Maserati owner Joseph Russel Ingco prime suspect in mauling of MMDA officer!

As of this writing, it’s been 15 hours since news broke that a man driving a blue Maserati allegedly mauled a traffic officer of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) yesterday. The incident involved an altercation in Quezon City between MMDA traffic enforcer Jorvy Adriatico and the Maserati driver now identified by the Quezon City police as a certain Joseph Russel Ingco who “grabbed Adriatico by the neck, punched him and sped off toward Edsa, with the traffic enforcer getting dragged beside the car.” The assault left Adriatico with a fractured nose.

Later in the day, GMA News issued a tweet reporting that MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino is offering a 100,000-peso reward for information that could lead to the capture of Ingco.

A Maserati Ghibli similar to the one driven by Joseph Russel Ingco when he allegedly assaulted MMDA traffic officer Jorvy Adriatico

A Maserati Ghibli similar to the one driven by Joseph Russel Ingco when he allegedly assaulted MMDA traffic officer Jorvy Adriatico

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A report posted by Top Gear Philippines on their website (and posted on their Facebook Page this morning) revealed what seemed to be photos of the Maserati involved in the incident, a low-end model called a Ghibli, parked in Ingco’s residence at Valencia Hills, a luxury condo building on N. Domingo Street, Quezon City. The car did not have a license plate yet but its conduction number QQ0057 was confirmed by a neighbour of Ingco who had sent the photos of the car to Top Gear which goes on to report…

“Cops and media are now here on standby,” the neighbor told us. “There’s a letter from Malacañang, but our guards still need a court order for them to allow the police and the reporters in. The whole family moved out of our building last night, bringing with them their cars except the Maserati, which is now trapped here.”

When asked to describe Ingco, our source said: “I can’t imagine Russel would do such a thing. He is a very quiet and mild-mannered person. He only started to accumulate expensive cars about three years ago. He’s into the business of recycling bottles for San Miguel Corporation.”

The neighbor added that he still saw Ingco yesterday, and that he was surprised when he saw Ingco’s family moving out a lot of stuff.

The conduction sticker number is consistent with information reportedly obtained by Quezon City Police from footage of the incident captured by closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the area.

Police have since launched a manhunt for Ingco who is also registered owner of Asi Trans Express Enterprises, a company based in Bulcacan.

15 Replies to “Maserati owner Joseph Russel Ingco prime suspect in mauling of MMDA officer!”

  1. Road rage, plain and simple. I’m not surprised about those things anymore. Driving in Manila is nerve wrecking. Some can handle it, some can’t. I guess what really led to the incident is still unknown, otherwise you would have mentioned it.

  2. “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abe

    This guy just showed his pinoy side.

    I think its time to have some sort of a socialized traffic fine system here. Traffic fines are insignificant to rich people. Under a socialized traffic fine system, the computation of the penalty will be commensurate to the offender’s income. This is being implemented in some European countries. I’ve read about traffic citation tickets there that amount to 100k+ Euros.

  3. Hold it… you wouldn’t want it if someone took your picture in your car, even if, or especially if, that guy was an MMDA officer or a policeman, which was what started the mess.

    This is a set-up. I would rather trust the driver than a mulcting MMDA enforcer.

    1. where was it said the officer was mulcting ? Ingco violated a law and he got caught and by the officer and got butt hurt because how dare this lowly officer correct him! I bet you, Junee would react the same. Effen low IQ, no good for nothing MMDA officers! RIGHT ?

    1. Whatever happened to the little scumbags who stabbed the ‘Kano’ on a Manila street two years ago?
      NADA, ZILCH, ZIP…NOTHING? Caught on tape too!

  4. really, its hard to challenge Angas Bus Drivers who has a tubo just under his set and mas-angas conductors who are ready to get an ice pick hidden behind his back in Edsa everyday just to keep the smooth flow of traffic.. A traffic constable who hold a college degree must be more look mas-angas than them, because if not, they will just disregard him and let thier buses stay in the middle to get more passengers and just laugh at him for being mabait..
    Its specially quite hard to challenge Angas filthy rich car owner drivers just to make a smooth flow of thier traffic knowing that those constables cannot get even with them when they fart coz they dont have guns in them but just tickets…
    Yes there were constables who know nothing but to get the kotong… but when you look around, there where more others who diligently do thier job of challenging those pasaway drivers especially those assigned apprehending the buses…

  5. i dare him to hit a traffic policeman at the States and he will have his azz serve for breakfast..i read some comments that our MMDA are just a bunch of HS grad and Low IQ ? excuse me?? why not try doing the job they are trying to do? sure some of them are rotten to the core but some are also honest people just want to make a honest pay for thier family…

  6. Pay the fine and the officer’s medical bills and get on with it, he will certainly NEVER see a jail cell.
    HA, the Philippines is a joke of a country,a bad one at that… and everyone knows it.

  7. the article states ‘a low-end Maserati’, as if there is something ‘low-end’ about a $75,000.00-100,000.00 automobile.

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