how ugly she looks, etc.). Doing so makes them no different from those annoying filipino gamers that trashtalks ceaselessly in Dota and LoL and are synonymous to how squatters talk.

        9. You disagree on the author yet you made a good point.

          Question: when does AD HOMINEM makes one a good person?

        10. Nice. If only there was a thumbs up button, I’ll “like” this comment a thousand times lol

          I hate people who exploit an innocent person/action just to forward their own agendas (in this case more click and clicks)

        11. “Sir this is how democracy works. The article shows signs of communism and fascism that is why people consciously or subconsciously react to it with great ire.”

          And that’s why too much democracy is always bad. Just ask Mahathir.

          Oh yeah, ours is not actually a ‘democracy’ since the people made a spectator sport out of it. Democracy MY ASS. -_-

        12. Wag kang magdiscriminate madam, Utak Squatter? Masyado kang nagmamarunong, kung tutuusin mas may matino pang iniisip ang taga Squatter kesa sayo. Kung makapagsalita ka ng Utak Squatter akala mo naman kung sino kang marunong. Mas marami pang educated sa Squatter kesa sa mga mayayaman, yun lang hirap sila pero mas makabuluhan pa pamumuhay nila kesa sayo. Pati kasal ng ibang tao pinagkakaabalahan mo? Bakit? Ikaw ba gumastos sa kasal nila? I’m not a fan of Marian and Dingdong but I can’t find sense sa post na to. Mag 2015 na oh, bitter ka pa? Not get real Philippines kundi Move on Ilda!

        13. Kung hindi po talaga kayo ‘utak-squatter’ then why we keep on voting last names and celebrities in office?

          Just thinking it out, son.

        14. Cno ang hypocrite? You are preaching on the propriety of the extravagant wedding talks mag stereo type ka na “utak-squatter” ang mga ndi sangayon syo. Please define “utak squatter”, ano ba un? Pareho baun ng “mukhang atchay”? Bakit need mo gumamit ng label na degrading a class or group of people?

    2. Cno ang hypocrite? You are preaching on the propriety of the extravagant wedding talks mag stereo type ka na “utak-squatter” ang mga ndi sangayon syo. Please define “utak squatter”, ano ba un? Pareho baun ng “mukhang atchay”? Bakit need mo gumamit ng label na degrading a class or group of people?

    3. Look WinterSoldier, you crap! You’re so effin stupid. You don’t know better. Stop degrading those squaters you’re saying. Bka nga mas edukado p sila sayo. Not because you can speak in english you can consider yourself better than them. You have no rights to just blabber like a shallow ignorant asshole. You’re making a big fuss about this wedding. The hell you care!

  219. omg grow up filipinos thats what they want anyway they earned that money ,kasalanan ba nila na maraming mahirap,mga kazy kasi blame it to the corrupt official na binubuto nila

  220. I agree with you. I fucking agree with you. Artista are just Artista. and I doubt that they have money much more than US, or those in the politics and in Finance. it is so OA. yung mga SY, AYALA, etc (which is HELLO has more influencial networks) ndi nag iinarte ng ganyan. over na sa publicity!, like as if its a nationwide spectacle. YES! They are the big stars in the 2nd most entertained TV network (Which we locally has less than 20 or 10 pa nga ata.) but what the hell makes them different than the usual celeb, oh my, that turned politician, na wala nmn ding alam sa politics. GEt real people!

    1. Di nag-iinarte probably because it is not publicized in the local media. But I am sure their wedding would be extravagant, too.

  221. BS.. BS article.. It’s not like this couple burned cash on their wedding.. I’m pretty sure a large number of people were paid and were able to feed their families because of this wedding.. Learn about how economy works instead of whining about other peoples lives.

    P.S. this type of article makes journalism on the internet less reputable than those printed