Crash site of AirAsia Flight #QZ8501 located, no survivors expected to be found

Possibly no survivors was the grim prognosis as more and more information trickled in following the pinpointing of the location of the crash site of AirAsia Flight QZ8501 which went missing last Sunday, the 28th December 2014. Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported as of 8:38 p.m. that according to the most recent update from the Indonesian Navy, more than 40 bodies have been recovered from the site. However, there have since been conflicting reports as to exactly how many have actually been found.

Henry Bambang Soelistyo, Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue Agency chief later clarified

“Today we evacuated three bodies and they are now in the warship Bung Tomo,” Bambang Soelistyo told a news conference in Jakarta, adding that they were two females and one male.

Navy spokesman Manahan Simorangkir told AFP earlier that according to naval radio a warship had recovered more than 40 bodies from the sea. But he later said that report was a miscommunication by his staff.

Debris spotted by search crews earlier confirmed to be parts of QZ8501(Source: Photo posted by @CNN on Twitter.)

Debris spotted by search crews earlier confirmed to be parts of QZ8501
(Source: Photo posted by @CNN on Twitter.)

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This brings closure to questions on the fate of QZ8501 which departed Surabaya on Sunday and was supposed to have arrived in Singapore at 8:30 a.m. (Singapore time) had it not gone missing. Reuters reports, “About 30 ships and 21 aircraft from Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and the United States have been involved in the search.”

Another AirAsia jet accident: Flight Z2272 arriving from Manila overshoots Kalibo airport runway.(Source: Photo posted by @jetdsantos on Twitter)

Another AirAsia jet accident: Flight Z2272 arriving from Manila overshoots Kalibo airport runway.
(Source: Photo posted by @jetdsantos on Twitter)

The Indonesian Navy is currently busy with operations to recover debris and bodies from the wreckage, the main parts of which are thought to be lying on the seabed. The United States will be deploying a second warship, the USS Fort Worth to assist in the recovery effort.

As all this transpired, another AirAsia plane was involved in a mishap, this time in Kalibo City, Philippines. The plane, an Airbus A320-200 (similar to that of the ill-fated QZ8501) arriving from Manila overshot the runway as it attempted to land in windy weather coming to rest in the grassy area past the end of the runway where it remains as of this writing. Flight Z2272, Manila-Kalibo had 159 passengers and crew aboard but no injuries or casualties have been reported.

[Featured photo of Jakarta Airport official courtesy]

9 Replies to “Crash site of AirAsia Flight #QZ8501 located, no survivors expected to be found”

  1. It’s now frightening to board Air Asia…they crash, they overshoot runaways…Pilots are not well trained, I think…

    1. @Hyden, I Agree With You Completely..Perhaps A Complete Ban or Boycott of Air Asia by costumers and countries Will Send The Message To Improve Their Training Programs and Aircraft…After All It Is Human Lives That Are Affected, They Appear Not To Care For The People That Use Their Services, So The People Should Take Away What They Do Care About…MONEY.

  2. Ahhh, the wonders of outsourcing. It gets cheap to get people killed in the process. And moreso, it seems like it’s always a sorry day for Rome.

    1. Not every airline can afford to be Emirates. It’s either this or go back to ferry boats. But yeah, you get what you pay for and much more: your life.

    1. help with what? the 2 old us coast guard “hand-me downs” ships or a pair of OV-10 broncos that can only fly from manila to bicol?

      ang bobo mo rin noh?

  3. at the bottom the ocean is where these people are located…fat,bloated and dead.was there ever any doubt? c’mon….

  4. The slogan ‘Now everyone can fly’ is one sickening concept for the people who can actually afford to do it.
    Have you ever been to NAIA and seen the people who have spent every centavo they possess try to navigate their way through the terminal?The Filipino’s that have no clue as to what they are actually doing there?(what is a baggage limit?I can’t take my entire life’s possessions on the plane?)Open the skies to the ‘massa’ and you get jeepneys on should be no small surprise that these people are dead, and you should expect a lot more of this type of thing.
    Just look at the sailing shit-houses that sink in the sea’s surrounding the philippines on a regular basis.So as these sailing shitboxes sink, so will the nations airliners.

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